Kaidou-ke no Shuubun #1

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Kaidou Osamu (皆藤 修)
CV: 脳無々

Kaidou Reiji (皆藤 玲二)
CV: 杉山純

The Kaidou Family Scandal

The older brother or the younger brother?
The choice thrust out before you is just that.

Summoned by relatives you had never met before, you heard about an established rule regarding the family lineage for the first time. The requirement to inherit the family in the place of your late grandmother was to marry a man from the branch family and give birth to a girl who would carry the next generation.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, it was necessary for you to succeed the family urgently and you were forced to choose between two brothers of the branch family. Furthermore, in order to give birth without delay, you had to do this while having intercourse before marriage.

Both your parents had already passed away a long time ago and, with a little brother, you were unable to refuse.

The older brother or the younger brother.
Who exactly will you end up choosing?

Thank you to Yunfa for the commission! R18 warning and light incest and, uh, old men if I should even warn for that? I am tackling the entire compilation, which is made up of three volumes, and you can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite. But you can also get this individually so I’m separating my posts into three and translating their own synopses.

First volume!

*** TRACK 1: The Start ***

Osamu: Oh, you came. Sit wherever you’d like.

Reiji: Not “wherever”. Give her a chair at least, brother. Your treatment towards women is no good.

O: Shut up. I’m not good at that.

R: Well, I knew that. Ah, by the way, I think it might be good to explain the situation at least.

O: No matter how you say it, that’s not needed, right? She was called over to this hotel, so she must have heard the situation— uh… It doesn’t seem to be the case with that silly look.

R: Haah… well, when I think about our relatives, no one is the type to give a decent explanation, huh.

O: Hm, then I’ll leave the explaining to you.

R: Hey, brother! You’ve always pushed the annoying things onto me.

O: Aren’t you good at this?

R: Isn’t it because you pushed them all onto me?

O: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

R: Haa… this is the type of person you are, brother. Jeez.

O: Cut it out and hurry up and explain. Her mouth is open like an idiot.

R: What are you saying to a woman? Jeez. Hah… well, there’s no other option, so I’ll explain. Ahem. You know that your grandmother from the main branch passed away the other day, right? The main branch’s successor is a woman from the direct line, so in reality it should be her daughter, your aunt, who should inherit the position but several years ago, because of certain circumstances, she lost the right to inherit the family.

R: So, her little sister, your mother, became the successor. However, your parents died in an earlier accident. You’ve always been outside of the prefecture, so you might not know anything about this family but there are several rules when it comes to being the successor.


O: First is being a woman of the direct line. Second is marriage. Third is having a daughter of the direct line. Fourth is that the groom has to be one of the branch family’s bachelors.

R: Meaning, in order to inherit in your aunt’s place you need to marry a man from the branch family. We’re the bachelors of the branch family. In short, we’re groom candidates. Ah, I know that look on your face. In other words, we also know how unreasonable these rules are. But these traditions can’t be broken. It’s to protect the land.

O: It’s not like you won’t be given any time. For the present time, your aunt will be handling things. That being said though, you also can’t take your time. We don’t have the time to start from holding hands and going on dates. In order to have you inherit the family as soon as possible you have to choose between one of us while trying to have a child. Naturally, you can’t give up on inheriting the position. You have a little brother, don’t you?

R: Brother, she’s going to be shocked when you give such a direct explanation, right?

O: It’s the same thing even if I beat around the bush. I reduced the time we’d waste, so be grateful.


R: Then I would have liked you to explain everything, jeez.

O: I’ll explain everything else quickly then. From now on, you’ll head to the main branch’s separate residence with us. For the time being, you’ll have intercourse with one of us there. The time limit is until you’re pregnant. Once you’re pregnant, you’ll choose one of us and enter the main branch. You won’t be allowed outside until then.

R: You can’t go outside but our relatives are properly caring for your little brother’s university and work. Everything’s okay, so don’t worry. Ah, that reminds me, we haven’t introduced ourselves yet, huh. Despite being relatives, you’ve been outside the prefecture so we haven’t met and we need to properly introduce ourselves. I’m Kaidou Reiji and I’m a lawyer. I’m 37 years old. From your eyes, I’m probably an old man though, sorry.

O: I’m Kaidou Osamu. I’m 48 years old, but relax I can easily have children.

