Muikame no Asahi to Kurutta Shinkirou ~ Shimada Akito ~

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Shimada Akito (島田 秋人)
CV: Furukawa Tetsuto (古河 徹人)

The Early Morning of the Sixth Day and the Crazed Mirage ~ Shimada Akito ~

During junior high school, you were relentlessly followed around by a boy in the same class. Your boyfriend at the time protected you and, as a result, that boy encountered severe bullying from other boys and disappeared somewhere…

Several years passed and, now in university, you left your house in the early morning to go on a trip with your clubmates.

Then, before you knew it, you were lying on the bed of an unfamiliar room. Beside you, the man who was staring intently at your sleeping face narrowed his eyes with pleasure and said “Look closely at my face. Do you remember anything?” with a dark smirk…

The curtains rise on six days of hell with a crazy man…

Big thank you to katokathy for the commission! R18 warning and yandere, humiliation, dubcon, and erotic asphyxiation. Boo, I really like the cover art for this one but I can’t put it here because it’s explicit… ish LOL. I don’t want to surprise anyone who stumbles onto my blog. So, you can take a look for yourself at ENG DLsite or JP DLsite.

Note: I know the title is pretty different from the English one, but it’s missing quite a few words from the Japanese one. I don’t think the ENG DLsite translations are official and they’re just done by freelancers who aren’t in contact with the original creators.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: The First Day ***

*birds chirping*

Akito: Hehe… awake? Hello there.

A: Huh, you’re trembling. Cold? Or… should I up the temperature of the air conditioner a bit? Hey, what do you think? Are you good?

A: Ah, I’m glad. Then you’re not shivering because of the temperature… but because of me?

A: *comes over* Haha, oh, right, can you say your own name?

A: Mm, looks like you’re OK. Oh, the small headache might be because of the drug. But, don’t worry, you fell asleep from a small amount, so the pain should go away soon.

A: Hm? Where is this place…? Oh? All humans seem to ask that question when they wake up. Oh well, I’ll answer. This is a room in a high-rise apartment building in the city. It’s on the twentieth floor and if you fell from the window… you’d be instantly dead first. It’s also my room and it locks from the outside. That is to say… you can’t leave here out of your own will.


A: Well, if you’re handcuffed and chained then reaching the door itself seems hard. Heh, naturally, the room is soundproofed so no matter how much you scream, cry, or shout for help no one will come.

A: Hehe, your voice is shaking. What? What time is it right now…? Let’s see, right now it’s… exactly eighteen o’clock. Ah, you slept through the entire day since the early morning. Don’t you think you slept a little too much?

A: Hm? From that look… you don’t seem to know me yet, huh. That’s sad.

A: *comes close* Hey, look closely at my face. Do you remember anything?

A: Hah… you don’t know. Then… Aizawa Shou, Miyagawa Satoshi, Uchida Riku, and Itou Kanade. Still don’t remember me after hearing the names of these members?


A: *steps away* Hahaha! It looks like you finally remembered! That’s right, I’m Shimada Akito. Hehe, it’s been a long time. We haven’t seen each other since we graduated junior high school, so it’s been around four years. Each one of you guys went to different universities, so it was ridiculously hard to find you all.

A: Plus, look at this. Aizawa’s student ID. He went into the faculty of education, huh. This piece of trash is aiming to be a teacher, haha! How funny. Miyagawa and Uchida are at barely passable universities. Itou… your ex-boyfriend… is a medical student, hehe. How handsome.

A: … Yeah, that’s right, these four were the ones who used to bully me. And you… were the source of everything.

A: *comes close* Yes, I kidnapped you here for revenge.

A: Haha, hey, bullying is only done by the trash of humans. For some reason, since I was a kid, I was the type who’d always be eyed up by this trash. I was also bullied in my previous junior high school and I transferred to run away. There, at my new school, I met you when you sat beside me.

A: Weren’t you kind to me a lot when I wouldn’t talk to anyone out of fear? You were the only one… who wouldn’t laugh at me and think me weird. You were a decent person…!

A: —was what I believed.

A: And yet… why did you refuse me and talked to them about me!?


A: *pounces on heroine* Grgh, what? Yeah, that’s right, at that time I licked your recorder, sniffed your gym uniform, and stole your swimsuit. So that you wouldn’t be hit on by dangerous men, I followed you around 24/7 to watch over you. I even threw a condom filled with my semen at the entrance of your home.

A: But why did those become the reason for me to be bullied? I only wanted to be able to feel your presence constantly. Why did I have to be bullied for several years just because of that!? I didn’t even harm you directly…!

A: … I… I was looked down on by those followers around you for being garbage and disgusting. I was also ripped away from you. I was bullied continuously until we graduated junior high school. To say nothing of studying, I could only go to a high school with shit reputation. Everyone around me, even my parents, turned a cold shoulder on me. I was so miserable… and in pain.

A: That’s why I studied desperately to enter a good university and make a fresh start, but… my parents wouldn’t even acknowledge me as their own son anymore. Grgh, do you understand these feelings!? You wouldn’t, right? Someone like you… is always protected by their friends and, with a face that says you’ve long forgotten me, you’re planning on enjoying a trip with those university idiots trying to make themselves look cool. Someone like you would never be able to understand the humiliation I suffered up to now!


A: Hah… every single thing is because of you. Aah, why did the past me love a woman like you?

A: Hey, did you enjoy your life after having escaped me? I’ll bet it was fun. Even though I was in so much pain I was second away from committing suicide.

