Night of Pains ~ Goukan ~

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Seo Takaaki (瀬尾 貴明)
CV: 土門熱

Night of Pains ~ Pleasurable Company ~

The heroine was hired by a certain cabaret club due to being the preference of a VIP customer, Seo.

She met Seo, who had an advertising company, in a VIP room on her first day of hire.

The heroine chose to have a physical relationship with Seo after being presented with the terms of several months worth of bonuses which would let her repay her student loans, and then she started to make plans for her future.

Seo enjoyed his clear-cut relationship with the heroine, but gradually he began to have feelings of love for her—

Thank you to Madame for another fun commission! R18 warning. Holy moly, this was such an intense drama CD and I wrote another intense thread LOL it was pretty much like one of those crazy dramas you’d see on TV or something. If Rouge et Noir is a Hollywood movie then this is definitely one of those melodramatic love dramas.

Note: The tokutens happen in between the tracks, so I’ve slid what I have in the middle of them. Don’t be alarmed!

*** TRACK 1: Fate – First Day – ***

*background chatter*

Takaaki: *drinking* It’s hard to grasp the current expenditures, but in exchange there’ll be large returns if we do well. That’s the case for you as well, no? *footsteps approach*

T: Oh, she’s here.

T: Hmm? Heh, I see. Not bad.

T: You were summoned here by the owner, yes? They invited me here, saying they had a girl who matched my preferences. Come then, sit beside me.

T: Owner, we’re good here. Haha, obviously it’s to be alone together with her. *owner leaves; heroine sits*

T: What would you like to drink? You can choose whatever you want.


T: Is the same as mine, a Cognac, fine with you? Ah, might as well.

T: Don’t be reserved. Of course, pouring drinks is your job but… *pours drink*

T: Letting the customer do as they want also falls within your job.

T: Let’s toast. To our first night. *toasts; drinks*

T: Mm, nice. Like I thought, nothing beats the taste of a Cognac. Is this your first time drinking this sort of alcohol?

T: I also heard this is your first time in this industry and your first day at work. Oh?

T: I haven’t introduced myself yet, have I? I’m Seo. Seo Takaaki.

T: Hm? What’s wrong? It’s not a fake business card to enjoy nighttime businesses. It’s the real deal. If you’re so inclined, shall I show you my driver’s license?


T: Haha, it’s an honor if you’re surprised because you recognize the name of my company, since we’re still a start-up company that isn’t even that large yet.

T: I don’t look like the CEO? Did you think an older person ran the company? Haha, I don’t know whether that’s a happy or depressing opinion.

T: But you’re quite interesting. The moment most women realize I’m the president of a company with reasonable size and not the sole proprietor of an insignificant business the look in their eyes change.

T: They try to curry favor and see me as a juicy customer. Or they plot about winning the seat of being my mistress, or wife, to have me support them for life. Far from currying favor though, I actually see the opposite in your eyes.

T: I also don’t feel as if you’re using the trick of appearing high and aloof, hiding your fawning, in order to arouse my lust of conquest. It’s your first time doing this sort of job… I wonder what exactly it is? What are you thinking? *heroine chugs drink*

T: Ooh! Nice attitude. It’s not suitable for Cognac, but I don’t mind. *pours drinks*

T: Please keep drinking. So long as the alcohol is being downed a new bottle can be added and sales will increase, which is also a part of your job. *heroine chugs drink*


T: Very nice. I like you more and more. *pours drinks*

T: But do take care. There’s also petty customers who don’t like women who down their drinks one after another. I’m afraid it looks like you’re the type of women most men won’t go for.

T: Incidentally, when will you give me your business card?

T: Oh? Not a bad “professional name”. Or is it your real name?

T: Haha, sorry, that slipped out. It was rude of me to ask about your real name.

T: So? I’m going to ask, since I’m already being rude, but why did you start doing this sort of night work?

T: Why am I asking? Isn’t it because I like you and I’m interested in you? Every time a girl that matches my preferences comes in, the owner here sends me a business email. I’ve never minded coming over to look, but there were often times where I didn’t either. However, it was different with you.

T: An adult woman in her late twenties with steady responses and a becoming short-cut hairstyle that is rare in this sort of work.


T: Haha, I only briefly touched your neck. *quiet* If you react so much to this already, things are looking to be enjoyable.

T: Short haircuts aren’t popular with men. It’s not the case in general public, but the men who come to play at these types of businesses… each and every last one of them prefer long hair. I wonder why that is? Maybe because they aren’t getting any reception from women in the real world, they start to desire prototypical women?

T: But I’m different. It’s boring to play with conventional women. There’s no meaning to spending money if it isn’t for a mature woman like you, possessing herself.

T: Heh, it looks like your neck is sensitive.

