Pandemonium ~ Exorcist Tsudusa Kuon ~

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Tsuduki Kuon (都築 久遠)
CV: テトラポット登

Pandemonium ~ Exorcist Tsuduki Kuon ~

You returned to the town, Kousaka, which you had lived in for ten years until your high school years. However, right after this, you started to have terribly obscene dreams every night.

Your days were troubled by the vestiges of this raw pleasure even for a dream and, when you woke, your body was left with a strong fatigue.

During this time, you reunited with your highschool classmate, Tsuduki Kuon. Kuon, who became an exorcist, told you that the cause of your obscene dreams was because you were possessed by a devil.

To save your soul, which had already been deeply corroded into, there was no other choice than to be given pleasure greater than the devil by the exorcist Kuon—.

Thanks to Lux for the commission! R18 warning but this is a fluffy CD so not much to say here. Except, uh… maybe Bible references if that bothers anyone to see it mixed with smut?

Note1: Uh, I feel like I’m blaspheming some lines from the Bible, but that’s how they modified it in this CD!

*** TRACK 1: The Town Where the Devil Nests ***

*heroine wakes up*

Kuon: Hey, get up. Hey!

K: … Get a hold of yourself.

K: You’re finally up? It’s dangerous to sleep here. Priest…? Ah, because of my cassock?

K: You’re really treating me like a stranger. I remembered who you were right away when I saw you though.

K: You really don’t know?

K: Hah, slow. It’s been ten years or so? You came back here, huh.

K: Are you surprised or do you think it makes sense? Pick one. You haven’t changed at all.

K: Look, I’m talking about that. But… you were groaning a lot. You wouldn’t wake up just from me calling you. You didn’t react at all until I shook your shoulder. Are you always like that? Try talking about it.


K: A strange dream, huh. It was… a sort of obscene dream, right? *heroine startles*

K: Now’s not the time to get embarrassed. You’re seeing endless obscene dreams, even when you wake the fatigue in your body doesn’t disappear, and you even feel the vestiges of the act. Am I wrong? I knew it. You’re… possessed by a devil.

K: You probably think this is unrealistic, but it’s real. Right now, there’s been a rapid increase of devils eating souls in Kousaka. Just like you, there are those who see obscene dreams every night.

K: Among them, there are also those who accept the devils and degenerate. Those people also try to eat other human souls. It keeps going around in circles. And so… I’ve been assigned the task of driving out those who are possessed.

K: I’m an exorcist. I also… want to save you.

[03:18] *scene skip; walking*

K: This place is pretty far away, but it’s still within the church grounds. I use it when I’m driving out devils.

K: It’s not that much different inside compared to the church, right? You still look like you’re having a hard time believing this. Oh well, sit over there.

K: There’s nothing to be nervous about. Just sit in the way you would when listening to sermons. One that is a fervent listener though.

K: Close your eyes. *flips book* In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and in the Word was life, and that life was light. The light shines in the darkness. *heroine rocking; he opens holy water* Hear this. *splashes water* The light understood the darkness, however— *heroine collapses*

K: Tch, too soon. *runs over* Can you open your eyes? Get a hold of yourself!

K: You’re alright. Breathe slowly. Then inhale. That’s right. I’m glad, it doesn’t look like your consciousness was taken either.

K: *quiet* That reaction was too quick. I have a bad feeling…

K: I couldn’t get to the chant. You… It’s the devil in you that is resisting. Those whose souls have been deeply corroded won’t be affected by prayers, holy water, or chants.

K: You finally believe it? Well, it’s only natural. But… the situation is worse than I thought.

K: There is a method. The lewd dreams that you’ve continued to be shown and the pleasure that gives you fatigue even when you’re awake… in order to expel this, pleasure greater than the one given by the devil is needed. Naturally, the deeper the corrosion the stronger the pleasure needed.

K: In other words… I’ll give you pleasure, meaning sexual contact for this sake is necessary.

*** TRACK 2: Exorcist ***

K: It’s natural for you to be conflict when you’re suddenly told this.

K: Can you stand? Give me your hand. *pulls heroine up*

K: Come with me. There’s something I want to show you. Watch your steps. *opens door; goes through corridor* Yeah, it’s cold since there’s no sunlight. Don’t come out from behind my back.


K: Don’t be scared. We’re here. Look closely at the back.

*loud growling*

K: That’s the shadow of a human who was possessed by a devil. They lose their sense of self and howl like beasts. In addition, their hearts become hollow. This isn’t an ending for them. The only thing they know is the fact that they have lost themselves right now.

K: We’re going back. *returns to room*

K: Do you want to sit?

K: I did think this would scare you and that it was too soon to show you. The ones in the dungeon below are those who are possessed and also those who fell in a bad direction. As an exorcist, my duty is to save those whose souls are corroded. That’s why, please, accept the devil cleansing. I don’t want any more victims.


K: Even more so for you, who used to be my friend.

K: I know you’re uneasy, but I’d like you to trust me. Alright? Vice president.

K: … Thank you. Sorry… for calling you something nostalgic. I’m glad then. In that case… *walks away* this way, please. I’m sorry for being so sudden, but it doesn’t hurt to do this sooner than later. *heroine approaches*

K: It’s not as soft as a bed, but it’s similar. Can you lie down?

K: I’m sorry if this is unpleasant, but I want to ask just in case. Do you have any experience sleeping with someone up to now? I see. I think we can do this smoothly then. Of course I think there’ll be some awkwardness, but you can think of it as treatment.

K: It’ll be alright. I’ll do it while looking at the corrosion in your soul. Pray for it to end with the bare minimum.

K: Don’t worry, I won’t kiss your lips. *blows air* Your sensitivity isn’t bad. I think it’ll be okay with this… *kisses*


K: I’m going to push aside your clothes a little. I won’t remove it.

K: … Your body’s stiff. It’s not unreasonable, but could you relax a bit more?

K: You’re looking like a kid scared of what’s going to be asked. Now, I’m going to touch you… Hands and fingers are more than enough sexual contact for the breasts.

K: *kisses* Still, you have to feel even a little bit of pleasure…

K: Don’t worry, we’ll gamble first on the possibility that doing it to the very end won’t be needed. I don’t see any resistance yet, haha, and you’re not feeling the pain from earlier, right?

K: Just… *kisses* it’s necessary for me to guide you to the peak, so I’m going to use my fingers. Don’t think too hard. You just need to feel this.

K: *kisses* Relax.

K: … I guess it’s impossible for you to be wet in this situation. Hold on. *kisses*

K: Once it gets easy to slide around… I’ll focus on stimulating the place where you feel good. Nngh… *kisses; fingering*


K: It doesn’t look like it’ll hurt if I put a finger in. *kisses*

K: You’re going to cut your lip. You don’t need to restrain yourself that desperately. This room is soundproof and no one can hear anything outside.

K: … Stubborn. Well, I can understand. You don’t want to be heard by a man you don’t like, huh. By the way, you don’t feel any pain, right?

K: Got it. Then… I’ll add another finger like this. *kisses; fingering*

K: Did you think I didn’t notice? The flush on your cheeks and your rising temperature… You’re trying to stifle your voice, but I can tell from your shoulders that your breathing is disheveled. Your legs and hips are trembling too. It’s a sign that you’re near your limit, right? Haah…

K: Mgh… hah…

K: Come for me. *heroine orgasms*

K: Good work.

K: … Is it hard to breathe? Good. I’m going to fix your clothes around your chest. You did really well.

K: For a while you need to come here every three days. We’ll continue your treatment like this and see how things go. Alright?

*** TRACK 3: Faint Memories ***

*Kuon knocking*

K: It’s Tsuduki.

K: *heroine opens door* What’s wrong? We arranged for noon today, didn’t we? It’s already evening.

K: I guess it can’t be helped if you had business. We didn’t do your treatment today, so we’ll do it tomorrow. We can’t push it off any longer than this. Can you make it?

K: That’s right, there’s no point if we don’t do it continuously.

K: Then… excuse me.

