Taiiku Kyoushi ~ Pre-Release SS ~

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Physical Education Teacher

Makoto has a lot of DL reward short stories that come with his first volume and, in my opinion, they give critical expansion to his and his heroine’s relationship. To be honest, I only got into the Kankinkon universe after reading these because they demonstrate just how good Dusk’s writer is at their craft. So, I hope you guys give these a read.

First, this is a short story that was released before his actual volume came out. I forgot he had this, oops, or I would have translated this before posting the volume. Anyway, this short story describes one of the scenes that Makoto brings up to his heroine. It also features our dear boy, Hikaru! R18 warning.

Before the Incident

Yamana Makoto is an extremely exemplar teacher— are the words said by people who knew him.

He had a big heart and he was always smiling. Even when he got angry, everyone knew it was for the sake of the students.

At times he would joke with them like a brother, watch over the students like a parent, and push their backs with encouragement as a teacher. It wasn’t rare for him to be confessed to secretly by female students either. This was because he was granted more than one talent from heaven.

His looks were good, his physique was balanced like a model, and he was covered in practical muscles. Even the male students fell in love with how smoothly he moved during exercises.

Not surprisingly, he wasn’t without a girlfriend up until a few months ago.

He was popular with the parents and he easily communicated with his colleagues.

In other words, it could be said that Yamana Makoto basically had no enemies.

However, a strange change happened recently to this Makoto. The name of this change was Saijou Hikaru, the student council president of this Yamana Academy.

One day, Saijou started to put a careful distance between him and Makoto. It was as if he was prepared to be attacked at any time.

Makoto, while finding it a bit odd, brushed it off as puberty.


Then, on a certain day, Saijou was walking from the other end of the hallway.

Makoto raised his hand, smiling, and lightly called out.

“Yo, Saijou. On the topic of the club expenses I brought up the other day—“

“—If it is about that matter, then I placed the documents on your desk just now.”

“I-I see…”

Saijou smiled but Makoto somehow thought he had his guard up. Makoto was inwardly bewildered, but he tried to pass by until he heard a quiet voice from behind him.

“Teacher, I saw an extremely scary person. May I talk about this with you?”

“You saw someone suspicious? Sure, I’ll listen to anything you say.”

Makoto furrowed his brows and turned around, clapping Hikaru on the shoulder intimately.

Whenever he did this other students would either be relieved or be restless, as if embarrassed. However, Saijou was neither one of those.

Those eyes, which looked up at Makoto through his long bangs, were cold like they saw through everything.

Saijou indifferently removed Makoto’s unconsciously tensed hand from his shoulder and spoke in a quiet voice.

“He looks warmer than anyone else, but in truth he couldn’t care less about everything. He covers his true nature of not being attached to anything with a high level of empathy. Even though he’s this sort of person he blends perfectly into society and it’s terribly disturbing.”

“Where is this person?”

“He’s quite close to us. Up to now, I’ve overlooked him, thinking it didn’t matter as long as he stayed quiet, but there’s been a bit of a curious change recently.”

“What sort of change?”

“I can feel it. That he’s finally found a target to be interested in.”

“Hey now, don’t drag this out and tell me. Who is this guy?”

“Are you curious?”

“Well, I’m a teacher who protects everyone.”

“In that case, please lend me your ear.”

Hikaru beckoned him with a meaningful action and Makoto bent down. Then, carefully, Hikaru whispered to him.

“These days, during swimming lessons, the underwear of girl students has been stolen by someone, right? There’s rumors that the culprit is Mr. Miyauchi. I also hate to say this, but… could you please keep a careful eye out? In truth, my fiancée’s underwear has been stolen too.”

“Those rumors…”

Miyauchi, although young, had a bulging stomach and was a man like a Daruma doll. Makoto wasn’t someone who judged people by their appearances, but whenever he saw Miyauchi’s frog-like laughter, he thought about how Miyauchi wasn’t popular, even though that was rude. But when he tried speaking to Miyauchi, he was an interesting person and a gentle young man…

However, because Miyauchi looked like that, the shameful rumors of being an underwear thief may have spread.

Makoto denied Saijou’s words, paused, and then put his hand on his chin.

It was true that Miyauchi had been loitering around the girls’ changing room lately.

Makoto covered his pale face with a hand and, after taking one deep breath, he struck his chest.

“Got it. I’ll keep an eye out, so you can relax.”

“I’m glad you’re around, teacher. I will place this in your care then.”

This time Saijou looked relieved and nodded his head. After this bow, Saijou turned his back to walk away but after taking two steps he stopped.

“Aah, incidentally, teacher…”


Saijou, who looked back slightly, asked something like a riddle.