T: Ah, you’re right. It’s against the rules to touch in this cabaret club. But a little bit is fine, no? Because you need me to like you more.

T: … Well, I do like you more than enough already.

T: Didn’t the manager tell you this? That you don’t have to bother with quick profit customers who don’t pay much, but that you should get me to come to this business. In other words, you’re basically exclusively mine. The reason you were employed is also because you’re my type. That’s all. *drinks*


T: I pay quite the sum whenever I come to this business. Enough to always be able to pass through to this VIP room, separated from the outside world by these thick red curtains. Presently, I don’t have any girls I’m interested in and so this is wholly used to entertain guests but… I believe the manager and owner won’t be satisfied with just that. They want someone in this club to be addictive… *grabs shoulder* to me.

T: You’re at my mercy even when I draw you in by the shoulders. So? How about it? Do you feel confident about getting me stuck on you?

T: Haha, oh? It’s good you’re confident. It appears that the change in the look of your eyes from earlier is because I lit the flame of your fighting spirit? *kisses* Nngh.

T: … Haha. Isn’t it odd to resist? What was the point of you nodding about having confidence just now?

T: Ah, it’s true that it’s against the rules to touch in this cabaret club, but this room and I are special. Plus, you… since you came into this room, have become a special woman. Do you understand what I mean?


T: Yes, it means becoming more intimate with me here is part of your professional duties.

T: You want me to become addicted, right? *kisses*

T: I see you’re slowly losing the tension in your body. *kisses* Keep going like this…

T: Haah… that reminds me, I haven’t had you tell me your reason for throwing yourself into this night world. I’ll ask. Tell me your circumstances.

T: Did you buy too many things and the noose has gotten tight around your neck? Or are you addicted to being a hostess? Ah, it’s been said recently that it’s hard to repay student loans.

T: Hmm. Oh? Several weeks of stress interviews gave you depression and panic disorder? Hm, so then you couldn’t work in the day and it took several years to recuperate?

T: Even to this day, businesses in this country are caught up in recent graduate employees. If you aren’t able to obtain becoming an official employee as a recent graduate then the exact opposite happens. You could work as much as you like in the service industry, which is always lacking in people, but in your case where your disorder may relapse at any time then the long road of being in the service industry will be tough.

T: Your parents also have no means and, because of your recuperation at home, the continuation of this situation would put even more of a burden on them, not to mention there is the return of your student loans…

T: Well, it might have been correct to decide to take on this night job. The stress on you is large but, compared to the long road of a service job, your total work hours is small and you can earn a sizeable income.


T: You can also study for useful certificates in your spare time. However, to use stress interviews in these days… The business that accepted recent graduates like you is trash, huh. That technique’s out of date.

T: That point of proving yourself better than that company… means you need to be able to say your choice was correct, doesn’t it? *kisses* How about I repay your student loans? I’ll give you a bonus for your service every month. You could even quit this club today. I’ll tell the owner you’re my lover and it’ll happen immediately if I slip money into their hand.

T: Naturally, I don’t believe everything you said. The nightlife comes with lies and that’s also one of its pleasures. I’m thinking of assisting you only for my own amusement. You don’t need to be shy. After all, I’m interested in you.

T: However… my personality isn’t so magnanimous as to give out money without anything in return. So, what will you do? *heroine drinks*


T: Hm? Mmgh! *heroine kisses him; makes him drink*

T: …… *kisses*

T: Hahahah, I see. You kissed me with Cognac in place of drinking a cup of sake to the establishment of our understanding? Interesting. *drinks; kisses*

T: Haa… it’s my first time drinking Cognac like this, but… it’s not bad. *kisses*

T: Even when you’re kissing someone like me, you don’t show much desire. *kisses*

T: Our relationship can be considered to be established with this. Next is for me to receive my first compensation, but…

T: Oh? What are you doing standing up? You’re running in the end?


T: Haha.

T: It’s not bad to suddenly do this from behind. *unbuckles pants* Each and every single action of yours is interesting. Nngh! Haha, for you to sink your hips down all at once… *kisses*

T: Mmgh, I’m growing more and more interested in you. Ngh! Hah… move on your own. Use the lovely weapon that you have to get me more obsessed. Hngh…

T: Haah… this is nice. The movement of your hips, the profile of your face as you stifle your voice… *kisses*

T: You’re a rare article that would be hard to let go. Haha. *kisses*

T: Nngh… how is it? Are you unbearably aroused? Right on the other side of these thick curtains are black-suited women going about their work, ngh… and when you think about how there’s a large crowd of men, who don’t even know this spot exists, are being served as customers on the lower floor, doesn’t it amuse you? Ngh.


