Knight of Twins

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Fell (フェル)
CV: 聖蹟桜ヶ丘太郎

Phi (ファイ)
CV: 空木あすた

“You” are the princess of a country and, since you were small, you were raised as siblings with twins, who were the knight attendants of the princess, called Fell and Phi.

On a certain day, when the three of you were living happily together, talks about a marriage interview came…

Thank you again to Lux for the commission! R18 warning and 3P and anal. Do these warnings even help people? Haha, I’m just tagging very generally for anything I think might bother people because it’s not vanilla. Anyway, you can pick this up on the ENG DLsite and JP DLsite.

Note: I know it’s called Knight of Twins, but I think it’s amusing to see that the romaji can also make it sound like “Night of Twins”. Perhaps an intended pun?

*** TRACK 1: A Normal Morning ***

*door knocks*

Fell: Good morning, princess. Are you awake? *door knocks* Princess?

Phi: Just give up, Fell. There’s no way our princess can get up on her own. Princess? We’re coming in.

F: Ah, stop there, Phi!

*door opens*

P: Morning, princess. Are you awake? Ah, your bangs are sticking up. Make sure to get the maids to fix that later.

F: P-Phi, you’re always so overly familiar with the princess. How many times have I told you to mind your social standing! We have only been entrusted as the princess’ guards. A-ah, princess, I sincerely apologize for raising my voice in your presence. It’s your fault, Phi!

P: Huh? Is it my fault…?

F: *clears throat* Good morning, princess. How are you today? Do you feel unwell anywhere? I will go and prepare some tea right away. Please wait for a moment.


P: Who was it who said that we were only entrusted with being the princess’ bodyguards…? Rather than being a knight, Fell’s more like a butler… right? Sometimes he’s an annoying teacher. Haha, princess, you laughed! Was it that funny? So cute. Mm, what’s most important is that you’re lively today, princess. Hey, more importantly, what are you doing today, princess? How about we head out to town again? I’ll take you, so just tell me the place you want to go.

F: No, today there are dance lessons. It also sounds as if a tailor will be arriving. We won’t have the time. Right, princess? Wait, princess…! W-what are you wearing!?

P: Hm? Wearing? Ah, princess… you slept in that thin silk again? Come to think of it, yesterday was a bit hot, huh.

F: That is not the issue here. Princess, you must be aware of how you are a lady. You mustn’t show your disheveled state and skin like that in front of others! It’s fine because you’re in your own room…? Even if that is the case…! We and the maids are here. Please take more care! You don’t mind if it’s us…? U-uh… princess—


P: Jeez, Fell, you’re so noisy. Isn’t it a bit late at this point? We’ve been with the princess for… uh… how many years now? Anyway, we’ve been attending to the princess as knights since she was small. This is natural, right? We’re like siblings. Right, princess?

F: Y-o-u…! Why do you act like that to the princess!? Princess, you too, stop spoiling him. It’s because you forgive him for everything that he starts getting carried away. Furthermore, princess, please come over here and drape this over yourself. The tea will be served after. Come, princess, raise your arms. I’ll pull the sleeve through. Oh, are you alright? Is it on properly?

P: Fell, you’re so thorough. Hey, princess, even though Fell said that he’s actually turned on from you sleeping like this, you know? Princess, lately, your chest has gotten bigger and that’s why he’s so noisy—

F: Phi, what are you saying to the princess?

P: Nuthin~! Hah, Fell really has sharp ears. It’s so annoying.

F: Good grief, you take whatever opportunity presents itself to blow this and that into the princess’ ears. Now, you’ve changed your clothes without incident. I will bring the tea over right away. Phi, you come help too.

P: Yeah, yeah.

*** TRACK 2: The End of Normalcy ***

F: A m-marriage interview…? For you, princess…? W-why was that brought up all of a sudden? Certainly, you are at an age where it wouldn’t be strange to be married but… but that sort of talk hasn’t been brought up once up to now, no?

