Triangle Kingdom Side:A

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Ramli Kamil Uqla (ラーミウ=ターミル=ウクラ)
CV: テトラポット登

Ikhlas Rizq Yaziq (イフラース=リズク=ヤズィード)
CV: 四ツ谷サイダー

Triangle Kingdom Side:A

You were purchased when you were being sold as a slave.

Here was Ikhlas, an acquaintance from the past, who was now serving as the prince’s aide.

The same as before, Ikhlas was gentle and serious but Ramli, who he served, was a proud prince who loved to make people squirm. However, Ramli held a loneliness within his heart…

“… With this, you belong to us.”

Love and carnality intertwine inside the harem…

Thanks to Mirai for the commission! R18 warning but this is on the fluffy side, with a dash of amazing angst. Tetrapot is SO GOOD here and my translations don’t do his slow lazy lion voice justice!! On JP DLsite only, I think. By the way, a lot of official companies have moved their products onto the JP DLsite so I’ve updated a lot of links to my previous translations.

Note1: Oh god, I hope I didn’t butcher anyone’s name. Please don’t hesitate to correct me if you’re more familiar with these names and know what the Japanese katakana was trying to get at. I did my best through a combination of Google and looking up Arabic names…

Edit: Thanks to Yunfa for the name corrections!

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Meeting and Reunion ***

*chains rattle; footsteps*

Ramli: You’re the one, huh. The new slave.

R: *comes close* Hum… it’s my first time seeing a slave who gives no reaction. From the beginning, it’s as if I don’t sense any life from you at all.

R: *touches heroine* You’re cold, but it seems you’re alive. Do you… realize that you’re blessed? You’ll be serving as an attendant for my harem. If you become favored as a woman, then you could be promoted higher than anyone regardless of your birth, you know?

R: Heh, it doesn’t seem like you’re interested. It would be laudable if you could keep the same attitude if you were bought at the front lines by the neighboring hostile country though.

R: You have no injuries even though your face and body are dirty. Just what I expected from the woman Ikhlas went out of his way to purchase. I suppose you’re different from the other lowborn slaves. However… as you have yet to be favored or not, I don’t need humans who don’t obey me. If you don’t want to be discarded again, then work. Understand?

R: So that’s your voice. Heh, not bad. It’s the type of voice that I like.

R: *turns around* Ikhlas!


Ikhlas: Yes?

R: I’m going back to the military drills. Take this girl to the harem.

I: Prince Ramli, I have said this many times, but it is forbidden for anyone apart from the women and the relatives of the women to enter. Please ask an attendant and not me.

R: Don’t say such stuffy things. If you’ve entered once, then entering after that is the same thing. I’m leaving this to you. *leaves*

I: *comes close* Are you alright?

I: You don’t look like you’re alright. It was thoughtless of me to ask, wasn’t it? I’m also discomposed. Did you suffer any injuries on the way here?

I: That’s the only fortunate thing, I suppose. I received so much care from your father and you personally and yet for everything to become like this… I deeply apologize.

I: Grateful…? This cannot count as saving you. *removes chains*

I: We couldn’t talk for long when we met at the slave market, but may I ask you this? Why you were being sold?

I: … I see. So, in the end, your father encountered a scam because of corruption in the land and Hassan…


I: It’s the same as the rumors I heard on the way there, but to think he was forced to commit suicide… He was a wonderful man who tried to increase education and assisted in establishing the city’s management. I also learned many things under your father. But still…

I: It’s because there might be a war with the neighboring country, and so the peace within the country has deteriorated to this, huh.

I: Don’t cry. Nothing can be done now. Now that you’ve been purchased as a slave, you can only carry out your duties in this position. Ever since you lost your mother, you never employed servants and you’ve always done the housework, yes? I’m sure you can accomplish being an attendant.

I: Don’t worry, you may have heard that the women in harems fight endlessly, but Prince Ramli’s harem hasn’t had any large problems up to now. So, hold onto a steady attitude. If you do well, then maybe you could even get Prince Ramli’s favor…

I: … Nothing. Just like Prince Ramli said, if you receive his favor then you’ll be liberated from your slave status.