A: Hm? Hah, why are you shaking? Scared? Heh, I see. I’m scary, huh.

A: Too bad, but this is the natural consequence you brought upon yourself. You’re a smart girl, so why didn’t you predict a future of me coming for revenge? Let’s see, just like the others, you… no, you’ll go through something more horrible than them and I’ll give you a hellish pain—

A: —uh… ah…

A: But… I can’t. Looks like I’m soft. Despite saying how much I hate you… in the end, seeing the girl I loved shaking from fear like this… I end up being moved by affection.

A: Ah, alright, fine. I thought about killing you quickly before my affection for you rose up, but it’d be painful to go down that route and I also don’t think I’d be able to lay a hand on the girl I really loved. So… mm, yeah, I’ve decided in the end.


A: I’ll have you be mine for five days, including today. Then, on the morning of the sixth day, if you still have the will to run away from this place… I’ll let you out and I won’t ever appear in front of you again.

A: Mm? Yes, until the morning of the sixth day. But that’s if you still have the will to run away. You see, it’ll depend on you.

A: Hm? What am I going to do? Haha, that’s obviously something to look forward to. Only, I won’t kill you or hurt you. That’s all I can say. I’m telling you in advance, but you don’t have the right not to choose. Right now, there’s only one choice out of the two as to whether you’ll die here or endure for just a few days to leave this place.

A: *comes close* Hey, which one will you choose?

A: Hehe, well, that’s clear. Do your best then. *steps away*


A: Aah, why did things end up like this? Even though I’m like this, I felt sorry for drugging and kidnapping you. Even those pieces of worthless trash who bullied me, when I think about how they’re no longer in the world, I’m struck by guilt and a terrible aftertaste. Recently, I haven’t been able to sleep well… haha.

A: Huh? You didn’t hear that clearly? *comes over*

A: Hehe… they’re no longer in this world. Those guys. I think, at this time, they’re at the bottom of some ocean being food for the fishes.

A: Murderer…? That’s a harsh thing to say. I didn’t lay a hand on them directly. Besides, even if I’m caught, there’s insufficient evidence and I’ll be released right away.

A: Why…? Haha, secret. Well, who cares about those guys, right? You might be sad about your ex-boyfriend being dead though. Just seeing the sight of them scream and cry to be killed already cleared everything for me and wiped everything clean with water. Ah, I’m wrong, it should be sunk everything in the ocean. Hahahah!!

A: More importantly, right now, I’m really excited to be able to make you mine, starting here.


A: *comes close; snipping scissors* Hey, it’s about time I tear these clothes that are in the way, right? The room’s been heated up just right to where you won’t be cold when you’re naked. *heroine struggles* Grgh! Hold on, don’t struggle. Nrgh!

A: What do I mean? Haha, didn’t you choose this? I said it, didn’t I? That you’d be mine. Hgh, you’ll be mine as much as possible, raped, toyed with, and broken. Besides, you understand that no matter how much you scream or struggle you won’t be able to run, right?

A: Ggh, look! Are you okay with your pretty body being marked by these scissors? Mm? You don’t want that, right?

A: Hehe, that’s right, you should have been obedient like that from the start. Haha… *snip snip*

A: Here we go. Everything’s taken off. It’s just your cute bra and panties now. Which one do you want me to cut first?

A: I’m nice, so I’ll let you choose the one you want first.

A: Hah… silence? Hey, if you’re going to keep up that attitude… then I can always bury you whenever. Even now, I can stab your skin with this blade. Haha, your bra then? Got it. Here we go. Snip! Haha, I cut your bra now.


A: Aah, those are some cute boobs. Ngh… your nipples are a really pretty color too. Mm, it feels amazing to squeeze them too.

A: Nngh, hah… mm… feels good, this is the best, haha. I want to rub these boobs forever, ah… ngh…! *sucks*

A: Haa… hah… mrgh…! Huh? Haha, did that hurt? Sorry, I was about to crush your boobs. Haha! Ah… mm… there. I’ve enjoyed them enough, so next is your panties. I’ll have you show me what’s in them. Snip, snip!

A: Ah, everything’s removed with this. Hah… you really are pretty. I’ve seen you changing a lot up to here, but seeing you naked as the day you were born… is my first time. Ah, don’t move. Don’t close your legs. Come on, show me your pussy which my cock is going to enter!

A: … Oh, in the end, no matter how cute the girl is this place is gross, huh. This is a really erotic sight. *blows air* Haha, your pussy is clenching and unclenching just from me blowing air. Did that feel good? Huh? Hey, what is this dripping out of it…?

A: Come on, I’m talking about this shiny, sticky, hot liquid dripping from your pussy. Don’t look away. You know, don’t you? That this is your juice.


A: Huh? Oh no, do you think I made you drink some weird drug or something? It hurts for you to think that, haha. Hm? Haha, you look frustrated. That’s right, it’s frustrating, isn’t it? That you’re feeling aroused by a man you hate. It’s upsetting, isn’t it? You want me to stop, don’t you? Hehe.

A: But… I’m not going to stop. Ngh… mm… *gives oral*

A: Hngh, your clitoris is really tasty… mgh…

A: Haagh… hah… when I peel the hood back with my lips, lick it, ngh… suck it, mgh… and pull it… your juices stream out of your pussy, haha. Hngh… mrgh…

A: Ngh, hah… hey, your juices are dirtying my face, you know? Mgh, ngh… mm…

A: Mm? Hah… haah… what is it? Your handcuffs are clanking around. Ah, haha, cum? You’re gonna cum? You’re going to orgasm from my tongue? Haha, but too bad. I want your first orgasm to be from my cock. I’m going to stop giving oral here.