P: Calm down a little, Fell. Princess, who told you about the marriage interview? Your father? Meaning the king, huh. But the king is really sweet on you, so I can’t believe he’d suddenly bring that up with you. Ah, I see. The candidate is the neighboring country’s prince. If I remember correctly, there seems to be diplomatic problems with that country recently, so I wonder if this is to become friendlier?

F: For him to decide upon that and ignore the princess’ wishes…

P: Hm? Ah, I see. He didn’t say you had to get married at all costs, huh. He told you to go and meet him if you felt like it. I see. That’s just like the doting parent the king is.

F: I-is that the case? T-then you will decline it of course, yes, princess? You wouldn’t want to marry someone you haven’t even met, right, princess? W-what!? I-if it’s just a meeting you’ll go and meet him…? You c-cannot, princess! If you do that then that is basically acknowledging the marriage!


P: Well, it’s actually hard to decline, isn’t it? Because you’re told that if you don’t go to the marriage interview then diplomatic relations will worsen, right? But, princess, if you really don’t want to then I think it’s fine to refuse. The king really pampers you, so I’m sure he’ll understand.

F: Even still, are you saying you will go, princess? Princess, you don’t understand men. Even if you just meet him once, I’m certain the other man will become interested in you instantly. In such a case, refusing would be… ugh, just imagining it is horrifying.

P: Fell is as overprotective as usual. Well, it’s not that I don’t understand how he feels. Hey, princess, the king told you to think over it carefully, right? Think over it some more then. About whether you’re really okay with this. Whatever your father says goes…? Hrmm, but there’s still time and so you should think about lots of things. We’ll discuss it with you too. Okay?

F: Precisely. Please reconsider this, princess. Are you really alright marrying that man? Your life in the future will change greatly. Ah, princess, this is so heartbreaking…

P: Umm, this has become a bit of a problem.

*** TRACK 3: The First Night ***

*door knocks*

F: Good evening, princess. Please excuse me for disturbing your night. Are you… still awake?

P: Phew, you haven’t slept yet. Can we come in, princess? *door opens*

F: Excuse us and I apologize for the intrusion, princess. You were about to head to sleep, yes? There is something I would like to discuss with you.

P: Hey, princess, can I sit beside you on the bed? Thanks, princess. Excuse me then.

F: H-huh!? M-may I sit beside you as well? If you insist, princess, then please excuse me. Yes, regarding what I wish to discuss… um… it’s about your marriage interview. The prince of the neighboring country is arriving here tomorrow, yes? Thus, if you were to refuse, I believe today would be the last day.

P: In the end, you weren’t able to refuse, huh, princess. If that wasn’t the case, then that prince wouldn’t be coming, right? You thought about it on your own and decided that if it was with that person then marriage wouldn’t be so bad, right, princess?

F: You don’t intend on marriage but if it’s just a meeting…? Princess, you truly do not understand. If you meet him once then you won’t be able to refuse anymore. That prince will surely become interested in you and forcibly proceed with an engagement. Impossible…? It’s possible. You’re extremely lovable, princess. It’s more than possible.


P: Besides, princess, you’re kind and, once you meet him, I’m sure you won’t be able to reject him because you think it’ll be rude. Once that happens, just like that, you’ll be married off in a flash. Are you really okay with that? You don’t want that, right?

F: That you still don’t understand after we said this much… Princess, you don’t understand a single thing about men, do you? For example— if you’re pressed down like this, princess, you can’t do anything, can you? What will you do princess if that prince attempts to violate you!? You’re no longer a child to not know what comes after this, yes? Can you still run away even after being pressed down, princess? Can you resist?

F: Just to inform you, what you are doing right now doesn’t fall under resisting. Do you know what you look like right now? Your cheeks are stained red, there are tears in your eyes, and you look extremely adorable, princess. Looking like that will only arouse the other— ngh! *kisses*

P: Aah, jeez, Fell! You’re too hungry. The princess is crying, isn’t she? You promised to teach her gently, didn’t you? Aah, you look so miserable. Princess, that was scary, wasn’t it? Here, look this way. Mm. *kisses*


F: Shut up, Phi. It’s impossible for you to restrain yourself when you’re looked at like this by the princess, no? Like this, I can smell the princess’ fragrance up close…

P: Ngh, that’s true. The princess’ skin is so sweet and smells nice. It’s like she’s made out of sugar. Hey, let me eat some more. *kisses*

F: Princess, it’ll be difficult like this, so why don’t we remove your clothes? Don’t be concerned, we won’t do anything that will hurt you, princess. We’ll slowly and gently make you feel pleasure, alright?

P: You don’t have to be so nervous. Ah, I know, if Fell’s scary then I’ll give you kisses. Okay? Here, so look my way. *kisses*

F: Aah, princess, your skin is so very pale. It’s soft and feels nice. Haha, but it’s somewhat hot, isn’t it? Are you aroused as well, princess? Me too. Your breasts are such pretty shapes. *kisses* Ngh…

P: Ah, princess, you jerked just now, didn’t you? Does it feel that good to have your breasts played with by Fell? I need to work hard too then. Mmgh. *kisses* Come on, princess, open your mouth more. If you don’t then we can’t kiss better. Mm… yes, like that. You’re so cute, princess.


F: Haha, can you tell that the tips of your breasts are hard? It feels pleasurable, doesn’t it, princess? Then, when I pinch these tips… haha! That voice just now was truly adorable. Princess, please let me hear your voice more. For example, look… here. How will you be when I touch your pussy? I can tell it’s damp from above your clothes. Why don’t we remove this as well? Please raise your hips a little, princess. Aah, you’re so beautiful, princess. It’s clenching as if trying to invite me in. What a wonderful sight. Can you see this, princess? Just a touch and its this wet already… your lovely pussy, princess. Ngh, I can’t hold back anymore. Nngh. *gives oral*

F: Mrgh, what is it, princess? Don’t worry, you’re not dirty at all because there is not a single dirty place on your body, princess. Mm… mgh, look, when I trace your folds with my tongue… ah… does it feel pleasurable? Yes, let yourself go, just like that. Nngh…

P: Ah, princess, your eyes are so dazed. Does it feel that good to be licked by Fell? That makes me a bit jealous. Princess, kiss me more. *kisses*


F: Are you overjoyed to be kissing Phi? Your pussy twitched just now. Haha, it’s useless to hide it. Is Phi that nice? That also… irritates me a little. In that case, I will make you feel even more pleasure from here. Mmgh… Haha, does it feel that good to have your clitoris sucked? I shall focus on this then. Ngh… ah… look, princess, your pussy is completely drenched now. Can you tell? That you’re obscenely wet, haha. Princess, you truly are adorable. Oh dear, did you climax? No, it’s alright. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Heh, if you are this wet then it should be fine. Phi, what are you going to do?

P: Hm? I’m cool with going after. I want to comfort the princess after she’s scared from her first time.

F: I see, then let’s do that. What is the matter, princess? You look stunned. Did you possibly… think it would be over with this? Haha, princess, you truly know nothing. That side of you is extremely cute though. I will have you accompany me for a while longer tonight though.

P: Don’t worry, princess. I’ll hold your hand like this, and I’ll be kissing you. If you leave things to Fell, then you’ll feel better and better.

F: Now, princess, this is your first time seeing a man’s member, yes? You’re asking what I am going to do with this…? Naturally, my cock will be entering your pussy, princess. Oh, please don’t run away, princess. Have no fear, the pain will only be for an instant. Relax your body like that.


P: Princess, if you’re that tense it’ll just feel painful. Here, kiss me? You’ll be distracted that way, right? *kisses*

F: Ggh, it’s as tight as I expected. But, look, the tip has finally entered. I’m going to move slowly from here, ngh…!

P: Ah! Don’t struggle like that, princess! Does it hurt? Sorry, but you’ll feel good soon, so just beat with it for a bit longer, okay? Come on, concentrate on me and not Fell. *kisses* Princess, stick out your tongue more. Hngh… yes, like that, wrap it around my tongue.