R: Even though he looks like that, my brother is the manager of a pretty large company. I think you can count on him.

O: What do you mean by even though I look like this? No matter how you look at me, I’m a very trustworthy man.

R: You’re probably shocked at how sudden everything is but it’s nice to meet you.

*** TRACK 2: Osamu – Guess I’ll eat ***

O: Yo, I’m here. Oh, what, you already took a bath? If you were going to take one, I would have liked to go in together. The bath here is large, isn’t it? It’s nice and feels like a hot spring.

O: Did you eat? Ah, I see. Now that I think about it, it’s already that time. It really is a late time for dinner. Time is something for my secretary to remember. It’s not really on my mind.

O: Me? I ate… when did I last eat? There was a lunch meeting before a conference… ah, no, that was just a talk. Meaning… I didn’t eat today. Oh well, I’ll just grab whatever. It’s something the servants made anyway, right?

O: Huh? You made it yourself? Why? There’s servants that work for the main branch, right?

O: You had them go back? Oh? Is there still food left? Why…? I’ll eat it, obviously.

O: Oh? Fish simmered with soy sauce, salad, and miso soup. It’s the epitome of home-cooked food, huh.

O: Mm, tasty. You’ll be a good wife. Huh, mine? Haha, I guess so. Well, it is my greatest wish that you become my wife.

O: Hm? You thought I came here reluctantly too? Haha, not at all. I’m busy with work so I don’t have the time to get a girlfriend. I was told in the past that if I were to marry then I should marry a woman from the main branch. Well, even though they’re part of the branch family the men, apart from us, got married one after another. As a result, the ones left behind as candidates ended up being me and Reiji.


O: I feel sorry the ones left behind were us old men, but I also don’t think it’s too bad. Our money belongs to the main branch from the start. There’s no inconvenience in your life too, right?

O: Ah, that was good. It was a bit too small, but oh well. Hm? You’re going to sleep already? It’s true it’s late at night now…

O: What? Were you waiting for me to eat? Hm? It’s because you thought it would be polite to have a conversation on the first day at least…? Heh, ah, no, it’s not that I think it’s weird or anything. I just thought it’s cute. Heh, normally someone in this position would ignore me and go to sleep. It’s not like I’m dating you or anything. Ah, same goes for you.

O: Well, I’ll do what we have to do, so I guess this is a relationship that starts from being physical?

O: Hm? Can’t I leave that out…? Hey, hey, have you decided on Reiji already? Ah, it’s true that guy’s good with women, unlike me. Still, give me a break for losing in the first round…

O: That’s not it? What’s not it? You also don’t want to do it with him? Ah, well, this all suddenly happened, so I can understand your want to say this.

O: That guy isn’t as sweet of a man as you imagine him to be though. You’re thinking that if you ask it of him then he won’t do anything, right? Well, I don’t blame you for thinking that. Enough about him though. Regardless of whether you want to do it or not, this is the tradition. I don’t feel like going against that.

O: Well, I can’t help but find the main branch and how they preserve their lineage to be annoying and I don’t like it. But in this world there are one or two things which you can’t do anything about.

O: Have I given up? Heh, no. You may be like that, but I’m looking forward to this. I’m a man, after all. It’s impossible to not have fun sleeping with a woman.

O: If I talk anymore, it’ll get late. I’m going to take a bath. Go and wait in bed. I’ll come for you after.

*** TRACK 3: Osamu – It’s useless to pretend to sleep ***

O: What the hell? It’s pitch black. Hey, are you asleep?

O: … I’m going to turn on the light. Hey, you’re awake at any rate, aren’t you? It’s a double bed so why are you sleeping at the very edge?

O: I’m going to get in the futon too.

O: Haha, what the heck, why are you so stiff? You’re making it obvious that you aren’t asleep.

O: Even if you ask me not to… I don’t like to force people, but it’s not like I have a choice either. These are the rules.

O: Huh? We’ll just act as if I did? Haha, no thanks. Whether I do it today or not, Reiji will be sure to sleep with you tomorrow. There’s no way I’m going to let him be the only one to have a delicious experience.

O: Heh, but it’s much better compared to how it was in the past. In the past, there were observers and apparently they would inspect to make sure whether or not it was actually done. Doesn’t that mean they watched the whole thing? They didn’t care if they were making it hard to do. Apparently, there were cases of people not getting hard or losing their erections.

