Hokenshitsu no Gyaku Kyouikuteki Shidou ~ Sensei wa Ore no Mono ~

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Sumeragi Yamato (皇 大和)
CV: 八王子タカオ

Saijou Hikaru (西条 光)
CV: 三楽章

Kuse Kazuma (久世 一真)
CV: 三重奏

The Infirmary’s Reverse-Educational Coaching ~ Teacher is Mine ~

The heroine worked at the private Yamana Academy as a novice health teacher and was adored by the students with her gentle and kind presence. The heroine also treasured her students.

Among them, the delinquent Sumeragi Yamato was a slightly special student for the heroine. The heroine couldn’t help but worry about him and his repeated fights and never-ending fresh wounds.

So, even on the day her engagement was settled, the heroine discussed this with Yamato with her usual feelings of being an older sister, but the moment talk about marriage rose his attitude made a sudden change.

The heroine believed Yamato was “at his core a gentle child”, but he ripped open her blouse…

“Aah, teacher, your hole is dripping with my release. You can’t be another man’s bride with this anymore, huh. Be my bride.”
“… I love you, teacher. Let’s be together.”

Is it the heart that is trapped or the body?
—A new story begins at Yamana Academy.

Thank you to an anon for the commission! R18 warning and some dubcon, but this is one of the fluffier Kankinkon entries with quick mutual love (not like Touji and Makoto). You can grab this on ENG DLsite and JP DLsite.

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Note1: Dusk just loves using the “iku” pun. So, it’s supposed to be reverse-education (逆教育) but because the last bit of education got turned into “イク” to imply orgasm… reverse-educating orgasm? LOL.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: I’ll make you never again say you’re going to marry ***

Yamato: Teacher, you there? I got hurt again, so give me a band-aid.

Y: Heh, it’s normal for me to always be hurt. More importantly, band-aid. Ah, I can do it myself. If you worry about every little thing on me, you’re not gonna last— ah! Ugh, I got it, don’t force me to sit down. Haha, you’re so nosy. You haven’t changed at all.

Y: Yeah, that’s right. Because of that, right up here, isn’t there still a scar? Hah… are you trying to make me forget about it because you’re kind? But I won’t ever forget this no matter what you say. That time… how could I possibly forget that?

Y: In junior high, I had the crap beaten out of me by other kids at school. I thought I was gonna die. But you happened to be passing by and, in protecting me, got hit by a piece of wood. It was a small mercy the injury wasn’t serious, but in exchange it’s now a scar that won’t disappear from your face, teacher.

Y: Who cares if it’s small or doesn’t stand out. To me it’s serious! It’s a scar on a woman’s face, you know? Then, after that, you lectured me, huh. It was really impactful for me to see you care so much about a brat you didn’t even know. On top of risking your life to protect me, you looked at me seriously. Teacher, you’re the only person to do that.


Y: *comes close* That’s why even now… I want you to let me take responsibility for this scar.

Y: *heroine hits him* Ow! Jeez, be more gentle to an injured person.

Y: Huh? My finger? Ah, that reminds me, I might have injured it while I was hitting someone. Haha, this sort of thing will heal from just licking it. Ugh, yeah, yeah, I’ll leave it to you then.

Y: I’m glad it was my ring finger that got hurt. Hm? Haha, because this looks like a wedding ring, doesn’t it?

Y: Haha, I’m kidding! *low voice* If I’m not joking, then you wouldn’t like that, right? Haha, it’s nothing. That reminds me, why were you so desperate back then?

Y: Yeah, you were desperate. You looked like you were gonna cry.

Y: … Why’re you trying to dodge the question? I’ve always wanted to know the reason. *cheers outside* Woah! That surprised me. What the heck? Is it Kuse doing his thing again? Look, over there on the grounds, it’s Kuse Kazuma, right? This time he’s filling in for the soccer club, huh. He really is good at PE to a disgusting point. He’s called the school’s second noble, so there’s no way he’s not popular.

Y: Haha, isn’t that Saijou Hikaru right beside him? Aah, all the girls’ eyes are turning into hearts. Haha, it’s amazing every time I see it. Well, it’s not like I can’t understand. Saijou Hikaru is the only son of the head of the world’s Saijou group and the handsome student council president. When he’s beside Kuse Kazuma, what was it again… ah, that’s right, they’re called the Black Prince and White Prince. I forgot who was black and who was white, but still those guys really made up, huh. It’d be absolutely impossible if it was me.


Y: Huh? You don’t know? In their second year, Kuse dated Hikaru’s fiancée, right? Then Hikaru took back his fiancée. From the rumors, it was a real big mess, you know? It’s probably because Kuse has a fiancée too now that things have calmed down. Those two were childhood friends to begin with.

Y: Hm? Oh, yeah, Hikaru and I sort of know each other as kids. But it’s not like we’re close or anything.

Y: You’re wondering why? Uh… that guy’s annoying, you know? Ah, but I borrowed a towel from him for PE earlier, so I’m gonna need to return that, huh. Ugh, that’s even more annoying.

Y: Huh? I didn’t tell you? My family’s distant relatives of the Saijou family. A long time ago, there was a woman from the Saijou family who married into the Sumeragi family. Because of that, the Saijou family has always supported the Sumeragi family’s hospital. Hikaru was hospitalized there as a kid because of that relationship. Uh, see, that guy’s body has been weak since he was young.

Y: Then my dad nagged me to play with Hikaru whenever I was free. I had no choice so I played a match with him on the chess board that he brought. After I won, he kept challenging me for the rest of his stay in the hospital. Heh, it’s still a secret even to this day that he lost to me, so it probably frustrates him a lot.


Y: Huh? What’s with that look? You don’t believe I won against Hikaru, huh. Some time ago, teacher, you were worried so I showed you my grades, right?

Y: Hehe, that’s right. I’m a genius, so I can remember my textbooks just from flipping through them. Tests are easy-peasy even without attending classes.

Y: *heroine hits him* Ngh! You don’t need to flick me on the forehead. Huh? What would I do with studying more? I don’t feel like inheriting the Sumeragi hospital, so it’s pointless to work hard, right?

Y: Haa, I’ve told you many times already. I’m not gonna be a doctor. I definitely don’t want to succeed after my dad. In the first place, I only entered this school because you’re here, teacher.

Y: Huh? You’re asking if I haven’t forgiven my dad yet? There’s no way I can forgive him. He drove out my gentle mom and married his whore of a mistress. He’s that sort of man but the world’s crazy about him being a master doctor or whatever, so he’s sitting in the chair of his large hospital with his legs stretched out, you know? He’s seriously the worst piece of trash. He looked down on my mom too, but to be tricked by that whore means he can only be an idiot.

Y: Hah? A whore’s a whore. What’s wrong with calling her that? A month after marriage, that woman came to straddle me, you know? If she had come while I was sleeping then it could have been called sexual child abuse. Really. I wouldn’t lie and joke around about this.


Y: I didn’t do it. Just thinking about having sex with my step-mother makes me wanna puke. Well, because of that, I hate being in the house so I ended up hopping around other women’s places. Haha, it didn’t change how my sex life was all messed up though.

Y: A crime? What is? Ah, that’s right, it’s supposed to be a crime to do it with a kid who isn’t an adult yet, huh. Eh, whatever. It’s already in the past. It was all before I met you, teacher.

Y: Besides, thanks to the experience from those times… *comes close* I’ve learned some good techniques. I think I could make you feel good too, teacher. *heroine hits him* Ow, ow! I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I was kidding as usual.

