Kaidou-ke no Shuubun #2

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Kaidou Osamu (皆藤 修)
CV: 脳無々

Kaidou Reiji (皆藤 玲二)
CV: 杉山純

The Kaidou Family Scandal

Your relationship with the two men continues without change.

Osamu, the older brother, envelops you extremely gently while Reiji, the younger brother, desires you intensely to the end.

Either one you marry, if you can, would be an ideal marriage in their own way. That is what seems to weaken your resolution. Do you go for a relationship which has been softly nurtured or do you go for a longing intense enough to rob away everything.

Which person do your feelings lean towards?

Thank you to Yunfa for the commission! R18 warning and light incest, shaving. I am tackling the entire compilation, which is made up of three volumes, and you can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite.

Second volume!

*** TRACK 1: I want you to give up though ***

*door knocks*

Osamu: Oh, it’s you. What do you want?

Reiji: I came to discuss whether or not you’ll pull out, brother.

O: That matter?

R: I think there’s nothing for you to do but pull out though?

O: That girl just needs to choose you, doesn’t she? Until she does, I don’t plan on giving ground.

R: If you can be this decisive, remember I did ask you to give her up at the beginning though?

O: I’m respecting her will. Besides, it’s not like I don’t want her either.

R: Are you talking about the main branch’s assets? You’re rich enough even without that, right, brother?

O: There’s no doubt that I have more money than the main branch. In the first place, that family’s properties are what they sucked up from the branch family. I don’t want them.

R: No way… you can’t have fallen for her, right?

O: Who knows?

R: … Brother, you have the ability to pick and choose whoever you want, right?

O: You too, Mr. Lawyer. But to think you’re still obsessed about that.

R: … I don’t know what you’re talking about.

O: Don’t be too excessive. No means no, alright? For me, and for you.

R: Heh, no thanks. I’m not doing anything excessive. Isn’t that why I’m here asking you?

O: I don’t remember being asked. If this is your normal attitude then, one day, your job as a lawyer is going to dry up.


R: That’s not going to happen!

O: Oh, it’s about time to head home.

R: Huh? It’s still eight o’clock.

O: It’s late. Because she’s made dinner and is waiting. You should head home too.

R: You’re acting married already?

O: What’s wrong about being lured by delicious food? Well, it’s true this is practice for the general gist of things. It’s like a dining table for newlyweds.

R: Hmph. Just keep playing house for as long as you can.

O: Oh, are you being a poor loser? You can start eating at home too.

R: … Regrettably, I’m busy, you see. I’m also going to tell her that I don’t need dinner to be prepared. Even without making her happy like that, she’ll definitely become mine.

O: Heh, then there’s no need for me to pull out, right?

R: I’m just trying to be doubly sure. I also don’t want you to taste defeat, brother.

O: Isn’t it early to be concerned about me being hurt?

R: Who knows? Well, you’ll know in time. Anyway, I’m going back to work. I’m trusting her with you. *leaves*

*** TRACK 2: Reiji – Choose me ***

R: I’m home. Ah, you’re in the middle of eating. Don’t mind me, you can keep eating. I came back a lot earlier than usual, so I’m sure you weren’t expecting it either.

R: Hm? Stewed eggplant, ginger fried pork, and then miso soup? I see. It’s a repertoire my brother would like.

R: Me? I don’t really… no, if there’s extra then I guess I’ll have some. I didn’t eat outside.

R: Haha, it’s not that surprising, is it? It’s not like I don’t want to eat your cooking. I don’t have the habit of cooking for myself, so it’s just easier to eat outside.

R: Oh, thank you.

R: For my portion to come out like this… Did you possibly predict that I’d eat?

R: Ah, I see. It’s hard to cook for just one person. You planned to leave it and eat it for tomorrow’s lunch? Haha, it’s the thinking of a housewife.

R: That’s a common thought? You’re right. It’s more economical to cook large amounts. My brother and I aren’t men who need to do that though.

R: *eating* Mm? The taste? No, it’s not bad.


R: Oh, I see. Mm, it’s good. Right, I was observing it from an economical view and that I didn’t taste the flavor was rude. That was my mistake.

R: Um… do you have a meal like this every day with my brother?

R: Oh… No, you don’t need to prepare a share for me. Well, if you’re going to end up with extra in any case then… I don’t mind eating it like this.