T: Despite hoping they’ll make enough one day to know, they’re unable to accomplish that. But even still these pitiable customers diligently commute to work… and they enjoy themselves, without even knowing that right beside them opens up to this area. Mmgh… mm… doesn’t it satisfy an inexplicable lust for conquest? *kisses*

T: Aah… mm? Haha, it seems you like that spot. Now, I suppose I should start moving. Nrgh! *thrusting*

T: I find your greed in being sure to take pleasure even in this situation lovely too. Hngh… mgh…!

T: Haha… hah, it looks like you’re about to come. I don’t think this reaction is an act. Ngh, mgh…

T: Shall we come together? Nngh… *kisses; thrusting*

T: Beg. That you want me. *kisses; thrusting* Haa… with your stifled voice… in a way so that only I can hear. Ngh, ugh… nice. That quiet breathy answer… mgh…

T: You’re clenching down around me, ngh, nice… Ngh… hah…! I’m coming… ugh, you’re squeezing down so tight. Mgh! *he orgasms*


T: Haah… *kisses*

T: Haha, it appears that our compatibility is good here too. Haha, don’t you think so? Mm. *kisses*

T: As promised, I’ll repay your student loans… as a bonus every month. In exchange, you’ll always come when I want to see you. You can continue at this club if you wish to continue. I’ll speak for you if you wish to quit, like I mentioned earlier.

T: Hm, you’ll continue with the club? Work hard then. So that you can pull in customers other than me as well.

T: I’ll write you a cheque right now.

T: Is this enough to repay your student loans? Ah, I’ll deposit your bonus via bank tranfer every month. Make a new bank account for me.

T: Haha, I told you not to be reserved. I’m single without much responsibilities, so there’s no problem at all.

T: I’m not dating any women right now either. I’d rather not be tied down, you see. *kisses* If I want to have a dalliance with someone, then I’d rather keep you as a mistress. Haha, I used the old phrase of keeping a mistress, but in the modern age it’s a dream many men have.

T: Well, it is odd to call you a mistress when I don’t have a wife in the first place though. I was thinking you also wouldn’t want to use a common, boring word like “girlfriend”, yes? But on the chance that you were to really fall in love with me then it might be a different story? Hahah. *kisses*

T: I’m a bit hungry. How about we go and eat something delicious?

T: It’s still early to be called after-hours, but I just need to pay the manager the fee for taking you out. Now, why don’t we go?

*** TRACK 2: Blowjob – One Month Later – ***

*background chatter; heroine unbuckles his pants; gives BJ*

T: Ngh… hah…

T: You’ve gotten good. Mgh, although it doesn’t seem as if you’ve grown accustomed to doing this sort of thing in this VIP room. Haha.

T: Hngh, it’s been a month since our first night though, so it would be a problem if you easily got used to this. My interest in you would wane. Haha, no, you’re more than interesting enough. Earlier, before we ate, I said I’d buy you a bag but you just shook your head and kept refusing.

T: Ngh, you can let me spoil you more, haha.

T: Hgh, you really are odd. Strange… and adorable. Mmh…


T: Do you not like it when I stroke your hair? I can’t help but want to do this and show my appreciation though. Mmgh…

T: Ungh, hah…

T: I feel like coming… Haah… will you swallow it all like usual?

T: Ngh, yes, deeper. Yes, like that. Hah, use your tongue and lips. Ngh, suck harder. Haa… hah…

T: Ggh! *he orgasms* Haah… haa…

T: Haha, the area around your mouth is all sticky. Come over here. Here. *kisses*


T: It’s normal to ask for a piece of jewelry here after being made to do that. You’re practical. What a good woman. *kisses*

T: Occasionally… you have extraordinarily cold eyes.

T: Haha, it’s not that I don’t like it. Rather, it draws me in… and that is also another attractive quality of yours. Ngh. *kisses*

*** TRACK 3: Propose – Six Months Later – ***

*heroine is writing*

T: Zzz… zzz…

T: *groggy* What are you doing at the desk?

T: You didn’t sleep?

T: Studying…? *comes over* What are you study— ah, come to think of it, you mentioned you wanted to get a certificate soon. Hm… a real-estate broker?

T: A real-estate broker has a national certification and if you can get that you’ll be qualified to earn income. But isn’t the illness you suffer from an obstacle? It’s necessary to serve customers in the real estate business and there’s stress.

T: *hugs heroine* If you relapse, everything you’ve done will come to nothing. Don’t push yourself too hard. This includes the night. I booked a room with a large bed, so rest as much as you want.

T: Hm, while you’ve been receiving bonuses from me, you say you want to become a firm, regular employee with a daytime job. Then quit at the club and and give your undivided attention to studying for a certificate. If your current bonuses aren’t enough, then I can give the amount you need.


