Rouge et Noir ~ Show Down ~

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Kashiwagi Senna (柏木 セナ)
CV: 四ツ谷サイダー

Rouge et Noir ~ Show Down ~

These days, the Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbor Ministry of Welfare continued their busy days in the Port and Harbor City of Kaasa, which had regained its daily routine after the threat of the new drug, Rouge et Noir, disappeared.

Belonging to the Special Criminal Investigations Department (abbreviated as SCID) as a narcotics officer, you stepped into the ruins of a shopping mall inside Kaasa City, which had transformed into a lawless area, due to a joint investigation with the First Investigative Division. With the support of the intelligence agent, Kashiwagi Senna, a large number of drug dealers and drug addicts were exposed all at once and the joint investigation should have closed its curtains as a great success.

However, there was a sudden change in the situation because of a testimony from an arrested drug addict and you became embroiled in a complicated case where there were many swirling motives. In order to unravel the truth of this tangled case, you and Senna go to Kaasa’s newly opened casino, Port Club, which held the key to everything—

Thank you to the anonymous commissioner who pretty much backed half of the entire Rouge et Noir series here! R18 warning and drugs in the bad end. There’s a long timeline here, which I’ve tried to organize by tagging with the volume number but here it is again in numbered order:

  1. Under the Gun
  2. Check in the Dark
  3. Double Down
  4. (Jacks or Better)
  5. Eye in the Sky
  6. Pure Bluff
  7. Second Barrel
  8. Implied Odds
  9. Maximum Bet
  10. All In
  11. (Makabe VR)
  12. Show Down

Jacks or Better happens with another heroine (implied to be a US agent) and happens somewhere after Double Down but before Maximum Bet. Makabe’s VR is like a fluff spin-off but it’s positioned after All In. I actually haven’t listened to it yet (or translated it, oops) so I’m not too clear on its contents yet.

Note: All the track titles are related to poker, so I’ll be attaching explanations beneath the titles.

*** TRACK 1: In the Air ***

A phrase at the beginning of a tournament to let players know that the cards are being dealt.

*earphone crackles*

Senna: Hello, hello! Can you hear me?

S: Suou-san sent a message just now. Seems like they finished arresting 16 people on all the floors. It’s a bigger harvest than we expected, huh!

S: There’s no particular problem on my end. I’ve been in the car this entire time, although my back hurts a little. Haha, well, enough about that, no matter how I think about it this isn’t the job of an intelligence agent, right?

S: You don’t need to apologize. It’s one of Suou-san’s unreasonable requests as always. Actually, even though that guy gets along with First Investigative Division’s Kusanagi-san like cats and dogs, he still agreed to having a joint investigation.

S: Haha, I’d like it if he didn’t involve you in his personal debts. *bell rings* Oh, after 10 minutes, the electricity to the building’s going to stop.

S: Yup, that’s right, it might better to go a bit quicker. This place is huge. It was probably a popular spot before it went out of business, huh.

S: But now it’s a gathering spot for drug dealers and drug addicts.

*heroine jostles door*

S: Beyond this is a passage to the delivery entrance. I’m opening the lock now. *typing; door clicks* Please go ahead.

*heroine opens door; gets hit; someone runs*

S: Are you alright!?

S: Thank god… There were still some hiding, huh.

S: There’s still 5 minutes until the power goes out.


S: Haha, it’s going to cost a lot for additional services, you know.

S: OK, then… *typing* I’ve turned on the natural disaster protection system. The fire prevention shutters will herd that person to the private parking lot for workers on the west side. *heroine sprints*

S: Herding complete! I’m shutting the exits.

S: Like this, they can’t escape. Now, please go ahead in any way you like.

*heroine loads gun; fight scene*

S: Uwah, that looked like it hurt.

*heroine handcuffs; door opens; Senna enters*

S: Is that person unconscious? That was quite the knockout. You just snapped your leg out.

S: Mission complete? *heroine nods* Great, then… *kisses*

S: Haha, what do you mean what? I told you, didn’t I? That additional services would be expensive. I actually want more but… I’ll take the rest later at another time. So… *kisses* for now, great job, my cute liaison-san.

Narration: Rouge et Noir. Show Down.

[05:26] *scene skip; Senna typing*

S: OK, done! Mngh…! It felt like such a long and busy day.

S: Ah, that reminds me… I forgot something important. *kisses* Finally got to do it. I didn’t have enough in the afternoon.

S: Hey, can I do more? *heroine nods* Eheh, mm… *kisses*

S: Haah… uh oh, I might not be able to stop at just kissing. Hey, why don’t we do it?

S: … Eheh, come over here.

*goes to bedroom; shoves heroine down*

S: Mmn…! *kisses; removes clothes*

S: Nrgh… mm… Huh? I haven’t seen this underwear before. Is it a new one? *heroine nods* Haha, you were actually anticipating this today, weren’t you? Because, look, the color and design is what I like.

S: It’s super cute. So, I’m not going to take off the bra.

S: Oh! Hey, this place is pebbled and hard. Nngh… *kisses*


S: They’re getting more and more hard. Can I bite them a little? *heroine shakes head* Haha, I’m gonna do it even if you say no. Omm… see, when I do this, you react so nicely. I’m going to do it one more time. Mm…

S: Oh? Did you get wet? I need to check. Haha, like I thought… mm, I honestly don’t want to take this off but if it gets even wetter then it’ll get dirty, right? I guess I have to.

S: OK, please stretch your leg out.

S: OK, done.

S: Mm, just one leg. It’s sexier like this, isn’t it? Mn… *kisses* Ah, something smells naughty.

S: *inhales* From here, huh… You’re already soaked. This spot’s hard too. Nngh… *gives oral*

S: Wow, you’re trembling. Does it feel good? Then I’ll suck harder. Mngh… hah… ngh! *heroine orgasms*


S: Haha, you came already? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? The last time I did this with you. But I’m at my limit too. Hey, can I? Go in you. *heroine nods* Haha, wait a moment then. *grabs condom; removes pants*

S: Sorry to keep you waiting. Hey, can you sit up again?

S: Then, please sit on my lap, with your back against me. Nn… I’m putting it in, OK? Nrgh… ah…

S: It’s been a long time since I was in you. It’s warm… ungh… haah… haa…

S: This position’s nice, right? I can hug you hard from behind, ngh, and I can also do this… Mngh, haha, you clenched down on me a bit. You looked like you really enjoyed me playing with your breasts earlier, so I want to touch them a lot now. Your nipples are still this swollen too. Haha, huh? You want me to touch down here too?