K: … Since I’m here then, and if you’re making it your apology, I’ll accept your invitation for a meal.

*scene skip; dinner*

K: Thanks.

K: … Delicious.

K: Ah, I changed at the church. It’s true that since we reunited I’ve always been wearing my cassock. I’ve been like this since the past though?

K: No matter what’s said, you seem to pass it all off with a smile, huh. Well, as long as you’re healthy that’s good enough. Until I came here, I was looking around carefully to see whether or not you collapsed on the road.

K: It was natural because you’ve never been someone who broke their promises. I thought something happened—

K: That reminds me, we’ve never talked about the past, huh. At that time, I lacked even more civility than I do now and thought that was fine, so I was easily misunderstood. That was the sort of school president I was. I was always helped out by you, the vice president.


K: Even if you say I was busy then, it wasn’t anything of importance. We were in high school. That period of time might have been frenetic in its own way, but it must have been even more so for you as you supported me from the sides and smiled all the time. I’m grateful.

K: Just accept it. *quiet* I didn’t say a single thing back then.

K: Why are you thanking me? Well, that’s just like you. Don’t keep standing there, why don’t you sit down too— *heroine collapses; he springs up* What’s wrong!? Are you alright!?

K: The reason you didn’t come today was because even getting up hurts, right? Rather than the fatigue disappearing, it’s actually gotten worse, hasn’t it?

K: That’s right, you’re always like this. You’re always taking care of me and putting things off for yourself. It’s because you’re like this, that I—

K: Does it hurt!? *hugs heroine harder* Dammit…!

*** TRACK 4: Salvation ***

K: It hurts even more when you’re held this tightly, huh.

K: … Sorry. I just moved. It was an action borne from the concern of an old friend. I also feel frustrated at myself for not noticing. *picks up heroine*

K: Where is the bedroom? Don’t move. In your situation, we can only move onto the next level. Right now, I’m… going to sleep with you.

K: You saw the dungeon, right? I can’t let you become like that. The treatment up to now won’t work anymore. You… know that firsthand, right? I’ll ask you once more. Where is the bedroom? Over there? I’m going in. *opens door*

K: *puts heroine down* … Like I said at the beginning, think of this as treatment. You must hate this, right? Think of a man you like. Alright? And… I won’t kiss your lips. I’ll keep my promise. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything different from what we’ve done up to now. You just need to feel the pleasure. I’ll keep watch, but if you feel any pain then tell me right away.


K: *removes heroine’s clothes* It’s your room, so it’s more effective to remove your clothes instead of wearing them as we’ve been doing until now, right? Pleasure is necessary in order to erase the burden on your body.

K: … Ah, it’s nothing. I’m beginning. *kisses ear*

K: You like it when I do this to your ear, right? And… *kisses ear* when I touch your breasts you begin to stifle your voice. In other words, you’re weak to these.

K: Nngh… and then your lower half… will get wet. *fingers* This is good. You just need to feel pleasure.

K: *quiet* Honestly… I didn’t want to reunite like this.

K: It’s not hard to breathe, is it? Good then. It’ll go smoothly when you come once, I think. Nrgh…

[04:34] *heroine orgasms*

K: Hold on. *removes pants; prepares condom* Yeah, I’m always carrying this on me.

K: You don’t need to look at me like that. It’s not like I don’t feel guilt, but… it’s for your sake. I’m going. Mgh… ah…

K: Haa… hagh… are you okay? If the aforementioned pain comes, then tell me right away. Ngh… mm…! *thrusting*

K: Looks like you’re good. Haa… I’m glad. If you’re not feeling pleasure then there’s no point in doing this. Mrgh… hah…!

K: Hah… haa… I believe I said this before, but the deeper the corrosion the stronger the pleasure, over the one given by the demon, is needed in order to banish it. Ungh… do you get it? It has to be a strong pleasure. I’m going to spread your legs more.

K: Mn… it’ll probably be better if I go deeper… ngh! Haa… hagh…!


K: You look like you’re enjoying yourself. Haa… hah… I’m going to touch your breasts too. Don’t think about anything and entrust your body to me. Hagh… haa…!

