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Physical Education Teacher

500 DL short story reward now. Just a reminder that Makoto’s short stories build off of each other, so please read them in order. R18 warning and this is a rough one with dubcon. Dusk never has actual domestic violence in their works, but he gets pretty angry in this one.

Prep Time

“Urgh, I’m so annoyed.”

Yamana Makoto said this decisively after coming out of the principal’s office. Recently, these times had increased. The reason for that was…

“Fuck that marriage interview shit.”

Makoto’s grandfather was the head of the Yamana household as well as being this school’s principal and he was starting to frequently push photos of marriage candidates onto Makoto. It was something Makoto couldn’t care less about, but his grandfather was probably thinking that he couldn’t let the blood of the Yamana family die off. He seemed impatient at Makoto who never seemed to try and get married.

“Maybe it’s about time I drop a bomb.”

Makoto wondered what face his strait-laced grandfather would make if he said he raped a student.

“Hah, that’d be amazing.”

He laughed just imagining it. If he added that he planned on impregnating her in the near future his grandfather’s weakening heart might even stop.

Makoto, who didn’t have good memories of his grandparents, couldn’t help but enjoy these unscrupulous thoughts.


He was walking as he chuckled, but then he sensed something off and became serious.

Something that looked like a person extended from around the corner of the hallway. It shook as if it was taking a peek at Makoto’s reaction.

For an instant he panicked, thinking his true nature was discovered, but he immediately turned on himself and noted that he didn’t say anything important. He could gloss over most things with his interpersonal abilities.

“Hey, is someone there?”

Makoto called out in a leisurely voice and, in the next moment, that shadow became extremely small and he frowned. He could hear the sound of pounding footsteps.

He chased after them to patch things up even as he thought inwardly, “Ugh, annoying”. But he came to a split in the hallway and couldn’t tell which way they went… For the first time in a while he clicked his tongue.

“Was that Hino?”

Thinking of that girl student who persistently approached him from before, he grew irritated. Normally, he’d laugh things off but Hino had ridiculed his beloved girl. To be honest, he wanted to murder her.

“That brat…”

Maybe Hino was loitering around him again, trying to grab his weakness.

Makoto decided to be more vigilant in the future and went towards the back of the school.


From the start, people rarely approached the dim and gloomy back of the school. Additionally, there were recent rumors about supernatural incidences happening and so even the teachers were frightened and tried not to come close… In actuality, it was a lie that Makoto spread though.

“Everyone’s so simple. Haha.”

He met with his love here during lunch. There were times when he couldn’t go because of his job, but as long as it was convenient he would call for her.

He became elated at the thought of being able to be alone together with her soon.

However, just as Makoto started humming, he heard several voices from around the corner.

From the voices, it seemed like one of them was a girl and the other was a male student.

What in the world were they talking about in a place like this…?

As he hid himself with a bad feeling the desperate voice of the male student entered his ears.

“So, um… please go out with me!”

—The instant he heard this Makoto became serious.

The sweet bread that Makoto brought for his girl to eat was crushed in his hand.

He came back to himself at the sensation of the cream dripping down and shook his head with a wry smile. Calm down, it’s OK, he told himself.

At first, after he raped her, she rejected him with everything that she had; however, recently he seemed to see her looking moved by his affection. Besides, as long as he had his blackmail material, she couldn’t run away from him.

Makoto was relieved at that but he froze at the next words.

“… Let me think about it.”

Makoto doubted his own ears, and he deeply despaired, wondering if she liked that fucking kid so much. He even felt a murderous intent towards that male student.

Being utterly ignorant of all this, that male student was purely pleased.

“Thank you! I’m happy I wasn’t just rejected immediately.”

This time the sweet bread was completely crushed and all of its cream flew out. Fucking kid, how about I spill your guts everywhere like this cream?— he thought again and again about disturbing things like this, unbecoming of a teacher.

