Hana no Yomeiri ~ Momozake-kitan Tengu-roku ~

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Gajiro (雅白)
CV: 冬ノ熊肉

Marriage of the Flower Bride ~ Mysterious Stories of Peach Wine: Tengu Record ~

“So long as you are by my side, I shall make you however beautiful you wish to be.”

Due to the tradition of your village, you were to be married to the tengu, Gajiro.

Your energy was exhausted through the days your body was coveted in order to create a tengu child and you collapsed.

Finally understanding the differences between human and tengu, Gajiro began treating you gently and you slowly opened your heart to him, embracing these warm feelings. However, you were concerned about your family who remained in the village—

Thanks to Madame for another commission! R18 warning and some lactation in the tokuten. I love this series, by the way, and wholeheartedly recommend the other two. The last one is especially good if you enjoy Hades/Persephone vibes.

Note1: Tengus are supernatural creatures, sort of like spirits. They used to have a bad reputation but now they’re mostly seen as protectors of mountains and forests.

Note2: I scratched my head over the name. It should read more like “Marriage of the Flower” but the heroine is human. I believe they’re playing with the fact that the word for “bride (hanayome; 花嫁)” is literally “flower wife”.

Note3: Oh no, I apologize for all the notes but this will be impossible to get across. He refers to himself with the pronoun “washi” which is super old. As expected of a 200 year old tengu??

*** TRACK 1: Derelict Wedding ***

*sound of wings*

Gajiro: Ooh, you’re here. So, you’re the bride!

G: Let’s see. Show me your face.

G: Hm. Heh, you’re cute! Good, next is your body. Strip.

G: The ropes will be left like that. Your kimono though… ugh, it’s taking too long. *uses power*

G: What are you covering yourself for? I’m going to be checking every inch of your body. Extend your legs. *grabs leg*

G: … What is with those ribs? You’re quite feeble. You won’t be able to birth healthy chicks like this.

G: How are your fingers? From their shape alone, they were made to look pale and slender but… hm, you were born from a poor family. Your skin is rough and your nails are cracked.

G: Don’t make that expression. I’m not disappointed. No matter how you were raised, I simply wish to know the present you.

G: Hm? Your father is ill…? I see. The lord of this land should have a daughter of age, but you were made to replace her. Enough, so long as you are by my side, I shall make you however beautiful you wish to be.


G: Nevertheless… *licks ear* even without any meat on your bones, you’re as pale as silk. Furthermore, you have a charming breasts, do you not?

G: Scared? Why? Relax, I won’t harm you.

G: … Not yet. If I untie the ropes, you’ll run, won’t you? Haha, you don’t need to say anything. Even without this tradition, that body of yours would have been married off to a human man. I acknowledge your dissatisfaction; however… even if this is not a marriage you wished for, we will have relations as husband and wife, and I will have you give birth and raise fine children. Understood?

G: Tch, I’m entering from behind. Turn to the side.

G: Nngh… hm? What is this…? It won’t go in? Ggh, tch…

G: Huh? It hurts…? Ah… you want moisture. Wait here. *goes to grab something*


G: Drink this. *opens bottle*

G: It’s not poison. Here, take a sniff.

G: See? It’s sweet-smelling and fragrant. no? It’s fruit wine made from peaches nurtured by my spiritual power. *drinks; kisses* Ngh…

G: Haha, how is it? Underneath its viscosity is a sweetness, no? *drinks; kisses* Mm…

G: … Your lips and tongue are soft. Are all women like this? *drinks; kisses* Mmgh…

G: It seems the tension has left your body. Relax like that. This will be a little cold. *pours drink*


G: Ngh, moistened by the drink, your body is burning up, isn’t it? A wet and glistening honey is flowing out. Haha, this is what alcohol does and there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. *kisses ear*

G: … You no longer have the strength to run, yes? I’ll remove the ropes. *uses power*

G: Now… accept our relation. Nngh! *inserts himself* Haa… hah… if I force myself in, it feels like you’ll snap me in half. Are you a maiden? Haha, ngh… I see it hurts. It’s hard on me too. But this is the relation between a husband and wife. Mmgh…

G: Haha… ah… as you become wet you loosen. Is this pleasurable? *kisses; thrusting*


G: I awaited this day, ngh. I’ve been alone for two hundred years since the day I was born. Mmgh, ah… can a human understand just how I waited for? Ngh… hah…!

G: Haha, this happens to be our marriage ceremony, so let out whatever sound you wish. *pours drink* If I dampen your skin with this drink… ah, this moisture and smell enthuses me. *kisses; thrusting*

G: Haa… hah…! Deeply… into your depths… with this, you’ll— ngh! Aah! *he orgasms* Haa… hah…

G: You’re a tengu’s wife with this. You won’t ever return to the village.

G: … Is it that sorrowful? Do you yearn for your family?

G: It’s depressing to cry on a wedding day.

