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Physical Education Teacher

This is the last DL reward short story for Makoto’s first volume and shows how he and his heroine actually get along! It also does call backs to the previous short stories, so again I recommend you read those before reading this one. R18 warning.

Note: Even though this short story is happening in Makoto’s volume, which is before Kazuma’s volume, it actually talks about the future after Kazuma marries his heroine from his volume. So, uh, future spoilers? Maybe? LOL.

Laments of the Wives

“Everyone, please don’t hold yourselves back today and release all your daily indignations. I believe there are things that can only be said here, yes?”

The one who said that with a smile was the wife of Saijou Touji, known as The World’s Saijou. Perhaps one could say this was expected of a woman of the Saijou family but, despite her fragile appearance, she had a solid presence. On both sides of that esteemed madam was Saijou Hikaru’s wife and Kuse Kazuma’s wife, and on the opposite side of the round table was Makoto’s beloved girl. —This garden of the Saijou mansion, where colorful flowers normally bloomed, was even brighter upon receiving this group of women.


On the other side, sitting at a distance from the women, was Yamana Makoto and he watched the women with some restlessness.

“Ugh, I can and can’t hear them.”

In truth, Makoto wanted to sit beside his girl. However, Saijou Touji’s wife told him “Today is a girls-only gathering” and so he was politely kept at a distance.

Makoto inwardly gritted his teeth.

If she talked with other women she might revive her anger towards Makoto, which she had forgotten.

Right now she was—

“Right now she is assaulted by you daily and so her senses have become numb. Thus, if an adult with good sense admonishes her, she might return to sanity… Makoto, I believe that is what you are thinking?”

Makoto’s shoulders uncharacteristically jumped at having his inner thoughts suddenly guessed.

He turned to the side with a complicated emotion and there, with his legs crossed in an elegant manner, Saijou Touji chuckled. Just the simple motion of putting a teacup to the mouth, when done by Touji, was like a painting. Even as he approached 50 years of age, his beauty was divine. Because he possessed an exceptional intellect, to the extent of being called The World’s Saijou, there were also those who leaned to calling him a “monster” in the shadows… But then again this was said since no one knew about Touji’s perversions.

“No need to be concerned, she won’t leave you, Makoto.”

He was this composed because it was another person’s problem, wasn’t it? Makoto thought this but then he noticed a sorrowful look from somewhere in Touji’s eyes and ended up wanting to listen to him seriously.

“How can you say that?”

He asked this and Touji answered while breathing in the fragrance of the high-grade tea leaves.

“She doesn’t smell of despair.”


Makoto made a noise in the silence that followed after that extremely abstract expression.

He wondered if they were on a different channel because Touji’s mind was too good. No, in the first place, it was a mystery as to why someone as busy as him was here.

Thinking that maybe something could be seen if he had Touji’s line of sight, Makoto moved slightly closer to Touji. Then, when he strained his ears, he could faintly hear the refreshing voices of the women.


“I’m… Recently, Hikaru hasn’t come looking for me. Ever since a strange call came in, he seems to be bothered about something…”

Because the first voice Makoto’s ears picked up was that, he suddenly had a cold sweat.

The girls were talking about pretty delicate things. It was just a matter of time before they reached Makoto and his girl’s problems. —Sure enough, right as he worried about that, it progressed in that way.

“I’m very sorry, mother…”

“You have the right to live your own life, so you do not need to concern yourself with the opinions of outsiders. It would be different if you personally wished to be blessed with a child right now, but that is not the case, yes?”

Her soothing gaze towards her daughter-in-law was reminiscent to a holy mother.

It seemed to be a moving scene but the other two at the same table— Kuse’s wife and Makoto’s girl turned red. The two of them still weren’t used to this sort of conversation. Even before this, it was a surprising situation for the both of them to be summoned to a tea party hosted by Touji’s wife.

Finally, Makoto’s girl began to fidget and she accidentally dropped the millions of dollars teacup she was holding. Her face became pale in an instant when it looked like it cracked.

“S-s-s-sorry! I’ll pay for it!”

“It’s alright. Something like a teacup, if I ask that person for some, he’ll buy them to the point of them being disgusting.”


“It’s true so don’t be bothered. I asked him for some before to harass him, but then our rooms became filled with teacups and I got fed up.”

“To harass him…?”

“On that subject, are you fine? Again, my husband gave terrible advice to Makoto, didn’t he?”


