Day: May 15, 2020

Muikame no Asahi to Kurutta Shinkirou ~ Shimada Akito ~

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Shimada Akito (島田 秋人)
CV: Furukawa Tetsuto (古河 徹人)

The Early Morning of the Sixth Day and the Crazed Mirage ~ Shimada Akito ~

During junior high school, you were relentlessly followed around by a boy in the same class. Your boyfriend at the time protected you and, as a result, that boy encountered severe bullying from other boys and disappeared somewhere…

Several years passed and, now in university, you left your house in the early morning to go on a trip with your clubmates.

Then, before you knew it, you were lying on the bed of an unfamiliar room. Beside you, the man who was staring intently at your sleeping face narrowed his eyes with pleasure and said “Look closely at my face. Do you remember anything?” with a dark smirk…

The curtains rise on six days of hell with a crazy man…

Big thank you to katokathy for the commission! R18 warning and yandere, humiliation, dubcon, and erotic asphyxiation. Boo, I really like the cover art for this one but I can’t put it here because it’s explicit… ish LOL. I don’t want to surprise anyone who stumbles onto my blog. So, you can take a look for yourself at ENG DLsite or JP DLsite.

Note: I know the title is pretty different from the English one, but it’s missing quite a few words from the Japanese one. I don’t think the ENG DLsite translations are official and they’re just done by freelancers who aren’t in contact with the original creators.

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