Femme Fatale ~ Fuyu no Inu ~

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Hidaka Suguru (日高 英)
CV: 湯町駆

Mihashi Kazumi (水橋 和己)
CV: 茶介

Femme Fatale ~ Hound of Winter ~

Sometimes I’m used as “security for a loan”.

It all started when his best friend, Mihashi Kazumi, questioned me for loitering in front of a high-interest loan firm.

My freelancing lithographer boyfriend, Hidaka Suguru, takes breaks from his part-time job whenever he’s immersed in his creative work. During this time, I have a contract that says Kazumi is free to do as he wishes with me in exchange for financial support. But this is just “wordplay” and in actuality it’s nothing more than doing housework. There wasn’t any “doing as he wished with me”.

However, that balance collapsed.

Cerberus, who was made in my image, seemed to be the hound of the underworld.
This dog, which Suguru drew, had three heads and stood on a frozen river.
And then it asked me, “What is your decision?”.

I was overjoyed to nestle close and obey that man.
I felt at ease with the words given to me by another man.
I think being needed is the reason for my existence.
Right now, which man needs me more?

Great big thank you to Madame for the commission! R18 warning and this involves 3P, bondage, and anal toys. I feel like I should say something more here, but I don’t really have anything to say LOL. Uh, I guess I was somewhat livetweeting this while I was translating it and had some thoughts only for the CD to laugh in my face at the end. You can also grab it on JP DLsite.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Last Day of the Contract ***

*car driving*

Kazumi: Here we are, we’ve reached your house. *stops engine*

K: … Hey, are you honestly doing alright with this life? Because, you’re going back and forth between my place and this place. You aren’t tired?

K: You’re good… Haha, you listen too much to Suguru. Give out your own opinion sometimes, since he has this habit of coming up with outrageous ideas and having everyone else go along with it. Yeah, he’s been like that since the past.

K: It’s hilarious when he does come up with these though. He’s stubborn even when money is tight. Remember how reluctant he was when I said I’d lend him some? The moment he said I could use you however I wished as security for the loan, haha, I had to hold my head. Despite saying that, when he imagined you being stolen away, he even got jealous.

K: What would he do if I really felt like doing that? Haha, I’m lying, that was a joke. *house opens* Oh, haha, speak of the devil and he shall appear. Let’s go. *car opens*

K: Yo, maestro. I hope your work is going smoothly.

Suguru: Hey now, you guys took forever even though the engine stopped. I was waiting for you both to come in. What were you guys doing in the car? Boldly cheating in front of your boyfriend is hard to forgive, you know? Come over here.


K: Dumbass, haha, look at her get all lively from your rude mouth. Here you go.

S: Oh, thanks. I can buy new metal plates with these. I’ll be sure to return the money.

K: You don’t have to return it. This is payment for her week’s worth of housework. It must be rough when you have a part-time job too. Thanks for all your help this time too. But, while you were over, my place was comfortable and I was able to eat delicious food. It was amazing, haha!

S: Hah, I had a terrible time. Being an artist is lonesome. Moreover, my girlfriend got stolen away by my friend so my heart’s even more wasted. Perfect, right?

K: I only had her do housework though. Haha, I can’t play along with you. I’m heading home.

S: Why? Come on in. I have convenience store pastries, so have some.

K: Hah? In any case, they’re things you got from your part-time job right at the end of their “best before” date, right? Haha, this girl, her eyes are glittering after hearing about the convenience store pastries. Hmm… alright then, I guess I’ll intrude.

S: Good, good. *to heroine* Welcome home. You worked hard, didn’t you? Eat up lots of sweets.

K: I see.

S: What?

K: You accepted the pastries for her.

S: No duh. It’s to treat my honey. *opens door* Come on, come on, come in.


K: If you’re treating her, then buy some with money. Hmph!

*scene skip; Suguru brings refreshments*

S: Here we go, some tea and sweets. Here, this one’s for you. Kazumi, which one do you want?

K: Anything’s good. Sweet ones though. *to heroine* Heh, you look content. Is it tasty? Hm, then I’ll give you mine too. Here you go. *to Suguru* Hey, it’s because you have this sort of girlfriend that you can do whatever you want.

S: Om nom nom. Huh? You mean the fact that I can keep on printing art?

