Taiiku Kyoushi

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Yamana Makoto (山那 誠)
CV: 深川緑

Saijou Hikaru (西条 光)
CV: 三楽章

Kuse Kazuma (久世 一真)
CV: 三重奏

Physical Education Teacher

The heroine was taken into her uncle’s care, when she lost her parents in a sudden traffic accident, and enrolled in the famous private Yamana Academy for young ladies and young gentlemen.

She was terrible at sports but with the encouragement of her homeroom and PE teacher, Yamana Makoto, she gradually came to love exercising and also slowly regained her spirit.

However, she didn’t get along well with her uncle and his family and her troubles remained.

At this time, when she stayed behind in a classroom and worried alone, Yamana kindly gave her advice.

Following this conversation, she ended up helping with cleaning the PE storage room and, because she respected Yamana, she always thought about giving him her thanks and wasn’t cautious at all.

… She also couldn’t have imagined that, hours later, loud laughter would resound.

“Ahaha! I told you to give up already. Look, you see it, right? That your virgin [—] is filled with your teacher’s [—]. Aah… this feeling of it not being stretched yet… It’s irresistible.”

“Ngh, I adore you…! I love you…! I’ll take responsibility, so let’s get married! Yeah?”

—The chain of misfortune at Yamana Academy does not stop.

Huge thank you to the anonymous commissioner who is helping to plug the gaps of my Kankinkon translations, haha. R18 warning and yandere themes, dubcon, assault, etc. You can grab Dusk’s works on the ENG DLsite or the JP DLsite. Also, I decided to plug the list of all their works and everything that is not struck out is something I’ve translated. I only went up to the latest volume I translated but… this universe is still continuing.

  1. Kankinkon: Ryoujoku no Hibi (Touji)
  2. Kankinkon: Zetsubou no Hibi (Touji)
  3. Seitokai: Ryakudatsu no Hibi (Hikaru)
  4. Taiiku Kyoushi (Makoto)
  5. Seitokai: Yuuwaku no Hibi (Kazuma)
  6. Kankinkon: Amayaka na Hibi (Group)
  7. Taiikusai (Makoto)
  8. Kankinkon: 9000 DL (Touji)
  9. Kankinkon: 12000 DL (Touji)
  10. Kankinkon: Cool-B Vol.79 (Group)
  11. Hokenshitsu no Gyaku Kyouikuteki Shidou: Sensei wa Ore no Mono (Yamato)
  12. Oukatan: Shikkoku no Hibi & Oukatan: Junpaku no Hibi (Tamaki)
  13. Kankinkon Hon (Group)
  14. Kankinkon: 15000 DL Anniversary (Touji)
  15. Rinkai Gakkou: Miwaku no Hibi (Group)
  16. Houkago no Linaria (Tsubasa)
  17. Kankinkon 1st Anniversary (Touji)
  18. Kankinkon Visual Fanbook (Group)
  19. Kankinkon Halloween Radio
  20. Kankinkon 20000 DL Radio
  21. Taiiku Kyoushi: 5000 DL Anniversary (Makoto)
  22. Rinkan Gakkou: Aiyoku no Hibi (3rd Gen Kids)
  23. … and more…

Note1: Dusk sure loves their puns. So, physical education is actually 体育 (taiiku) but the title turned the second part into the katakana イク (iku) as in orgasming. My poor brain couldn’t come up with anything more witty than just italicizing the physical. I’m sorry LOL.

*** TRACK 1: The Loud Laugh Echoing in the PE Storage Room ***

*evening; crow caws*

Makoto: Hm? Is there still someone in the classroom? If you don’t hurry home— oh, it’s you? What’s wrong? It doesn’t look like you’re staying after school to study… Troubles? *heroine shakes head*

M: I shouldn’t worry about it? I can’t do that, right? I’m your homeroom teacher. *heroine shakes head*

M: Jeez, you can be stubborn at times. *sits beside heroine*

M: So? What are you troubled over? I’ll call over another teacher if it’s a delicate problem you can’t tell a man about, but if it’s not that then try talking about it. You might feel better just from talking about it, right?

M: Huh? It’ll be a bother for me? Haha, you feel bad talking to others about it because you think that. From now on, just think about it as messing with a nosy person’s curiosity. *heroine shakes head*

M: Haha, well, that might be a little extreme but you’re too serious, so it’s just perfect for you. Being too nice isn’t a benefit.

M: This being the case, I’m happy to get to know you and you’ll be able to get a load off your shoulders, yeah? Two birds with one stone, right? *heroine nods*

M: Great! Tell me everything that troubles you then.


M: Hm… mm… Mm, come to think of it, you transferred two months ago, huh. You’re commuting from your uncle’s place, right?

M: Yeah, I know about it. Your parents died in a traffic accident, didn’t they? Then, you were taken into your uncle’s house and ended up attending this school.

M: … Are you not welcome at your uncle’s place? That’s why it’s hard to head home?

M: I see.

M: … Same as me, huh. You see, I also lost my parents in a traffic accident when I was a kid. On a rainy day with bad visibilty, they were driving too fast, couldn’t make a turn, and went headlong over a cliff. I was the only one miraculously saved and my grandfather from the Yamana family — ah, in other words, this place’s principal — took me in, but my grandmother wasn’t someone who was nice to children so it was awfully uncomfortable.

M: Oh, uh, putting aside the details, I’ve gone through something like that so I can understand your feelings a little. I won’t claim I understand everything, but I think we share some points. So, from now on, don’t cry alone like that. I’ll lend you my chest whenever it gets tough.


M: Haha, no, I’m not nice at all. This is between us, but you’re the first person I’ve told all that to. I’m also showing a lot of favoritism. *heroine shakes head*

M: Hm? Oh? Other students say I’m nice as well? Haha, I’m thankful for that as a teacher. Hm? The reason I became a teacher? Uhh… this is embarrassing, but I don’t really have a reason. My grandfather told me to be a teacher and my reflexes are good, so with a feeling of “I might as well then” I became a PE teacher.