A: Haha, don’t look so sad. I’ll be sure to put it in. Come on.


A: *pounces on heroine* Ggh, what are you struggling for? Hgh, ah, don’t worry, you won’t break this easily! Nrgh, grgh! Hey, can you stop resisting now because it’s annoying? Haha, oh, or do you want me to push these scissors in? You want me to spread open your pussy to its max with these scissors, swirl the blades around inside, and thrust it in violently, huh? Haha, you don’t want my cock, right? SCISSORS ARE BETTER, RIGHT? Ggh!

A: Haah… haa… if you wanted me, then you should have said it sooner. Beg for me to rape you with my cock. Come on, say it. Hah, if you don’t say it… You understand, right?

A: … Hehe, well said. I have to answer your wishes then, so I guess I should strip now, haha. Huh? You’re so fucking annoying with your cries. You know, I wasn’t just punched or kicked by them, but my underwear was pulled down, I was photographed, my pubic hair burned, and other things were done.

A: Compared to that pain, you can bear the pain of my cock entering your pussy raw, right? Haha. Ggh, ngh… here’s the reveal! Heh, at any rate, your pussy is used to having sex with Itou, right? In that case, mine should be able to go in too, right? It’s only a little bigger than others. Or are you saying Itou’s was skinnier, shorter, and smaller? Hahah!!

A: Haha… looks like you gave up. Then, I guess I’ll have a taste… of your dripping wet slutty pussy without holding back. Ngh… agh… hah…! I’ve gone in… deep… hahah!! Wow! Ah, ngh… what is this? Just putting it bare into a pussy feels so good, haha!! Ngh! Mgh!


A: When I move, it feels even crazier, mgh! Haa… hagh…! Huh? What? Don’t thrust in without warning? Haha. Don’t ask for something… impossible! Mgh! It’s because of you… that my hips are moving on their own, agh! Hagh… hahah!! Mrgh!

A: My cock… it feels, ngh, like my cock’s gonna snap. Haa… hah… your folds are wrapping around my cock, ah… shit… gngh… squeezing down…! Your pussy’s amazing, ah… ngh…!

A: Huh? Haha, ah, it looks hard on you. Haha, your entrance is stretched to its limits. Hehe, sorry… mgh… ngh…! Shit, ah…! It feels good, mgh…!

A: I… you know, I… thought about trying to forget you for a short time. I’ve slept with other women, but… hah… hagh… haha, I couldn’t get my cock up at all. Ngh! It’s my first time learning that sex could feel this good, haha! Hngh, ah…!

A: Does it feel good? Do you also feel good? Ngh, mgh…! If I move like this, as if I was stirring your pussy and making it sopping wet, ngh… hah… haha, look, you’re moaning and your boobs are bouncing around, haha. Each time I thrust into you, your juices pour out of your pussy…! Gagh! Ngh!


A: Even though you’re being raped by a man you hate, you look like you’re having the time of your life. Agh, ngh…! Haa… hah…!

A: Shit, to feel this good… I wonder if we’re really compatible with each other? Haha!! Don’t cry so happily like that, haha! *kisses; thrusting*

A: Ngh, hah… haah… when I dig against this spot here, you clench down inside… ngh… ah…! Your cervix, hah, is sucking in the tip… the tip of my cock… hgh… ah…! I’m cumming… it’s releasing… it’s releasing… it’s releasing! Hagh! I’m going to let out my semen inside you… hah… I’m gonna splatter you into a sopping mess. Hah… haagh… I’m… I’m…!! Hgh!! *he orgasms*

A: Haah… haa… hah…

A: … Guess I’ll pull out. Ngh… ah… woah, sperm and juices are spilling out from your pussy. Hahaha… ah, wow. I came this much, huh. Haha. Mm, let’s leave it like this.

A: Hm? Did you lose consciousness? Hah… well, it’s boring to cram everything in the first day anyway. I guess this is good enough for now. I’ll wipe my dick off on her stomach.

A: Hah, okay, this is good.

A: *flops down* Aah, oh man. I wonder if I’m the only guy in the world who threw away his virginity in such a happy way? Even though I was thinking about killing you… What’s with these feelings? I’m so happy I feel dizzy.

A: Mm, haha, well, until tomorrow. I don’t think you can hear me, but good night. *kisses*

*** TRACK 2: The Second Day ***

*door opens; footsteps*

A: Hello, how’re you feeling? Hm? Haha, that’s not surprising. It must feel gross with your body covered in semen. It’s all crusty on your stomach.

A: Mm? This is the worst…? Haha! Better than being dead, right? But it looks like you made sure to clean your pussy. The moment you woke, you went to the toilet, thrust your fingers inside, and scraped out my semen, didn’t you?

A: Hm? Oh, everything that’s done in here shows on the monitor in my room. There’s no blind spot, so I know completely where and what you do.

A: Haha! That’s a terrible look.

A: Mm? What? Your stomach’s growling. Haha, so you’re hungry. Hmm… but I didn’t prepare any food for you at all.

A: Hm? Did you think I’d feed you something? Too bad, but as long as you continue to look at me like that I’ll never give you food. In my case, those guys put things like dead grasshoppers or ink into my school meals. That’s why I could never eat anything at school. Every day I filled my stomach with water.


A: For you… yeah, you can last three days at least, right? We won’t have sex today, so you won’t use up any strength. Hm? Ah, I don’t mind if you want to do it though.