I: Don’t say rash things. That is the best choice for your happiness.

I: Right now, you’re just unsettled by all the sudden events. You can do this. You have a beauty that can’t be outdone by anyone. So, for certain…


I: I’ve also praised beautiful things for being beautiful. It seems like you’ve settled down to be able to handle a little conversation. In truth, I should call for an attendant, but I was given a direct order so I have no choice. I’ll take you to the harem. Can you stand?

I: *catches heroine* It looks like your body has weakened a lot.

I: I don’t mind. For better or worse, I have permission to enter the harem, so if there is anything that troubles you I can help.

I: … I told you, didn’t I? That I received care from your father and you. You alone have to live, no matter how painful it gets. You must. Haha, good. Let’s go.

*** TRACK 2: Orders from the Prince ***

*heroine cleaning*

R: Your spirit is showing.

R: You were concentrating so intently on your cleaning that you didn’t even notice when the owner of the room opened the door, huh.

R: Don’t lower your head. I can’t see your face.

R: *comes close* Stand.

R: Recently, you’ve been looking better than you did when I first saw you. I don’t know what exactly happened for you to begin behaving like you have life, but it is a good thing to become more beautiful. The blood welling up on your hand is also proof that you are alive.

R: Where did this wound come from? Speak.

R: Oh… is it because you recently helped an attendant, who grew close to you, clean up broken tableware?

R: I suppose you’re concerned for that attendant, but it’s not as if I would grow angry at a broken plate. I didn’t even punish her. Therefore, you can be at ease.

R: I told you already not to lower your head.

R: You seem to be working hard, and yet you appear to have no interest in your own promotion to the point where you treat the women around you kindly when you should be kicking them down. In that case, why are you giving it your all to work so hard?


R: To live… These don’t sound like the words from someone who was like a corpse. I truly… wonder whose influence that was.

R: *grabs hand* It’s quite a deep wound. Isn’t it painful to clean with this?

R: You’re tough. If… if I were to get even the smallest injury, people from all over the place would rush over. That’s interesting in and of itself. When I was young, even if I just cut my finger, I would try crying and screaming.

R: Once I tried covering myself in a liquid resembling blood and collapsed in a corridor… and that created a clamor which involved the country.

R: … Heh, that reaction of yours is asking whether you should laugh or not. Ikhlas was the only one who noticed right away that it was a prank and ended everything without incident. Now, I wonder how many people amongst those who ran over were truly worried about me.

R: For you… if I were to get hurt, would you worry?

R: Then I shall also be considerate towards your injury… and I’ll personally treat you. Tonight. In this room.

R: Outfit yourself and come to this room. Understand?

R: What are you flustered over? You should be overjoyed, no? A prince’s favor isn’t something you can receive just because you want it. Or… do you have a lover?


R: Well, that doesn’t matter to me. Oh, that’s right, could you brew some herbal tea? That’s better for your injury than cleaning, no? The herbal tea you make calms me the most. *heroine leaves*

*scene skip; heroine preparing tea*

I: Is that you?

I: I was summoned here earlier by Prince Ramli, but when I went into his room in the harem he was absent. But, since I was here already, I thought about seeing you while I had the chance.

I: You don’t look well. Oh, I see, it’s true that fatigue builds up.

I: Herbal tea, huh. This brings back memories. You often brought this out during my study breaks. But I have to go and find Prince Ramli as soon as possible. You should also take care of yourself more.

I: … Please excuse my actions. *grabs hand* This injury is from being cut by tableware, right? Blood is oozing from it. I’ll call for someone to tend this.


I: Prince Ramli will tend to you…?

I: Ah… no, being summoned to his room means you can receive Prince Ramli’s favor. I don’t think I expected this moment to come so soon, but it’s not impossible when it comes to you, is it?

I: You’ll go. There’s no better opportunity than this. More importantly, if you refuse then it won’t conclude with just a punishment. Do you know why there are few conflicts between the women in this harem?

I: It’s because Prince Ramli is not trying to have children. Thus, the status of women who receive favor is the same as everyone else. Even if one tries to be liked more, Prince Ramli treats everyone the same. That is why there are few conflicts.