S: Gngh! Haha, I guess I was right. You clamped down even harder. Eheh, you’re greedy, aren’t you? Sure, I’ll give you both. Ngh…! Haa… hah…! *thrusting*

S: Haha, I won’t let you escape. Hah… what’s too much? Shouldn’t you just feel as good as you can? Here, I’ll do it harder, ngh! Haagh… haha, if I do any more you’ll what? You’ll come again? Haha, sure, come as many times as you want. I like making you come, after… all, ngh! Ggh! Hagh… haa… ngh…! *heroine orgasms*

S: Haa… haha, you’re boneless. So cute. *kisses* Now then, just hang on a bit longer, OK? This time it’s my turn. I can’t hold back anymore. Ngh… hah…! *thrusting*

S: Wow, you’re squeezing so tightly… mrgh… Nngh, it feels good. I’m about to come… I’m going to let it out, OK? Gngh, ah… I’m coming…! *he orgasms* Haah… haa…

*** TRACK 2: Scare Card ***

A card that could potentially improve your opponent’s hand into something stronger than yours. Basically, it appears on the turn or river in the community, and now you aren’t sure if you can win the game.

*birds chirping*

S: Are you OK for time still?

S: Haha, I’m glad. *turns on TV* Ah, just like I thought, it’s this news today too.

S: Yup, the corruption case. There’s no decisive evidence other than the testimony from Ouryuukai’s CEO, who Suou-san arrested. The top brass of the Port and Harbor Police and Hermes Medical Group are denying everything. Thanks to that the argument just continues endlessly.

S: Yeah, the one who’s probably pissed the most is Suou-san. It’d be nice if we could find something conclusive.

S: Huh? Isn’t that your cell?

*heroine answers phone then ends call*

S: Haha, the SCID is as busy as usual.

S: Yup, take care!

S: Ah, actually, hold on. *kisses* See you later.

[02:06] *scene skip; heroine phones*

S: Hello? It’s OK. What’s up?

S: Hospital!? You aren’t hurt are you—!?

S: Oh… thank god.

S: OK. Alright. I got it. Roger. Anyway, I’m coming over, OK? *heroine ends call*

*scene skip; lifeline beeping; Senna knocks*

S: It’s me.

S: *door opens* I can’t believe I’ve come back to this hospital again. So, this is the kid you were talking about on the phone? Looks like a foreigner. She’s sleeping, huh. Sedated?

S: They’re in a special VIP room after being hospitalized and there’s two SCID guards outside. This isn’t the sort of treatment a simple drug addict arrested during the joint investigation would get. Just what sort of troublesome thing is this girl carrying?


S: This is… Port Club’s chips, huh. Incidentally, what was the drug she was made to drink?

S: Rouge et Noir… It’s been a while since I heard that name.

S: Port Club has a dress code and you’re required to show your identification. It’d be hard for someone who was arrested in an abandoned shopping mall to go in and out. That being the case, we can hardly say she’s lying about being locked up and forced to take drugs. It’s also not impossible for her to have been sold off to be shut up.

S: It’s gotten complicated, huh.

S: The arrested Ouryuukai CEO, Rikugou, testified that there was a hidden casino inside Port Club but, despite repeated requests from the Port and Harbor Ministry of Welfare, for some reason permission to forcibly enter that place hasn’t been given up to now. Like this, it’d be impossible to break in from the front.

S: Heh, in that case, we’ll just have to use our secret weapon!

S: Haha, you’ll find out soon.

*** TRACK 3: Card Counting ***

More commonly seen in blackjack, but you can count poker cards by calculating your odds of the next cards in the community improving your hands by seeing what cards have appeared, your own cards, etc., to give you a probability of what card in the 52 cards of a deck will appear next.

*casino noises*

S: Ngh, I’m feeling a little antsy.

S: It’s these clothes. This is my first time wearing a full tuxedo, so it feels awfully tight.

S: Haha, thank you very much. But I’m going to return those words straight back at you. That dress looks very good on you. Aah, if only this was just a date. Dressed up and being at a casino with you… Isn’t it a perfect situation?

S: Yes, yes, I know. I’m working, I’m working. Ah, I just remembered. Here, please give me your hand. I’m escorting you. Please let me act cool from time to time too. Haha, let’s go.

S: Haha, you’re right, I guess it’s time for me to reveal my trick. The secret weapon is… this.

S: It’s the chips from Port Club which the girl had. You see, recently casino chips have IC tags installed inside of them as countermeasures to crime. So, I’ve inserted Comodin into this chip’s IC tag. Later, when we convert these into money, the casino leader only needs to scan the chip and the invasion will be a success. It’s much more certain and easier than hacking from an outside network, right?


S: Now then, why don’t we decide on what to play? Hmm… hmm… mm… Mm! It has to be that, huh. Over here.

S: Yup, poker. This might be surprising, but I’m relatively good. Hehe, well, just take a look.

S: *takes a seat* Mm.

S: *someone comes* Mm? Oh, go ahead. It’s open over there.

S: Well, we have enough people, so please start the game, dealer-san.

*scene skip; cards being dealt; chips placed*

S: Hm… call!

S: Raise, twenty thousand.

S: Haha, it’s my win again, huh.

S: *to heroine* Thank you very much. But as long as you learn a bit of technique, you can start winning right away like this too, you know? Just remember all the cards that have popped up and then do some probability calculations. It’s not hard at all, right? The casinos hate this though.

S: Mm, but it’s about time soon. Let’s make the next game our last. *heroine nods* Dealer-san, please go ahead.


S: Call.

S: Raise, seventy thousand.

S: Oh? It’s just us now, mister.

S: You can fold, you know?

S: Hmm, I see. Game on then. All in.

S: Haha, I thought you’d do that. Now… showdown. You have a full house and I have four of a kind. Looks like it’s my win.

S: Heh, yes, I had fun too. It’d be nice if we could have another match sometime. If possible, without you holding back and waiting to see what I’d do. Haha, oh, am I wrong? Pardon me then. Well, we’re leaving now. *to heroine* Let’s go.

*** TRACK 4: Shooter ***

I think this might be referring to angle shooting, which we’ve heard in Arlen’s Maximum Bet. It refers to cheating within the rules but at the edge. Technically, it’s still viable but unethical and using underhanded or unfair methods to take advantage of people.

*Senna turns on computer; starts typing*

S: Now then, let’s rummage through Port Club’s security camera footage without delay.

S: Eh? Oh… you’re right. The date’s jumping like crazy. It could have been deleted intentionally. It’s going to take some time, but I’ll try to restore them.

*typing; heroine answers phone*

S: Is it about the girl?