Sensing both of their footsteps coming over, Makoto immediately turned back the way he came. He thought he could hide anything with a smile, but just for today he had no confidence about glossing things over with a face like that of a buddha.


Right after he returned inside the building he pounded out a text with a frightful force. He feigned a cheery atmosphere with “Sorry, I can’t go over to you this lunch. Let’s eat dinner together!”. He even put in a smiley emoji. Incidentally, he also attached three heart marks which he normally wouldn’t do.

“Haa, hagh… hah…”

Makoto was unusually discomposed. The hand holding his cellphone trembled.

A reply came from her after a short while. Only the simple words, “Okay”, was displayed on the screen.

Usually, he would wait until night with extraneous thoughts like “Is she embarrassed?” but right now for Makoto it was just one more material for his irritation.


He seriously wanted to kill the student who stole her heart—

Makoto desperately restrained himself when it felt like he was about to put that into actual motion.

His breathing calmed after the passing of several minutes and then he slowly straightened his back and practiced his smile in the window.

Reflected there in the window was everyone’s beloved perfect teacher. This was Yamana Makoto for the majority of others.

“Haha, I’m looking forward to after school.”

He murmured this with a breezy smile as he traced the picture from when he raped her before.


That night, she came to Makoto’s house looking as she usually did. This irritated Makoto again.

“Excuse me.”

“Yo. I’m cooking right now, so you can relax inside.”


As she passed him, she gave a glance at Makoto’s face.

When he thought about how she could be trying to come up with ways to delete her photos his emotions exploded in an instant…

“What the fuck?! You want to break up!?”

By the time it was realized, Makoto had pressed her down on the bed.

“Huh!? Um, teach—“

“Shut up.”

He interrupted her words by shoving her face down and then he rolled up her skirt and violently tore off her underwear. Then he sprayed the lotion he had prepared at the bedside over her genitals.

“Wah! W-what are you doing?”

He held her down when she was frightened at the first sensation and then impatiently spread open her vagina. He did try not to hurt her, but his emotions surpassed his reasoning and Makoto was unable to hold himself back.

First, he stimulated her inside with one finger and the moment she loosened he added a second finger. Then, with his fingertips which were pushed in deep, he rubbed against one of her sensitive spots without any teasing.

Thanks to the lotion she was slippery inside but, once Makoto targeted her weak spot, she had no way of escaping from the pleasure. He immediately started to feel something wet apart from the lotion and her love juices even dripped to his palm.

However, the hasty pleasure bordered on pain. She turned her neck to its limits and looked up at Makoto behind her, appealing with teary eyes.

“AH! Sto— ah! No, teacher… I won’t run away anymore, so you don’t have to do this.”

If he heard these words before he saw that confession scene, just how happy would he have been? Makoto thought this with a head that throbbed with pain.

But everything was already too late. She fell for another man and tried to run from him.

The more he thought about it the more his anger boiled like hot water and his mind was stained red. Makoto pulled down his pants and, right away, pressed his tip to her twitching opening.

“Hah… haha, I need to punish a lying bad girl right now.”

“W-wait, teacher! You’re big, so don’t put it in ye— AHH!”

Squelch! He slammed in his seething member. Her tight hole squeezed him as if trying to strangle him and Makoto reflexively let out a groan.

“Ggh, relax.”

“Im… possible… g-go a little… slower…”

She looked at him while crying.

Seeing that the corner of her eyes were a faint red he was reminded of the day he first raped her.

It was like he returned to that day— the moment Makoto felt that a sharp pain ran through his chest again.

Groaning, he wondered why this hurt so much?

He hadn’t thought it would be easy to be loved, so it was strange for him to feel sad. He knew this, but the pain was unbearable. It was probably because lately… blissful days had continued. He felt like he was loved and so his senses fell out of sync.

When he narrowed his eyes at the suffocating feeling, a droplet of something spilled down. It fell, splattered on her waist, and slid down her sweaty skin.