K: Mm, well, I’m responsible for that too. I can’t believe you’d go to an art university just because of my recommendation.

S: It’s because your words were persuasive, Kazumi. I was your junior, so I had to listen.

K: Huh!? Hah, when were you my junior, since you always dropped honorifics. I was never treated as your senior.

S: Hehe, I’m not the type to care about those things.


K: Jeez. Well, I do think it’s amazing you can do art printing without eating. You didn’t run away and call it a hobby in the end. However, that was a little bit unacceptable.

S: Aah, that. Sorry for surprising you then.

K: Seriously. I can’t believe I’d suddenly meet my friend’s girlfriend at a high-interest loan firm. That just doesn’t happen! I was delivering a sofa to that company. After I heard she wanted to borrow money, it turned out that, for the time being, she came to ask on how to borrow money.

S: But I honestly didn’t know about all that.

K: You stupid dumbass. It’s all your fault, not earning a living. *to heroine* Are you seriously alright? You’ll manage somehow…? Psh, Suguru, do something.

S: Kazumi, you’re misunderstanding. She gets angry when I’m not doing art, you know? If I don’t do art then she won’t like me anymore. But, well, there are times when I have art blocks. So, sometimes when we’re apart it’s also for both of our sakes. Mhm.

K: Hmm. *to heroine* You believe in Suguru’s talent, huh. Even if that’s the case, don’t make her suffer too much.

S: *to heroine* Are you having a hard time? Hey, why did you tilt your head?

K: Haha, well, I’ll help out as much as I can.

S: That’s right, because you can do whatever you please with my beloved girlfriend.

K: I’m not using her as I please. She’s my best friend’s girlfriend, after all. *lowly* She’s not mine.


S: Oh, that reminds me of something I read. There’s ranks as to the types of girls that turn on men: one, stolen; two, servant; three, entertainer; four, lover; five, wife.

K: What the hell?

S: First, is another man’s wife. Then it’s a maidservant, a prostitute, a mistress, and then your own wife is ranked fifth. Apparently, secretly stealing someone’s woman is the most delicious situation.

K: Oh? Is that the case? I don’t really get it though.

S: For me, my own woman is the most tasty.

K: Pffhaha, well said. In that case, why don’t you enjoy her as much as possible?

S: Eh? You’re leaving already?

K: Yeah, I’m not going to sit through any more of you bragging about her, heh. Anyway, see you later.

S: Oh, OK, see you.

K: Ah, when’s your next one?

S: Hmm, my next thing is an exhibition so… I don’t have an idea yet. I don’t know when it’ll be.

K: I see. Ah, you don’t have to hand her over either. I’ll lend you money the normal way. Your works are placed in my company too, and it’s gotten fans. They say it’s like a flower in the interior design and there’s people who’ll buy every time you present new ones.

S: Of course, since I’m Japan’s Chagall. But, well, she’s something like a hostage, so I’ll be placing her in your care in the future too.

K: … Honestly, you’re so egotistical. *to heroine* You seriously need to insist on your own opinions a bit too, alright? Anyway, see you.

S: Yeah, see you later!

S: … Now then, I missed you. *hugs heroine* You’re back with me at last. I always think this… that you might not ever come back again. Hm? Hey now, your smile is stiff. *kisses* By the way, I did pay for those sweets. Happy? Ah, it might have been better to keep silent on that. But, oh well, let Kazumi think what he wants. Let’s go to bed. *kisses*

*** TRACK 2: Martial Restraint ***

S: Ah, it’s been a while since we had sex.

S: Right? I’ve been causing way too much trouble for Kazumi. Maybe I’ll increase my part-time hours and reduce the number of works I make.

S: Hrm, when I say this your face clouds over, so a problem lies with you too. That’s why it’s such a dilemma. *kisses*

S: Mm… I love you. *kisses*

S: Mmgh… mm… Haha, your nipples are nice and hard. I want to tie this place up in a way that’ll make them stand out… *opens drawer* with a red string, haha. Very nice, it’s stunning and pretty. It feels like you’re giving everything up to me. It’s extremely arousing. Roll over. I’m going to touch you, ngh.


S: Haha, ngh, it’s hot… inside you. It’s always like this, haha.