T: It’s true I said at the beginning that you can prepare for a certificate with a nightlife job that has short hours, but… in truth, right now, I worry about you continuing at the club.

T: It’s already been half a year since we first met. You can continue to depend on me in the future too. No, I actually want you to rely on me more. *kisses*

T: … You’re a strange woman. At the start, I thought you’d want more money and goods… I wouldn’t even mind that, but excluding the monthly bonuses you don’t want anything. Am I that unreliable?

T: You don’t want to be a burden on me…? *kisses*

T: I’ve told you not to hold back. In the first place, we have a relationship where you don’t need to be reserved anymore.

T: You don’t need bonuses from now on…? The bonus I’m paying you is payment for creating this time we spend together. That isn’t a burden or anything else on me. Ah, if you find it a burden— no, if you’ve grown to dislike me doing whatever I wish to you with money then…

T: Or did you fall in love with a man?


T: If you did find a man then it’s not like I would mind. I’m sure the other party wouldn’t think that though. They’d obviously wish to have you to themselves. And you, even if it’s a clear-cut relationship for money, will find it painful to be together with me.

T: Is this the reason you said you didn’t need bonuses?

T: Then it doesn’t matter, right? Don’t be afraid of troubling me and just accept it as you’ve been doing up to now.

T: Why!? Why do you still not want it!? Ggh. *pacing room*

T: You don’t want to see me anymore. You hate sleeping with me, is that it? That’s why you’re saying you don’t want money. Did you endure for half a year so that the repayment of your student loans was almost done?

T: Hah, from the start you didn’t try to curry favor with me. You would only show those cold eyes from time to time. I supposed I was conceited. All the women up to now, even if they did it for money at the beginning, in the end they would… Heh, no, that might have also been for the money.


T: But I was fine with that. It was comfortable like that! I didn’t care about the other person’s heart and, as long as I could fulfill my desires whenever I felt like it, that would be enough!

T: … But towards you I—

T: Huh? It’s because you want to be someone I can normally meet with…?

T: Do you think you won’t become that if you accept my money?

T: *hugs heroine* You’re serious about me. Then why don’t we become lovers now? I seem to have fallen for you too. Before I knew it. *kisses; pushes onto bed; removes clothes*

T: … For a long time, I’ve forgotten these feelings. Haah… ngh… *thrusting*

T: We don’t meet every night, and yet… the state of having you in my private time has become a matter of course. Ngh, ah…!

T: I might even forget this is a time bought with money. Hgh, mgh… I never expected I would confess to feelings of love, ungh! *kisses; thrusting*


T: No matter how many times I slept with you, hah… haah… I thought your heart would never become mine. But still, I wanted to be with you. Ngh, hagh… my heart would be filled by those cold eyes I would occasionally see. *kisses*

T: Haa… hah… I didn’t see you at all, did I? Ah, ngh…!

T: This heart, this body… *kisses* even as I boasted about being fine not monopolizing you, I wanted you… I set my heart on making you mine. *kisses* Ngh, mgh…! But my pride got in the way and I didn’t reveal much of my own feelings, ngh… hah… I wasn’t able to sense your love either. Hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*

T: At the very least, ngh… I should have been honest sooner. Hah… hagh…! I should have told you that I realized I loved you. Hgh… ngh…! *kisses*


T: Mrgh, I love you… ngh…!

T: Haa… agh… mgh… I’m coming…! *kisses* Hagh… haah… you too…! That’s right, climax together with me! Haah… this is the first time I’ve wanted something like this so bad. Hagh… ngh…! *kisses; he orgasms*

T: Hah… haah… *kisses* haa… it’s also the first time I’ve felt this content.

T: My… mask of being a mature man has been completely removed by you. *kisses*

T: … Marry me.

T: This is also the first time since I was born that I’ve thought about wanting to get married. I planned on being single forever, but I’ll change my doctrine. I want to live together with you forever. *kisses*

T: If you become my wife then you don’t need to worry about supporting yourself.

T: Your answer?

T: *hugs heroine* Mm, I’ll make you happy. Haha, it’s my first time seeing you smile happily. *kisses* Your cold eyes were nice, but in the end it’s no match for a smile from your heart. *kisses*

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: Waiting Room Edition ***

*ocean waves; door knock; door opens*

T: Are you ready?

T: Sorry, I couldn’t wait until the ceremony began. I came to the waiting room knowing it’s against etiquette.

T: *to makeup artist* Ah, good work. Aah, it’s an especially gorgeous bride. Thank you for bringing out my wife’s charm. It isn’t much, but please take this. *they leave*

T: Now, with this, we’re alone together. *hugs heroine* You just got your hair styled, so don’t worry I’m making sure not to dishevel it. I requested that lady because her skills and style was rated high. Of course, it’s because you’re wonderful unadorned already that you’re now perfected into a beautiful bride.