R: … I’m not being considerate for you. You can eat it yourself instead of forcing it on someone who doesn’t want to eat it…? You think I’m saying I’ll eat it because I’m poor and miserable, right?

R: Ggh, I’m not saying I want to eat it either. You’re saying I shouldn’t then…? Ugh, fine. No, you don’t need to care about anything.

R: … By the way, it’s almost been half a month since you started this life. How is it?

R: I’m not asking about my brother, I’m asking if you feel like choosing me.

R: Why do I want you to choose so quickly…?

R: Obviously it’s so that I can hurry up and have you all to myself. It doesn’t feel good to share one woman between brothers, you know?

R: Then I can just give up…? To my brother?

R: Haah… I see. You’re not listening to my words at all.


R: Tch, thanks for the meal.

R: Nah, it’s fine. I’ll clean this up later. More importantly, there’s something I want to ask you. No, more like instruct you.

R: Come here.

R: Haha, you don’t have to be so guarded. You know what I’m going to say, don’t you?

R: I’m going to have you take off your clothes.

R: There’s only the two of us in this house. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about at this point, right?

R: … Hm? Well, it was like this the day before yesterday too. You didn’t remove your clothes for 20 minutes, right? Are you going to resist until I tear it off you today too?

R: You’re an unexpected handful. So that there’s no marks on your body when you’re stripped… it’s best to take them off yourself, if possible.

R: You don’t have to do it now…? You don’t get it at all, do you? If we begin now, then the least we can go for is three times, right? I need to raise the probability of you bearing my child even by just a little bit.


R: I do think I have the advantage for being younger than my brother, but if it’s possible then I want to be certain.

R: It doesn’t matter whose child it is…? Well… now that you say it, I guess so. This sort of thing is nothing more than instinct though. I’m surprised by myself too at how I have this wild side though. It’s said that men are creatures who want to leave behind their own offspring. That’s why—

R: —Eh? What… did you say just now?

R: Can you say it once more… clearly so I can hear it?

R: You’ll choose… my brother? Just now, did you say you’re going to choose my brother? Why? That’s not something I’ll allow. Well, there’s still time before you’re pregnant. I’m going to teach you amply today… that it’s better to choose me.

*** TRACK 3: Reiji – I’m going to engrave myself into you so much ***

R: Haah… you won’t listen obediently to a single thing I say, huh. It was the first night, wasn’t it? The last time I spent so much effort. It is my turn to have your hands tied behind your back though. But if you had been quiet then I would have taken you to bed. The fact that we’re doing it on the sofa isn’t my fault, I’d say. If you had just quietly let me fuck you then this wouldn’t have happened.

R: Now, you said you were going to choose my brother, right? Why? Because he has money? Or… could it be that you fell in love?

R: You love him? Oh…? My brother? Because he’s gentle, unlike me?

R: Haha. Certainly, my brother’s nice like that. I know. Whose brother do you think he is?

R: But my brother won’t love you. That person is a man who can have sex without any emotion.

R: That’s not the case…? Then you’re saying he loves you? You should ask him. I’m sure he’ll say this, “I don’t feel that right now, but I’ll protect you with all that I have.” My brother can say this much. He’s quite clear on his duties.


R: Me?

R: … Have you not listened to me? Or do you just not believe me?

R: I believe I’ve said it many times now. I love you. I love you and yet I’m doing this mean things…?

R: You don’t get it. It’s because I love you that I want to make certain you’ll have my child no matter what.

R: You’re saying it’s weird to believe that I love you when we just met?

R: … Hey, is it possible that you don’t remember a single thing in the past? The time you were here at the main branch for a short while.

R: You don’t know what I’m talking about? I can tell you right now, but that would be really tactless. I’ll wait slowly for you to remember. If you’re with me then we’ll have all the time in the world.

R: We won’t be together? I’ve said this a lot, but your little brother is being taken care of at my office.

R: You’ll ask my brother? Haha, I don’t care. But that company isn’t simple, to the point where people will pull connections to get in. The organization is so big there are places my brother can’t see. The end result may just be him getting ripped to shreds.

R: A recent graduate can’t possibly become my brother’s secretary. The same can be said for my company, but for a lawyer’s office it’s enough to just organize documents. If he wishes for it, then he can also study there and aim to be a lawyer.


R: Hm? Haha, can you please not look so surprised? Can you now understand that I didn’t say I’d look after your brother without considering anything?