S: Then I’ll contact you when there’s progress. See you later. *resumes typing; heroine leaves*

*scene skip; heroine writing; phone vibrates*

S: It’s me. I restored the security camera footage and footage of an underground floor, which I think is the hidden casino, came out. I sent it to your computer, thinking maybe the girl will remember something if you show it to her.

[02:06] *heroine opens computer; typing*

S: How is it? Is there any thing or person who looks familiar?

S: From the 20th to the 31st, huh. I’m opening them up, so give me a second.

S: Uh…! This is… I’m going to transmit this footage to you guys too. *file sent; notification ding*

S: Yes, it really is unexpected… This is Sairenji Takumi, isn’t it? Doesn’t he pop up often on TV? The business-savvy young son of a bigshot politician— what’d she say?

S: Haha, so it’s the case of an eloquent and good-looking young man, popular with women, getting them into Rouge et Noir and having drugged sex with them, huh. That’s a pretty outrageous two-face. She was given as a freebie of the underground casino to Sairenji and although she somehow grabbed the chip, which has become evidence, and escaped, she couldn’t do anything and ended up at that shopping mall.

S: We can see the full story of the case with this, huh. Just from who the other party is though it’ll be hard to arrest them.

S: I’ll help out as much as I can too. In any case, I’m going to continue the rest of the restoration work, so see you later. *heroine ends call*

*** TRACK 5: Backer ***

The person or company who provides a bankroll to the poker player. Basically, they give the poker player the money to play in tournaments.

*heroine’s phone vibrates*

S: Great job today. I’m done with the restoration. Are you at the hospital today too?

S: Mm… then I’ll head over there, OK?

S: No, I’d like to talk in person, if that’s possible. Then I’ll be at the hospital in an hour. *heroine ends call*

*scene skip; door opens*

S: Uwah, so bright.

S: Haha, that’s right, I spoke with you before on this rooftop. I was the one hospitalized at that time though.


S: *pats beside him* You sit down too. *opens computer* The majority of the restored security camera footage isn’t the underground floor with the hidden casino, but actually the top floor with the VIP area and stuff.

S: And this is the collection of all the people going in and out of the VIP area. This person is the secretary of a politician, this one’s a government official, and this is the son of a distinguished family with a large enterprise. Everyone’s someone who has power or is connected to one in political and business circles. Also, please look at this.

S: If we trace back the conversion history of the IC tag installed in the casino chip, the dates and times of the restored security camera footage and the dates and times when the chip, with specific information recorded on the IC tag, was exchanged matches perfectly.

S: This shows that there exists chips which are exclusively used by only one portion of customers. The clues come together with this and I tried digging around the management behind Port Club, a Port and Harbor commercial company, and unmasked the true nature behind the casino publicly managed by Kaasa City.

S: Its history was cleverly disguised, but the head of this Port and Harbor organization is Hayakawa Yukio was an ex-leader of the Hermes Medical Group and one of the old boys of the Port and Harbor Police. In other words, Port Club is effectively under the control of the Port and Harbor Police and Hermes Medical Group. We can presume that the people going in and out are probably doing…

S: Yup, the washing of dirty money from tax evasion and bribes— money laundering. It could be the case that Port Club itself was created by a portion of these influential people as a distinguished money laundering service.

S: Haah… I imagined Port Club to have something apart from an underground casino, but…

S: Yeah, to be honest, we fished up a catch that was more than any of us expected. But the one thing that doesn’t make sense— *someone claps* Oh crap, just when I was wondering who it was…

S: *gets up* Hello again from the Port Club, mister.

*** TRACK 6: Nuts ***

Surprisingly, this refers to the best possible hand a player can have given the situation. You can value the successive valuable hands by calling them the second-nut hand or third-nut hand LOL.

S: I couldn’t imagine I’d meet you here. What a coincidence! Are you here to see someone too?

S: … Haha, just kidding. Since it’s a waste of time, why don’t we both end our transparent acts here? You’re with Zero, aren’t you?

S: I thought it was about time you’d get in contact. Well, I couldn’t help but think it was strange at the beginning, like what was the reason for why you guys, the pride of the National Police Agency and the elites of the Ministry of Welfare, would crash into Kaasa City’s corruption case on purpose. But now I understand.

S: Influential people in political and business circles are involved on the stage of a misappropriated nominal public casino and carrying out money laundering on a huge scale. If this was known to the public, it’d be a problem, huh. The majority of them are this country’s big-wigs. So, you came to shut me up. Something like that, right?

S: Are those your demands?

S: I see. Then the answer is no.

S: *to heroine* Wait, it’s OK.

S: *opens computer* If you’re planning on taking strong measures, then the data you want to retrieve from me will be disseminated through the dark web immediately. I’m sure you know how impossible it is to retrieve data that’s been scattered there, right?

S: Haha, just as I expected, let’s cut this short. I have two demands. First, that you guys won’t obstruct the arrest of Sairenji Takumi. Second, regarding the corruption case of the Port and Harbor Police’s top brass and Hermes Medical Group which the public is fussing over right now, that you guys make available the conclusive evidence which shows their collusion with Ouryuukai. You Zero guys are already suppressing it down, right?


S: Even with the truth of the corruption case laid bare, it should be impossible for your guys’ goal about the Port Club’s matters to reach the general public. That subject is way too large and, to be honest, it’s beyond my capacity. In the first place, I’m not interested in being a hero who exposes the wrongdoings of politicians and government officials. What will you do?

S: Hehe. Negotiations are done then. Let’s do our transaction a week later, same time and place. I look forward to seeing you then, Zero’s… Tokitou-san. I’ll be waiting. *Tokitou leaves*

S: … Haah! I managed to get through that somehow.

S: Sorry, I decided a bunch of things on my own. *heroine shakes head* Yeah, it’s true I didn’t say anything. It was extremely likely Zero was spying around me, so I couldn’t have my trump card seized first.

S: Uh, it’s nothing you need to thank me for. It was partly for the sake of getting us through tangled mess we suddenly found ourselves stepping into, but the other half was because of my ego.

S: Yes, I don’t know the reason why Suou-san, a narcotics cop, is obsessed with this corruption case, but if there was something I could, when I’ve just been saved by him all this time, then I thought there was only this. It might be unneeded help and I don’t know whether or not this was the right choice… but, if you can forgive me, could you overlook my selfish move?

S: Thank you.

*** TRACK 7: Crack ***

It’s when you beat a hand that started out stronger than yours.

*heroine parks car; dials phone*

S: Hello?

S: Don’t worry, I was thinking about giving you a call once I got home too. How is it on your end?

