Onii-chan no Hitorigoto

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Manato (真波斗)
CV: 成瀬カイ

Big Brother’s Monologue

At midnight, 2:00AM, you happened to hear the sound of your brother, not related by blood, pleasuring himself.

Who could it be inside Manato’s heart when he muttered “I love you” to himself?—

Thank you to Lux for the commission! R18 warning and pseudo incest. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite (psst, it’s actually on sale until 5/18). This one is interesting because the recording process was done as live as possible with as little editing as possible, so it feels more “real” in a sense.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Midnight 2:00AM – masturbation, through the wall ***

*clock ticking; heroine tossing and turning*

Manato: *through wall* —love you… haa… I love you…

*heroine presses against wall*

M: Haah… haa… I love you… Hey, I love you… I love you, ngh… I love you… hah…

M: I really love, ah…

M: Ngh, feels good, ah… mgh…

M: Ugh, love you, I love you, I love you, I love you so much… ah…


M: Love you…

M: Ah… ah… ngh…!

M: I… I love you… love you… ah…

M: Mmgh, I love you… ngh…!

M: Mrgh… hah… haah… ah, I’m gonna come…!

M: Ah, I can’t— I can’t— I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m… coming…

M: Haa… hah…

*** TRACK 2: Something I’d Like to Ask – dinner together, chewing***

*heroine opens door*

M: Welcome home! It’s hot outside, isn’t it?

M: Do you want to take a bath first?

M: Mm, got it. I’ll go and make dinner, so it’ll be a moment. Ah, dad’s staying over tonight, so you can take your time in the bath. Mm-mm, I’ve already bathed. Mhm, don’t get a heat stroke in there. Haha, see you.

*scene skip; plates set down*

M: Welcome back. Here, sit down, sit down. I made all your favorites today. I also made dessert, so let’s eat that after.

M: Ah, keep it a secret from dad. Haha, go ahead, eat up. Alright, me too then. Time to eat.

M: How is it? Delicious? Haha, I’m glad.

M: Mm… *eating*

M: That reminds me, why are you sleeping in the living room tonight?

M: Well, don’t you normally sleep in your room? So, I was wondering if anything happened.


M: Hrm, you’re holding something back from me even though you’re my little sister. Haha, I can tell just by looking. Don’t underestimate your big brother.

M: Even though we’re not related by blood, you’re my important little sister and my precious family. It’s natural to help you and support you, right? As long as I can do it, I’ll always help out whenever you have problems. I can also listen to whatever you want to talk about. So… if anything happened, tell your big brother.

M: No matter what other people say, I’ll always be on your side. Okay?

M: *eating* Mm?

M: Oh, what? You’ve decided you want to discuss something with me?

M: … Uh, haha… what’s with this all of a sudden? Why are you asking about the person I like…?


M: Hmm… what’ll you do if I tell you?

M: Will you get jealous?

M: Aa-ah, my bad, I’m sorry for teasing you. Jeez… right now, my hands are full with university, my part-time job, and… haha, taking care of my little sister, so I don’t have time to get a girlfriend.

M: How about you? Do you have someone you like?

M: Hmm, well, at any rate, I’ll support anything that makes you happy. So, if you’re troubled over anything, you can always talk to me about it whenever.

M: Haha, good girl. *eating*

M: Ah, you got something by your mouth. Haha, that was a good meal.

*** TRACK 3: Bothered and Unable to Sleep Because… – sleeping together, back patting ***

*knocks on door*

M: I’m coming in. Oh, you’re still up.

M: So? Feel like you can sleep today?

M: Hmm… then, uh… how about I sleep with you tonight? Haha, yeah, sleeping beside each other. I am your big brother, after all, so I have the privilege of putting my little sister to sleep. That being the case, scooch scooch, move over there more.

M: … Uh, it’s pretty tight in a single bed. Haha, but I guess it’s warm.

M: Are you nervous being so close? Haha, don’t worry, I won’t do anything weird. If I do, you can hit me. Seriously, haha. Come on, relax. I’ll rub your back, so…


M: How have you been lately?