I: Even I don’t know the reason. If I had to say then the Prince Ramli that I see is someone who doesn’t treat others with much attachment, despite being surrounded by women. I think my permission to come and go is also one factor of that.

I: But I’m certain he won’t be cruel. At night, you must—

R: What are the two of you whispering about?

I: Ah! Prince Ramli…

R: For a man who is taciturn around me, you can talk a lot. *comes over* Yo. This smells nice. I ended up dropping in due to my anticipation for the herbal tea. Still, Ikhlas, are you interrupting her and not doing your work?


I: With all due respect, you were the one who was absent despite summoning me, weren’t you?

R: Talking back as usual. Even though you’re actually timid at heart.

I: Ggh…

R: Actually, you see, I heard the conversation between you two the day she came to this palace as a slave. Ikhlas, you reported to me that you found her by coincidence, but in truth you heard the rumors about Hassan and went looking for her, huh. You seem to be quite engrossed in her.

R: Usually you would be reluctant to enter here, but today you obediently came.

I: … I merely want to repay the kindness of her father.

R: The man who died first and, in the end, thrust her down into becoming a slave?

I: That’s…

R: For a man as loyal as you to have a clandestine meeting with a woman from the harem away from me… is a serious crime, you know?

I: A clandestine meeting!? I only spoke to her while she was working. She bears no crime.

R: You’ll defend her? You won’t be able to bear the outcome. *heroine speaks* You will also defend Ikhlas? Heh. Relax, it’s not as if I’m angry. *grabs heroine* Hey, kiss me.

I: !?

R: You don’t have the right to resist. You can do it, yes? Don’t bother about Ikhlas. Hurry up. *kisses* Not one like this, right? *deep kisses* Nrgh…


I: Ggh…!

R: … Hah, you’re quite skilled. Ikhlas, would you like to do it too? With her.

I: Please do not jest.

R: I’m not joking. Oh, I know, I thought of something good. Ikhlas, you will come to my room tonight too.

I: W… what?

R: Wouldn’t it be exciting with the three of us? Rather than making a woman serve me, I enjoy pleasing a woman. I feel like I’ll be able to see nice expressions from her.

I: Prince Ramli, are you seriously…!? Enough with your jokes—

R: *pulls out sword* It’s an order. Ikhlas—

I: Ngh!

R: —what is your answer?

I: … I… understand, Prince Ramli.

R: *to heroine* I don’t need to ask you, right? *sheathes sword* Don’t forget… both of you.

*** TRACK 3: Impulsive Pleasure ***

*heroine knocks on door*

R: Come in.

*heroine enters; closes door*

R: You made sure to tidy up your clothing, I see. Lie face up on the bed without taking off your clothes yet.

*heroine obeys; he comes over*

R: I’ve been looking forward to pinning you down like that. But before this… hold out your hand. The hand that was injured.

R: *grabs hand* Don’t worry, the medicine was prepared by a herbalist and, when I was on the front lines, I’ve also treated myself before.

R: I told you I would do it, no?

R: The medicine the bandage is soaked in works well but stings. Bear with it. *bandages hand* It shouldn’t come off with this. What are you so surprised for? Did you think I was a horrible man who wouldn’t keep this small of a promise? Well, considering what we’re going to be doing, you’re not wrong.

*door knocks*

R: He came. *turns around* You’re late. Enter.

*door opens*

I: Pardon my intrusion. I sincerely apologize for being late.

R: Enough with your apologies. Come here.

*door closes; Ikhlas comes over*

I: So? What would you like me to do?

R: You’re extremely sportsmanlike about this. You aren’t thinking that you’re just going to stand there and watch or help me, are you?

I: You mean…?

R: You’ll be participating too. With her. Come on, lean forward and kiss her.

I: Ngh… you can’t be serious…?


R: Did you think I was just playing with you two? Do it. Both of you should understand, without needing to think, about what will happen if you refuse.

I: Ggh… *comes onto bed*

R: Ikhlas.