G: … You cry however much you want right now. However, this relation between husband and wife will not end until death. Relax, after you give birth to cute chicks you will gradually forget about the village. I’ll give you pleasures every day until you forget all about your family. So… *kisses* show me your smile one day.

Narration: Iris Quartz presents Marriage of the Flower Bride: Mysterious Stories of Peach Wine; Tengu Record.

*** TRACK 2: The Abyssal Barrier ***

*Gajiro drinks wine; kisses*

G: Mm… ngh…

G: Your tongue has started to welcome mine, desiring the wine. Nngh, ah… *inserts himself* this place has completely relaxed and is in good condition too. I can tell your hole has molded itself to my shape. How many times have you received my seed? How many times must I release before a woman is impregnated?

G: Ngh… it seems you’re so engrossed in pleasure you can’t even speak. That’s fine. Ngh… mm… let’s forget about the time and enjoy ourselves. There’s no rush and, until you conceive, the night will not end. Nrgh… hah…

G: You didn’t notice? Outside the room, the sun rises and sets. How many days has it been? Even with my powers as a tengu, this barrier requires quite a lot of effort. Mmgh.

G: Human lives are delicate and short. They die from trifling things… is what I heard. Ngh, I cannot be negligent until you become a tengu— ah… Haha, good, ngh…! Hah… haa…!


G: It’s deep… You’ve swallowed me completely to the hilt. Haha, how is it for you? What happened to your moans from earlier? Ungh, hah… ah, you’ve lost your voice? Haha, ah… that expression is irresistible. Show me more. Ngh… hah…!

G: No, you can’t close your eyes. Look at me. Ngh, ah… hah…! *he orgasms*

G: Haa… hah…

G: My seed is spilling out and you’re thoroughly dirtied. Hold on, I’ll wipe your body down. You must feel disgusting, yes?

G: Oh? What is it? Your voice is so hoarse I can’t understand what you’re saying.

G: Hm… don’t strain your voice like that. I’ll listen, so say it gently with your breath. *leans down*


G: No. Drink this wine over water. So long as you have this, you won’t be thirsty or hungry. Until my spiritual power is running through your whole body from your stomach, you cannot have anything—… Hm? Ah! *heroine collapses*

G: What’s going on with you? Your body is burning. H-hey, what’s wrong!? Hey!

G: Huh? You wish to sleep? Come to think of it, humans go to sleep, don’t they? A-alright, I’ll prepare that. Endure for the moment.

G: The barrier… *brings it down; spreads wings*

*scene skip*

G: You’re awake.

G: It seems your fever has gone down… Rest to your heart’s content.

G: This? It feels comfortable to sleep on, no? Both the futon and yukata. They’re offerings from the lord. These are your dowry handed over in your family’s stead. There are many other items and I’ll show you them all in time.


G: … I couldn’t welcome the bride I waited so long for. I nearly killed you. I am such a fool.

G: Tengus are the mountains and forests. We do not sleep, eat, and we do not run out of power. Our forms are similar to humans, but we’re completely different from them. What you need… what I cannot do to you… I turned a deaf ear and didn’t even have the heart to understand.

G: These actions… disqualify me as a husband.

G: !! You’ll… forgive me? *hugs heroine* Rest quickly then and become energetic. I’ll show you around my mountain, Gajiro mountain.

G: Haha. Mm? I’m going to wait here until you can get up. Have no fear, I won’t do anything. I only wish to watch your charming sleeping face. Don’t be shy. It feels lonesome to be by yourself, no?

G: The spring sun is somewhat too bright, isn’t it? Until you fall asleep, I’ll shade you with my hand.

*** TRACK 3: The Lotus Garden ***

*opens sliding door*

G: The weather’s nice.

G: Oh, can you get up? Mm, your complexion is quite well. Alright, if you can move then come over here.

G: Outside this veranda is a lotus garden. It feels lovely walking on it in bare feet.

*strolling; sits down*

G: … So you love lotuses. I see. *plucks some*

G: Look this way.

G: Haha, it suits you. You resemble a lotus. Charming… Keep it in your hair until it wilts.

G: Hm? Ah, there is a stream nearby. Do you wish to see it? It’s right over there.


G: Ah, those are salmon. Their scales are glittering. This is a small mountain stream, so there aren’t any large fish but it glitters and is enjoyable on the eyes, no?

G: What? The salmon…? Haha, I told you no. So long as you have the wine you are fine—… ah… Don’t look at me with those eyes. You still do not have enough spiritual power. Can you endure until your blood completely transforms?

G: … Ugh, alright! Women are such willful creatures. *spreads wings; plunges into river* Here we go…! Got you! *throws fish onto shore*

G: Ah, don’t come into the river! You just recovered from an illness. Haha, jeez, as if you can catch anything with those skills. Like this! *throws out fish*

G: This is nothing. Is two enough?