M: Haha, did you think I was a passionate teacher? Sorry to betray your expectations if that was the case. *heroine shakes head* Haha, you’re calling me a good teacher in spite of that, huh.

M: … You really are cute.

M: Mm? No, it’s not like I’m teasing you. You’re cute so I’m calling you cute. All my good students are cute. So? What do you want to do in the future?

M: Oh, a housewife? That’s an unusual goal in this day and age.

M: Haha, I see. Your mom was a good mom. My mom was gentle too, but she gave it her all when interacting with children. There’s a lot of people in the world who’ll laugh at housewives, but I don’t think that at all. Just cooking is hard enough already, but to also clean, do the laundry, and watch over the family… haha, it’s a pretty hard role.


M: I’ve been doing those things because of my grandmother’s teachings, so I can understand it a little. Yeah, despite my appearance, I know how to do all the household chores. If you’d like, I can be your teacher for that too.

M: Haha, alright, then the next lesson will be at my place.

M: Hm? Relax, I’ve moved out of the principal’s house and I’m living alone right now. No one’ll find out. Or… in your eyes, am I someone who’ll lay a hand on a student? *heroine shakes head*

M: Haha, phew. I was about to feel a bit hurt if you doubted me.

M: *quiet* You really do seem easy to trick.

M: Oh, it’s nothing. Putting aside extracurricular courses, you’re an amazing person because you’re going to enter a higher-level school for household skills in order to be a great wife, right? I respect how you have a goal. It’s a huge difference compared to me.

M: Up to now, you see, I’m just vaguely being a teacher. Oh, of course, I’m happy to see students under me graduate with smiles, but… someone like me, who has no determination or passion as a teacher, I always wonder whether it’s alright for me to be their homeroom teacher every time they thank me.


M: But, you know… the moment I lost my confidence… you said this to me. “It’s thanks to you that I’ve ended up liking exercise.”

M: … I’ve never received that sort of thanks up to now and, in that instant, for the first time I thought “Ah, I’m glad I’m a teacher”. That’s why, you’re… special. Now you can understand why you’re my favorite, right?

*crow caws*

M: Hm? Ah, it’s already this late. You should probably head home— *heroine shakes head*

M: … Oh, you said you were going to a friend’s place? Hrm, but I can’t let you stay in the classroom like this.

M: Huh? Basketball practice? Aah, haha, that reminds me, just a few days ago you took a ball to the face and got a nosebleed, huh. *heroine hits him* Haha, sorry, sorry! But your clumsiness is cute too, so it’s not a problem, right? *heroine hits him* Haha, OK, OK, I’ll forget about that nosebleed.

M: Let’s go to the gym then. I’m pretty sure no club is using it at this time, so I’ll teach you. Ah, of course, this’ll be a secret, yeah?

M: Don’t be shy. Or… should I drag someone else over? For example, the person you like… Kuse Kazuma?


M: Haha, it’s because you’re always looking in Kuse’s direction during PE class. I could tell from that. *heroine hits him* Oops, I’m not supposed to talk about love between students, huh.

M: So? What do you want to do? Do you want Kuse to do it? Or me?

M: Haha, alright, let’s go to the gym now then. Huh? How much it’ll cost?

M: … Isn’t your uncle’s place a little messed up? I’m not going to take money for something like this. Ah, if we’re talking about something in exchange though, help me out a little with cleaning the storage room. Cleanup for the recent sports day is still not done. *heroine nods*

M: Haha, thank you. You’re a good girl.

M: Huh? O-oh, sorry! I was struck with the urge to rub your head when I was looking at you… Ahem, I’ll stop myself next time.

*footsteps come*

Hikaru: I apologize for interrupting your conversation. Mr. Yamana, we’re done with student council business and so we’ll be going home now.

M: Oh, Saijou. Got it. Take care when you’re heading home.

H: In addition, I have something to discuss with this girl here. May I have her time?

M: What? Is the student council president also full of interest for the transfer student?

H: Is a teacher like you full of interest for the interactions between students?

M: Jeez, show some embarrassment like a kid. You’re not cute at all.

H: You say that, teacher, but you’re still 27 years old, aren’t you? Besides, it’s not desirable for a boy to be cute.

M: I’m saying this exact part of you isn’t cute at all. *to heroine* Haha, I’ll see you later then. *leaves*


H: It appears that Mr. Yamana is interested in you. *comes close* Nice to meet you, my name is Saijou Hikaru. I serve as the student council president here.

H: Ah, it’s natural for you not to know me. I was in America for around 2 months because of a heart operation. In other words, you entered just as I left. More importantly, wouldn’t it be better for you to take more care? You’re close to the teacher.

H: Well, it’s true that Mr. Yamana… is trusted by everyone; however, that person is still a man. *heroine shakes head*

H: … You’re full of openings. No matter how good-looking or popular someone is, that person decides for themselves whether or not they would go well together with their interest. Rather, if that sort of person were to narrow down onto one target, they would have a corresponding sense of attachment and you wouldn’t be able to escape.

H: Moreover, that person… smells the same as me.

H: Ah, it’s nothing. If you’re saying you trust him then please disregard what I said. Now then, try not to stay too late. *leaves*

[14:22] *scene skip; basketball court*

M: Ooh, haha, nice shot! I knew it, you can do it when you work hard at it.

M: Now then, we should clean up soon. It won’t look good if you don’t return home later than this.

M: Haha, you’re welcome. I had fun shooting hoops with you too. Alright… Ah, that reminds me, about that Kuse Kazuma who you admire… it sounds like he broke up with his girlfriend.

M: I shouldn’t be saying this as a teacher, but… isn’t now the time to go for him?

M: Oh? It’s enough to just look at him from a distance…? *quiet* If it was me… I’d never be able to love like that.