T: Haha, are you complimenting me as well? I’ve had to wear tuxedos for one reason or another, but this is my first time wearing white so that makes me happy. The groom is quite old though. *kisses*

T: I see. I now know the reason the bridegroom isn’t supposed to see the bride until the ceremony. Once he sees her… *kisses* he won’t be able to stop himself from making love to her to the last step.


T: *kisses* Hah, I know, I won’t mess up your hair. *kisses* Let me make love to you in this moment that only comes once in life. Ngh. *kisses*

T: Haha… thank you.

T: Putting your hands on the dresser in front of the mirror… You really are wonderful. Ngh… your pure white garter… *kisses*

T: If there were guests, I would have wanted to do a garter toss… but this is a ceremony just for the two of us. The customers in this resort might come to watch though. Do you want to try doing a garter toss? *kisses*

T: In front of the gallery and blindfolded, I would put my head underneath your dress… remove your garter with just my mouth… and throw it. Nngh. *uses mouth*


T: Haha, that’s right, it’s an event to toss it to the bridegroom’s single friends. There’s no point if we didn’t call anyone over. I’ll set aside this pretty garter as our commemoration. The commemoration of today. *unbuckles pants*

T: This bridal underwear is beautiful as well. It’s almost a shame to push it aside and stain it but… ngh… that is just one more thing to rouse a man’s lust for conquest. Mmgh! Aah… *thrusting*

T: If you close your eyes like that, you’ll ruin your makeup. Haa… hah… try to keep your eyes open as much as possible. Hah… hagh… that’s right. Look at us in the mirror. *kisses; thrusting*

T: Shhh, restrain your voice too. Ungh, hah… you’re clenching down inside. Mgh… ngh…! *kisses*

T: This situation, ngh, how you wrap around me deep inside and that expression is irresistibly good. Haa… hagh…!


T: Hah… I love you. Hngh… mgh…!

T: We can’t slowly enjoy this either. Haa… hah…! *kisses* If I’m found out to be in here, what we’re doing will naturally be discovered. Hngh… hah…! How about we come soon… hm? Together? Haa… hah…!

T: Nrgh, you’re squeezing… more than normal… mgh, ngh! *he orgasms*

T: Hagh… hah… *kisses* haha, look over here. *kisses*

T: Haha, as one would expect, it’s only your lipstick that’s been messed, haha. Mm. *kisses*

T: Well, if it’s just your lipstick, then it won’t trouble the hair and makeup artist. *kisses*


T: Thank you for fulfilling a man’s dreams. Mm. *kisses*

T: Haha, it’s true I’m an advocate for bachelorhood. But I’m glad I changed my tenets. Because I’m supported by this much happiness. *kisses*

*wedding bells; scene skip; ocean waves*

T: I’m glad I chose this place as the ceremony. There’s this beautiful sea which stretches to the ends of the earth and this bride who is beautiful for all time. Nngh. *kisses* Our honeymoon has started immediately too. In this resort villa, I can pillow your head with my arm while gazing out at the sea.

T: You were reserved and said you didn’t need a ceremony or honeymoon, but let yourself splurge on important occasions. Fortunately, I took a week off too. I want to repay you, after you agreed to be together with me for life, to the best of my ability.

T: The setting sun is reflected in your eyes. *kisses*

T: Haha, ah, although I’m old, a hackneyed line flew out of my mouth. Hahah! Huh? What’s wrong?

T: Mm, you’re right. Let’s watch the setting sun.

*** TRACK 4: Separation – Two Years Later – ***

*door opens*

T: This place… what do you mean by calling me to a lawyer’s office? *door closes; comes over* You suddenly disappeared and, although it was just one night, I was worried!

T: Ggh, leaving just this lawyer’s business card and divorce registration papers. You didn’t leave any way for me to contact you!

T: Ah… Hmph, fine, let’s sit and talk.

T: Explain from scratch. I can’t think of any reason or situation that would make you want to divorce me.

T: I don’t want to hear it from the lawyer, I want to hear it from your mouth. It looks like you don’t even want to talk to me.

T: Hah. Married for one year, no problems, and we were getting along together… but are you saying I was the only one who thought that?

T: If you’re unhappy with me, then before you act couldn’t you have spoken with me!?

T: My lawyer…? No, I haven’t requested one yet and I haven’t spoken to a consultant yet either. I personally have no idea what happened.