Y: The wind’s strong today. Shouldn’t the window be closed now— ah, stop, teacher! Your hair got caught around my button because of the wind just now. Ah, wait! You can’t cut it! That’s right, it’s finally this long and pretty so you have to take care of it.

Y: Alright, got it. Haha, you really have pretty hair. It makes me want to touch more without thinking.

Y: Huh? Ah, I think I like long hair more. Short hair isn’t my type. Huh? You plan on cutting it short? Don’t. I like your long hair, teacher. If you cut it short then I’ll— um… I’ll sulk.

Y: … Why are you laughing? It’s not bad to have a type, right? *cheers outside*


Y: Ugh, what is it now? Did Kuse do something again? Wait, that’s Mr. Yamana? Haha, the looks of those girls are pretty crazy when those three line up. Even though he’s not a good man at all.

Y: Heh, that’s because that Yamana guy threatened a girl and raped her. It’s true. Some time ago, I was skipping class behind the gym and that Yamana bastard was having sex. I don’t know why he threatened the girl but he said something about pictures so, either way, it’s some sort of sleazy thing. He raped her hard with his monstrously huge dick.

Y: Well, the girl didn’t look as unhappy as she would have others believe, so I didn’t stop them.

Y: It’s true. You don’t believe anything I say?

Y: I know. I won’t tell anyone but you, teacher, so relax. It’s because I’m talking to you that I brought it up. Besides, no one would believe a delinquent like me.

Y: Haha, it’s a fact. That dude, Yamana, is refreshing, kind, cool, and loved by everyone, right? The teachers like him too, not just the students. Teacher, you… if you were going to marry… would you like a man like Yamana?

Y: Huh, why are you silent? You can’t actually like someone like Yamana, right? If that’s not true, then why were you quiet?


Y: Eh? Marriage…? Who?

Y: N-no way… right? You’re getting married, teacher? That’s…! *gets up; chair is knocked down* YOU’RE LYING! Didn’t you say this in the past!? That you couldn’t marry anyone for the rest of your life!

Y: You can’t refuse the promise made between your families?

Y: Ah… haha, I see. Teacher, you happen to be a pretty rich young lady, huh. But that means this isn’t a marriage out of love, right? *heroine nods*

Y: Then refuse it! It’s weird to get married on your dad’s orders in this day and age. *heroine shakes head*

Y: Ggh…! WHY!? You’ve always laughed and brushed it off whenever I asked you to marry me! Hah, you seriously thought I was joking? If I didn’t say it was a joke then you’d look troubled, so… so that’s why I said that. Kgh, but now… you’re going to marry a man you don’t even like.

Y: *growls* I absolutely… won’t let that happen. *kisses*

Y: Don’t resist. Or do you like it when you’re fucked through force? Ggh, shut up. I don’t want to hear you reject me. *kisses*


Y: Haha! It’s great how there’s a bed just right beside us, huh. Honestly, every time I come here… I fantasized about pushing you down like this. Ngh, I told you not to fuss. Bite this towel. Ggh! I’ll make you never again say you’re going to marry. *kisses*

Y: Haa… hah… grgh! *rips clothes* Hahaha, teacher, your breasts are sexy, huh. All the guy students get hard-ons after you treat them with this chest. I’m saying this because it’s a fact. The guys in class are fucking loud about how they jerk off fantasizing about your body, teacher.

Y: Well, I’m the same too. After getting treated here, I rush to the toilet and, while remembering the feeling of your hand, teacher… I stroke myself. See? You can feel it through my clothes, right? My rock-hard member. It’s not to the point of Yamana’s but I’m pretty big, so I’ll be sure to stretch you and then enter you. *kisses ear*

Y: Ggh, ow…! My cheek is bleeding. Haha, you don’t want to sleep with me that much? Even though you can have sex with someone you don’t like…

Y: Why are you shaking your head? Getting married means that, right? Aren’t you going to do it with your husband? Aah, I didn’t know you were a woman who spread her legs so easily, teacher. If I had known… I wouldn’t have held back so much.

Y: Ngh! You’re stubborn. If you’re going to struggle this much, then I’ll slam myself into you without any touching. Kgh… I don’t want to hurt you, so be good. Alright? I’m going to take off your panties and stockings so raise your hips a little. Tch, looks like you leave me with no choice.

Y: If you don’t want it taken off no matter what then… grgh, like this… I’ll rip your stockings! And slide your panties to the side before putting it in! Haha, s’fine with me. *rips stockings* Hahaha, torn stockings look so indecently nice.


Y: It makes it feel exactly like I’m about to rape you. *kisses ear* Heh, well, this place being raped is going to happen from here. *fingers heroine* Teacher, your clitoris is small and cute. You haven’t touched yourself much with your own hands?

Y: Haha, masturbation. I’m talking about masturbation. Even girls have times when their bodies throb, right? *heroine shakes head* Huh? You haven’t done it? Ngh… are you serious? There’s girls like that too, huh. I can’t see you as a woman who spreads her legs for a man she doesn’t like.

Y: Well, there’s also people who don’t like masturbating. Me too, after I jerk myself off while thinking about you, teacher, there were times where I felt empty. But, starting from here, I’ll make it so that your body aches and you’ll have to masturbate. Then, when you do it, remember me. After my dick pounds you deeply inside… I’ve heard it becomes addicting. *kisses ear*

Y: Haha, teacher, you’re resisting so much but this place… is getting wet, isn’t it? It’s slippery and making lewd noises. You can hear it, right? Look, even your small clitoris is now swollen and large.

Y: Heh, so cute. You’re so cute, teacher. *kisses ear* Haah…

Y: Haha, teacher, you like it when I rub this place like this, huh. I never forget something I learned, so next time I can make you feel good instantly.


Y: Haa… haha, teacher, you’re too sexy. When you struggle and make your breasts jiggle like that… I’ll want to suck on them, won’t I? I’ve always wanted to suck on these nipples too. Nngh…

Y: Mm, oh? You’re even wetter now. So you like it when I circle this place down here while licking your nipples. Ngh, hey, don’t draw your hips back. I’ll bite your nipple. Mmgh… huh? Teacher, do you actually like it when I lick and suck about this hard?

Y: Haha, I learned another thing. Mmh…

Y: Your pussy is dripping already, isn’t it? I knew you were used to this. Even though you said you wouldn’t marry anyone, where did you have sex? That pisses me off. Maybe I’ll bite off this nipple. Hahaha! I’m kidding, although I will give it a lovebite.


Y: Haah… haha, teacher, both of your nipples are puffed up. Mgh, your bottom here is also wet to the point of drenching the sheets. Haha, I wonder how it feels inside?

Y: Hm? It’s strangely small. I’ve only put one finger in and it’s this tight. Oh, it’s said the vaginas of women who get raped shrink because they’re nervous, so maybe this is it? Hey, teacher, I don’t want to hurt you inside so relax some more. *heroine shakes head* You can’t do it? You can. Come on, take deep breaths.