S: Hey, it’s too early to be wet. Did you want to do it? Haah…

S: I already want to put it in. I want to be connected to you at my core. I was lonely.

S: … But I like this stinging pain in my heart. Since it makes me feel acutely how much I love you… and, because of that, I find you horrible for neglecting me. Haha, yes, ridiculous, right? I’m the one who sent you there after all. But you also accepted my unreasonable request. *kisses*

S: You’re a good girl, so I’ll give you a reward. Nngh… *kisses*


S: Hngh… ah, feels good. Ungh…! You’re still a bit stiff, mgh, but when I continue… you suddenly start to writhe. Gngh, it’s like your hole is alive down here. Mgh! It’s begun. It’s amazing when it’s like this. Hey, I’m going to sit you up.

S: Haha, mm. You don’t know, do you? The only one who knows… is me. *kisses*

S: Haah… I’m going to thrust into you like this. Ngh…! Ggh…!

S: Your nipples are so hard, haha. Mngh! I’m going to pinch them, haha. You tightened down here. Ngh, I knew this’d feel good for you. Haa… hah…!

S: Come on, you move too. Mmn… are you going to come? Don’t come yet, ngh. If you come, I’m going to punish you.

S: … Huh? You came? Hmm, so you wanted to be punished.


S: No excuses. Go lie face down then.

S: Heh, how about I play around with some anal? It’s been a while. You don’t want to? If I remember right, doesn’t that mean you want to do it?

S: In any case… I guess anal pearls are enough. Here we go. Ah, no running. Heh, don’t worry, I covered them in lotion. Nngh…

S: So? It’s fine, right? Haha, it’s like you have a tail. Here, I’ll rotate it around inside you. Your butt’s become pretty good at this, huh. You’re a woman I don’t know what to do with. *kisses*

S: Haha, but you’re cute… kind, understanding, ngh, and a little dummy. After all, you became the girlfriend of a scumbag like me.


S: I’m going to put myself in too. It’ll be double penetration. Mmgh…! Oh, shit, this… feels so good. Nrgh! I’ll make you feel good in both holes. Haa… hah…!

S: Haha, honestly… you love it… when I’m terrible to you, huh. Ngh!

S: Hey, is today a safe day? Mngh, haha, you’re so careful. Nngh, as I expected… you know me so well. I’ll come inside then. Nrgh, haah… haa…!

S: Ungh, I feel like I’m gonna come… I’m coming… Hagh… haa…! *he orgasms*

S: Haa… hah… I’m coming… Look, you can feel the hotness. *kisses*

S: … I love you. Haah…

S: *removes ropes* Let’s see… there we go. I’ve untied the ropes. Here, look over here.


S: Oh, I forgot to ask this again. How’s Kazumi’s business doing?

S: I see. Somehow, I got that feeling. That place is a bit high class, huh. So, it’s not doing so good. Well, it looks like he’s enduring it out of pride though. But if I refused his help then he’d get angry, right? He wants to show you his good side.

S: … Hm? Mm-mm, it means exactly how it sounds. *yawns*

S: I’m being supported by the both of you. *yawns* Next exhibition… I want to grab an art show this time. I want to win a prize… and say it’s thanks to you two.

*** TRACK 3: Kind Rapist ***

*phone rings*

K: Oh, helloooo! It’s Kazumiiii…

K: Uh, yeah, I’m a bit drunk. Is Suguru there? He doesn’t have his phone turned on, so I can’t get through.

K: Ah, I see, he’s out. Oh? That’s cheeky, going on a sketching trip. He sure is enthusiastic. He must be motivated because of the art exhibition. I see, I see. Wow. Haha… hah…

K: … Sorry, you and Suguru… I can’t face you two. I might not be able to help you guys out anymore.

K: I think my business is gonna collapse. I ended up with a dishonored bill, haha… hah… You know, I thought I was good at business and getting on in the world. Yet I got tricked by another person. I’m pathetic, haha. He’s living much more steadily than me, huh… although he’s egotistical. But he’s honest about that side of him.


K: He’s simple… He doesn’t swindle.

K: … I’m really sorry. For not being reliable.

K: No, don’t come. I’m drunk… and my place is dirty. I don’t… want you to… see this side of me. You don’t have to come so— eh, uh…! *heroine ends call*

*scene skip; doorbell; door opens*

K: Hah… you really came.