A: Oh, you don’t want to. Huh, it feels a bit annoying to be told that for some reason. Haha, whatever.

A: Hm? Ah, that’s right, I’ll let you have water though. Oh, I won’t tell you to drink toilet water. It’s okay if you want to drink it though. It’s something I properly prepared for you.

A: Here, open your mouth. Don’t ask what it is. It’s just water in a plastic bottle. Come on, open your mouth wide.

A: Eh? It smells weird…? Huh, you actually have a pretty sensitive nose. Haha, well, don’t worry. It’s just mixed with a drug that’ll make your head a little woozy and make you feel good. Come on, drink it. Hah… come on. Ggh, come ON! Nrgh! Ah!


A: Aah, it spilled everywhere. What a waste. Huh… ah, then I’ll pass it through with my mouth and make sure you drink it. *drinks; kisses* Mm!

A: Haha, ngh, swallow it all. If you spill a single drop… let’s see, for every drop you spill, I’ll pull out your teeth one by one with pliers. Haha, mngh…

A: Haah… good girl, good girl. You made sure to swallow it, right? *drinks more; kisses* Nngh…

A: Mm, that’s all. Was it tasty? You were thirsty, right? Hah, anyway… when I see you naked I really, really want to shoot out a load. Ngh… but, well, that isn’t my goal today.

A: Haha, ta-dah! I was thinking of getting you to wear this.


A: Here, I’ll cover your head with these headphones. W-woah, jeez, that’s dangerous!

A: Hey, didn’t I say the next time you struggle I’ll kill you? I said it, didn’t I? How come you don’t understand?

A: The next time you make me waste my time like this… *whispers* I’ll cut off your ears.

A: Heh, great, good girl. Now, let’s put on the headphones.

Headphones: You love Shimada Akito.

A: Can you hear it? Is the volume okay?

H: You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito.

A: Huh?

H: You love Shimada Akito.

A: You’re asking what this is, but it’s just a sound generator I made.

H: You love Shimada Akito.

A: So that you’ll love me.

H: You love Shimada Akito.

A: If you end up loving me, then this sort of confined life won’t be painful or anything, right?

H: You love Shimada Akito.

A: Come on, do you know about the hypnotist who’s been on TV recently?

H: You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito.

A: Ah, you don’t know about them. Oh well, anyway, I asked that person to help make this.

H: You love Shimada Akito.

A: It’d be nice if it fit you. And, to make sure you’re focusing on your ears, I’ll put on an eye mask. Ah, I should have put on the eye mask before the headphones, huh, haha. Here we go.

H: You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito.

A: *steps away* Anyway, enjoy yourself tons for twenty-four hours until I come here tomorrow. It might be hard with those handcuffs on, but if you try to take them off for even a second… you know what’ll happen at that time, right?

H: You love Shimada Akito.

A: Haha, well, see you tomorrow. *leaves*

H: You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito.

*** TRACK 3: The Third Day ***

H: You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito.

*door opens*

H: You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito—

A: Here we go. I took it off.

A: Hm? Helloooo, can you hear my voice?

A: Mm, looks like you’re okay if you can nod. Are you good?

A: Hm? Your head’s spinning? Uh, were the headphones too tight? Well, it’s not like you’re dead and it just hurts a little, right?

A: Anyway, today I have this, hehe. *rotor noise*

A: Huh? You should have a sense of what these are from the noise even if you’re wearing the eye mask. It’s just a rotor and vibrator. Look, I’m nice and I made sure to slather them with lotion, so… haha, ngh, come on, spread your legs. Mm, that’s right. I’ll shove this in…

A: Ah, haha, it went in easily. What? Haha, are you weak because you haven’t eaten? Your resistance is weaker. *turns on vibrator* Hehe, so, what do you want me to do with the vibrator’s speed? This is the vibration… this… I think it makes the tip do circles.


A: Oh! Haha, don’t moan like that. Haha!

A: Then this one makes it piston back and forth.

A: Aah, it looks like you like this one the best. Ah, but it moves kind of hard and looks like it’ll slip out so… oh, I think I’ll keep it in place with tape. On the way, I’ll also tape a couple of rotors on. Hahah. *tape noises* Here we go. Let’s see…

A: You know, this isn’t packing tape and I made sure to prepare medical tape. I’m so nice, aren’t I? Maybe that’s why rude people hate me so easily.

A: Ngh, hah… Huh? What’s scary? You’re feeling too much and it’s scary? Haha, isn’t that good? That really turns me on, haha. Here we go… *tons of vibrator noises*

A: Oh, but if I’m close then you’ll cling onto me in the hopes that I might stop these, right?

A: I won’t allow such spoiled behavior, so I’m going to watch a movie in the next room. If you try to force the vibrator out on your own, you know what will happen… right?


A: Haha, mm, do your best to keep your mind. Good luck! *leaves*

*scene skip; door opens; vibrator noises*

A: Great job—

A: —ah, what’s with this room? It smells horrible. It’s the smell of your cum, squirt, sweat, and drool. Super lewd… and stinks of a bitch in heat.

A: Aah, the eye mask is also dirtied and soaked by your tears. Haha, hey, did you properly count how many times you came since the morning? Haha, so you didn’t have the time to even count.

A: Ah! Oh, the tape is peeling from the vibrator that was stuck in you and, look, half of it is out. I even told you to squeeze it tight in your womb until I came back. Come on then, get up on your knees and be strong. Try pushing this entire thing out. You can do it, right?