I: But… *heroine speaks* It’s alright!? You… mmph! *heroine kisses him*

R: What a pathetic man to have a woman come onto you when you didn’t even request it.

I: Mngh… ngh…! Haa… hah…

R: I’m going to remove her clothes, so you can watch from the front. It’s a special reward for all your help. *to heroine* Expose your skin, which is normally never shown to us.

I: Ah…

R: … Beautiful. For you to be this beautiful… Haa… your breasts are soft and nice to touch. *to Ikhlas* You touch them too. *kisses heroine*

I: … M-may I…? Touch them. Mgh… haah… they really are… extremely soft. You’re closing your eyes so tightly. You actually don’t want this, right?

R: Don’t stop. More importantly, if you don’t make her feel pleasure then it’ll be her who will be in pain later.

I: Ggh… that’s…

R: If you understand, then you’ll caress both her breasts and ear. *kisses ear*

I: … I apologize. *kisses ear*


R: What a nice reaction. Do you feel good? The tips of your breasts are pointed and hard. Your cheeks are also flushed red. They were pale just a while ago too. *kisses*

I: Nngh…

R: Mm, I want to leave red marks all over this body. The proof of possession will surely show distinctly. Don’t you think so, Ikhlas?

I: Mngh…

R: Haha, this is the first time I’ve seen Ikhlas like this. What’s her breast like over there?

I: Haa… the tip over here is also extremely hard. *kisses ear* Mngh…

R: Then taste the tip of her breast too. This act is impossible for me behind her.

I: Nrgh… mm…

R: Open your eyes. How is it? The serious and formal Ikhlas is caressing your breasts with his tongue and craving you. You can also tell from his expression, no? I’m sure his lower half is also bulging.

I: Hagh… please don’t call my name.


R: … Heh. It seems Ikhlas wants to hear your sweet cries instead. I also… want to hear it though. Haha, even when I sink my nails in and press it down, your body enjoys it, huh. I don’t know whether your body is just honest or if it has the makings of pleasuring men but it’s clear you’re sensitive. How about over here?

I: Ngh, mrgh…

R: Don’t try to close them. Ikhlas, remove her underwear and hold her legs apart.

I: Ggh, I understand. *whispers* It’s for your sake. Don’t struggle.

R: How is it down there?

I: … It’s flowing out so much that her underwear is damp.

R: … Heh, you’re right. It feels like my finger will slide in just like this. I think I’ll try putting it in.

I: Does it hurt? Look in my direction. *kisses*

R: Your unnecessary tension has gone away. It looks like I can move with this. Ikhlas, if you don’t move away I’ll have a hard time moving my hand.

I: … Try as much as possible not to hurt her—

R: —I know. But can you personally endure it? You can clearly see how she’s swallowing my finger down here, no?

I: Gngh!

R: Are you wanting to enter her unbearably right now? You can hear it, can’t you? Every time I push in my finger, a wet sound leaks out… and she squeezes down happily. If you enter and move your hips… it will surely feel good, huh. It’s burning hot inside.


I: Haa… hah… Prince Ramli…

R: … Look, if I spread her open with both hands, can you see deep inside? *to heroine* Are you embarrassed? But even if you look away Ikhlas’ gaze on you hasn’t moved. Ikhlas, do as you wish. I want to enjoy her slowly afterward.

I: Ah…! I-I… *to heroine* You’re saying you’re alright again. I understand. If I have to do it then I’ll end this quickly. *removes clothes*

R: I want to see your face. Look my way and have Ikhlas enter you from behind.

I: … I’m entering you. You’re sure about this, right? *heroine nods* Nngh… ah! Aah…

R: He’s in you, huh. Up to his base in your moist, open, and pleasurable hole.

I: Ngh… ah… It doesn’t hurt, does it? Please relax. I’ll move.

R: Don’t release inside.

I: Ggh… hah… ngh!

R: Haha, nice. You have a great look. I thought you would have a hard time accepting this situation, but you can’t go against the pleasure in your body, can you?

I: Relax j-just a little more… please. Mngh… hagh…

R: Are you crying, Ikhlas?

