Oshieteageru ~ Amai Okashi no Tsukurikata ~

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Nagumo Reiji (南雲 玲二)
CV: 佐和真中

I’ll Teach You ~ How to Make Sweet Pastries ~

You were troubled over the matter of bringing sweets to a gathering of friends.

When you consulted Reiji on this matter—

“What about homemade sweets? If you’re not confident, how about I teach you?”

—he suggested homemade goods.

In addition, he said he’d teach you and so you were overjoyed. But…

Big thank you to red for the commission! R18 warning.

Note: The batsu (xxx) marks basically act as redactions in Japanese, but uh also lean towards implying lewd things like how we use triple x’s in English. So, yeah, innuendo everywhere.

*** TRACK 1: Let’s make some sweet pastries ***

*heroine rings doorbell; door opens*

Reiji: Welcome. Come in, come in.

R: But is it OK? It’s been a while since we had a date and we’re just spending it at my place. It’s nice outside.

R: Haha, thanks. You thought about me.

R: Mm? Oh, work is the same as always. Exams are over so it’s calm. But as a cram school teacher things are always changing, and even if you’re used to it the kids will bring other problems the next day.

R: Mhm, it’s fun. I think it suits me to teach someone something. Sit wherever you want. I’ll bring over some tea. *heroine sits*

R: *places cup down* Here you go. Is black tea OK?

R: Haha, you’re welcome. *sits down*

R: … Haha. Huh? I was thinking about how cute you are and ended up staring at you. Haha, you’re embarrassed. But it’s not a joke, so believe me. Your expression turns really soft when you put something tasty into your mouth. Any tension you have poofs away and you look younger, I guess?


R: Whenever I see you smile happily, it makes me want to feed you delicious things and I think about wanting to protect this smile forever.

R: It’s not out of nowhere. I’ve thought this before, but just didn’t have the chance to say it. Mm? Haha, wow, even the tips of your ears are red. *touches* Oh, sorry! Did I surprise you? I’m really sorry. It’s been a while since we saw each other, so I guess I went a little fast.

R: Really? Then… can I touch you more? Mm. Haha, your ears are even redder than before.

R: I feel bad we’re having a date at my place, but it’s nice to relax like this, huh. Oh? You’re not going to nod? Haha, sorry, sorry! Your reactions are cute so I end up teasing you without thinking. I’m sorry! Please don’t pout. Next week we can go to a place you want to—

R: —wait, that reminds me, you’re heading back to your parents’ place next week, right? Then let’s go to wherever you want the week after the next one.


R: Huh, what’s wrong? Do you have something going on the week after the next one too?

R: It’s just…? If something’s bothering you then you can tell me about it.

R: I see. Friends from your home town want to hold a girls-only gathering where everyone brings sweets. If there’s friends there that know about sweets then it’s hard to know what to bring, huh.

R: You want to prepare something nice since it’s been a while since you last saw them…

R: Hmm, I’m not really interested in trends. I teach kids, so… Oh, I know!

R: What about homemade sweets? If they’re friends from your home town that means you knew them when you were a kid, right? My students trade sweets around, but if you did the same thing when you were a kid then there’d be a feeling of nostalgia. How about it?

R: Uh… is it hard? Hm. If you made sweets before in the past then isn’t it likely there’s an oven at your parents’ place? Even if there isn’t one, the microwave at your place is a microwave oven.

R: Haha, yes, it is. You didn’t notice that when you bought it? Jeez, that bit of carelessness is just like you.

R: That being the case, you can practice and even if the microwave at your parents’ place isn’t a microwave oven then can’t you just bake it here and bring it there?

R: Hm. If you’re not confident, how about I teach you? I’ve made lots as a hobby, so I can guarantee it’ll taste good.

R: Of course, leave it to me. I’ll teach you very attentively with my whole body. I’m sure you’ll master it! Haha, you’re welcome. Then, why don’t we start right now?

*** TRACK 2: First we’ll make xxx all sticky ***

*setting out ingredients*

R: Haha, I’m done over at my end too. With this, we have the ingredients to make cookies. Hm? I’m not smiling.

R: Aah, I guess I’ve been found out. How do I say this… you were so cute when you were doing your best to measure the ingredients. The look of concentration on your face as you made sure you wouldn’t be a miligram off was super adorable. Seeing it made me feel all warm.

R: Haha, I know you want to change the topic but that was trying too hard. Oh well, I’ll start explaining the steps to make the sweet then. Okay, look forward. First, we’ll take this regular butter and churn it until it becomes pulpy. You probably don’t understand what I mean by “pulpy” so I’ll show you to let you get the feel.