G: *heroine stumbles* Ah! *he jumps over* Did you cut your foot? Ngh, this is why I told you not to enter! *spreads wings; lands on shore*

G: Here, show me.

G: … It’s merely a shallow wound. *licks* Does it hurt? Bear with it until we return. Something like this will heal immediately when you drink the wine. You’re a handful, aren’t you?

G: Let’s go back and light the hearth.

[04:40] *scene skip; fire crackles*

G: A hot water bath can be made with the fire this high. The salmon is about ready to be grilled as well. This? If we don’t salt it then it won’t have any flavor, no? Haha, yes, this is also part of the offerings. There’s also miso and soy sauce. After you’ve accumulated enough spiritual power then you can use them as much as you wish.

G: Now? Now is… special. It’s because you asked with such persistence… ugh, eat!

G: Haha, delicious?

G: Ah… this is the first time you smiled. M-me…? It’s delicious, no? You eat them. Even without food or drink I—… Uh, no, it’s not that I cannot eat…

G: … If you insist that much then… *eats* Hm… mm. Delicious. I drink my wine out of preference, but this is much different compared to drinking alone. There is family in this house, we can exchange words, and eat and drink together.

G: Haha… it’s a nice thing.


G: Me? You know nothing, do you? I was born together with this Gajiro mountain, and will continue to protect this mountain until it disappears. I am the mountain’s lord. I constantly built up my power until I would wed my bride. That’s how things were.

G: Lonely…? Hm, I don’t fully understand. How does one feel lonely about something they never had from the start? Furthermore, you are here in the future.

G: Haha, what’s the matter? Your hand stopped. Eat it before it gets cold. *eats* Mm, I don’t prefer animals but this has good flavor. It’s worth eating if I’m together with you. I’ll hunt some more at a later date.

G: For your family…? That reminds me, you came from a poor household, didn’t you? I understand your feelings, but giving them this food is impossible. Normal humans cannot enter this land.

G: … You… uh… nevermind.

G: In the end, you should eat this one. I’m going to prepare the hot water bath. I’m going to have you drink the wine, but you need to enjoy yourself too. *scoops water*


G: Don’t worry, tengu wed humans and their spiritual powers increase after giving birth to a chick. The chicks that mature become mountain spirits and will bring about blessings to the village as well.

G: I was born on this Gajiro mountain and have been here for two hundred years. I’m still young for a tengu. I want to borrow your strength and become a three hundred year old tengu. You and your family in the village… I’ll make everyone happy.

G: Done?

G: You must be chilled from the river. This hot water feels pleasant. Come over, I’ll wash your body.

G: You’re a troublesome one. Do you want me to strip you naked or will you remove it yourself? Choose which one.

G: *scoops water* You turned your back to me, I see. Haha, there is no need to be shy between us though. Your hair will get wet. Can you raise it a little?

G: You have a smooth back, without any wings. Your nape is beautiful too. This is the first time I’ve looked at this place close up. Does the heat feel pleasurable? Hm, it’s my first time touching a woman and, in the first place, tengu and humans are different. More importantly, I didn’t realize men and women were this different. I apologize for my roughness.

G: Alright, enough with your back. Face this way. I’m telling you, there is no need to be shy—…

G: … Are you… Why is your face that red?


G: !! Fine, do it yourself if you don’t wish me to that much. *heroine scoops water*

G: … What in the world… why does my own face feel hot? This is an odd feeling. Ggh…

G: *hugs heroine* I won’t be rough. Just a little… Is that alright? *kisses nape*

G: Mm, touching your skin feels nice. It makes me want to touch you all the time. *kisses*

G: … I want to see your face. Can you…? Ngh… *kisses*

G: Soft… mm…

G: Nngh, my finger entered easily. Even in the water, your slick wraps around me. *kisses*

G: Your breathing has sweetened right away. Do you like this? Nngh… *kisses*

G: Strange. Even though I’m not inside you, I feel like I’m burning up too. My excitement is hard-pressed by my clothes, ngh. *kisses*


G: Haa… hah… I want you. I want to bore into your depths, mix my seed with your juice, and entwine together until it overflows. Mm… *kisses*

G: Ngh! Don’t look at me with such eyes.

G: Once I enter you, I’ll ravish you indiscriminately until you collapse again. It’s my responsibility to treat you with care. I must be patient when you’ve just recovered from your illness. Haha, once you’re nourished, then we can forget about time and I will spoil you amply.

G: Such an odd thing. It should be enough so long as you birth a chick. That is what I thought relations between a man and woman were for… but is this not the case?

G: Ah, the hot water has cooled.

G: I will go out to the veranda. Come out once you’re dressed. It’s a full moon tonight. Let’s drink wine while gazing at the moon. *leaves*

*** TRACK 4: The Burial Smoke ***

G: Amazing, right? This is a peach tree which has been raised for countless years. Its branches droop with fruit even during the summer and winter.

