Kaidou-ke no Shuubun #3

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Kaidou Osamu (皆藤 修)
CV: 脳無々

Kaidou Reiji (皆藤 玲二)
CV: 杉山純

The Kaidou Family Scandal

Your relationship with the two men has continued on and on.

On that day too, you were loved the same as usual… no, even more intensely.

What was left on your pale skin were the other sides’ marks of possession, which darkened every day.

The heat of the lips that touched you made it hard to choose either one.

However, that moment suddenly arrived.

There was a life resting in you.

The one you choose as the father is…

Thank you to Yunfa for the commission! R18 warning and light incest. I am tackling the entire compilation, which is made up of three volumes, and you can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite. I realized I miscounted because there’s two endings for the men, so I’ll be making two more posts after this!

Third and last volume!

*** TRACK 1: Osamu – I’m home ***

Osamu: I’m home. Haha.

O: Huh? Oh, no, I was just thinking about how natural it is to say “I’m home” now.

O: It’s a habit now after saying it every day.

O: Yesterday, I inadvertently started to come here instead of my apartment. Haha, seriously.

O: I came all the way to the front of the house, saw his car parked there, and remembered.

O: By the way, recently… he seems to be ending work early and coming here, hasn’t he? Ah, I was thinking that him arriving here earlier than me meant that.

O: Lately, he’s been eating dinner here too? Oh…? He’s someone who doesn’t change his style unless it’s for something big.

O: … So he’s pretty serious about you. I see.

O: How has it been lately? Has he been gentle with you?

O: Uh… well… enough about him. I’m absolutely famished. Recently, I haven’t been able to settle down until I eat a meal. This is what’s normal, but I can’t believe that I was fine without eating up to now.

O: Today is chicken and egg on rice, miso soup… and a side dish of boiled spinach seasoned with soy sauce, huh. Haha. For some reason, it makes me want to sigh and relax.


O: Hm? Haha, no, it’s because I don’t really eat home cooking. Our mother wasn’t the type of woman to make homemade food.

O: Since I started working, I’d naturally eat outside or not eat at all.

O: I can count the number of times I’ve eaten homemade food in my life. Ah, if you’re counting what the housekeeper makes as homemade food then that’d be another story.

O: Yeah, there was a housekeeper when I was young. Until I reached an age where I could look after my own food though. Heh, well, it’s not an enjoyable story so it’s not interesting to hear this, right?

O: Huh? You want to hear? It’s a common story. Nothing unusual, you know?

O: Our family is a business family for supporting the main branch. In other words, since a long time ago we’re a family that’s had a large business. I inherited the business from our father.

O: Our mother was a woman who stayed at home and didn’t know anything. Apparently, she fell in love with the position of being a president’s wife and married our dad. Our dad didn’t seem to give our mother money enough for an extravagant lifestyle. By the time we understood anything, they were already living apart.

O: … In other words, that’s all.

O: It’s just a story of how Reiji and I had a somewhat lonely period of youth.


O: That’s why I’m not particularly fixated on food and I have no dreams about marriage.

O: It’s not like it’s sad or anything. At the very least, I don’t hate how I am. I’m not unhappy about my life. Marriage is… well, not something I decide on my own. But at least, either Reiji or I will be able to continue the family line. Someone will manage the rest of the branch family.

O: Mm… thank you for the meal. It was delicious today too.

O: Reiji? Right… that man is living just for the sake of marrying you. So, when I inherited the company, he chose to become a lawyer without hesitation.

O: He planned on leaving the company to me and heading out alone into the world.

O: As to why… I mentioned it before, but you should ask the person himself. There are things I’m not clear about either.

O: … Are you curious? Haha, well, I suspect you’re curious. The obsession he has for you isn’t normal to me either. Do you feel like choosing him after knowing his feelings? Heh, that was a joke. It’s not like I’m trying to corner you. Well… you’re free to choose whoever, but I don’t feel like handing you over to him.

O: But if you say you’re going to him then I’ll hand you over…? That’s… well, yeah. Huh? Do you think that’s too quick? Haha, well… if you say it like that then it might be… but if you say he’s fine then stealing you by force is also miserable for you, right? That’s all.

O: Ugh… hey, do we still need this conversation?

O: Ah, no, don’t look so scared. It’s not like I’m angry. It’s just that… I want to make love to you now.

O: Even though he’s my brother, it’s not too selfish of me to want you to look at me instead of talking about another man, right?

O: You took a bath, right? Come here.

*** TRACK 2: Osamu – Choose me ***

O: Haah… a lot of time has passed since we ended up getting into bed together like this. Everything began without letting you refuse, so you must have felt scared at the start but… how are you now?

O: You don’t hate being like this with me, right? Heh, well, asking if you love this will trouble you, huh. Take it as if I didn’t ask anything.

O: … I’m also a bit afraid to ask, or how do I put it… uh, hey now, that’s not where you’re supposed to laugh.

O: Hm? I look calm? Me?

O: Calm, huh. It’s pathetic if I’m too desperate, right? That’s all. I’m just putting on airs. However, at the start, if it was a marriage that had to happen then I felt like there was no choice. Heh, I reasoned with myself that this was the way.

O: There are a lot of rules when entering the main branch. There’s no freedom and I didn’t think it was a good thing, so it really was just something that had to be done.

O: Now? Now… for you… I think it’s better to choose me.

O: Well, you have a point. It’s true our lives are different, but that’s not a bad thing either, right?


O: Hey, hey, are you going to put things off for me after getting in bed?