K: Um, my place really is messy, so it’s better you don’t go further in. I didn’t throw out the garbage either and there’s beer bottles everywhere.

K: … Huh? Food? When was the last time I ate…? I don’t remember, haha. It’s fine, I’m not hungry.

K: Uh, you don’t have to clean up. No, right now, you’re not under the contract.

K: … I’m good. I don’t want to eat anything. Hah… could you leave me alone?

K: *growls* I’m begging you. STOP ASKING IF THERE’S ANYTHING YOU CAN DO FOR ME! *grabs heroine* Ggh!

K: … Hey, do you know about my feelings? I fell in love with you. I could have rejected that stupid contract whenever, but… I started looking forward to spending time with you… and wanted to be with you. Even when we were alone, we just talked about Suguru, didn’t we? That both of us were supporting Suguru.

K: I said it to make us sound like comrades. I honestly… didn’t plan on letting you know.


K: I wanted to be a good friend. *crying* But… my business crashed and maybe Suguru might not be able to continue making art.

K: What will I do if you do something reckless in need of money?

K: … I love you. I wanted you to come but I didn’t want you to come. Because I knew I’d sleep with you if you came. Ngh…! *kisses*

K: Haa… hah… Ggh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Ngh… I’m really sorry! Don’t resist. I don’t want to… do horrible things to you. Nrgh!

K: Get on the rug. Your back won’t hurt if we do it here. Mmgh! *kisses*

K: Aah, cute. You’re moaning. Ngh!


K: I’m so sorry. Even if you cry, I won’t stop. Haa… hah…

K: I’m going to take off your underwear.

K: Aah, it’s too much for me. Let me taste you. Mmgh! *gives oral*

K: Hah… haah… I want to do it… I want to do more. Let me put a finger in. Aah… you’re soft inside too and burning hot. Mngh!

K: So you were this hot. Hey, up to now… have you ever imagined me doing this to you? Mm?

K: I imagined it. Touching here. I imagined it so many times. Haa… hah… You would ask me to stop, like you are now. But even still I wouldn’t stop. Because, like this, you’d slowly get wet. Ggh, like this… you’d tempt me. *removes pants*


K: No… I’m sorry. I won’t stop.

K: You already hate me now, right? Ggh. *teary kisses; inserts himself*

K: Haa… hah… I’m inside you. I wanted to be in you. Ugh… ngh…! It feels good… mgh!

K: I’m sorry. Haa… hagh…! It feels so good…!

K: Gugh… hah…! Haha… ah, with this… I’ll lose everything. My friends too. Before I seriously fell for you, I needed to keep away. Ggh… but I don’t regret falling in love with you.

K: … I love you. I’ve always loved you. You’re cute, admirable… *kisses* bright, *kisses* and optimistic even without having money. *kisses* I was jealous of Suguru. *kisses*

K: I wonder why I’m in love with you this much?


K: You would be crying like this even in my fantasies, but… haha, you really are crying. You’re crying because of me. So lovely. *kisses*

K: Haa… haah… ngh! I’m begging you, please don’t say anything right now. Don’t think about anything. Just be fucked by me. Ggh… ah! I want to stay like this forever. Haa… hagh…!

K: Ah, shit! You’re getting tighter, ngh!

K: Hm? You’re going to come? You can come? Do you want me to do more? Haa… hah…! If I do this, then you’ll probably be able to come, right? Come because of me! Hah… agh…! I’m coming…! Kiss me, ngh! *kisses; thrusting* I’m…! Ngh! *he orgasms*


K: It’s coming out… *kisses*

K: Haa… hah…

K: … I’m sorry… for raping you. But I did it because I wanted you! I wasn’t lashing out and venting my anger. I’ve always… wanted to do this. So, I… I’m really happy right now, haha. Horrible, right?

K: I’m going to say something even more selfish. I’m going to stop being a good person. I think I’m going to try and snatch you from Suguru.

*** TRACK 4: Cerberus ***


K: *puts on clothes*… Who is it?

K: Ggh! It’s Suguru… Why?

K: Oh, you texted Suguru about what I said. Of course, you would. Both of you are lovers… and he came out of concern. *doorbell; intercom* Hello? Mm… so you came as well? Mm, she’s here. I’m going to open the door now, but can you promise me something?