G: Yes, in order to have a human bride I need that wine. Consider this, if you do not have the same spiritual power as me then a human life will disappear in an instant. There was nothing on this mountain when I was born. It was just me alone.

G: I prepared a beautiful mountain, looking forward only to the coming of my bride. In all these years, the one thing I have put the most effort into are these peaches and my wine.

G: I also want to let you do as you wish for anything. However, this is the one thing I will not back down on. The sorrow of having you die in an instant… is the one thing I will stop. These are a tengu’s peaches which have been raised on spiritual power for two hundred years. *spreads wings; picks a peach; returns*

G: It’s not as effective as the wine, but it’s full of nourishment.

G: If your mouth hungers for something then eat it. You can eat however many of these as you want. What belongs to me belongs to you. You don’t need to thank me. If you don’t wish to eat it now then hold onto it.

G: Oh, I know! Do you like heights or do you hate them? I’ll show you a great sight.

G: Don’t contemplate over every single thing. *carries heroine* Let’s go! *spreads wings*


G: Haha! That’s right, if you’re scared then cling onto me.

G: *lands* This is a cedar tree on the summit, and the authentic highest point of Gajiro mountain. You can see the villages from this cedar, no? The view from here is superb. Right now, it is a garden of flowers; in autumn, a spread of fall colors; in winter, a silver world. This is a special seat where every season is gorgeous.

G: I come here once a day, also as part of overseeing the land.

G: Your village…? Where?

G: Aah, the green of fields are quite few for the season. Haha, I have an eagle eye. The land of this territory and the small settlements… I can see them all clearly.

G: Hm? There is a single trail of smoke. Is that a temple?

G: Burial smoke… I see. It’s a funeral.

G: *heroine shakes him* What are you saying? It has nothing to do with your father, no? If your heart unsettles at every little thing, you won’t last long. I heard he was ill, but just because of that—

G: *heroine kneels down* !! No. You are already my wife. I won’t return you to the village.

G: *hugs heroine* No. I absolutely won’t allow it! If you go back once… then you won’t… Ngh, I said I won’t allow it so I won’t allow it! Discard that pointless village! You obtained the lifespan of a tengu, do you understand what that means!? For us, the lives of humans are but a moment of time! Your parents and your siblings… will be gone in just a flash. No matter how you scream or cry, either way, everyone will die before you!


G: Ggh, hey, you’ll fall down. Stop struggling! A-ah…

G: You… Are you crying?

G: … Why? Look at me and speak properly!

G: You… hate this place that much?

G: … Enough. I thought this would comfort you, but I shouldn’t have brought you here. Because I wouldn’t be able to bear seeing you cry every time you see the village and its smoke. *spreads wings*

*scene skip*

G: … How long are you going to cry? Cheer up.

G: I’ll go and hunt whatever you wish for. How about some sweetfish this time? Or bracken fern shoots or bamboo shoots—…


G: I was mistaken with my words. If you returned, after having just wedded, then the lord wouldn’t be amused. The awe and fear surrounding me would also disappear and the bond between mountain and village would be lost.

G: If it was your father’s funeral then it would be better. If he was alive then your visit would be even more unnecessary— *grabs heroine* Ngh, where are you going!? What…? What is cruel? I don’t understand even if you cry and blame me!

G: Ggh, ngh…! I am a tengu and different from humans. You’ll also understand in time. Humans and fishes… there are no difference in their lives! They live and die. That is all.

G: Ngh…! Cease your nonsense! You’re my precious wife. You can’t be compared to other hum—…

G: … For you, the same applies to your family in the village…?

G: *releases heroine* My heart feels crushed when I think about you dying or simply disappearing. And yet I cannot make you smile.

G: … Ggh! *uses power; turns around* Go.


G: I removed the barrier. There is only one road to the base. Take care not to trip.

G: *turns around* What are you doing? Go before I change my mind. If the lord reproves of you then tell him my words. Gajiro mountain does not require a bride. This tradition is over.

G: If you don’t hurry the sun will set. Ggh, DON’T ACT WITH HUBRIS! If you continue to dawdle this time I will assault you to death. *pounces on heroine; angry kisses*

G: Does it hurt? It tastes of blood. It hasn’t been filled with spiritual power yet. It tastes like the blood of a human. Ngh… you still have time. *kisses*

G: … Perhaps I should eat you here and now instead of impregnating you? If I bite through here… you’ll die. Will you just let me do that? *heroine pushes him* Ggh… heh. That’s right. Good. You’re a thorn in the eye. Don’t ever… show your appearance in front of me again. IF I SAID I DON’T NEED ONE THEN I DON’T NEED ONE! I don’t want to see your face! *heroine runs*

*** TRACK 5: The Tengu’s Bride ***

*heroine walking; sees Gajiro sleeping and runs to him*

G: … Nn? *startles* You…!?

G: *grabs heroine* You… What about your father!?… I’m glad.

G: What? The peach…? Haha, so he was cured immediately. No, it’s not serious. Simply eating one won’t extend a human lifespan, at most he will just become the eldest person in the village. Relieved? Heh, that’s a good expression. Your eyes are glimmering.

G: … Ah, that reminds me! *angry* Why did you return!? I insisted that I didn’t need a bride and I would eat you!

G: You were worried…? Aah, you can see it from the base of the mountain now too. Haha, descending from the summit, the trees, grass, water, and wind have withered. It won’t be long before it becomes a bare mountain.


G: I don’t know. Before you arrived, I was always here. I was the master of the mountain for two hundred years. I should be here forevermore even without you, but… for some reason I cannot seem to summon up any power.

G: However, it’s a strange thing… just seeing your face makes me feel a breath of spring in my body. *cups heroine’s face*

G: You…

G: … You really are charming. I feel as if there are words that suit you better but… what should I say? No, I suppose no words are needed. I am a tengu and you… are merely a human. What am I mistaken about? I’m not mistaken about anything, no? Even if it is a thin and short path of life, living as a human is where your happiness lies.

G: I want to grant that for you and I would be the breeze that made you smile… That’s what I decided. It’s still not too late now. Go home while the barrier is weak.

G: *heroine hugs him* Ngh!?

G: A tengu’s bride…? Don’t say such foolish things. I finally let you go…

G: I’m certain I told you this when I chased you away. That I… don’t need a bride! *turns around* Is that something you can decide on your own!? You… you didn’t wish for this marriage either! Didn’t you… cry intensely then?

G: Tch, I don’t… want to see your tears ever again. But if you stay here, you’ll yearn for your family in the village again… and I… don’t have the words to comfort you.


G: Why am I this angry…? Who cares about me. You just need to head back before it gets dark.

G: … Aah, don’t make me say this again! I DON’T NEED YOU!

*heroine starts to walk away; he spins around and grabs her*

G: !! Ah… no… nevermind. Hurry and go.

G: …!? What…? Let go. If you don’t hurry and go… I’ll eat you this time.

G: … Wha…? Don’t carelessly say that I can eat you! There’s no way I could eat you…

G: I can live without eating anything, to say nothing of your frail body which looks like it would taste disgusting. *heroine hugs him*

G: *shaky voice* Honestly… women are such willful creatures. Haha… no, I’m wrong. My wife is a willful woman.

G: Now that you’ve returned, I won’t ever let you go. You won’t return back to the village. You won’t see your family. Even though you would have been happier choosing a human man…

G: Ah? *heroine kisses him* Is that the truth? The tradition is gone now.

G: … Ngh! *intense kisses*


G: The days after I lost you felt as long as eternity. The peaches, the cherry blossoms, the lotuses, and everything I tended to for my bride became brown and, for some reason, my heart felt empty. *kisses* This is most likely the feeling of “loneliness” you spoke about, no?

G: But, even after knowing that, I couldn’t live with you. Because I didn’t want you to know about this feeling. I didn’t care about the mountain or villages anymore. Everything could wither as much as it wanted but even if I became negligent… you wouldn’t be pleased, would you? *kisses*

G: Let me… touch you too. *removes clothes; kisses*

G: Aah, it’s this. This smooth skin… sliding against my hands and lips. Here too, ngh… like a sweet and sour fruit.

G: Ngh? W-what…? My clothes? Just to let you know, I’m not a human. If I expose myself, my wings will stand out. I’m also covered in plumage down there. You won’t be terrified?

G: … Haha, if you wish to see it then. *removes clothes* Here, come over. *kisses*


G: W-what is this? When we’re touching skin to skin, somehow it feels… Ngah! T-that’s… Haha, don’t pluck my feathers. Mmgh… hah… *hand job*

G: It feels like the crown of my member is going to burn. How strange. Look, I’m this aroused. If I thrust into you with this, I feel like I really will break you this time. Wait. It’s bothersome but I’ll grab the wine— *heroine stops him*

G: Hm? Don’t tease me. I’ll grab it and return immediately. Or do you wish to go home together?

G: Like this…? Here…?

G: Aah, I see. I understand. Then… I’ll ensure that I don’t hurt you. *presses heroine down; kisses*

G: Haa… hah… can you hear this noise? You’re dripping even without being dampened by the wine. You feel pleasure, no? Then don’t stifle your voice. Be good and let me hear you.


G: Don’t deny me. If I don’t stretch you then I’ll hurt you. Spread your legs wider.

G: Your lovely petals are sending me an invitation. They smell more fragrant than any wine. Let me… taste your honey. Nngh. *gives oral*

G: Haah… my fingers and tongue are easily reaching in deep. Aah, it continues to flow out. I feel as if I’ll become intoxicated and forget myself. Mmgh…

G: … My fingers have slipped in to their base. You won’t break with this, yes? *inserts himself* Ggh… hah… I’ll enter slowly to your depths. Mm… ah…!

G: Is this the relation between husband and wife? I didn’t think about anything and simply thought, if I impregnated you, we would be a couple. What a ridiculously mistaken idea. How is it for you? Is this different from the exchange we had at the marriage? *kisses* Haha, ah, my face is softening on its own. I can see nothing but you. What should I say at a time like this?

G: Beloved…? That is a wonderful word. Aah, you are my beloved. Nngh… ah…! I’m inside… mrgh! You’re hot and squeezing around me…


G: Can I… move? Mmgh… hah…!

G: Haha, ah… it feels pleasurable. Haha, your voice has changed as well. Ngh… haa…!

G: Good… I can’t stop. *kisses; thrusting*

G: Hah… haah… that’s right, this time you’ll conceive a chick. But it’s a strange sensation. The chick is secondary and I just want to continue being close to you like this, ngh, and I don’t want this to end! You as well? Ah, if possible, I would have liked to keep this slow and extend it but… ngh… my hips won’t stop!

G: Ngh, did you reach completion first? That was quick. Your inner folds are convulsing, ungh, and wringing me. Me too… I can’t hold on anymore. Ngh… ah… hah…! *he orgasms*

G: Haah… hah… *kisses*


G: Aah, it’s not enough. Can you tell? I’m still aroused. Yes, you too, ask for more!

G: *heroine gets on top* Nngh… ah, will you move? Haha, do as you please. Ah! Look, the lotuses, trees, greenery, and spiritual power are returning. Far from that, it’s not over at all yet. I can tell the entire mountain is becoming abundant. *kisses*

G: Haa… hah… do you love this mountain? Ah…! I see, then I’ll give it to you. The birds, the greenery, the wind, the water, everything… I’ll give it all to you. So… give yourself to me! Ngh… hah…! I can feel it… my spiritual power filling you up inside. Is this alright? Every drop of your blood, from the ends of your hair to the tips of your fingers, ngh… ah… like you’re returning to being a celestial nymph.

G: Aah, so fragrant. We’re truly husband and wife with this. I won’t ever be alone again— ngh… ah…! *he orgasms*

G: Haa… hah… my head is spinning and my vision darkens. You’re more intoxicating than any wine, haha, I feel like this will become a habit.


G: *kisses* Let’s do this every day and reach completion until you conceive a chick.

G: Haha, however… you’re an amazing woman. Mm? Like I mentioned before, I was born as the master of this mountain and, until you came, I was always alone. Once my bride came, I would be able to make a family and become an even stronger tengu… is what I thought but… I was mistaken.

G: You can tell just from this greenery, can’t you? I become infinitely stronger just from having you here. However, if I lose you, then the mountain withers easily. My life or death depends on you. No matter what happens, I will continue to give you happiness. Therefore, until my spiritual power is exhausted one day… let’s live together for many years to come, close to eternity. *kisses*

*** TRACK 6: The Harvest Season ***

G: Hup! *spreads wings*

G: It’s a bright late-autumn day. It’s good that it’s still warm while the sun is up. Hm? Ah, sit here.

G: However, you’ve grown used to this solitary cedar. At the beginning you could only clutch at my chest. Haha, well, acting like that back then is much better than getting conceited and slipping. I was struck with terror then.

G: Good grief, you… Of course I would. No matter what happens, I’ll certainly save you. Furthermore, now that you are the bride of a tengu you also don’t have to worry about dea—… Hey, even if you don’t die there’s pain. Don’t jump around like a child on top of a tree.

G: Oh well… *hugs heroine* you will never fall like this.

G: Can you see the harvested grains over at the village too? The harvest this year is good. In this half year of you being my bride, there are still no chicks but the bounty of the mountain has spread steadily to the villages.


G: The honey-color of the harvested grains and the autumn colors which extend down to the base… this scenery will gradually come to an end. Enjoy yourself as much as you can. Ah, in winter, the snow will cover everything inside and outside the barrier.

G: Everything becomes like an ink painting and across the land the only thing that reaches the ears is the sound of snow falling. In a moment, the head and shoulders become covered in white… it’s so beautiful and yet there is a stir in my heart. Now that I think about it, that might have been loneliness.

G: Haha. *kisses* If see the same sight with you, I wonder what sort of feeling I’ll have. It’s something to look forward to from here.

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: A Subtle Barrier ***

*in the distance*

G: Yes, good!

G: Aah, don’t come back. This is my mountain, there’s nothing to fear. What did you promise your father?

G: That’s right. You’ll do your best, yes?

G: Just like that! Fly!

G: Haha… she went. *returns to heroine* Ugh, are children always so loud and clingy?

G: Well, we’ll manage somehow. A tengu’s child must become strong quickly. Mm? I didn’t tell you? She’s supposed to go around Gajiro mountain for this entire day, through day and night. If she doesn’t collect all the treasures I’ve placed around then she cannot come back—

G: Is that something for you to be flustered about?

