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Physical Education Teacher

Below is the 300 DL short story reward. Just to let you know, all his short stories build on each other and so it’s important to read them in order. I seriously can’t stress enough how good Dusk’s writing was here and I hope my careful choice of words in my translation can convey that. R18 warning.

Review Time

On this day Makoto was a little more depressed than usual. There was a small incident behind the PE storage room.

“I won’t ever give up!”

That shrill echoing voice pierced his ears.

Makoto showed an obvious grimace but the peerless beauty— Hino Makiko closed the distance between them without hesitation. Hino’s long black hair swayed, matching her passion. Her shoulders, which heaved up and down, were delicate and she was slender almost to a point of concern. She was said to be the “number one girl I want to protect” by male students and much prettier than most idols. That’s probably why she couldn’t comprehend this… that she was easily rejected by Makoto.

“Even if you say that I told you already that I have someone I like. Besides, you’re just a student to me. Kids should love other kids.”

Finding the constantly approaching Hino to be annoying, Makoto mussed up her glossy hair and then turned on his heel. He had plans to eat with his darling girl after school and so he wanted to quickly finish his job.


“… But you’re dating a student.”

A malicious voice, not fitting a beauty, reached Makoto’s ears.

Sensing that it wasn’t a bluff, Makoto stopped abruptly and Hino came around to his front as if saying she gained an advantage.

“I saw it. Teacher, you were kissing that A-class girl in the reference room. If you don’t go out with me I’ll spread rumors about that to everyone.”

Makoto gave a light sigh while looking down at Hino’s triumphant face. He thought about how it was a childish threat. But, if he were a normal teacher, it probably would have had an immediate result. It was a huge scandal to lay a hand on one’s students.

But Makoto was different from normal people.

“Well, how about you spread it then?”


It must have been a reaction that was greatly different from Hino’s expectations. She took a step back, at a loss as to Makoto’s indifferent attitude.

“I-is that OK? Even if you’re the principal’s grandson, you’ll definitely be fired once this gets found out by everyone.”

“It’s not like I care to cling onto this teaching position no matter what.”

“T-that girl will be looked at strangely by everyone.”

“Aah, probably. But I’ll take responsibility then and marry her.”

He snapped his fingers with exaggeration, saying that this might actually be better.

Hino, who always had men moving according to her will, finally erupted and stamped her feet on the ground.

“Why is that girl so good!? You could find that sort of girl anywhere! Her body’s only slightly OK, her grades and reflexes aren’t that good, she’s always spaced out, and—“

“Hey now, Hino, if you say anything further then even I’ll get angry, you know?”

Makoto smiled widely.

That expression which didn’t show a speck of anger was, on the contrary, even more frightening and Hino backed up, instinctively feeling danger. Hino was an arrogant young girl, but she had good intuition. It was this intuition that let her know something terrible would happen if she stuck around him any longer… In this instant, for the first time, she felt the accepting-of-everyone Makoto’s true nature of not accepting anyone.

In the depths of Makoto’s eyes, as he smiled, was a chill that said it wouldn’t be strange if he killed someone right now.

“Ah… um… I’m s-sorry…”

“Haha, it’s good as long as you know. You’re an obedient good girl.”

Makoto grinned as he placed a hand on Hino’s head.

That hand squeezed her skull just a little… and Hino turned pale. Even though he didn’t demonstrate any violence, she couldn’t stop shaking and her breath hitched as she turned around.


Makoto called out in a good teacher voice to Hino’s back as she departed at full speed.

“Take care on the way home!”

An exhausting day ended like this… or it should have.


It was eight o’clock at night and the smell of good food was also drifting from the neighbors.

Makoto sighed at his beloved girl, who wasn’t moving at all.

“Hey, this pasta is your favorite food, right? How come you aren’t eating?”

She had been staring at Makoto’s cooking for roughly ten or more minutes without moving. He almost thought she became a statue.

Makoto was worried her stomach might hurt and so he tried rubbing her stomach. But even then she didn’t move.

She came to his place under threat, but this sort of situation was rare.

She was the type to have a pretty strong attachment to food. It was to the point where, once Makoto offered his homemade food, she’d say “I guess I’ll eat it since I have no choice” but she would eat it all up without fail.

The expression she would make, unable to hide her pleasure, was also cute and Makoto would grin inside… but what in the world was going on here?

At a complete loss, Makoto went around behind her and sat down with her between his legs.

There was a faint sweet scent when he held her from behind. It was Makoto’s favorite smell.

After he smelled this scent for a while, he ended up remembering all the things they did every night and, soon, that stiffened.

She noticed that and stirred as if finding it somewhat uncomfortable.

“If you’re keeping silent then I’m gonna mess with you until you answer, you know.”

Even though he said it jokingly, his breathing became rough. His hand slid into the space between her unmoving thighs and he persistently traced her labia from above her panties.

She didn’t move, but her reaction was sensitive and a muffled sound leaked out each time he moved his fingers up and down. It was a voice desperately trying to hold back her pleasure.

Turned on even more by that appearance, his fingers slid through the gap of her panties.

Pinching the nub that was already slippery, a moan finally spilled from her mouth.