F: Haha, you relaxed a little. Are Phi’s kisses that pleasurable? Then you must kiss me later too. But right now… putting this in comes first. Ngh…! Haah… haa… somehow, I managed to press in deep. Huh? Oh, blood. Haha, that’s right, this is your first time, yes, princess? Haha, we are the princess’ first. For some reason, this is more joyous than I could imagine. Now then, I’m going to move little by little. Hagh… ngh…! Princess, your hole is extremely hot… I feel like I’m melting… ah, it feels good… it feels so good, princess. Haah… hah… ngh…!

P: Hey now, Fell, you’re being too aggressive. It’s the princess’ first time, so you need to be more gentle. Princess, are you okay? Oh, I guess that’s out of the question right now… Ah, the princess’ moans are so cute. Hey, stick out your tongue more. Let’s continue on our side too, okay? *kisses* Nngh.


F: Every time I thrust deep into you, princess, your juices flow out more and more. Ggh, ngh… hah…! It’s much more easier to move now compared to the beginning. My hips… won’t stop, ngh… hah…! It’s too much, I can’t hold back anymore. Haa… hah… princess, princess…! Aah…!

P: Fell, ugh, you’re not composed at all. Jeez. Hm? Princess, are you about to come? Go ahead, just like that. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I’ll hold your hand. So, go ahead and come like that.

F: I’m about to orgasm as well. Hngh… hah…! Let’s go together…! Haa… hagh… ngh… it’s coming…! Take it all, princess… hah…! Ggh, ngh…! *he orgasms*

P: Mm, great job, princess. Did it feel good having Fell come inside you lots? Princess, you’re spaced out. Umm, that face looks cute too but… I also can’t hold back anymore. Come on, Fell, let’s change now.

F: Ngh, I… understand. Hah… haa… Huh? Haha, my sperm is flowing out, isn’t it. This is also quite a sensual sight, but right now I will leave it to Phi.


P: Mm, like this, it looks like it won’t be a problem if I go in. Sorry, princess, it probably hurts still but I’ll be putting it in. I’ve always ached to be one with you too. So, I’m going. Nngh… mgh… ah! Crap… this is…! Princess, your pussy… is really nice. Hngh… hah… I feel like I’m gonna come immediately too. Ngh… hah…!

F: Haha, does it feel that pleasurable to have him use your pussy which just climaxed? Your mouth is open carelessly. Haha, this is nice. It’s quite an enjoyable sight seeing Phi use you like this, princess.

P: Ngh, ah… hah…! The princess’ juices and Fell’s sperm has made it sticky and wet inside, ngh… Wait, princess, don’t squeeze down like that. I’m… not to the extent of Fell, but I also can’t stay calm. Ggh, my dick feels like it’s gonna break… ngh… ah…! Haha, seeing you all drenched, princess, is so cute. That look of pleasure on your face is nice. Ngh, mgh… show me more.

F: Enough with Phi. Why don’t you kiss me as well, princess? Mm. *kisses* Haha, good, princess. You’re so lovable when you covet my tongue. Mm…

P: Ggh, princess… do you feel that good when you kiss Fell? Ungh, your pussy is clenching down so hard… mgh! I can’t… I’m gonna… come… Hagh… ngh… together, princess… Come together with me… Haah… hagh… it’s coming out…! Ggh, shit… I can’t stop! *he orgasms* Haah… haa…

F: Haha, you also made Phi release a lot, princess. *kisses* The look you made when you came, princess, was also extremely lovely. Princess…?

P: Hm? Ah… as you’d expect, we might have pushed her too hard even though it was her first time. Princess, are you sleepy now? Yeah, I thought so.

F: Go ahead, princess. You can fall asleep like that. Haha, today felt very pleasurable, didn’t it? Let’s continue tomorrow as well.

*** TRACK 4: Three People’s Night ***

F+P: Ngh… hah… haah…! *thrusting*

F: Haha, you look like you’re enjoying yourself, princess. Your front hole is swallowing Phi while your back hole is lusting after me. Just a few days ago, you were in pain when we did anal too. But now… look! Haha, you’re completely sensitive to it, aren’t you? Ungh, good, princess, because you’re cutest when you’re moaning like that.