R: In other words, I seriously want to have you. I don’t plan on giving you to my brother.

R: You love my brother… huh. It’s doubtful as to whether or not that’s real, but if you’re going to insist then I have some thoughts on that too.

R: Up to now, I thought it would be fine so long as I made you feel good while fucking you. But I guess I can’t keep it simple like that anymore, huh.

R: You’re asking what I’m going to do? Haha, you don’t have to look so scared, I won’t do anything painful. Only… let’s see… I think I’ll make you experience some shameful things.

R: No…? I haven’t even done anything yet… although I’m going to.

R: Does my brother turn off the lights when you sleep with him? Or do you guys do it while it’s bright?

R: You don’t feel like answering? Heh, in any case, it’s bright, right?

R: Oh, I knew it. Well, it’s just like my brother.

R: Then why don’t we try doing things we didn’t do since we were being considerate of each other?


R: You don’t have to look so uneasy. I said I wouldn’t do anything painful, remember?

R: By the way… I haven’t touched you today yet, but your nipples are reacting already, you know. Do you actually like being tied up?

R: Hahaha! It’s better not to deny it so vehemently, no? The harder you shake your head the more I think that’s not the case. *kisses*

R: You don’t have to hate it that much. Well… at any rate, there’s no way for you to escape in this state. Now, since they’re already reacting nicely I think I’ll taste your nipples.

R: I knew it, you’re reacting better than usual. *kisses* Every time I suck, your body trembles.

R: Aah, haha, they’re even harder. Now, while we’re at it, this place too… *kisses*

R: Haah… your skin is pale so marks show up right away. Hickeys. Up to now, my brother and I were both reserved and didn’t make them but it’s not like you mind, right? It’s not like others will see it. My brother will though. I wonder what my brother will think after he sees hickeys all over your entire body. I think I’d love to see that. Hehehe.

R: When I make marks like these… *kisses* it’s as if they’re proof that you belong to me, right? I’m going to make them on your stomach too, not just your breasts.


R: I think I will go ahead and put them all over your body. Every time he sees these marks, my brother will know that my lips touched that place. He’ll be aghast and that really gets me, more than both of us sharing your body and trying to impregnate you. I’m sure. I’m excited to know what look he’ll make. *kisses*

R: Your thigh… knee… ngh…

R: It’s not really showing on your shin. I guess it’s best where the skin is thin. I’ll raise up your leg, mm, and put som on your thigh and inner thigh.

R: Oh? Haha! I don’t think it’s my imagination, but I can see that this place is wet already. Aah, look, I only rubbed your breasts a little and did nothing but make hickeys. You got aroused from that?

R: Haha, it’s nothing to get embarrassed about, right? It means you feel good from my kisses, right? That makes me happy, haha.

R: You got turned on from my kisses and became this wet while boasting that you love my brother.

R: In truth, aren’t I better?


R: Like this, when I put my finger in… See? You clamp down this hard. It’s like this mouth is saying it can’t help but want me. I’m lying? It’s not like I’d get anything for lying. Look, can you hear the dirty noises from me just moving my finger? Your clitoris is also swollen and begging to be touched. I’m looking forward to how much pleasure you’ll get when I put myself in here.

R: Ah, I know, I thought of a good idea. How about I shave the hair here? No? Why? It’s not like you’ll be troubled without it.

R: It’s embarrassing, huh. Haha, but I’ve seen every inch of your body. I don’t think you need to hide this place at this point. Wait here, I’m going to grab the shaver.

R: Sorry to keep you waiting. Now, I’m going to shave it. Let’s open your legs.

R: Except, of course, I know you won’t do that even when I ask.

R: Haah… now, you do have a choice here. The result won’t change though. Do you want to hear them? You don’t? Well, you don’t have to hear them but, in that case, it’s not my fault for whatever happens. So, do you want to hear?

R: First is to spread your legs and let your bothersome hair be shaved by me. No? Then I guess I’ll give out the other choice too. The other choice is to be tied up with your legs spread apart and then have your bothersome hair be shaved. Now, which one do you want?

R: You don’t want either? Haha, well, I knew it.


R: Then… I guess I’ll tie you up. That way I can do what I like here and there too. I don’t have too weird interests, but I wonder what’ll happen if I take pictures of your disheveled and tied up state and send it to my brother?

R: I might… like those kind of things.

R: You obediently spread open your legs. Is my brother that good?

R: Keep your legs open and stay still. Or else you’ll get hurt. Honestly, it’d be better to shave you in the bathroom but, well, there’s shaving gel here so I don’t think there’ll be a problem. Now, I’m going to start.

R: Mm, nice. Everything that got in the way is disappearing and it’s becoming pretty. You’re surprisingly hairy. Well, I’ll shave you in the future though. I don’t mind if you ask my brother too. That’s if you’ll show this smooth child-like pussy.

R: What are you going to do tomorrow? I wonder if you’ll show my brother this place. This place that was shaved by me and became smooth.

R: The lights won’t be turned on…? He’ll find out if he touches you.

R: Now, I’ll wipe off the remaining gel and, as a finish, I’ll wipe you with a hot towel so wait a minute. You’ll be all clean with this.

R: Hm? You’re not getting clean. Is this… your wetness? Look, when I pull the towel away there’s a connecting thread. Aah, it’s flowing out. Oh, what, now that I look closely your clitoris is this swollen too.

R: Did you get turned on being shaved? Or… did you get turned on when you thought about your embarrassing and smooth pussy being seen by my brother?


R: You’re unexpectedly a masochist, huh. I knew that though.

R: By the way, I’m going to continue my questions. What are you going to do about this? Are you going to show my brother?

R: I see, you’re not going to show him! If you showed him, he’d be shocked, huh. That you were turned this smooth and that you get this wet. You’re so dirty. My brother likes naughty women, but he doesn’t like dirty ones.

R: If he saw you right now, maybe he’d break up with you. He does what needs to be done, but it’s like he’s playing house. I wonder what my brother is really thinking when he sleeps with you. Well, I guess it wouldn’t be a good feeling, huh.

R: I love any side of you though. I want to put myself in immediately, but I’ll hold back and first I’ll make you feel pleasure.

R: Ah, before that, I’ll free your arms. Now that we’re here, you know clearly that resisting is pointless, right? Did they grow numb? Ah, that’s sad. But… it’s because you resisted. If you hadn’t struggled then you wouldn’t have been tied up like this. However, if you want that then I’ll happily tie you up. After all, just from being tied up, you seem to have gotten really sensitive.

R: Did you forget? How your nipples became so hard from just being tied up. You don’t want to admit it? Well, that’s fine. I’ll just ask your body directly.


R: Now, what was in the way is gone so I think it can be seen clearly. How I lick this soaking place of yours. Ah, you can’t close your legs. You can close them, but I’m still going to do it. If you’re going to be fucked then feeling good would be better, right?

R: Mm, good girl. *gives oral*

R: Haah… does it feel good? It’s easier for me to taste you too with everything gone. Ngh…

R: But, mgh… hey, aren’t you a little too wet? Even the bottom of your ass is drenched. Look, just from putting a finger in you clench down almost painfully. Hahaha. This naughty look is definitely something I can’t show my brother.

R: In the end you feel pleasure from me even while you shake your head. You’re a dirty girl. You say you love him, but you’re fine with someone not my brother either. Mmgh…

R: Come on, you can come. You want to come, right? Your body is shaking so much. Ngh…


R: Did that feel good? Haha, I guess I don’t need to ask. Now, this time I think I’ll get some pleasure. Look, I’m putting it in. Nngh… ah…!

R: Aren’t you squeezing tighter more than usual? Haa… did it feel that good making this place smooth? Ngh… hah…!

R: Come on, moan. Haah… haa… you can’t hold back. You can’t help but want me, right? Since you’re squeezing me like this and not letting go. Come on, haa… Deeper? Or this spot at the top? Aah… I’m also slippery with your juices, haha.

R: Choose me! Do you think my brother would accept you like this? Ah, I think he’ll accept you on the surface. No matter what you’re like, he’ll think of you as his duty but I…! If it was me… ngh! Mrgh… hah… haa…!

R: … Let’s get in the bath. I’ll clean you from tip to toe. I’m not going to let you off today… until you choose me.

*** TRACK 4: Osamu – The meal is delicious today too ***

O: Aah, that was delicious. Thanks for the meal. You have an unexpected repertoire. I’m surprised. Ah, I suppose it’d increase if you did it every day. I’m hopeless at cooking so I can’t even imagine that.

O: Oh, sorry, could you pass me the beer?

O: Aah, great.