“You don’t have to endure anything anymore. If you wish for it… I will drive him away with all my power.”

“Drive him away…”

“Yes. You don’t have to go back to Makoto’s house ever again.”



Instinctively, Makoto was about to run.

He wanted to pick her up right then and there and leave this place.

However, just as he rose up, Touji grabbed his arm and shook his head, relaxed.

Having no choice but to swallow his uneasiness, Makoto pricked up his ears.

There was no doubt she would definitely cling to Touji’s wife.

However, what broke the long silence was a really strange response.


“… I go jogging every morning.”

Despite the abrupt change in topic, the women really continued their friendly conversation.

“Oh my, you do? Do you have some sort of goal?”

“I want to have stamina…”

“Haha, Makoto looks to have stamina.”

“Yes, um… in one night, he… is a lot.”

Then Kazuma’s wife added her voice here.

“Kuse too… he’s a handful.”

Kuse’s wife should have the same last name but, maybe because she wasn’t used to it yet, she didn’t realize she said it wrong.

Touji’s wife gazed at those girls with a smile and then made a wry remark.

“Good gracious, such troublesome gentlemen. I’m certain they can’t restrain their urges even if you asked them, so you should use your feet or hands at that time and recover your strength.”

“Feet!? I-isn’t that… rude to your husband?”

“No. I cannot say this is the rule, but if you take the initiative your husbands may be more pleased.”


Excluding Touji’s wife, the other three murmured this at the same time and then their voices became quieter. It was likely they noticed Makoto listening attentively and were being cautious.

He wasn’t able to catch the low undertones of their voices anymore.



The moment the panicking Makoto leaned forward he saw it.

—An abnormal bulge between Touji’s legs.

His eyes snapped to Touji’s face but the man was drinking his tea with the same unruffled face from before. He truly was a handsome man.

Makoto looked down once more.

The bulge was quite something now.

“… Um.”

“Is something the matter?”

Makoto realized a certain possibility and was astonished. No way.

—Saijou Touji, hearing the words “use your feet” from his wife earlier, was aroused. He was this hard just from imagining it.

Makoto swallowed hard.

Touji laughed and then set his teacup down.

“Makoto, it seems we really are comrades.”

… The reason for that was because the addressed Makoto’s member was also erect.

For some reason the perverts, whose crotches grew hot at the thought of feet being used, gave each other a hard handshake.


That night Makoto was behind his girl, who was watching TV, as usual. He sat with her sandwiched between his legs and they were fit snugly against each other.

On the TV was the weekly program that she enjoyed.

She was engrossed in the dogs on the TV as always.

He plonked his chin on her head and rubbed circles on the top of her head.

“Teacher, please stop getting in the way. You know I watch this every week.”

“I don’t know.”


“I’m copying you.”

“Jeez, teacher, you’re heavy.”

“Hey, are you saying my feelings are heavy?”

“I won’t deny that but right now your chin is heavy. My head is going to dent.”

“… Hey, what did you talk about with the wives today?”

“It was a girls-only meeting, so it’s a secret to men.”


Makoto replied in a careless manner while inwardly he was excited and thinking, “It’d be nice if you used your feet one day”.

However, his girl was easily embarrassed. It was probably still far off into the future.

Once he imagined that wonderful future, which would come one day, the thing between his legs reacted.

She seemed to have noticed it and turned back to Makoto with displeasure.

“Please wait until this is over.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t do it today either.”

“Huh, really? But we haven’t done it for three days already. Won’t your thing explode?”

“Hey, don’t talk about my crotch like it’s alive.”


“If I said I won’t do it then I won’t do it.”

In actuality, he was training to suppress his desires. He was also curious about her words that he heard at today’s tea party. Makoto had reflected on himself and how he had to do something about his own nature where his reasoning wouldn’t work when it came to his girl… He would just do a little bit about it though.

“… Okay.”

Makoto tilted his head at the odd tone in her voice, because her voice sounded somewhat disappointed.

Could it be that she wanted him? —The moment he hoped for that his heartbeat steadily quickened.

Then he finally saw that her nape had gone red… Makoto’s thread of rationality snapped easily.


He left a red mark on her nape and breathed rougher than the dogs on TV. She yelped in surprise but Makoto didn’t stop.

“I-I said not now, teacher. I look forward to this show every week… ngh.”

“Yeah, I know. You can keep watching like that, but can you put your hands on the table for a bit?”