M: Been having fun? Mm, it’s just, you’ve been coming home looking more tired than usual. I was wondering if you’ve been going through something hard when I’m not there.

M: … Or I’m worried about how it might be me?

M: I was raised without a mother and you know I’ve always been with my dad, right? Then my dad also died and, when I was alone, your dad came to adopt me. Of course I was happy, but I also thought that I could live alone too.

M: Not to mention, you were there. I thought you’d hate someone suddenly becoming your big brother. At that time, I was reserved.


M: But then the backlash of having lost everything grew large. If you and dad hadn’t been around… then I’d probably be a good-for-nothing right now.

M: I’m really thankful. I was really happy to be accepted.

M: Um…! Can I keep being your big brother in the future too?

M: Haha, thank you. I’m really happy.

M: I’m so glad you’re my little sister.

M: Hey, this time, I’ll take you somewhere for your birthday with dad. Hmm, I guess you can consider this my first step as I am now? Haha, I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. Ah, I’ll drive and I’d appreciate it if you told dad that. Haha, I’m entrusting that to you then.

M: Haha, it’s something to look forward to, right? Okay, it’s time to close your eyes now. You’re tired after going through an entire day, right? Sleep well.


M: I’ll pat your back, so… Haha, I’m not treating you like a kid! I’m treating you like my little sister, haha. Here, come closer to me.

M: Squeeze. Haha, surprised? I’m happy about a lot of things, so…

M: Haha, what are you shy about? Jeez, the only one who can experience my healing hugs in this world is you. You better savor it well. Here, I’ll squeeze you again… and pat your back.

M: Does it feel relaxing?

M: Good, good. Fall asleep like that.

M: … If we were real siblings, it might be more effective, just kidding. Mm? It’s good enough already? Haha, I’m glad then.


M: I’ll go back to my room after you fall asleep, so… I’ll be with you until then.

M: Good night.

*scene skip*

M: Hello? Are you asleep?

M: You turned over in your sleep, so I can’t see your face but… you’re sleeping, right?

M: Huh? You gotta be kidding me. I can’t get out. Erm… I’d feel bad if I woke her up. Ugh, what do I do… *yawns*


M: Haha, she looks so cute sleeping…

M: Guess I’ll just stay like this.

M: … Hey, have you noticed my feelings?

M: Why did you ask that question earlier?

M: Stay unaware…

M: I love you. Haha… I love you.

M: The person I love… is you.

M: … But if it’s going to cause problems for dad then… continuing to hide it would be much easier. I… don’t want to lose anyone anymore. But I also don’t want to lose my feelings for you.

M: Earlier, when you were embarrassed about sleeping with me, that was really cute. Actually, haha, my heart also skipped a beat.

M: Right now, we’re sleeping in the same bed…

M: Shit… Even though I know I can’t… even though I know I shouldn’t… hah… I’m turned on.

M: Hey, you won’t wake? You won’t turn over to me?

M: … Sorry. I said I wouldn’t do anything weird, but… it’s impossible in the end. You can hit me, so… I won’t touch you, so… forgive me for touching myself.

*** TRACK 4: I Can’t Hold Back – masturbation, against your back ***

M: Haah… mm…

M: Ngh… it hurts… It really hurts… hah…

M: I love you and yet… It hurts to not be able to be together… It hurts being like this.

M: Hagh… I want to be able to proudly say you’re my cute girlfriend… and yet… Ggh… ngh…!

M: I wanted to be your boyfriend… mgh… I wanted you to call me, not big brother… but Manato.

M: Haha, why do I love you this much? Ngh… ah… I don’t know, but… if it’s not… if it’s not you then I don’t want them. If it’s not you, ngh… ah…!


M: Haa… I love you.

M: I love you…

M: Ungh… mgh…!

M: I really love you… hngh…!


M: Honestly… I want to touch you more. Ngh… I want to kiss you… hah… I want to… have sex with you… gngh…

M: Haa… hagh…


M: Ngh, hah… it hurts…

M: … I love you.

M: Aah… ah…!

M: I’m gonna come. Nrgh… hah…!

M: Ah, sorry, ngh… I’m coming… I’m… coming…! Ngh… hah…

M: Haah… haa…


M: Eh!? Wh-why are you awake…? N-no way, haha… since when…?