Makoto traced her damp skin and finally realized that he was crying. He thought it was impossible. It was as if his emotions, which should have been washed away in the rain when he was a child, suddenly returned and he couldn’t stop the shaking of his hands.

“Kgh, shit!”

He wiped his own tears harshly with an arm and grabbed her hips as she looked at him in concern. Then, pulling her hips over, he pounded into her with all his force.

There was the sound of slapping skin.

“Hngh! Ah… s-stop, teacher… this is… AH!”

His continuous thrusts interrupted her pleas. Clutching her hips as she tried to slide up, he slammed himself even deeper into her as if trying to hollow her out.

During this stimulation, her hole trembled and convulsed, clinging to Makoto’s length. When he yanked himself out, the head of his penis scraped out a large amount of her juices and it created a stain on the sheets. Her stretched entrance was plastered to her thick bud and slightly rolled up.

His heart pounded at this awfully obscene spectacle. He should have wanted to be happy up until this noon, but now he was dying to fuck her up. He wanted to rape her, ravish her, and rob her of the ability to think with pleasure.

Makoto dropped his upper body and bit at her neck like a starving beast.


He was always considerate not to leave a mark, but those things would disappear. He bit her strongly and then licked at the spot which was congested with blood. He left countless marks as if he was branding her. He slammed into her with the exact power of a beast while he stabbed his canines into her.

“Hagh, ah, teach… wah, no, stop!”

The moment she was bit her vagina tightened all the more. Moans of pleasure leaked out of Makoto as he was drawn through her hot and wet folds. He felt so good he was dizzy. His entire rationality flew off into the distance.

“You don’t hate this, right? You’re sopping wet inside.”

He rolled his hips to let her hear the lewd noises. He relentlessly pierced at her weak spots.

“Nrgh! Not there, ah! Aagh, ah!”

Sweat burst out on her back.

Her contracting vagina was already completely familiar with Makoto’s member and indulged in the pleasure.

“Hah, hagh, jeez, you really are a bad girl. This here has become my exclusive pussy and yet you’re trying to look at another guy…!”

He messily kneaded her breast with one hand, twisting her nipple, while the other hand rubbed at her clitoris.

Stimulated at the same time from the inside and outside, her body jumped.

Makoto nibbled on her small ear and poured a mocking voice into her.

“Oh, what, are you about to cum? You’re going to cum from being fucked forcibly from the back by a man you hate?”

“AH, no… ngh!!”

The instant she answered he tightly pinched her nipple and bud. He pressed down on her buttocks, which rose reflexively, from above, curving her channel, and gave her the maximum stimulation. He smashed at her cervix without lightening his force.

“Gugh! Ah, aah… hah, ah, aah… mgh…”

Her body gave a large jolt, arched back, and then in the next instant became boneless.

Squeezed by her convulsing vagina, which had climaxed harshly, Makoto also greeted his limit.

Holding her slack waist, he snapped his hips violently, pounding into her with slapping noises.

“Hagh, haa, ah, feels so fucking good. Haha, look, you can tell, yeah? You’re clenching down super hard at your entrance. Haa, it’s saying it wants my sperm. I’ll give you loads deep inside you today!”

He even chased her down with his words but it seemed like she was no longer in a state where she could think about anything. Her eyes were unfocused, her moans came out, and she could only be thrust into by Makoto.

Only the habitual movement of urging him to ejaculate repeated. Her hole squeezed him from the base, while convulsing.

Cornered by this intense pleasure, he got goosebumps.

“Ngh, hah, I’m… cumming!”

“Aah, ah… no, teacher… today’s not, ngh, safe…!”

He pulled in her hips when she stirred slightly and drilled himself deeper into her than ever before. He violated her vagina, which couldn’t stop contracting, to his heart’s content.


“Haha, it’s an unsafe day? Isn’t that the best!? Aah, I’m cumming…! I’m cumming…! Look, I’m letting it out, ngh!”

His sperm traveled through his urethra and he shivered greatly at the comfort of spraying it out with force from the tip of his penis. His member twitched inside her manytimes and spat out its burning remains.