“… Why?”

“I’m begging you. Please? Just for a short while.”

She knew best that Makoto’s “Just for a short while” couldn’t be trusted; however, she also knew that when Makoto was in this state he wouldn’t listen to anything. So, while giving a small sigh, she placed her hands on the table as told and ended up in a position with her butt stuck out.

Makoto panted as he quickly pulled her underwear down. Then he stuck his erect member between her closed thighs.

“W-what are you doing, teacher.”

“Ah, don’t mind me. You want to watch the TV, right?”

“You’re telling me that, but… mgh!”

Grabbing her butt, he slowly moved his hips back and forth. The feeling of being surrounded by her private parts was comfortable and he audibly swallowed.

“Mmgh, earlier, you said you wouldn’t…!”

“S’why I won’t put it in.”

Even though he was pushing in and pulling out between her thighs, when he looked down it gave off the illusion of being inserted inside her. Moreover, the feeling of her soft thighs gave a different pleasure from being inside and Makoto grew all the more excited.

She spoke in a stuttering voice as she was being rocked.

“Aah, ngh, teach… mgh, this, ah… it’s embarrassing.”

“Haa, haagh… haha, even though we always do more extreme things?”

After several rounds of this he felt a hard bud with his pole. It swelled each time he brushed against it and it gave him an exquisite pleasure.

Makoto groaned in pleasure and a moan also leaked out of her.

“Fuah, ah, ngh, aah…! N… not there. Don’t rub that!”

Gradually, he began to hear a wet noise and it was easier to slide between her.

Her juices mixed with Makoto’s pre-cum and it trailed down her inner thighs.

Then, as his arousal heightened and he began to slam his hips into her, a squelching lewd noise echoed.

“Hagh, hah, haa, but when this place is rubbed… you love it, right?”

He pulled out greatly and, when his stiff tip touched her opening, he got goosebumps because of that intense pleasure. He ended up expressing his instinctive desire.

“Ggh, aah, fuck, I want to shove it in.”

Right after Makoto said that he was disappointed at his own words. He was like a kid, unable to hold back just for three days.

Swallowing his ragged breath, he grit his teeth and apologized in a groan.

“Sorry. Forget that. I’m not putting it in today.”

It felt like he really would put it in like this and so Makoto drew back. He took a step towards the bathroom, planning on settling his heat alone.

But then, at that time, she reached back and grabbed his arm.


Makoto couldn’t understand why he was grabbed, but she continued to hang her head and so he stared at the back fo her neck.

Several seconds later, she twisted her head and glared at him. Her face was an obvious shade of red.

“I… I guess there’s no choice then.”


She shook like one of those small dogs which had just been on the TV. Despite trembling like that though, she grabbed her own butt, turned even redder, and raised her hips up. He could clearly see her twitching wet entrance… It was a sight that struck directly at his crotch.

When he stopped breathing and just stared, she forced herself to speak in a strong tone while having tears in her eyes from the embarrassment.

“I-if you turned your overwhelming sex drive onto another girl then it’ll be dangerous for her, so you… you can put it in me.”


“Um, b-but you have to use a condom, please.”

Makoto was so turned on his face was blank. He almost came just from her saying that to him. Unconsciously, he muttered this below his breath.


No matter her reason, this girl of his was in this pose and, even more, told him that he could put himself into her. It was impossible to tell him to hold back now.

Makoto grabbed his penis, which jumped, and growled loudly.

He was painfully hard. He could feel the veins on his rod with his palm. His length, which was already too large to begin with, was even more vicious looking now.

“Are you seriously saying that?”

“If you don’t want to…”

“Gugh, there’s no way I don’t want to!”

He grabbed her butt hard enough for his fingers to sink in. He breathed, ragged and excited, over and over again before covering his straining glans with her love juices.

“Um, teacher, the condom…”

“Aah, sorry, I didn’t think we’d do it tonight so I didn’t buy any condoms. Oh well, you can’t wait anymore either.”

“Wha!? You can’t— AHNGH!”

He thrust in his member, which was harder and stiffer than usual, all at once. His tip got sucked to her cervix with a squelching sound and he trembled at the intense pleasure. Then, like trying to drive him to the edge, he was squeezed by her entire vagina.

It was as if she missed his heat since the last time.

“Ggh, hagh, your hole is always tight no matter how long it’s been. I’m worried I might break.”