O: Don’t cry! Doesn’t it make it seem like I’m assaulting you by force? Ah, well, I guess it is being done by force. But same goes for me.

O: Huh? I’m not being forced…? Haha, well, it’s true that I’m inwardly pleased. It’s not my preference to sleep with a crying woman, but I guess nothing can be done in this situation.


O: Here, I’ll be as gentle as I can. *kisses*

O: Be good and strip. I don’t want to be too rough either. Come on. There’s a lot of skill to taking off clothes gently. Oh? I finally see your breasts.

O: Huh? You want me to turn off the lights at least? Sorry, but I won’t listen to that. This is one of my preferences. Heh, I’ll be as gentle as I can, so forgive that.

O: I won’t ask you to enjoy it, but don’t struggle too much. Or I’ll have to hold down your hands like this. Heh, but this is pretty arousing in its own way. *kisses*

O: These are soft and comfortable breasts, aren’t they? When I lick them like this… your nipples get hard. It feels good, right? Heh, hey now, don’t grit your teeth like that. Here, open your mouth. *kisses*

O: Well, I’m going to do what I have to do, but I want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible. We could finish this right away, but that’d be boring, right? Haha, oh, I’d be the bored one. Uh, how do I put this, although you didn’t wish for this to happen you don’t want it to be just painful, right?


O: If you get it then relax your body a little. I’ll make sure you feel good. Heh, that’s right. You’re doing it, aren’t you? Good girl. That’s cute. Hm? My face is a bit red…? Uh, forget about that. Once you reach my age, complimenting someone directly is embarrassing.

O: Oh, you’re a bit calmer now. Keep feeling that way. I’m going to let go of the arms I’m holding down, alright? If you get too embarrassed then cover your face. Haha, I’d prefer to see your cute face though. Stop pointing out every time I get embarrassed! I know that myself.

O: Ugh, if you tease an old man too much, you’re going to end up in an embarrassing position. It’s embarrassing enough already? You’re kidding, right? You’re only a little naked at the top. Say that you’re embarrassed for the first time when your bottom is completely bare too.

O: Even if you say no to that… I’m still going to do it. If I don’t then we can’t do it to the very end, right?

O: Sorry about this, but with my experience you’re now bare in a blink.

O: Huh? It’s embarrassing to be the only one naked? That’s telling me to strip too, right? Haha, sure. If you want to see me that badly, I’ll take these off. Well, I’m not young but I still have a pretty good body, right? I played in sports where I could when I was young. Even now, I go to the batting cage to get rid of stress.


O: Haha, don’t call me a junior high school student. Batting is the least hassling thing to do, since there are times where I work for 24 hours. There are often times at night when I want to move my body.

O: Well, starting today, I’ll be exercising in bed though. Hey, you’re not supposed to laugh at me being a dirty old man this time. For your punishment, I’m going to take off my pants.

O: Take this, the lower half of a hateful old man is coming into view. Boom. We’re both naked with this now. Next is to do what we need to do.

O: Hm, you’re still embarrassed? Haha, well, that makes sense. But, sorry, I’m getting more and more excited. *kisses*

O: Heh, your body is honest. Actually, I don’t really mean to say dirty old man lines but… your body is properly reacting. Heh, look, your nipples are hard. You react every time they’re touched. Haha, you really are cute. How about this? Ah, what, aren’t you a bit wet?

O: Haha, saying no isn’t going to work anymore. Because that’s not all you’re feeling, right? However, if you do feel a little pleasure then I’d be happy. Does it feel good? Hm? Don’t ask? Haha, no, I suddenly want to ask. That’s because you’re cute when you’re embarrassed.

O: Men are creatures who get pleased when that happens.

O: More importantly, what they like more is a face slack with pleasure though.


O: Does this place feel good? Your clitoris is swollen. You can tell, can’t you? Aah, you’re drenched now. Does it feel that good having this place touched? Mm? No? I can take you for your word but, ah, it’s so loud. Can you hear it?

O: Because of your juices, there’s a loud noise every time I move my finger. Heh, you can cover your ears but I think it’s useless. I’ll make you feel even better. Enough to where you can’t even cover your ears. Spread your legs. Don’t tense up. You want to make it easier on yourself even just a little, right?