R: Hm? Don’t worry about the details. You just need to face forward.


R: Haha, mm? Don’t worry, relax. Your clothes are in the way of me showing you an example so I’m just removing them.

R: Hm? Why am I taking off your clothes? Earlier, I said I’d teach you very attentively with my whole body, right? Sure I could make example cookies too like in a cooking class, but it’ll be inconvenient if we finish with double the amount, right? So, I’m going to teach you how to make cookies with your body putting it into practice.

R: First, like the butter, you need to be at room temperature too. In other words, you’re going to be naked and I’ll teach you as if your body is going to be a cookie. Mm? Why don’t you think you can do it?

R: It’s not like you’ve tried it before, right? You know I’m a cram school teacher, right? It’s because, with that experience, I know you can do it so I’m teaching you through this way. If, by any chance, you really think you can’t do it then I’ll stop. First, I’d like you to trust me with this though.

R: Hey, please? I’m happy to have you rely on me. I want to teach you in the best way possible that I can.

R: Haha, even if it’s wrong as long as the result is good then I don’t think it’s a problem. It’ll be a really fun time. OK, let’s take off your clothes. Here, raise your arms.

R: Now, next is… Ah, you won’t be completely naked. Because… *grabs cloth* when you’re cooking, you put on an apron, right? *heroine hits him* Mgh. Did you want to stay naked?

R: Haha, I thought so. Then hold out your arms.


R: OK, everything important is covered.

R: But… your back is still bare and I can see the swell of your breasts from the side. It’s pretty naughty looking.

R: Now then, things won’t get done if I just keep talking. I’m going to take off your skirt and underwear next. The skirt’s easy. Next is… Can you lift your right leg a little?

R: No buts. Like this, your underwear is caught around your ankle. It’s like a cuff and I think that’s dangerous.

R: Haha, even if you tug at the apron I think it’ll still be breezy. But, well, I can understand your uneasiness. So, you better master how to make cookies quickly. Then you can take off this apron. Let’s do our best, yeah?

R: First, we’re going to take this regular butter and make it a cream-like consistency. For the tool, you can use whichever one is easiest for you to work with, like a wooden spatula. But this time why don’t we use a whisk? We can use the wooden spatula later.

R: Now, it’s easy to explain using words, but it’s hard to soften up the butter. The trick is to stir it while warming it up on the stove without melting it. Like this…


R: … Mm? Nothing will get done if you look at my face. Face forward properly and learn how to stir it.

R: As for your chest which is stiff with nervousness… I’ll squeeze them with my palms and soften and loosen them up with my palms while warming them up. The key is to put your love into it though. Occasionally, you should do it a bit harder…!

R: Haha, are you starting to feel good? That makes me happy. Oh, but while your nipples get hard when they’re stimulated the butter’s supposed to become cream-like, so don’t make a mistake. Hahah, you’re right. But I was saying that just in case.

R: It’s your turn next. First, mash down and mix the butter cubes.

R: Mm, good job. Let the butter slowly melt like that, without rushing it. Mm, that’s right. I told you, right? That teaching suited me…

R: Hey now, your hand stopped. Like this, the cookie won’t be made no matter how much time passes. No buts. Face forward and mix the butter. I know what you’re feeling… you can’t help but focus on the movement of my hands, huh.


R: Your breaths are landing on my fingertips, so I don’t think there’s any point in trying to lie about it. Ah, if you do it that roughly don’t you think the butter’s going to be surprised? Look, just like… this!

R: Hahah, you’re startled when the tip of your breast was suddenly pinched, right? Same goes for the butter. Oh, wait, you like it yourself so that’s why you were rough. Sorry about that. How I was touching you just now wasn’t enough, right?

R: Mm, no need to be shy. But I won’t be rough yet. *kisses* I’ll kiss you like this… make you feel good, put my love into it… *kisses* So, you have to do your best and turn the butter into a sticky cream-like consistency and put your love into it, telling it to become delicious.

R: Hm, I think that’s about good enough. Mm, the butter that is. Mm, on my end, I need to touch first to tell whether or not it’s sticky, right? Haha, why are you getting flustered? Nngh… ah, you’re sticky and wet. Down here it’s making such delicious sounds and smells good. I’d like to eat it soon.

*** TRACK 3: Sticky, sweet, melting honey ***

R: Now then, next is to add sugar into the cream-like butter.

