Ani x Bitch

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Masanao (正直)
CV: 九財翼

Big Brother x Slut

The heroine, who basically had no chastity, wasn’t bothered at all even when others around her called her a “slut”. Around the clock, she was always fervently searching for the person who could make her feel the most pleasure.

However, as a result of using her ability to think mostly on sexual things, unfortunately (or maybe it should be a matter of course), her grades at school plunged to the very bottom.

On the other hand, her step-brother, Masanao, had hopes placed on him for the future.

The heroine, who was in danger of failing her grade, thought she could get her excellent brother to tutor her studies. However, Masano was curt to the heroine’s request. He even said “There’s no benefit to helping you.”

The heroine was stunned at her brother’s cold attitude, when he used to pamper her in the past, and ended up making an outrageous proposal, “If you teach me, I’ll let you touch my breasts.”

After she said that, the heroine reflected on what an idiotic thing she said and was about to gloss over it by saying, “Just kidding”, when Masanao accepted that contrary to her expectations…?

“Alright. This will be an equivalent exchange then.”
“Even a virgin can understand how to rub breasts. I saw you doing it in the house.”
“… I’ll make you say that my [—] is the best.”
“I’ll pound you every day like this, so don’t go to another man’s place.”

Will the heroine’s academic abilities and sexual abilities level up?—

The studying sessions escalate in more than one way.

Thank you to Chaotictapestry for the commission! R18 warning and pseudo-incest but it’s one of Dusk’s lighthearted works, and you can pick this up at ENG DLsite and JP DLsite. I actually wondered if I should put up the image, but it’s not that risqué right? Boobies are fine, haha.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Equivalent Exchange ***

*door opens; someone startles*

Masanao: I’m home.

M: Huh? Ggh, who are you!?

*someone runs out; door closes*

M: *quiet* … I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before.

M: *to heroine* Hey, did you bring a man home again? Just because our parents are on a business trip, you’re being a bit too irresponsible, don’t you think?

M: Haa… I’m too proper? A student’s duty should be studying, you know? I’m just saying something extremely normal.

M: If you continue this you won’t be able to stay in school.

M: Haah… it’s not like you haven’t noticed, right? That you’re called a slut. Jeez, put yourself in my position defending you for once. Uh, it’s not like I’m doing it for you! It affects my reputation, so it’s something I have to deal with. Besides, I… also know your good sides.

M: You do have good sides. Let’s see… ten days ago, you helped an old person across the crosswalk when they looked like they were about to fall, right? One week ago, you jumped into a river for a elementary kid who was about to drown. Three days ago, it sounds like you saved a high school girl who fell on a railway track.

M: I wasn’t watching over you. I heard about everything from friends and the high school girl who was saved.

M: Haha, it’s just like you to be humble about these. At any rate, no matter what others say, I think that side of you is amazing. I don’t know if I should say your will is strong or if it’s your convictions that are strong… but you must have your own reasons for doing it with so many men.


M: Look, you said this back then, right? The person who makes you feel the nicest is your prince on a white horse.

M: *quiet* If that incident two years ago didn’t happen… you wouldn’t have said this, huh.

M: Uh, it’s nothing! Anyway, your last test was wretched, right? Did you learn the steps for next week’s test? If you have to repeat a year at school, don’t even think about passing the New Year or anything.

M: *turns away* Let’s see… I swear I put a coffee milk here. Ah, there it is.

M: Uwah! What are you doing all of a sudden!? I nearly spilled my drink.

M: Huh? You’re in a pinch…? You mean for the next test?

M: Haa… I already said your last test was terrible, why didn’t you study for this one either? That’s seriously dumb, right?

M: Hmph, I refuse. There’s no merit in teaching you.

M: On the contrary I’d like to ask, what benefits would I get for teaching you? I’m already busy enough with being the student council president. How could I take care of my dumb little sister on top of that?


M: Huh? If you wish to negotiate then make sure you’ve gathered all your cards. Well, but then again, I don’t believe you can come up with any decent things to negotiate with.

M: Now then, do your utmost to study starting from now. *goes to leave*

M: *pauses* … Oh? Are you… serious about that?

M: Sure then, if you’re being serious about letting me grab your breasts.

M: Haha, why are you asking if I’m serious when you’re the one who proposed it? I’m just thinking it’s fine to rub your breasts as practice for when I get a girlfriend.

M: W-well sorry for being a virgin! B-besides, it’s your fault I can’t get a girlfriend, you know?

M: Ugh, you’re asking me why? Because my dumb little sister brings home men every day and fools around, people think I’m insincere towards girls and treat them lightly.

M: I cautioned you already at your first apology. Don’t make me repeat the important parts.

M: Haa… so? What are you going to do? The rest depends on you. *heroine nods*

M: Hmm? As long as it’s the breasts, I can touch them however I want…? Then our contract is complete with this equivalent exchange.

M: Hm? What are you standing there for? You’re going to study, right? Go into my room first. I’m going to… prepare a bit. *heroine nods; leaves*

*** TRACK 2: Beginning Contract ***

M: Wrong. You don’t even understand the basics, so don’t shorten your calculations.

M: Haah… I’m saying this train of thought is wrong. If you panic and solve these incorrectly then there’s no point, right? You should tackle the problems in a way that suits you right now. There’s no reason to do things the way others are doing it.

M: Here, try solving it slowly this time. Remember the formula I taught you for the question above. *heroine writes*

M: … Ah, incorrect.

M: Haha, it’s still the first day so don’t be so dejected. More importantly, you’re trying to solve it using the correct formula that you learned compared to the beginning. It’s a good direction. So, this doesn’t count as failing at all.

M: A-ah! Your face is too close! Nn… you don’t need to thank me. It’s about time to give me your compensation. We happened to reach the end of this page too, right? *heroine nods* W-wait! You don’t have to strip!

M: Haah… can you hesitate a little more? Even though I’m a stepbrother, your breasts are still being rubbed by your brother, you know?

M: I didn’t say we should s-stop! You promised, so you better let me touch them.


M: T-that’s right. I need to practice for my future girlfriend. A-ahem… that being the case, lie down.

M: Hah? Why do I have to rub them with you sitting facing me? That sort of practice isn’t of any practical use.

M: Right? If you understand then lie down on the bed. *heroine lies down*

M: *breathes* … T-then… I’m touching them. U-uwah… they’re softer than I imagined. Despite being similarly made out of fat, the feeling is different from the skin around the stomach.

M: Somehow, I can’t believe this. Those guys squeezed the heck out of these soft things? Haa… so brave.

M: … If you’re going to laugh then shut up. Ah, or you can moan. You must be bored just having these rubbed.

M: Haha, well, that’s true, you wouldn’t moan with just this, huh. You always have them squeezed hard like this, right? Haha, you jerked. Like I thought, this amount of strength is good then?


M: I’m surprisingly good…? Hah, even a virgin can understand how to rub breasts. I saw you doing it in the house.

M: Hah?! I wasn’t peeping! You were doing it in the living room, so you were the one showing it off.