*opens storage room*

M: Well, let’s clean this up lickety-split and head home.

M: Umm, where should we start first? Huh? Ah, you’re right, I’ll leave that shelf to you then.

M: *cleaning* Ugh, what is this? This isn’t supposed to be here. Jeez, I gotta warn that Tanaka kid next time. Gods…

M: Huh? Oh, that tool can go over— *drops thing* WATCH OUT! *stuff falls* Ngh… hrgh…

M: Ow…! Haha, jeez… I told them so many times not to put heavy things at the top.


M: Are you OK? You aren’t hurt anywhere, are you? *heroine nods*

M: If you’re OK then what’s with that expression? Huh… ah, our lips touched for a second? I was in a rush so I didn’t notice.

M: … Hmm? So, it was your first kiss…? If you turn that red just because of that though… it’ll be dangerous, you know?

M: Yes, dangerous. If you look like that… in this position…

M: … I’ll want to… take your second kiss. *kisses* Nrgh… mm…!

M: *heroine struggles* Shhh, just a little longer, I won’t go to the end, yeah? Just a little… a little bit of an adult kiss… mm… *kisses*

M: Haa… hah… It bothered me before, but… you should change your bra, you know? It doesn’t match your size at all, so it stands out. I always felt uneasy, wondering if any of the guys would rub them like this. Haah… haa… *kisses*


M: Hah… haa… shit, your nipples are sensitive, aren’t they? Just from playing with them above your bra… they’re this swollen. Haha, it’s as I thought. Your nipples stand up when you’re swimming, so I thought you’d be sensitive to stimulation.

M: Hey… haah… show me your pebbled nipples for a bit. If you don’t, I’ll do this… ngh… *kisses* I might… slam this hard thing into you right this instant.

M: Oh? It’s OK for me to see…? Hahah… good girl. I love obedient girls. I’m going to take a look then. *pulls up clothes*

M: … Haah… hahah, your nipples are as cute as I imagined. I need to punish… these naughty nipples that seduce men. Hngh… mm…

M: Haa… hah… mm? I said I was just going to look…? I didn’t, ngh, make that sort of promise, did I? After I asked you to show me, you said… ngh… sure. In other words, even if I suck on them like this… it’s something that can’t be helped.


M: Haah… haa… haha, ngh… this one’s hard even though I didn’t suck on it. Hey, hah… if I were to play with both… don’t you think it’d feel amazingly good? Hahah, you don’t know?

M: Let’s try it out then. You should put everything into practice… yeah? Mm…!

M: Look, you’re feeling good, aren’t you? Girls get wet down below if this place continues to get stimulated… hah… to start getting ready for males. *heroine shakes head*

M: … Huh, you’re not wet? Haha, then… how about we confirm that? Haha, come on, if you struggle… *low* I’ll really rape you.

M: Heheh, yes, that’s right. If you’re quiet like that, I won’t do anything bad. Let’s see… I wonder which spot makes you feel good.

M: Ngh, haha, with your shorts, my fingers can go in just from sliding them to the side. They make it easy to tease you, huh. Nngh… hah… like this… I can touch your naughty place immediately. Mmgh…

M: Mm? Oh? What is this? Haha, didn’t you say you weren’t wet? You’re already dripping, haha. You seriously are sensitive. Hahah, just from your sexy smell… I feel like I won’t be able to check myself.


M: You’re going to deny it still? I guess I have no choice. Your teacher will teach you about a spot that’ll make you wetter.

M: See, it’s nice if I slowly stroke the folds around the entrance of your vagina… but the best place… is this clitoris. Haha, for as much as you’re saying no, you’re moaning pretty nicely, aren’t you? Is this your first time having someone touch this place with their hand?

M: Every time I stroke it, you become wetter… haah… and it’s easier to slide around. *kisses; fingering heroine*

M: Mngh… haa… hah… you’re making cute sounds, so I can’t keep it down anymore. Haha, I’m so fucking turned on my cock hurts. Haa… hah… dammit, pre-cum is already coming out.

M: Hey, I’m like this because of how cute you are. Just a little… let me rub against your sopping wet pussy. *heroine struggles* Haha, I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t do it to the end. I’m just going to rub against you… Seriously, rubbing only. Yeah? Then I’ll cum onto you and it’ll be over.

M: Or… would you rather I slam it into you? *heroine shakes head*

M: Haha… you really are a good girl. Your teacher is happy about that. Haa… hah… you’re so dear… I end up wanting to do dirty things. Nngh… hah…


M: Haah… it’s so fucking good. Hah… I’m rubbing against your pussy which I’ve dreamed about. Hrgh… hah…!

M: It feels good for you too… when you’re rubbed against like this, right? You’ve been twitching down here since a while ago. Haah… haa… *kisses*

M: You can say no. *kisses* But because you lied you’ll be penalized… ngh! *heroine struggles* Shhh, it’s OK, it’s OK. I just pressed my tip to your entrance a little. Nngh… hah… but like this… it really does look like I’m raping you. The sight of it is pretty… fucking hot.

M: Mrgh… hah…! Hahah…! Hey, is it alright for you to be this wet? It’s as if… you’re saying you want me to be in you. That’s how sopping you are.

M: Haa… ah, wow… your entrance is clenching and unclenching, looking like it wants something. Ah… if you’re this slippery, I’ll slip in. Nngh… hah…

M: Shit, look, it’s going in. I’m, ngh, entering you…! Hgh…!

M: Haah… it’s fucking tight. Haa… I knew you were a virgin. There’s no extra space… and it feels like my dick will snap in half. Hngh… hahah, I’m sorry, it was by accident. It was an accident so nothing can be done about that, ngh, right?


M: It feels goddamn amazing… inside you. Hagh… haa… I jerked myself off in the morning to your underwear, and yet I feel like I could cum right now.

M: … Oh, haha, it’s the one you lost during swimming class. That… was something I borrowed.

M: Haha, saying I stole it hurts my reputation. I planned on washing it after using it 100 times and returning it. Moreover, I wanted to enter the real thing, haha… so it’s no longer needed, huh. Ngh… hah…! *thrusting*

M: Haha, I’m so happy. I’m finally one with you. Haah… I’ve always thought about fucking you hard past the gap of your short pants. Nngh…!

M: Ahaha! I told you to give up already. Look, you see it, right? That your virgin pussy is filled with your teacher’s cock. Aah… this feeling of it not being stretched yet… It’s irresistible. *kisses; thrusting*

M: Nrgh… haah… it hurts now, but I’ll mold you to my shape soon… mrgh! Ungh… hgh…!

M: Haha, so cute. You’re seriously… cute from head to toe. Your voice, your face, your body. Everything… is what I like. Haah, but what I love the most… is your personality. How you’re too kind, ngh… how you’re a little airheaded… and how you’re always giving it all you got.

M: Haa… hah… I love you. Hngh… I love you. *kisses; thrusting*

M: I said it before, didn’t I? Haa… hagh… I grew interested in you from that moment, and with your circumstances… ngh… I thought it was fate. Haha, you transferred and, in just this one month, ngh, I had thoughts… of wanting to have you.

M: Haah… haa… that’s why… I can cum inside you, yeah? *heroine struggles*


M: That’s sad. I wanted you to think this was fate too, but… ngh… I guess reality doesn’t go that well, huh. I used my utmost effort to get close to you, haha, but you didn’t fall in love with me and fell for that kid. Haah… haa… I can only teach you then. Hrgh!

M: Look, I’ll teach you starting with your womb. Learn clearly that this here belongs to ME! Nngh!

M: Haa… hagh…! I’m cumming… I’m letting it out…! *heroine struggles* Hahah, there’s no way you can escape resisting like that. Nrgh… you get really tight down here when you struggle. It makes me want to cum more… *kisses; thrusting*

M: Haha, yes, that’s right, if you’re quiet like that I might cum outside. Hahah… good girl, haha. I’ll grind against your cervix then. Bear with it… for a while, ngh! Hagh…!


M: Ngh, I adore you…! I love you…! I’ll take responsibility, so let’s get married! Yeah?

M: Even if you say no, this pussy is exclusively mine. Haa… hagh…! You can’t let other men enter you. *kisses; thrusting*

M: Haa… hah… I’m cumming… I’m cumming…! Deep inside you… I’m… cumming! Nrgh…! *he orgasms*

M: Haah… hagh… haha, ah, my bad. It felt so good I forgot to pull out. I’m pulling out now.

M: … Hahah! Loads of sperm is pouring out. *takes photos*

M: Oh, shit, seeing you tremble while leaking with my sperm… is the most adorable thing. I feel like I can masturbate with this to my death. *kisses*

M: … Ah, crap, after kissing you I want to be inside you again. I’m going to put myself in once more, yeah? Hngh…!

M: Hahaha…! It’s all thick inside from my sperm! Nrgh… hah…! *thrusting* Hahah…!

M: I’m deeper in you compared to earlier, aren’t I? Hahah! You have a body that’s quick to learn. Ungh… haha…! This is the best. I love this. I’m going to fill your womb up… with more of my sperm, yeah? *kisses*

M: Haa… hah… I love you. Hngh…! *kisses; thrusting* I love you…!

*** TRACK 2: Seeding Sex Behind the School ***

*phone keeps ringing; heroine keeps ending call*

M: *grabs heroine* Yo. I told you to come to me at lunch. But you ignored the summons to stroll around?

M: Shhh… listen closely, if you scream I’ll spread your photos on the internet. Besides, even if you struggle here behind the school no one will come. *kisses*

M: … Jeez, you haven’t learned at all. *kisses* I fucked you 5 times like that and you still think you can run…

M: Hm? Heh, are you resisting? Haha, it’s so cute looking at you flounder weakly like that. However… if you resist too much, I might mistake my strength and rip your uniform. If that happens and the people at your place find out then it’ll be a problem, right?

M: Heheh, yes, that’s right, if you’re quiet I won’t hurt you. *kisses*


M: Relax your jaw. Haha, mm, that’s right. Good girl.

M: Haa… hah… actually, I take back everything I said. I can’t hold back and there’s not a lot of time left. I’m going to enter you right now. *heroine struggles*

M: Ggh, haha, I won’t let you go that easily.

M: Ah, I see. You’re not trying to run… you’re saying you want me to enter you from behind? Heh. I need to answer my cute lover’s… wish, yeah? Ngh!

M: Hagh… haa… you’re tight today too. Even though I fucked you so many times yesterday, you’re this tight again. Hngh… ngh…!

M: Hm? It hurts? Haha, yeah, that’s true, it hurts if I thrust myself into you without any foreplay, huh. But there’s no helping it since you’re a bad girl. It’s because, ngh, you wasted my summons, so I could only fuck you in a place like this.

M: Gngh… look, you can tell, can’t you? That because I couldn’t get to do you for half the day… my sperm is filled to the bursting point. Hagh… haa… I already want to let it out, haha, it’s unbearable. Nngh!


M: Mm? A condom? Aah, haha, I thought about using one if you were good and came to me, but I didn’t have time to put one on because I was chasing you. Haha, so… you have no choice but to be fucked bare. Nngh! Haa… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*

M: Huh? Don’t cry so much. It makes it look like I’m raping you, doesn’t it? *heroine struggles* Ngh! Haha, huh? This isn’t rape, mgh. I told you, didn’t I? That we’re destined lovers. This is natural. Nngh, the proof of that is… look, this spot deep inside… whenever I grind against it, mgh… you squeeze down deliciously around me, don’t you?