R: Ah, wait before you pour it in all at once.

R: Earlier, you were surprised when I pinched the sensitive tips of your breasts, right? The same goes for adding ingredients into sweets. When you’re adding sugar… let’s see, you should divide it into three parts. Haha, that’s a good response. But there’s one more important point, so hold on before you start adding.

R: Making sweets is a delicate process. I don’t think it’d be hard for you to just stir the sugar into the butter, but if you’re not careful about how you stir it in then it won’t end up good.

R: Mm, but I’ll be happy if we can make it delicious. That’s why I want to take my time with the specifics. So, about the important point of mixing the sugar and butter, I want you to mix it quickly in a way that folds it into itself.

R: Haha, don’t panic. First, do it together with me.


R: Now, this is the first time. We add the sugar into the butter… Mm, stop. Now, mix it up. Like this…

R: Oh? I’m rubbing against your favorite spot, but you’re not stopping. Were you… expecting this? Mm, you’re right, I’m teaching you how to mix it through your body. Sorry, sorry, it would be strange if you reacted instead.

R: Then be sure to remember this. So, the way to mix it is… listen, to mix the butter entirely and firmly like this until it’s whitish. Ngh… *kisses; fingering heroine* Yes, mm, well done. Your speed and strength is just right. I said making sweets is a delicate process but, beyond that, as long as you put in your love then it’ll be delicious.

R: It looks like the sugar has been properly mixed in, so why don’t we put in the second batch?


R: That reminds me, I didn’t tell you about one thing. You see, the sugar I prepared is a mixture of brown sugar and granulated sugar. Haha, you don’t understand, huh. I was thinking that, as someone who is teaching you attentively, I should also be mixing two different types of places. *sucks on fingers*

R: Mm? Haha, I’m licking my fingers like this before I press them into a place that is dripping with sweet honey.

R: Haah… now, mix the second batch of sugar while copying the way my fingers are moving. Haha, you forgot about that, didn’t you? Come on, hurry up.

R: Mmgh… wow, the sound down here and the sound of you mixing is blending together, and it sounds naughtier and naughtier. I’m really aroused, haha, and I might not be able to hold myself back.

R: What’s with that honest reaction? You’re so cute. I want to eat you up right now. Ah, but if I don’t hold back… the delicious cookies will be ruined.

R: Why don’t we make the work a bit quicker? Add in the third batch of sugar.


R: Oh, right, I forgot to explain one more thing but it’s hard to mix the butter when the sugar clumps up. It’s crucial to be quick. I’ll put it through a sieve, so add it into the butter. If you forget this trick and find a lump of sugar, haha… ngh…

R: Press down hard like this, as if you’re rubbing the butter, and mix it up. Haa… hah…

R: Just now, that felt amazing, right? I was rubbing your swollen lips down here as if they were lumps but your cute voice got louder… and your hips jerked. Were you about to cum?

R: Oh? Hm, but your hips are still twitching. Haha, you didn’t realize your own hips were moving, huh. OK, you’re good at begging, so I’ll stir around the place you feel good. So, you need to stir too.

R: Haha, you’re obedient. So that’s how much you wanted me to move my fingers. Ngh… hah…

R: Because your honey is overflowing, it’s also easy for my fingers to swirl round and round, and with the way you’re raising your voice you must feel good, don’t you?


R: Oh? Even if you hold up the bowl, the contents won’t get mixed.

R: Hah… I see. Sorry, but you still can’t cum. Because right now it’s time to mix the sugar and butter. Hm, it looks like the cookie batter and you have been stirred around enough. So, why don’t we move onto the next step?

R: Listen, we’re going to add a little bit of vanilla essence and salt here too. Vanilla has a sort of unique smell. It’ll give the cookies a sweetness that draws people in. When this is added, not just your sense of taste but also your sense of smell will be stimulated, so don’t forget this.

R: The salt is a necessary essence in order to make the sweetness stand out more, so don’t forget this one either. *mixes* OK, next is the eggs’ turn.

*** TRACK 4: Divide into three and stir around xxx ***

R: Now, we’re going to add eggs into the butter. It’s easy for these to separate, so be careful. That being said, we’ll be dividing this into three batches like the sugar to add it in. First, why don’t we do one for real together?

R: Huh? What’s wrong? Haha, what do you mean “but”…? Sorry, sorry, you’re expecting me to do something, huh. I’d like to answer your expectations, but it’s really easy to mess up here so I’ll teach you normally. You should listen to me seriously with that in mind too.