I: *sniffling* Gngh…


R: *to heroine* I’m envious of how you have someone who truly loves you. It’s something I can’t obtain despite wanting it. Come on, harder, Ikhlas. She doesn’t look satisfied.

I: Ngh… I’m sorry, I can’t stop. Haa… I… desire you. Ggh… mgh… haa… hah! Honestly, this way of doing it… gngh… *crying*

R: Haha, what is wrong about desire? I went through the effort of letting you go first too. *to heroine* Mm? You’re feeling so good you need to ground yourself by clinging onto me? You can stay like this. Raise your head. *kisses*

I: Mgh, ah…! You’re clenching down inside…!

R: Tighten yourself more. Make him release. *kisses*

I: Haagh… I’m sorry, I… towards you… mgh!

R: *to heroine* Did you climax?

I: Ungh… ah… hah…! Me too… I’m going to let it out… I can’t hold back… agh! *he orgasms*

R: Hahaha! Aah, this is so nice, so delightful when Ikhlas lacks a calm and dignified appearance.


I: Haa… hah… Prince Ramli…!

R: Now, it’s my turn. So that Ikhlas can also see your face… Ikhlas, step back a little. Ah, you’re not allowed to get out of bed because your turn is over.

I: Ggh…

R: *to heroine* Lie face up with your head turned to Ikhlas. I’ve been aroused quite a lot and have no composure either. Nngh…! Haa… wow. Having been fucked by Ikhlas, you’re soaking to the point of it overflowing the moment I enter you, huh. Honestly… I can’t help but be envious. Mmgh! Haa… hah… Haha, don’t just stare vacantly. Comfort her too.

I: … What’s wrong? You want me to hold your hand?… I understand. It must be hard on your body to have another partner right after. I can only do this for you, so… if it can distract you at least… *kisses*

R: Feels good. It’s been a while… that I’ve been this hot. Did Ikhlas reach you this deeply? Haa… hah…! He was intense, so I suppose it’s a matter of course. You feel extremely good, you know?


I: Prince Ramli, I know I requested that you try to keep her pain as little as possible.

R: Does her expression look like one in pain?

I: Ah… are you also feeling pleasure? That’s good then. So long as you’re not in pain… *kisses*

R: Haa… hah… I feel like releasing. You too. Hurry up and come. Hngh, come due to me. Haagh… haa…! Good girl. Nrgh… hah… I’m releasing…! Gngh! *he orgasms* Haha! It’s not bad with the three of us, huh. Ikhlas, wipe her body.

I: … Understood. *wipes heroine; gets off bed* Now then, I still have work to do. Please excuse me. *leaves*

R: Hahaha. What kind of work does he have left? Ikhlas, that guy…

R: Why don’t you chase after him? You’re worried, aren’t you?

R: I don’t care who is beside me. But for him… there’s no point if it isn’t you, no? I don’t know what you can do if you chase after him now, but you may act as you wish.


R: Why? If you want to go, then go.

R: You won’t chase after him…? Why? Because you can’t leave the prince alone?

R: … Hah… haha. Hahaha! I see.

R: Long ago, Ikhlas said the same thing when he had just become my aide. That I was lonely and that he’d always be beside me. At that time, I had a countless number of followers with me and thought he said something ridiculous. But for some reason… I was overjoyed. To think you would say the same thing.

R: You’re right. I’m unbearably lonely. Each and every person acts as if they care for me for their own promotion and try to be favored. How am I supposed to like those kinds of people? Even when my father ordered me to create heirs, I was absolutely against it. I didn’t want my precious children to be used as tools for promotion.

R: I… want someone who truly loves me. I want someone I can truly love.

R: You think Ikhlas is wonderful, don’t you?


R: Does your lack of answer mean I’m wrong?

R: You should just acknowledge it honestly. It’ll be too late for regrets.

R: *grabs heroine* I also thought about giving you to Ikhlas, but… I’ve decided not to. I’m going to favor only you in the future. Starting today, you aren’t an attendant anymore. I’ll prepare a room for you and assign you a personal attendant. You don’t want that?

