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Outdoors Gangbang School ~ Days of Passion ~

Big thank you to Mirai for commissioning the rest of this volume! Following my post about cast comments and short stories in the CD booklet, this is the last post with a tokuten short story from pre-ordering the CD. R18 warning.

Here we go!

Shouma’s POV – Transparent Collars

“Why don’t we try something different from usual?”

Kuse Shouma said it in a light tone as if he was going on a stroll. He was holding three metal circles in his hand and they could be seen to be separated into gold, silver, and copper from their reflection of the light. The circles were connected to long chains which swayed questionably in the indirect lighting of the night.

“What is that?”

It was Seiji, who was the leader of everyone, that pressed him about this with a grim face.

Taishi protected their beloved behind his back and glared at Shouma.

Shouma couldn’t see her reaction because of Taishi, but he heard her hold her breath.

He found the serious reactions of the three of them to be hilarious and got even more excited. He played with the chains with his fingertips.

“We’ve already gotten used to doing it with four people, right? So, I was thinking this sort of excitement is needed sometimes.”


All three of them have been her husbands for a few months now. In the beginning, even she herself seemed to be at a loss with her choice, but now everyone accepted this as if it was normal. From the start, they were always together as childhood friends and so getting used to an outrageous relationship like “three husbands” was also quick.

Following them getting used to their relationship, their rules also changed a little. If everyone was willing then it wasn’t just one-on-one but all three of them would make love to her. Of course, each person had strong feeling of wanting to monopolize her and so, at most, it was once a week.

That being said, as the number of times they did this increased they became used to playing with multiple people.

Now that it was like this Shouma, who had done all sorts of activities, wanted to try the next step. Eventually, he wanted to awaken her back hole and have her entered from the front and back at the same time— these were things he secretly plotted.

The chains today were a prologue. His objective was to gradually familiarize everyone with exciting acts.


Taishi, the person who played the conscience role and seemed most likely to block Shouma’s objective, crossed his arms and furrowed his brows hard. It was a stance that said he would never accept this.

“We love each other, so those props aren’t necessary.”

“You’re too innocent, Taishi. If you keep eating the same sweets, you’ll end up wanting to eat different sweets, right? Are you still OK with that?”


Normally Taishi wouldn’t be fazed, but it was different this day. After all, a few days ago, at her saying she “liked” some sweets he bought more than she could possibly eat until she was fed up with them. Although one might say she was fed up, she gave the reserved expression of “I’ll get fat, so I think I’m good on these for a while…” but it seemed to be quite a shock for Taishi. He was depressed for some time, saying that he committed a mistake.

It was probably because he had this experience that Taishi felt like listening. He nodded docilely and spoke in a solemn manner with a hand on his chin.

“I see, there is some reason to your words, Shouma. I don’t believe she would cheat, but it’s certainly possible adrenaline would be reduced due to growing accustomed to things.”

At this point, Shouma just had to convince Seiji.

He asked this with a large grin to create a fun atmosphere.


“I… don’t care if she says it’s alright.”

Actually, he expected that Seiji wouldn’t refuse this.

Seiji, who played the role of an older brother, would basically go on the spectator side when the two others, in the younger brother roles, grew excited. He only stopped them when he became worried.

Then, when the opinions of the three of them were collected, the final decision was left to her.

“Hey, what do you think?”

Everyone’s eyes gathered on her when Shouma asked and her eyes wandered around as if she was flustered.

“Umm… I think things right now are more than exciting enough… but…”

She cut off her words halfway and raised her head with a sudden sharp expression.

“Grandpa said that ‘Many things need to be tried out in order to build a good husband relationship’, so I think… I want to try it.”

That she could smoothly decide on a choice that wouldn’t be possible with any normal young lady was probably because she was Saijou Touji’s grandchild. Her decisiveness was overwhelming for a girl. She was like that when she said “Everyone will be my husbands”, but even for other choices she made interesting decisions based on her own beliefs.

Every time he was shown those curve balls, Shouma was attracted more and more to her and wanted to try many things.

“I knew you’d say that. If that’s decided, then let’s get started.”