K: You must be at your limit soon, right? I can tell that much, at least. Your breasts seem to be pretty sensitive, grgh, and from the movements down here… hah… haa… it’s unthinkably tight. If I remember where you feel good then it’ll be useful for next time too. I’ll settle things with the bare minimum.

K: Me? Haa… ngh… I don’t need to come. So long as I give you strong pleasure, then that’s good enough. Haah… mgh…!? Are you trying to get back at me? You’re losing your temper at a weird thing.

K: … Alright. Ngh… hah…! *thrusting*


K: Don’t hold back. Think about what this act is for. Haa… hah… that’s right, just come. Let your mind go blank. Ngh… hah…!

K: Mgh…! *heroine orgasms* You came, huh. That’s good. Haa… hah… I see. Strong pleasure… is as you say. Mrgh… hah… *thrusting*

K: It’s going to make me come too. Do you have any problems with that? Haah… haa…! You came earlier, right? You’re embarrassed to have come alone. More importantly, this is pretty effective in giving you even more pleasure… ngh… haa… hah…! *he orgasms*

K: Haah… haa… *pulls out; lies beside heroine*

K: You worked hard.

K: … What? I can’t think of any other words. I can’t help it, alright?

K: You really… did work hard. For the treatment, I’m thinking about living here for a short time. Is that okay? I’m not going to be sleeping with you around the clock. It’s because I can’t take my eyes off you in your current state. That’s all. Please understand the danger.

K: It’s decided then.

*** TRACK 5: Momentary Respite ***

K: It looks like a traveling circus came. Do you want to go?

K: Yeah, your body is looking healthy for the first time in a while. Let’s go check it out.

K: I feel like there was something similar to this in the past.

K: Oh right, you helped out with the last of my school president work and so we went home together. That’s nostalgic. At that time, I wouldn’t have believed the town would become like this. Even now, the smiles of small children are dim and devils are certainly haunting people.

K: *quiet* … Even you, if this didn’t happen… if we could have reunited normally…

K: What’s wrong? A clown? Me…? It’s true they look like they’re calling to me. Could you wait here for a moment? *walks over*


K: This flower…? No, she’s… No, I understand. I’ll accept this. *returns*

K: No, I don’t know that clown. Also, he didn’t speak so rather than having a conversation… That’s not the important part, huh. Here… for you.

K: It appears that he thought we were lovers. He told me to give this to you…

K: *quiet* Haha… if you really were my lover… would you smile like that?

K: Ah, nothing. *quiet* What am I saying?

K: Come on, let’s take a look around and then head back. It’s not good to push yourself too hard.

*** TRACK 6: Realization ***

K: Nngh… what’s that noise…?

K: Ah! It can’t be…! *runs to heroine’s room*

K: Hey! Get a hold of yourself!

K: She’s sweating so much… Ggh, get up. Hey, come back! What’s wrong!? Tch, she can’t hear my voice? Oh! The holy water!

K: Even if it doesn’t work, it can wake her up at least…! *opens water; splashes heroine* The power of Christ compels you—

K: Dammit, why is it suddenly like this!?

K: You devil! No matter how I search, you won’t show yourself, and you’re a coward who won’t even give a name! Doing whatever you like…!

K: I can’t let you get taken by a devil. Seeing one more person degenerate… as an exorcist, I…! No…

K: I don’t want this. Who cares whether it’s a devil or not… I don’t want to give you to anyone!

K: Ah! Can you tell that it’s me!? No… she’s awake but her consciousness… Ah… tears…

K: Come back. I’m begging you… come back!

*** TRACK 7: Love ***


K: Salty…

K: I don’t know if you can hear my voice, but I’m going to warn you in advance… *kisses* I’m going to make love to you now.

K: *removes heroine’s clothes; kisses* … She’s still crying. Are you fighting? It’ll be okay. I’ll… definitely bring you back. *kisses*

K: On that day we reunited, I knew it was you at a glance. Did you notice? Back then, I… no, ever since the past, I’ve always… always… loved you.