R: You want to work? Then… how about becoming the exclusive attendant for my room? You’ll be involved in less troubles like this rather than being the sole recipient of my favor. I was wondering what I was going to do if you meant that you didn’t want to receive my favor, but you honestly have no interest in promotions, huh.

R: That alone is more than enough… for me to trust you.

R: Stay by my side. Let me… love you.

*** TRACK 4: Their Respective Love ***

R: So this is where you were. I was searching for you. Not for anything.

R: What are you looking out the window at?

R: Ah, military drills. Following the movements of the neighboring country, we’re also in a situation where we must increase our military drills. I wouldn’t say this in a loud voice, but in a few days… No, I’m going to stop here.

R: … So that’s how it is.

R: Answer my question precisely. You’re not looking at the military drills, you’re looking at Ikhlas in the middle of training, yes?

R: *holds heroine* I’m jealous. I’m the one who tenderly loves you every night… *kisses shoulder*

R: … You haven’t seen him in a while. For you not to have seen him… no, it seems he’s been training all this time so the opportunities for him to appear in my room in the harem is fewer.

R: I will be going to the battlefield. Naturally, Ikhlas as well. He will be heading out as a soldier. He’s talented.


R: *quiet* If he was gone, I wonder if you would start looking at me?

R: Heh, you know I’m not serious, right? Even though I act like this, I like him. Because he absolutely won’t betray me.

R: … Be sure to come to my bedroom tonight as well.

R: Oh, yes, not at the usual time but when the sun is setting. If you’re lucky, you may be able to hear something important from Ikhlas. That is… something you should ask Ikhlas directly. I’m returning to my rooms. *leaves*

*scene skip; heroine runs over*

I: Ah, it’s been a long time. After I told Prince Ramli that I had something to say to him, he told me to come to his room in the harem. I believe he said he would be waiting, but before I went I wanted to look at the evening view.

I: Are you going to Prince Ramli’s room today as well?

I: … I see. That’s perfect then. There’s something I want to tell you too. Let’s go.

*knocks on door*

I: It’s Ikhlas.

R: Enter.

I: Excuse my intrusion. *opens door; closes door*

R: You two are together, hm. Very well. Ikhlas, keep it short.

I: Yes. *kneels* I, Ikhlas Rizq Yaziq, have accepted the king’s order and I have the intention of participating in the war with our neighboring country.

R: So you accepted it as I thought. In any case, raise your head. It’s hard to talk to you.


I: *to heroine* Strategies are underway to attack the neighboring country. Apparently, there have been disquieting movements over there and, before we are attacked, we are going to challenge them. We will show the force of our country’s army and then, after that, our primary goal is to propose a dialogue for resolution in an advantageous position. However, if we fail, it will become a war.

I: The moment I heard this plan, the king asked me to choose whether I would participate in the war with him or remain in the country with Prince Ramli, and work to maintain the country’s peace.

I: My choice is precisely what I declared just now. *heroine protests* If one is serving the king then this is a matter of course.

I: Yes. The one I serve most is Prince Ramli. But I have no intention of remaining in the country. *turns head* Prince Ramli, you won’t accept this unless you hear my true feelings, right? You won’t mind if I speak then?

R: Go ahead.

I: *to heroine* I… love you.

I: You have become the only one to receive Prince Ramli’s favor, and so I had my own thoughts. That Prince Ramli spoke of feeling loneliness is something I also understand. If that man needs you then these feelings of mine are nothing more than a hindrance. In addition, this is also the best choice for your happiness. I treasure Prince Ramli and you. I don’t want to get in the way of either of you.


I: I’ve already decided.

R: You’re seriously satisfied with this, huh. Are you prepared to die?

I: Yes. I sincerely apologize for not being by your side, Prince Ramli.

R: *to heroine* You seem to have received quite a shock. Do you have something you wish to say?

R: That’s what she said, Ikhlas. Why don’t you give up on leaving?

I: I cannot do that.

R: *to heroine* Now then, what will you do? I can listen to your wish and, if I speak to the king, it’s possible to force Ikhlas to remain behind but… why do you not want to let Ikhlas go? Because the person you love might die on the battlefield?