Shouma’s large grin softened and, with a cheerful smile, he handed the collars to her. Then he retreated immediately to let her pick the colors.

As a result, Seiji had the copper one, Taishi had the silver one, and Shouma had the gold one.

The color revived memories of the past and his heart became hot, but she just had a bright red face and so it was probably just a coincidence.

She put the collars on them one by one while looking embarrassed.

And then, the instant Shouma had the collar put on him too, a soft and hard-to-describe sense of happiness welled up in his heart. He cocked his head a little at the unexpected change in his mind. In the past, although he had put collars on his partners he hadn’t had one put on him, and so Shouma had thought he wouldn’t be excited. Yet, just thinking about it being put on by her made him feel a strange sense of exultation. Through the visual sight of the chain, he felt like they were connected on a mental level.

(I don’t feel like I’m a masochist, but maybe I have the makings of one.)

This was what he thought but when he imagined someone apart from her collaring him he got irritated. Meaning, he would probably go around to being a masochist only because it was her.

He wondered what the other two were like and checked sideways with just his eyes.

“Hagh… um, what is this… The room’s hot.”

This place was always kept at the optimal room temperature, and so what was hot was probably Taishi himself. Shouma didn’t need to look closely to see that Taishi’s cheeks were red and his breathing was a little rough.

He looked down, having somewhat guessed this, and the front of Taishi’s bathrobe was bulging… Collars seem to fit him well.

Shouma smiled wryly at his childhood friend’s hidden fetish and then looked to his other side.

Seiji also didn’t seem to be discontent as he would have others believe, but his reaction was different from Taishi’s masochism. It was like he was a beast who remembered his true nature upon being chained. However, even if he was a beast he wasn’t a stupid beast. He was a cunning and savage one. One that licked his lips while thinking about how to get good food from his master.

Shouma turned his gaze forward when it looked like he would meet with those glittering eyes. Regrettably, Shouma wasn’t too good with a Seiji who realized his true nature. It wasn’t that he hated Seiji, and even now he still thought of him as an older brother, but something had definitely changed from before.

(I guess I think somewhere in my mind that I probably won’t win.)

Seiji lost to his desire because they were at the outdoors school but, except for that time, he was always calm and felt magnanimous.

This was why, since they were young, there were times where she also relied on Seiji. It happened especially after they all married.

For a long time, he secretly hated this wall he could never cross. He loved Seiji and he was also envious of him.

Even when they were connected by the same chain, he and Seiji were different.

(Aa-ah, here I am suffering from my own inferiority complex again.)

Shouma spoke a lot but it was to hide the darkness in his heart which flickered out on his face. If he didn’t act like a clown for 24 hours then a faint madness would seep out.

That’s why, this time too, Shouma knelt down in a buffoonish manner and pleaded in an exaggerated tone.

“Now, our lovely queen. Move us as you wish.”

The girl, who he entreated, didn’t seem to have immersed herself in this play yet and her gaze wandered around with a red face.

Shouma stimulated her desire to play and competitive spirit with a sweet devilish voice.

“Whether or not this play is fun rests on you… But, well, I guess there’s no helping it. You have your hands full just trying to handle three husbands, huh.”


Her competitive spirit was strong since she was young. She had a noble and considerate personality, but whenever she was provoked in a match she ended up becoming serious.

And then, like always, things proceeded just as Shouma planned.

—She adjusted her hold on the chains and showed a smirk.

“… That’s not true.”

Once her switch was flipped, she became determined. That was the sort of person she was.

In a way that made one wonder where her earlier lost state went, she lightly tugged the copper chain… Seiji over and pulled him to her.

She held Seiji’s cheeks and their faces drew close together naturally before they began to kiss in a way that swallowed each other’s breaths.

“Haa, Seiji…”


In this obscene atmosphere, there was an instant of a rough current. Its identity was most certainly jealousy.

The one she chose first was Seiji— just that point gave Taishi and Shouma a jealousy they wouldn’t express.

Shouma heard the faint sound of Taishi grinding his molars and chuckled deep in his throat. He even thought this honest Taishi was cute.