G: Relax, I placed a larger and stronger barrier than usual. I cleared out the beasts beforehand too. Ah, she’s just one-year-old…? I’ve told you this many times, but a tengu child and human child are different. Soon she’ll be independent and she’ll become a spirit who supports me.


G: Don’t be dejected. It’s a good thing for her to be different from humans. She won’t die to illness and she won’t become a bride and leave the mountain, so long as Gajiro mountain exists. Haha, yes, so long as you and I exist she can continue to live beside us.

G: The more spirits there are the larger the bounty. I’ll be asking you to bear many more. *uses power to shut doors*

G: For that sake… no, even without that being the purpose, there is something we must do right away. You understand, yes? You should know without me saying so. From now until tomorrow, until she returns… I’ll be making love to you. *kisses*

G: Haah… quickly, strip me as well. I can barely wait to change.

G: How long has it been since we were this close to each other? Day and night, you tend to the chick and you don’t even glance at me. Do you know what sort of feelings I look at you with?

G: I know that! Just as you’ve become a mother, I’ve become a father. However… at this rate, we won’t be able to make the next chick, no? We only have one, so don’t reject me and let me presume upon your love. *kisses*

G: … *pouts* Spoil me too a little. *kisses*


G: I want you… How is it for you? You don’t want to have relations with me?

G: Aah, then slowly… deeply… satisfy me. *kisses*

G: Ngh… hah… your nipples are hard and inviting me. Do you wish for me to lick them? Haha, mm…

G: Mm…!? Sweet… there’s a flavor. Didn’t you say she was done weaning? Oh… it’s abated but if I suck too hard it’ll start to come out again? *kisses*

G: Nrgh, hah… to be deprived of such sweet milk… it’s no wonder she cried. Haha, it’s starting to well up on the other side too. *kisses*


G: I’m erect just from the sense of anticipation… to a painful, excruciating extent. Can you taste me as well?

G: Ngh… I can’t enter your mouth deeply. Aah, hey, don’t force it to the back of your throat. Ungh…! Haa… yes, swallow it shallowly and use your tongue. If you suck on it hard then right away I’ll— ngh… hah… It doesn’t hurt? Haah… mmgh…

G: Don’t look at me like that. Being the only one pleasured is making me feel weak. Mmgh… ah…!

G: This is bad, ngh… I’m going to release before I even enter you. Haah… haa… is that alright? Haha, my seed isn’t as sweet as your milk, you know? Ngh… hagh…! *he orgasms*

G: Haa… hah… that’s right, it’s not subsiding. Let me enter you next. Turn around.


G: Nngh, you’re a bit tight. It doesn’t hurt? Mmgh, then I’ll go in deep. Hrgh… ah…! My vision is spinning… and I’m struck with the urge to flap my wings. Haha, I have to make sure we don’t spring up and fly like this though. Nngh… hah… *kisses; thrusting*

G: Can you tell? Each time I strike deeply within you, you clench down around me. How does it feel? Mgh…! Do you feel like you can fly too? Even though you have no wings. Aah, go ahead, I’ll let you soar. Ngh… mgh… hah…!

G: Haha, ah… what a nice voice. Let me hear it more. You can lose as much composure as you wish. Haa… hah…!

G: Look this way. *kisses; thrusting*


G: I can’t endure it anymore… You as well? Aah… hah… ngh…! *kisses; thrusting* Together…! *he orgasms* Ggh… ah…!

G: Haa… hah…

G: I’d like to do this many times every day, but the sensation of being connected after a long time… is exceptional. *kisses* Haha, is that something you need to apologize for? You’re a splendid mother. Compared to you, I haven’t completely become a father, have I? Despite having lived two hundred years, I’m much more envious of you.

G: Two becomes three, but although our family has increased and become lively… I’m sad about having less time to be close to you. Haha, I’m greedy, aren’t I?

G: Not at all! I want countless children. I need you to give birth to many, but… that is different to this. This is our precious time together alone. It’ll be unfortunate to put this off when you’re pregnant with the next chick. But that’s also merely a year of patience.


G: Yes, of course. A tengu’s child matures immediately. I’ll train them after they’re born and have them become independent quickly. In this way, they also won’t intrude on my coupling with you.

G: !! Hm? Thunder…?

G: Hold on a moment. *uses power; opens the doors; loud rain and thunder* Shit, because of the barrier I thought the sound was distant. Ah, don’t come over you’ll become wet. Where’s the chick…? *uses power* It’s no good, her presence can’t reach here because of the sound of rain.

G: … AS IF I CAN REMAIN CALM!? She’s never had her wings get wet before! Aah, no, I’m sorry. I’m not angry at you. It’s because I single-mindedly wished to touch you and carelessly drove her out. This is… my failure as a father.