S: *pulls keys out* Oh? Sounds like it’s going smoother than we thought. Like this, Sairenji’s arrest might be soon too. *enters apartment*

S: Haha, oh, what, we’re both close to each other. *takes off shoes* Why don’t we talk at my place then? I also want to— ah…

S: My room… is messed up.

S: That’s the only thing that comes to mind given the timing. That the people involved came to retrieve my list… Either way, I can’t stay in this place anymore. I wanted to spend some casual time wiht you, but I’m heading out right now.

S: Thanks. Then let’s meet at the usual parking lot— ngh?! Ggh! Shit! *fighting; call ends*

*heroine starts driving; scene skip*

*car screeches to stop; heroine pulls out gun and runs; distant gunshots*

*heroine runs into building; louder gunshots; Senna runs down stairwell*

S: Uwah! *falls down stairs* Gngh…!

S: Yeah, I’m OK, somehow. Anyway, let’s run! *gunshots* Haa… hah…!!

[03:08] *they get into car; heroine starts driving*

S: Haah… haa… you saved me. I didn’t think the culprits would come back.

S: No, that’s safe. As you can see, I’ve been carrying the USB with the data on me without— *heroine slams brakes* Gugh! They knew we were coming this way?! Their other friends— gah! *heroine does crazy driving* Uwah, OK! Woah! Y-you… when did you learn these driving techniques!?

S: N-naturally…? The SCID is terrifying… *heroine slams brakes* Gah, over here too! Wah! *car slams into them* Gugh! Our back’s blocked too, huh.

*people get out and surround them; guns cock*

S: Um… is this what they call being cornered?

*scene skip*

S: *tugging handcuffs* Ngh… of course it won’t come off, huh. Haah…

S: I’m sorry. I even got you involved. *heroine shakes head*

S: Right. Ugh… hmm… when we were brought over, there was a faint smell of chemicals, so I think we’re probably in one of Hermes Medical Group’s labs. We need to think of a way to get out of here somehow. Hmm…

*door opens*

S: Shit! *someone walks over; tosses something*

S: O-oh? My USB… That’s very polite of you to come all the way here to return it.

S: Heh, of course it’d be in code, right? It’s important data, after all.

S: And if I refuse? *gun cocks*

S: Haha, you won’t be able to verify the data if you kill me. *vials are brought out*

S: Oh? What’s that?

S: Second Barrel…? No way…! *person approaches* Grgh! *heroine is released*


S: Kgh… I get it, I get it! I’ll remove the code right away so don’t touch her!

S: Grgh… please take off my handcuffs. *person removes handcuff; computer gets set up; Senna is handcuffed again*

S: Nrgh, I can’t do it with one hand. Ugh! Ggh… fine. *slow typing*

S: Hrgh…


S: If you’re in a rush then please release my other hand. Or are you scared of a weak hacker like me? Mr. Hermes-Medical-Group’s-Hot-Shot. *person hits him* Gugh! Koff… koff…! *Senna falls over*

S: … Ggh, hah… in the first place, you took her as a hostage so there’s no way I can resist, right? I’m unarmed too. Nrgh, so take this off! I don’t know when I’ll finish like this. *person releases him*

S: Haa… thank you. Now then… I guess I’ll end things quick. *quick typing*

S: Here you go. It’s done.

S: You can’t see it from there, right? Come over here and check it properly. *person walks over* See? This is what’s inside the data— HAGH! *knocks person down; takes gun*

S: DON’T MOVE! If even one person moves… I’ll shoot this person here. *people move; Senna shoots* I SAID DON’T MOVE!

S: Next time, I’ll definitely shoot him. If no one wants that, then throw away your guns. *everyone drops guns* Take off her handcuffs. NOW!


S: *to heroine* Come over here.

S: Are you OK? *heroine nods* Once I give the sign, please run. The door’s unlocked. I might not be reliable at a time like this, but will you trust me right now? *heroine nods* Then, let’s go. Three, two, one. *shoots gun* RUN!! *everyone starts shooting* Haa… hah…!

S: *slams door closed* Hold on for a second, OK? *typing* Changing the door lock’s code to 24 letters…! The guys inside won’t be able to get out for a while with this. Ah, that reminds me, here. *hands over gun* You carry this. My weapon’s this. *pats laptop*

S: Haha, let’s go! The building’s blueprint is in my head.

S: Haa… hah…! Still, those people were idiots to give a hacker a laptop connected online. Hah… haa…! I took over this building’s security system through the wireless network while pretending to remove the code. *alarm rings* Woah!

S: Other people will notice this too, huh. Let’s hurry! Haa… hah…! *gunshots*

S: Ah, OK! *dives to ground; heroine shoots*

S: There’s quite a lot… We’ll call some helpers too then. *typing*

*glass shatters; machine noises*

S: Haha, these are large in development drones for medical purposes. As long as we’re inside, they’ll help slow them down. Now, go! *gunshots*

S: Haha, now’s our chance! Haa… hah…!

S: Ngh! *gunshots; ducks; heroine shoots* Jeez, they’re so persistent. You’re all bothers, so please get off the stage! *typing; gates come down*

S: Heh, you’re welcome. Haha, still, you’re so cool. I’ve fallen for you all over again.


S: Me? Haha, when I’m breathing hard like this already and exhausted?

S: Haha, you always tell me what I want to hear the most. In that case… *gets up* I need to do my best so that you’ll say I was cool until the very end. *pulls heroine up* Let’s go. This way! Haa… hah…!

S: Just a bit more! Hagh… haa…!

S: *gunshots; heroine shoots* The exit’s right up ahead too. Ggh, from there too!? *heroine has to reload* Kgh… HRAAAAAAGH! *tackles shooter* You…! *heroine runs over; knocks out enemy*

S: Nrgh, hah… haa… thank you so much. No way! Again!? *gates open; people surround them; guns cock*

S: Uh… *they lower their guns* ah, jeez… what the heck… You’re late, Suou-san!

S: *Suou punches him* GUGH! Hey! Why do I have to eat knuckles!? Plus, I’m not an idiot! I also reported everything to you after I confirmed seeing the actual Second Barrel.

S: Don’t be reckless…? Your SCID is normally way more reckless, Suou-san. Besides— wah! *Suou ruffles his hair* Ggh, ngh…!

S: … Ngh, jeez… my hair’s all messed up now. Haah…

S: Huh? Uh, that’s…

S: Haa… I planned on keeping quiet about that. In truth, I wasn’t going to tell you that I learned the basics of self-defense from Suou-san. I wanted to at least be able to protect myself with my own strength if it came down to that. Uh, well, it’s really just a stopgap though.

S: Haha, ah-ah, right after I said I wanted to be cool to the very end… I showed you the lamest side. But oh well. *hugs heroine* Because… you’re safe.