P: Haha, princess, your pussy and your ass is being fucked messily and it feels super good, right? It was worth doing your best to practice being fucked from behind, huh. After all, princess, you look like you feel so good when you’re being doubly used at the same time. Ngh… after I look at the princess, I’m also… mgh… gonna come…!

F: Me too, I don’t think I can hold back any longer. Hah… princess, princess, princess…!

P: Ngh, princess, you too… are you gonna come? Good, don’t be embarrassed. Then all three of us… let’s feel good together. Hah… hagh…!

[02:28] *they orgasm*

F: Haha, the princess is stained by my member. Ah, what a wonderful sight, isn’t it? It arouses me.

P: Mmgh, the princess’ pussy clenches and unclenches when I’m just inside her. If you do that, I’ll… want to do it again. Mm? Nope, you have to feel more and more good, princess.

F: We haven’t been satisfied at all yet. Now, let’s continue, princess. Ngh… hah… haah… Haha, good, princess, become more disheveled under our hands. Ngh… when you raise your voice like that, haha, it’s as if your graceful bearing during the day was a lie.

P: Aah, today’s dress really suited you, didn’t it, princess? It was to the point where I wanted to make love to you right there and then. Mm… well, when I think about how it was for that prince, I get pretty pissed.

F: Haha, but that gentleman would have no idea the princess is this obscene, right? I’m mistaken? No, I am not wrong, princess. After all, if that wasn’t the case, you wouldn’t be this satisfied with your pussy and ass ravished at the same time. Haha, don’t cry like that, princess. It’s not as if I am blaming you. We’re extremely pleased because the princess, who fell to debauchery under our hands, is more beautiful than anything else.


P: Mm, princess, seeing you become dripping and sticky like this… is so cute. Princess, you don’t need to think about anything and just feel good. Okay? So, refuse the marriage interview. You can still refuse it right now. Don’t get married. Let’s stay like this, with the three of us, forever. See, isn’t it a great idea?

F: Furthermore, either way, you cannot be satisfied by anyone apart from us, yes, princess? I wonder what that gentleman would think if he knew you entertained the both of us like this every night. Haha, don’t be so afraid. You have no need to be concerned, since I have no intentions of telling this to that man. Rather, no matter what happens, I will never speak of this.

P: Mm, because such a sexy princess belongs to us alone. I absolutely won’t give you… to other people… and that prince! So, don’t get married. Let’s always stay together with the three of us. Okay, princess?

F: Why won’t you say anything, princess? It can’t be that you still intend to marry that man? Especially when your body has been turned into this by us. Ngh, you cannot, princess. Even if the king were to permit it, I absolutely will not allow it!


P: Ggh, wait, Fell! You’re being too intense! Ngh, princess… your pussy is squeezing so hard, mrgh… Wow, it’s surrounding me.

F: Come now, climax to my cock. I will make it so that you can never again say you will marry that man. Ggh, hah… hagh…!

P: Ngh, ah… agh…! I feel like I’m gonna come again… ngh! It’s okay, right, princess? Princess, you love it… when I come lots inside you, right? Ngh… me too, I love it too. Mgh, I love it… when your hole gets filled by me. Ngh, mgh…!

F: Princess, be sure to take in all my sperm! Hah… I’m going to release loads into you. Ggh, hah… hagh…! *he orgasms*

P: Ngh! *he orgasms* Haah… I came a lot again. But, sorry, princess… we still haven’t had enough with this.

F: Haha, the night is still long, you see. Now, let’s continue to love each other with the three of us. Ngh… mm…

P: Haa… hah…!

*** TRACK 5: The Beginning of a Usual Night ***

F: Ngh… hah… ah… yes, like that, use your tongue. Haha, ungh… haha, well done, princess. You’ve improved quite a lot.

P: Mgh, ngh, ah…! Are you aroused sucking on Fell’s dick, princess? Your pussy has been contracting since earlier, ngh… ah…!

F: Ah, keep going, yes, stroke it with your hand… ngh…! Princess, your mouth is hot… It feels good, just like that. Hngh… I’m about to release. Princess… ah…!