A: … Hah, don’t tell me you can’t do it. DO IT. *heroine moves*


A: Hehe, ah… that’s so sexy.

A: Good job. Oh… maybe it’s because you were holding a vibrator inside for several hours, but your folds are bright red and peeled back. It’s also open inside and won’t close. Did your pussy get broken? Haha.

A: Aah, it’s super loose even when I thrust a finger inside. Haha!

A: Alright, as a reward for pushing out the vibrator then I’ll cut the power to one of the rotors. Nipples or clitoris… which one do you want me to stop?

A: … Hah, both? Don’t ask for too much. I asked which one, you know? Too bad, I’m a bit annoyed so I won’t stop them. Hm? Ah, sorry, sorry, my hand slipped. It doesn’t take much to reach this rotor’s dial, like your pussy, so… ah, my hand slipping and spinning it to the max is something I should have done from the start. Mm… hm? Haha.


A: Ah! Haha, which one did you come from? Your clitoris? Your nipples? Hah, do your best until the batteries run out. Don’t worry, I expect the batteries to run out by tomorrow.

A: Now, while your pussy is resting, why don’t you listen to this again? Hehe.

H: You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito.

A: Haha! Why is this the only thing you’re so against? Does hearing my voice hurt you more than having a vibrator thrust into you?

H: You love Shimada Akito.

A: You don’t want to be brainwashed into loving me?

H: You love Shimada Akito.

A: Honestly, you… just keep on hurting me, huh.

H: You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito.

A: Come on, yes, that’s right, make sure to wear this.

H: You love Shimada Akito.

A: Ggh. *flat voice* Wear it.

H: You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito.

A: Hah… will this actually have results?

H: You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito.

A: … Alright, then I’ll see you tomorrow again. Haha, don’t worry, if the battery runs out in these toys I’ll come back to replace them.

H: You love Shimada Akito.

A: Eh? That’s different from what I promised? Huh? Did I say that? Hahaha!! Oh well, see you later then. *leaves*

H: You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito.

*scene skip; footsteps*

A: Haah… three days have passed in the blink of an eye. Her body’s obedient but… she doesn’t have the slightest speck of feelings for me at all. Well, all I do is this, haha, so it’s a given. Haha… hahaha… HAHAHA.

*** TRACK 4: The Fourth Day ***

A: Ah, haha, good morning. You slept well, didn’t you?

A: Huh? What? You don’t have to scream just because I was sleeping beside you, do you? That hurts.

A: Oh well, haha, it’s been a while since I took the eye mask off. Is it bright? Are you okay? Hmm… your eyes are bright red. I’ll give you some eye drops later. Can you speak? Mm, it’s scratchy but it looks like you can speak. Haha, good.

A: Anyway, for today, I’ll clean your body. I prepared some wet towels, so I’ll wipe down your body too. You’re all sticky everywhere, right?

A: Here we go. Haha. Hm…

A: … Alright, everything’s wiped. Haha, you’re clean now.

A: Hmm, on another note… it really feels like you’ve gotten a bit skinnier. Hm? Mm, don’t worry, you haven’t eaten anything for four days, so it’s about time I give you food today.


A: Here, breakfast. It’s porridge. *places bowl down*

A: I’m bad at cooking, so I made sure to get a housekeeper to make it. I think it’ll be delicious. But… well, it feels bad for me not to do anything as your master, so I’ll give it a finishing touch.

A: *removes pants* Haha… ngh… mgh… hm? What am I doing…? I thought I’d cover your porridge in semen. Hahaha. Aah, ngh… it’d also be nice to masturbate in front of you like this and splatter you, but… since you’re here, hah… put your hand here too and let’s stroke this together.

A: Ngh, come on. You’re about to go mad from hunger, right? Haha, ngh, DO IT. Haa… hagh… ngh…

A: Haha, yes, that’s right. Up and down… ngh… make it sound loud. Haah… hah…

A: Haha, so fun. Hey, this is the first time we’re doing something together, isn’t it? Ungh… your soft hand is wrapped around my cock, ngh! Aah, it’s so good. I can’t believe a day would come where I’d get you to stroke my cock. Hagh, if Itou and the others saw this, haha, I wonder what they’d think about this sight. Haha, ah, but those guys aren’t in this world anymore, huh. Hahaha!! Agh! Ngh!


A: Haah, hah… I would have liked to invite them to the wedding, haha. *kisses ear*

A: Mgh… ngh…!

A: Nrgh, hah… haha, you’re trembling. Cute. Haha. That scared look reminds me of the past. Ungh… hah… hagh… ah, but, ngh… when we’re having sex like this, everything… everything feels like it can be forgiven. Nrgh… mgh…! *kisses*

A: Haa… hah… do you want me to forgive you? Haha, if you want me to forgive you, then, come on, repeat after me. “I’m sorry for betraying Akito. I used worthless men and smashed apart Akito’s life. I’m a stupid woman.” Ngh! Hah… hagh… “I won’t ever listen to anyone again apart from Akito. I belong to Akito for life. Please forgive me.”

A: Hagh… hah… come on…!


A: Hm? Haa… hah…

A: … Mm… ah, to be honest, I’d like to have heard this voluntarily but, well, it does feel good. Hahaha.

A: Ngh…! Mgh… I’m about to cum… hah… Look, can you tell? My cock is hard as a rock in your hand, haa… hah… It’s twitching and saying it wants to release it out. Hagh… ngh…! It’s sad, isn’t it? You want to help it out, right? Haha, come on, haah… hey, save me… Ungh, I’m cumming… I’m… cumming…! It’s releasing out…! Hah… agh… it’s releasing, I’m cumming…! Haa… hah…!