M: Don’t make excuses. Even if the other person pushed you down, if you didn’t refuse him in the end then it’s the same.

M: … Shut up already, or this won’t be practice, right?

M: Hmm? If you can’t do it seriously then… I’ll put you in the mood. *kisses ear*

M: Haha, you’re sensitive… to having your ears sucked on like this, huh. When you were doing it in the living room too, you rejected him at first… but after your ears were sucked on like this you immediately looked dazed. Mm… seriously makes me angr— I mean, it made me think you’re too easy. *kisses*

M: Nngh… mm… haa… Hey… actually, can I touch them directly? It’ll be better practice that way.

M: Uh, why are you hesitant? You were the one who tried to strip earlier. Hm? Haha, so I take it then… that you’re feeling more pleasure than you expected, so you’re scared, right?


M: Hm? If I’m wrong, then it’s okay, right? Alright, I’m taking this off then. Oh, what, it’s a front hook? I can’t practice removing bras with this then. Like this, I can… take it off right away.

M: Hah, what are you embarrassed for? You’ve shown this to so many guys. You don’t want to be looked at by me?

M: *quiet* … Why?

M: Nothing! I’m not angry. Enough, concentrate down here. Mm… ngh…

M: Is this how they feel… when I touch them directly? This is definitely… a turn on. The view is arousing too. Huh? It’s normal to get aroused when touching breasts, right?

M: Yeah, that’s right, I’m getting turned on even if it’s my little sister’s breasts. Right now, I’m touching them while imagining a different woman though. You should think about a different man too.

M: … You don’t have to say my name. It’s easier that way… in various ways. Aah, jeez… shut up. I’m trying to concentrate and study. Haah… ngh… *kisses ear*

M: Your nipples… are really hard. I know I’m the one who told you to pay attention, but aren’t you a bit too sensitive? Nope, they’re really hard. Look…

M: Haha! You love it when you’re grabbed this strongly and your nipples are squeezed, huh? Haa… hah… when this is done, you’re probably instantly wet. That’s what was said at that time…


M: U-uh, no, I said that wasn’t it. I wasn’t peeping! You were showing off, so I couldn’t move! That’s why… I ended up seeing it to the end.

M: Hah, yeah, it wasn’t by choice. I also saw when you had your nipples sucked like this… ngh…

M: Mmgh, don’t move. Mm… I won’t be able to suck them, right? No, this isn’t against the contract. During the actual act, breasts are caressed, licked, and sucked on like this, right? So, this is within the contract. Nngh…

M: W-woah, sorry! Did that hurt? I’ll watch myself more. *sucks on other side*

M: *quiet* … Cute.

M: U-uh, no, the woman I’m imagining is cute. O-oh, that’s right! There are times when the lower half is touched while the breasts are being fondled, right? Haha, who decided that the lower half is not within the contract? Do you have a proper document? *heroine shakes head* No, right? Then this is within the contract too.


M: Shhh, I’m at a good part in my imagination, so don’t interrupt. Nn… hah… Hey, are women supposed to be this wet at the beginning down here? Or is this… your juices? Mm… ngh…

M: Tell me, or I won’t be able to practice, right? Nn… oh? A virgin like me caressing your breasts and squeezing your nipples… was able to make you soaking wet, huh. Haah… how does it feel getting turned on after laughing at my fondling? I’m asking for studying purposes.

M: Hmm? You’re not turned on from this. Then I guess I’ll have to research how to make you feel good.

M: Nngh… at that time, he did this, right? Rubbing gently here… ngh… ah… like this, huh. You’re sensitive, so it’s easy to tell. Aah… this is a good study. Nngh, if I play with your ear and nipple… will you feel even better? *kisses ear; fingering*

M: Aah, it’s flowing out even more. It looks like my finger can go in easily with this. Nn… haha, even if you say no, with your clitoris this swollen… it’s not believable at all. Haha, you actually want me to touch you inside too, right? Your entrance is twitching.

M: Come on, haah… it’s entering inside. Aah… haa…


M: It’s so warm. The inside of a vagina… feels like this, huh. It’s softer than I thought, ngh, and it’s a little uneven. Haa… hah…

M: If I put in my dick… it feels like it’d feel so good. Haah… *kisses ear; fingering*

M: Nngh…

M: Ah! S-sorry…! Did this hurt too? Ah, I made sure to clip my nails and file them. Was it a problem with the angle? These things really are a problem of experience, huh. Umm, this requires way more concentration than when I’m stroking myself. The difficult is way too high with this compared to touching breasts! It requires a lot of familiarity—

M: U-uh, sorry, I was focused too much down here, huh. If you give me some more time, I’ll be able to do both at the same time, so please wait. Huh? It’s impossible with me…? What do you mean? Don’t make fun of me.

M: Hm? You absolutely won’t come from me…? If you’re going to say that, then let me lick you down here. *heroine shakes head*

M: You’re confident you won’t come, right? Show me proof then. *heroine shakes head* Haha, I can’t hear you.


M: Oh? Looking at it up close, it became like this? I heard it was gross but… it’s not like that at all. Aah… rather, this twitching hole is… ah, sexy and arousing. Nngh… *gives oral*

M: Haa… haha, you look like you’re in pleasure. Mmgh, your voice… is sweeter than earlier. Mngh…

M: Mm? No more…? Why? Nngh… hah… it doesn’t feel good?

M: Aah, I see. Haha, you said you liked it when your clitoris is sucked, huh. Haha, I forgot about that. Nrgh… mm…

M: Mgh! Haah… ah…

M: Haha, how was it? Even someone like me can make you come, right?


M: … Hey, why aren’t you showing me your face? Are you laughing again?

M: Ah! T-that look… that’s not fair.

M: L-let’s stop today’s studying here. You can go back to your room now. Hah!? I-I’m not hard at all. It doesn’t hurt.

M: Ugh, enough, go back. We’re done today’s contract. *he gets off* Hurry up and go. I have my own studying to do. Hah!? Are you dumb!? Saying you haven’t had enough in this situation… Do you know what you’re saying!?

M: … Even if you beg, I’m not doing any more today.

*heroine leaves; opens door*

M: Ah, wait! Just to let you know, if you want me to teach you next time too then don’t do it with any men during this test period. *heroine nods*

M: You’re supposed to say you can’t sleep at night, no? It’s because you nap during classes that your sleeping hours are bad. Stop it and start studying.

M: As if I’d know. Just stay horny. *quiet* You should also experience some of the feelings I felt.

M: Aah, jeez, go out. *comes over* Aah, I can’t hear you at all! I have a lot of things to do, so I don’t have the time to think about you anymore.

M: See you. Be obedient and go to sleep tonight. *closes door; locks it*

M: … Hah, how am I mean? If I don’t lock the door, then you’ll come in on your own, right? Ggh… please… leave me alone. I… really have something to do. Ah, good night. See… you tomorrow.

*** TRACK 3: Purely Practice ***

*heroine knocks on door*

M: It’s unlocked. If you want to come in, then just come in.

*heroine enters*

M: … So? What’s the matter?

M: Oh? You really didn’t do it with anyone today? Isn’t that unusual for you?