Y: Heh, yup, that’s right, like that. *kisses*

Y: It’s still tight. I can’t get my third finger in, so it looks like I should play with your G-spot. *kisses*

Y: Haha, ah, it’s loosening up, it’s loosening. Does this place feel good? *heroine shakes head* Don’t lie. When I rub this place, you squeeze down inside and you’re super wet, aren’t you? *kisses*

Y: Haah, this is so good. It’s seriously a dream to see you writhe under my fingers. I’m about to come just from touching you like this… and this is the first time I’ve felt that way. Hah, teacher, your breasts and pussy are too sexy. *kisses*

Y: Ngh… hah… shit. I can’t hold back anymore. Teacher, your hole is completely prepared too. It’s okay if I put it in, right? *unbuckles pants*


Y: Ggh, there’s no way I’d let you run! Haha, come on, spread your legs more. I’ll slam myself into your soaking pussy!

Y: Haha, hah… haha! Aah, finally… finally, I can thrust into you, teacher. I even saw it in my dreams. Your hole, teacher. Ngh! Haa… hah…

Y: It’s really tight somehow even though I stretched you. I can’t go in to the base. Ggh! Haah… haa…

Y: Teacher, relax. I want to go in deeper. *heroine struggles* I told you, I wouldn’t let you run. Gngh! Haah… haa… kgh…! Hagh… haa… I’ve finally got everything in. Teacher, your hole is stretched to its max. Hah… it feels good.

Y: Haha, I’m not going to pull out even if you cry. I’m already inside, so give up on trying to run and feel good too, teacher— uh… Huh? Teacher, are you menstruating right now? Then this… ah?! Were you a virgin!? Uh… why didn’t you say you were a virgin!? If you told me I would have been more gentle!

Y: Uh, r-right, I gagged you, huh. Uh… sorry. If you were a virgin, I should have stretched you more.

Y: Haha, why do you look relieved? I won’t stop even if you’re a virgin. *kisses ear* I’m ridiculously happy that you’re a virgin, teacher. Your first man is something that’s hard to forget, right? Even if you were to hate me after this, I won’t disappear from your memories, teacher. Remember me forever as the detestable man who forcibly took your first time. *kisses*


Y: Haha, now then, I’m going to move little by little. Ngh… hah…

Y: Ggh, ah… haah… shit. I’ve been restraining myself all this time from assaulting you, so… haha… just rocking back and forth like this is gonna make me come. *kisses*

Y: Don’t cry like that. I’ll play with both your clitoris and nipples, so focus on where it feels good. Mmn…

Y: Kgh… hah… haha, you really do like this place inside. Teacher, you’re swallowing me so well… so much that I wouldn’t think this was your first time. It’s true. Look, when I trace your entrance it twitches, doesn’t it? Haha, it turns me on so much seeing your small hole spread open by me, teacher. I think I’ll make this place an even cuter hole. I’ll turn your body into one that comes just from me tracing your entrance with my length.

Y: Nngh! Haah… ah, you got wet again. Teacher, are you starting to feel a little good too? *heroine shakes head* Oh? You’re denying it. Then rubbing more against this place inside… won’t feel good at all, right? Haha, haah… haa…


Y: Teacher, you’re clenching too hard down here. If you move like this, then I won’t be able to be gentle, you know? Haah… haa…! Ngh!

Y: Teacher, teacher…! I love you… I’ve always… loved you! Haa… hah… even when you say I’m like a younger brother, I tried to think of you as an older sister once… but it was hopeless. Hgh… hah… no matter how I tried to correct myself, my eyes kept following you, teacher… I love you. I love you… to the point where I don’t know what to do. I love you, teacher! Kgh… hah…

Y: Ngh, no…! It feels too good… hah… haa… It’s impossible… to hold back anymore! Haa… ah… let me come inside you, teacher. *heroine struggles* Ggh!

Y: Hehehe… haha… hahaha! It’s useless even to struggle. I’ll hold your body down so you can’t run. Haa… take it all in. *heroine struggles* Haa… hah… ngh…!

Y: Aah… it’s releasing… I’m letting it out deep in you, teacher! Ngh! *he orgasms*


Y: Haah… haa… haha, ah, teacher, your hole is dripping with my release. You can’t be another man’s bride with this anymore, huh. Be my bride. *heroine shakes head* Ggh! Why are you shaking your head?! Nod! Kgh… nod…

Y: Teacher, I love you. Don’t marry anyone.

Y: Huh? You look like you have something to say? *heroine nods* Okay, I won’t hold you down then. I’ll also take out the towel in your mouth.

Y: Here, it’s gone. Say you won’t marry— ngh! *heroine slaps him* Kgh… I’ll keep on saying this even if you hit me. I—! Oh, is that how it is? Even when I say I love you this much, you’re still hesitant? Hah…

Y: I’m going home. Let’s continue this tomorrow. So prepare yourself. Oh, before that… *leans in* I’m taking a souvenir with me. *kisses* Heh, you don’t need these soiled panties and stockings, right? I’m going to take it home as a memento.

Y: Hahaha! This smell is crazy. I think I’ll go home and use these for masturbation. Ah, teacher, you’ll go without underwear like that. Go crying on home, feeling deeply how you were raped by me. Then… hate me.

Y: *leaves to door* Huh? Haha, teacher, you said something hilarious. This isn’t morally forgivable? From the start, I never thought about being forgiven. Besides, aren’t you the one that’ll get in trouble for doing it with a student? If it was found out that you got raped by another man, your engagement will be cancelled and you might not ever be a bride in the future.

Y: I don’t care about being caught. Because a life without you beside me, teacher… has no meaning. I won’t run or hide, so you can sue me whenever. I’m happy to fall to whatever hell as long as it’s from you, teacher. Now, see you tomorrow. *exits door; closes door*

*** TRACK 2: I’ll take responsibility and make you come from penetration ***

*heroine walking; loud noises; heroine runs over*

Y: Ggh… hah… don’t come at me when you’re a weak piece of shit. Gah, I’m pissed off. I feel like I could fucking kill someone right now… Heh, hahaha! I know, that’s right, I should do that. *picks up object* No one would complain if a piece of trash like you died, right!? *goes to swing; heroine runs over*

Y: Ngh! What are you doing popping out in a place like this?

Y: Me? Can’t you tell by looking? Someone picked a fight because they didn’t like the way I looked, so I’m just kicking their ass back.

Y: School? Ggh… I just didn’t feel like going. Hold on, is this the time to care about that? Teacher, you were raped by me yesterday. Leave this sort of guy alone.

Y: Aah, fine, I won’t do anything more. Haah… I was just about to get rid of my stress and now it’s all ruined. I’m heading home. *leaves; heroine follows*

Y: … Why are you following me? I’ll rape you again.

Y: Haha, you’re still saying I’m kind kid deep down inside? A man who would do something like that isn’t kind. Hurry up and look at reality. Moreover, why are you here? Teacher, your house is in the opposite direction, isn’t it?


Y: Hm? You were worried over whether or not I was fighting, huh. Hah, I’m out there but you’re weird too, teacher.

Y: Yeah, you’re strange… strangely worried about me. A normal woman would be breaking down and crying at this point, right? Seriously, you’re strange. Hey, I’ve always thought it was weird. Isn’t there a special reason as to why you’re worried about me, teacher?

Y: No, I don’t think you love me, teacher. It’s not that, it’s some kind of… other reason as to why you can’t overlook me. If it’s not that, then there’s nothing else that would explain this situation.

Y: Haha, I’m not that much of a dumbass, teacher. You always dodge the question, but I can tell there’s something. In the first place, our meeting was weird. Why were you protecting me so desperately, teacher? Kindness alone wouldn’t make your body move like that without thinking. The fear of death isn’t something which can be dropped that easily. I’ve seen a lot of deaths in the hospital since I was a kid, so I can understand that much.