K: Be sure to feel this. *kisses* Can you tell? This isn’t the first time I’m touching you and yet… *kisses* and yet I don’t feel the devil resisting like before. You’re doing your best, right? You were like that in the past too. Strict on yourself when no one’s watching, but gentle to others around you. *kisses*


K: Come back. *kisses* You… For your own sake… *kisses* don’t give yourself to anyone. *kisses*

K: Ah…! Are you conscious? I’m glad. I’m so glad. Ah, what’s wrong!? Does it hurt anywhere? Or are you in pai—…

K: You… heard it? How much?! Uh…

K: You… feel that for me…?

K: … Me too.

K: Me too! I love you. I love you. I’m so glad you weren’t taken. I’m so glad we can see each other like this again. Really… I’m sorry. I can’t stop. I love you. *kisses*


K: Right now, that wasn’t just for banishing the devil… I want to make love to you.

K: Thank you.

K: May I kiss your lips? I want to. *kisses*

K: Ah, no… they’re irresistible. *kisses*

K: More… mm…

K: Is it hard to breathe? Here, if I do this… *kisses* you can breathe, right?

K: It hurts because you’re just trying to use your mouth. Breathe through your nose too. Mm… yes. Next is… *kisses*


K: This place is already hard and red. I’ve always only used my fingers to touch this place, huh. Nngh…

K: When I lick them and suck on them like this… you feel this much pleasure? I didn’t know. Cute. Mm…

K: Don’t be embarrassed at this point in time. I guess even if I say that… I’m restless too, so we’re the same. *kisses*

K: Ah, I took off your clothes earlier. Sorry about that. I was desperate. That being said, you’re noticing that too late. It’s just like you to focus hard on what’s in front of you.


K: Spread your legs a bit more. It’s hard to taste you. I said it before, didn’t I? That I personally want to make love to you. This isn’t an act just to banish a devil. I… want to love you properly. *heroine spreads legs* That’s good. *gives oral*

K: You’re wetter than you’ve ever been. Is it that good? Haah…

K: Love… huh. I would be troubled if you didn’t feel that. *heroine grabs him* Woah.

K: You want me already? Haha, me too. *grabs condom*

K: Once more… no, I’ll say this many times. I… love you. I don’t want you to be taken by anyone. *inserts himself* Nngh… hah…

K: It’s completely… different. Is it always this good? Gngh… hah… let me stay like this, without moving, for a while longer. *kisses*


K: … Haha, don’t be impatient. Nngh…! Damn, I can’t stop wanting to kiss you today. *kisses*

K: More importantly, this isn’t the first time I’ve slept with you but… for some reason, I’m scared. That’s pathetic though. Nngh… hah… *thrusting*

K: Yeah… ngh, scared. The feelings in me for you… feels like it’ll all come crashing onto you. Haah… haa… it feels like they’ll break you. Mngh… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*

K: Haa… are you feeling it? I’m glad. I love you, haah, more than anyone else. Haa… hah…!

K: You don’t feel any pain, right? Mgh… hah… look at me. Even if it’s just a little bit, don’t turn your attention to what’s eating away at you. Hngh… hah…!

K: Listen, your soul belongs to you. *kisses; thrusting*


K: I love your smiles. How you’re earnest towards anything. How your emotions easily show on your face. Haa… ungh…! I want you to be as you are. *kisses; thrusting* So, you can’t… be taken by anyone. I’m begging you… hah… haa…!

K: *stops* … Why are you crying? Haha… *kisses* salty. Nngh… mgh… *thrusting*

K: This is a little pathetic, but I can’t keep as calm as I thought. Haa… hagh…! I thought this before, ngh, but at this rate… hah… haa…!

K: Haha… I see. That’s good then.

K: Then… ngh… haa… hah! *thrusting*

K: It’s tight, mgh…! You’re at your limit too? Let’s go together… haa… hah…!

K: I want to kiss you. *kisses; thrusting; he orgasms*

K: *kisses* Haa… haah…

K: Sorry, I made it rough on you at the end. *kisses*

K: … I love you.