R: *quiet* Haha, you really are obedient. You’re showing your determination, so I wonder if you forgot what happened earlier?

R: Mm-mm, it’s nothing. Let’s do our best.

R: Like this, we slowly add in the cracked egg… then we mix it quickly without wasting time. So, just like this. Did you get that? I’ll show you an example again, so remember it.

R: The butter and egg are basically oil and water. They separate easily, so that’s why you have to do this quickly. Here we go, something like this. Mm. Now, the last one I’m leaving to you.


R: That’s a good response. Make sure to grip the whisk firmly then.

R: Oh…? Haha, whether it’s because you’ve become sensitive or you’re expecting something, you’re very interested in my movements. Your body is properly remembering this. You react so beautifully when I just stroke you like this. In order to answer your expectations and in order to show you how to mix this… I’ll touch you.

R: Mm, I can’t move my fingers as I want like this, huh. Can I get you to look forward and spread your legs a little?

R: … Yes, like that. Surprisingly, you opened them so quickly. Haha, I like it when you’re obedient like this too. Now grip tightly onto the whisk so you can bear with this. Nngh… hey, can you tell? How my finger is slowly going into you.

R: Why are you so honest? The way you nod your head and how your body clenches down… it’s so cute it makes me want to teach you very thoroughly.

R: Ah? Haha… to ask me like that… are you testing how much I can hold myself back? Sure then, as you wish, I’ll teach you much more carefully. First, let’s do a review. We separated it into three batches and in the first one, so that it doesn’t separate, you mix it all at once. Mmgh.


R: Remember that feeling just now, because the cookie batter also probably feels good from having ingredients mixed in one by one. Like this… *kisses; fingering heroine* when you put in your love and ask it to become delicious. Ngh…

R: If you do this then it’ll come out delicious. You too, with a sweet smell and honey flowing out of you as you tremble… It looks tasty. Hah, my fingers that didn’t go in are also sticky. Now, for the second batch, I’m going to put in the second finger, OK?

R: Mmngh, do you really think it’s too much? Because my finger has gone in surprisingly easily. Ngh…! Mm, wait, it didn’t just enter but it can move up and down.

R: Haha, you want to cum now? I can sympathize but not yet. After all, this is just me teaching you how to mix things. I’m worried about whether or not you’re actually learning.


R: Hahah, I feel like your moans are a bit loud but as long as you seem to be learning. Then, for the last one, how about taking in three fingers?

R: This time you should take the bowl with the egg and pour it onto the cookie batter.

R: Yes, yes, ah, wait a second before you mix them. I need to put my fingers inside you, don’t I? Hm? What are you panicking about? You must have guessed this from how things were going, right? You’ve loosened up more than enough inside, so I think at least three fingers can go in. Now, I’m putting them in. Nngh…

R: It’s tight now that there’s three… but it feels good. You’re squeezing down on them over and over again. You want them to move, right?

R: Haha, the sight of you hanging onto doing your best while wracked with pleasure… How is it so sexy? Your job isn’t to hold onto the bowl though, but to mix the butter and egg, you know?

R: Yes, yes, just like that. You’re doing exactly what I taught you. Then… I guess I’ll start too. Ngh! Haa…


R: I’ll rub and stir around down here with my finger pads. Mgh… nrgh…

R: Jeez, make sure you’re mixing the butter batter. What are you going to do if you mess up? Mngh… haa…

R: You can’t take anymore? Hah, OK. Then put down the dough and look at me.

R: Haha, good girl. *kisses* You love kisses, right? I love them too. *kisses; fingers heroine* Ngh, you also love it when I move one finger inside roughly, right? I’ll play around with your favorite spot, ngh! Haa… hah…

R: Feels good… say that more… mgh… I want to hear you more. Mm? You’re going to cum? Go ahead, cum. You don’t need to hold back, ungh… mm…! *heroine orgasms*

R: Haha, your hips are dancing. It felt that good? Hah… somehow, everything feels done with this but we’re still going to continue making cookies. Don’t forget that. *kisses*

*** TRACK 5: Add everything and mix, mix, mix ***

R: The last ingredients to be mixed is wheat flour and baking powder… like this where both of them are mixed together.

R: Use the sieve here like this to add it in. These holes will make it so there won’t be any lumps, but it also saturates the batter and makes it so that it’ll bake fluffy and soft. Oh? Haha, are you listening?

R: Does it feel good when I pet your hair?