K: I’m the one in the wrong. So, the one you should blame… is me alone. *opens door*

S: Ah, can I come in?

K: Mm. *closes door*

S: *walking into room* Sorry, my phone ran out of battery. I was surprised when I saw my texts and came directly from my trip. So, I also didn’t buy any gifts— *drops things* Ah… so that’s how things are. Hey, did you consent to this?

K: No. I raped her.

S: I’m asking her.


K: I’m the one at fault. I assaulted her on my own.

S: What’s the truth? Did you also accept Kazumi?

K: She’s not at fault! I’m the one… who assaulted her.

S: Were you actually sleeping with Kazumi up to now… or something?

K: No…! Don’t blame her.

S: Hmm. So, today was the first time. Heh… hehe… I wonder why, even though you getting stolen away isn’t a wild idea but reality now, I still can’t feel that it’s real. My mind’s a white space.

K: Suguru…

S: Kazumi’s a good man, huh. You think so too, right?

K: Hah… where?

S: I was spoiled by you two, huh. Hey, Kazumi… when did you fall in love?

K: Huh?

S: The moment you knew you were in love with her. When was it?

K: … From the time I met her at the loan firm, I’ve always wanted to do something for her.

S: Haha, oh, what, since back then?

K: I thought it was regrettable. That she wasn’t free from worries. Especially so.

S: Ah, you see, this girl’s used to my callousness. I thought about this in the bottom of my heart… that there was a possibility she’d wake up one day and abandon me. That she might run over to a decent man… to you, Kazumi. How do I put this, I was hoping for that… but afraid of that.


K: This girl hasn’t said she’d abandon you, right?

S: Yeah. *to heroine* I can’t see your true feelings. What’s the truth? Were you happy to be fucked by Kazumi?

K: Quit that.

S: Oh, that’s right. You see, I thought about doing the hell from Greek mythology. For the motif of my art prints at the exhibition. I can see it… how Cerberus is there in the realm of the dead. It’s a dog that has three heads. Thank you, inspiration is welling up in me. I’m always getting things from you, huh. I love you. Can you help me one last time?

S: Hurt me more. *breathes shakily* Could you fuck Kazumi in front of me?

K: … Suguru!?

S: You also love Kazumi, right? I can tell that much. After all, every time you come back to my place, you talk happily about how Kazumi did this and that. It was like I was hearing you talk about your lover. So, when Kazumi got depressed, you couldn’t stop yourself from running over, huh.

K: You… what are you saying!?

S: It’s fine. She’s that sort of woman. She’s someone who can’t abandon people when they’re feeling weak. Haha… still, up to now I was pretty stupid. The pain of the lie I made up in my head was pointless. I want a real burning-like pain. Hurry up and do it together.

K: … Suguru, do you know just how cruel your words are to her?

S: I know. But she forgives me for being an egoist. Because we made that sort of rule. Ah, but… if you feel reserved because of me, how about we do it with the three of us?

K: Wh… at?

S: Let’s do that. Then you can decide between Kazumi or me.

K: … You…! Why are you listening to Suguru?

S: I told you, didn’t I? We got to this point under that rule. Now, let’s go to the bed. No matter how it is, the living room’s a pretty bleak place. I’m going to say something really off-point, but… at the very end, I want to warm up with the three of us. Because I… love the both of you.

*** TRACK 5: Boat of the Underworld ***

K: … You’re seriously going to do this?

S: Yup. Okay, raise your arms. Earlier, you did it with your clothes on, right? Let’s be sure to take these off. Haha.

K: Hey, Suguru—

S: —I’ll take mine off too. You don’t know when to give up, huh. If you feel awkward, then just watch.

K: *to heroine* You’re really… alright with this!?

S: … Come here. I’ll hold you from behind. Ask Kazumi to fuck you, OK?

K: Ggh! She said it.

S: Haah, your breasts feel so soft and nice. *kisses*

K: Hah… I… ngh… L-let me? *kisses* Mgh…

S: You’re finally being honest. I want to kiss her too. Let’s switch.

K: I’m… doing this on my own will now.

S: Between me and Kazumi, rate which one’s better. *kisses*

K: I love you. Let me make love to you. *kisses*


S: You’re getting turned on. Who’s better? Nngh… I’m going to suck on your breasts.