Y: From this experience, I can say that your mentality is strange, teacher. Don’t look down and tell me, teacher. If you don’t, I might die this time.

Y: Haha, it’s the truth. If you won’t tell me, teacher, then I’ll continue to be annoyed and I’ll probably pick a fight somewhere… and maybe I’ll die next time.


Y: Ugh, you’re such a nag. It’s my decision when and where I want to kick the bucket, isn’t it? If you don’t love me then just leave me alon—

Y: Ngh!? Why…? If you’re going to hug me like this… then why won’t you be my girl? Ggh, don’t give me your halfhearted kindness. I can’t bear with this uncertainty. *kisses*

Y: I warned you not to follow me. It’s your fault you followed me, teacher. *kisses* Ngh…

Y: Haa… hah… come here.

Y: Lots of couples do it here when it’s nighttime. It’s a little secret place that you can’t see from the main street, you see. A man would press a woman against a tree trunk like this and thrust his hips.

Y: Haha! You’re going to lecture me as a teacher in a place like this? Isn’t it a bit late after we did so much? *kisses ear*

Y: Aah, teacher, it’s because you hugged me so I’m already completely hard. Take responsibility and let me do you, teacher. Well, even if you tell me no… I’m going to do it anyway. *kisses*

Y: Hehe, you were working for a whole day, so this place of yours is stained, teacher. It looks like you’ll get wet right away with this. Huh? It’s not dirty. There’s no dirty place on your body, teacher. Even now, I could taste you without any problems.


Y: Hmm, you don’t want me to taste you. It’s that embarrassing to have your stuffy pussy smelled? Haha, teacher… even your ears are bright red. *kisses* I’ll let you choose then, teacher. To be played with by fingers or licked… which one would you like?

Y: Oh? You want me to finger you. Teacher, you’ve grown to like being fingered from what happened yesterday, huh. *heroine hits him* Haha, don’t look at me with those teary eyes. I’ll get turned on… and come. *kisses*

Y: Haa… haha, you’re wet. You really do like it when I rub this place like this, huh. Huh? I’m not wrong, teacher. Look, it’s flowing out more and more. For my greedy teacher… I’ll rub you inside and your clitoris together. *kisses*

Y: Teacher, you don’t know what sort of sexy look you have on right now, do you? *heroine shakes head* No, it’s super fucking sexy. It’s a look that says you want me to slam into you and then thrust deeply again and again. If I let you go home with this face you might get attacked by some pervert somewhere, so… I’ll take responsibility and make sure you come from penetration. Come on, raise one of your legs. I’ll support you, so put your arms around my neck. *unbuckles pants*

Y: Hahaha, I did so much to you yesterday, do you still think I can be stopped? You’re too naive, teacher. That’s why… you’re getting fucked raw by me like this…! Kgh… hah… haa…


Y: Don’t move yet. You’re not used to this, teacher, so if we don’t wait until you grow accustomed then it’ll hurt. *kisses*

Y: Haa… hah… even just being inside you like this feels so good. When I stay still I can clearly tell that you’re clenching and unclenching around me, teacher. It’s like your hole is slowly but steadily becoming my shape, teacher, and it sends tingles down my back. *kisses*

Y: Ngh… teacher, just now, was that on purpose? If it wasn’t on purpose then that’s even worse! Unconsciously squeezing a dick like this… haah… ngh… isn’t that you telling me to move!? Ngh… hah…!

Y: Aah, teacher…! Teacher…! Ggh, mnh… *kisses; thrusting*

Y: Hagh… haa… I love you. I love you…! *kisses*

Y: Ngh!? Huh? Teacher, can it be… that every time I say I love you, you feel good? *heroine shakes head* I’m not wrong. It was like this yesterday but, whenever I say I love you, you squeeze down hard. Haha, I told you, didn’t I? That I have a good memory. I remember every single reaction of yours, teacher. *kisses*

Y: Hah… I love you, teacher. I really love you! Ngh… haha, like I thought, you’re clamping down so hard. It’s like you’re saying you like me… I’m so happy. *heroine shakes head* Haha, I know. To you, teacher, I’m just like a younger brother or something, right? I can only see you as a woman though, teacher. *kisses; thrusting*


Y: Unlike my cold teacher… this place down here, haha, is so fucking gentle. It’s sopping wet, warm, and wraps around me. Hey, teacher, it’s fine if you hate me, but love my dick. I don’t care if I’m a fuck buddy, so let’s continue this relationship. *heroine shakes head*

Y: No? Aa-ah, if being a fuck buddy is no good… then I have no choice. I’ll come inside you today too, so… get pregnant and become my wife. Hahaha! Don’t worry, I’m a genius, you see. Haa… hah… even without going to high school, I know of ways to earn money. Haah… haha, no way, it’s impossible for me to pull out. Haa… hah…! Besides, teacher, you’re about to come too, aren’t you? I can tell from how your muscles are moving down here.

Y: Aah, your pussy has become so dirty I wouldn’t have been able to imagine you were a virgin just yesterday. It’s cute, teacher. Heh, you’re cute… *kisses; thrusting*

Y: Haah… haha, you clenched down again. Heh, hey, it feels good to have sex with me, doesn’t it? Just your body alone is enough now… lose your head in me. Then, this place, the place you can’t get enough of, teacher… I’ll fuck it messily and grind against it for the rest of your life, haha. Get addicted to having sex with me, teacher. Spread your cute pussy and wait for me every night. Then I’ll work super fucking hard and earn money.

Y: Come on… say yes. Say that you want my body. *heroine shakes head*


Y: Teacher, the things you say and your body’s reactions are completely opposite, huh. Even now… heh, the entrance to your womb is twitching. You want sperm so badly. Haha, I’ll press against this and release it all. Haa… hah… ngh…!

Y: Haha, teacher, are you going to come? Me too… ngh! I’m… I’m at my limits…! Haa… hagh…

Y: Ngh, I’m coming… I’m… coming…! *he orgasms*

Y: Haah… haa… *kisses* ah, you got filled today by me too, haha. I think you’ll seriously get pregnant from this. Ngh, yeah, yeah, I know. I’ll pull out so stop crying like that.

Y: What? I can at least hold you steady, right? Haha, you’re brave to say you want to head home alone. Your legs are shaking like a newborn fawn. If you’re just gonna get assaulted by another pervert on the way home, it’s better to be escorted back by me, right?

Y: Alright, let’s go home then. Oh, wait, that reminds me… here, I’ll hand this over before I forget.

Y: What do you mean what is it? You can tell by looking, can’t you? It’s panties and stockings. I took yours yesterday, so these are reimbursements. Oh, the bra comes along as a bonus. *heroine hits him* Haha, they’re cute panties, right? I chose them. Next time… wear those.

Y: It’s open in the middle, so I can put myself in without pushing it aside. *heroine hits him* Haha, don’t say such cold things. Our bodies are in a loving relationship already, aren’t they? *heroine shakes head* If you deny it… we can do it again. So? Yup, that’s right, it’s best when people are honest. Well, let’s head home, teacher. *kisses; they leave*

*** TRACK 3: Teacher, if you’re going to marry I want to stop breathing and die ***

*running; Yamato opens door*

Y: Haa… hah…

Y: What do you mean what’s going on!? *closes door* I heard from Mr. Yamana that you’re going to exchange engagement gifts in a week. That’s a lie, right? We did so much just yesterday, so there’s no way you are, right!?