M: Huh!? Uh, this is… um…

M: Y-you’re asking what this is… I… masturbated to you.

*** TRACK 5: Discussion Between the Two ***

M: Sorry, I’m really sorry!!

M: Uh, I won’t live together with you anymore.

M: I’ll talk with dad tomorrow and move out, so… so… so…!! Please let me… continue to love you.

M: Uh, i-it’s not okay, right!? Your big brother masturbated right in front of you… You’re definitely scared and think it’s gross, right?

M: Um, honestly, I want to die.

M: O-okay… I’ll calm down… I’ll calm down… hah…

M: Huh…? W-what…? What do you need to say to me? You’re not going to ask me to go die, are you? Erm, sorry, okay, I’ll listen to the end.

M: Mm… huh…?

M: N-no way. Then, you… tangled our legs on purpose so that I couldn’t go back to my room? W-why would you do that!?


M: That means… my confession… you heard it all… AH!

M: Wait… when you say you wanted to know the truth behind my sleep-talking… What do you mean? What did I say?

M: Uh… no, that was… um… When I was saying “I love you” that was probably when I was thinking about you… and touching myself… I think.

M: A-anyway, anyway… I’m going to go clean up. When I come back, we’re going to talk, okay?

M: I’ll tell you everything. How I feel about you… I’ll be sure to tell you, so… so, wait for me? *leaves*

11 thoughts on “Onii-chan no Hitorigoto

    Lux said:
    May 7, 2020 at 16:31

    I love this! It felt so earnest and natural compared to most audio works that seem to meticulously plan out every bit of what the guy is going to say. I will say I am very shocked that they left it on a cliff hanger. Do you know if there is a sequel volume from the creators? I neeed it!

      Ilinox responded:
      May 7, 2020 at 17:19

      I think it ended pretty conclusively, since the little sister was obviously super bothered by the idea of him liking someone else and trapped him with her in the bed on purpose, haha. Her embarrassment and allowance of him being in close quarters with her shows her like for him too IMO :D!

      Hmm, I took a look at the JP site again and their other works but it doesn’t look like it. I know your other commission does have a sequel though.

      On another note, yeah, the recording definitely leans towards the natural side of Japanese and it would probably be hard for someone not familiar with Japanese to understand this, even more so than other situaion CDs. He had a way of cutting off the ending of his sentences or like not bothering to enunciate the conjugated end of verbs, so it’d make catching his words confusing unless you already knew them |D.

        Lux said:
        May 7, 2020 at 18:30

        Drat! Well, for what we were given it was very cute and tame. Would you happen to know if this CV has done any other audio works? I really liked his voice.

        Also, yes! I hope to commission you on the sequel in the future!

        While I’m not a native in Japanese, I have listened to enough to be able to pick up on certain words and can use context clues to gain an understanding of what is going on based on that. I was really proud of being able to semi understand what he was saying even knowing his approach was more “casual” in that way. It was definitely a treat!

        Ilinox responded:
        May 7, 2020 at 21:53

        Unfortunately, it looks like this was the first work of the seiyuu according to DLsite!

    waterinegirl said:
    May 7, 2020 at 08:09

    damn it. i wanted more.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 7, 2020 at 17:20

      Hahaha, the actual act of them together? |D

        waterinegirl said:
        May 7, 2020 at 17:22

        From confession, dating and sex. XD

    kai5404 said:
    May 7, 2020 at 00:29

    OMG he just leaves her like that??? We need closure! Also MC trapping him 👀

    Thanks again for the translation!!

      Ilinox responded:
      May 7, 2020 at 17:20

      LOL he has to get cleaned up! I think there’s closure though because the sister’s actions showed that she totally wanted him and was bothered about the thought of him saying “I love you” to another person.

    medusawitch said:
    May 7, 2020 at 00:10

    I hope there will be sequel after this
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Ilinox responded:
      May 7, 2020 at 17:19

      It doesn’t look like there is one from the doujin circle :( but, haha, I suppose it would have been nice to end it with actual copulation instead of just him having to masturbate alone, oops.

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