“Ah, ngh…”

Even though he came this far, she still wasn’t moving. She also didn’t say “stop”. It was as if he was receiving a silent protest.

Makoto thought it was strange but he was unable to resist the treat in front of him, which was releasing its fragrance, and he nibbled at her neck. Adjusting his strength so that his teeth were almost together but not quite, he gave her multiple love bites. He licked insistently at the spot behind her ear, where her scent was the thickest, and rolled her earlobe in his mouth. As he did this, his right hand stroked her bud and his left hand rubbed her soft chest.

Her body was accustomed to pleasure thanks to Makoto and, in a flash, became wet and squelching lewd sounds were made.

“Your mouth is silent, yet this place… is saying how much it wants to be fucked by me.”

Her sweet scent became dense and his arousal heightened. Makoto couldn’t take it anymore and quickly lowered his pants. His penis, which was larger than average, flipped up almost to the point of touching his stomach.

“Up we go.”

He placed his hands on the side of her still unmoving body and easily lifted her up. Then he slowly lowered her down onto his stiff erection.

“Now then, what should I do?”

He stopped right before entering and whispered this. Rolling his hips, he teased at her entrance with his straining tip.

“Is this OK? If you don’t say anything, I’m going to enter you bare like this, yeah?”

Stubbornly, she continued to stifle her voice.

It was Makoto who became impatient and buried his tip just a little into her.

In that instant, her vagina clenched and sucked at the head of his penis.

“Gngh, ah… shit. Feels like the whole thing’ll go in.”

He shifted his hips, pushing up to his glans, and then moved in and out. He repeated this, planning to keep at this until she gave up.

As he did this, it seemed like her body was the one that couldn’t bear with this incomplete insertion. Her walls contracted, as if inviting him in deeper, and her folds wrapped around him.

Her hips were jerking and, no matter how he looked at this, he could only see her feeling pleasure.

Unable to suppress the urge to insert himself, Makoto asked his question in a growl.

“Hey, can I push in deep? I won’t cum inside.”

Nowadays, he put on a condom because it was her wish and because she said, “If you use contraception until I graduate then I might consider dating you…”

He knew it wasn’t contraception even if he came outside, but he didn’t have the strength to pull himself out at this point. Makoto took pride in having a nature which could endure most pains but, when it came to his dear girl, he couldn’t endure anything at all. He panted like a dog, waiting impatiently for her answer.

But, after a long silence, she began to shake.

Eventually, he heard a voice that sounded close to tears.

“… Why don’t you just put it in? Either way, you’ve also put it in other girls like me.”

“Huh? There’s no way I would.”


There, for the first time, she looked back at Makoto. Her eyes were filled with tears and she yelled in a rare loud voice.

“But you rubbed Hino’s head twice! I didn’t hear the details but you were happy being chased by such a beautiful girl, right!?”

Makoto’s thoughts froze for a second at this unexpected protest.

After a while, as he stared at her breathing roughly with rage, he finally got the point.


She probably saw his exchange with Hino from somewhere. Then she misunderstood that and… might have become jealous.

Thinking up to this, Makoto grew elated even though she was angry. He ended up grinning.

“Are you listening!? In the first place, you touch people way too much. I think you’re close to girls too, and that’s why you get approached like that. You’re a bad teacher.”

“Right, right. My bad, I’m sorry.”

He couldn’t stop grinning in the end even as he apologized. He didn’t expect his beloved, who he got “only her body” through rape, could be jealous. He even ended up thinking that, at last, wasn’t he being loved?

After this, her complaints continued with the force of surging waves.

He felt bad with how serious she was, but in his head there were only the two thoughts of “fuck” and “cute”. He listened to her with a grin until she ran out of breath.

“You aren’t listening, are you!?”

“I’m listening. Hey, could you be jealous?”

“Jea… lous?”

She spoke, surprised, as if she hadn’t been aware of it up to here.

Seeming to realize this after it was pointed out, she froze with her eyes and mouth wide open.

It was around the time he started to notice the ticking of the clock that her face turned bright red in an instant like she had been boiled. She began to object fiercely with the force of an explosion.

“T-there’s no way I am! I hate you, teacher!”

“Oh? Then you’re a naughty girl who becomes soaked at the hands of a man you hate and happily swallows his dick up, huh.”

“W-what are you saying!? I don’t feel good at all from any of this!”

“OK, OK, I got it. Let’s do things that don’t feel good at all today too then… yeah?”

He held her for an instant and then thrust up hard from below.

The loud squelching sound ignited Makoto’s arousal.

“AHHH! Ngh… too large…”

“You’re the one who said I could put it in. But that’s odd. This place… it’s clenching and unclenching as if it feels real good.”

Holding down her body, which suddenly tried to escape, he rolled his hips against her vagina.

After being teased all this time with his half-insertion her hole trembled with joy at being pressed into deeply and her love juices spilled out like she wet herself.

“Ngh, it’s so hot and wet. It feels so fucking good. You too, right?”

“Ungh, ngh, no. I don’t, ah, feel anything… mngh!”