I: !? The person you love…? *to heroine* That’s not…

R: It’s because you told her to live, Ikhlas, that she’s put up with everything up to now. That’s how encouraging you were. Did you not notice? Well, she hasn’t once acknowledged that. But that must also be to protect you.

I: Ah… Is this true? I can’t believe this until I hear the answer from your mouth.

R: *to heroine* What are you trying to do by sending me a pleading look? Just answer. With your true feelings. If you do, then wouldn’t you be able to stop Ikhlas? Either way, I have no interest in a woman who cannot love and that I do not love. I won’t feel disappointed at letting you go. “I…”?


I: That’s… It’s true that you love me then.

R: !? You… also love me the same amount? What are you saying—

I: … Those are your true feelings? Even when you’re protecting someone, you aren’t the type of person to lie for self-protection. If that’s what you’re saying then that must be the case.

R: Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything if you chose Ikhlas… and we’re at this last moment… Heh… hahaha!

I: Prince Ramli?

R: Think about it! In this situation where she can just choose you, Ikhlas, she said she couldn’t choose. Isn’t this proof more than anything else that I am really loved? I don’t care whether it’s the both of us or what, no, it is precisely because those feelings aren’t dressed up that I can believe in them. Ikhlas, how about you?

I: I… I… wish for her happiness the most. But I also wish the same for your happiness, Prince Ramli… and I’m certain I alone cannot grant that for either of you, right? I also don’t have the right to ask her to love only me.

R: You’re an understanding man as always.

I: … But my feelings of love for her won’t lose to yours, Prince Ramli. I have confidence in that and so I have no issues with this.

R: I knew it. You’re skilled only with your mouth. *comes over* Then… as she wishes, the both of us will love her.

*** TRACK 5: Following Instincts ***

I: *kisses* Nngh… mm…

R: Hey, Ikhlas, don’t be so greedy.

I: Ggh, you’re always doing it with her, so you shouldn’t mind, right? Mm… *kisses*

R: I guess it can’t be helped. Take off her clothes too. I’ll… get this side. *kisses ear*

I: Your body is still so beautiful. Prince Ramli cherished you, didn’t he?

R: Obviously. There is no chance I would injure her. *kisses ear*

I: Haa… I don’t really remember the first time I touched you because of all my nervousness and guilt. Nngh, you’re soft… and you feel nice. *kisses* But your peaks alone are hard. Does it feel good? You seem fine even when I suck hard on them. Mm…

R: She’s sensitive at her nipples. I’ll caress the other side too.

I: Mngh… hah…

R: Mm? Are you feeling too much pleasure from having both your sensitive spots sucked on? The leg you have pressed against me is trembling. *kisses* It’s not too much. It’s because your body is the one that’s too sensitive.


I: There’s a mark here. Gngh… mm…!

R: Don’t erase it. Are you jealous?

I: Even I want to leave marks. That’s all. *kisses* Aah, you’re already wet. Are you usually this quick?

R: I feel like she’s a little more sensitive than usual.

I: Haha, because of me?

R: … I feel like today is the day I start to hate you.

I: Haha. *gives oral*

R: Oh, what are you embarrrassed about? Just let him taste you, no? It’s something I often do too, isn’t it? Still, that Ikhlas, he’s quite bold when he becomes unbound, huh. In that case… you should also surrender more to pleasure. *kisses ear*


I: You won’t mind if I slide in a finger, will you? Nngh… ah… it’s flowing out more and more. Does it feel good? *gives oral* If you want to climax, then come. I’ll give you more. Mmgh… ngh…

R: Hey, it’s still early to make her come. Because both of us are going to be her partner.

I: Haah… hah…

R: Right? If you’re going to come either way, you want to come when you’re feeling the most pleasure, no? *kisses ear* Ikhlas, change with me. I’ll be entering her first today.

I: Is that an order?

R: Of course. I have to be the first to release inside of her, you see.

I: … Prince Ramli.

R: What? You can release yourself after. For now, have her use her mouth. *to heroine* Get on your hands and knees, facing Ikhlas. Raise your hips high.

