Chuusotsu Yankee ni Yowami wo Nigirare, sono Ba de Noukou Sex ~ Dokidoki Hatsujou Yagai Play ~

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Sekikawa Takeru (関川 タケル)
CV: 弥勒

A Junior High School Delinquent’s Got Dirt On Me, So We Had Passionate Sex Right There ~ Throbbing In Heat Outdoors Play ~

On the way home from work, you went to your usual abandoned public toilet to masturbate and release stress. However, when doing so, you were discovered by a delinquent who was passing nearby. You unconsciously froze, but he muttered this with an excited look:

“Are you a pervert or something?”

Having your weakness grabbed, you answer the delinquent’s demands while being covered in shame. Despite disliking the aroused and escalating delinquent, your body reacted sensitively…

Thank you to Madame for another commission! R18 warning and, uh, dubcon and al fresco sex? outdoors sex? public sex? (what is it called). You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite.

Note: Gotta love it when circles name their drama CDs like light novels LOL so you know exactly what you’re getting into. Anyway, I’m making a note here because people may have noticed that I flipped the sentence from passive into active because it just didn’t sound good as an English title in its passive state. Sometimes, ya gotta do what ya gotta do when translating! Japanese loves passive sentences, but they’re not as beloved in English.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: A Wild Delinquent Appeared ***

*heroine masturbates*

Takeru: Hm? What’s that noise? Huh… here?

T: Hup! *climbs up stall* Woah!? Seriously!? No way, haha!

T: *drops down* Fuckin’ no way, right? You’re seriously playing with yourself here? Haha! Ah, I got it, is it that? There’s a camera somewhere for this porn video… Those are usually filmed from above.

T: Oh, don’t mind me, keep moving your hand. Like earlier, haha. Keep making those loud noises I heard from outside the toilet, haha. Your pussy looks lonely. Give it some tender love and care.

T: Huh, there’s nothing around. Meaning this ain’t being filmed— huh?

T: Shit, what?

T: Hah… are you a pervert or something?

T: Hahaha! Shit! Wow, I see, you’re a real pervert. Wow, you…

T: Haha, did you know? That this is public indecency. I learned about this after one of my buddies got arrested in junior high school. Haha, he couldn’t get out of jail and was pissed. His wife came and, during the interview, asked him to try bringing out his dick again. Hahaha, isn’t that hilarious?


T: Hey, give me some more time. I’m not gonna let a criminal like you go. Hehe, hey, you, what do you normally do?

T: You… work, huh. Doesn’t look like you’re a high school dropout, heh. It’ll be a problem if this gets spread, right?

T: Huh? To who? You’re dumb. Obviously the company you work at. Oh, your parents work too. Or your buddies or something. Ah, your boyfriend— uh, if you had one you wouldn’t be playing with your pussy here, huh, haha. Well, I’ll spread this to every single person you know.

T: I don’t know your personal information? Dumbass, you’re really stupid. Can’t I figure that out the moment I look into your bag? *rummages* Heh, cellphone hacking.

T: Aah, it’s locked. Haha, I guess I’ll just ask later. Directly. To you.

T: Hah! What’s with that look? You trying to desperately think about a way out? Haha, get with the situation. You’re already done for.

T: Is there nothing in your head but playing with your pussy? You— ngh, stop moving, stop moving! Haha, sit down. Sit down, seriously! Tch, this is annoying. Ggh! Learn your place. Yeah? Haha, if you know, then hurry up and spread your legs. Continue what you were doing.

T: What are you stunned for? I’m telling you to fuck yourself. You can do it, yeah? You don’t want your life to be crushed, right?

*** TRACK 2: What Are You Going To Do? ***

*heroine masturbates*

T: Ugh, your masturbation wasn’t as boring as that, right? Haha, let me hear those loud noises from earlier.

T: Hehe, yeah, that’s right. Hey, don’t close your legs! I won’t be able to see.

T: From the start, this place is dark though and it’s boring. Huh? Haha, obviously I’m turning on a light. I just took out my cellphone, don’t be so pissed scared. Aah, hey, open your pussy more with your fingers. Show all of its pinkness. I told you to show it to me clearly!

T: Aah, haha! You can do it, can’t you? Woah, wow, your clit is so fucking swollen. Are you getting turned on from me watching you? Haha! Your pussy hole is opening and closing and it’s completely visible. Aah… haha…! *takes photo*

T: HAHAHA!! Obviously I’d take pictures, dumbass! Don’t tell me you weren’t hoping for that too, haha.

T: Uwah, haha, amazing. I caught it clearly. Take a look, I also got your lewd face. Hey, seriously, take a look. Look! Haha, see? What a nice look. Looks all dazed and wanting, haha. C’mon, aren’t you going to squirt at this rate? You look like you’re feeling so good, haha.