“Ah, aah… I said not to…”

“You said no but it felt good, right?”

He rolled his hips and stirred the copious load of his sperm.

Squelching wet sounds echoed loudly more than usual.

Driven by the sound and feel of her wet hole, Makoto’s length immediately regained its hardness.

She noticed that and, panting with heaving shoulders, she looked back at him with tears.

“Haa, hah, haa, haah… um… please let me rest a little…”


“Really, just a little…”

“No. I won’t allow that.”


“Grgh, I know about everything. You got confessed to by a kid today and you put that on hold.”

After he stated his last word, Makoto suddenly came back to himself. He felt like he said something horribly childish. He might have cooled down a little after releasing himself once.

Just as he felt somewhat awkward, she stared hard at him and then muttered this.

“I knew you were watching too.”


“Because you’re always watching me…”


Gripping her plump ass still, he slowly tilted his head.

Several seconds passed without him able to get her point right away.

After a long thought, his brain which had stopped began to turn at last.

“Um, can I get this straight? In other words, you let me see you get confessed to on purpose?”


“Why’d you do that?”


She had answered up to there smoothly but then she bit her lip as if holding something back. Tears slowly but steadily appeared in the corner of her eyes. Her body trembled.

It was at this point that Makoto finally felt like he was tormenting a small animal. His voice softened as an apology.


She seemed to hesitate for a while, her eyes shaking, before her face crumpled and she began to sob.

“I… Because you’re trying to have marriage interviews even while tying me down like this! I don’t want to be a mistress…!”


His thoughts froze just like the other day.

As he understood what she told him he felt the corners of his lips about to turn up unconsciously into a grin. However, since he did feel guilty today, he hurriedly restrained his mouth.

—In other words, she heard from Hino that he was going to a marriage interview and tried to stop him. The timing was good too and it was the opposite of what developed with Makoto the other day. Whether or not she was consciously or unconsciously doing it, either one was a moving thing for Makoto.

He danced wildly in his heart.

“Putting him on hold when you don’t even feel like going out with him, that fucking kid… boy is pitiful, isn’t he?”

He tried to chide her like a teacher, but his twitching member inside her exposed his excitement.

However, she seemed completely filled with everything and didn’t notice that.

“I know that! I’ll apologize… t-tomorrow!”

“Tomorrow, huh. Isn’t that impossible?”

“Wh… y?”

“Because you’re gonna be having sex with me the entire day tomorrow too.”

“S-stop kidding around! Ggh, not denying it means you really are going to a marriage interview, aren’t you!?”

Her sobbing increased in strength.

Makoto hurriedly rubbed her back and made an effort to ask in a gentle voice.

“Um, who said I was going to a marriage interview?”

“Kgh… um, Hino. She said it was a special rumor today…”

“I knew it.”

The eavesdropper was who he expected, but her method of harassment was unexpected. Hino might still be obsessed with him if she was trying to tear their relationship apart.

A murderous intent rose again at this annoyance, but there was something more important than that which he had to confirm first.

“Hey, why do you not want me to do marriage interviews?”

“I don’t know.”

Her pale neck was flushed a faint red as she buried her face into the pillow with anger.

He chuckled low in his throat at her obvious reaction and playfully bit at her soft earlobe.

“You’re always like that.”

“I don’t know things I don’t know. I hate you, Makoto, for trying to go to marriage interviews.”

Thunder struck. That was the sort of shock that ran through Makoto.

Had there ever been a “I hate you” that could make someone feel this happy? Couldn’t he take this as a confession? Makoto writhed inside his heart. He was so happy at being called “Makoto” that he could only hear “I hate you” as “I love you” now. He was even more sick in the head than before.

He gently picked her up as she cried as repeated that she hated him and, while stroking her head, he repeatedly kissed her cheeks and lips. He rocked her like a cradle and gently and tenderly soothed her.