A: Hm? Haha, mm… I’d really like to forgive you but… too bad, you messed up on one word. If you had said every single word without messing up, then I was thinking I would forgive you for everything but… I can’t do anything since you messed up.

A: Ah, but I’m not that much of a brute so I’ll give you a reward for how hard you worked. *places bowl down* Here, this porridge with the semen that dripped down from my hand is thick and sticky and delicious, you know? Open your mouth wide. Haha.


A: Oh, since it’s your first meal in a while, I’ll feed you it through my mouth like a mama bird to a baby bird. Haha! *puts in mouth; kisses*

A: Haha, mm? Tasty? Stop it…? You can’t use your hands, right? In this case, I can only feed you through the mouth. Haha! You don’t have to be shy. *puts in mouth*

A: Ngh? You don’t want it? Hm… *swallows*

A: Hey… I’m having fun right now, so can you stop saying things that kill the mood? *places bowl down* Hahah… *puts in mouth; kisses*

A: Haha, here, you haven’t had enough yet, right? I’ll feed you, so open your mouth wide again. Haha. *puts in mouth; kisses*

H: You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito.

A: Mmh… *puts in mouth; kisses*

H: You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito. You love Shimada Akito.

*** TRACK 5: The Fifth Day ***

*door opens; footsteps*

A: Good morning. Huh? You have more color in your face compared to yesterday.

A: Ah, you’re wondering what day it is today? Oh, huh… I see. Asking that means you haven’t given up on escaping this place. Looks like the headphones weren’t that effective. I’m pressed by your mental fortitude from the bottom of my heart.

A: Today… is the fifth day.

A: Yeah, once you get through tonight, everything will end. I was assuming you would go crazy around three days in though. I made you feel so good through toys, gave you a special breakfast, and pampered you so much… Is that how much you want to escape this place… escape me?

A: Haha! Yeah, that’d be the case. Hahaha!! Huh? Nah, it’s fine, you don’t have to be worried. I understand you a lot. I also came to a decision.

[02:00] *sits in chair*

A: So, anyway, I brought this today.

A: Yeah, it’s a mirror. It reflects things clearly, doesn’t it? Your face and my face. Haha. I’m going to gently rape you in front of this mirror.

A: I’m going to burn into your mind everything I carved into you in these five days.

A: *comes close* Gngh, here, lean your back against me and straddle me. Haha, it doesn’t look like you have any strength in your body anymore. Or are you letting me do whatever I want because today is the last day? That would make me happy though.

A: Now then… I’ll put it right in. Your hole is twitching just from my cock being pressed against it, so… there’s no need to get you wet, right? Haha, come on, be sure to watch the mirror. I’m gonna put it in… ngh, ah…! Hahaha!! You’re already hot and sopping inside, haha. Wow! Aah, ngh…!


A: It feels so good being in your pussy for the second time, mgh! Hngh…! It feels too good after I held back for so many days. Ngh, hrgh… ah!

A: Hahaha!! Hey, you know, I read a comic in the past where a person had their freedom stolen like this and they were in a situation where they’d go crazy from not being given food. They were just given sexual pleasure, haha, and then they became an idiot who could only think about that. Haha.

A: How about you? Are you still… sane, ngh? Hngh… rgh…! Hahaha!! *kisses; thrusting*

A: Haa… hagh… mgh…! Haha, that’s true, you’re still sane. Hngh, you’re looking at me as if I’m disgusting and how you absolutely hate me. Hahaha! Don’t look down, look forward! Haha! You can see it, can’t you? The place where my cock is going in and out of your pussy, haha. Take a good look. And at your own face too. Haha!!

A: It’s the face of a bitch in heat whenever I enter you. Come on! LOOK. CLOSELY. Hngh… ah…! Haha, this will forever… for your lifetime… be burned in your mind. Don’t look away! Ngh, hah…! What running away? Your nipples are hard because of my cock, ngh…! Your clitoris is this swollen. Haha! You goddamn pig.


A: Come on, open your eyes wide and watch yourself cum and be made to cum because of me. Ggh, ah…! Hah… hah…! Watch how I cum inside you! Hagh, ngh…! Gah…! *he orgasms*

A: Haah… haa…

A: … Huh? Hey, why are you limp? There’s no way this is over just from me cumming once. I’m going to do you… to the point where you can’t run away even when it’s tomorrow… to the point where you can’t stand on your feet to run! Come on, don’t spill my semen. Clench your pussy again, ngh! Ggh, hah… haah…!

A: Fuck! Mgh…! Come on, tighten it more… haa… suck in my semen…! Hahaha!

A: When… when I squeeze your throat, it’s so… so nice…! Your pussy is clenching. It’s clenching! Ugh, ngh… Huh? What? Haha, what is it? You’re going to die? Hahaha! Go ahead. It’s so sexy when your body is jerking, ngh…! Hah… haah… come on, cum. Cum while you’re being strangled! Ngh… hagh…!

A: Hah, you want to die, right? Come on, come on, come on, hah… ngh… agh…! I’m cumming again… I’m cumming… I’m cumming…! It’s releasing… I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m… I’m… ah!! *he orgasms*


A: Here… haah… swallow it all inside. Nngh! Ggh… ah…!

A: Hagh… haa… hah…

A: Wow… I feel super refreshed. Hey, after we rest a little, let’s do it again. Haha, I won’t pull out for the entire day today.