T: Yes, go ahead, sir. In any case, right now, let me ask about what she is requesting. *flips paper*

T: … Due to unbearable mental stress, a claim is being made for divorce and consolation money… I became the source of driving her into depression and panic disorder and, furthermore, she suffered sexual assault. She was forced into marriage but now she can’t endure it any longer. *flips paper*

T: Because of the first intercourse and her interview trauma, she was unable to do anything but be subservient. *flips paper*

T: … It was my company that stress interviewed you when you were job hunting? My subordinates… did that sort of thing… *more papers shown*

T: This is…? Investigation reports on the state of my company? *flips paper*…!? Compulsory overtime… power harassment and sexual harassment from bosses…? Using the excuse of not achieving an impossible target employees were forced to work on holidays and illegally long hours…?


T: If this investigation is the truth, then it’s a grave problem…

T: However, it’d probably be impossible to get this acknowledged as the truth, right? There will be many testimonies and the time-card and attendance management system data will contradict each other. It’d be a collusion. *tosses papers*

T: As the spokesperson of the company, I cannot settle things by saying I didn’t know. I poured all my energy into expanding the business… and didn’t keep an eye on my subordinates, especially the vulnerable regular employees and part-timers. The result… is this?

T: For the sake of my unreasonable goals… how many people…!? *photos are shown*

T: These photos are…? Ones from that club’s… VIP room…?

T: … Hahahah… I see. The reason you didn’t quit at the club was to obtain irrefutable evidence. Every time I had sex with you there, you would record a video with a hidden camera and print out a section of those!? Men who do this in a club that has obtained a business permit can only be perpetrators of sexual assault, huh.


T: That was to support your claims? Not just for me… but to also crack down on that club which extorted people to repeatedly commit illegal acts? I completely crushed your life, didn’t I?

T: Moreover, even up to this point, I didn’t even realize that. That is why you would have those cold eyes from time to time. Was everything… to get revenge on me?

T: For revenge… did you endure giving your body to a hateable man for a long time… until you could get a certificate… and until you had enough money to employ several first-rate lawyers?

T: … Haah…

T: I’m sorry for causing you to suffer.

T: I don’t think this apology can compensate for anything. Do as you wish. I’ll affix my seal on the divorce papers and the distribution of properties.

T: No, not a distribution of properties. Give all my assets to her. Sir, I don’t mind if you give it to her as consolation money for appearances’ sake. Please give her anything and everything she wishes for. *signs papers*


T: Regarding my company’s reparations for the stress interviews… please allow me, especially, to offer this. You and the other lawyers must have compiled other victims, ex-employees, and the applicants who underwent stress interviews, yes?

T: With respect to my company, I will consult with a corporate lawyer and reply then. I intend to respond to this earnestly. Please tell the victims this.

T: … Excuse me. *starts to leave*


T: *pauses at door* May I ask you one last thing…? Was our meeting itself something you planned?

T: That was a coincidence…? Haha, no, at the very end I wanted to hear your voice instead of the lawyer’s but… I suppose it’s inevitable. You never wanted to talk to me. From the start.

T: … This one year, no, in the one and half years since I met you… I really enjoyed it. Thank you for teaching a man like me what a life of happiness was. My feelings of gratitude towards you won’t change, but I suppose it’d bring you discomfort. Forget everything. *leaves*

*** TRACK 5: Ring – Three Years Later – ***

*computer mouse noises; video opens*

T: Congratulations on passing for your certification!

T: Haha, don’t mind this. You’re the cause of celebration, so let me take a commemoration video at least. Since I was young, I’d record down celebrations. From 8-mm movie cameras to smartphones now, even if the form of videos change due to the age.

T: Besides, your smiles are precious. I want to be able to see them whenever I want.

T: Let me keep behind the smile of my beloved.

*heroine rewinds*

T: —the smile of my beloved.

*heroine rewinds*

T: —the smile of my beloved.

*heroine unplugs computer; grabs keys; leaves house*

[01:58] *scene skip; wedding bells; clapping; footsteps approach*

T: You’re an odd person, watching an unfamiliar couple’s wedding.

T: … I didn’t know you had that sort of hobby. *comes close* Moreover, your last name… why did you leave it as Seo?

T: Presently, I’m the manager of this hotel resort and I noticed your name in the accommodation list… I saw that it was still the name of when you married me. I thought, at most, it’d be a stranger with the same name, but when I happened to look at the garden chapel… I saw you.

T: In addition, why do you still have the wedding ring like that? Weren’t those days ones you don’t want to remember? Days with me. *clapping audience*

T: Us two divorcees don’t suit this place. Can we change our location? If you don’t mind, we can go to my room.

T: I see. Heh, well, of course you’d hate that.


T: The villa you’re staying at is good…? If you don’t mind, then let’s do that.

*scene skip; ocean waves; door opens*

T: I believe you heard from your lawyers, but I liquidated my company after all that. Then, after I arranged all the private settlements of the victims, I was introduced to this job by a friend, since I lost my job. Our ceremony being held and how our honeymoon was enjoyed right here after that was also because of that friend’s recommendation.