M: Hahah, the way I learn all the spots that make you feel good… ngh, is also due to fate. Mrgh…! You’re clenching down on me deep inside. Haa… hah… you were a virgin just yesterday, but you’ve learned to feel pleasure down here, huh. Hahah, what an excellent student. I’m so happy. *kisses; thrusting*


M: As a reward… hah… I’ll play with your nipples and clitoris… at the same time. *kisses*

M: Nngh… hagh…! Wow… you’re so tight…! Are you… about to cum? Hahah, you don’t hate this, right? This place down here is saying it can’t help but want to cum. Haa… hagh… I’m going to cum too, so let’s cum together. Yeah? Ngh… mgh…!


Kazuma: What did you want to talk about, Hikaru? Lunch is going to end soon, so make it quick.

M: Ggh?!

H: Don’t be so cold. It’s nothing bad for you.

M: … That voice… Saijou and Kuse? What are they doing here?

H: The company your family is trying to make a deal with is dangerous.

K: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

H: That business is putting on a good face to the Kuse family, but it’s trying to make a deal with my Saijou house in the dark. You should warn your good-natured father.

K: Are you telling me this to atone?

H: I wouldn’t do something like that at this point. That company is in the way of my game. That’s all.

M: … Hey… around this corner is the man you long for… How does it feel… being fucked by another man’s cock? *kisses; thrusting* Haa… haha, if you don’t try your best to keep your voice down… you’ll get discovered by Kuse. Ngh… haha, yes, that’s right, work hard. Do your, ngh, best… mgh!


M: Haah… you’re clenching down tightly again. In this situation where you might get seen by Kuse… are you feeling excited? Hah… if you squeeze this hard, mgh, I’m going… to cum already. Hahah… *heroine struggles* If you don’t want this, you should scream, yeah? Say that you’re being fucked into a mess by your teacher’s cock, and that he’s gonna spill his seed into you.

M: I don’t care if I’m discovered. The Saijou family has a good relationship with my grandfather, so I’m sure they’ll get their stories straight. Nngh, then you just need to become my wife. Haa… hagh…

K: … Is that all you wanted to talk about?

H: Yes, that’s all.

*they leave*

M: Haha, look, the two of them are leaving. Is that OK? If you don’t hurry, ngh… I’ll cum inside… mgh! Haa… haah…!

M: Hahah…! It’s good I brought a towel. If I didn’t you would have hurt your mouth. Haha, too bad. If only you screamed earlier…

M: Time over… so it’s decided I’m cumming inside, yeah? Nngh! *kisses; thrusting*


M: I’m going… to release loads today too. Haa… hah… so take it all and try not to spill any! Mgh!

M: I’m… cumming! Hagh… haa…! *he orgasms*

M: Haah… hah… wait a moment. I’m still releasing… ngh…

M: Now then… haa… I need to take today’s commemoration too. *takes photos* Haha, ah… your small hole is opened so wide and clenching and unclenching. It’s so irresistible. This is gonna be material for tonight’s jerk off.

M: *catches heroine* Woah, are you OK?

M: If you can’t stand then let’s do it in the reference room next time. Here we go. *helps heroine up* Haha, sorry, I don’t mean to brag but I seem to be pretty bottomless. *kisses*

M: Who cares about class. Stay with me until I’m satisfied. *heroine shakes head* Huh? How come I need to go back? You have art class next, right?

M: Class C’s PE…? Ah, now that you mention it, you’re right.

M: … Haha, for you to know my schedule… Have you fallen for me? *heroine shakes head* Oh? I didn’t hear you. Anyway, I’ll send you to the infirmary, so wait there for me. I’ll come to fuck you after school.

M: Huh? Using a condom at this point?

M: … Fine, fine, I get it. I’ll use one so don’t cry like that. Ah, there’s a handkerchief in my pocket, so wipe your face with that. Your nose is dripping too. You look pretty terrible right now.

M: Haha, you’re right, it’s my fault. But the way you look, messy with tears and snot… is cute too.

*** TRACK 3: A Cruel Rain Crazes Judgment. The Review and Preparatory Lesson at Teacher’s House ***


M: … Huh? Oh, it’s you.

M: You can head home today. If you’re late going home every day, it’ll worry your family and that’ll get annoying.

M: Haha, I don’t look energetic? Me?

M: … It’s just your imagination. It only looks that way because it’s raining. Enough about me, you should head home now. If you don’t have an umbrella, I’ll lend you mine. Me? I…

M: I went for a run and got hot, so I’m cooling down. So, don’t worry about me. *heroine approaches* H-hey, you’ll get soaked like this too.

M: Is this your revenge? How do I get you to go home? U-until I stop crying? Haha…! There’s no way I’m crying. This is from the rain. Besides, even if I was crying, it doesn’t matter, yeah?

M: You hate me, don’t you?

M: … Heh, you can’t leave me alone when I’m crying even if you hate me? Haha… hahah! Honestly, you’re… exasperatingly kind.

M: Just like my dad. It’s because he was always like that… that he’d get tricked right away.


M: You see, my dad was asked by a friend to be the guarantor of a loan. But that guy ran away… and, instead, my family was the one that met its end because of the debt. My dad and mom eloped and broke off relations with the Yamana family, so they couldn’t rely on them.

M: … Backed into a corner, we tried to run away at night. It was in the middle of this that the car fell off from the cliff.

M: Hahah…! It took a long time for help to come, you see… so, at first, my dad and mom’s body were bright red… but because of the pouring rain they became pale white. I was also freezing and my mind was hazy… I even thought that if it continued to rain like this maybe it’d erase the fact that an accident happened. I had ridiculously stupid thoughts.

M: Actually, I feel like the rain washed away everything. Since that night, I haven’t been able to feel that I’m alive.

M: In order to get along with my grandmother, who treated me harshly, I learned how to smile. But no matter how much I smiled, I felt extremely alone.


M: Nothing was interesting. It didn’t feel like I was walking in my own life.