*** TRACK 8: Last to Act ***

Self-explanatory. It’s the last person to play in poker after everyone gets their round, because they’re in a late position. Sometimes it’s called the button or position.

S: Here, as promised, the data. The original’s been deleted. *Tokitou approaches*

S: Ah, but before that… there’s something I’d like to check.

S: I’m talking about the reason the top brass at the Port and Harbor Police abandoned Ouryuukai. Of course, a regular customer appeared who was even more convenient and low risk than a crime syndicate, but they shouldn’t have wanted to completely cut off their relationship.

S: After all, from the beginning, Ouryuukai was tolerating the underground casino in Port Club. The trigger that collapsed this equilibrium was because Ouryuukai pulled Sairenji Takumi into the underground casino, right? Because Ouryuukai had a grip on his weak spot, they tried to embezzle his politician father. For the sake of copying the top brass of the Port and Harbor Police and lining their pockets.

S: Well, as a result, that touched a nerve with the top brass at the Port and Harbor Police and they were literally erased. Because Sairenji Takumi, from the start, seemed to be a regular customer of theirs. *Tokitou claps*


S: I see. It feels like a weight has fallen off my shoulders with this.

S: Nothing, really. It’s my curiosity due to my work. I feel annoyed if I can’t slot a puzzle piece into place. OK, here you go. *throws USB*

S: And the things I requested?

S: Oh. Wait, a MO disk in this day and age!?

S: Ah, I can understand if it’s data from before 2005. Incidentally, what’s inside?

S: Haha, under-the-table accounting, huh. Right on the mark, isn’t it? Well then, the deal’s done!

S: … What? Is there something else?

S: Oh? Is this headhunting? You want me to be Zero’s “S”? Certainly, my rewards would be much higher than what I have now if I followed you guys. After all, it wouldn’t be coming out of Suou-san’s pockets but the nation’s pockets. Hmm… that’s pretty attractive.

S: But I don’t think I will. You see, I like it. The position of being the Port and Harbor Eagle Eye’s “S”. Haha, besides, *pulls heroine over* my liaison has to be her. So, I’m going to refuse. Please find someone else. *Tokitou leaves*


S: Haa…! It’s finally over!

S: Haha, good job to you too. That reminds me, you’re off in the afternoon, right? *heroine nods* How about we head home then? I want to spend a relaxing night with you today at least.

S: Mm? What’s wrong?

S: Huh? Did you want me to go with them? *heroine shakes head* My words just now weren’t a lie.

S: It’s not that this place is enough. *hugs heroine* It’s that this place is good.

S: The place the intelligence agent, Kashiwagi Senna, belongs is where the Port and Harbor’s Eagle Eye is. That hasn’t changed even now. But, you see, I’ve finally found the place Kashiwagi Senna, as an individual, belongs. It wasn’t something given to me by someone, but something I found myself. The one and only place for me. *kisses*

S: It’s beside you. So, I can’t think about any other place.

S: Haha, let’s go.

[06:05] *scene skip; intense kisses*

S: Ngh… mm…! *removes pants; kisses* Mmgh… nrgh…!

S: Haa… hah… Mm? It looks like you’re wet quicker than usual today. Are you excited? *heroine nods* Haha, actually, same goes for me. Nngh, hey, touch me? Ungh… hah… I’ll also do it to you. Aah, it’s slippery… Ngh, my finger went in easily. It’s really hot deep inside. Aagh… ngh…! Feels good, right there… more… ungh…!

S: Haha, those are some sexy moves. I can’t lose to that… ngh… Haah… haa…! *fingers heroine*

S: Don’t hold it in. If you’re about to come, you can come, you know? *heroine shakes head* Haha, then do you want to have a match to see who can last longer? Ngh… ah! W-wait, don’t just suddenly go hard like that… ungh… agh…!

S: Haha, I forgot, you actually hate losing a lot, huh. Nrgh, then I’ll start too. Haa… hagh…!

S: It feels so good, ngh… hagh… I-I’m done, I’m sorry…! I think I’m going to come…! *heroine shakes head* Y-you too? Then let’s come together? Haa… hagh…! I’m coming…! Nngh! *kisses; he orgasms*

S: Haah… haa… it wasn’t a match, huh, for the both of us. Haha. *kisses*

S: Let’s continue in bed.

[09:38] *goes to bed; kisses; he grabs condom*

S: Nngh… hah…! *thrusting*

S: Hey, how many times has it been now? Where I’ve been joined to you like this.

S: Mm… yeah, even I don’t remember, but there’s one thing I remember with certainty. Haa… hah… when I feel your warmth and hear your voice as close as I can… I always think, “Ah, I’m so happy”.

S: You too? Haha, mm… *kisses* Hey, let’s hold hands. Intertwine your fingers with mine. Haha, your hand is hot too. Your whole body is burning.

S: Haha, I know. It’s because of me. After all… NGH! *thrusts* Because I’m doing something that’d make you hot. Haa… hah…! *thrusting*

S: What a cute voice. Do you like it when I go deep? Hagh… me too. I feel good to the point where the back of my mind’s tingling. You’re hot, tight, and wet… and every time I move you squeeze down. Each time that happens it’s like something clenches my heart. Ah, jeez, how do I put this into words? Haha, I don’t know anymore. Ngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

S: Mrgh! Don’t clamp down so hard. I want to stay in you still, but I won’t be able to hold on like that.

S: Ngh, haha, it’s not good. Because I actually want to be joined to you forever. I like you so much I can’t help it. Ungh…! You’re squeezing down like that again. Was that on purpose? *heroine shakes head* Haha, you didn’t know. You’re so happy you feel it down there, huh. *kisses* I really like you. Ah, that’s wrong. I love you.

S: It’s a feeling where liking or really liking you isn’t enough. I finally understand now. This is… love.


S: Haha, or maybe these words don’t suit me? *heroine shakes head* Really? *heroine nods* Then… I’m going to say it again.

S: I love you. *kisses* Ngh! Haha, again… Just now, was that because you’re happy? *heroine nods*

S: … Thank you. But, I’m sorry, I’m a bit at my limit. Ngh… mgh…! *thrusting*

S: Haa… hah… I’m coming…! Grgh… agh…! *he orgasms*

S: Hah… haah… actually, I really want to say it one more time. I love you. *kisses*

[15:24] *scene skip; heroine wakes up*

S: I’ve sent the data over already. So, what are we going to do? Haha, understood. I’ll go ahead without any restraints. See you. *ends call*

S: Oh, huh? You’re up?

S: Yes, I talked with Suou-san. Just a little… scheme.