M: W-wait! Sorry to interrupt when you’re stripping with enthusiasm to get your breasts squeezed, but that’s not enough anymore for the contract.

M: Because isn’t that the case? I’ve already learned how to touch breasts. In other words, it’s not an equivalent exchange and I don’t get any benefits.

M: Hmm… let’s see, if I had to say what I want to learn next… then a blow job, maybe? Yeah, I want to experience what it feels like once.

M: I don’t mind if you don’t do it with me. However, it’ll be a problem if you’re held back for a year.

M: Haha, alright, the contract is complete. I’ll bring over the studying references then. *leans in* Let’s teach each other carefully today too. Hold on then.

[02:10] *scene skip; heroine writing*

M: Are you okay? It’s almost been two hours, so you must be tired. Haha, knowledge won’t set in if you do these recklessly. If you feel you’re at your limits, then you should hurry and rest. I’ve told you that you don’t need to be depressed. Besides, your concentration has improved since yesterday and you’re starting to understand. You’re not as dumb as you think you are.

M: Haha, would I flatter someone like you? Since young, you were someone who could do things when they put their mind to it. So, you can have more confidence. *pets heroine*

M: Hm? Haha, now that you mention it, it’s been a while since I stroked your head like this, huh. I did it a lot in the past but…

M: … You haven’t changed with how happy you look when I do this though, huh. *quiet* It’d have been nice if nothing else had changed.

M: Uh, ah, um, if you’re going to take a break I’ll grab something new to drink. What do you want? Hm? Why do you look surprised?

M: Huh? Blow job…? O-oh, right, we promised that, didn’t we? Haha… ah, then… I guess I’ll have you do it? *heroine unbuckles pants*


M: Uh, I’m one to say this when I requested it but… you’re taking off my belt without hesitation, huh. Falter a bit more…

M: Um, no, I still want it but… how do I put this, it gives me complicated feelings… Ngh! Y-you’re… just going to suddenly lick it!? A-aren’t you supposed to create more of a mood or something!?

M: Mgh, why does that fall under a spoiled request? It’s a justified opinion as one of the contracted parties— hngh… mgh…! Ngh… ah…

M: Haa… nrgh… idiot… don’t talk while swallowing me. Haha… ah… seriously? Am I that big? The biggest you’ve had up to now?

M: … You’re supposed to say I’m the biggest there even if it’s a lie. Ngh, being third is an extremely weird rank. Wait a moment, couldn’t that just be you misperceiving things? Like if you look closely, I’d be first— agh…! Ngh… ah… if you suddenly go fast like that, hah, I won’t be able to hold back. Haa… hah…!

M: It’s… it’s too much… hah, it’s coming out… let go! Haah… haa…

M: Huh? No, no, you don’t have to drink it. I’m not asking you to go that far… ngh! Wai— ungh… ah… I’m seriously going to release… stop… ah! *he orgasms* Ggh…! Haa… hah…


M: Ah! Y-you… you seriously swallowed it!?

M: Idiot, I told you I didn’t ask you to go that far! Aah, here, hurry up and drink this water.

M: … I didn’t want that. To have you drink something gross.

M: Haha, mm, it’s good you understand. You can drink all of that water, alright?

M: Haah… uh, I’m sorry, I went too far. You’re kind so I’m sure you forced yourself to drink my sperm—

M: W-what, you… Why do you look so joyful? Ugh, stop that. I’ll misunderstand.

M: The misunderstanding is… a misunderstanding. Like that I’ll think you’re asking for something more obscene.

M: Huh? Ah, well, rather than saying it’s still hard it’s more like it hasn’t settled down.

M: … What? I’m young so I can’t help myself, okay? If you think I’m disgusting then you can just say so.


M: Hah!? Just now… what did you say?

M: Haha, even though I’m just a stepbrother, getting horny from sucking my dick and drinking my sperm… just how hungry are you for a man!?

M: *quiet* … I’m even worse for getting aroused by you like this.

M: Huh?… That’s i-impossible!

M: I’m saying it’s impossible! Putting it in you… that’s…! How can you say that so easily!? Do you know how much I… how much I… ah…

M: Aah…

M: … At any rate, no. No matter how aroused you are, you need to distinguish between what can be done and what’s wrong. That last line… is something we cannot cross.

M: Ngh, no is no even if you make a cute expression. If I say I’m not putting it in then I’m not putting it in. Come on, get away from me now. I’m going to tuck myself back in. Haa…

M: Hey, if you keep staring hungrily at me, I’m going to do something mean.


M: N-no! It’s impossible for me to suddenly do SM play, right!? I meant flicking you on the forehead or making you do lines! That sort of punishment!

M: That’s too bad…!? Haa… honestly, you’re unshakable.

M: Anyway, go back to your own room. I’ll teach you tomorrow too. I’m telling the truth. As an apology for you drinking my sperm, I’ll teach you without an exchange. Huh? What’s with your pinky?

M: Aah, a pinky promise? Haha, you really haven’t changed in weird spots. Haha! No, I think it’s good. Because I also love this. Then, “I pinky promise and if I lie I’ll swallow a thousand needles. Pinky promise done!” Haha, is this good enough? Alright, go straight to sleep after taking a bath then. *heroine leaves*

M: Ah, hey, at least close my door. Jeez…

*heroine walking around*

M: Huh? What’s wrong? Did you forget something? W-wait, what are you holding!? Isn’t that a vibrator!?

M: S-stop. Don’t bring that close to me!

M: It’s not that it’s scary, it’s that I don’t want to deal with its size and shape and realness. Did y-you… buy that yourself!?

M: Oh, what, that guy a few days ago, Kakeru, left it? Uh… *quiet* that’s sort of infuriating in its own way.


M: Anyway, put that away. Why did you bring it to me? Are you getting back at me? *heroine shakes head*

M: H… huh!? How did you get the idea that if I’m not going to put myself in you then I can put a vibrator in you!? Hold on, isn’t that sort of toy… supposed to be used alone!? *heroine shakes head* Oh, really…? You can also use it to relieve tension on both sides— ah, no, no, that’s not the important point! Don’t be ridiculous! What sort of play are you asking from a virgin!?

M: U-uh, well… it’s true that it might be helpful when I get a girlfriend but…

M: Haah… wow… you gave me the vibrator with glittering eyes. Crap… I just realized now that I personally jumped into a hell I can’t go back from…

M: I didn’t think you’d suggest this. I haven’t even graduated from being a virgin, so to think I’d end up doing this sort of play…

M: Ah, hey, don’t go ahead and climb onto my bed! Haa, jeez, don’t complain if it doesn’t feel good. Uh… um… I don’t want to hear that from you.

M: Haah… yeah, that’s right, in the end I’m too soft on you. I can’t help it, alright? Because you’re my precious little sister.

M: Haha, don’t look so happy. I’m… not as pure of a man as you think I am. Haa… *kisses ear*


M: Ah! Huh? I don’t need to touch you first? Why? If I don’t do foreplay, then I’m not studying anything, right?