T: Here, I’ll zoom in on your pussy. Woah, it’s drenched. It’s really obvious you love masturbating, ah. I should be taking a video. Shit, I regret it so much.


T: Oh! What? Don’t go wild! Huh? Delete it? Haha, you’re so dumb. Who the fuck would delete such a nice thing? I really like this picture. I’ll definitely use it the next time I jerk off. I’m serious! I’ll keep it in the family and I won’t spread it.

T: Ggh, hey, go back to what you were doing. Enough! If you piss me off any more… Huh? What’s with those eyes?

T: That’s not right. You’re a pervert, aren’t you? You only need to think about what feels good. Heh.

T: If you can’t do it… how ’bout I do it?

T: Huh? Haha, I’m obviously gonna finger-bang you. Don’t fight back. You’re dripping your juices everywhere, so… my fingers will slip in easily.

T: Nngh! Haha… three fingers went in without a hitch. Haha, wow, you’re even soaked deep inside. Hey, don’t pull back, heh. A pervert should be a pervert and thrust out her hips, yeah? If you do that then I’ll finger you with more pleasure than you could imagine.

T: Hehe, yeah, that’s right, be good. Keep going. Nngh… hah… haha, can you hear this? It’s squelching and splashing. It’s the sound of you being super fucking wet. This is proof of how happy your pussy is.

T: Haa… hah… haha, ah, moan louder. If you like my fingers, then make some noise yourself instead of just your pussy. Haah… hah…


T: C’mon, it feels hella good when I rub against the bottom of your clit with the pad of my finger, right? Haha, you’re making a face that says your G-spot is sensitive. Heh, I’ll focus on it. Nngh, haha… mgh… hah… haah…

T: Hahaha, nice, that voice. You’re moaning. Keep at that, open your mouth, and make as much noise as you want. I guarantee you’ll feel even better than you are right now. Haha, haah… haa… I’ll speed up. Ngh… hah…

T: Hagh… haa… haha, feels good, yeah? Hah… ngh… I thought this when I heard you outside the toilet, but your voice is way too sexy, haha. It shoots straight down to my dick. Haa… hah… ngh… *unbuckles pants*

T: Face your ass here. Huh? I’m going to fuck your pussy with my dick. Don’t ask something obvious.

*** TRACK 3: It Doesn’t Look Like Resisting is Effective ***

*crinkling noise*

T: What’re you getting scared over? Dumbass. There’s no way I’d do it raw.

T: You’re a pervert, so you were probably looking forward to me shooting my load into you but, heh, I’m normal, you see. I won’t grant that.

T: Haha, you’re glaring at me! I’m kidding. You know too that it’s easier for the both of us if there’s a condom involved, yeah? Nngh, haha, alright. OK! Haha, stop sputtering and turn your ass here and give me your hole. Hah, don’t make me say it more than once. *heroine turns around*

T: Ggh, now… haah… I’m putting it in. Nngh, hah… ngh…! Ugh, tight…! Haha, you… Even though you’re doing it in this dirty place like a pervert, haha, ah… isn’t your pussy too much like a virgin? Aah… have you actually never had sex before? Haha, you’re seriously a pervert who only masturbates?

T: Haha… if that’s the case, I’m really gonna go nuts. Nngh… haha… I’m moving. Make sure to hold yourself up, haha. If you smack your head against the toilet, haha, this’ll definitely droop down. *thrusting*

T: Ngh… agh… mrgh… You’re way too hot deep inside, ungh… My dick’s gonna melt. Haha, ah… mgh…!


T: Shit, your… hah… your pussy’s sunk its teeth into my dick and won’t let go. Nngh… seriously, you’ve got a sloppy little pussy. Ggh, I’m not gonna lose either. Aah… hah…!

T: I’m gonna hold your hips firmly, yeah? Nngh… agh… haha! I’m gonna give it my all and make you feel like you’ll break. Clench your hole and rub against my dick, yeah? Let’s go…! Ngh… hah… hagh…!

T: You… haha…! Gonna cum, are you? Haa… hah…! Wow, your pussy’s jerking inside. Gngh… ah… haha… haha! Go on, cum… cum! Cum!! Make sure to show me how you look with your mind blown from pleasure. Nngh… hah… ah…!


T: Hahaha…! Shit, you’re… seriously… cumming way too much, haha! Ngh… ungh…! Wait… mgh… wait, wait… Haah, your pussy… don’t try to wring out my sperm. Haa… hagh… fuck, ngh… I’m gonna cum…! Ngh, ah… hah…!

T: Ggh, ngh… I’m cumming…! *he orgasms* Agh… haa… hah…

T: Haah… haha… I seriously came a lot. *pulls out* Nngh… hah…

T: Haha, I did cum more than usual. Haha… holy shit, that’s an amazing pussy. Haah… hah…


T: Hey, let’s do it again sometime. *buckles pants* Haha, you can’t refuse, right? Heh, I got a clear picture of your face and pussy. I’m gonna borrow your cellphone.

T: Tell me the password number.

T: … *low voice* I can force you to spit it out too. Haha, got it. Ah, it’s open. Mm… doo-do-doo… haha, I’m passing your phone’s information to mine then next is mine. Haha, OK, can you see this? This is me. Takeru. Here, I’m definitely gonna contact you so don’t ignore me, yeah? Haha, see ya.

T: *leaves* Haah, my waist is sore.

T: *gets on phone* Oh, me? I’m heading home now. Huh? Haha, no, although something big did happen. Heh, no, it might be a long story but it’s one you’ll absolutely love. Haha, you jumped right on. So I bought drinks and was heading home, haha. Then, oh, I heard a really loud noise. I was wondering what the heck it was and there was a sound coming from the toilets. So then I was like, huh, this might be bad. But then I thought I heard a voice too, so I got a bit curious and clambered over the wall— *fades out*

*** TRACK 4: Summoned by the Delinquent! ***

*phone connects*

T: WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T YOU PICK UP? I TOLD YOU TO BE SURE TO PICK UP! Tch, looking down on me… Come to the building beside your workplace today. I’ll leave it open so come to the rooftop. If you don’t come… I’ll spread your photos instantly. *ends call*

*scene skip; heroine opens door*

T: Heh, you were hard at work until late.

T: *smokes* This is the last smoke. If you still weren’t here when I was done smoking, I was going to seriously do it. Heh, you barely made it.

T: Haha, so, what were you imagining when you came here? *comes close* It’s a pain-in-the-ass length, right? The emergency stairs. Haha, each time you climbed a floor, a ton of fantasies came to your head, right? *he steps; heroine backs up* The rooftop. Outside again. You were also outside when you were fucked in the toilet. I’m pretty pissed being left on the answering machine, so it’ll definitely be rough sex with the mood I’m in.

T: Threatened, pressed into doing things, rocked back and forth… You should hate it, yet you came so hard. You knew that once you reached the rooftop, you’d definitely end up having that kind of sex. You’re hoping for that at the bottom of your heart, even though you’re terrified. It’s like that now too. *heroine backs into wall* Hahah!


T: I won’t let you run. This is all out of your own will. Right? Pervert.

T: Haha! Just accept it, why don’t you? Ah, it’s easier to ask your body than your mouth, huh.

T: Nngh… ah, I knew your pussy would be drenched. Haha, it was seriously just like I expected. *blows air* Haha! Just blowing air on it makes it clench in anticipation. If I lick it… I wonder what’ll happen? Heh.

T: *gives oral* Haha! Mm… haha! Haha… your pussy juices keep pouring out I can’t lick it all up. Seriously, you love doing it outside because it’s exciting, huh. Haha, ngh… haha.

T: Hey, what do you want me to do? I’ll listen to whatever orders a lewd woman wants to give me. Of course it’s limited to sexual things only. For example… ngh, mm… haha, doing this, mgh… testing your pussy hole, ngh… by driving my tongue inside, mm… haa… haha…

T: Digging up your swollen clitoris, ngh, and fixing on it until you cum… with the tip of my tongue, haha… and rolling it around. How about it? Feels good? Haha…!


T: Don’t hold back, haha. Nngh… haah… not wanting your pictures spread is just a public excuse for you, right? Haha, I should just go ahead and spread it. You’re a slut starving for excitement, haha. Be honest. *unbuckles pants*

T: Haah… look, I’m all ready on my side. Here, can you see how my pre-cum’s flowing out from the tip? It’s because you’re so sexy, my dick’s rock hard, haha. You better take responsibility, yeah? Haa… tell me what you want.

T: Haha, what was that? What about a dick…? Say it again. Hah, you said it! Haha, that’s fucking hot. This is my first time seeing a slut like you. Haha, ah, I’m so fucking turned on. Hold on, I’m gonna grab a condom— ah, haa, I don’t have the time to take it out.

T: Hey, you can’t wait either, right? Turn around. Haa… hah… I’ll fuck you raw right away, so c’mon hurry up and grab the fence. Hagh… haa… I’ll slam it in deep all at once. Nngh… ah…!


T: I’ll pound you just like you want. Haa… hah… ah…!