P: Hagh! Wow, just now, your pussy clamped down. Ngh, ah…! Me too… I’m about to come, mgh! Let’s go together, princess… hah… haah…!

F: Take in all of my sperm, princess! I’m going, ngh, to release it in your mouth like this. Hngh… ah…! *he orgasms*

P: Hah, if you squeeze down any more… ngh… hah…! Ggh! *he orgasms*

F: Agh… ah, don’t do that, princess. You can’t spit it out. Please drink it like that. Yes, swallow just like that. Did you swallow it all? Please open your mouth and show me. Haha, you properly drank it all. Good girl, princess. Now then, I must give you a reward, princess, shouldn’t I? Phi, we’re switching. What are you going to do?

P: Mm? Sure. I’ll wait. In exchange, you have to return her to me soon.

F: That will depend on the princess.

*** TRACK 6: With Fell ***

F: Now then, princess, please come over here.

F: Haha, you don’t have to look at me so covetously. I will be sure to give you this. Yes, now, I will stay like this. Come astride me and put it in yourself, princess.

F: You can’t do it? Have no fear, you can do this, princess. Just follow what the both of us always do. Furthermore, look, your pussy wants me inside as soon as possible, doesn’t it?

F: Haha, it is good that you’re honest. Now then, lower your hips slowly like that. Yes… like that, spread open your pussy with your fingers. Ah, it’s a wonderful sight, isn’t it? Haha, I apologize, but you’re just too adorable, princess. Don’t worry, princess, just go down like that slowly… and slowly…

F: Aah… haha, the entire thing is inside already, I see. Did you desire it that badly? It was as if you couldn’t wait patiently for me to be inside. Ngh… hah… your muscles are spasming down here. Yes, now then, please move as you wish, princess. I will support you like this, princess.


F: Ngh, haha, good, princess… hah… it feels very good. Haha, moving your hips like that… it looks like you wanted my cock a lot. Ggh, ngh… ah… like that, princess. Keep going like that. Haha, does it feel that pleasurable? The movement of your hips has gradually become quicker and quicker. Ngh… ah…

F: Good, princess. Haha, you’re, ngh, very talented. When did you learn how to move like this? Haah… haha, you’re right, we taught you, didn’t we? Haha, I’m sure that man would never expect that the princess would move her hips above a man like this on her own. He would never dream you would be such a sensual woman. Haha, what a beautiful sight. You, straddling me, desperately moving your hips… ah, you’re extremely gorgeous.

F: Princess, you’re always terribly cute but, ngh… in this moment, when you’re joined with us, you are at your most beautiful, haha. We’re the only ones who can see you looking pleasured, princess. Ngh… you’re beautiful, princess. Ungh, ah… princess, what’s wrong? Why do you look so frustrated?


F: Haha, you cannot reach your climax? I see, then please beg, princess. If you do it well, then I’ll help you climax. We taught you what you should say, yes? Please don’t be embarrassed, princess. If you remain stubborn then it will only harm you.

F: Come now… what do you wish for me to do?

F: You want me to… yes, make you climax? Then, what should I do? Haha, princess, if you don’t say it clearly then I won’t know what to do. You want me to… yes, thrust into your pussy with my cock, don’t you?

F: … Good, well said, princess. Now then, as you wish princess, I shall do that…! Hngh… hah… hagh…!

F: Perhaps, ngh, because you were kept waiting for a while… but you seem to be more aroused than usual. Haha, that’s fine, princess. Your lasciviousness is extremely pretty. Ngh, ah… hah…!

F: It looks like it wasn’t just you who was kept in suspense, princess. Me too… I cannot seem to stop my hips any longer. I’ll make you climax just like this… hah… hagh…!

F: It’s coming, princess…! I’m going to pour in loads of my sperm just like this. Kgh, ngh… hah… agh…! *he orgasms*

F: Haah… haa… haha, did that feel pleasurable, princess? Yes, me too… I felt extremely good.

*** TRACK 7: With Phi ***

P: Okay, okay, next is me then.

P: Come on, princess, come over here. Mrgh, princess, aren’t you a little limp? It’s because Fell pushed you too hard.