R: I see. When I see you looking happy, it makes me want to take you into the bedroom right now. Above all… don’t you think it’s sexy when you crouch down in just an apron?

R: There’s a sweet smell from between your thighs, and it’s like it’s inviting my fingers in.

R: Aah, I want to touch you now. But we aren’t done yet so I have to hold back. Here, grab my hand. Let’s continue making sweets? Up we go. Ah, watch out! Haha.

R: You don’t need to thank me. You still don’t have any strength to stand? Hmm, it’s not that I don’t believe you but I’m worried. I’ll stand right behind you, so if you get tired then lean on me, OK? Mm.


R: Now, while we’re like this, let’s mix the cookie batter.

R: Mm, it’s fun to think about what’s going to happen after this. Haha, you don’t know what I mean? *kisses* First, I’m going to caress your breasts… then I’m going to touch and swirl my fingers around where you feel good…

R: If you were to name something I haven’t done yet… isn’t there just one more thing? I want to hurry and do that, so I’m barely able to wait for it.

R: Hm? Uh, why are you trying to step away? Eh? Ah, sorry, was my belt pressing against you just now? I’m glad it was only for a little bit. That being said, I’ll take my belt off— actually, I’ll take off everything except for my underwear. It’s in the way, after all.

R: Haha, if I hug you like this then it won’t hurt, right? Sorry for not noticing. Mm-mm, when I think about a mark getting on your skin, I get really depressed. Hah, I don’t want that. I don’t want someone so precious to me to suffer a speck of pain. I want you to feel happy, fun, and pleasure… only good feelings. Don’t forget… I love you. I really love you. I’ll never let you go. *kisses*


R: Mm? Haha, OK, we’re putting this off until later.

R: Well then, why don’t we continue making the cookie batter. We’re going to split this into three batches too and then add them in. Here, we’re going to use a wooden spatula and mix it quickly like we’re digging into it.

R: Now then… me too. Nngh… haha, sorry, did I surprise you? I thought you knew I was going to enter you.

R: But you wanted me to tell you from the start, didn’t you? Sorry about that. But I only put the tip in, so it’s not like you can’t mix things because you’re feeling too good, right? Then, why don’t we start mixing things?

R: Aah, but right now I can’t go any deeper… Oh, I know, could you stick out your butt a little?


R: Thanks. I’m going to move a bit then. Nngh… mix it around the same as how I’m doing it. You like it when I’m always pressed up against you though… so make sure the batter doesn’t get too stiff. Mngh…

R: Mm, good job. Ungh… hah…

R: You’re done, so I’m going to go a bit deeper, OK? Hagh… I want to stir you up soon… not just going in and out like this, but thrusting and rolling my hips, hah, but I need to hold back. This… is me holding back… quite a bit. So… add the rest of the flour in and mix it. For my sake too.

R: Nrgh… it might be our first time, mgh, moving slowly like this, huh. Haa… ah, it’s so frustrating. Haah, I want to push myself in deep and make you moan. Mmh…


R: Hah, finally. You added everything in… so I’m going to push in deep too. Aah…

R: … I’m going to move then. Ngh… hah… *thrusting* Can you tell? That I’m moving inside you… thrusting in deep… rubbing around, ngh. Does it feel good? Haa… I guess I don’t need to ask. But don’t stop mixing. Because the cookies, ngh, won’t become made like this. Haah… hah… *kisses; thrusting*

R: Maybe because I’ve been teasing you… but you’re feeling it more than usual, aren’t you? Mrgh…

R: Haa… hah… I like going slow but, like I thought, this speed is good, right? Nngh… hah… so cute. Haha, you’re sticking up your butt yourself and, ngh, begging. That’s irresistible. So cute. Ungh… ngh…!

R: Does it feel good? Nrgh, it’s something you wanted yourself, so it’s good, right? I’m going to be rough. Ngh… hagh… naked except for an apron… Jeez, this situation is a turn on. Hah, I want to hear you. Haa… hah… I love it. Hey, can I… go even faster? If it hurts I’ll stop right away… probably. Ngh… mgh…!


R: Haha, jeez… if you say that I’m going to be more rough and terrible. No, do you want me to go crazy? Haa… hah… whenever I have sex with you I lose my cool. I want to be even closer to you… to join with you… hagh… haa…!

R: Aah… god, what’s wrong? Are you about to cum too? Haa… hah…! Ngh…!

R: Go ahead. You can cum whenever you want. Aagh… ngh…!