T: Ungh… seriously, what the fuck is this? Why does it feel so good? Haa… hah… my mind’s flying out. Hagh… haa…

T: Ngh, hey… can you look this way? Haa… hah… I want to suck on your tongue. Hagh… haa… you’ll definitely feel good like that. Yeah? C’mon, face this way. Keep facing me and stick out your tongue. Haa… haha… ngh… tastes good. *kisses; thrusting*

T: Haha, shit…! Nngh… mm… seriously, my mind’s melting… Hey, ngh, let’s do it again? That’s okay, right? You have such a good look on your face too. C’mon? Please. I want to kiss you and cum while fucking you. Haa… I’m thrusting my hips like a madman, hah… I’ll let you see heaven, haha… This is the best. I seriously love that sexy side of you. *kisses; thrusting*

T: Mmgh, I’ll pound you deeply lots. Hngh… ngh…!


T: Nngh? Haha, mgh, haa… hah… what? You’re giving up already? Haha, sure. Me too… I feel like I’m gonna cum soon. Nngh, mm…! *kisses; thrusting*

T: Let’s go together. I’ll cum loads inside you, haah… mgh…!

T: Aah… ngh… I’m cumming… I’m cumming…! Ungh…! *he orgasms*

T: Haa… hah… my sperm won’t stop. Haah… hagh… ngh…!

T: … Damn… lights are flickering in my eyes. Haha… haah… wow… my legs are shaking. Haha… hah…

T: That might have been the best sex out of all the sex I’ve had so far. Haa… hah… this is seriously… haa…

T: Hey, let’s kiss again. This time I want one coming from you.

T: Haah… haa… why…? If you do that then my dick will recover right away, haha. It’s you, so you don’t want it to be over after just one time too, right? I’m also, um… how do I say this… It feels good being in you, so I don’t want to leave yet. Yeah? It’s okay, right? For a kiss. *kisses* Please?

*starts raining*

T: Uwah! What? Rain? Tch, the timing’s horrible.

T: Aah… um, what I said earlier, about not wanting to leave yet… It’s embarrassing, so could you forget about it? Haha, um, I felt so good my mind wasn’t working, so, uh, now I’m back to normal. Ah, could I head over to your place from here? I’ll think about how to make a pervert like you excited too, so how about it? It’s a done deal.

*** TRACK 5: Extraordinarily Lewd ***

*walking; heroine opens door*

T: I’m hooome!! Hah? Don’t be so stingy. It’s basically my place after I come in once.

T: *opens window* Ugh, doesn’t look like it’ll end any time soon. Oh, but there’s a lot of people walking around. Heh, like this…

T: Hey, I have the window open so come over here. We’ll let all the people walking past your apartment hear your sexy voice. It’ll be such a waste doing it on the bed.

T: It’ll be embarrassing…? Haha, dummy, you can’t wait for that thrill, can you? Huh? What the heck. Perverts are so difficult.

T: *comes over* Hey, look this way. *kisses* Haha…

T: We just did it earlier, so your pussy still remembers me, huh. It’s clenching around my fingers. Nngh, haha… every time you hear someone’s footsteps, haha, your pussy clenches, doesn’t it? You aren’t honest at all. Hehe. *kisses; fingering*


T: You have an extremely wanting face. Up to now, we’ve been doing it from the back, so seeing your face from the front like this is new. Haha, nice. *kisses* Show me more. *kisses*

T: Nngh, haa… hah… hey, can I put it in now? I want to get back inside you. Haha, mmn… thanks. Put your arms around my back. I want to enter you while we’re kissing. Nngh…

T: Haa… nrgh… hagh…! This is it, this is it… This pussy, haah… haa… Let’s feel good together, yeah? Nngh, I’m moving. Ungh… haa… hah…

T: Your moans are coming out, haha… So cute. You can’t remember how to hold back your voice anymore, huh. Haha… haah… forget about that for the rest of your life. Haha, you just need to keep moaning in front of me. Haa… hah… huh? *kisses* Haha, you would have rather done it at my place? Saying that at this point is too late. Since my dick’s this deep in you… hah… ngh…!


T: But, well, there’s someone living at my place, so we can’t use it.

T: … Nah, it’s not my girlfriend. It’s a buddy from elementary school. I’m not working right now, so I’m just hanging around. It’d be bad if a freeloader brought over a girl, right? Heh, if I had money, I’d move out right away though.

T: Hahaha! That guy, ah, my guy buddy, hides it but he loves jerking off, haha. He holds back super hard whenever I’m around, so if I have a reason to head out then he’s free to do whatever whenever, hehe. That’s how it is, so it’s not a girlfriend. Relieved?

T: Haha, you weren’t worried at all? That hurts in its own way. Gngh… hah… haa…!

T: Hey, kiss me. A deep one. Hagh… haa… you hurt me, so… you gotta comfort me, yeah? C’mon, mgh… ngh… *kisses; thrusting*

T: Haa… hagh… ngh…!