Although he said this with his mouth his movements of hollowing her out were merciless. He rubbed and scraped against her sensitive spots.

Goosebumps appeared all over her body from the pleasure.

“Mmghah! T-teacher, wah, not there… ngh!”

Her hips jolted and her entrance contracted over and over again. It might have been that she climaxed lightly there.

Ignited by that sensitve reaction, Makoto unconsciously licked his bottom lip. A bolt-like sensation crawled up from his hips.

“Even though you’re saying no… you’re drenched inside. You’re already tight yet you’re clenching down as hard as you can… aah, fuck, it’s so good. You’ve ended up with a pussy that loves my huge cock. Seriously, you can only be my wife now.”

“S-stupid. You’re always, ngh, deciding everything on your own… AHH!”

Grabbing her waist, he fixed her in place, pulled back once, and then snapped his hips forward. SQUELCH! The sound echoed and droplets of juice fell to the floor.

He grew more and more turned on by her thickening smell and he slammed his hips against her exactly like a dog.

“Aah, ngh! Te… acher, stop, it’s been a while… so, ah, if you… if you do that inside, mgh… I’ll dieee.”

“Don’t worry. Earlier, I rubbed myself against you to my limits, so I’ll come inside… soon!”

“Wait, ngh, if you do that, mgh, it’s not safe… aah!”

He bit her nape, sealing her objections. Of course, it was to a degree where she wouldn’t bleed but her body jumped and stiffened. He licked the mark, as if soothing it, and her sweaty body relaxed.

Taking advantage of that opportunity, Makoto sunk his hard tip into her depths. He ground his hips against her as if trying to push open her cervix.

“Mmgh, ah, aah!”

She made high-pitched moans, which rode on top of her program’s ending theme.

Right when the volume grew louder, she turned back to look at him with a bitter expression.

“St-stupid. You said I could watch it.”

“You like this dog more than the dogs on TV, right?”

“What are you— AAH!”

This time he slammed his hips into her with enough force to drown out the TV noise. He also didn’t forget to aim at her sensitive spot.

The sensation of her hole shrinking tight informed him that she was close to her limits.

“Aa, wah! I’m… commiiiiing! I’m gonna dieeee!”

“Haa, hah, hagh, haha, me too… I felt so good I could die. Haa… haah… haha, I came a lot today too…”

Before she could tell him no, he bit down on the opposite side of her neck from earlier.

He pounded his hips into her right when she arched and her vagina squeezed him painfully.


She was assaulted by an intense wave of climax and collapsed onto the table, almost losing consciousness.

Makoto held her from behind as she convulsed and continued to violate her vagina, which just came, with his brutally hard member.

She could no longer say words because of the intense pleasure and was just moaning meaninglessly.

Each time a wet squelching sound echoed juices would splatter.

“Aa… ah… hngh… mm…”

Her face, which was completely slack and dazed with pleasure, was unbearably cute. He licked her drool which trailed down from the corner of her mouth and, when he sucked her lips as if devouring her greedily, her hips jerked greatly again and he was drawn through her slippery hole.

A shiver ran down Makoto’s spine.

“Gugh! I’m cumming!”

Squeezing her soft body tight, he pressed himself deep into her and released his heat.

He felt sorry towards her but he earnesly wished for her to get pregnant with this.

“Haa, hah, haa… hah… shit. It feels so good I’m seriously going to die.”

He swirled around the overflowing amount of sperm. After he did that for a while he suddenly felt a strong gaze and raised his head. Damp eyes were glaring at him from a close distance.

“I said this before, but… teacher, you’re not a dog you’re a wolf.”

“Haha, maybe. That’s why I’m OK with one wife.”

Her eyes went large and then she got angry, as if hiding her embarrassment, and turned around.

Makoto adjusted his hold on her and then forced their eyes to meet before he kissed her gently many times.

“I love you. Stay with me for life?”


She fell silent and averted her eyes again.

Makoto smiled wryly at her natural response and then asked his next question.

“Does it hurt anywhere?”


Maybe he was too rough because she just puffed out her cheeks even more.

Makoto hesitated, thinking it might be better not to talk to her anymore, but then he reconsidered how he couldn’t let her health turn bad as a result of leaving her alone.

It was already late at this point but he still asked, a bit scared.

“What’s your answer?”

“… I don’t know.”

“That again?”

He laughed and caressed her head.

She looked down with an angry face still and then muttered.