O: You aren’t going to drink? You don’t have to be reserved, you can drink. What? You won’t drink? Ah, I see. You don’t know when you might be pregnant, huh. Sorry about that. I didn’t think about that at all.

O: Ah, no, I’m coming here for that reason but in actuality I don’t really feel that. Men are like that, aren’t they? On that point, they’re different from women. Once the child is actually born, isn’t that when they become fathers? Well, I don’t really understand.

O: In the first place, it’s hard to imagine myself being a father. Oh, I’m not saying I don’t want to be one. I’ve been single up to this age.

O: By the way, it’s been around two weeks since you came here, hasn’t it? Have you gotten used to everything? It still doesn’t feel real? Heh, that’s true, there aren’t many women who are skilled with sleeping between two men.

O: You don’t seem to be dextrous like that. Uh, I’m not disparaging you or anything. This is extremely normal. It’s a matter of course for a general sensible woman.


O: If a woman was overjoyed in this situation that’d be a problem in and of itself. You’re asking me why? Heh, you might choose me, right?

O: If you were a woman who was pleased to sleep with two men, then after that it means you might do it with Reiji still, right? It’s only that the circumstances now are abnormal, but normally I’d refuse that.

O: What? You have a strange look. It’s not like I was talking about you. The situation right now is unavoidable.

O: Now then, the meal’s eaten so I think I’ll take a bath. You’re taking one too, right?

O: You don’t feel well…? It’s true your complexion is a bit poor. Well, I won’t force you but… could you come here for a moment? No, haha, I’m not going to do anything weird. Do I look like a man who’d do something weird to a woman who feels unwell? Haha, what’s with that doubtful look? Enough, come here.

O: Here, show me your forehead. I’ll put mine against yours… Hm, it doesn’t seem like you have a fever.

O: Just in case, should we take your temperature? Where’s the thermometer? Uh, you’ll feel better after sleeping? What are you going to do if you get worse after saying that? That’s how our grandmother died.


O: Let’s see… *rummages* if I remember correctly, the one that guy used when he was a kid was around here… ah, here it is. It’s a mercury thermometer, so it shouldn’t be a problem even if it’s old. Here, sit on my lap.

O: Keep it against your side. Hm? This guy…? Ah, no, nevermind. It’s an old thermometer, you see, so it’ll take some time.

O: Is this your first time seeing this sort of thermometer? Well, that’s true. Recently, they’re all electronic thermometers, huh. It’s been a while since I saw one of these thermometers too.

O: When I was a kid, and staying over here, Reiji caught a fever. I think I haven’t seen one since then. In the first place, no one lives here at all times, so there are a lot of old things left around.

O: The time you were here in the past…? Oh, what, do you remember? Huh? That’s not it? Reiji said something? He didn’t tell you and you’re curious…

O: In the past, for a short time, you and your whole family lived in this separate house. Well, it was for the sake of doing a ceremony at 3 years old for girls who have the right to inherit the family. Hm? You’re asking if anything happened at that time?

O: Why are you asking about that? Well, it was a ceremony so if you’re asking if something happened then something did… but also nothing happened. Uh, it’s not like anything in particular happened. If you’re curious no matter what then just remember it yourself. Well, I don’t think anything special happened.

O: Oh, I think it’s alright to pull out the thermometer. Ah, you really don’t have a fever. It’s because this abnormal situation has been going on, huh. You might be tired.

O: When you say you feel bad, do you feel nausea, dizziness, or anything like that?

O: You don’t feel nausea but you feel sluggish, hm. Then… why not take a long bath? No? Hey, hey, you don’t have to refuse that hard. We go in together all the time, don’t we? Hey now, don’t struggle. What is this? You’re surprisingly energetic, aren’t you? Haha, there, there. Be a good girl, don’t struggle. I won’t do anything. Come on, I’ll lift you up and pat you on the back.

O: Just kidding! You’re right where I want you— ah… I see. So that’s how it is.

*** TRACK 5: Osamu – … I’m sorry ***

O: You didn’t want me to see the hickeys Reiji made?

O: Well… he certainly wasn’t reserved when making them, but it’s not like I care about this. If you’d like, I can make some for you to show him. Like this. *kisses* and this… *kisses* I’ll slowly kiss your entire body. Do you want me to make more? Here. *kisses* And here. *kisses* More still? *kisses* More? *kisses*

O: Haha, that’s enough? Are your worries gone? Haha, why do you look like you’re going to cry? Look my way. *kisses*

O: Do you still feel unwell? I see. You feel bad. Then you really should take a long and wet bath. I’ll carry you, so don’t move around.