T: Shit, I’m gonna cum…! You too…? You gonna cum? Haa… haha…! I see! Then, the bottom of your clit which you love… the place that makes you feel super good… ngh… I’ll grind against it with my dick. Ungh… haah… don’t worry, you’re a pervert, so I’ll also be sure to pound you deep… ngh… with my tip… Grab onto my back. Hngh… hah…!


T: Hngh, I’m letting it out…! Aah… ngh…! Together… let’s go together…! Ngh…! I’m cumming…! *he orgasms* Haa… ah… haah…! *kisses*

T: Haha, that felt seriously good, hehe. You’re super cute when you cum. Your body arches and you jerk around, haha. Nngh… *kisses*

T: Heh, thanks. *pulls out* Haa… haha, ah, seeing my sperm come out of your pussy is so hot. Haha. *kisses* Haha, so good.

T: Haah… hey, it’d be nice to go someplace far. Like a… trip? Doing it one after another on the train or like the bus, heh, it’ll be like an outdoors fucking tour. Haha! You look like you’d like that sort of thing. The problem would be money. Ah, I forgot! I have money right now!


T: Uh, let’s see… wallet, where’s the wallet… Here it is, here it is. There’s quite a lot in here, but it’ll be used right away. But if I use the card, then I think it would still work. Ah, there’s a license inside. Umm, Taka… Takamiya… Man— haha, Man? Man?? That cracks me up. Huh, Mitsuru? Hm? Ah, Mitsuru? Haha, this face is a Mitsuru?

T: Aah, I wonder if I can figure out the PIN. Do you know about this sort of thing?

T: Huh? I’m talking about the PIN for the card. His name’s Mitsuru, so I personally think he’s saved up a lot.

T: Eh? What? Return the wallet…? Haha, why? It was given to me? Huh? Hah? HUH? I SERIOUSLY DON’T UNDERSTAND. IT WAS GIVEN TO ME SO WHY DO I GOTTA RETURN IT?


*** TRACK 6: The Delinquent Left Your House ***

*raining; heroine running around*

T: … So annoying. Didn’t I tell you not to show your face around me ever again?

T: Gonna keep silent? Tch.

T: … How long are you gonna stand in the rain!? I’m not going to take responsibility if you catch a cold. Hey, quit it already, go home! Leave me alone!

*cat meows*

T: Hey, I told you not to come out. *cat meows* Ah, this? I found it earlier. It was soaked in its cardboard box and starving, so it’d definitely die if it was left alone. I gave it my clothes.

*heroine runs over; cat meows*

T: Hey, don’t touch it so much. What’re you going to do if it latches onto you? *cat meows*

T: *quiet* Tch, seriously… what the fuck. Why… why do you care?! If you’re not going to go home, not going to abandon me… Don’t get my hopes up! Dumbass. Pervert. Why the hell are you acting so nice.


T: I’ve seriously never met a person like you. From the women I’ve gone out with up to now and even my mother… everyone abandons me. I’ve never even seen my parents’ faces. No one tries to look at me. Haha… you’re somewhat weird, being a pervert, so maybe a dumbass like me can face you seriously or something.

T: *shaky* Haha, you don’t know anything about me, right? Even if I wanna work, I’m dropped because of my history. I’m a high school dropout after all. Heh, you… Chasing after a worthless man in the rain, haha… seriously, what were you planning to do?

T: I… at this rate… I won’t be able to live without you. Are you gonna take responsibility for that!? Hey! *teary* I… know that I’m doing bad things. I wanted someone to care about me, I wanted to be looked at by someone, and so I kept on doing these over and over again.

T: Haha, earlier, when you got angry at me, I was super pissed but… I was happy. Hey, I’ll apologize for everything. I won’t do anything bad anymore. I’ll return the wallet properly, so…! Can you… go out with me?

T: Please, date me. I’m begging you. I want to live for you. If you’re beside me, I feel like I can start my life over from step one. Because you make sure to scold me! I want to die once and come back to life for you. Hey… please…

T: *heroine approaches* Uwah! Uh… mmph…! *heroine kisses*

T: … Uh… what does this kiss mean? Does it mean you’ll date me…? Uh, haha, I’m a dumbass, so if you don’t say anything I won’t get it.

T: Haha… seriously? You’re seriously okay with that? Haha! I’m so happy. I love you. I’ll never let you go for my whole life.

*** TRACK 7: The Delinquent Softened Up! ***

T: Haa… hah… your back doesn’t hurt, does it? Don’t push yourself. Tell me right away if it hurts, yeah? There’s nothing to hide between us. Heh, I’ve… that in front of you… I’ll show everything.

T: Hey, look into my eyes. Kiss me. Haah… ngh… *kisses*

T: Haha, haa, you’re seriously my girlfriend. Mn, I love you. *kisses* I’ll definitely cherish you. Nngh…

T: I love you. *kisses* Mmh… ngh…

T: Hagh… haa…! Hey, your nipples are super hard. I want to suck on them. Haa… hah… is that okay? Haha, you’re… seriously so cute. Got it. *kisses* Just like you asked, I’ll roll it around with my tongue, bite it lightly, and make them feel good… so that they’ll be even harder.