O: It’s about time to let me kiss you at least. *kisses*

O: You shouldn’t care about unnecessary things like our lives being different. You should choose what you think is best for yourself. I’m sorry for there only being two choices, but I think either old man is good, you know? Right? *kisses*

O: Now… let me make love to you. Is little me this hard just because of duty? I’m like this because I want to be inside you. But first I need to make you feel good, don’t I? Have I ever shortchanged you on that? Never, right?

O: Hm? You ask me this every time, but can’t I at least turn off the lights…? Haha, ah, I’m sorry about that. But that’s my one preference, so I’m sorry but you’ll have to cut me some slack. Now, I’m going to take off your clothes.

O: You’re covered in hickeys as usual. Well, above the ones he put… *kisses* I’ll put mine. Then he’ll put his on top of mine and this repeats, so there’s no way these will disappear, huh.

O: The numbers increase daily too, but there’s no one else who’ll see, so it’s not like it matters, right? But have you noticed? *kisses*


O: That the place we darken the hickeys… *kisses* are your erogenous places? *kisses* You haven’t looked closely at your naked body? There’s a large mirror in the changing room, no? If you look at yourself there you’ll understand.

O: You don’t have many places where you aren’t sensitive. For example, behind your ear… *kisses* your nape… *kisses* your neck… below your breasts… Enough already? Haha, I haven’t had enough yet. *kisses*

O: I didn’t like being forced to share at the beginning but, heh, now I’m strangely fired up about it. Being better than him, hah, I don’t want to say this and I didn’t intend to compete with him but… I don’t feel satisfied unless you’re pleasured.

O: Look, your nipples are hard. Turn onto your stomach. I’ll carefully make your back feel good too. *kisses*

O: It looks like you feel pleasure no matter where I suck on your back, but… you like it when I’m close to your waist, right? Then your side… I’ll kiss your bum while taking off your bottoms. You’re also pretty sensitive on the back of your thighs, huh.

O: Behind your knees… hm? *kisses*


O: Heh, what’s wrong? Haha, your hips are moving. Is it not enough to just have hickeys? That’s not it…?

O: Haha, don’t make that face. It says you’re not getting enough. *kisses*

O: Do you show Reiji that face too…? No, nevermind. Heh, what? You want to make me say it? You’re surprisingly mean too.

O: … It’s just me being jealous. I was wondering if you showed Reiji that same dazed look.

O: You’re not making that kind of look? *kisses* On your neck… with just kisses like this… It makes me want to show you what sort of look you have through a mirror. To be honest, I’m a little jealous that this face is seen by another man. *kisses*

O: You get aroused from kisses on your stomach too, right? Around your navel… then just a bit below that… your pelvis… Heh, this place is as smooth as always. It’s that guy’s work, huh. Does he shave you every day?

O: Spread your legs. This place is where you feel the most pleasure. Aah, it’s already wet. Haha, don’t close your legs, or I won’t be able to make you feel good.

O: You want me to turn off the lights? I’ve already told you this isn’t allowed. For a woman who might become mine… I want to look at every single inch of her.


O: … I’ll be even more honest. The man who might become yours… doesn’t want to be brushed over in the cover of darkness. I want you to see everything clearly and then choose. Me or him. Your eyes, your ears, and your skin… I want to engrave myself into everything of yours and make you choose me. Heh, I’m an unexpectedly overbearing man, aren’t I?

O: I don’t plan on letting you escape. Is that scary? No…? Haha, then I can continue, right?

O: I’ll spread your legs then. Hey now, don’t hide yourself. Your hand will become drenched, you know? See? You didn’t think you were this wet?

O: Hm? You knew but you’re embarrassed? Haha, sorry about that.

O: As an apology, I’ll lick clean your wet finger. *kisses*

O: … Mm, look, it’s clean now. It had a pretty naughty flavor though.

O: Next then… I’ll taste this soaking place that dirtied your finger and make it clean. Did it feel good to have your finger licked by me? Just from your finger? Fingers are pretty sensitive things, huh. *kisses*

O: Haha, see? Now, I’ll lick a place that will make you feel even better so don’t block me this time. Come on, spread your legs. *gives oral*


O: Aah, it won’t stop no matter how much I lick it.

O: You’re not that lewd of a woman? Isn’t it fine? Even if you were. I’d lose my confidence with a woman who doesn’t become disheveled in my arms. Look, you’re this sopping and it feels good. Nngh…

O: Ah, your clitoris is hardening in my mouth.

O: Here, I’ll suck on it. So let me hear a sweeter voice. Mngh…

O: Phew… you came well, didn’t you? I’m not saying this to give me confidence, but you can let yourself loose even more. Men won’t think women are bad, just because they’re naughty. I’m happy… that you’re turned on to the point of getting my chin wet.

O: Haha, you don’t have to wipe it off in such a hurry. It’s proof that you felt good.

O: Now then… is it alright to get down to the main business? It’s not because I want to feel good— ah, no, I do also want to feel good. I’m going to enter you. You’re more than ready enough, right?

O: Nngh, every single time it feels so good inside you that I’m about to get carried away immediately. Mgh… hah…!

O: It’d be easier if I could separate this into doing my duty, ngh… hah… so that if you were to choose Reiji then I could conclude things without getting hurt. Ah, no, I’m not trying to manipulate you. Ngh, mm… I’m not thinking about doing something stupid like appealing to your emotions with my words. Honestly, just do what you want.


O: Saying worthless things like this… I don’t want to go too long if possible and make things complicated. Gngh, but it feels so good… I’m telling you not to squeeze that hard.

O: Haa… hah…! This is going to sound stupid but… haha, there’s a part of me that thinks it’d be nice if you continued to be without child like this.

O: But even if I didn’t do this then Reiji would. I don’t want to lose by default, but if you continued to be without child then, as long as you didn’t choose anyone, we’d be able to stay like this forever, right? