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Big thank you to Mirai for commissioning the rest of this volume! Following my post about cast comments, this time it’s the short stories that come in the CD booklet. Last post is going to be about the tokuten short stories which come from pre-ordering the CD.

Here we go!

CD Booklet Short Stories

Shouma: “……”

Taishi: “What’s wrong, Shouma? It’s rare for you to be dejected. Did you get a STD?”

Seiji: “Yeah, it’s pretty rare. Even though his fake cheeriness isn’t his good point.”

Shouma: “Aren’t you two treating me too harshly?”

Seiji: “It’s because you did something shitty in the past. So, what happened?”

Shouma: “I heard about the past from the madam of the Saijou family. She said she’d only tell me.”

Seiji: “Right, come to think of it, didn’t they say they’d lecture us in turns?”

Taishi: “Why did she only tell you, Shouma? It seemed like she was angriest at you.”

Shouma: “Umm… she told me ‘The way you monopolize her is the most dangerous. So, I want you to know just how many miracles that child was born from’.”

Seiji: “It’s true Shouma would probably try to disappear somewhere with her right away.”

Taishi: “He did suddenly assault a maiden in a forest.”

Shouma: “I won’t disappear anymore. She’s a sun born from the light and I can’t erase that.”

Seiji: “I don’t get what you mean, but the madam sure is amazing to make Shouma reflect on himself like this.”

Taishi: “I wonder if it’ll always be a secret to us?… Hey, Shouma, won’t you tell us in secret later?”

Shouma: “… I think it’s best you don’t ask. You won’t be able to look at Touji’s eyes after…”


Seiji: “Haah…”

Taishi: “Oh, what, is it Seiji’s turn to be dejected today?”

Shouma: “Ah, I know. Last night was Seiji’s turn, so he was rejected by her because his dick was too big and couldn’t go in, right? If you want, it’s my turn tonight so how about we go together? I think you’ll learn a lot.”

Seiji: “Sometimes you have a dirty mouth even though you come from a distinguished family, huh. But, anyway, I don’t need that sort of concern.”

Shouma: “Then why are you so down?”

Seiji: “I got slapped by my mom… She said ‘You don’t have to resemble him there too’ and she was really angry…”

Shouma: “Ahaha, what, it was just that? I was beaten to a pulp without a word by my dad.”

Taishi: “That’s the degree of what we did. It’s a natural punishment… Incidentally, Seiji, when she said resemblance did she mean Makoto? I can’t imagine that sort of perfect person committing a mistake…”

Seiji: “How should I say this… my dad is full of mistakes when it comes to love, or rather he can’t do anything but make mistakes… Anyway, I thought he’d be a good example of what not to do. Except… haah, before I realized it, I’m the same. I’m starting to think you can’t go against your blood.”

Taishi: “Do you regret it, Seiji?”

Seiji: “If I was to use my dad’s words then ‘I’m sorry for hurting her, but I don’t regret it’ or that sort of feeling.”

Shouma: “Haha, I wonder if this is what they call repeating history? And even our kids would choose the same path.”

Taishi: “If the three of us and our fathers are here then I believe someone would stop them.”

Seiji: “Those fathers are all rapists though.”


Seiji: “You know… up to now, I’ve always thought Kazuma was like a saint.”

Shouma: “Aah, mm. My dad’s a good person. Until you touch his nerve though.”

Taishi: “In other words, the fact that you were struck several days ago was because you touched his nerve?”

Shouma: “It’s because my dad can’t forgive cowardly acts. His opinions don’t match mine.”

Taishi: “Really? From my analysis, you two are quite similar though.”

Shouma: “Haha, where?”

Taishi: “The trait of attachment to your partner… No, perhaps I should say the depth of what’s contained inside…”

Shouma: “What’s that mean?”

Taishi: “Kazuma, whenever another man gets close to his wife, will smile sometimes but his eyes won’t be smiling. Occasionally, the emotions shown outside and what are concealed inside are the opposite. That side is similar to you.”

Shouma: “I wonder. I don’t think we’re the same.”

Seiji: “Oh, look, she’s talking with a guy.”

Shouma: “Hehe, there’s no helping how popular she is. Come on, everyone, why don’t we go over? We need to hurry up and mark her again.”

Seiji & Taishi: (Like father, like son.)


Seiji: “The most decent of all our fathers is Yamato, huh.”

Shouma: “I think so too.”

Taishi: “I don’t know whether or not you can call him decent… Presently, he looks like an intellectual but there are rumors that he used to be a delinquent.”

Seiji: “For Yamato to be a delinquent, haha, that’s hilarious to imagine.”

Taishi: “Moreover, it didn’t seem to be a laughable level of delinquency. Some time ago, a person who knew my father in the past came to deliver shipments and, upon seeing my father, he shouted ‘Please don’t kill me’ and ran away.”

Seiji: “What did Yamato do in the past…?”

Taishi: “He must have done something that would make someone want to run away even if they were seriously injured. According to my grandfather, that man nearly assaulted my mother on a beach in the past.”

Shouma: “And, what happened to that person?”

Taishi: “My father kindly warned him and brought back my mother. Afterwards, my father whispered something in his ears and he fainted though.”

Seiji & Shouma: (I wonder what was said…)

4 thoughts on “Rinkan Gakkou ~ Aiyoku no Hibi: CD Booklet ~

    MIRAI-Me said:
    April 6, 2020 at 20:11

    Thank you so much again for your hard work for these transalations!
    Its really interesting to see the boys talk about their dads, realizing that they do resemble them in some ways, damn, Seiji refering Makoto as a good role model on what not to do in love…
    It is even more interesting that Touji’s heroine told Shouma her past to show how much of a miracle the birth of her granddaughter is.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 6, 2020 at 22:57

      You’re welcome and thank you for the commission <3! For the longest time, I really thought Shouma resembled more of the Saijou family than he did his own father, but after hearing Taishi analyze them like that… I can see it LOL. Shouma just has like double the darkness Kazuma keeps inside him and no morals to keep it inside.

      I was surprised too, but I also see her point and still think that Shouma is more Saijou than Kuse LOL. He has the cunning and the ambition to do things like how Touji would do them.

    Kborenai said:
    April 4, 2020 at 20:14

    “Did you get an STD?” – freaking hell, I laughed way too hard

      Ilinox responded:
      April 5, 2020 at 16:08

      THEY REALLY DO TREAT SHOUMA PRETTY BADLY LOL. It’s canon he’s a horndog lmao especially when you look at the tokuten short story.

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