[02:32] *cat meows*

T: Eh? Nngh, haha, hey now. Don’t come too close here, haha. It’s dangerous.

T: Haha, yeah, the cat from earlier. It really did get attached to you. Just like me, haha. Nngh… *kisses*

T: I feel super safe when I’m with you, heh. *kisses* I think about how glad I am to be alive… and that I’m allowed to be alive. How do I put it, I feel like I’m protected? Haha. I’m saying I love you so much I can’t bear it, haha. Nngh! *kisses* Haha… mngh…

T: Haa… I want to be inside you. I want to be one with you. Hah… ngh… *kisses* Please. Haha, thanks. *kisses* Haha…! I’ll do it slowly, so make sure… you feel me. *unbuckles pants*

T: Haah… haa… I’m putting it in. Nngh… ah…!

T: Hagh, haha… can you see it? My dick, ungh… is slowly… sinking into your pussy. Haa… hagh… your hips are moving a lot, haha. You’re welcoming me. Haa… that makes me so happy. I’ll thrust right into… the deepest spot of you straight away. Ungh… haha!

T: Haha, everything’s inside. Aah, haha…! We’re… connected. Haa… hah… I’m so fucking happy. Nngh…! *kisses*


T: Let’s feel good together, yeah? Nngh… mgh…! *thrusting*

T: Haa… haha…! The squelching… what a sexy noise. It’s dropping right into our ears, right? Nngh… our juices are mixing and making foam. Ggh, haha…! I’ll cover your swollen clitoris with it. Nngh…! Haha…!

T: Does it feel good? Haagh… haa… it’s really obvious through my dick that your pussy’s happy. Haha! When you feel good, I feel good too. Nngh… haa… I’ll thrust deep into you while pressing against your clitoris with my fingers. Hah… haa… ngh…!

T: Hah… haa…! What…? Kisses? Haha, of course! Mmgh…! *kisses; thrusting*

T: Mrgh… ngh…! I’ll do it over and over again, haha. I won’t stop even when you grow sick of it. Haha, haa… I’ll keep sticking to you for our whole lives. Nngh… mgh…! *kisses; thrusting*

T: Haa… I love you…! Do you love me too? Ungh…! Haha, say it again? Mrgh…! Haha, hey, until I cum, I want you to keep saying it. Haa… me too. I’ll say it over and over again until you cum. Nngh… mm…!


T: Please… ngh…! Mgh! *kisses; thrusting*

T: I seriously love you. I love you. Ngh…! Haa… I’m sorry for saying so many selfish things. Hah… when I think about how you’re my girlfriend, I really can’t keep my feelings down. Aah… hah…! I can’t hold it back… ngh! Haah… haa… I love you! *kisses; thrusting*

T: Ngh… mgh…! I love you, mgh…! I love you, I love you, I love you!! Ngh… haha, I can hear your voice clearly. Mmgh! Haha, say it more? More… more… ngh…!

T: Haha, I love you infinitely times more. Nngh… hah… mgh…! *kisses; thrusting*

T: Hagh… haa…! I’m cumming… ngh…! I love you, haha, I love you, I love you, I love you!! Nngh… haa… hah… it’s releasing… I’m releasing…! Nngh! *he orgasms; kisses*


T: Hahahaha!! Haa…. we’re definitely gonna catch a cold, haha. *cat meows* Hahaha! You know too, don’t you? Aah, hey, can I say one more selfish thing? Can you lend your place’s bathroom? Also, your bed? I don’t want to leave you yet today. I wanna be together for the whole day. *kisses*

T: Please? If you catch a cold, I’ll take care of you. Yeah? Haha. *kisses*

T: Stay with me always.

*** TRACK 8: He’s Decided On You! ***


T: Haa… haah… haha! This is seriously bad… ngh, hah… Just now, that was your boss, right? Haha, he has a really wooden look. Haa… hah… if he knew his cute little employee was being fucked by her boyfriend in the toilets, haha… I wonder what he’d do? Nngh…!

T: Haha, you’re more turned on than usual, aren’t you? Your pussy is clenching down, haha. You’re so fucking cute. Nngh… mgh…!

T: Hey, can you raise both your legs onto the toilet tank? Haha, don’t you love it when I piledrive into you from above? Mgh! How many times do you think I’ve fucked you outside? Haa… c’mon, I’ll help you.