M: Yeah, this is also a transaction. You’ll feel good and I’m studying for when I get a girlfriend. It’s a win-win relationship. So, my caresses… aren’t anything strange. Nn… *kisses ear*

M: Haa… hah… I’m going… to touch you down here. Nngh, ah… wow… you really were horny. Mm, aren’t you soaking already? Haha, was my dick that good? *heroine nods*

M: U-uh, isn’t that where you’re supposed to hesitate!? Don’t get embarrassed. It’ll make me feel embarrassed. You’re seriously good at breaking my pace, huh. I can’t remain composed at all. Even now… just touching this wet place, hah, makes my heartbeat go crazy. *kisses ear; fingering*


M: Haha, I know. Let’s use the toy, right? Then… I’m going to put it in slowly. If it hurts, tell me. Haah…

M: How is it? It doesn’t hurt, does it? I see. Then… I’m going to move it. Nngh… hah…

M: Aah… I see. I feel like I understand lovers using toys between them now. This is so hot. Hah… haa…

M: Haha… this hole of yours is amazing. Such a thick thing is put in and yet it looks so happy. Huh? It’s okay to put it in deeper…? But that sounds painful and I’m worried. Haha… I get it, so stop begging like that.

M: *quiet* … I’m trying my hardest to hold back.

M: Huh? Haah… hey now, I told you I wasn’t going to put myself in.

M: … But… I really might be at my limit. *unbuckles pants* Haa… hah… I want to stroke myself too. Nngh… hah…


M: Haha, that voice just now was nice. Let me hear more. For the sake of my image training, you see. Mmn… hah…

M: Haha, you’re funny. Even though you asked for this kind of play, you get embarrassed at having your voice complimented. That side of you… is also cute. Haha! This is also practice for my future girlfriend. I’m not saying it to you, so don’t run away.

M: Actually, are you not usually called cute? What the heck are your men looking at? Hmm? I see. Then, as part of today’s revenge, I think I’ll say it lots. *kisses ear* Haha, you’re cute. You’re… the cutest in the world.

M: Nngh… ah… haa…

M: Haah… me too… I feel so good. Hah, touching ourselves together like this… sort of feels like we’re really doing it. Nngh… ungh…!


M: Mm? Haha, here? When I grind it against this spot… you like it? Haa… ah… that reaction is also… cute.

M: You’re so cute… so dear… haah… my heart is filled. I love you.

M: Haha… hah… don’t panic. This is also practice. Practice… for when I say I love my girlfriend. So, I’m going to say it lots. Haa… hah… I like you. I really like you. Nngh… I adore you. I’ve always… loved you. *kisses ear*

M: Mmh… hah…! Me too… I’m about to… come. Haa… I want to come together… Haa… hah…! Ngh…!

M: I love you…! I love you… haa… look at me. Nngh! Hah… haa… your eyes… should just have me. *kisses*

M: Ungh… hah… haa…! Ggh…! I’m coming… I’m coming…! Nngh! *he orgasms*

M: Hagh… haah…

M: S-sorry, I got out of control at the end and kissed you. Uh… you don’t want to kiss, right? *heroine shakes head* Ah! Really!? The kiss felt good too? T-then… I want to do more! Um, I mean, I want to practice. Can I? *heroine nods*

M: Oh… you feel the same. *quiet* I’m happy even though there’s no way you do. I’m the idiot, huh.

M: Haha. *kisses*

*** TRACK 4: Both of Their Pasts and the Broken Boundary Line ***

*heroine writing*

M: Mm, it looks like you understand how to solve them. You’re great for being able to concentrate properly.

M: Haha, sure, good girl, good girl. Actually, I really do think you did well. The last time you studied so hard was when you were entering a higher-level school, right? Come to think of it, why did you study so hard then? Even though you got to enter high school without an entrance exam, the rest would be hard, right? Going with your grades, wouldn’t it have been easier to go into an outer school?

M: O-oh! It was to come to the same school as me… Haha, you have a pretty large brother complex, huh.

M: No, I think it’s an unusual reason to want to go to the place your older brother’s at. You didn’t realize this yourself?

M: *quiet* You… you always lack this self-awareness.

M: … Haha, it’s nothing. I just wanted to say you’re good at pleasing people.

M: Yeah, I’m happy. Being together like this makes it feel like we’re back in the past, so I’m happy. Haha, that’s right, when you were small you always followed behind me. You even told the people around us that you’d marry me.

M: Oh? I really was your first love…? Haha… I see. Then… what part of me did you like?


M: Mm… I was cool, kind, and smart…? Hey, you’re saying this so seriously.

M: I was the one who a-asked, yes, but… Haha, dummy, if I didn’t like you then we wouldn’t be together like this. Ever since we met, you were…

M: … My precious little sister.

M: Haha, what do you mean why? Uh, now that you mention it, I’ve never properly talked about this, huh.

M: … You see, you were the first thing I couldn’t do. Um, I hate to say this about myself, but… I can do anything, right? When we met when I was eight years old, I was made out to be a prodigy and all the adults complimented me. “Masanao can do anything, huh, that’s amazing. He’s so good.”

M: Dad would be happy whenever I was praised by the people around us, so by the time I realized it I started hungering for them. Rather than wanting to be praised myself, it was more like I wanted to please dad.


M: No, it wasn’t filial piety. Seeing my crying dad made me feel sad, so I think it was for my own self in the end. Right now, after dad married again to Michiko, he seems happy but he was suffering before he married again. He’d cry secretly every day whenever he thought about my late mother.

M: The moment that became a daily thing, dad remarried… and I became siblings with you. When I was told to be a good older brother, I boasted with ease to my dad to leave it to me. Because… the day we met, you were as cute as an angel, so I imagined you must have been well-mannered.

M: Haha, well, you were completely different in reality though. I was honestly shocked. Like a monkey you’d climb up tall trees and you’d become lost the moment I took my eyes off you. You even almost followed a pervert with candy, so I didn’t have time to rest at all.

M: Haha, I was really out of my element. At this rate, I wasn’t going to be a good older brother… maybe I’d make dad cry again… This sort of uneasiness accumulated and, one day, I yelled at you to be quiet and good, right? Once I did, you really did become obedient. Whenever I spoke harshly, you’d become easy to deal with.

M: But, in exchange, you lost your smiles. I became troubled in another way. Somehow, I thought… this was wrong. If I didn’t see that lively smile, I noticed that I would be sad. In addition, I also had feelings of wanting to see you give heartfelt smiles. At some unknown point, I didn’t care anymore about whether or not I was praised.


M: In other words, like how Michiko was my dad’s savior… my savior… was you. I was saved from the pressure I decided to bear on my own and the belief that I had to be a certain way.

M: … That’s why I can’t forgive what happened two years ago no matter what. *phone rings* Ah… you can answer it. We reached a break in your studies.

*heroine answers phone; ends call*

M: Hey… are you… going to go play with that Kakeru guy again? *heroine nods*

M: … No. If you fool around with that guy then everything you studied today will slip out of your head.


M: Heh, either way, you were asked out because there aren’t enough girls for his mixer, right? Who cares about that.