Y: Ah… no… SAY IT’S A LIE! *kisses*

Y: No, I won’t let go. I’ll rape you until you say you won’t get married. *kisses*

Y: Ggh!

Y: Why… are you saying that? If you can’t accept me then why won’t you say you hate me!? Your kindness… is cruel. If you weren’t going to save me THEN YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE GRABBED MY HAND IN THE FIRST PLACE! Kgh, I’M NOT CRYING!

Y: Doing that… crying like a girl to stop you… I don’t want to do that. It’s so lame. So… I’m not crying! Ggh… but it hurts so much I might cry. When I think about you being with another man, teacher, my heart hurts… I can’t even breathe. It hurts, teacher. Teacher, if you’re going to marry I want to stop breathing and die.


Hikaru: *opens door* Did you hear that, Kazuma? There’s someone who confessed with a love that’s heavier than mine. It’s a bit revolting.

Y: Hikaru!?

Kazuma: Hikaru, that’s not the problem. It’s a tight competition between you two.

Y: Even Kuse is here. What did you guys hear?

H: Don’t glare at us. It’s your fault for not locking the door. Rather, you should be grateful I was the witness. If it hadn’t been me then it would have become a problem. Good gracious, from a few days ago to today, you’re not very thorough.

K: Hikaru, what happened a few days ago?

Y: Ngh!? No way, Hikaru… You know!?

K: Sumeragi, what did you to do the teacher?

H: Ah, I didn’t tell you, Kazuma? The other day Yamato raped the teacher here.

K: !! No way!

H: At any rate, before we continue this conversation, Kazuma, close the door behind us.

K: ……

Y: You peeped, did you? *Kazuma closes door*

H: Don’t say it like it’s a terrible hobby of mine. I came to the infirmary after being given a verbal message from Mr. Yamana and you decided to assault her on your own.

Y: You saw it but you didn’t stop it?

H: Because I understand your feelings.

K: Hikaru! You’re doing these things again…!?

H: Futhermore, she’s been watching Yamato with a special look in her eyes long before. I thought it would be insensitive of me to stop it.

Y: Huh? Teacher… to me…?

H: Isn’t that right, teacher? I’m sensitive to things like that. You’re a diligent teacher, so even if you fell in love with Yamato while watching over him you would think that you couldn’t cross the line as a teacher, right? Also… there’s another special reason, isn’t there? That is why you cannot accept him.


H: Haha, you’re wondering how I know…? My fiancée has the same look in her eyes, you see. Obligation or trauma… I don’t know which one it is, but it’s not a good tendency.

Y: Don’t say stupid things, Hikaru. She said she only thinks of me as a younger brother.

H: I commend your obedience to those words. If you were that simple during chess too, then I would have won against you.

Y: Can you only talk in a way that pisses me off?

H: Don’t glare at me like that. You’re supposed to be courteous to the cupid of love. In addition, don’t you have a request for me?

Y: !! You’ll listen to me?

H: I won’t act just on that. We’ll have another chess match and if you win against me then I’ll consider it. In exchange, if you lose… I’ll take your mother’s ring, which you always carry on you. You said you lost it in a prank, but you still have it, don’t you?

Y: That’s something that’s been passed down through the generations to the Sumeragi family’s lawful wife.

H: That is precisely why it has value.

Y: Seriously? I haven’t played in a long time.

H: Is that the whining of a genius? Heh, you’ve sunken.

Y: Hah, fine, let’s go then. I’d like to see the prince’s crying face.

H: Haha, it’s decided then. *he leave*

Y: *turns to heroine* It’ll be okay. Don’t worry. I absolutely won’t lose. Besides, there’s something I need no matter what by winning against Hikaru. *kisses* Heh, I’ll contact you later. I’ll never give up on you, teacher. I’ll follow you anywhere.


H: What an indisputable stalker.

Y: Shut up. You yourself took something back by force.

H: … Why do you think that?

Y: Who knows. Maybe because we’re the same?

H: I see. Well, I won’t deny that. I’m always wishing we weren’t the same level in terms of chess skills.

Y: We’re not the same. You’re below me.

H: Heh, I hope so. Now then, let us be off, Yamato. This is the last game. *they leave; door closes*

K: Are you alright, teacher? If Sumeragi’s words are the truth then you went through something difficult. *heroine shakes head* Haha, you don’t have to act reserved. I’ll never tell anyone, so there’s no need to be cautious. I was on the other side but… I also experienced the same situation, so I can’t leave this alone.

K: Haha, yes, some complicated circumstances occurred but… I also assaulted my fiancée at the beginning. Nevertheless, she said she liked me from the start. But, still, I think it was terrifying to be pressed down by an aroused man.

K: Moreover, a helpless woman’s body being dominated is equivalent to breaking her heart, right? That’s why… I can’t agree with Yamato’s actions. Even if it was truly mutual love, sexual intercourse is something that should happen after obtaining mutual consent. Teacher, there’s a side of you that also agrees with that, right?

K: That’s true. Then… what do you intend to do about Sumeragi? If you don’t want anything to do with him no matter what then I can— or, rather, the Kuse family will lend its resources. Because of what happened in the past, the Saijou family also has a hard time opposing the Kuse family.


K: Huh? Before you come to a decision, there’s something you want to test…? Haha, teacher, you’re strong. In that case, please let me know if you ever need my help.

K: Haha, this is normal to me. My mother and brother have told me to always protect women, so my fiancée also— oh, that’s right, I came to get a band-aid for her. She hurt her knee a little.

K: Thank you very much. Hm? Oh, no, it doesn’t stop her from walking. Please don’t worry. It’s just a small scrape. I simply didn’t want her to walk. Haha, yes, she often says that I’m overprotective too. I think everyone shares the same basis of wanting to cherish someone like this. Hikaru and Sumeragi are clumsy with their emotions. Just seeing them like that makes me nervous.

K: Haha, well then, see you tomorrow, teacher. For the students who love you, please don’t push yourself too hard either, teacher. *he leaves; opens and closes door*

*** TRACK 4: I’ll always look only at you, teacher ***

*heroine walking; phone rings*

Y: Looks like I can still get through to your phone. See, you told me before that if anything happened I could contact this number, right? But I did think you would have blocked my messages. I’m so glad you didn’t.

Y: Uh, um… rather than business it’s more like I have something I want to tell you no matter what, teacher. I’m sorry for how abrupt this is but can you meet me tonight? Someone might hear us at school again. *heroine nods*

Y: !! Got it. I just need to go to that park, right? Huh? Teacher, you have something to tell me too? Oh… haha, I’ll get my heart ready to accept any sort of rejection then. In that case, see you later. *call ends*

*scene skip*

Y: *runs over* Haa… hah… sorry, I made you wait, didn’t I? *heroine shakes head* Haha, I see. Good then.

Y: … I’m going to say this straight but, you see, I had a match with Hikaru and—

Y: Huh? What the heck? I’ll listen to what you have to say, teacher, but first let me—

Y: Eh? Depending on what you’re going to say, it might be pointless hearing what I have to say…? Uh… fine. You go first then.


Y: Huh? Speaking of which, isn’t this the first time you’re wearing a hood like that? Teacher, you don’t really wear these types of clothes, right? Why are you hiding your pretty hair—… N-no way… it was that long and you cut it all off?

Y: Umm… this is what they call very short, right? It’s my first time seeing a girl with her hair cut this short. W-why did you suddenly cut your hair!? It can’t be that you hate being approached by me, so you’re going to say you’re going to be a monk!?