K: Look over here. *kisses* I’ll be much more gentler than before.

S: I’m going to do my best too.

K: Ngh, spread your legs. Haah… *gives oral*

S: Does Kazumi’s cunnilingus feel good? Haha, let me look at your face.

K: Mmgh, ah, this place is swollen. Haah… it’s so lovely.

S: Mm? You’re going to come? Haha, I want to see it. Show me. The way you look when you come. Uwah, shit… *swallows*

K: Nrgh…! Hah… she came. I’m glad.


S: My own girl came because of another man. Haha, my heart hurts so much. I might be a masochist.

K: As if you can be a masochist. It’s normal for your heart to hurt.

S: I thought so. Hm?

K: Eh? W-what? What are you trying to do? You have to serve me…?

S: Haha, she’s definitely been taught some things. Try doing us both at once then.

K: Huh!? I-I’m good. You don’t have to do that. Ngh!

S: Mm, haha, this image gives off an amazing impression. You’re holding us one in each hand. Lewd.

K: Ungh!

S: Come on, use the pad of your thumb. Nngh… be sure to rub the vein right below the head. Mmgh…

K: W-wait. Hold on a moment! Aah!

S: Keep going, haha. Right now, you have… two lovers, after all. Nngh, hey, suck on Kazumi.

K: Ggh… huh? Y-you don’t have to do that. Ngh!

S: Haha, crap, I’m seeing something I shouldn’t be seeing. Hngh!

K: Kgh, ah… hah…! No…! Aah…!

S: Kazumi, come inside her mouth.

K: Ngh… huh? Uh, wait, no! Don’t take it that deep… ngh!


S: Hey now, don’t forget about me. Do your best to stroke me. Ngh!

K: I’m… coming…! Pull away! I’m gonna come…!

S: Don’t you dare pull away. Suck him. Show him what I taught you.

K: Haah… haa… Suguru…! You…! Nngh! Agh! *he orgasms*

S: OK, that’s enough. Show me what’s inside your mouth. Aah, you had him come a lot. Good, now swallow.

K: Your guys’ sex… Is it always like this?

S: Yeah, generally like this.

K: Hah… it’s not gentle at all. *to heroine* You were treated like this?

S: That’s because it was the rule.

K: If it were me I’d cherish you… Grgh, I want to make you mine.

S: Heh, what are you saying at this point? Don’t fucking joke with me. There’s a problem if you aren’t being serious. If you took her from me just to play around, then I’ll fucking kill you.

K: ……

S: *to heroine* Come here. I’ll put it in. Haha, open your legs. This might be the last time, huh. *kisses* Nngh…

K: Ah… grgh…

S: Ngh… hah…! Haha… *teary voice* You were always kind, weren’t you? You’d say yes to anything I said. That’s why I… was scared of you. Ngh! Hngh…!


K: Haa…

S: Ungh… hah…! Kazumi, watch this. How I, ngh, fuck her. Remember this.

K: Yeah.

S: I loved you. But it’s possible… the way I showed it… ngh, wasn’t the right way. *teary voice* I wasn’t… I wasn’t able to be gentle, huh.

K: … Ggh, why are you saying that now!?

S: Hgh… ngh…! Hey… do you think you can come? You can come right away today. Haa… hah…! Ngh, you tightened…!

K: You’re a cruel person.

S: Come for me. Me too… ngh, I’m gonna come too. Haah… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting; he orgasms* Haa… hah… haah… Thank you for everything up to now. Kazumi, let’s switch. *to heroine* Face me, and let him do it from the back. I’m going to sketch your face.


K: Suguru—

S: I’ve given you this much when I’m the one who was cuckolded, so accept this condition.

K: You don’t have any intentions of being chosen by her, do you?

S: I’m prioritizing my desire to create art. I’m going to see this personal vision through to the end. Hurry up and fuck her.

K: *to heroine* … I’m not going to love you in a way that I’ll regret later. So, I want you to forget how I was earlier. I’ll be gentle. I want to be gentle.