“But… yes, maybe.”

“Umm, which question is that answer for?”

“I don’t remember.”

“That’s mean.”

Did it hurt or did she want to stay? It wasn’t clear which one she meant.

It was frustrating that she spoke in a way which still left her an escape route. However, Makoto felt his heart warm.

“Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter. If we’re together until the morning, you should know. If you still feel like it’s a ‘yes’ in the morning then I’ll take you there.”

“To where?”

“The hospital, or somewhere else.”

If she hurt then there was a hospital under the patronage of the Saijou family close to them.

If she wanted to stay then he would take her to the white building on the hill.

—To the church, which she seemed to look at longingly the other day.

T/N: I knew I’d run into this issue the moment I decided to translate Makoto’s short stories and I hope I managed to creatively get around this LOL. But, just for everyone’s knowledge, when the MC replied with “yes” to Makoto’s question she used the word いたい (itai) in pure hiragana.

The reason why this is clever is because both Makoto’s questions about whether it hurts (痛い) or whether she wants to stay (居たい) are both pronounced “itai”. Ugh, I love how Japanese can play with homonyms like this. His confusion isn’t “which one did you say yes to?” but more like “which word are you using?”.

Anyway, so the ending is that if she still feels “itai (pain or wanting to stay)” tomorrow morning then he can take her to wherever she wants to go.

9 thoughts on “Taiiku Kyoushi ~ 1000 DL ~

    shngml said:
    April 22, 2020 at 20:05

    I like that Makoto explains to us about Touni being 50 and still looks handsome. Thanks for another great translation.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 22, 2020 at 20:21

      It’s a bit hilarious since it’s in Makoto’s POV, but I guess that just goes to prove that Touji’s handsomeness is unparalelled and even straight yanderes can admire his beauty. Thanks for the comment <3!

    muselullaby207 said:
    April 22, 2020 at 03:05

    It so good and sweet, when it also twisted… but so sweet Aaagh!!! Love this story.
    But the best part is how those two pervert show their bromance. I can’t stop thinking ‘Touji finally meet a real friend’, good for him lol
    And for the ending my mind just say, ‘they have Seiji in the future, don’t worry’

      Ilinox responded:
      April 22, 2020 at 09:14

      Just the image of them shaking hands while having hard ons will never fail not to crack me up. GET A ROOM YOU TWO. But yeah IMO Makoto’s heroine choosing not to get help from Touji’s wife and staying with Makoto and also offering herself up like that is basically confirmation that she does love him :’))

      I actually saw an interesting JP analysis about Makoto and his MC vs. Touji and his MC because, in a sense, they both go through the same development. They snap and go after their younger clueless target LOL. But in Makoto’s case, his heroine is already isolated (because she lost her parents and her uncle’s family neglects her) and she admired Makoto and had somewhat of a foundation of trust alread. Meanwhile, Touji’s MC has a loving family and her bright future was rudely interrupted by this random dude who got obsessed and jumped her LOL.

      So, it makes sense as to why Makoto’s MC can end up forgiving him like this, because he’s offering her everything she could possibly want… the desire for a family and unconditional love. But Touji’s MC was robbed of her future and her loving family and everything, so that’s harder to get over.

        muselullaby207 said:
        April 22, 2020 at 21:14

        Yeah i can see that. If they can be more patient it will go more smooth like Touji other route when he play with time more and his mc really love him. But that just a dream lol
        I also imagine a scene like Spongebob. All kankinkon man gather by Touji.
        Touji: all right say it!
        All: we pervert and we are proud
        Touji: LOUDER!!
        and Kazuma who see them from window ask Hikaru ‘what are they doing?’ Hikaru just answer ‘just ignore them’
        Someone need to draw it lololol

    medusawitch said:
    April 22, 2020 at 00:06

    I have been waiting your blog to update.
    On time as always!
    Thank you for translations.

      medusawitch said:
      April 22, 2020 at 00:13

      Touji’s wife is scary here. ;w;

        muselullaby207 said:
        April 22, 2020 at 03:08

        Yeah, she remind me with namidame heroine. a sweet girl who became a Do-S to survive lol

        Ilinox responded:
        April 22, 2020 at 09:10

        I honestly love seeing other characters look at her because, yeah, she basically has a ridiculously strong presence like Touji but just in another way, even though whenever we’re hearing about Touji’s volume she always seems to get the shorter stick |D;; this man is just too much.

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