Unlike Taishi, Shouma was a contrary person. In addition, he also learned how to seriously enjoy acting the clown. He could liven up any situation, regardless of what he was feeling inside.

“You’re good at making people wait. Taishi here is trembling with anticipation.”

When he urged her next action, she gently pulled on the chain.

Taishi’s face glowed in an instant and he went over, obedient to a worrying extent.

Shouma was about to rub his eyes, feeling like he saw a tail on Taishi’s butt, when…

“Shouma, you too.”

She seemed to have gotten into the mood and beckoned Shouma over with a bewitching look. The moment he was trapped in those eyes, which seemed to suck him in, Shouma felt a shiver run down his spine.

Recently, because she was pampered by the three men alternately, her sex appeal was staggering. Although she was still a young girl who could pull off a school uniform, she began to have an alluring fragrance around her.

Swallowing instinctively, Shouma approached her in a dreamy state.

During that time, she laid down on the bed and affectionately pulled at the chains connected to the three of them.

A perverse clanging sound resounded.

Seiji continued to kiss her, being gently pulled over. Taishi reached out to her soft breasts and Shouma was led between her smooth thighs.

The placement of the right person in the right place revealed her desires slipping in and out of view and this excited Shouma as well.

Her skin became damp with sweat as she was caressed by the three’s hands.

“Fgh, ah… mm.”

Her panting lips were sweetly sucked on by Seiji as her breasts were rubbed in a slow and fast movement by Taishi.

Those sights entered the edge of Shouma’s vision as he brought his face to her folds.

Her bud, which was already swollen, was pliable and when he prodded at it with his tongue blood rushed to it and it became harder.

Happy at her sensitive reaction, he sucked on it loudly and her hips jerked.

“Ngh! Nn, mm…”

Her body, which was used to drowning in pleasure, seemed to seep love juices from her vagina in a hurry as if preparing immediately to welcome a man.

He scooped it up with a finger and then gently pressed his finger inside.

He only caressed a shallow part but her vagina squeezed down like it was trying to invite Shouma’s finger deeper.

“Haah, mgh… I don’t want it to just be me…”

Released from a kiss, she stared at the nearby Seiji with pleading eyes.

Seiji growled and gave a single nod, having guessed what she was desiring without being told. He quickly removed his pants and revealed his penis, which was much larger than the other two, in front of her eyes.

She stared it spellbound and then, opening her small mouth as wide as she could, she swallowed the tip. She also didn’t forget to gently place her hand against it and trace its sensitive underside.

“Ggh, you’ve gotten good.”

“Mmphank to empheryone.”

She smiled happily while swallowing down Seiji’s member. The three men groaned at the gap between this lewd action and her angelic smile. It was probably at a level where Seiji, who was being given head, could have ejaculated instantly.

Meanwhile, as Seiji panted with heaving shoulders, she reached over to Taishi’s length on her left side.

It was fairly difficult to give a hand job to another man while giving head.

However, after doing it many times, she seemed to have gotten completely used to it and her fingertips easily found Taishi’s sensitive spots.

“Ugh, I’m fine, so you should concentrate on making yourself feel good…”

At Taishi’s reservation, she released Seiji’s member for a moment and gave a small shake of her head. Then, while licking the glans of Seiji’s penis, she quickened the movements of her hand gripping Taishi’s length.

The head of Taishi’s penis swelled and it pulsed in her hand.

“Mmph, phwah… If everyone isn’t feeling good then we aren’t in a married life.”

“Even if you say that, hagh, haa… I’m more sensitive than everyone, so when you stimulate me…”

“Ngh, mph… haah, Taishi, you recover quick so it’ll be OK.”

Seeing her show concern for Taishi, Shouma was deeply moved and thought “She’s really improved”. But, at the same time, he wanted to remove her composure by the roots and sucked on her strongly.

“Hieh! Aa, Shouma, ah.”

The instant she called out his name in that sweet, melted voice, Shouma’s penis swelled and shook.

When he removed his tight pants, his dick threw its head back as if showing off its youth, and it struck his abdomen.