O: Hey now, I told you not to move.

O: We’ve reached the changing room. I’m putting you down. Hey, hey, don’t run. What on earth is wrong? We always go in together. I also saw the hickeys, so there’s nothing more, right? Come on, take off your bra. I’m going to take off your skirt.

O: Ngh! Hey, you… I told you not to struggle. Look, there’s just your panties left. Just give up and take them off. I’m going to strip too.


O: *growls* I’m asking you… why are you trying to run at this point? I’ve already seen you naked plenty of times. What? Do you want me to take off your panties too? Heh, jeez, I guess I have no choice.

O: I’m telling you to stop running. I can just slip off your panties—

O: … Ah…

O: I’m taking off all my clothes. Wait a moment.

O: Alright, we’re going in. *opens door* Here, come over. The bath is ready, right? Good. I’ll turn on the heat. Now, let’s go in. *gets in*

O: Come on, sit on my lap.

O: Haah… it’s nice and warm. Just right. I end up doing extra things whenever I get in the bath with you, so it’s better for it to be cooled down. For you too, right?

O: … Was it Reiji? Well, it had to be Reiji, huh. There’s no one else who’d do this thing.

O: Heh, why are you apologizing? It’s him, so he probably forced you. You aren’t hurt anywhere, are you? Mm, that’s good then.


O: … Sorry. Oh, no, the older brother has to apologize for what his younger brother does, right? Well, if you were happily shaved then there’s no need to apologize but that wasn’t the case, right?

O: I didn’t know that guy had this sort of interest, but well there’s a lot of men who do like this.

O: Me? Well, my heart raced. As proof, look… I’m like this already, wanting to thrust into you. Something hard is pressed against your butt, right? Haha, relax. I won’t thrust into you without warning. Only… I will tease you though.

O: Haha, oh, aren’t you wet already? Now that I look closely, your nipples are hard too. Heh, was it embarrassing to have your shaved pubic seen? Haha, well, I suppose it’d be embarrassing. Even I’m a bit embarrassed when I stare at it hard. I don’t dislike it.

O: To be honest, it’s pretty arousing. Of course it’d be. This isn’t something you’d usually see, after all.

O: Hey… I’m sorry to take back what I just said, but… can I put it in now? Haha, because, look, you’re wet to the point where my finger can slip right in. Like this… ah, two fingers are in. You’re contracting inside.

O: It feels like you’re saying you want something. Or is it my imagination?


O: That’s irresistible. I’m going to put myself in now, alright? Slowly… lower your hips. Yes, good girl. Mgh…

O: I want to snap my hips as hard as I can, but I feel like I’d explode immediately. Let’s try to enjoy ourselves as slowly as possible. Here, when I touch your clitoris while resting in you, heh… Does it feel good? I see. Haha, ah, crap… when you feel good you squeeze down.

O: Haha, shit, the more you feel good the more you clench down and I end up feeling good.

O: How about we wash our bodies first? Alright, let’s get out.

O: Today, I’ll wash you by hand. I’m going to foam up the body soap, so sit here. The floor is okay, right? Alright, good girl. First, I’ll start with your back.

O: How is it? Feels good, right?

O: You have a tiny back, don’t you? Well, that’s not unreasonable. Next, I’m going to reach under your arms and wash your breasts, alright? Heh, it feels good, doesn’t it? I’ll wash your stomach too and this important place.

O: Haha, what the heck, isn’t it slippery here? I guess it can’t be helped. Raise your hips a little. I’ll put in my fingers from behind and play with your clitoris from the front. Haha, it’s this hard. Hey, aren’t you responding better than usual? You look like you can come right away.

O: If you want to come, then come without hesitation. We’re in the bathroom, so you can get it as dirty as you want.


O: Can you hear this? You’re making naughty squelching sounds. It’s because you’re spilling it out naughtily. Here, do you want me to pinch it harder? Should I add another finger inside you?

O: Look, I’ll swirl around my finger deep in you.

O: Ngh…

O: That felt good, didn’t it? Look, my hand is drenched. These aren’t bubbles from the body soap, are they?

O: Do you still feel bad? You’re fine now, right?