I: You’ll… do it? Mgh… ngh!

R: Don’t slack with your mouth.

I: Mngh… ah… ungh…!

R: Mgh… you’re hotter than usual. Hagh… it feels like I’ll be snapped in half. Nngh, come now, your mouth has stopped moving.

I: Aah! Ngh… hah… were you taught by Prince Ramli? Haah… ah…! Yes, it feels good… enough to make me jealous of the master I serve. Aah…!


R: I think I’ll grab some pleasure for myself too. Nngh… hah…! *thrusting* Haha, this time you’ve pulled your mouth away.

I: You don’t have to push yourself. Nngh, ah! *heroine gives BJ* You’re not just beautiful but also adorable, aren’t you?

R: You didn’t know? How sad.

I: She was adorable since she was a child, so to realize she hasn’t changed… Aah, if you suck hard there… Good… ngh.

R: You tightened. Are you about to come? Then… mgh… hah… haa…! Here, come! Or do you want to hold on and come together with me? Haa… hah… good girl. Hold on for a while longer. Ah… hah…! I’m about to come soon too. Haa… hah! I’m going to release a lot inside you. Haah… hah… be sure to conceive!

I: I’m about… to come too, ngh!

R: I’m coming… hah… haah…! Ggh…! *he orgasms*

I: I’m releasing, mgh…! Ah…! *he orgasms*

R: Haa… hah…

I: You… drank it?

R: You’re hard again, Ikhlas.

I: Ggh!

R: Since it can’t be helped, let’s change. *to heroine* You must be tired, right? Lie down, facing up, and spread your legs for Ikhlas.


I: Hah… haa… then… I’m putting it in. Nngh… ah… you’re this hot? Haah…

R: If you turn your head to me, you can swallow me, right? *heroine gives BJ* Ah, that’s right, well done.

I: Haah, I’m going to move. Mgh… hah…

R: Don’t put your attention all on Ikhlas. You can swallow me deeper, can’t you? Nngh… ah… good. It feels nice.

I: It’s irresistible inside you… I feel like I’m going to lose myself. Ngh…

R: For a serious person like you to accept this situation itself shows that you’ve long gone mad. But, if that wasn’t the case, then it would be boring. *to heroine* Both of us love you and you continue to love us. That is… what I wish for too right now. I love you.

I: I love you. If this is what you wish, then we can keep this relationship for Prince Ramli’s sake too. So… love us! Ngh… hah… haa…! *thrusting*

R: … Haah… haa…

I: I’m coming… I feel like I’m going to release… ngh… inside you… Can I release inside you? Haa… hah… thank you. Mgh… hah…! If you’re about to come too then do it.

R: Me too. I’m going to let it out now. Be sure… to swallow it all!

I: It’s coming…! Nngh… mgh… ah! *he orgasms*

R: Ggh, I’m coming. Ah…! *he orgasms*

I: Haa… hah…

R: … With this, you belong to us.

I: Stay beside us forever… inside this palace.

Note2: Sorry, I just want to gush more about Ramli here. In Track 3, when he asks MC if she likes Ikhlas he uses an ironic statement that literally translates into the double negative of “You don’t think he’s hateful, right?”. It means you find them dear, lovely, and wonderful.

4 thoughts on “Triangle Kingdom Side:A

    It me said:
    June 17, 2020 at 20:57

    Then the boys fell in love and smooched too and everyone was happy. The end.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 19, 2020 at 09:25

      I think this is actually one of the rare examples where the two men involved in a 3P respect each other too and isn’t just a “I guess I’ll put up with your odious presence in order to get my girl”

      It’s what drew me to the series but unfortunately they sort of dropped the ball in the next one. I didn’t mind the France version, but one of the guys was definitely far more magnetic than the other and they were too antagonistic to each other. Admittedly, I think one of the guys was sort of tsun in that he didn’t want to acknowledge that he didn’t mind the other dude as much (and was like low-key jealous or something) but still…

    utoo said:
    June 17, 2020 at 06:57

    thank you ❤❤❤

      Ilinox responded:
      June 17, 2020 at 15:58

      You’re welcoooooooome!

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