S: Heh, that’s what he said. I’m going to get my sketchbook. *leaves*

K: Alright? Sit on my lap. Mm, ah, wait, not yet. Listen to me again. I love you. *kisses* I’ll take care of you. *kisses*

S: *returns; inhales* OK. Begin. Let’s see… *sketches*

K: Mm, slowly… put me in. Nngh… mgh… You really are burning inside. *kisses*

S: *teary voice* You’re gorgerous.

K: Ngh… hngh…!

S: *sketching; crying* Aah… I knew it… I love you. Ggh…


K: Mrgh… please, don’t cry when you look at Suguru.

S: Spread your legs more. Show me where you two are connected. Go harder!

K: Ggh, shut up! Fucking idiot. *crying; to heroine* I love you. Ngh, I love you. I love you!

S: *crying* I don’t want to lose you. My… my— woman.

K: Ngh, I’m going to touch this place, alright? If you want to come, then you can come. Mmgh…!

S: *sketching* ……

K: Mrgh! Haah… hah… you came. *kisses* Did it feel good, mm? Oh, I see. Good. *kisses*

S: Hah… I saw your face when you came again.

K: *to heroine* … Huh? What?

S: *flips page* This is the face. Cerberus. It’s done.

K: Suguru. Come here.

S: Huh?

K: She said she wanted you to come over here.


S: Dummy, you’re going to make me hopeful. Mmph! *heroine kisses him* Haah…! Ow… you bit me on purpose, didn’t you? What the heck was that?

K: Why is it this complicated? Haha… is it because of me?

S: I’m going to get back at you. *kisses*

K: But… I’m not going to let you go now. *kisses*

S: … Seriously, everything is over with this.

K: What’s with that finger? Are you trying to shoot me to death?

S: Bang. Bang.

K: Hah… shut up, loser. Just shut up and watch. Nngh! *thrusting*

S: Bang.

K: Mmgh… ngh…

S: Bang.

K: Haah… haa…! Ggh! Ah, I’m coming…! I’m coming…! Mrgh… ngh! *he orgasms*


S: Everything has been reset with this. *kisses*

K: *kisses*

*scene skip*

K: Show me what you drew just now. The thing you wanted to express to the point of even hurting her.

S: You want to see it? Here.

K: It’s a dog. Is it human from the neck up? How come there’s three heads?

S: Yep, Cerberus is that sort of dog. I drew her expressions on the three of them. It’s winter, so the river of the underworld is frozen and, because the boat can’t move, the dead won’t come. And so the watchdog has lost its job. Its three heads wonder about what it should do. Which face do you like? That’ll decide everything.

K: … What do you mean?

S: *to heroine* These are your expressions. One when you talk to me, one when you talk about Kazumi, and one when you’re with the both of us. Obedience, liberation, and tranquility. Three elements. Choose the version of yourself that you like. Yes, that’s right, choose. What are your feelings right now?

K: Have your feelings settled?

S: You must have unconsciously decided. Who do you feel comfortable with? Who do you want to love? Those feelings must have piled up.

K: … Then I want you to be honest with your feelings.

S: Well, it won’t be me, I guess. Surprisingly, you— nevermind, there’s no way.

K: I’d like to hear your true feelings.

S: Now, hurry up and choose.

*** TRACK 6: End 1 – Hound of Freedom (Choose Kazumi) ***

K: Moving complete. Hmm… I guess we’ve cleaned up most things. No, it’s not a bother. I’m the one who dragged you over here. I couldn’t have just left you like that, after all. At that time, you… said it was your fault and you were shaking.

K: Haha, Suguru got a shock. That he forced you to that point. He joked about how he broke you and so I had to fix you, but I’m sure he actually— huh?

K: You’re saying he wanted to free you?

K: That’s not true. There was certainly love there. Just… haha, I’m sure… he…

K: But if you’re trying to say you picked me because Suguru told you to then… that actually hurts a little.

K: Mm-mm, I took you away and even hurt my best friend. I don’t plan on giving you up anymore.

K: Mm, of course, I need you. I want you to be my lover.

K: Uh, haha… mm, take your time and think about it. Optimistically though.

K: *hugs heroine* Hey, I’ve picked up my business again. It’s thanks to you. Because I thought that, if you’re here, I can work hard. Haha, thank you.

K: Huh? How come you’re about to cry? Haha, I see. You’re happy from my words just now. Ah… haha, I think I might be weak to your tears. It sort of turns me on. Uh, I feel like I might become a bully, haha. Mm, it’s a bit of a problem, haha.