F: It’s not my fault. It’s just how much the princess desired me.

P: Hah… I hate that, Fell. Stuff like making her move on her own or begging. He’s a bully. Even though, normally, he spoils you to the point of making you sick with it, princess. He’s a sadist, I say, sadist!

F: Who are you calling a sadist?

P: Princess, are you tired after Fell already? I’ll make you feel good this time then, princess, so just lie down on the bed like that. Spread your legs there. Oh, Fell… he came a lot. You’re all sticky inside.

P: It’s a question as to who’s more lewd, huh. Well, I can’t say much about other people… Well, I’m going to put myself in like this, okay, princess?

P: Ngh, it’s burning hot in your hole after you just came… Mm? What’s wrong, princess? Did you come lightly just from me entering you?


P: You’ve become sensitive inside, huh. You’re so cute trembling like that, princess. Ah, that reminds me… hey, let’s kiss, princess. *kisses*

P: Hngh… mm… wow, your pussy clenched down just from kissing. Then, while we’re kissing, I’ll thrust lots into your pussy. Come on, princess, stick out your tongue more. Yes, like that. *kisses; thrusting*

P: Mm… this is bad. It feels so good, ngh…! The princess sucking on my tongue is so cute… Hey, do it more? Mm… ngh… *kisses*


P: Ngh, sorry, princess, was that painful? Sorry, it’s just that every time we kiss your pussy clenches down and it’s so cute… I couldn’t stop. Mm? Princess, you too? You felt good? I see, then I’m happy.

P: You want more? Mm, okay. *kisses*

P: Ngh, hah… I really won’t be able to stop with this. I love kissing you too, princess, but… ngh, it’s getting tough on me. Princess, could you put your arms around my neck a little? Mm, yes, like that, hehe. Like this, princess, you’re close and it’s nice, isn’t it? Now… I’m going to go quicker, okay? Ngh… hah…!


P: Ggh, mm? What, princess? Huh? Ah… you unconsciously dug your nails into my back? Don’t worry, it doesn’t really hurt. No. Stay like this, don’t remove your hands. This doesn’t count as any serious injury. So, keep clinging onto me like this. Ngh… now, I’ll continue, princess. Mm… hah…!

P: Princess… does it feel good? Ngh, ah, you love it… ngh… when I thrust deeply into you like this, right, princess? Hgh, I love how you look when you’re feeling good, princess. Hey, show me more. Ggh… hah… hagh…!

P: Ngh, princess… you’re going to come soon…? Sure, feel as much pleasure as you want… ngh…! Come together with me… like this… kgh… ngh…! Haa… agh…! I’m… it’s too much… I’m gonna… come…! I’m letting it out, princess… ngh, inside you… I’m going to let out tons of sperm… kgh… ngh…! *he orgasms*

*** TRACK 8: Always Forever as Three ***

P: Haa… hagh… that felt good, didn’t it, princess? *kisses* But it’s thanks to you, princess, that all three of us are able to stay together like this. Because you neatly refused the marriage interview.

F: Haha, it’s because the princess completely has a body that cannot be satisfied without us now. It was a sensible decision, princess.

P: Mhm, so let’s always stay together with the three of us, princess. That way everyone will be happy. Right?

F: Haha, that would be the case. More importantly, princess, have you rested your body enough? After seeing you have intercourse with Phi earlier… I also want to do it one more time. Can you get up, princess?

P: Geh, Fell, you’re really unrivaled. Well, it’s not like I don’t get you. Besides, the princess also looks like she can still handle more. Before, she would fall asleep immediately after just doing this.


F: If we continue this every night, then eventually even the princess’ body will become accustomed. Now, please come into my arms, princess. How shall we love each other next?

P: After that, do it with me again too, okay, princess? You have to leave some energy for her to do it with me, Fell.

F: Well, that is something for the princess to decide. Haha, please don’t make such a hopeful expression, princess. If you look too cute, I won’t be able to control myself. Now, the night is still long, princess. Let’s enjoy it slowly.

P: And tomorrow, the day after that, and forever, right, princess?

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