M: But… I met you, haha, and finally felt that things were fun. The beginning was just from a small event, but your presence quickly swelled in me…

M: I felt that I could be happy if I was together with you. Heh… and yet… I have a marriage interview at this point in time!? Why do these traditional bastards… like these marriage interviews!? *heroine approaches*

M: Ggh, you should be using the towel. You’ll catch a cold. *heroine shakes head*

M: … Look, you really are… stubborn. *kisses* You’re cold. Dry your clothes at my place.

M: Hm? Of course, we’ll be doing it. If we have sex, we’ll get hot right away. *heroine hits him* Haha, I know, I know. I’ll be sure to use a condom, so don’t be that angry, haha.

M: In exchange, today’s going to be a war of attrition. I’m going to keep fucking you… until I’m completely empty. *kisses*

M: Let’s go then. I’ll make some pasta after we do it once. Hm? Why, you ask? Haha, they say you can’t fight a war on an empty stomach, yeah? Ah, you’re doubting my cooking, aren’t you? I don’t mean to brag, but even my chef friend praises me. I’m serious, haha! So, after we marry, I’ll do the cooking. You don’t need to do anything.

M: Hm? Why do you look surprised? Oh, that reminds me… *fade out*

[07:20] *scene skip; kisses*

M: Ngh… mm…! Sorry… I’m so turned on I can’t wait until we get to the bed. *kisses*

M: Haa… huh? If you’re talking about the rain… I’ll lick up all the droplets. Mm…

M: … Raise your arms. Your side is wet too, yeah? Nope. If you don’t raise them… I’ll bite you. Haha, yes, that’s good. Nngh…

M: Haha! I knew you’d be sensitive along the side too. You reacted when I touched you here previously, so… mrgh… I wondered if you’d feel pleasure if I licked here too. Hngh…

M: I know sensitive places apart from your side too, you know? For example… the curve… of your back. Haah… mm… here too… it’s also an erogenous zone.

M: Mm? Haha, did that tickle? Haa… then I have to suck on it more and awaken you.

M: Haha, nope, bear with it for a while longer. Here, I’ll play with your nipple and clitoris too, ngh…

M: Hagh… cute. This place is burning hot… and dripping wet. I need to suck this place dry too, huh. Hey, don’t run, haha. You’ve had tons of things done to you by now, so having this place licked is fine, yeah?


M: *heroine shakes head* Huh? It’s embarrassing? Haha, you’re a dummy. If you say that… I’ll want to… tease you more, no? Nngh! *gives oral*

M: Haha… mrgh… it’s no good. No matter how much I lick up, it keeps flowing out. Ngh…

M: Hey, accept it already. That me doing this feels good. Hagh… haa… mrgh!

M: Mgh? Haha, it tastes good inside too. You’re squeezing down on my tongue as hard as you can… ngh, haha, cute.

M: Haa… hah… that reminds me, I haven’t sucked on your legs yet. It won’t do to catch a cold, so I’ll lick it all up starting from your toes. Mm…


M: It feels surprisingly good… between your toes, right? Up to now, I’ve just thrust myself into you immediately but… ngh… there’s erogenous zones all over the body. In the future, ngh, let’s study them together, yeah?

M: Haha, next is this leg. Nngh…

M: Mm? Why are you wriggling like that? I licked that place earlier, didn’t I?

M: Oh… could it be…

M: You want me to taste you more? *heroine shakes head* Hmm? If I’m wrong then I suppose I shouldn’t suck on this clitoris, huh. *gives oral*

M: Ngh… haha…! You came pretty hard, haha.

M: Now then… how should I punish a liar? Mm, it’s not a bad idea to be joined to you through the entire night… but tonight, hmm… Heh, I got it. I’ll change the schedule and spend my whole time caressing you. Sometimes I want to see you drown in pleasure without any rush.


M: Hahaha! Oh? Did you want me inside you? *kisses* Don’t worry… I’ll slot myself into you starting from tomorrow until you hate it.

M: Haha, you don’t have any right to refuse. I’ll make you cum all night long… so be prepared. *kisses*

*** TRACK 4: Hunted Back to Her Home ***

*doorbell rings; heroine answers*

M: Haa… hah…! Are you OK!?

M: Huh? Um… you’ve had a fever for three days and have been staying home, right? So I ran over here. Anyway, if you can get up already then that’s a relief. Haah… haa…

M: Sorry, you were wet at that time and I didn’t have you take a bath right away, so you caught a cold, didn’t you? I’ll take responsibility and take care of you today. You said before that your family doesn’t come home until the evening, right?

M: Huh? School? Uh… well… I’ll do something about that. I sent the principal a text saying my stomach hurts so bad I feel like I’m going to die, so it won’t be a problem. *heroine shakes head* Haha, don’t get angry! I’ve been doing my job seriously up to now without taking any days off, so it’s fine to skip at least once in my life, right?

M: That being the case, I’m coming inside. *closes door; takes off shoes* Excuse me.


M: So, where’s the kitchen? Oh, over there. Why, you ask? I’m making porridge. Ah, or did your family make you some already? *heroine shakes head* Yeah, I thought so. I’ll make you some then so you go rest in bed. *heroine shakes head* It’s fine. A patient should be obedient. See you later.

*scene skip; knocks on door; enters*

M: I brought the porridge. Can you get up?

M: Take some medicine after you eat this then.

M: Mm? Ah, I bought some medicine on the way here. It’d be a disaster if your house didn’t have any, right? Ah, you can’t handle hot things, huh. Wait a moment. I’ll cool it down. *blows air*

M: OK, here. Open wide.

M: Haha, why are you red? Ah, did your fever rise?

M: … Hmm, your fever… isn’t that high. I’m sure you’ll be better after you eat, drink the medicine, and sleep. Here, open up. Haha, alright, good girl.


M: Hm? What? It should be fine for me to rub your head, right? I can’t make love to you during this time, so… give me this much at least.