O: I’m going to taste this place. *gives oral*

O: Hey, hey, after your ears it’s your mouth now? Let out your voice. Mn…

O: You’re already soaking. Even my chin’s dirty. How about I put my finger in while I’m at this? Haha, it’s extremely tight. It’s said the body is honest and, well, that isn’t false. You’re clenching around my finger and won’t let go.

O: I’m lying? You think so? Heh, if you weren’t a woman who might become my wife, then I would be wondering what sort of creature you are to squeeze me this tight.

O: If I thrust myself into here, wouldn’t I get snapped in half? Hey, what do you think? Haha, what, I haven’t put myself in yet. You’re still just swallowing my finger. And yet you’re already squeezing down this hard, heh. Do you actually want it?


O: No? I’m not wrong. I can tell now after petting you up to here, but you really do want more, don’t you? Isn’t it actually the case that I don’t need to be gentle and hold myself back?

O: Haha, I didn’t tell you to want me. I won’t ask such a lame thing. I’ll make you experience me without argument. Here, I’m taking out my finger. Heh, what the heck, isn’t your entrance twitching after I took it out? I’ll thrust something much larger into here.

O: Here, I’m pressing against your entrance. Is it hot? Heh, you’re even hotter inside. I’ll slowly and gradually put it in. Remember me… without any rush.

O: Can you tell how I’m penetrating you bit-by-bit? Haha, hey now, if you clench down like that then I won’t be able to go in deep. I can tell you’re happy though.

O: Look, I’m at your deepest spot. Can you tell how I’m pressing against your womb?

O: What a nice body. You’ve swallowed me and won’t let go. Haah… choose me. To be honest, I thought I didn’t care who you’d choose but I’ve changed my mind after sleeping with you. You’re a good woman. Ngh, although right now I mean physically, I think our compatibility is pretty good.

O: Mgh… hah… look, you’re tightening at a good time. It’s still the first time, so I’m not too clear but I’ll make you want more. Ngh… shit, if you clench down like that I’m going to come instantly! Gngh, let me savor this more.

O: Haah… I don’t know whose child you’ll conceive in these days, but being your first is going to make me the likeliest possibility. Bear my child… and be mine. I… definitely want you now.

O: Ngh, hah… haah… I’m going to release soon… inside you… ngh! *he orgasms*

O: Haa… hah…

O: That wasn’t bad at all. Haha, what? You don’t have to be ashamed at feeling pleasure.

O: Well, that side of you is cute.

*** TRACK 4: Reiji – Food? I don’t need it ***

R: Evening. It’s been raining all day, huh. Thanks to that, I had to work in a depressed mood.

R: Food? Ah, I’m the type to eat outside. So, don’t worry about it. The servants wouldn’t have made my share either.

R: Huh? You made dinner yourself? Why did you use your time like that? If there are things you can do yourself, you want to do them? Oh… strange. It’s your right as a main branch member, so you should just use it.

R: You haven’t been able to use servants in your life up to now, right? You were bored because there was nothing to do…?

R: Well, that’s… understandable, I guess.

R: Then why don’t we get started now?

R: What do you mean what? Of course I mean making babies. You did it with my brother yesterday, right? Honestly, I would have liked to have the first night, but I was stopped by our relatives under the pretext of him being the older brother. I put up with it because I had no choice.


R: Now… why don’t we head to bed?

R: Hm? Why? Because you haven’t taken a bath yet? Ah, I don’t really mind. I’m the type who doesn’t care about small details like that. Ah… but if there are traces of my brother on you then maybe it should be considered. Even though we’re brothers, I don’t really want to touch what my brother released.

R: Let’s take a bath together then. This place is a separate house, but the bath here is huge. I’m looking forward to this.

R: Eh? You don’t want to? Why?

R: It’s embarrassing…? But you slept with my brother yesterday, didn’t you? So, isn’t it fine? You’re going to sleep with me too anyway, and it’s just a difference of it being earlier or later, right?

R: You don’t want to do it if it’s possible…? By “do it” do you mean making babies? Oh…? Have you already decided on my brother? Was my brother that good? Unlike me, he has a nice body. So you like that type, huh.