S: Haha, you’ll see soon. So, let’s sleep for tonight. *kisses* The showdown has to be flashy.

*scene skip; birds chirping; Senna typing*

S: Hahah! Just like I thought! It got picked up by the main news already.

S: Last night, I spread the contents of the MO disk to every country’s media through a leak site. The top brass at Port and Harbor Police and Hermes Medical Group will never be able to escape from this.

S: Right? That’s why I said the showdown has to be flashy.

S: Oh, you don’t have to worry about that. In the end, no matter how much noise this corruption case causes, to calm down Kaasa City won’t take Zero anything more than an hour’s worth of work. But for the key people in this country, if their participation in Port Club’s money laundering were to become public, they won’t be able to avoid the chaos. There’s a lot of people opposing the casino right now.

S: The thing Zero prioritizes over everything is this country’s order and profit. So, for them, all this noise is a good cover. They must be dealing with their real objective behind-the-scenes while the world is getting their teeth into this news right now.


S: That reminds me, Sairenji is about to be arrested, right? And the treatment for the girl’s drug addiction is about to properly start, right?

S: For now things are getting settled on your side then, huh. So, I wonder if this means everything’s been brought to an end?

S: Nngh! *stretches* It sort of feels like a really long game got finished. Oh, that’s wrong. I’m taking that back. There’s one thing that hasn’t ended yet.

S: Our relationship. So many things happened after we met, but we’ve only gotten started, right? So… *kisses* haha, I don’t plan on letting this end. Because I want to spend the same time with you, through good and bad.

S: Stay beside me forever in the future too?


S: We finished sooner than we thought, huh.

S: What do you want to do after this? We didn’t really plan on anything though. It’s a strange time to go for dinner, huh. Actually… those clouds are looking sinister and if we’re careless it’s going to rain— *starts raining* uwah! Right after I said it!

S: A-anyway, let’s find a shelter somewhere. *grabs hand* Hurry! Hah… haa…! There’s no convenience stores around where. Where can we— ah, anyway, let’s go there!

S: Aah, in the end we’re soaked. What bad luck.

S: Mm? Ah… this place…

S: Uh. Um, yeah, that’s right, it’s what you’d call a love hotel. So it’s a love hotel if you go down the street from that road, huh. I don’t come here so I didn’t know.

S: … Um, uh… I have a suggestion…

S: It doesn’t look like the rain’s going to stop for a while, so… why don’t we head in?

[01:48] *scene skip; opens and closes door*

S: Ooh? So this is what it’s like inside a love hotel. It’s surprisingly large.

S: … ANYWAY, why don’t we sit down?

S: … Uh, are you… a little nervous?

S: Haha. *hugs heroine* You’re pretty cute today. *kisses*

S: Open your mouth. Mmn… *presses heroine down*

S: Ngh… mm… haha, why? Even though it’s just a natural course of events, this is the sort of place to do these things. Or… do you not like me doing things like this? *heroine shakes head*

S: Huh? Shower…?

S: Haha, oh, we’ll catch a cold if we stay wet, huh. It’s not bad to go in together sometimes then!

[04:00] *scene skip; shower door opens*

S: Woah, it’s huge. So, how long are you planning on standing there? You’ll catch a cold.

S: Haha, we’ve had sex so many times up to now, so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about at this point, right? Come on, hurry up.

S: Haha, you need to take off your bath towel too, or you won’t be able to take a shower. Hehe, OK, confiscated! *yanks towel* Haha, we’re good with this. *turns on shower*

S: Here, it’s warm. Haha.

S: Aah, feels good, doesn’t it? Oh, that’s right, I should rinse in the shower before using the bath, right? Let’s see, where’s the body soap… ah, there! Huh? This isn’t right. Shower gel…? Sometimes there’s a difference between shower gel and body soap, right? I never know what’s the right way to use them. Hm.

S: *pumps gel* But since we’re here, I actually… *approaches heroine* end up wanting to use it like this. Haha, look, it’s all slippery and naughty feeling. We’re here already, so why don’t we use lots? Like lotion. *pumps gel* Hmm, mm, I’ll put a lot around your chest.

S: Haha, my hand slides easily and it feels good, right? Your nipples are standing straight up. Here, I’ll roll them around and play with them lots. Nngh…

S: Haha, a cute voice came out. Your moans are echoing since we’re in the bathroom. Haha, is it embarrassing? Then I’ll help cover it up a bit. Mm… *kisses*


S: Hey, is it enough to just be touching your breasts? Haha, your face is giving everything away. You’ve been rubbing your legs together since earlier. The place you really want me to touch is… here, I think? Haha, it’s slippery even though I didn’t use any shower gel here. It’s more than slippery enough like this, but… since I have the chance… *pumps gel* Let’s make it even slippier, yeah?

S: Here we go. It feels good, doesn’t it? I’ll rub it lots.

S: Haha, mm… It’s not enough to just stroke it, huh. I need to be more thorough with the finer parts. Like this, carefully from the folds… ngh… *kisses* Haha, that’s a loud noise. Hey, is this sound really from the shower gel?

S: Haha, oh? If you don’t know then we have to make certain. Nngh… Oh! My finger sunk in deep easily, look. Ngh… mm… Haha, there’s a lot of hot stuff coming from deep inside. This sound is also yours, right? Squelching and wet. But, on the outside here, I wonder if it’s the shower gel.

S: Ah, but we can’t tell anymore, can we? Because I’m sure it’s all mixed. But also, either way, you’re really wet and it looks like you feel good.

S: Hey, your breathing is ragged. Does it feel good when I’m touching both your inside and these swollen folds?

S: *whispers* Then I’ll make you come like this, OK? Ngh… hah…


S: Raise your head please. Show me your cute, naughty face. Haha, your face is bright red. So adorable. *kisses* Mm…

S: Hm? Mgh, you’re going to come? Go ahead. *kisses*

S: Yep, please come hard. Nngh… mm… *kisses; heroine orgasms* Oh! Haha, you’re squeezing down on my finger.

S: Now, for the end… *grabs shower* Let’s clean up what we dirtied.

S: Here, the force is different from the shower at my place, right? It washes away the shower gel and your naughty slick in an instant— ah! Haha, oh? Your shoulders are shaking. What’s wrong? *increases shower* Ah, oops, my hand slipped.

S: Mm, haha, you came again, didn’t you? *turns off shower; catches heroine* Woah!

S: Haha, you can’t stand on your own legs anymore? I teased you a little too hard, huh. Up we go! *carries heroine* Let’s use the bath.

S: It’s fine, lean your back against me like that. Aah… it’s hot and feels good. Large baths are great, huh. We can stretch out our legs with room to spare even though we’re both inside.