O: You didn’t want to show it to me that badly?

O: Um… your shaved place.

O: What? You thought I’d hate you? Haha, so cute.

O: Hey… choose me. It’s not like it’s a bad thing to choose early. If you think I’m better than Reiji, then you can choose already. For the most part, I’m a dirty old man too so you might think I always do things like this, but at least I do plan on not doing anything you’re truly against.

O: Hm? Do I love you? Hah, that’s right… First, let’s rinse your body.


O: Aah… like usual, this place is still wet no matter how much I rinse it.

O: For some reason, aren’t you wetter more than usual? It’s my imagination? Heh, well, we can leave it at that, but… hey, can I put myself in again here? I thought about taking another nice and long bath, but now I want you. I can’t help it, alright? The view is sexier than usual.

O: If you show me this… I can’t hold back, right? Come on top of me. Yes. Slowly is fine… can you put it in yourself?

O: Heh, irresistible. Just from something that should be there not being there… is this sexy, huh. Ngh… ah…

O: Everything’s in, right? Then, I don’t mind if you go slow, but could you move? Slowly is fine. I could move, but sorry I want to watch you without any rush.

O: I’m a dirty old man, you see. I didn’t think it’d be this clear seeing it go in and out without any hair there. I can’t help but want to watch it carefully.

O: Aah… you’re making a lewd expression. That’s a compliment. You’re saying you’re happy to swallow me up so nicely. Come on, can you do larger movements? Pull out to the very tip, ngh… yes, then slowly push it in.


O: Agh, damn… I really can’t stay still.

O: If I move myself I feel like I’m going to release immediately, so I wanted to hold back from doing that if possible. Nngh… hah… *he orgasms*

O: Haah… haa…

O: Can I give an honest answer… to your earlier question? I don’t think it’s the answer you’re wishing for but, to be honest, I don’t know whether or not I love you. That I’m doing something I need to do is still a large part. It was like that at the beginning. I’m honestly not that skilled when it comes to love.

O: I can’t tell instinctively if I’ve fallen in love or not. But… still, if you choose me, then I’ll protect you with all that I have. By nature, I’m a working man. I’m confident I won’t look at others. More importantly, I don’t like making women cry.

O: In truth, it’d have been better if I said I loved you, huh. I’m not good at lying when it’s not related to business. Sorry about that.

O: Hey, hey, don’t look so much like you’re going to cry! Right now, I just said that I don’t like making women cry.

O: Listen, the conversation we had just now was about the present. We don’t know what will happen in the future, right? If we live together, we might naturally… uh… grow to love each other.


O: Only… there is something I can say for certain. This is a complete selfish request from me though.

O: Reiji is the only person I don’t want to give you to. It’s not that I’m competing with him or anything. Uh… no, that’s not convincing, huh. I am saying he’s the only one I don’t want to give you to… but, up to now, I’ve given up on whatever I can give up on. We’ve never argued with each other before.

O: Our ages are pretty far apart, you see. He’s my younger brother, but also how do I put it… well, I wouldn’t go so far as to say a son, but he’s like someone I raised.

O: But… this is the only time I don’t want to give up on something to him. In my own way, this might be the first time I’ve felt something basically… um… like love or affection. Uh, I don’t really know yet though.

O: Haha, so choose me.

O: If it was me, I wouldn’t do anything to frighten you. It’s true that this time we might have gotten a bit heated though.

O: Finally, let’s use the hot water and get out. I want to make love to you in bed this time.

4 thoughts on “Kaidou-ke no Shuubun #2

    waterinegirl said:
    June 26, 2020 at 10:58

    I like the older brother. He’s nit forcing himself. But im also worried he will not fall in live with me even if he can treat me well

      Ilinox responded:
      June 26, 2020 at 13:52

      Haha, I actually liked the younger brother from the start (both for his voice and his slight peeks of darkness) but I can see the attraction of the older brother. He’s really honest and responsible. Sometimes, not having love and just companionship is good too.

    Kborenai said:
    June 23, 2020 at 03:31

    Ooo, I’m invested in this mini-series. LOL.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 23, 2020 at 20:25

      I have to admit I was bored during the first one, but it’s getting more and more mysterious. They keep hinting at this past that the heroine doesn’t remember and Reiji is apparently hell-bent on marrying her? Like that was the point of his life, so now I really want to know what happened that she doesn’t remember LOL.

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