Y: Uh, i-it’s not that funny, is it? Anyone would be surprised seeing waist-length hair get cut this short. So, what’s the reason? It wasn’t just for a change of pace, right?

Y: Do I still want you even like this…? *runs close*

Y: Ggh, badly… I want you badly! I want you to death! Did you think my feelings would change with this!? There’s no way they’d change. If it’s you, teacher, then you’re cute no matter what hairstyle you have!

Y: I’m telling the truth. It’s not a lie. It’s true I said I liked long hair before, but now that you’ve cut it short… I think short is… also cute. So… it’s impossible to run from me. No matter how you change your appearance, I’ll keep chasing you, teacher. *hugs heroine* Ngh!

Y: I love you, teacher. What I love isn’t your appearance or age… I love you for who you are inside, teacher. So? Is your test over with this, teacher? Did I pass?

Y: I passed the first stage!? Haha, awesome! Haha! Thank you, teacher! I’ll treasure you for my whole life. Haha, it’s not too early at all. Because, if I passed the first stage, it means you have wishes, right? In that case, I’m confident I can pass the second or third stage, haha. Let’s hurry up and go to the second stage then.


Y: Mm, ah, I see. The reason you suddenly accepted the engagement was because you were cutting off your feelings for me. Haha, I can clear this with ease. I’m not angry about that at all. On the contrary, I’m happy to hear you thought of me in that way.

Y: Okay, next, to the third stage. Huh? I’ll hate you after you talk about it…? Haha, don’t underestimate me. I’d love you even if you killed me, teacher. So? What are you going to talk about? Right now, I’m confident I can easily accept any—

Y: Ggh!? I… have the same name as the only person you’ve ever loved?

Y: ……

Y: … Is that the reason you treated me specially, teacher? You were dumped by that person so you placed your ex-boyfriend’s image over me— *heroine shakes head*

Y: If I’m wrong then why are you unmarried right now?

Y: !! He died…? When was that? Why’d he die? Was it an accident? Or an illness? It can’t be neither, right!? What other reason could he— ah…

Y: I… see. He… he… died in a fight? *heroine nods*

Y: What kind of person was he? Mm… ah… oh… so he was like that… I see. So that’s how it was…


Y: Um, sorry, my head feels like it’s going blank. I want to organize my feelings, so let me confirm some things. That person was your childhood friend, teacher, and your lover since junior high school. But because of the instability in his family, he turned into a delinquent and he’d repeatedly get in fights even when you tried to stop him. Then, as a result of his fights, he died in front of you, teacher. Is putting it like this, okay? *heroine nods*

Y: … Haha, having the same name and environment. So this can happen, huh. Ah, no, it’s possible. If you look through the entirety of Japan, there would be quite a few Yamato delinquents, huh. But it was just that this coincidence happened in front of you, teacher.

Y: … Sorry, I said I could easily accept it but I’m really confused right now. It feels like a lot of emotions are jumbled up in me… actually, thinking closely on it now, you would have had a harder time accepting this reality, right, teacher? Every time I came close… you went through painful feelings, didn’t you? *heroine shakes head*

Y: It’s different now…? Different now means you really did overlap us at the beginning.

Y: Well, that’s normal. To be honest, it hurts, but I can understand how that happens. Teacher, if you’re going to ask me to be his substitute then I—

Y: !? Just now, did you say you love me? Not your ex-boyfriend, Yamato? Really… seriously? What the heck… then, in the end, it’s a cakewalk. If you love me now, teacher, then that’s enough. You don’t need to feel apologetic at all for having overlapped us.


Y: Haha, don’t cry, teacher. Didn’t I tell you I don’t mind it? Hearing that just now cleared things up for me. I’m jealous of your past lover, but that was just a chance. Instead, if I think about how you’ve always looked at me because we had the same name and circumstances… I’m grateful for this coincidence.

Y: Yeah, that’s the truth. If you’re looking at me right here and not him, teacher, then… I want to be beside you, teacher, after knowing everything. *hugs heroine* I love you, teacher. Let’s be together. Haha, teacher, you’re crying and you have a runny nose. Your face is looking pretty terrible right now. Uh, come on, wipe your face with this handkerchief.

Y: Jeez, you still can’t believe it? I’ve said I love you this much too. Hey, teacher, you’ve said you feel apologetic for overlapping me with your ex-boyfriend in the past, but isn’t that a good thing? This sounds a bit conceited but maybe you could call it fate? I’m sure we had to meet in that way. It was necessary for you to overcome the past, teacher. If it didn’t happen, then you were really planning on being single for the rest of your life, right?

Y: Aah, thinking about it like that, I feel refreshed. Haha, I was super useful for you, teacher, right? Uh, it’s probably something I shouldn’t boast about when I raped you, huh… haha.

Y: Uwah! It’s surprising when you suddenly hug me. No, that’s not it. It’s not that I don’t like it… it’s the first time you hugged me on your own accord… I’m so happy I could cry.


Y: Teacher… are the tests over with this? Haha, I see. Then I’m officially your boyfriend with this, right? *heroine nods* Haha, I know. I won’t ravish you at school until I graduate.

Y: But in exchange, I want to go to… your apartment, teacher. Can I come over tonight? Haha, it’s fine if it’s messy. How about we clean it together then? *heroine hits him* Haha, okay, okay. I’ll be good and wait outside. I’m not a delinquent anymore after all.

Y: Haha, yeah, it’s the truth. But I’ll talk about that when we reach your place, teacher. Then, teacher… let’s hold hands. I’ve always wanted to hold hands and walk together with you, teacher. *they leave*

*scene skip; door closes*

Y: *hugs heroine* Sorry, I dont’ think I can keep myself together and clean with you. When I think about how I can openly hug you, teacher… a lot of things well up and it’s pretty bad.

Y: Ngh, don’t laugh. I’m young, so when I hug the woman I love and get excited… I get hard right away. Hey, let’s go to bed. I want to make love to you properly, teacher. Haha, alright! *kisses* So? Where’s the bed? Huh? Why do I have to close my eyes? It’s not as messy as you say it is.

Y: Ggh, if you say it so cutely… I’ll listen to whatever you say. Okay, I’ve closed my eyes. What do I do next? Ah, you’ll pull me to the bed, teacher? Haha, this is interesting.


Y: Teacher, I still can’t open them? *heroine nods*

Y: Okay, okay, I get it. Ugh, I feel like I’m being teased to wait.

Y: … Huh? Teacher, are you actually… taking off your clothes right now? *heroine nods* I-it’s okay, right? I’m opening my eyes then! Ah! That underwear… ah… oh! No, no, I’m not disgusted! Uh, it really suits you so I’m just too excited. I mean, that’s the underwear I gave you, right? There’s no way I’d be turned off. Uh, I feel like my vocabulary is disappearing but… anyway… it’s crazy.

Y: When I look at you like this… you’re sexier than I imagined. You didn’t wear that to school, right? Haha, I see. You changed on purpose. Haah, thank god. Teacher, you already have a good body, so if you wore that sexy lingerie then guys might have rushed over.

Y: Yeah, you’re more tempting than ever before. I mean, this bra… isn’t accomplishing the duties of a bra, huh. It’s transparent around your nipples… and I can pinch them right away like this. *kisses ear*

Y: Teacher, you’re bright red again. Are you embarrassed at this point after putting on such a daring look?

Y: Haha, you’re right, I know. It’s all for me, huh. *kisses*


Y: Teacher, your nipples are already hard. You’re more sensitive than usual today.