R: I’m wrong? But you did it with my brother, right? How was it? Good to the point where you don’t need to try me?

R: That’s not it, huh… You just want to start with getting to know each other? Haha, then you wouldn’t have needed to come here. It would have been nice to start normally from dates, but it’s because that couldn’t happen that you were brought here. You still don’t get it, do you?


R: You’re here to conceive a child from one of us as quickly as possible. If that wasn’t the case, then you wouldn’t be confined here. So, what we should be doing here isn’t introducing ourselves. We should just be having sex.

R: I’m here in order to get you. To have you give birth to a daughter.

R: There’s no guarantee that the first child will be a daughter…? Hahaha, are you saying that seriously? In the Kaidou family, regardless of whether it’s the branch family or main family, the first child is always a daughter. For some reason it’s been like that since a long time ago.

R: Even though you’ve been outside this prefecture, you’re still family so I thought you would know that much at least. So, if you get pregnant, then your first child will be a daughter without a doubt… as long as you haven’t had an abortion before.

R: You haven’t, right?

R: I see! Then there’s no problem. Well, even if you were to give birth to a son, then you just need to continue bearing children until it’s a daughter.

R: If you understand, then let’s go to the bathroom. I’ll scrape out whatever my brother poured into you without leaving a single drop. Aah, if you were impregnated then it would be meaningless but my brother is much older than me, you see, so the amount’s smaller and there’s also a chance it didn’t reach you. I’m going to pour lots into you today.

*** TRACK 5: Reiji – I’ll wash everything for you ***

R: Now, take off everything. Get in.

R: What’s wrong?

R: Ah, I’ll buy you clothes the next time I come over. I know your general size. It’s because you didn’t obediently remove your clothes. I wasn’t planning on using scissors. Oh, I see, you got scared because I used a sharp object? I see. I’m sorry for scaring you. If I had my brother’s arm strength, then I could have ripped everything off. But ripping jeans is impossible for me. I had no choice but to use these. You can take off the rest yourself, right? So, well, there’s no problem, right?

R: Go in then. It’s cute seeing you try to cover your body as hard as you can, but I’m going to end up seeing everything anyway. Oh well. First, let’s wash with a shower.

R: Getting into the bath will be after you’re clean, OK?

R: By the way, where did my brother touch you?

R: You’re cute, so… you’re pretty much my brother’s type, huh. Of course, you’re also my type.

R: He touched your lips, right? He kissed you, didn’t he? Ah, sorry, I didn’t mean to drown you. I just… wanted to wash where my brother touched you.


R: I’ll wash this hair carefully. Don’t worry, I’m often praised for being good at washing. So, stay still.

R: I told you to stay still, didn’t I? I ended up pulling your hair accidentally. Aah, that’s too bad, some of it got ripped out. It’s because you weren’t still. If you’re a good girl, it won’t hurt.

R: Here, I’m washing off the shampoo. Next is the treatment… ah, your hair is clean now. Mm, cute.

R: Don’t look so scared. I just want to make you clean.

R: Now, next is your body, huh.

R: This body shampoo is different from the main branch’s one. Oh? It’s the one you always use, huh. It smells nice. Haha, I’ll wash your back first then.

R: Did my brother touch this place too? Well, he held you so he must have touched it. This neck, these earlobes, and your arms. Did you cling onto my brother? I’ll painstakingly wash these places… and then your breasts…


R: Haah… they seem like breasts my brother would love. I like them too. These nipples that react and harden immediately even though I’m just washing them. The whole thing is soft too and the size is just right. What was done to them yesterday?

R: Tell me. You can’t say? Ah, but I can make a general guess.

R: My brother is surprisingly gentle, isn’t he? He didn’t do anything crazy, right?

R: I’m sure… he rubbed them gently, didn’t he? Like this, lifting them up from the bottom… pinching the nipples… Did he also lick them? I see, then I have to carefully fondle them too, huh.

R: Well, if I wash too hard then your skin will get rough so for now… I’ll leave it like this.

R: Now, I’ll wash your stomach next. You have a nice waist, don’t you? It’s lucky a girl like you was unmarried. If that wasn’t the case, then when we were brought here I might have caused a little bloody scene.

R: Now… I guess I’ll wash your importance place. Did my brother touch here? Well, it’s impossible that he didn’t, huh.