M: Haha, idiot. I won’t push down a sick person whose been laid up in bed all this time. I seriously came just to take care of you. Oh, that reminds me, how high did your fever measure? If you didn’t measure it in the morning then I’ll grab the thermometer—

M: Hm?… Hmm?

M: You… don’t actually have a fever, do you? Heh, naive, too naive. How long do you think I’ve been watching you? I can see through the tells you give when you lie. From those actions, you don’t want me to bring over the thermometer, do you? Because you’re scared for me to find out you don’t have a fever.

M: What actions…? Haha, there’s no way I’d tell you. It wouldn’t be fun if you noticed them. Oh? You’re seriously not lying? Look at me when you say that.

M: Haha, so it really was a lie. You’re… too easy to understand. I don’t think you’ll be able to fix that tell you have when you lie in your whole life. Mm? Haha, did you think you can run away in this small room? Go ahead. Come on, try running.


M: Hahah, you’re lost on which way to go. That’s also extremely obvious. Now then, if you won’t move, to pass the time I’ll tell you what my current plans are. You see, just earlier, I met Saijou Hikaru’s father, Saijou Touji. He came to see my grandfather but on the way there my grandfather didn’t feel well and so I was told to speak to him instead. After all, he’s the leader of the world’s Saijou Group. We couldn’t just let him wait, yeah?

M: At that time, I asked him this half as a joke, “Mr. Saijou, you and your wife get along so well I’m jealous. What should I do to marry the girl of my dreams?”

M: Then he said this, “If you want her no matter what, you should just impregnate her. If you do that, then I’ll support you too.”

M: Hahahah! I laughed at the time, thinking it was a terrible joke. Seeing as how things are like this… I think it’s an attractive piece of advice. *heroine runs*

M: *grabs heroine* Woah there! Haha, that was a simple escape plan. Like this… ngh, you’re asking me to fuck you.

M: Haha, yeah, yeah, I’m going to bind these annoying arms with a towel. It’d be a problem if you hurt yourself, haha. Done. I need to give proper training to a bad girl who keeps trying to run. Nngh, first, on this clitoris… mgh…


M: Mm, look, haha, this is a review of what happened before. When I peel back the hood and suck it, ngh, haha… it feels so good you’ll cum right away, yeah? Nngh…! You remember this, don’t you? Mrgh…

M: Why are you denying it? This place is overflowing so much, and you look like you’re feeling so good…

M: Haah… haa… me too. Once I start tasting you… I can’t hold myself back. *removes pants* Ggh…

M: Haha, I won’t put it in yet. Before that, these nipples… I need to play with them too, huh. *kisses*

M: Nrgh… hagh… I feel like your nipples are a bit larger than they were at the start. Mm, haha, I wonder if it’s because I sucked on them too much? I’ll make you more… ngh… sensitive…

M: I’ll turn your body naughty… until you can’t live without me. Haa… hagh…!


M: Hah… hah! What was that just now? That’s not fair. Haa… hah… does it hurt unless you cum soon? Haha.

M: Being too cute is a problem too, huh. *kisses*

M: … When I look at you, I’m so turned on I feel like I’ll go crazy. I wonder why I love you this much? It’s strange even to me how I think about you 24 hours a day. I seriously thought it was fate.

M: Haa… hah… and yet… you won’t… love me. You won’t fall in love with me! Hrgh… even though I’m fucking you like this. Hey, how many times do I have to fuck you until you love me? I’m confident I can make you cum more than anyone else in this world. Plus, my dick is 1.5 times larger than average. Once you’re used to me, I’m absolutely certain you won’t be satisfied with any other man.

M: Hey… haah… just fall in love with me already. I’m the only one who can reach the spot where you feel the most pleasure.


M: … Even when I beg you this much… you won’t nod at all?

M: Haha… hahah… I get it. Then I guess, in the end… I’ll make you fall for me from your body. Nngh! Starting from here, I’m going to slam into you, fuck you senselessly, and make you cum tons more than usual. I’ll make you drown… in pleasure to the point where you fall in love with me, grgh! Haa… hagh…!

M: Come on, why are you… ngh, squeezing me like this? You’re planning on making me cum first, aren’t you? Mrgh…? It’s moving on its own…? Don’t lie. This, ngh… clenching that’s trying to wring me dry… nrgh…

M: I won’t let you think I’m gonna lose… ngh! Haa… hah…!

M: Don’t move your hips away. I won’t be able to, grgh, hit your sensitive spot. *kisses; thrusting*

M: Haa… hah… I’ll stroke it lots. Spread your legs more. Hngh… ungh…!

M: Haha… hah… you’re trembling already. Heh, look, when I bury myself to the hilt… hah… and my tip presses against your cervix… you love that, don’t you? Haah…! The muscles down here are so lewd.

M: At the start, just putting my entire length into you looked painful, but now… ngh… I can reach you deeply like this. Hahah, your body’s become naughty and loves it when I slam into your cervix like this, yeah? Haa… hah…!


M: It feels so good, hah, my dick’s gonna lose control. Haa… hngh…!

M: Hey, can you tell? How much I’ve wanted you for three days… and even now I’m about to go off… ngh! *heroine struggles* Huh? You haven’t given up today yet? That’s rare.

M: … Oh, I know, haha. Is today… a day that’s easy to get pregnant on? Heheh… hahah! I see, I see. So you lied and took a break from school.

M: *kisses* Ah, jeez… I know already, so don’t cry.

M: So that you give up… I’ll cum in you lots… ngh! Haa… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*

M: Your voice really does sound great. Cry more. Ngh, come on! The place you love… I’ll slam it into crazily. Nngh… mgh!

M: Haa… hah… your pussy on an unsafe day feels the best. It’s so fucking good. Hrgh… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*


M: Haha, mgh… you’re soppier than usual. Your womb is also pressing right against me, hahah. Your body… the entire thing is saying it wants my sperm. Haa… hah… haha. Good girl, I’ll give you lots right now, yeah? Hngh… let’s cum together…!