She moved her hips, wanting it in soon, and her eyes narrowed eagerly, damp with desire.


“Got it. I’ll be first today then.”

Begged by her gaze, he spread her legs wide.

Her mouth loosened into a smile, learning that her wish was to be granted. Once again she swallowed Seiji’s member with a look of pleasure. Her hand job also resumed and the tip of Taishi’s penis started to leak pre-cum.

Shouma watched that terribly lewd scenery with ecstasy. He thought that perhaps she was the only person who could make him feel so much love while being fucked by multiple men.

It was as if he was the one being made love to— Feeling such an odd sensation, Shouma pushed his hips forward.

His tip was swallowed stickily with a squelching sound. His body and soul were also pulled along with the sucking of her folds and he nearly came. Even though he should be experienced, because of his feelings for her he always had a hard time suppressing his urges.

“Kugh, hah, haa, haah… I’m going to move.”

He buried himself all the way to his hilt and this time it was the entrance to her womb which sucked at him. Feeling like he was about to lose to the suction, which seemed to beg for his sperm, Shouma bit his lip.

“Ngh, gugh… For some reason, it feels really good today… I wonder why…? You’re really rubbing against me… ngh!”

He tried asking but Seiji and Taishi were all absorbed in their own pleasure and didn’t hear him.

It was only her who wrapped the chain laid on the bed around her ankle with mischievously glittering eyes.

That hard sound was surrounded by the slapping sound of water and it became an obscene and beautiful noise.

—Shouma’s throat burned when it was pointed out that it was due to the collars. He fell into an illusion that even his throat, which was collared, was caressed and a sweet tingle ran through his entire body.

He couldn’t endure it any longer. Holding up her thighs, he slammed his tip into her as if trying to scrape at her deep inside.

Loud wet, squelching noises resounded in short intervals and, every time it sounded, her legs would twitch.

Her flexible back arched more and more and her vagina squeezed Shouma’s length with pressure.

“Gugh, agh…!”

His sight blurred from the intense pleasure. He panted pathetically like a man who wasn’t used to this and continued to move his hips back and forth.

The moment the last second was descending on him, her whole body stiffened again, and shook greatly.

“Aah, sh… it! I’m cumming…! Aah, ah, crap! I’m cumming…! I’m sorry for being so quick!”

“Haa, hah, don’t worry, Shouma. Me too, I’m gonna… come! I’m gonna come in your mouth!”

“Aagh, same…! Her hand, ngh, feels too good…! Hagh, I’m releasing!”

Hearing the three’s declaration, her face went slack with pleasure. Her eyes urged everyone to cum and her hand sped up.

“Gngh, ah! I’m coming…! I’m going to give you lots of what I’ve saved up, alright? Ah, agh, take this… two day’s worth of thick sperm… mgh! Ngh…!”

“Mmgh! Nnmgh—!!”

When she climaxed, while giving head, the other two pretty much released their desires at the same time.

White liquid splattered out, inside her mouth, and dripped onto her chest.

“Hah… ah, hah, haa, haah… I’m happy everyone came… Everyone, I love you…”

Because of the intense orgasm, then chain around her ankle loosened and fell down beneath the bed.

The men looked towards the clattering sound with dazed looks. It was precisely because their minds were blank after climaxing that this desire— the wish for their chain to be the first to be picked up seeped into their eyes.

Shouma was the first to come back to himself and he kissed the tip of her hair before suddenly laughing. He expressed everyone’s feelings in a joke.

“Was it the gold collar, the silver collar, or the copper collar that she dropped?”

She blinked slowly at this question. Then she answered in a sweet, hoarse voice while breathing raggedly after her orgasm.

“I don’t need these collars anymore. Because everyone’s connected with a better red thread.”

Smiling, she moved her hand as if manipulating three illusionary strings.

Drawn by the power of this illusion, the three men pitched forward with a feeling that it was instinctive. Even though they didn’t signal to each other, their movements were exactly in sync.

Shouma blinked multiple times and scratched the back of his head under a feeling of wanting to take off his hat to her.

“Haha, the strongest bind.”


—She had transparent collars.

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