T: Aagh…! Shh…! Your pussy… tightened so much. Haha, you’re happy, aren’t you? Haa… hagh… *kisses* Me too, I’m happy to be able to kiss your pretty legs. *kisses*


T: Haha, it’s fine, isn’t it? Leaving a hickey. Will it get discovered? Will it not? This sort of thing is the thrill that you love, right? Hehe, nngh… mm…!

T: Oh shit, they’re really dark. Haha, this’ll definitely be seen. There’s a meeting between employees after this, right? Hehe, this wasn’t here before… but now the legs below your skirt are covered in marks, haha…! You’re a really fucking… sexy woman, yeah? Haha, don’t worry, I’ll be sure to cum inside.

T: It’s a serious meeting, right? Haha, don’t you… love going out in front of people with sperm crammed in your pussy? Haha! Putting on a serious face, but having a lewd body, haha… My girlfriend is seriously the best. Nngh…! Haha, I’ll make sure to shoot in lots. Mmgh… hah…!

T: Haagh… haa…! Take it all… ngh! *he orgasms*

T: Haa… hah… hahaha. *kisses*

T: Do you fee like you can work hard in the afternoon after this? Haha, you suddenly asked me to cum inside you in the company’s toilets… and I was the one who got shocked. Haa… hah… well, I’m always open to my beloved girlfriend’s requests. *kisses* Haha. I can cum inside you anywhere and however many times you want. *buckles pants*


T: Ah, that reminds me, did you see how I was complimented by the boss earlier? He said if I work a bit harder, I could become a regular employee. Haha, I’m so happy. If it wasn’t for you getting me an interview, I’d definitely be wandering around jobless still.

T: I seriously can’t thank you enough for being able to work at a proper company. I’m going to use everything in my life to repay you, yeah? *kisses* Haha, be prepared. *opens door* Oh, I get off first, so I’ll go by the supermarket before heading home. I’ll buy some pricier cat food than usual and create a richer dinner to wait for you. Haha, it’s a party to celebrate me being accepted by the boss.

T: I’ll get something for you too, ah, like a cake that you love. *kisses* Haha, well then, work hard. I’ll be waiting for you at home.

*** 1000 DL: Epilogue at the Police Station ***

T: Officer! Huh? No one’s in? Excuse me, hello, Mamoru?

T: What the heck, you’re in. Uh, um… this wallet… I picked it up, uh, no, rather than picking it up, I… uh… um… You see, actually, this wallet—!

Mitsuru: Excuse me, I’d like to make a report—

T: Ah, uh, go ahead.

M: My apologizes. Actually, you see, my wallet— huh?

T: Hah? Ah…

M: YOU!?

T: YOU! Um, uh, no, wait—


T: Wait, wait, ow, ow!! I’ll go, let me go. Uh, officer, I don’t have any business anymore! I’ll go, I’ll go, so—!!

[01:04] *scene skip*

M: Grr!

T: Ugh, stop it.

M: SHUT UP! You have my wallet, don’t you!? I’m pissed at not having any money to use.

T: Even if you say that, I’m— ugh, old man—!

M: Enough, shut up! Take it out!

T: Stop it! Ugh, is this in your character!?

M: Shut up! Take out the wallet! It’s your… it’s your fault that I was grabbed by a strange woman, forced to the edge, and in front of my eyes… ugh, it’s so humiliating. I was dirtied by having to use my mouth and even do anal.

T: … Uwah.

M: At the beginning, I thought, hey, we seemed to get along. We started living together and she helped me out on a lot of things and was cute and we could have sex at night and I also got another job.

T: Huh? Isn’t that good then?


T: Ah, jeez, here. It’s this, right?

M: It’s this! What, are you always carrying it on hand?

T: No, I was going to return it. To the police station.


M: Its contents… are there!? Even the money? Why…?

T: Uh… no, I used it, but I have a salary now so, how do you say it, I returned it…

M: Why?

T: Shut up. It has nothing to do with you! I decided to become proper.

M: Hm. Was it a woman?

T: Shut up!

M: I see.

T: If you’re going to the police, then let’s go. You’re not satisfied with this, right?

M: Hm… no, I won’t.

T: Huh? Why?

M: My wallet was returned and its contents weren’t stolen. That’s enough then.

T: What the heck’s with that?

M: Before, I did feel like scaring you more… but for some reason I feel like forgiving you now.

T: Psh, I don’t get you.

M: In any case, we’re done with this. I’m going to forget about this, so you should too. Alright?

T: Old man…

M: You found something precious too, didn’t you? I can tell by looking at your face.


T: But… anal was done to you.

M: Could you not dig that up again!?

T: Just the anal!?

M: SHUT UP! Ah, gods, anyway, we’re done with this. Understand?

T: … Got it. Old man, uh, I’m sorry! Also… thanks. Heh, you’re a good man, huh.

M: Stop that. At any rate, don’t make your precious person sad.

T: I know! That’s obvious, ain’t it?