R: Right now… ngh, your hips jerked. You came, didn’t you? Hngh… I think I’m going to cum…! Stay with me for a bit longer like tihs. Haa… hah…! I’m… getting turned on by this sweet smell. Hagh… haa… it feels good! Ngh… agh…! I’m… cumming! Hgh… I’m cumming…! *he orgasms*

R: Haah… hah… haha, the table’s cold and feels good, huh.


R: Huh? What? Why’d you suddenly bring up the cookie batter? I want to bask in the afterglow a bit more… is what I want to say, but from the start I’m supposed to be teaching you how to make cookies, huh.

R: In this state, we can use a cookie cutter but it’s sticky and so it’ll be hard. We’re going to give it some time to cool down.

R: Hah… I’m going to pull out then. We need to put the batter in the fridge. Nngh… hah… *kisses*

R: Alright, while we’re letting the batter rest, let’s take a break.

R: First, we need to clean ourselves up. Haha, while we’re at it we’ll also put on our underwear and rest. Good work. You were cute.

*** TRACK 6: A sweet moment until the baking is done ***

R: If you don’t have time to let the batter rest, you can use a pastry bag to make them and I think it’d look good still. We’re letting it cool today, so we can use the cookie cutter and make lots of different shapes though.

R: As for the rest, let’s see… I think it’ll be OK if you wrap it up cutely and buy some tea that suits this. Regarding the taste… *beeping* Hm? Ah, sorry, I set the time for how long we were going to let the batter rest. Let’s cut them with the cutters now.

R: Wait here. *to the beeping alarm* Yes, yes, I’m going to stop you.

R: *distantly, to heroine* Mhm, stay there.

R: OK, I’m back. I thought we could do the rest of the work while sitting on the sofa, instead of being in the kitchen. Haha, why? Because it’ll be hard on you to stand and work after I wore you out, right? Also because you’re still feeling an afterglow to the point where you flush faintly just from me stroking your cheeks a little like this. You can use a cookie cutter while sitting down.

R: Now, I’ll explain what I brought over. First, this is the cookie batter. Then these are ingredients to decorate the cookie: chocolate chips, cocoa powder, jam, raisin, and dry fruits. If you have these then not only their flavor but their appearance will be great.


R: Haha, your eyes are glittering just from something like this. So cute.

R: Mm? I feel like I’ve told you this over and over again though. Haha, why are you embarrassed? Oh well, I never get tired of seeing you looking shy. I guess it’s the same reason.

R: Haha, ah, I want to stay like this for a while longer but we need to make the cookies. Doesn’t it always feel like we’re on the verge of not finishing this? Anyway, once the cookies are ready to bake, you can line them up on this baking tray. Meanwhile, I will…

R: There’s no trick to cookie cutters, right? So I was thinking I’d sit behind you and wait quietly for you to finish your work.

R: Here, slide a little more to the front. Mm, that’s good. See, like this… if I hug you I won’t get in your way, right? We’re both in our underwear, although you’re wearing an apron, so if I cuddle close to you it won’t hurt.

R: Mm, that’s very tempting but I’ll watch from here. Because I want to feel your warmth and scent more. Now, go ahead and start.


R: … I like these times. I can feel you close beside me. Mm, these small sounds or when I see your gentle movements… it makes me think how blessed I am. Hey, are you making a chocolate chip cookie next?

R: Hmm…

R: Mm? I’m copying you. Just like how you’re arranging the cookie batter deliciously, I’m touching your chest thinking I should make your body tasty. Hey, tell me what you’d like me to do.

R: Hmm? You can’t answer. Then I guess I’ll look for some place you like… mm…

R: How do you feel when I squeeze your chest strongly until their shape is changed? Do you like it when I’m also kissing you? *kisses*

R: Nrgh… this part of your breasts are hard to the point where I can see them clearly even with the apron above them. The body’s honest, isn’t it? Hah, your breathing is rough and your hands have stopped. You liked that?


R: Ah, uh, you noticed? I was being careful so that you wouldn’t know this part of me was aroused too. But if you’ve noticed… then I can rush you, right?

R: Finish making the cookies and then let’s have sex.

R: Earlier was earlier, and now is now. Besides… I can tell from your panties that it’s damp, haha. I wonder what it’s like inside? I’d like to touch it directly soon.

R: Mhm, keep going like that. Let’s hurry and make these cookies.

R: Hey, what position should we do it in? From the back like earlier? Or looking face-to-face? Missionary while kissing? Ah, you being on top is also… haah… I want to be in you soon.

R: Eh? You’re done already? Show me.