M: Ggh, I’m saying you can’t go! I know that Kakeru guy is the one who was doing it with you three days ago. If I came any later, he definitely would have done it with you! Yeah, you promised me, didn’t you? But even if you refuse him, if he doesn’t stop then—

M: Ah… it has nothing… to do with me? It’s none of my business…? Ggh…! IT’S OBVIOUSLY PART OF MY BUSINESS! *hugs heroine* Kgh, I’m at my limit. I can’t bear it… you sleeping with another man. You’ve finally… finally come back into my arms! *kisses*

M: Mm… ngh! *heroine pushes him* Why are you resisting!? You’re the one who doesn’t care as long as it’s a man, right? Then… I should be alright too! *kisses* Ngh!

M: Haa… hah…! Haha… ah, is it because of my studies? You’ve surrendered in the end. *kisses ear*

M: Nngh, haa… I won’t wait. Besides, your body isn’t saying it wants to wait either. Haha, look, your nipples are already puffed up. Mm… you love it when I play with these and lick your ear, right? Mmgh…

M: Heh, they’re completely swollen. You have a sensitive body as always. Aah… when I suck on them after they’re hard it feels good, doesn’t it? I remember from when you begged men to do it before. Nrgh… mm…


M: Haah… your nipples… are delicious. Nn… mrgh…

M: Ngh! I said I wouldn’t wait. Didn’t you hear that? I absolutely won’t listen to you today.

M: Haa… I did a lot of image training after everything. Like playing with your nipples while sucking on your ears… ngh… and now I’m able to touch you down here too. Nngh… *kisses ear; fingering*

M: Hagh… hah… hey, I worked hard to practice, so grade me. What’s the mark for my caresses?

M: Eh!? Seriously? You’ll give me 80 marks? Your grading scheme is too easy…

M: It’s because you’re this weak to pleasurable things that you get carried away. *kisses ear; fingering*

M: Mgh… haha, are you about to come? Haha, you’re going to come from a virgin’s touch. Hmm…? You won’t come from just this, oh…? Won’t you come if I shove in something thicker then? *unbuckles pants*


M: Ggh, don’t run!

M: Look, I’m going to put in the dick that you love. Ngh… be sure to savor it! Ggh… ah…! Haa… hagh…! Wow…! I’m… inside a woman… hagh… haa… If I relax, I’ll… ngh…! Shit, ah, I’m just inside you and yet you’re wrapping around me. Even if I don’t move my hips, hah, I feel like I’m gonna come. Haa… hah…! *kisses*

M: Mngh…! Aah… ngh… crap, seriously… I’m releasing…! Ggh… ngh! *he orgasms*

M: Haah… hah… that was close. I was about to come inside. Shit…! What the hell is this? I did so well in my imagination.

M: Ah, no! We’re not done! So… don’t… leave this place. L-look, I’m still hard so I can easily do it two times or three times! Haha, a condom? You think I’d carry those?

M: No. Either way, they’re ones left behind by other men, right? I don’t want to use those.


M: Even I know that. If someone who just came put it in again then it’d be even more dangerous, right? The sperm left in the urethra will come out inside, huh. Haha… that’s… good, isn’t it? Now that I think more on that, I shouldn’t have pulled out earlier. I should have came inside.

M: *heroine slaps him* Ggh! What the hell!? You’ve never hit other men.

M: Haha…! It won’t do me any good…? Is that… something for you to say? IS THAT SOMETHING FOR YOU TO SAY WHEN YOU’VE NEVER DONE ANY GOOD FOR ME!? Gngh! *inserts himself* Haa… hah… haha, this is what’s good for me!

M: You, looking only at me… being fucked only be me… Being mine inside and outside! Haha, look, just like I said, I’m hard, right? I have much more control than earlier too, so I’ll thrust deeper into you. Nngh… hah…! Don’t reject me. You said this many times through the wall, didn’t you? That you love it when it’s deep in you. That you want them to thrust harder.

M: Haa… hah… that’s why… I’ll make this hole even messier. *kisses; thrusting* Nngh… mm…!

M: Hagh… how is it? Does it feel good? Aah… hah… it feels good, doesn’t it? Haha, after all, your juices are flowing out more and more. Ungh… hah… me too… I feel so good my hips feel like they’re gonna break. Hah… haa… I’m going to come a lot again. Nngh!

M: … Shut up… shut up! SHUT UP! You’re the one who made me cross this last line! I’ve always held myself back, but every single day you’d bring men here… make those cute noises… hah, and break my reason!

M: Haha! Of course I’d hear you. Do you know how many times I jerked myself off to your coy voice? Nngh… hah… I’m not lying. Every day, while I listened to you doing it with other men, haa… hah… I imagined myself fucking you and stroked myself.

M: Haha… but, ngh, the one fucking you today… is me, huh. Haha…! This is the best. I’ve always thought about fucking you like mad like this. Ungh… ah…! Mgh…!


M: Huh? Haha, that moan just now was cute. This place…? Ngh, do you love it when I thrust against this spot?

M: Hngh, ah… if you aren’t honest then I’ll come inside. Haha… oh? It feels that good? I’m glad. Haah… how good do I rank amongst everyone? First, right? Huh? Nrgh…!

M: Ggh, why are you silent? It’s fine even if you lie. Mm, answer me. Hrgh… that pisses me off and I’ll definitely make you say that my dick is the best. *kisses; thrusting*

M: Mmh… hagh…!

M: Haa… wow, ungh… you’re tightening… Ngh, ah! Are you going to come this time? Haa… hah…! Huh? Really!? Haha! Finally! Hngh… ah…!

M: I’ll make you feel even better! *kisses; thrusting* Nngh, mm…!

M: Ngh! Ggh! *heroine orgasms* You’re contracting down here. Hagh… is this your orgasm? Haha…! I see… hah… I’m so happy.

M: Nngh, I want to hurry up and be your number one. Haa… hah… then you’ll always be beside me, right? Mm. *kisses ear; thrusting*


M: Ggh! I’m begging you… say that’s how it’ll be. I’ll pound you every day like this, so don’t go to another man’s place. You just need me and that’s all. Nngh…!

M: You’re this drenched and coming continuously… but you’re still going to say it’s not doing any good for me!? Mgh… hah… you really don’t learn. If you still don’t understand then I’ll pour my feelings into your deepest spot… ngh!

M: Haa… hagh…! I said I wasn’t going to wait. How many times have I said that!? Ggh… hah…! I’ve always… always… kept waiting! I don’t want to wait anymore! Kgh, ngh… hah…!

M: Aah… ah… I love you. I love you…! Only you…!

M: Ngh… hah… I’m coming… I’m… coming…! Haa… hah… ngh! *he orgasms*

M: Haa… haah… it’s coming out… inside you… so much.


M: Haha, that’s right, you might conceive with this. Our child.

M: Ggh! What? Crying at this point…!

M: Ah… is this situation the time to be concerned over whether or not I’ll quit going to university? Hah, you’re… honestly a good person. It’s not like it matters if I advance my schooling. If you’re beside me then that’s the happiest future I could have. Haha, I said this much yet you’re still going to ask?