“I wonder why the underwear thief stole underwear from multiple people.”

“Because the more you have the more you can enjoy.”

“But the lockers, which were broken into, weren’t in a row. It was random and the types of underwear are all over the place.”

“Saijou, do you think there was another purpose?”

“Who knows. I don’t understand the thoughts of a pervert. But… haha, he might have a preferred scent. I pray my fiancée’s underwear isn’t a target for his desire.”

“I see… I’ll also do my best to solve this matter as soon as possible.”

“Thank you very much. You really are a reliable and wonderful teacher… Refreshing, sincere, and far from doing any crimes. You’re completely different to Mr. Miyauchi.”

“Hey, nothing’s been concluded yet, so please refrain from spreading unnecessary rumors.”

“Don’t worry, I only brought this up because it’s you, teacher. Well then, until tomorrow…”

Makoto tilted his head, feeling as if there was something implied in the “because it’s you” but it may have been his imagination. After thinking about it for a while, he decided to himself that it was probably because he was trusted.

Makoto watched Saijou turned the corner and then psyched himself up. Starting tomorrow, he decided to strengthen the security so that the students could feel safe.


That night Makoto, who returned to his apartment, panted with heaving shoulders. Maybe it was because he heard that frightening story from Saijou, but his heart was racing.

He cut through his room, while sweat dripped from his forehead, and grabbed the contents of his drawer in a desperate manner as if he were looking for medicine.


A thin cloth absorbed Makoto’s sweat— the underwear of a certain girl gradually changed color.


Finally, he couldn’t suppress his agitation, and he dragged down his pants and underwear in a great rush.

A penis that was much thicker and larger than average sprung out.

“Haa, haa, don’t say stupid things, Saijou. As if I’d be interested in panties other than hers. What turns me on is this…! Hah, haah, only this scent…!”

He pressed one cloth to his nose, inhaling a full chest of scent. His other hand wrapped his erection in another pair of panties and then, like that, he stroked himself hard enough to hear the fabric rub.

The underwear became covered in Makoto’s pre-cum instantly and was messy.

The damp feeling was comfortable and Makoto drowned in an illusion of fucking his lover.

“Hagh, haa, ah, aah! Good, so fucking, good! Aah, I want to fuck you messily like this one day! Haha, I love you! I love you!”

The wave of his climax arrived within a few minutes and he spilled his desire inside the underwear while stroking himself intensely.

Even when his breathing calmed down, his penis was still hard and it twitched inside the wet cloth. His nature was that he couldn’t be satisfied until he came multiple times more than the average person.

“Aah, shit, there’s only two left.”

The panties Makoto stole were the ones belonging to the girls of the class he was the homeroom teacher for. Amongst them, only one person’s panties were needed. However, he had to find that in an extremely short time and so, at any rate, he also stole ones around the area. But he threw away everything immediately apart from what he needed.

Makoto was definitely a pervert but he was single-minded. But then again, this was the first time since he was born to feel this obsessed about someone…

“Haa, I can only borrow some more.”

Makoto wasn’t aware that he was stealing. He purely thought he was borrowing.

This was why, every time he stole some during class, he only felt slightly apologetic and, instead, even thought this was a necessary act in order for them both to have the same feelings.

Each time he masturbated to her underwear he felt to himself that he was getting closer to her.

“Now then, how will I invite her over here?”

He was strange but, even though his thoughts were intense, he wasn’t an idiot. Despite getting turned on by his perverted acts, in a corner of his mind he understood that his feelings were nothing more than one-sided. That’s why, even when he was in front of the person herself, he could smile clearly and look innocent. He waited quietly for a chance to come one day…

“Haa, hah, you were super cute today too. Showing off such a plump ass, are you seducing me? Naughty girl.”

He loosely stroked his penis with the wet panties and whispered to the girl in his delusions.

“I love you. Let’s be together soon. The only one who can save you is me.”

It began to thunder outside.

And, as if this was her response to him, Makoto ejaculated in a daze.

4 thoughts on “Taiiku Kyoushi ~ Pre-Release SS ~

    Kborenai said:
    April 18, 2020 at 02:29

    This is why I never watch porn. Written words spark the imagination like no video can. LMFAO.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 18, 2020 at 21:38

      Hahaha, same same. Or well more like voices + my imagination are enough for me too ;D.

    medusawitch said:
    April 18, 2020 at 01:16

    I love him.
    But please buy new panties for me.
    I Shouldn’t wasted money for this!

      Ilinox responded:
      April 18, 2020 at 21:37

      Right? LOL. Like, bruh, you can keep them and I certainly don’t want them returned even after their washed when he’s used them 100 times… wtf.

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