*** TRACK 8: Epilogue ***

K: Hey, I know you’re having fun but stop reeling around. This happens immediately whenever I look away.

K: I don’t mind if you’re excited. Ever since that day, your body has recovered and it’s the first time we’ve come to the circus at the plaza, huh. Haha, however, turn around.

K: I told you to keep the Cross on you at all times, remember? It’s for protection. *puts on necklace; kisses*

K: Haha, this kiss on the chain is also for your protection. Ah, what’s wrong?

K: The reason you were saved that night…? You’re right. I’ve been thinking about it too, but… maybe the pleasure given by someone who loves you is beyond what the devil can give?


K: Why are you getting embarrassed at that? It’s just a theory at most.

K: Ah, no, even though I say it’s a theory, the fact that the other person loves you is—

K: Ahem. Wait here for a second. I’ll return soon. *walks away; picks something; returns*

K: I said soon, didn’t I? Of course I’d be quick.

K: Yeah, it’s a flower. I plucked it just now. It’s not a magnificent bouquet but this time I’m giving it to you out of my own will. I love you. This feeling won’t lose to devils. Now, and forever. So… stay beside me forever.

K: Haha. *hugs heroine* Heh, crybaby. Thank you. *kisses*

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    LIliChoco22 said:
    June 15, 2020 at 05:51

    My devoted parents would be in shock knowing i read something like this… hahaha
    Anyway, i want to thank you for all the content you’ve been giving us, i’m really obsessed with your site and i check it often to see if there any new post.

    By any chance, i wanted to ask you if knew any japanese or even chinese novel with a good yandere male(crazier the best). They’re my favourite ML but unfortunately i only came across yandere females which are the vast majority in the manga community as well. Thank you in advice! and stay safe.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 15, 2020 at 11:41

      Shhhhhh, we keep these hobbies away from our parents, hahaha. Aw, you’re welcome and I’m happy so long as I can provide some sort of enjoyment during these times (what with everything going on in the world).

      I’ve read quite a few, but I don’t know if I’d recommend half of them LOL. My friend was reading a Chinese one that was 750+ chapters and while the ending fell flat, the road up to that point sounded fun. 穿书后嫁给残疾首富.

      For another CN one, there’s 戾王嗜妻如命. I really like this one and the translator is doing an amazing job.

      For a JP one, I liked this one and it happens to be finished: 飯炊き女にヤクザの愛は重すぎる. I think there was a TL going on for it and then it got dropped and then picked up by another group. I haven’t checked out their quality, but I honestly recommend reading the source because Kansai-ben is hilarious.

      For another JP one, I’ve only read like 10 chapters of this but I was enjoying it so far. I only stopped because whenever I read these things I end up with a translation itch and couldn’t decide what to do LOL. 変態に好かれました.

      If you scroll to the bottom of the JP ones there’s the whole “other people who bookmarked this also read these stories” that will guide you into other yandere works.

    medusawitch said:
    June 14, 2020 at 21:47

    This is porn plot!
    …well scammer in my country did this to minors … Lie to their moms that evil hurt them
    I Feel conflicted.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 14, 2020 at 22:47

      The epitome of PWP, haha. But, oof, I’m not surprised to hear that there are people with terrible intentions in real life under this sort of pretext…

    Lux said:
    June 14, 2020 at 10:49

    This was so fluffy and sweet! I like works like this that try to re-contexualize established norms about religion, mythology etc. I feel like stories with those elements usually try to be too safe, too by the numbers of what has worked instead of exploring.

    Like you mentioned on a prior comment, it is showcasing that there can be inherent purity in pleasure which is true but oftentimes demonized by religion proper.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 14, 2020 at 22:45

      True true! There’s really a no-holds-barred when it comes to subjects explored in drama CDs, imo, especially with all the doujin works out there so it’s fun to see everyone’s take on things. I think another thing I really enjoy in the whole genre of otome R18 CDs is that they really do explore fantasies and kinks that sets a focus on pleasure for both parties. Compare this to like hentai aimed at guys where there’s always a lot more focus on the girls (aka. usually the guys aren’t voiced or have shadowed features) and the girls go through a heck ton more dubcon with a humiliation/degrading leaning. Please don’t ask why I’m familiar with the guy side… LOL.