T: Because, no matter how many times I asked you, you never expressed your own wishes. I interpreted that as your usual reservations, but in truth it was for a completely different reason.

T: You really… didn’t need a ceremony or honeymoon, did you? Because, for all that, it’d just reduce my assets. I thought it’d please you and decided on this place on my own before bringing you here. I’m honestly sorry I didn’t notice anything.

T: But why have you left your last name and that wedding ring like that?

T: Yes, my wedding ring is left like this too. I can’t bring myself to remove it. If I remove it then the last of our days will really… feel like it all disappeared. To you, the days were nothing but nightmares but to me…


T: Still, I thought you’d long forget about me, be loved by a younger and kinder man, and be living happily but… am I wrong?

T: This villa is also the one we stayed at when we married. It wasn’t a coincidence that you came here, right? And chose this room.

T: Please tell me. Right now, to you… what am I!? If it’s possible your feelings have moved the slightest bit for me then… I…! *hugs heroine* Even now, I love you. These feelings haven’t changed even though I haven’t seen you.

T: … It’s not possible for me to resent you. Rather, I have to thank you for taking me to court. On that day, if I hadn’t been made to realize my own and my company’s darkness then I’m sure even now I’d be hurting even more people.

T: Right now, I’m building upon all my remorse up to now and, right after taking up my new post, I’m realizing the working conditions of a regular employee. I’m keeping an eye on being able to maintain a place that’s easy to work in.

T: It sounds pathetic to work at the place where I made memories with my divorced wife, but… it’s because I thought I wouldn’t meet you. Since this was the only place I thought you absolutely wouldn’t come close to.


T: But— mmph! *heroine kisses him* Ah… you…! *kisses*

T: You don’t… hate this anymore?

T: But why? Because you cleared your hate for me and now you’re able to see me evenly?

T: It’s because you realized once again that my feelings are real…?

T: Yeah, because, just as you planned, I’ve fallen thoroughly in love with you. Seriously. I’ve realized that real love can be nurtured, even from that sort of start. That’s what I’ve been convinced of. You left me, completed your revenge, and then noticed your own feelings which you concealed… that I’m not just a detestable existence.

T: Hah…! *kisses*

T: Haah… haa… it’s hopeless. I can’t stop. *kisses* I’m on my break right now. I need to return soon. But when I’m done working, may I come here?

T: Until night then. *leaves*

*** TRACK 6: Better half ***

*door opens; he grabs heroine; kisses*

T: Ngh… mm…!

T: Time felt like it was passing slower than usual, mgh…! *kisses; removes clothes; falls onto bed; unbuckles pants*

T: I never expected there’d be a day where I could touch your body again like this. *kisses* Nrgh… hah…!

T: Because no matter how I longed for you, there was nothing I could do. Haa… hah…! *kisses*

T: Whenever I thought about these breasts already belonging to someone… I felt like I would go mad. Nngh!

T: I won’t let you go ever again. Even if you grow disgusted with me again. *kisses* Haah… I’ll chase after you and make you mine again. Mmgh! *inserts himself*


T: Haa… hah… you’re finally looking at me. *kisses; thrusting*

T: Now I understand, hagh… hah… How your eyes at that time and your eyes now are completely different. Ngh! Haa… hah…!

T: Don’t close your eyes. Because I’m finally together with you. Hngh… agh…! *kisses; thrusting*

T: Hah… hagh… you have me in your eyes. Nngh, mgh…!

T: Even if you want to come, you can’t. Haa… hah… open your eyes. Ngh! When you come, watch me as you do. Mm… ngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

T: Haa, haah… okay, me too, I can’t hold back from wanting to come inside you. So… ngh! Let’s come together… while staring at each other. Nngh! Hah… haah…! Your hole is… ngh… the tightest it’s ever been… mgh! *kisses; thrusting*

T: So good… agh… I’m coming…! Mmgh! *he orgasms; kisses*


T: Haah… haa… I love you. Hagh… haa… *kisses*

T: Thank you… for forgiving me. *kisses*

T: … Huh? Here? Hah… you’re right. This place is good. I’ll be made fun of by the other employees though, haha. I’ll look into the booking state of the garden chapel. *kisses*

T: There might not be any cancellations for a while, so let’s go to the city hall after this. *kisses* For our second, no, for our first and last family registration now that both of us are serious.

6 thoughts on “Night of Pains ~ Goukan ~

    luxicity said:
    May 23, 2020 at 03:58

    Wait what? A tear suddenly fell from my eye after reading? Wth?