S: Hm? What’s wrong?

S: Haha, I knew I’d get caught. But that’s for certain, since it’s been pressing against your butt. Mm, haha, it’s because I saw you being so sexy. Look, it’s really hard, isn’t it? Nngh… ah…

S: Mgh, haha, being touched in hot water feels a bit different from usual— ngh! Haa… hah… wait, moving like that is a bit bad. It feels too good— ngh! Ah! Hagh… haa…!


S: Nrgh, hey, can you look my way? No, not like that, turn your body this way.

S: Mmgh, haha, I knew it, you’re wet again too.

S: Haa… hah… if we do it like this, I wonder if water will get in? Ngh! Hagh… ah… This is intense. I’m not wearing a condom so I can feel you directly. I feel like I’m going to come from just this. Nngh, ah…! Hah…!

S: I can’t think, it feels so good. All the bumps and creases in your folds, I can feel it rubbing right against me. It feels way too good, ah… hah…!

S: Are you hot? Me too. I feel like all the blood’s rushing to my head, but I want to stay like this even if I get dizzy. Because you’re wrapped around me so tightly. It’s unbearably good. Hey, kisses. Let’s kiss a lot. Mmgh, ngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

S: Nevermind, I can’t…! *stops* Hold on. Hah… sorry, at this rate, I really won’t be able to hold back on anything. Let’s go to bed. *gets out of bath*

*scene skip; presses heroine down; kisses*

S: Haah… hagh…! Ngh…! *grabs condom*

S: Spread your legs. Hah… sorry, I might be a little rough. Nngh! Ggh!

S: Hah… haa… maybe because we stopped halfway earlier, but you’re squeezing me so much. Amazing. It’s like you’re telling me not to stop. Whenever I try to pull out, your entrance becomes so tight. Mgh… haha, I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep cool without a condom, but like this there’s not much difference with me having one on. I’m going to come right away. Haa… hah…!

S: Hey, mgh, you don’t have to keep your voice down. If we’re here, it doesn’t matter how loud you are because the neighbors won’t hear. I want to hear lots of your moans. Come on. More…! Nngh… haha, that was a nice one. Because I thrust deep into you? *heroine nods*

S: Then… I’ll bring up your legs like this. Then I’ll be able to thrust deeply into you like this. Rrgh… ngh…!


S: Haha, your face is red again. Are you making sure to breathe? Nngh! Haha, looks like you don’t have the time to think about that. You’ll suffocate like this, so how about I make it feel good now? For the both of us. Hagh… haa…!

S: Look, this spot is good, right? The place where my tip is rubbing and striking. Ggh! Ah, you’re super tight again. Nngh!

S: Hah… haa… me too…! Mrgh…! *he orgasms; heroine squirts*

S: Haah… hah…

S: WAH! *falls off bed* A-are you OK? *heroine nods* Hah… hahah! Hahahah! I’m glad the carpet is soft too and not just the bed, haha.

S: Ah, but the bed’s soaking wet now, huh. From you.

S: Haha, you don’t have to worry about that. Because this is the sort of place for these things. *hugs heroine*

S: Haa… I wonder what time it is now.

S: Then we still have 30 minutes to relax around. Why don’t we head out after a nap? I’m hungry and it’s about time for the rain to stop.

S: Still, although I said this was a natural course of events… it’s not so bad occasionally, right? Coming to a place like this. It’s fresh… and a bit exciting. *heroine nods* Haha. Then let’s come again some time soon.

S: Ah, but… next time let’s have a long stay, instead of a short one. Haha. *kisses*

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: Side Rouge ―Case of Senna― ***

Note: This is a bad end branching from Track 7.

*heroine parks; dials phone*

S: Hello?

S: Don’t worry, I was thinking about giving you a call once I got home too.

S: I went out for a bit, but I’m almost home.

S: Haha, oh, what, we’re both close to each other, huh. Why don’t we talk at my place then? I want to see you too. I think you’ll get there earlier, so please go in first. You have the spare key, right?

S: Until later then.

*heroine ends call; drives car; scene skip*

*door opens; Senna returns*

S: I’m home! *takes off shoes*

S: Sorry for being so late. I realized I didn’t have drinks or anything so I went to the convenience store and— *opens door; gun cocks* Ggh! What’s… the meaning of this? Who are you guys?

S: Data…? I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Don’t you have the wrong person? Hey, put down that dangerous thing and please let her go. *vials are brought out*

S: That’s… Second Barrel and Strategy? No…! Stop it, please stop it! Ah…! *they make heroine drink*

S: … If I don’t hand over the data, are you guys planning on raping her? In front of me…

S: Ggh! I get it, I understand! I don’t need this data! *throws USB*

S: Please let her go! *he catches heroine; they leave*


S: Grgh, I’m sorry. Because of me…

S: There’s no way you’re OK. I know what sort of thing Second Barrel is. If you drink it once, it’s impossible to go back. In addition, you’ve drank Rouge et Noir once before. I made you drink it. So… at this rate…

S: Ah! This… They forgot this. Hah… haha, I guess it’s the silver lining of a dark cloud. There’s no Strategy but, at least, you won’t be the only one suffering. *opens vial; heroine stops him*

S: Ggh, don’t stop me! *drinks vial*

S: Haa… hagh…! Haha… Side Rouge, the aphrodisiac effect. Ngh, the same as you. I might have used up my luck with this. Nrgh…! *kisses*

S: Like you’d expect, it’s crazily different from the Rouge et Noir before. In an instant, my body’s hot like I’m going to burn up. Hgh… don’t make that face. You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s all my fault. It’s because I got you involved. *heroine protests*

S: No, it’s alright. Because you’re the one who pulled me up from the cliff’s edge. So, hagh… if you’re going to fall, then at least I can go together with you. That’s the only thing I can do now. Hagh… let’s fall together. Ngh, mrgh! *kisses*

S: Your body is burning too, isn’t it? Second Barrel’s poison is running through your body already. Hagh, hurry… I need to hurry and set you free.

S: Nrgh, agh… mgh…! This place is the hottest, right? I’ll give you relief. Look, you’re already dripping wet. It must hurt, right? Haa… hah… ngh…


S: I wonder if fingers alone aren’t enough? Haa… hah… ah, this smell drops right into the back of my head and makes me feel like I’m going to go crazy. Also, it’s terrible, you’re even wetter in this second. Mmgh… ngh…! *gives oral*

S: Don’t struggle. You’ll feel good soon. Ngh, mm…! *heroine orgasms*

S: Look, I said soon, right? But it won’t go away with this, huh. Haha, I know. Because I was the one who taught you the taste of this drug for the first time. That… should have been the first and last time.