“Sorry, I’m really sorry. I won’t be violent ever again, so forgive me.”

“No, I won’t forgive you.”

“Even if I say I won’t do marriage interviews?”

“… If I forgive you, then you won’t do marriage interviews?”

“I wasn’t planning to from the start. You got tricked by Hino.”


“You really are easy to deceive. There’s people with evil intentions out in the world.”

“B-but what is she tricking me for?”

“Well, it’s because I love you.”

Her face turned bright red upon receiving his direct words. She flapped her mouth open and close and then, at the end, it twisted into a slanted line to make a face that said she was angry.

Her obvious reaction was so cute he couldn’t stand it and Makoto rubbed her head while continuing his rain of kisses. It was indiscrete, but his member which was still inside her became even harder.

“So, do you know now why you don’t want me to do marriage interviews?”

“… I don’t know.”

“I see. Then this time… let’s slowly do some preparatory lessons.”


The “prep lessons” didn’t end even after one night and it ended up consuming Saturday and Sunday and continued up to Monday.

8 thoughts on “Taiiku Kyoushi ~ 500 DL ~

    shngml said:
    April 20, 2020 at 16:45

    Gosh, you got really into Makoto. I agree, Setuka’s writing is spectacular. Thanks for translating the short stories.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 20, 2020 at 17:08

      Haha, I’ve always been really into Makoto! Like I mentioned in the previous posts, it was his short stories that really got me into Kankinkon |D;; so I knew I wanted to translate them whenever I got around to Makoto’s volume, but I was just too lazy to actually translate his volume on my own LOL.

    leohikarusora said:
    April 20, 2020 at 11:17

    This quarantine days makes me really got bored easily, trust me. Of course, this for make sure this pandemic goes down, but let’s hope this’ll ended fast, Amen.

    Okay, back to topic. LOL, I can’t stop laugh honestly. MC is really tsundere, but I kinda like it. Keep doing that, girl~ But, Makoto is truly scaring me if he become yandere mode. I wish I didn’t meet him, truly (;OvO)

    Thank you for you hard works, and stay safe~!!

      Ilinox responded:
      April 20, 2020 at 17:11

      I feel a bit bad for saying this since the pandemic has changed everyone’s lives majorly, but mine hasn’t… uh, changed much LOL. My hobbies keep me inside the house pretty much every day on normal days and I’m fortunate enough to be able to work from home now so |D;; I’m just doing what I normally do. No time to feel bored when I still have backlogs of games and translations, oof.

      I think physically aggressive is a good way to describe Makoto, haha, but yeah I agree that he gets really scary when he’s like this. Even Touji doesn’t become as scary when he snaps, he just gets really cruel and mean… but Makoto is like violently scary. Thankfully, he and his heroine end up with a good relationship.

      Thanks for the comment and I hope you stay safe too ;3;!

    medusawitch said:
    April 20, 2020 at 07:24

    Will you translate after sequel?
    It is quite spicy too.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Ilinox responded:
      April 20, 2020 at 08:56

      The Sports Festival? Because if so, it’s been commissioned! I’m just finishing up with these short stories first.

    muselullaby207 said:
    April 20, 2020 at 07:14

    This is so good. How the story so good?! Respect for Setsuka
    Is there any other cd have the heroine super tsundere like this?! *I can’t remember right now*
    I really like this girl. Nice, dense… i mean innocent, and super tsundere *even after all of that* I love her too lololol Her mental is so strong lol

      Ilinox responded:
      April 20, 2020 at 08:57

      RIGHT!? I love their writing, ugh, it’s so good. It gets even better in the last two short stories for Makoto where you see everything being tied together and why she wrote about certain things in all these previous short stories, haha. For example, the natural way she’s set up this inside joke between them with Makoto asking his girl about her feelings, but her response of “I don’t know” or “I hate you” :’))).

      Good question about other CDs like this and… I can’t think of any really. Tsundere meet yandere is an interesting combination LOL.

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