R: Haha, they became plain halfway through. There wasn’t any point in preparing the toppings, huh. Haha, I’m happy you were trying to make it quick. Then let’s put the cookies in the oven and head to the bed.

[08:44] *opens and closes oven*

R: Make sure to remember this. Preheat the oven to 170 degrees and then bake for 20 minutes.

R: I’m also going to warm your body, so we’ll need to move a lot. First, while I touch your breasts which are hidden beneath the apron… *kisses*

R: I’ve enjoyed more than enough of you being naked except for an apron… so I only see it getting in the way now and I’m taking it off.

R: Hah, these spots here on your breasts are standing straight up. Haha, I just touched the tips a little and your body is jerking already. Let’s make you feel even better, OK? Hey… what do you want me to do? Do you want me to flick you with my fingers? Or… ngh, do you want me to roll it around with the tip of my tongue?

R: I’m sure you’ll give a cute reaction no matter what I do though. Haah… I’m looking forward to that. *kisses*

R: Haha, you’ve been moving your legs around restlessly since a while ago. Hey, are you rubbing your thighs together because you can’t wait? Ah, you don’t need to tell me, I’m going to go ahead and take a look.


R: I’m removing your underwear… Aah, there’s a clear string. Your underwear is wet, you know? It’s because you’re like this that you were moving your legs, wanting me to touch you, right? Haha, do you want to see how wet your underwear is?

R: Ngh… haha, are you embarrassed? Having this wet place of your stared at by me. Well, I’m not only going to stare, I’m also going to taste it from here. Mrgh… *gives oral*

R: Wow, you’re dripping. Hey, can you tell? Haha, it’s your own body… so you know, right? Mngh… most importantly, you’re wet to the point where all these naughty sounds are coming out from between your thighs.

R: Haha, I’m just touching the outside too. It’s slippery so, like this… I can easily play with your sensitive bud too.

R: Hey, moving slowly so I can swirl around the entire thing or… like this, moving quickly, which one do you like? Or… *switches to oral* do you like it when I concentrate on licking your pleasure button?


R: So, which one? Nrgh…! Your hips are moving. I wanted you to tell me which one you liked… but you like them all, huh. Mm…

R: Hah… Hey… can I… put it in now? You know I’ve been enduring it since a while back, right? I can’t help but want to be in you as soon as possible. Thank you.

R: Like this… missionary is good, right? Mm, then I’m going to raise your hips a little. Ngh… hah… you’re really wet… mgh… You look happy. Do you like this?

R: Haha, you’re honest. I also like being inside you so I’m glad. Aah…! Haa… it’s all in, haha. Happy? I’m going to move. Ngh… hah… I like doing it from the back too, but I think I like it more when I can see your face while doing it. Because… like this… *kisses; thrusting*

R: We can do it while kissing. Ngh… how about you? Do you love this? Mrgh… haha, you look unsatisfied, is something wrong?

R: Haah… you want me… to be rougher, huh? Roger, haha. Ngh… hah…!

R: Jeez, someone like you unconsciously pushes my switch, huh. Nngh… mgh…! *kisses; thrusting* Like this? Or, ngh, do you want me to swirl around deeper? Ungh… hah…!

R: Which is it? Mrgh… ngh…! Oh, then… how about this? Rubbing… inside around the upper side…?

R: Aah, haha, I knew it. You like it when I stroke this spot. Mmgh… ngh… ah…


R: Teach me… more about yourself. I want to do more of… the things you love and the things that make you feel good. Ngh… hah… Only you. I want to be like this forever with you. Mgh… haah… ngh…? You’re about to cum? Sure, cum… as many times as you want… ngh! Haa… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*

R: Ungh… mgh…! Aah…! Haha, you came. Hagh… haa… you’re squeezing me tight, hah, it’s irresistible. *kisses; thrusting*

R: Haah… I can’t stop moving my hips. What are you going to do about this? Hah…! It’s really because you’re… ngh, cute. Aagh… haha, I’m… I can’t…! I’m also… going to cum! Ngh, even though I want to be inside you a little longer…! Ngh… ah…!

R: Haa… hagh… your honey is wrapping around me, ngh, it’s syrupy and hot… hah…! Ngh… mrgh…! I love you…! Haa… hah… I’m cumming…! Grgh…! *he orgasms*

R: Haah… hah… *oven dings*

R: Oh… hahah! It looks like it’s done baking. Haa… mm, it smells good, doesn’t it? The cookies.