    You were right. This was like one of those melodramatic dramas on television with all those explosive revelations (ugh, telenovelas are hell lolol), but at the end I’m just a sucker for nakanaori scenarios because I really felt that Seo fell in love, only to be the (indirect) reason why MC had these sickness, then the divorce (OH GOD i think this was where I started tearing probably, he accepted it like a man), and them reconciling in the end. I love it.

    AND THUS I’M GONNA BUY IT. Thank you. Hahahaha. (I’ve always been going to your blog for these translations before when I was in college, but now that I have the “buying power of an adult”, not only has this blog become a go-to translation treasure trove, it has also now become a suggestion trove lmao). Thank you so much again for this translation and to the commisioner!!

      Ilinox responded:
      May 24, 2020 at 12:18

      RIGHT? It was such a wild ride and, same, about being so struck during the divorce proceedings and everything. I could barely predict anything of what was going to happen and Seo is such a genuine and good man. From the beginning, he never lied and laid out exactly what he was expecting out of their relationship and whatnot… and then fell in love with her. The heroine was really interesting in this one too, which is rare for drama CDs since they’re supposed to be self-inserts, haha.

      LOL I’m glad my blog is now providing another service and thank you for enjoying it for so long!!

    Sorbet said:
    May 6, 2020 at 01:08

    Maaaan I saw it coming that it would be Seo’s company when the heroine said stress interviews caused her mental breakdown. When she chugged two glasses of cognac to mentally fortify herself I knew we were in for a bumpy ride BUT I DIDN’T THINK IT WOULD PROGRESS LIKE THAT I DID NOT PREDICT SHE WOULD TAKE IT TO THAT LEVELY HOLY SHIT. She launched an entire nation’s worth of nukes during the divorce proceedings, especially when she said it was sexual assault all those times. That was such a kick in the gut because I had grown to like Seo and omggggg I had to pause and think about it because I was conflicted: Did the heroine actually consider it was sexual assault all that time or was this her ultimate plan to completely destroy the CEO of the company that ruined her. I could see the legitimacy of her case for but omggg I couldn’t believe it.

    I completely froze at the divorce track and went back to the beginning to read it all over — on the first reading, I thought during the proposal track the heroine finally smiled at Seo because she had grown to love him too and this was the first time they were honest with each other but on the second reading I realized it was because her plan for revenge was coming together ;AAAA;

    ARGH this was so good! The clues were there, everything was foreshadowed and even when I though I had guessed the identity of the company that had ruined the heroine on the first track the writer pushed it further than I thought it was going and bowled me over… And then three years later, sad divorcees meeting again with the heroine who had destroyed his life and completed her revenge seeking him out, just… taking that chance on Seo’s words that his feelings wouldn’t change even after everything that happened, that the years wouldn’t have made him bittern or diminish his feelings for her ;____;

    Thank you for the translation and thank you to Madame for commissioning this! It was such a roller coaster. I haven’t even heard the track samples or anything but now I want a copy for my own haha orz between the scenario and how you described his voice I’m dying lol

      Ilinox responded:
      May 7, 2020 at 09:49

      “She launched an entire nation’s worth of nukes during the divorce proceedings” is cracking me up but YEAH HOLY SHIT like they did so well in making Seo sound so gentle, sincere, and good so when the heroine was accusing him of all that I also had to pause and be like !?!? GIRL!? I’m ashamed to admit that I thought it was all on her and her mental disorder lashing out, so then I felt really bad for Seo. But then when everything kept getting revealed in the divorce proceedings I just freaked because LADY IS A FEMME FATALE AND COLD-BLOODED ASSASSIN. I love it. I also love how calmly Seo handled it all, proving again that he really is a good man.

      I thought the whole bit about her cold eyes was just because she hated her position of having to resort to nightlife work because she can’t work in the daytime with her panic disorder. The Stella tokuten was ominous because of how it was a wedding in the middle of everything and when he talked about seeing the setting sun in her eyes, but she never responded to any of his compliments… THE WAY THEY BROUGHT THAT BACK WAS JUST OOF. Seo misread her twice…

      NGL I crumbled during the part where she kept rewinding and playing the video ;w; I had to double-check to make sure my track wasn’t skipping and that I added in the right amounts, haha. Coughs, I definitely think they can improve the SFX but you can’t go wrong with Domon’s voice!! I plopped a link to the official page and there’s samples there! I couldn’t link them in my post because every time I tried to grab the link it’d just download it lmao.

    medusawitch said:
    May 5, 2020 at 23:39

    I know it only fiction but I feel like I was really in this situation. Writer is so good. Voice actor also good.
    I really felt intense during half of cd.
    I will bury myself somewhere

      Ilinox responded:
      May 7, 2020 at 09:44

      It’s been a while since a drama CD gripped me with its story like this. I couldn’t predict anything and was just drawn along for the crazy ride, haha.

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