He thrust deep and hard into her so that he couldn’t hear her voice. The movement inside her became more intense, as if trying to squeeze out his sperm, and Makoto lost his head in that pleasure.

“Aah, it really does feel different doing it bare. I can feel your cervix directly… Hagh, I want to cum right away. Hey, let’s always do it raw after this. If you become pregnant, we’ll get married.”

“Don’t just decide on your own… ngh! I told you not to come inside… aah!”

He focused on striking that sensitive spot inside her while playing with both her nipples and clitoris. He pursued her like mad, wanting to hear more of her dazed voice.

“Ah, no, stop, teacher! If you do it all at the same time, noo…!!”

“Why can’t I do it? It doesn’t feel good at all, right?”

“Stop, ah! N-not… there, ngh! Don’t rub around… wah!”

“When I’m told not to do that… I want to do it, you know?”

Slamming in from below with all his strength, he pressed right up against the responsive entrance to her womb.

As he repeatedly moved in and out of her with loud squelching noises, she arched her back like a bow and violently came.

“Wah! I’m coming… ngh! I’m commmmingggg!!”

Strangled by her intensely contracting vagina, Makoto also reached his limits. He snarled like a beast and ejaculated in the depths of her. He pushed against her cervix to the extent where there wasn’t a single crack of space and sent himself into her until the very last drop.

When he heaved a contented breath after finishing his longer-than-usual orgasm, she muttered this with rough breathing.

“I hate you.”

“… I know. I’ve reviewed those words to an unbearable point.”

He thought to say it in a more joking manner, but the voice that came out was so sad Makoto surprised himself.

She also raised her eyebrows, as if she was surprised, but then they gradually slid down and her entire face crumpled.

She looked like a kid before they started bawling. Just as Makoto thought this, she really did begin to weep.

“I-I’m sorry. Does it hurt somewhere?”

“Ggh, yes. It really… hurts.”

He might have been a little too rough today. No matter how used she was to him, his member was too big and he should have controlled himself.

Makoto turned pale and apologized as he was sucked into a whirlpool of regret.

“I’m really sorry. Let’s go to the hospital together.”

“Don’t want to…”

“You don’t want to… Hey now.”

“I’m OK without going to the hospital, so you have to be responsible and take care of me.”

“Will you get better with that?”


“Then that’s no good, right? Let’s go to the hospital.”

“If we go like this then our relationship will be discovered.”

“So what? I’ll say this sperm is mine.”

“You’re the worst chaperon.”

Makoto tried to forcibly lift her up but, for some reason, she resisted with a stubborn force as if daring him to move her. Her entire body clung to Makoto tightly.

He was happy to be hugged by his dear girl, however at this rate her health might get worse.

Makoto was flustered and seriously asked her with a troubled look.

“Hey, what should I do?”

“Stupid! I hate you.”

“No, I know that already…”

Makoto replied with extreme seriousness, but then noticed halfway through that her ears were bright red and he stopped moving.

He ended up grinning again.

He couldn’t help but be excited and his rough breath blew into her ear.

“… Where does it hurt? Tell me.”

“My chest…”

“Where in your chest?”

“I-I don’t really know anymore.”

“Hmm? Can you remember if I put this in you and stir it all around deep inside you then?”

His length, which had returned to its hardness again, pressed against her vagina that was sensitive from just having climaxed.

She suddenly turned away from him and answered in an angry way.

“I don’t know. You won’t stop even if I ask you to anyway, so… d-do whatever you want.”

“I’m taking you at your words. Alright, then—“

He kissed her earlobe with a light noise and then tempted her in a way that would resound with her eardrums and heart.

“Where your chest hurts… Let’s review this together with your teacher.”


Like this, the extracurricular lessons tonight ended up running through the night.

4 thoughts on “Taiiku Kyoushi ~ 300 DL ~

    medusawitch said:
    April 19, 2020 at 00:28

    Heroine is very tsundere girl. I think maybe because he is so desperate for her love. His love for her. She know it. But she kinda prideful girl.
    Because he start this relationship by betrayed her trust.
    Maybe if he has more patient. She maybe the one to confess her love instead.

      medusawitch said:
      April 19, 2020 at 00:30

      Also why dusk keep telling us that mokoto penis is larger than average! It is not information that need to be told over and over again. It is weird lol.

        Kborenai said:
        April 19, 2020 at 08:15

        LOL, at the end of the day, this is still porn – where girth and length are important “personality traits” that needs to be stressed every now and then. Dusk still pumps out some of the best erotica in the business, with actually interesting character interactions to make up for all the raep going on.

        Ilinox responded:
        April 19, 2020 at 09:48

        I also think she’s a bit dense because, y’know, high school and all that and learning about yourself and your emotions. Makoto wasn’t very nice in not giving her a choice at all and, frankly, starting their relationship from such a traumatic event, as you mentioned. I also think if he just continued to play the long game he would have won… generally, that’s the case for all the Dusk men HAHA except unfortunately they get set off by something and ruin everything for themselves.

        If you take into account that the first SS was pre-release and this one was released after 300 DLs there might have been a period of time and so Setsuka (the writer) forgot what words she used LOL. It just seems more prominent in your head because you read them one after another.

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