        Lux said:
        June 15, 2020 at 09:57

        Yes, I agree! I think that is mainly due to otome R18 CDs being aimed at women versus hentai which is generally aimed at men. The example you gave is arousing a mans desire to be the alpha, whereas otome strives to showcase strong emotional bonds interlaced with intimate fantasies. In that way, there is more freedom to explore a variety of genres in otome than in hentai haha

        Ilinox responded:
        June 15, 2020 at 11:29

        I just find it weird and maybe a bit sad that what’s arousing for men is like visual pleasure only and of the domination to the point where the girls are ??? really just lusting and that’s it. Haha, I guess my view of their media really shows my bias because, yeah, I can’t connect and that’s why I think the otome genre and its focus on intimacy is much more nicer (but to each their own and their preferences, I suppose!).

        Lux said:
        June 15, 2020 at 19:15

        I hear you. Yea to each their own when it comes to that kind of entertainment, and not all men are into that type of media but the broad strokes are definitely different.

    Kborenai said:
    June 14, 2020 at 05:01

    LOL. I was raised a Catholic (not quite religious nowadays) and man, this made me laugh more than it should. “The power of Christ compels you-“LMFAO.

      Kborenai said:
      June 14, 2020 at 05:02

      This entire series is actually quite funny to me, and I can’t explain why~

        Ilinox responded:
        June 14, 2020 at 07:06

        Probably the mix of Christian elements and R18 smut? HAHA. It was a bit of a headache trying to look up Bible phrases in Japanese, oof.

        Kborenai said:
        June 14, 2020 at 22:11

        That is part of the issue. But from what I’ve seen, anime has this weird fascination with bastardizing traditional Christian motifs – gun-wielding nuns/priests who curse like sailors, for instance, or church-based titillation. I’m too used to that (it’s either badass or obscene).

        This CD series….just seems too flowery and it’s weird to me LOL. It’s corrupt motif-wise, but innocent story-wise. Can’t.comprehend@

        Bastardizing exorcism should be obscene and the CD set it up that way, but the resulting story is too sweet. But hey. This is just me rambling and overthinking.

        Ilinox responded:
        June 14, 2020 at 22:41

        I don’t think it’s just anime enjoying bastardizing Christian motifs anymore, but oh that’s true and I feel the same sort of confusion over this series. I was actually expecting his personality to be a bit more sharper and more tsun, but I’m glad he’s not at the same time because I do really bad with mean tsun characters LOL. Maybe the two others in this series is less sweet and meets with our expectations more. It’s not that this was a bad CD, but I think our preconception and biases as to what sort of CD this should be is what’s confusing us, haha.

    koenosekai said:
    June 14, 2020 at 01:06

    I feel sinned for getting aroused by this kind of thing. Jesus, please forgive me.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 14, 2020 at 07:08

      LOL this whole premise was just a bit “uh, huh, okay…” I wonder if all their exorcists just do this kind of thing…? |D But, well, I guess it’s a good thing if pleasure is seen as something that can be used like this to expel demons.

      A bit off-topic, but it’s so interesting to see religion and pleasure intersect and different takes on the “holiness” of pleasure (which is why Hana Awase, the otome game, is so interesting to me).

        koenosekai said:
        June 14, 2020 at 21:06

        If all exorcists did this kind of thing, I will assume they are trying to do a stupid cult really 🤣🤣 I was raised in Catholic’s family, quite religious but flexible (tolerant and could accept if there are holes in religions). But the whole CD is totally funny, also Makonyan’s voice… ♡

        Pleasure to expel demons huh… thats a great idea tbh 🤣 exorcism used to be mentioned ‘painful’ and ‘dizzy.’ Just once, I’ve witnessed someone ‘possessed’ and getting ‘exorcised’ (not with Catholic’s exorcism tho) and it was opposite from ‘pleasure’

        Well this is just fantasy so it won’t hurt to imagine this lol

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