M: If I didn’t love you then I wouldn’t do this.

M: Haha, that was obviously a lie. There’s no way I’d get a girlfriend. The one I love… has been you, since the past. The one I want to sleep with has been you too. Yeah, this is the truth. I’ve always loved you.

M: But still, until we both reached the age where we could marry, I tried to endure it. I planned to watch over you preciously and cherish you.


M: Yet two years ago… the incident where you were raped by your senior club member happened.

M: Do you know what I felt at that time? You wouldn’t know, huh. For the first time I thought about wanting to kill someone. Yet you stopped me from going to kill that bastard and going to the police. Moreover, you even pleaded with me not to tell anyone.

M: You cried, not wanting to be the cause of ending someone’s life.

M: … You didn’t do anything wrong, but you kept apologizing. Kgh! The one who should have been apologizing was him! It’s irrational for no one to be judged! Ggh… to be honest, the retribution wasn’t enough at all—

M: —ah! No… I just imagined getting retribution. I didn’t actually do anything. It’s just a coincidence that he moved.

M: I’m not lying. I didn’t do anything. But… I was relieved from the bottom of my heart at that coincidence. I thought that after this I could just put the rest of my life to comforting you. But… one month after the incident, you started dating a guy with an unconcerned face.

M: Then you said this to me. “It only hurt with the senior, but having sex with this man felt good. I’m sure the person who can make me feel the nicest is my prince on a white horse.” I’m sure it was your way of getting over things. I knew it intellectually, but… but…!

M: In that moment… my vision darkened. I felt like I lost my dreams, my future, and everything. If things would become like this, then I thought I should have taken your virginity earlier.


M: Haha… why are you apologizing? I’m the one who should be apologizing.

M: I’ve only ever thought about fucking you while putting on the face of a good older brother. Then, after I jerked myself off to your moans, every single day I would fall into hell and wish to die.

M: Suddenly, by the time I noticed, I thought about this. How I wanted to go back to before that incident happened. If I went back, then I’d kill that bastard…!

M: … Haha… now you’re disgusted with me, right? *heroine shakes head* Ggh, don’t lie! Be disgusted, hate me, and swear at me! You should throw me to the police!

M: If you don’t, I’ll… hurt you again, kgh…

M: *crying* Even though I really don’t want to make you cry… even though I want to make you happy… just me thinking this brings unhappiness to you. *heroine hugs him* Ah! W-why are you hugging me? This is where you’re supposed to run.

M: … Dummy. Don’t be nice to me. I’ll misunderstand.

M: Huh? That… ah…!? Really? You… also… love me? *heroine nods*

M: Really…? Really really…?


M: You realized your love after hearing my feelings…? *heroine nods* Then, after this and in the future too… I can be beside you? *heroine nods*

M: Ggh…! I’m sorry! I know it’s lame to cry like this. I know but… *hugs heroine* I’m so happy and I can’t hold it back. Thank you… for choosing me. Aah… *kisses* I love you. I’m sorry for doing horrible things earlier. I’ll definitely be gentle to you next time. I’ll make you feel even better.

M: Ugh, why are you laughing? I’m a genius, so I can do anything once I’m used to it.

M: … If you laugh any more I’ll do this. *kisses* I’ll keep kissing you. *kisses*

M: Ah… sorry… I’m hard. This time I’ll be gentle, so once more could we— *phone notification* Uh… no… it’s my phone.

M: I can just ignore the text. Right now, this is more important. *kisses*

M: *phone notification* … Ugh, jeez, who is it at this time?

M: Gugh, it’s from dad. He’s worried over whether or not you’re properly studying. Uh… normally he doesn’t bother with your grades, but this time it really is bad and it looks like someone contacted him. Ah… I really want to have sex. I want it so bad. But… we really do need to hold back, huh.

M: Haha, don’t tempt me. Right now, my self-restraint will crumble easier than tofu.

M: Haa… don’t tease me. I came inside you earlier, but even I know the best case is after we graduate and get married. Well now, after we take a shower together, let’s resume studying. Ah, before that… *kisses* I want to kiss you one more time. *kisses*

M: … Um, I’ll become way better after this. I’ll be someone who can make you feel even nicer, so… don’t look at other men anymore, okay? *hugs heroine* It’s a promise. *kisses*

*** TRACK 5: Big Brother Will Always Watch Over You ***

M: Huh? How come you went out of your way to come to the third year’s building? *heroine tackles him* Wah! Haha, you go all-out when you’re hugging someone too, huh.

M: So, what happened?

M: Ah! Woah, you jumped to the 40th place in your year in one go? Haha! You really are amazing. You can do anything once you’re motivated.

M: You really worked hard. *pets heroine* Haha, it’s okay for me to rub your head at the very least, right? Besides, no one is watching right now. Hm? My rank? Haha, I’m the same as usual, number one in my year.

M: My teacher said I could even pass the exam easily for the medical faculty my dad went to. *heroine claps* Hehe, this is natural. Rather, I need to work harder as your lover. *phone rings* Oh, from your friend?

M: Don’t mind me. You can answer it.

*heroine answers; ends call*

M: Did something happen? Ah, your classmates are going to karaoke to celebrate their hard work for the test?

M: Haha, I’m not forbidding you to that extent. You finally finished, so go and have fun. But don’t stay out too late. Try to come back before eight o’clock. If you come home as promised, then I’ll make your favorite food. *heroine nods*


M: Great. Your older brother is relieved then.

M: Haha, if I don’t act as your older brother sometimes then I’ll lose my self-control. *heroine leaves*

M: ……

*scene skip*

Kakeru: Hey, hey, let’s go to a club today. Don’t worry, it’ll be okay! My bro’s the middleman and he can give us free admission. *whispers* Then, like usual, at the back—

M: Oh? You came to this karaoke today, huh. Haha, what a coincidence, I came for some reference books at that bookstore over there. That being the case…

K: Yo! I’m a friend of your little sister!

M: Looks like it. Thank you. But… you don’t have to be friendlier than that.

K: Huh?

M: *to heroine* Let’s go home now. I promised to make your favorite food today, remember? If you throw a tantrum, then I won’t make it. Haha, right? Let’s go then.

K: *in the distance* Wait, seriously? Hey! Come back!

*** TRACK 6: The Prince on a White Horse ***

*back at home; heroine opens door*

M: Hm? What’s wrong?

M: You know how dangerous men are, right? If you went to the club, you were definitely going to be pressured. *comes close* Or… did you want to do it with that man? No, I believe you. But you’re cute, so bugs will come over. Bugs are dumb and I can’t trust them, so what I did was a matter of course.

M: Haha, what are you saying? I’m not angry at all. I always want to be gentle towards you and I want to spoil you. *kisses*

M: Hey, we’re siblings but we’re also lovers, right? So, could you listen to my request as your lover?

M: Haha, it’s nothing difficult. It’s just three things. First, don’t have any bodily contact with men other than me. The way his arm was over your shoulders is out of the question. Second, don’t go out alone with a man. Lastly… please don’t ever cheat.