A: Hah… haa… even if you were to leave this place… your pussy, which would remember my cock, would ache and want my cock… and you won’t be able to help but want to come back to me. That’s how much I’ll rape you, haha.

*** TRACK 6: The Sixth Day ***


A: Ngh… hah… hagh…! Ggh… mgh…!

A: I’m… I’m cumming… it’s releasing again… ngh! Ugh! Gngh… ah…! *he orgasms*

A: Haa… hagh… ngh… it hurts. Even if I cum, there’s no semen, haha.

A: Mmgh… the sun’s going to rise soon. Haha, mm… that’s right, today’s the sixth day. Haha. You don’t have to look so anxious. The door’s already unlocked and I’ve prepared the luggage you had and new clothes for you. Once six o’clock comes around… you’ll be free.

A: Then, once you leave this place, you won’t… ever meet me again, I think.

A: … Ah, before you leave, will you take a shower? Your whole body is covered in sweat and semen. It’s messy, isn’t it?


A: Hey… in the end, tell me this clearly. Do you… hate me unbearably? Do you… regret being kind to a guy like me for even a second?

A: … Mm. You’re right. I knew it from the beginning too. That you were just nice to me out of kindness… and then you rejected me because of how gross I was.

A: Ggh… haha… hahaha! Hahahah!! But, you know, even then I still loved you! My life is this fucked up and, even after I was driven to kill so many people, I love you. Year after year… I just kept thinking about you. I wonder why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s instinct as an animal? Or it’d be fate, right?

A: Haha… *cry laughing* Haha… hahaha!!

A: But you…! You still won’t love me after all this, huh. *steps away*

A: I get it. Then, at the very end, why don’t we watch TV? I’d like you to see this news no matter what. It’s about to begin. It’s an emergency program, you see.


A: Mm? Haha… what is this…? It’s what it looks like? Surprised?

A: Hey, your dead body was discovered in a factory liquid tank. Isn’t that great? Your parents can set down their feelings and now, with this, I’m sure they can hold a nice funeral.

A: Haha. You’re pale white. Are you okay? Should I up the room temperature?

A: Heh, why…? It’s simple. They said it on TV too, didn’t they? Five days ago, on the morning you were going to your club’s trip, you were kidnapped. Your friends thought you suddenly cancelled the trip, but in actuality you became the victim of a kidnapper and murderer of female university students. And then you were beat by the kidnapper to the point where your face couldn’t be identified and thrown away into a factory tank.

A: I wonder what sort of chemicals were in there. Your body melted into pulp and it seemed like the police concluded the other person’s body, which I prepared, was you from your shoes that had fallen on the ground nearby.


A: Aah, it’s so sad. Like this, after such a long wait, you’ve been erased from the world forever. The knowledge that you’re alive… is known by only one person in this world. Me.

A: Eh? If they investigate in detail then they’ll realize it’s not your body? Haha, you’re so dumb. In that case, I’ll spread everything I recorded about your body in these several days through the world and you’ll be dead in society. How about it? Your figure would be exposed to the public and you’d be picked up as a hilarious scandal by mass media. Haha! Do you have the courage to continue living after that?

A: *comes close* Hey, do you still want to run from me with this? Can’t you understand my love? You are loved this much by me and I don’t think there’s any single place in this world you can peacefully return to, you know?

A: Haha… What’s wrong? Why are you so depressed and crying? You sure you don’t want to run? Look, the handcuffs and fetters restraining you are gone already. Right now, you’re free.

A: Hahaha!! Come on, run. You hate me, right? You don’t want to be fucked by me anymore, right? Run. Come on, try running. Oh?

A: Haha, you won’t run? I see. Is that… because you love me then?


A: Haha! Well, whatever. I’ve already gotten enough revenge on you. Besides, at this point, I don’t plan on letting you go.

A: *comes close* Ah, I’m so happy that you’re listening to me. I’m so… soooo… happy. The reality that I was able to reach the sixth day with you makes me so happy.

A: Yeah, you love Shimada Akito. Of course, Shimada Akito… I… also love you. Let’s be happy together here forever. It’s a promise.

A: *pulls up blinds; opens window* Here, look outside. It’s a beautiful morning.

13 thoughts on “Muikame no Asahi to Kurutta Shinkirou ~ Shimada Akito ~

    leohikarusora said:
    May 18, 2020 at 11:42

    What a adrenaline, I guess (lol)? I mean, he’s giving her a little hope for espacing from him before he crushed that little hope and make her feel a deepest despair (maybe that’s too deep). And dude, why you throwing condoms in front of her house..? Put aside you’re crazy, isn’t that kinda what a waste of money?

    But just like Yukihara said, really wonder how MC didn’t commit suiside or die from malnutrition. Even a human still can survive for 3 days without eating and 7 days without drink any water, but in that kind of situation… I’m really amazed for her mind that keep sane

    Thank you for the commission, and thank you for your hard works!! Stay safe!!

      Ilinox responded:
      May 18, 2020 at 14:42

      He was remarkably creatively cruel and I have to give him kudos for that LOL I generally prefer the devoted and delusional yanderes but I gotta admit that sometimes I just love clever schemes and seeing how twisted some of these people can get is just “wow, sir, your psyche…”. I’m guessing he really wanted to express his love in some way? It was USED condoms too, haha, so technically not that much of a waste? Since he did get a use out of them—

      Thanks for commenting and reading, especially when I know you don’t prefer such hard works.