M: Haha, ah… you’re cumming, you’re cumming. Me too… ngh…! I’m… cumming…! Haa… hagh…! *he orgasms*

M: Haa… haah…! *kisses* I love you. Let’s be together soon.

M: Huh? What are you saying? There’s no way I’d let you run now, right? No matter where you run… I’ll definitely catch you, fuck you… and marry you. I’m obviously serious. A life with you… I can’t think of one any longer.

M: Ah, if you don’t want that… do you want to try killing me? It might be easy to cut my head off while I’m asleep, you know? Hahah…! Will I be satisfied with this…? Why are you asking that? You know what I want the most. Grgh… I have to get you to love me or just like that rain— *heroine kisses him* Mmph!

M: … H-hey!? Why did you kiss me just now?! You don’t know!? It’s your own feelings, isn’t it? You tell me! Hey… have you fallen for me, even just a little bit? If so, we can get married at any time— OW!

M: Gah…! Ow…! Is this the time to headbutt me!? More importantly, your hard head is amazing… Seriously, stars appeared in front of my eyes.

M: Jeez, resist in a way that treasures your body more. This also hurts you, right?

M: Yeah, that’s the problem. Because you’re my princess. *kisses*

M: Haha… well, right now you’re a trapped princess. H-huh!? What’s with that reaction? You’re looking like that again. Ngh… don’t get my hopes up, dummy. Because I won’t drop my guard and let you run. I’ll only love you throughout my life… and bind you to me. Heh, prepare yourself. *kisses* This vow is absolute.

14 thoughts on “Taiiku Kyoushi

    Ficedula said:
    June 14, 2021 at 00:17

    Your translations lead me to the Kankinkon series and Makoto became my favourite that I even bought his game chapter ^^ The yandere/tsundere dynamic is just too good to pass up! Their relationship development is so sweet!!!
    Thank you very much for the translations, I hope you are well :D

      Ilinox responded:
      June 14, 2021 at 09:03

      Kankinkon has opened my eyes up to so many happy yan pairs, haha, it’s amazing and I love this universe. You’re very welcome and I hope you enjoy his game!

    Jumpy Star said:
    April 20, 2020 at 02:07

    “He smells the same as me.” LMAO I’m bald when pervs can smell out other pervs.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 20, 2020 at 08:55

      One of the things I love most about the Kankinkon universe is that it’s a universe chock full of yanderes and they have to interact with one another LOL.

        It me said:
        April 22, 2020 at 18:21

        Pet stores haven’t sold a dog crate to hold an actual dog in like 3 years

    It me said:
    April 19, 2020 at 21:38

    All right so together we have only 3 characters left who haven’t been gotten pregnant yet: school nurse, Kazuma, and Souji’s ex-friend who got Scared Straight. Not bad!

      Ilinox responded:
      April 20, 2020 at 08:55

      Technically, the kids generation and Tsubasa didn’t get their heroines pregnant, haha. I feel like I’ve knocked out a bunch of Kankinkon volumes, but when I look at the list there’s also still so much that’s crossed out…

        It me said:
        April 22, 2020 at 18:19

        No everyone is pregnant including the dudes YOU KNOW THE RULES

    MIRAI-Me said:
    April 17, 2020 at 18:07

    Ah yes back to the time when you were iffy about Makoto, Ili (shinsenryoku voice tho as always ❤❤)
    And now… (¬‿¬)

      Ilinox responded:
      April 18, 2020 at 21:43

      LOOK, in my defense, his first volume was amazing in the voice department but left a lot to be desired with the relationship between Makoto and his girl until you look into their short stories |D;; but now I really do like him, although… *coughs* I think his son inherited the best of everything. Gentle onii-chan, somewhat of an awareness to not be as dumb as his dad, and beast mode? YES PLEASE.

    kai5404 said:
    April 17, 2020 at 13:32

    Oh thats interesting! MC liked Kuze first?? Hes the dude where the MC is the school nurse right?? Who was Kuze’s girlfriend ?

    Also this teacher… The depravity! The thirst! Leave the MC alone!

    And ofc all roads lead back to Touji, that messy ho 😒

    And lolol Makoto did u genuinely believe MC would stay just for ur big dick?? Im sorry i laughed at that whole exchange ; but the MC did stay tho so…

    Thank you for your hard work and sharing your translation with us!!! Good reading for quarantine lololol

      Ilinox responded:
      April 17, 2020 at 14:42

      Honestly, I think she just admired Kazuma because they never had interactions to make it deepen. The school nurse’s lover is the delinquent genius, Yamato! Kazuma’s girlfriend is this other student who got blackmailed by Hikaru, because Hikaru didn’t like how Kazuma kept moping around and hanging around his girlfriend LOL.

      I LAUGHED SO HARD AT “messy ho”. Gods, yeah, pretty much everything can be traced back to Touji though and his stupid advice. If you look at the Linaria short stories, he features there too and messed around with Tsubasa’s girlfriend by telling her to wear a vibrator lmao.

      I listened to this so long ago that I forgot the tiny details like how his breakdown was so ridiculous because he seems to think all the heroine would care for is how good he is in bed LOL. But now I understand why Seiji, his son, said his dad sucked on all matters related to love… y-yeah… when your first thought isn’t anything like financial security or personality, but just how good you are in bed LOL PLS.

      Haha, I’m happy to be providing material while this whole pandemic is going on :’)) and I actually plan on translating Makoto’s DL reward short stories because IMO they give a very good look into his and his heroine’s relationship (she’s extremely tsun). It’s also where I actually got into the Kankinkon series for real, because Setsuka’s writing was impeccable here.

    seirasworld said:
    April 17, 2020 at 03:26

    Thank you so much for this translation❤

      Ilinox responded:
      April 17, 2020 at 12:15

      You’re welcome <3 thanks for leaving a comment!

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