*** TRACK 7: End 2 – Hound of Sacrificial Love (Choose Suguru) ***

S: Haah… I’ll finish today’s designs here.

S: Great work. Hold on a minute, I’ll untie the ropes. Haha, today’s pose… was it rough? It’s because a nymphomaniac is on this one.

S: They really liked the Cerberus piece in the art exhibition. They said it had a sense of awe. It’s my first time working on a commission. The condition is that the model has to be you though.

S: Oh… ah, there’s scrapes on your wrists. *kisses*

S: Mm? Does it hurt?

S: You… also count the pain you get from me as love, huh. I wonder if that’s the reason you chose me and not Kazumi.

S: At that time, you smiled, didn’t you? You said you belonged to me. Haha… you’ve become a dog that obeys only me.

S: … I’ve decided too. The decision to go down this road. You can’t wag your tail for anyone else anymore, OK? Understand? Your answer? Haha, great, good girl.

S: I’ll give you your reward. *removes pants* Here, suck it.

Note1: The expression Suguru uses goes 一盗二婢三妓四妾五妻 (ittou nihi sangi shishou gosai). The actual expression flips three and four, but I wrote it like how Suguru said it. You can guess the meaning from looking at the kanji, but it’s still obtuse enough to warrant an explanation. So, I had to be creative in making it truncated in English so that he could explain it…

Note2: There are words in this CD that have no English equivalent and “martial restraint” is one of them. I gave it a Wikipedia link, but wanted to elaborate further here that the track title explicitly means being captured and also bound in a way that officers use to restrict the movement of criminals. It’s not bondage or the art of tying (shibari).

Note3: The title in Track 7 is about dying for love, but it sounded weird to say “Hound of Dying for Love” LOL.

5 thoughts on “Femme Fatale ~ Fuyu no Inu ~

    madameneko said:
    May 1, 2020 at 09:41

    Thank you so so much for this! I enjoyed every minute of it. I honestly don’t like that in the end she was forced to pick one or the other but I wish I was able to get you the Tunaboni Tokuten because in that one it follows after track 5 and skips 6 and 7. And in that one they all live together and seem to love each other. Ugh I’ll have to find a way to get that track to you so you can translate it. but again thank you so much for this one I have another one lined up I’m about to send you an email with the info.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 1, 2020 at 19:31

      You’re welcome and thank you for the commission! I don’t think the endings would have been as bad if they didn’t make it sound like she sacrificed something or hurt the other :s I wonder if their individual tokutens make their endings better too.

      Haha, the answer to all 3P conflicts is to have a polyamorous relationship! I really enjoyed how these two respected each other and were really good friends, and that you could see this reflected in the tracks too. Especially the last one, oof.

    Kborenai said:
    May 1, 2020 at 07:32

    This volume was my absolute favorite from this series, so big thanks for the translation. This…is shit I wanted more Josei smut to have, but I only encounter these fucked up scenarios in BL (which I don’t like, sadly). The tension’s so believably hostile and passionate at the same time.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 1, 2020 at 09:02

      Haha, thank Madame for the commission :D! Ngl, I was a bit annoyed with how hard they were pushing Suguru to sound like a jerk, because he seems like an alright dude? If MC and him established rules like that and his type of love and play is the obedience/bondage type then… what’s the problem? LOL. So, the way his ending suddenly made it seem like MC was really broken and only loved him blindly like an obedient dog was a bit ???? s-she chose him though… out of her own choice.

      The 3P scene and the fact that they both respected each other and saw each other as friends still, but had this complicated relationship with the MC was delicious though. I think my first time trying to translate through both parties crying so much LMAO.

        Kborenai said:
        May 2, 2020 at 02:07

        Of course! None of this is possible without the commissioner, so thank you to Madame :D

        Anyway, the way I see it: both of them are jerks, lol.

        Suguru is a jerk, and not because of his BDSM/Obedience kinks. In my opinion, it’s because he regularly drives his girl to the absolute limits. Who wouldn’t go nuts by the end? LOL. Meanwhile, Kazumi may be a bit self-less towards his friends, but he still raped MC – nuff said.

        Am I the only one who loves the crying? hahahaha.

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