G: R-right, this isn’t the time to be depressed. I’m going to find her right away. *hugs heroine* Don’t worry, she hasn’t gone far. If I keep a level head— ah! *heroine kisses him* Haha… you’re right, I shouldn’t say I’m a failure as a father. I’m the only one who can find the chick. Yes, I’ll find her in one flight. Prepare a change of clothes and hot water. *runs out; spreads wings*

15 thoughts on “Hana no Yomeiri ~ Momozake-kitan Tengu-roku ~

    Plutostarz said:
    June 23, 2020 at 14:52

    Is there a way to purchase this digitally or is it CD format only ?

      Ilinox responded:
      June 23, 2020 at 20:26

      Good question, but none that I’m aware of unless it’s on Pokedora or something :< sorry!

        Plutostarz said:
        June 24, 2020 at 21:40

        Oh rats. Thank you for helping me out . I trying to avoid shopping since I live in the US and I know shipping from Japan may take longer then normal. Wish me luck! After reading your amazing translation I gotta get the CD now .

    It me said:
    May 28, 2020 at 23:45

    I got questions. Ones like:

    1) Did you lay a egg??

    2) Feather pubes

      Ilinox responded:
      May 30, 2020 at 16:16

      I HAVE NO IDEA. I do love how unashamedly this series leans into the monster fucker camp though LOL. You can bet I double-checked when he was talking about his pubes because I was like “FEATHERS? DOWNY FEATHERS? Wow…”.

    Kborenai said:
    May 21, 2020 at 09:31

    I really want more CDs with kids. It really bothered back then when marriage themed r18 was all the rage, and not a single kid in sight.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 21, 2020 at 14:09

      Haha, tbh, I’m not a big kids person so I’m glad most CDs don’t tend to include kids. But I guess there are CDs lacking completely in the presence of a kid. It’s probably because scenario writers will also run into the problem of wondering whether the kid should be voiced or not and if that’d be too distracting, because it’s a different thing to have an unvoiced character completely versus unvoiced heroine.

        Kborenai said:
        May 26, 2020 at 08:15

        Oh…god. The last time I had a cd with a voiced kid side chara, it was fucking terrible LOL. Tbh, it would be best to leave them unvoiced, or like in a recent spy cd, assert their presence through distant laughter.

        P.s. Aw, don’t mind me. I never thought my 25 yo virgin
        single-since-birth ass would get baby fever, but hell, here I am.

      cryandbleed said:
      July 30, 2021 at 23:23

      Me too

    luxicity said:
    May 20, 2020 at 09:30

    Oops. Sorry. I commented on a reply 😅🙏

    Chaotictapestry said:
    May 20, 2020 at 08:53

    “I’ll shade you with my hand” why not your wings though if you want to be effective, which is far more romantic than just the romantic sentiment of your hand…

    Thank you for translating this & thank you to Madame for commissioning it! This was cute overall, I just remember really pausing on that part and the lotus part LOL. But at least I can imagine that the lotus garden was a series of prepared sections of water with a path in the middle or something to walk across, maybe – I know there were victorian gardens that had this in place during the victorian era in England? I can’t confirm that’s super factual but I’ve seen reference to it a few times in victorian accounts, novels and movies, so I’m sure water gardens were at least a thing… I believe those were for water lilies though, not lotus? They’re similar but not the exact same. Maybe this tengu lotus garden is similar lol

    I really like how he warmed up to his wife, though, and had to adjust. I think it was pretty adorable.

      luxicity said:
      May 20, 2020 at 09:29

      Wait this is is cute like hnggg?? ❤️

      Although I’m pretty surprised. This is the first time I’ve seen a drama cd with the kid included in the scenes! Even if it’s just a tokuten. It makes it much more wholesome for me, I think hahahaha. And cute haha! ❤️

      Thanks so much for translating this. (and now to decide whether I’ll purchase this cd or nah… XD)

        Chaotictapestry said:
        May 20, 2020 at 10:05

        I agree, that was super adorable – and no worries on replying to my comment!

        Ilinox responded:
        May 20, 2020 at 11:00

        I think so too! CDs with actual kids in them taking part is pretty rare, in fact I can’t even think of any right now… LOL. Tbh, now having listened to all of them, I think I still prefer the second and third over this first one. It wasn’t bad and it was cute, but hmmm it wasn’t doing anything for me either.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 20, 2020 at 10:59

      LAUGHING because every comment you made was one that I had while going through the CD. The hand would have been cute… IF HE WASN’T A WINGED TENGU. If you are a winged being then you’re automatically obligated to use your wings as shade, because that’s cuter.

      Meanwhile, I also paused while translating to wonder if I misheard something because… they just walked on what sounded like grass, through the lotuses, and then sat down and I’m ??? lotuses grow in water! If not water then they’re potted in specific conditions for them to thrive! But I guess if, like you said, it was a grass path through the middle of the lotuses… alright, I can get behind that.

      Haha, yeah, this was a cute one although I have to agree with some JP reviews which commented on how Kuma’s voice is really not suited to these old-timey speech. He was using the proper words, but his voice is just way too modern.

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