    Hina said:
    May 18, 2020 at 06:10

    Is there a DL to this? Man that was a crazy ride and I’m curious to see more as to what happens.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 18, 2020 at 14:40

      I put links at the beginning to where you can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite!

        Hina said:
        May 18, 2020 at 18:06

        Hi sorry I was unclear. I meant like additional sub stories like 1000 DL or 500 DL story. Does this story have any sub stories?

        Ilinox responded:
        May 18, 2020 at 20:30

        Ooh, no, unfortunately not :< I think it's because it's a work by Girl's Maniax rather than a doujin circle.

    Minmin said:
    May 16, 2020 at 20:50

    Now I’m pretty into yanderes and crazy situations but once I read the part where he asks if you’d like scissors up your private part, I had to just pause. Seriously, what. WHAT!?

    The whole situation is like a bridge that’s about to crumble under the weight of many things piling on top of each other. T_T

    Thank you for the translation and hard work!! Hoping the next commission will be something light hearted and cute so you get a break from all this hardcore stuff!! Stay safe :)

      Ilinox responded:
      May 18, 2020 at 14:39

      This man was reviving the old customs of his predecessors (cough Kuro to Kin cough) what with the scissors and adding his semen to food LOL I agree though, there was a lot of surprising suspense added to this CD because I kept wondering how much he really hated her, did he really love her, and was he going to let her go at the end. For some reason, I expected her to be mind broken at the end? Or for him to sort of “redeem” himself in letting her go after all that and seeing her spirit. BUT NOPE WE JUST WENT EVEN FURTHER DOWN THE CRAZY TRAIN LOL.

      Aw, haha, thank you for saying that and fortunately the next TL is something light and fluffy! Thanks for commenting and I hope you and yours are staying safe too!

    Yukihara Yuki said:
    May 15, 2020 at 17:52

    The question I have right now is: “Will she die from malnutrition first or will she commit suicide first?”. It’s pretty clear that at the end she’s in despair beyond repair. And this drama CD is just full of things that can’t be justified: from his harassment towards the heroine, the bullying he endured from her friends, to his action against all of them. Like he could choose not to be a creepy stalker and try to change himself for the better, her friends could choose to just give him a warning and be on lookout for her, and he could choose to just forget and move on – though I know that it’s a hard thing to do, none of them choose to do things the normal way and the victim in all this is the heroine.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 15, 2020 at 19:54

      Ngl, I sometimes wonder if there’s a cultural barrier here because in a lot of yandere CDs heroines get blackmailed so easily by “societal death” and fear getting their images spread over the internet. I suppose the same goes for celebrities with their nudes leaked or sex workers getting their information spread, there’s just people who will judge you no matter what. But I guess I optimistically believe there’ll be people who will realize that it’s clearly not their fault? She was handcuffed and fettered LOL what kind of videos can he release with that!? Being blackmailed into doing even worse things doesn’t seem like a better option…

      But, yeah, I did find this one interesting because you sort of go back and forth and ultimately settle on everyone in this CD being dumb kids and unable to stop themselves. I remember reading a newspaper story about a boy who was sodomized on the bus by his fellow classmates :// so like humans, especially children, can be extremely cruel and shitty. But he was clearly abnormal in his younger age and needed to see a therapist too because HE STOLE HER CLOTHES? THREW A CONDOM AT HER HOUSE? LIKE BOY WHAT? LOL. She maybe should have approached a teacher about everyone’s actions? Chide her friends from going that far (although, I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t mention their actions to her).

      Ugh, this is just like the ugliest side of humanity LOL.

        Yukihara Yuki said:
        May 15, 2020 at 21:25

        I actually understand the thing about “societal death” here really well because it happended here in my country too. A few years back there was a girl (15 or 16) whom was being raped by her boyfriend, he filmed it then post it on the Internet. People were fast to judge and started to cyberbully the girl until her death. There are many thing I would understand about the heroine’s situation, like there would be people saying she’s a slut for getting kidnapped and raped.

    Kiseki Kaira said:
    May 15, 2020 at 17:41

    Man this is next level version of worst case scenario of gore stockholm syndrome with a several dashes of extreme case of physical roughness (is that even a thing? lmao)

    This kinda hits home since being bullied for several years does question your entire existance especially when nobody believes you r/whoosh but then this mf did the weirdest and extreme case of creepiness… Why tf would you throw semen filled condom at a teenage girl? So this spark the inner monolgue that Akito was a dumb teenage boy (normal at that age) but did… Stuff (not normal at that age) but the bully he got did not justify the other boys tho (how does one set fire on pubes???)

    Even so, thanks for the translation Ili and thank you commisioner!!!

      Ilinox responded:
      May 15, 2020 at 19:58

      Bullying in Asian countries can get extreeeeeemely terrible too, so I’m not really surprised by their actions (they probably used a lighter to sear his pubes or something, or even if they did burn him they wouldn’t care…). Gods, I feel like he implied that they shoved stuff up his ass too…

      But at the same time, yeah, he clearly was not well-adjusted at all and should have been pulled out earlier or seen a therapist. His parents were utterly useless LOL maybe question why your son would latch on obsessively to the only person to show him kindness? But I can easily see them being workaholics or something and just not having the time to care for him.

      Haha, you’re welcome and I hope you were able to enjoy it somewhat! I personally found it an interesting CD, although nothing I’d normally go for. I realize I prefer the loving yanderes or delusional-in-love yanders, rather than these ones that are like borderline both hate-and-love types. But it was such an interesting glimpse of just how ugly the world can be, I guess?

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