M: Hm? There’s no time where it would be necessary. It’s weird if you were touched when you’re just talking. Haha, even if you broke these promises I wouldn’t do anything to you.

M: Yeah, that’s the truth. Because… I love you this much. *kisses*

M: Mm? Ah… we can’t do it? Right now, I really… want to make love to you. You can take a shower later. I’ve been turned on since I was at school, so it’s impossible to hold on for any longer. Nngh… *kisses*

M: … Why are you laughing? That’s… Of course I’d be turned on. It’s only the day after I slept with the girl I’ve loved for so many years. It’s impossible to tell me not to think back on it.

M: Ah… I’ve been thinking about it all this time.

M: … Like how sexy you looked and your moans. I remembered those and got hard, haha. I couldn’t keep it down at all and jerked myself off many times in the toilet. Haha, I’m an unexpected pervert? It’s not unexpected, right? I’m a genuine one. Because, after I went through puberty, I’ve always teased you.

M: Uh, haha, let’s put that aside to another time. Right now, concentrate on me in front of you. *kisses*


M: Hey, can I… taste you down there today too?

M: You don’t get it, do you? Isn’t it good because you haven’t showered? I want to smell your natural scent.

M: Haa… just like I thought, it’s a sexy and delicious smell. Mm… *gives oral*

M: Ngh! Don’t run. I want to suck on this swollen nub some more. Mmgh… ah…

M: Has my mouth gotten better since last time? I worked hard, doing image training with last time as a reference. Aah… ngh…

M: Haha, what’s most important is that I got better. Seeing you in pleasure also makes me happy. Mm… ah, somehow I feel like more juices are flowing out compared to before. Were you possibly horny today too?

M: Haha! I see. You’re thinking about having sex with me and so your entrance is twitching like this. I also imagined licking inside you like this. Hngh…


M: Your entrance, ngh, is clenching and unclenching. It’s so cute. Nn, are you about to come? Mm… go ahead, come like this. *heroine grabs him* Ah! W-what’s this all of a sudden— wah! What? If you hate it enough to push me— ah… this… uh… is what they call 69? *heroine unbuckles his pants*

M: Haha, no, I don’t mind this at all. I want to feel good together too. Nngh… ah…! *heroine gives BJ*

M: Not… there…! Ah… I’m sensitive, so… ngh…! Ungh…!

M: This is crazy… ngh, it might be too advanced for me still. Haa… hah… the sensations and the view, ah… it’s too hot I can’t hold back. Nngh… ah… if you say that, I’ll obviously taste you. I’ll make you feel better than any man in your past. Nngh! *gives oral*

M: Mgh… ah, wa— wait! It’s really too much… ah… dont’ suck any more than that. I’m seriously… going to come. Ngh… yeah, that’s right, I came so many times at school but I can’t hold it back at all. Haa… ah…

M: What do I do? If I get hard every time I think about you, it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to study or work. Haa… hah… don’t… resume! Ggh… hey…! Ungh… ah…


M: Haa… hah…! Ngh, I’m sorry… it’s too much. I give up! I’m going to come in your mouth again, so before that… ngh… let me put it in you. Haah… ah…

M: Hah… I love you. I’ll cherish you for my whole life. *kisses*

M: Then… I’m putting it in. A condom? Ah, that reminds me, I forgot to buy some. I’ll prepare them next time.

M: I can’t then? But today’s not a dangerous day, right? There’s no problem then. Mm, it’s true. The probability of pregnancy five days into the menstruation cycle is close to zero percent. In other words, even if we did it bare now then, as long as a miracle doesn’t occur, you won’t conceive. See? Believe me. Up to now, I’ve never lied about something not good for you, right?

M: Haha. *kisses* Great, good girl.

M: Believe me like that… and accept me, ngh! *inserts himself*

M: Haa… hah… you’re drenched inside and warm. It feels so good. Hah… do you feel good? Is it alright if I move as long as it’s gradual? *heroine nods*

M: Nn, got it. I’ll go slow at the beginning. Nngh… ah… *kisses; thrusting*


M: Shit… ngh… because we’re both bare, ungh… No, it’s… okay. I’ll do my best to hold back until you come. Because I want you to think I’m the best. Mmh… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*

M: Aah… ngh! Are you… doing this on purpose? I’m giving all I got to hold back, mgh, but you’re squeezing me like this… nrgh…! You are squeezing…! Doing this sort of wringing movement, mgh… hah… I can’t take it anymore. I want you… unbearably!

M: Haa… hah…!

M: Crap, I’m about to come… hagh… haa… I know. I’ll come outside. Outside… ngh… hah…

M: Hey, mgh… actually, haa… hah… I want to… come inside you like this, ungh. I want to feel that you’re mine in your deepest spot. Nngh… hah… it’s not a dangerous day, so it’s fine, right? Come on? If you do conceive, I’ll work hard with everything that I have. Aah… hah…!

M: I’m sick of hearing the lines that it won’t be good for me. Nngh! Haagh… haa… like I said yesterday, just being beside you is the best thing for me. So, if you were to have a child, ngh… I’ll work without going to university.

M: Why can’t I? I’m about to graduate, right? Nngh… even if you were to conceive now, you would give birth a few months after graduation. Mgh, I have more than enough time to prepare.

M: Haha… saying I have more possibilities in my future… How do you know that? The one who decides on my possibilities, ngh, isn’t you, right? Haa… hah… besides, mgh, I said it earlier, didn’t I? As long as a miracle doesn’t occur, you won’t conceive.


M: So… come on? It’s okay… if I come inside, right?

M: I want to come while pressing against your deepest spot like this. Haa… I think you’ll also feel really good with this. Nngh… ah…!

M: You also love feeling good, right? Let’s experience the greatest pleasure together. Hagh… haa… *kisses; thrusting*

M: Hah… haa… I got it. I’ll come outside. In exchange, ngh, let me savor you to the very brink. Mmh…! *kisses; thrusting*

M: Aah, seriously, I feel so good it’s making me crazy. Nngh… when I push in deep like this and grind against you, ungh… you suck down on my tip. Haa… hah…! I want to rub against this place more! Nngh… hah…!

M: Haha! It’s too much for you? Why? Haa… hah… this feels good for you too, right? Nngh, you’re clenching down tightly… ngh… you’re squeezing me really hard, aren’t you? Aah…

M: Look, this place of yours, is saying it wants my sperm now and has come down. It’s rubbing against my tip even more than earlier, hah, I also can’t bear it. Ungh… ah… if you make me feel this good, even if you say no, hah… I can’t stop from stroking against you. Haa… hah…!


M: Do it… come. Come because of me… ngh… hah…!

M: Nngh… grgh! *heroine orgasms*

M: Haa… it’s so tight. Hagh, me too… I can’t take anymore. I’m… going to come…! Haa… hagh…! Ggh! *he orgasms*

M: Mmgh… hah… haah…

M: I released so much… Your stomach is all dripping and sticky. Ah, I think I released it all outside. Haha, I’m telling the truth. If I didn’t then your stomach wouldn’t be like this right now, right?