R: My brother’s the type to fuck a woman after she’s aroused. How did he play with this place? He touched it, right? With his finger. Or did he use his tongue? Tell me, I want to know.

R: It was so embarrassing you don’t remember…? That’s a lie. Did you think you could dodge the question with those words? Come on, tell me.

R: First with his fingers…? It’s my brother so he must have carefully caressed your clitoris. Pinching it like this and rubbing it… Haha, I can’t tell if it’s slippery from the soap or your juices. Does it feel good? You can come. It feels good, right? Aah, you can’t stand anymore, huh.

R: Then… why don’t we sit on the floor for a bit? Don’t worry, there’s proper underfloor heating. It’s not cold.

R: Haha, it’s nice to spoon a girl like this and fondle her, huh. It feels like we’re a really tight couple, right?

R: Now, why don’t we continue? Here, I’ll rub your clitoris more.

R: It feels good, right? I know it feels good, but if you struggle too much I’ll slip. Look, it’s this hard now. How about I make you come once?


R: It’s okay, you know? Why are girls so embarrassed about coming. It’s super cute though. But I’m still going to make you come.

R: Look, it’s so slippery I can’t peel back the hood, but I can scrape the sensitive bundle with my fingertip. Haha! You finally came.

R: Aah, these aren’t soap bubbles, are they? It’s your juices. It’s this wet and flowing out. Look, my finger slipped right in. One… two…

R: Hah, fingers aren’t long objects I can just put in that’d make you feel good, huh. I guess I’ll leave it like this.

R: Ah, you’re wet inside and it’s like you’re eating my fingers. It’s really wrapped around me. Aah, that’s right, I need to scrape out my brother’s release from last night. Haha, oh no, am I scraping out my brother’s release or your juices? I can’t tell at all. Because… this slick just keeps gushing and gushing out.

R: Haa… you have such a dazed look on your face. Did you show that look to my brother too?

R: I’m jealous. You should just decide on me already. Then… everything of you would be mine.

R: Hah, I’m making no progress no matter how much I scrape out. Oh well, I’m sure my brother’s release is already long gone anyway. Now, while we’re at it, I think I’ll just put it in like this. I also can’t hold back anymore. You’re so wet I’m sure you’ll feel good. The floor is hard but… well, you just need to bear with it for a while.


R: Put your hands on the floor and get on your hands and knees. I’ll buy a soft mat next time. Put up with this just for today.

R: Come on, raise your butt higher. Aah, this is such a nice view. Honestly… I wanted to fuck you first. Now, I’m putting it in. Aah! Wow. It feels so good. Ah, oh no, if you squeeze so hard I’m going to come now, aren’t I? Hm, releasing is the goal but, really, we should enjoy ourselves a bit, right?

R: Aah… for it to feel this good…

R: You feel good too, right? Look, I’m reaching deep into you.

R: I can’t go too hard, but when I gently grind against you and poke the entrance to your womb it feels good, right? Ngh… ah…

R: If our compatibility is this good, it would have been great if I hadn’t hesitated and we met earlier. After all, I knew at a much earlier time that you were to marry one of us.

R: Huh? You’re asking how? Because the daughter of the aunt that was to inherit the family died a long time ago. Ever since that time, I knew you were going to succeed the family one day. Damn… there were so many opportunities. I wish I made you mine immediately.


R: Because, sooner or later, it would end up like this. If your choices were no one else but me and my brother, then wouldn’t it have been better? Well, it’s fine to be chosen from here.

R: Hm? You can’t choose? Why?

R: I think you’ll choose me. Why do I think this? Because your little brother… after he graduates from university will be looked after at my office. No? It’s not like I have any bad intentions. I’m taking care of your little brother, so choosing me is better, right?

R: Not at all, I really don’t have other intentions. Hahahaha.

R: Haha, you really do feel good. I wanted to enjoy you more, but I’m about to come. Ngh… hah…! *he orgasms*

R: Haa… choose me. I said a lot of things, but I… really do like you. Since a long time ago.

R: Now, your body’s covered in bubbles. I’ll wash it off with the shower. After this, let’s enjoy ourselves slowly in the bath. I still want to know a lot about you. Then, after that, we’ll do it in bed. I’ll overwrite your memories to the point where you’ll forget about my brother… in full.

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