Y: Oh? You’re feeling tingles just from being touched by me? Then if I lick them while rubbing them like this… I wonder what’ll happen. Nngh…

Y: Haha, such a cute voice. Let me hear more. I’ll taste the nipple on this side too. Mm…

Y: Teacher, why are you squirming around like that? If there’s other places you want me to touch then say so. Hmm? By there, you mean… here? Heh, wow, you’re already soaking. Haha, teacher, it’s too early to be wet. *heroine hits him*

Y: Haha, sorry, I’m joking. It’s not early at all. After all, on my side… I’m already letting out pre-cum. It’s true, look. *unbuckles pants*

Y: See? I want you so bad, teacher, it’s been twitching and dripping since earlier. Haha, I won’t put it in yet. This is our first night since we’ve become lovers, so I said I’d make love to you properly, didn’t I? Teacher, lie down on the bed. I want to make you feel better, teacher.


Y: I thought this line was too common but… you’re beautiful, teacher. You’re more beautiful than anything in this world. *kisses* Nngh… mm…

Y: We’re lovers so tonight… you’ll let me taste that place, right? What do you mean where? This place that smells of you, teacher… I’m talking about your pussy. *gives oral*

Y: Nngh? Why do you want me to stop? It doesn’t feel good? Haha, I’ve told you it’s not dirty. Besides, I’ve always… wanted to lick this place of yours, teacher. Mgh…

Y: Haha, teacher, are you going to come already? You really are sensitive today. Sure, come. I want you to feel really good today. Nngh… hah…

Y: Can I put my finger in too? Haha, no, I’m not teasing you, I’m asking because I want to be gentle. So? How many do you want in? Haha, oh? It’s okay to suddenly put in two, huh. You’re greedy today, teacher. Ngh… haha, did you want me to touch you inside so badly you’re squeezing this hard on my fingers?

Y: Haha, you’re also cute when you’re honest, teacher. I think I’ll try rubbing you a little harder today then. *gives oral; fingering* Gngh… ngh…

Y: Huh? Something feels like it’s gonna come out…? Go ahead, let it out. I’ll make it so that it doesn’t hurt. Mngh… mm…!


Y: Haah… haha, you squirted quite a lot. My face is wet. Haha, you don’t have to panic that much. Aah, when I think about it being yours, it tastes delicious. Ngh, hey, wait. It hurts when you scrub my face that hard. Mgh, haha, ah, teacher, you’re too flustered. It’s normal to squirt. Uh, it’s my first time drinking it, but I’ve been squirted on before so don’t worry.

Y: Huh? Why are you sulking? Don’t stay silent and tell me. I was being careful, but did it hurt?

Y: Uh… ah… you mean that. I sound like I’m used to this, so you’re bothered about my previous experiences, huh. Sorry, the people I played around with in the past were just ladies at soapland and stuff, so I didn’t know that’s something to be bothered about. Um, this isn’t good either, huh. I’ll keep that in mind.

Y: Uh, but, you’re the first person I’ve loved, teacher! So, my heart is like a virgin!

Y: Huh? I said that seriously just now… so it hurts to be laughed at. Nope, I’m not forgiving you. *hugs heroine* I’m sulking, so you have to moan more, teacher. *kisses ear*

Y: Hey, teacher, is it about time when I can put my thing in? I’ll make sure to use a condom today. I brought one, you see. Ugh, don’t rub my head. You’re treating me like a kid. Hold on, I’ll put it on right now and make it so that you can’t treat me like one.


Y: … Uh, shit. It’s been a while since I put one on, so I ripped it. Ugh, it’s not my fault. Ever since I started loving you, teacher, I haven’t done it with anyone. Ah, jeez, stop looking at me. It’s embarrassing. Haah… this is the first time I’ve been made fun of for this. Okay, we’re good with this.

Y: Now then, teacher… are you prepared to moan? I see, good. But I’m gonna make you moan… more than you’re ever prepared for. Ngh! *he inserts himself* Haa… hah…

Y: Shit, I already feel like taking back what I said. Teacher, your hole today is soaking and tight… It feels so fucking good. Hah… haa… hey, how many times can I do it today? Three times? Just that? Aah, four times? It’d be such a waste for me to move then. Five times, huh. Looks like we’ve reached a common ground. The first time will be an appetizer then… so you’ll excuse me, right? Ngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

Y: Haa… I love you. Hah… ever since we met, you were my soulmate, teacher. Hey, don’t call me pretentious. I’m being serious. I’ve finally grabbed onto that soulmate, so I won’t ever let you look at anyone else. *kisses; thrusting*


Y: Hagh… hah…! Your hole is completely used to me now. It’s clenching and unclenching so nicely, ngh… hah… it’s the best. Hey, do I feel good? Do you want to be fucked by this for your whole life? Tell me, teacher. We’re already lovers, you see. Haha, really? I’m insecure, so say it more. *kisses; thrusting*

Y: Haah… say it… say it more. Haha, teacher, are you going to come again? Haa… hah…! It’s not embarrassing at all. You can feel even better. I’ll make you come countless times, you see…! Ngh… ah…!

Y: Sorry, teacher…! I’m gonna come…! Let’s go together… ngh… hah…! *he orgasms*

Y: Haah… hagh… haha, sorry, even though it’s the first round it’s still too fast, right? I’ll make the second round longer. *kisses*

Y: Ngh, wait, teacher? Are you about to fall asleep already? Uh, I’ve already recovered a lot though. Haha, no, it’s fine, don’t push yourself. Let’s sleep together today. Just being together with you, teacher, makes me happy. Good night. *kisses*

*phone rings*

Y: Huh? Dammit, who the hell is it? Just when you were about to fall asleep, teacher. Wait, it’s my dad? Haa… sorry, teacher, it’s important so can I take the call? *heroine nods* Thanks.


Y: Calling me at this time means you heard about it from Touji, right? Yeah, it’s serious. It looks like the Saijou family will cut off their support if you oppose my marriage. Touji said this, “The Saijou family has continued to support the Sumeragi family’s excellent skills. If the successor of that excellent bloodline is to leave the Sumeragi family, then there’s no worth in continuing our support.”

Y: On the other hand, if I were to succeed after you, dad, then it sounds like they’ll give even more support than they’re giving now. Yeah, I’ve decided. I have a woman I want to make happy by putting my life on the line. I want to marry that person, so I’ll change the way I live. So… I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused up to now, dad. I’ll study seriously from now on and aim to be the best doctor, so please… let me be your heir.

Y: Haha, that’s right, she’s an amazing woman. Enough to change my life. I’ll bring her over next time, so just wait. Huh? Oh, what, you found out about that as well? That’s right, I asked Touji for help on the problems at her end too. He’s settling it right now. That’s how it is, so we’ll be able to marry without any problems. Give us your regards.

Y: Haha, what the heck are you crying for, dad? Are you that upset at your son outwitting you?

Y: … Huh? Uh… hah? What are you saying? You’re not the type of person to say that, right? A-anyway, let’s talk in more detail tomorrow. I’m hanging up. *ends call*


Y: *to heroine* Uh, um… the situation’s roughly like this. I won the match against Hikaru. So then, using underhanded means, we came up with plans to end your marriage talk and establish my social position. You said you were going to exchange engagement gifts a week later, teacher, so anyway I thought I had to hurry.