M: Ah, wait. Stay like that for a moment.


M: *takes photo* You’re so sexy with your stomach covered in my sperm, it’s the best. Haha, it’s not bad coming outside if I can see this, huh.

M: It’s fine, isn’t it? I’m the only one who’ll see this. Or… is there a reason you’ll feel troubled with me taking a picture of this? Like if you’re planning on breaking up with me in the future. *heroine shakes head* Haha, right? It’s fine then. Let me take more. *takes photos*

M: Aah, you’re so cute. Super cute. I could jerk myself off to this three thousand times. Ah, I should take a photo of your contracting pussy too.

M: I got some good photos. I won’t be lonely even if we’re apart now.

M: Haha, thank you. *kisses* Huh? You want to… see the pictures? Why? Uh… it’s fine, but don’t delete them.

M: Mm? You can see sperm dripping out of your vagina? It must be your imagination. Aah, I thought I came outside completely, but I messed up on the timing, huh. I’m sorry… I was a virgin just several days ago, so I can’t control myself yet. It really is difficutl to control the timing of ejaculation, huh.

M: I need to practice more… *quiet* at this rate… I don’t know when I’ll be thrown away by you.

M: *heroine hugs him* Woah! Really…? You really won’t throw me away? Oh… I’m a bit relieved. *kisses*

M: As you can see, I’m still inexperienced when it comes to sex. That being the case, be my teacher and not my student this time. Haha, yup, you’ll be the teacher.

M: … Hey, teacher… I want to be your perfect prince on a white horse. So… teach me more. Hereafter… like this always with me only… Just kidding, haha.

17 thoughts on “Ani x Bitch

    Edel said:
    August 24, 2020 at 08:06

    Lmaoo MC really went “what are u doin stepbro” when he finally snapped!! I didn’t know I’d love the dynamic between an assertive but dense heroine and a gentle but yan guy until I found this CD ;v; Wouldn’t have expected him to be hornier than the heroine though then again maybe he was just good at hiding it!! AND YO THAT LAST PART ABOUT MESSING UP WITH THE TIMING’S PRETTY SUSPICIOUS. He defo intends to get her preggers fast XD

      Ilinox responded:
      August 25, 2020 at 09:48

      RIGHT? Dusk is opening my eyes to many different combinations of characters and I’d argue that even their heroines in the extremely dark yandere works have this core backbone of steel and it’s so interesting. It’s why Dusk is one of my favorite circles, even though I don’t mind the CDs where it ends in mindbreak or an ominous end for the heroine. Dusk manages to walk a fine line between strong heroines but also frightening yanderes, haha.

      IF YOU HEARD HIS VOICE!! LOL!! Every time he mutters something under his breath or shady lines like that, you know he knows exactly what he’s doing…

    It me said:
    June 9, 2020 at 23:54

    Normal normal normal *mutters creepy thing*



      Ilinox responded:
      June 10, 2020 at 12:07

      I always find parts where the characters “mutter” something to be hilarious because, while it is quiet, it still has to be audible for the listeners. But meanwhile the MCs are always like “HUH? WHAT WAS THAT?” like he totally didn’t say something shady or his voice dropped like two tones.

    Moonboots said:
    June 9, 2020 at 23:48

    This started off cute and hot, especially with part where they ended up imagining having sex with each other while mutually masturbarting like damnNnn. But it became pretty depressing midway when it was revealed that MC had been raped before and now her trauma causes her to have this warped vision on sex and how she wants to find someone who pleases her since being raped hurt. It still ended up being cute tho in the end tho the relationship is still kinda questionable?

      Ilinox responded:
      June 10, 2020 at 12:09

      The Dusk special |D;; things always seem a bit crazy or PWP and then you get hit with the sad feels about everything and see how things became like this. Fortunately, this is one of the happier endings and, haha, since they’re not blood-related it’s totally a-okay—

    Chaotictapestry said:
    June 9, 2020 at 12:32

    Aaaaaah, this was so cute. Thank you so much for accepting my commission and translating this!

    I really am a sucker for gentler yanderes… Even though I love ones like Touji so much too LOL

    I just love this so much.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 9, 2020 at 12:53

      Aw, you’re welcome and thank you for commissioning it because I was interested in this one too, but just never got off my bum to listen to it LOL. I really like these gentle types too, hehe, there’s just something super attractive about how considerate and caring they are of you but in the shadows… oh boy, you can see the darkness lurking there and how it’ll quietly “do away” with the people around you.

    clara said:
    June 7, 2020 at 09:15

    Heyyy are you translating any other works by dusk cause I wanna commission one.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 7, 2020 at 20:20

      I’m currently on Psychoclimber and I also have Kazuma’s volume queued up on the waiting list. Were those things you were thinking about? Or if you have another, I can definitely contact you by email to discuss the details!

        Clara said:
        June 7, 2020 at 21:53

        Aaah it was psychoclimber xd. I recently bought it. Thank you for your reply, stay safe.

    Kborenai said:
    June 6, 2020 at 09:11

    Hmm, I knew he denied being involved with the rapist senior getting out of the picture, but there’s just something shady about the way he said it.

    ANYWAY, semi-INCEST!

      Ilinox responded:
      June 6, 2020 at 14:00

      THE WHOLE THING REEKED OF SHADY LINES. Like the way he reassures her about the probability of conceiving being low? Uh huh. The rapist senior… uh huh. In the 500 DL tokuten, the whole school ends up having rumors about them being in a relationship and not being blood-related and he’s all like “Oh wow, I wonder how those rumors spread” LOL. YEAH. I WONDER!!

      I really love the 50 shades of yanderes we get from Dusk though because these gentle types are comparable to the psycho ones because they’re so gentle you don’t know what they’re really capable of in the shadows. I-ignorance is bliss though :’D.

        Kborenai said:
        June 7, 2020 at 06:13

        Well, isn’t that just shady…

        It’s almost like the light spectrum at this point, LOL. Someone needs to do a ranking.

    shngml said:
    June 6, 2020 at 06:39

    It’s kind of sweet in a twisted way. Ehhhh MC believes in his words too much. No child means, there might likely be one. How does he also know that she will have her cycle in a few days. He is 100% secretly a yan. KAHHHHH….. He is a sweet boi though. Is there such thing as a sweet yan boi? 🤔

      Ilinox responded:
      June 6, 2020 at 13:58

      To be fair, all my family members know when I start my cycle LOL because I complain about it a lot and the garbage gets filled with bloody products. But to go the extra effort of remembering that… well, that’s just the yandere special memory LOL.

      I definitely think there’s such a thing as a sweet yan boy and he’s basically like Kazuma LOL they’re both low-key yans that are so nice but occasionally you can see the darkness slip out of them. However, they never direct it at their heroine. Like what Kazuma usually says, oh, they won’t be angry and Kazuma is even okay with his heroine sleeping with other people as long as her heart stays with him.

        shngml said:
        June 7, 2020 at 19:43

        🤔 i just remember kazuma. kahhh, these boys. thanks for the hard work.🙇‍♀️ lol.

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