R: … How do I say this, I feel satisfied emotionally but, to be honest, I’m hungry.

R: Haha, right? Then let’s change and have tea. *kisses*

*** TRACK 7: After preparing for the lesson it’s reviewing xxx ***

R: Here, some tea. I bought these a while back, thinking it’d suit cookies.

R: Haha, you’re welcome. Now, let’s sample the finished cookies.

R: … Delicious? Don’t you think the sweetness that spreads in your mouth is just right? It’s my favorite recipe.

R: Oh? It’s delicious, but…? What’s wrong? You’re looking down. Hmm…? Your cheeks and ears are red. I wonder why?

R: Haha, even if you hide your face with your hair, if I brush your hair back behind your ear like this then I can see you, haha. Hey, why did you turn red just from eating the cookie?

R: Hmm? You don’t want to answer, huh. I’m not thinking about forcing you to answer either, so you can relax. Now then, let’s see, I’m going to have a cookie too. Mm.

R: It’s sweet and tasty. I wonder if it’s because a lot of your love went into it? Ah, but… you were sweeter. *eats cookie wetly*


R: Hm? Haha!

R: Hahah! Sorry, sorry, I teased you too much, huh. It’s because you turned red after putting a cookie in your mouth. It makes me wonder what you were imagining, right? Well, I have a general idea.

R: Haha, is it surprising? It’s because I also remember what we did while making cookies. But now I regret it.

R: Because, when you go back to your parents’ place, you’re definitely going to react like this, right? If I was beside you then I wouldn’t mind, but I’m not there. This sort of seductive and sweet look… I don’t want to show it to anyone. So, I won’t do that sort of thing again.

R: Or that’s what I planned to say, but you look disappointed so I’ll have to bear with this. Let’s do it again sometime, yeah?

R: Hm? You want me to teach you how to cook again, don’t you? Oh! The opposite way might good too!

R: I’ll be taught by you! I think we’ll definitely make some delicious food. Ah, I’m excited after thinking about it. Let’s definitely do this again, OK?

R: Haha, well, let’s concentrate on mastering how to make cookies for now. I’ll send you the recipe again later. So be sure to make them while looking at it. If you were to fail… haha, a punishment will be waiting, OK?

R: It’s a matter of course. If my students forget their homework then I increase their homework and then overlook their mistake. If an adult like you were to fail their revision… then don’t you think that’s terrible? Mhm, I’m glad you understand. So, bring back the cookies you make at your parents’ place and let me eat some.

R: Yes, that’s right. Having enthusiasm is the most important thing. I’m happy to practice with you whenever, so feel free to ask me. So? What are you going to do? Do you want to do your review of everything now?

R: Haha, sure. I’ll teach you… very attentively… with my whole body. *kisses* Haha.

7 thoughts on “Oshieteageru ~ Amai Okashi no Tsukurikata ~

    ieatdreams00 said:
    March 27, 2020 at 15:23

    Thanks for the translation! This reminds me of Sweets Blossom!!

      Ilinox responded:
      March 27, 2020 at 15:58

      Haha, cooking’s a pretty popular theme in drama CDs, huh, and of course ending up with some lewd food play, although this one actually didn’t involve much food getting onto them. Just uh… extreme multi-tasking in the kitchen, haha.

        ieatdreams00 said:
        March 27, 2020 at 16:05

        Haha!! Is there a drama cd with a husky ramen chef? If there is, I’d be SO down!!! Hot ramen play! Oh my gosh I’m gonna die!!!

    leohikarusora said:
    March 27, 2020 at 13:24

    Don’t worry, I’m still live and healthy in here. Hopefully you guys are safe (because… You know what’s happening in world)

    Okay back to topic. So… Another MC do multitasking XD But yeah, that will become unforgettable experience, since some ppl can more remember things with their body, not their mind

    Thank you for your hard works~!!

      Ilinox responded:
      March 27, 2020 at 15:57

      Glad to hear you’re safe and I hope you and yours continue to stay that way! It’s a pretty scary time out there and I hope everyone’s able to get what they need until this tides over ;w;

      I’m sure that was what he was going for, but on the other hand I really really don’t know about mixing normal actions and lewd actions because now, like he said, you’ll forever remember it when you’re trying to do something innocent LOL. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    Viki said:
    March 24, 2020 at 16:55


      Ilinox responded:
      March 25, 2020 at 08:48

      Someone who makes every cooking lesson an unforgettable experience? LOL. I don’t think I’m ever going to forget the steps to making cookies now… t-thanks.

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