M: Goodbye.

T: Yeah, see ya. Old man, let’s meet again somewhere!

Note2: He’s joking about how the person’s name is “Mitsuru (満; can also be read as Man)” and that kanji means “full” so he must have a lot of money.

Note3: Even though I translated the 1000 DL title as “police station” I want to specify that it’s a “kouban (交番)” which is a neighborhood police station in Japan, and these tend to be really small boxes. Sometimes they’re basically the size of a telephone box. It also involves Mitsuru (yes, that Mitsuru) from another work by the same circle.

14 thoughts on “Chuusotsu Yankee ni Yowami wo Nigirare, sono Ba de Noukou Sex ~ Dokidoki Hatsujou Yagai Play ~

    It me said:
    June 3, 2020 at 21:54

    “ On the way home from work, you went to your usual abandoned public toilet to masturbate and release stress.”

    I love this sentence. On the way home from normal work, you went to do a completely normal thing in a normal place. Nothing to see here. Or rather, plenty to see here! Someone, please come look! Where is a horny juvenile delinquent when you need one???

      Ilinox responded:
      June 3, 2020 at 22:26

      HAHA, when I translated this I considered for 0.5 seconds of switching this to third person pronouns because I was like “this is such an awkward sentence for anyone to read”. The normalcy in it cracks me up too. T-to each their own I guess! Not gonna judge how people let out their stress so long as it doesn’t harm others!

      I actually feel like she can’t be charged for public indecency like the dude threatened because she was using a public toilet?? If anything, he should be charged with indecency for breaking someone’s privacy like that LOL. It’d be like barging into the wrong restrooms at the mall or something.

        It me said:
        June 4, 2020 at 20:29

        No kink shaming here. Dude keeps calling the MC a pervert, but he totally fesses up that he thinks it gives him a chance with her.

        Also, of all the drama CDs I’ve heard, this guy sounds the most surprised and *delighted* by what is happening. Like of course you would want to throw some pussy his way—he’s just so damn appreciative! Obviously I approve

    Kborenai said:
    May 28, 2020 at 08:15

    Oh…that was much more vanilla than expected LOL.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 28, 2020 at 16:21

      I’m glad it turned out sweeter than I expected, haha, and with some more story instead of just escalating blackmail and consented (?) humiliation LOL.

    Kara said:
    May 26, 2020 at 01:16

    Now I want to know if anybody commissioned a translation for Mitsuru’s drama cd lol he sounds like he had an adventure

      It me said:
      May 26, 2020 at 22:33

      Yeah inquiring minds want to know.

      Also $5 says our hero is gonna go home and “casually” bring up getting done in the butt

      Ilinox responded:
      May 27, 2020 at 10:49

      Haha, nope. I should let everyone know though that Mitsuru isn’t a do-m and, after glancing through the summary of his CD, it looks like he turns the tables after the first “humiliation” bit.

        It me said:
        May 27, 2020 at 22:36

        Mitsuru: I see you have found the true meaning of—

        Takeru: Your girl put it in your butt?!

        Mitsuru: You better hang on to—

        Takeru: How does that even work bro??!!!

        Mitsuru: SHUT UP—

        Takeru: And uh…was she, like, happy with you afterwards or whatever

        Ilinox responded:
        May 28, 2020 at 16:22

        LMFAO PRETTY MUCH. Takeru being hung up so much about that cracks me up. Poor Mitsuru he just wants to sweep it back under the rug, although I do kind of “hM” at the opinion that anal stuff is derogatory for men. But I guess these two are firmly dominants LOL and just don’t want to do that stuff.

    waterinegirl said:
    May 24, 2020 at 08:21

    if someone caught me masturbating, i would freak out!!! you’re going to hear me saying a lot of bad words in different languages

    but i guess he’s lucky to found he found her even though it was under dire circumstances. well he wanted to f**k her at first but it turns out he’s longing for love and home

    thanks to heroine helps, he has something to live for.
    he still a pervert but in the end, he’s a sweet person.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 24, 2020 at 12:17

      Everyone’s reactions here were so sus LOL the heroine for her odd kink, him for being curious enough to go look into it and then blackmail her, and then everything just evolving to this point. But, well, there’s that saying that for every kettle there’s an appropriate lid |D;; like the Hyouhen Kareshi bartender dude.

      But yeah this work ended up being sweeter than I expected! The seiyuu is extremely good too LOL although he only has two works so far.

    Medusawitch Shepard said:
    May 24, 2020 at 00:55

    This one is my favorite.
    I also approve the Heroine’s taste. she really like a public place.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Ilinox responded:
      May 25, 2020 at 09:29

      The heroine has some interesting kinks but, uh, to each their own as long as they aren’t harming anyone else, haha. This one was surprisingly good though, yeah!

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