Y: Huh? My dad? It’s because I’m just a student with no qualifications, so if I proposed then I might be rejected, right? That’s why, using the proof of promising to be serious about my life, I wanted to show my intentions of being a bridegroom.

Y: So? How about it? Uh… this ring isn’t custom-made and it’s only worth a million. I feel apologetic, but… please marry me, teacher. I can’t wait until I graduate from university. It’s not quick. Rather, thinking about the months I’ve waited, it’s almost late. I’ll never have a change of heart. I’ll love you no matter what age I am, teacher. Our age difference doesn’t matter at all!

Y: Ah, but… you can’t die first, okay? I’ll go all out to be a good doctor so that you can live longer than me. So, stay healthy. Well? Still not enough? Is it possible… for me to make you happy, teacher?

Y: Ah…! You’ll accept this ring? Then…! Haha, teacher! *kisses*


Y: I’ll… I’ll… definitely be a man you can be proud of, teacher! I’ll be a husband you can boast about, just watch!

Y: So, you’ll stay together with me forever, right? *kisses*

*scene skip*

Y: Woah, this is a crazy cherry blossom storm. It’s like snow. This might be my first time seeing them bloom like this for a graduation ceremony. Looking at the cherry blossoms, the months after getting engaged with you, teacher, feel like they passed in the blink of an eye. Haha, seriously, a lot of things happened, huh.

Y: Huh? Studying doesn’t fit under any of that. Getting into T-university was way too easy, it was almost boring.

Y: Eh? What is it? Are you crying, teacher? Haha, are you that sad about me leaving this school?

Y: Huh!? You’re worried about whether or not my eyes will be drawn to girls at university? *heroine nods* Haha, I see. Teacher, you think I’m attractive, huh. Heh, that makes me happy. *kisses*

Y: Well, to be honest, I’ve been called that by a lot of other women but, except for your words, they all sounded like polite greetings. It just felt like “Hmm” and I didn’t feel happy at all. You’re still not at ease with this?

Y: Haah, jeez, you don’t understand me at all, teacher. I thought you knew long ago just how bad of a man I am. Hey now, you’re the one who needs to be on guard, teacher. The cute infirmary teacher with a sexy body is going to be chased by all the male students. It’s all thanks to me that you’ve been safe up to now.

Y: Ah… uh, no, I’m not one to say that after assaulting you… Anyway, teacher, you’re the one who can’t look at another man! You’re not allowed to be swayed no matter how they talk to you, okay? I’m going to work hard to polish myself as a man even more in the future, so… look only at me.

Y: Haha, what are you saying? I’m going to be the husband of the best woman in the world, so it’s natural to aim to be a suitable man, right? Ah, at any rate, your hair’s grown pretty long. It’s a bit of a shame.

Y: Oh, mm, any hairstyle is fine but, maybe it’s my imagination, it seemed like there were less men who went after you when you had short hair. For me… I think I might prefer it that way. But you can do whatever you want, teacher. You don’t need to accommodate me. No matter how many years pass, no matter what you look like… I’ll always look only at you, teacher. *kisses*

11 thoughts on “Hokenshitsu no Gyaku Kyouikuteki Shidou ~ Sensei wa Ore no Mono ~

    It me said:
    June 3, 2020 at 21:39

    Pregnancy levels were pretty low with this one. Luckily it’s still on-brand because everyone insists on casually bringing up the gym teacher’s ding dong

      Ilinox responded:
      June 3, 2020 at 22:23

      To be fair, Touji and Makoto are like OG crazy yanderes and everyone else is a baby yandere that’s not so obsessed with children tying their loves down LOL. Hikaru is sort of special in that he was trying to follow Touji’s footsteps but has fertility problems. But, yeah, Kazuma, Yamato, Tsubasa, and Ryousuke are all chill!

      I’M GLAD WE HAVE IN-UNIVERSE CONSISTENCY LOL. Makoto is just known for having the biggest dong of them all. Touji is known for being the scariest person in the world because of his influence.

        It me said:
        June 4, 2020 at 20:21

        How to get someone to like you in the Dusk universe:
        1) get them preggers, or at least try metaphorically
        2) tell them about Mokoto’s massive D

        Also I am familiar enough with all of these works to be able to crack lame jokes about their world building. *sigh*

    Chandri said:
    June 2, 2020 at 19:54

    Thanks for your effort making these translations, I really liked that Hikaru helped Yamato.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 2, 2020 at 22:22

      You’re welcome and it’s hugely in part and thanks to the commissioner, otherwise laziness would always win with me LOL. Hikaru is a soft boy and I think all these instances of him doing nice things for others and helping them find their true love shows just what an effect his mother has on him and/or how her core of purity and compassion purified the Saijou craziness LOL.

    KBR2020 said:
    June 2, 2020 at 11:22

    Thank you for translating this series.I feel after its a long time and I feel appreciated all translators.I like it very much!!! I will wait as for kazuma.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 2, 2020 at 22:21

      You’re welcome! Honestly, there’s just way too many works out there and most people who understand JP don’t feel the need to translate it |D;; only people who are practicing or oddly love translating go through the effort of producing these LOL. I’m happy that others get to enjoy this though <3 and thanks for commenting!

    Alela said:
    May 31, 2020 at 05:06

    Touji’s name is so terrifying and cool at the same time! Thank you for translating this series! It makes me understand it even more! ^A^)/ Love it!

      Ilinox responded:
      May 31, 2020 at 16:06

      Hikaru being able to move his father like this makes me so soft too. I mean, I know a large portion of it is his gross obsession with his wife and Hikaru being her descendant LOL but you got to admit that having this terrifying and monstrously influential father is amazing. Thanks for commenting and enjoying, haha, and don’t forget to thank the commissioner who made this possible <3!

        Sorbet said:
        June 3, 2020 at 21:55

        If you’re reading this anonymous commissioner, thank you!!! We’re one step closer to having the Kankinkon universe translated thanks to you! Also thanks, Ilinox! I’ve been curious about Yamato for a long time :)

        I think my favorite thing was how Yamato just casually spills the dirty tea to the heroine about the doings of all the other yanderes in Yamana Academy. The crazy is infectious it seems.

        Do you have any information on the age gap between Yamato and his heroine? Obviously she’s the older one but are there indications it’s more like a two to five year gap or is it a ten year gap like Touji and his heroine? (I think Touji was ten years older at least…)

        Ilinox responded:
        June 3, 2020 at 22:21

        I’m sure it’s some sort of natural yandere instinct for them all to recognize each other and who the top dog is LOL cough Touji cough.

        Hmm, I don’t recall reading or hearing anything exact but I haven’t paid as much attention to Yamato as the others. I never got around to reading his SSes for example. I think it’s probably a bigger age gap, given the requirements you need to become a teacher.

        Oh god, my memory is so bad but I think Touji was something like ten to fifteen years older, yeah. I know Makoto is around 9 years older than his heroine because Hikaru said he was 27 and it sounds like his heroine is close to graduating when they get together, putting her at about 18.

        So, let’s say that Yamato’s heroine is either the same age or younger because she’s a “new” teacher then she’d be at max 9 years older than Yamato too.

        RIP to Touji. Honestly, I just keep thinking about what his MC said in his volumes that if he approached her normally then she probably would have fallen for him because the age gap isn’t actually that big… LOL. Not to mention she repeatedly does fall for him in the softer world version and when she gets amnesia. You can’t help but shed a tear at the way he burned his own bridge, although admittedly he was under pressure and fear of his grandpa making a move before he could secure her.

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