S: Ggh, hah… haah… right now, you know, I’m feeling so complicated. I feel guilt and regret, but after seeing you in heat like this… I’m aching so bad down there. Hagh… haa…! Ngh! I’m sorry! I’m at my limit! *removes pants*

S: Haa… hah… I’m putting it in. Ngh… agh…! What is this? Were you this tight down here? Ngh, shit, I’m not going to last at all. Ungh… agh…! *thrusting* You too…? Sure, come. I won’t be able to last long either. Aah… hah…!

S: It’s coming…! I’m coming already…! *he orgasms* Gugh…!

S: *kisses* Haa… hah… it’s still not enough, right? Me too. Ngh… hah…! *thrusting*

S: Hagh… agh… I can’t… I’m boiling…! It’s hot, so hot, my head’s spinning… ngh… mngh! *kisses; thrusting*

S: It’s weird. Doing this should feel good with you, but it doesn’t feel good at all. It feels good, but it hurts. Hgh… I’m sorry, I’m sorry… you’re in so much pain, right? A pain that won’t disappear, right? You’re in pain that things turned out like this, right? Ngh… mgh…!


S: Agh, I’m coming…! Ungh! *heroine orgasms*

S: Haa… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting* Ngh…! *he orgasms*

S: Hah… haa… spread your legs more. I’ll fill you up from as deep as I can. Rrgh…! Ngh! Ah, you’re so tight…! It’s like you get tighter every time you come… hagh…!

S: Hahah…! It’s strange how much it should hurt with my heart pounding like this, but I’m slowly losing feeling of everything. Ngh… hahah… no, that’s wrong, the only thing I can’t feel is pain… Right now, I’m feeling so unbearably good, the core of my mind feels like it’s being electrified. I wonder if this is what they call ecstasy?

S: Grgh…! Haa… it feels good… so good…

S: I also hear a voice coming from somewhere. Saying that this is good. That this is my happiness. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Since things became like this. You see, I’ve always been scared. As a narcotics cop, you’re steadily growing, but I’m stopped in the same place forever and it’s like you’re going into the distance. Whenever I think that one day you might disappear from beside me, I get scared and lonely.

S: But… but, you see, if we both go crazy from this drug, then I won’t have to worry about that anymore, right? Even if I forget everything and become a mess, you’ll always be with me. I think about how that in and of itself is happiness… hahaha…


S: It’s terrible. I’m the lowest and worst sort of human. But, this awful and worst person thinking that, even still, this is okay, is definitely a part of me. You’re probably looking down on me, right? *heroine shakes head*

S: … You’ll… accept me? *heroine nods*

S: Really?

S: … Hah… haha… hahahah! HAHAHAH! HAHAHAHAH! Ngh! Hahaha, then I don’t have anything more to worry about. We’ll be together forever, until death. Ngh… mgh…! *kisses; thrusting*

S: Haa… hah… it feels good, so good… hah…!

S: Ah, I was an idiot. I should have done this sooner. Because you fell down so easily like this to the same place as me. Into the pitch darkness that I used to be alone in. Haha, hey, now that I’m like this, I finally understand. I wasn’t just scared, I actually wanted to dirty you. *kisses; thrusting* Because, ngh, you’re strong and kind and pure.

S: You were too bright for me, so I wanted to dirty you, make you fall, break you, and turn you into a sopping mess. Those were my true feelings! Haha… thank you for noticing. Haah… ngh…! *kisses; thrusting* Because, once you’re tattered like that, then surely no one would try to touch you, right?

S: Ngh, hah… then no one would take you. I’d be the only one touching you. I’d be able to make you mine alone. Hahaha…! Hahah! Isn’t that the best!? It’s like I’m dreaming. Yes, this was my true wish! Grgh, ngh…! Hagh…!

S: Feels good. Hey, clench down on me more! Don’t let me go. I won’t let you go either! Haa… hagh… yes, that’s right, it’s OK. I’ll fucks you tens, no, dozens of times and make you come, hah… agh…! Look, I’m coming…! I’m giving it to you inside…! Ungh…! *he orgasms*


S: Haa… more. I haven’t had enough of you wholly. Ngh… mrgh…!

S: More…! Deeper…! Nngh…!

S: Hey, look at me, look only at me. *kisses; thrusting* Nngh… mgh…!

S: Again… I’m coming again…! Hagh…! It feels good…!

S: I can’t… I’m coming…! Ngh! *he orgasms; falls down*

S: Haah… haa… Hey, I know it’s weird to say this right now, but, you see… I’m feeling really emotional. *kisses* Hah… haa… I love you. I adore you. I love you to death. So, don’t go anywhere. Stay as you are for me. Please… *heroine nods*

S: Haha… I love you.

Note1: Reminder that “comodin” is Spanish for “Joker”, which just so happens to be Senna’s representative card.

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    Nayra said:
    May 28, 2020 at 14:37

    I heard that there is another CD from this series, but I don’t know if it’s true … Can you tell me about it? Since you’re a bigger fan of this series than me.

    The name is Rouge et Noir Nyan In The Box.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 28, 2020 at 16:20

      That was an April Fool’s joke :P

    Viva said:
    April 18, 2020 at 19:31

    Ahh I’m kinda sad this series is over, I really hope for a sequel to Jacks or Better.
    Also someone inform me on this Rouge et Noir Army thing because I feel like I’m missing out on the joke 😭

      Ilinox responded:
      April 18, 2020 at 21:41

      M-maybe they’ll give us a third season. I certainly wasn’t expecting a second season to be announced way back then, so we still have hope! But, as for now, we can look forward to VR Arlen, haha.

      Rouge et Noir Army was their April Fools joke and they set up a site and everything showing off all the RN guys in army uniforms. But the site is taken down now that April Fools is over ;;;; I’m not sure if anyone saved the pictures.

    Viki said:
    April 2, 2020 at 05:08

    > <
    And….. Rouge Et Noir Army hgfjdshfbsdhjbdskdj you saw it, right? I almost got a heart attack and I started crying lol
    But It's sad that it was only joke for 1 April T_T

      Ilinox responded:
      April 2, 2020 at 16:56

      You’re very welcome <3 it's all thanks to the commissioner too, otherwise I would have taken forever to get around to this LOL.

      I DID SEE IT! Cruel joke from Mikado, haha, although she admitted she wanted to do something like that too. We can only hope Rouge et Noir continues to remain extremely popular so we can get more things. There's still VR Arlen to look forward to :'))!!

        Viki said:
        April 6, 2020 at 13:56

        yeah > <
        when VR Arlen will be out I will definitely buy it

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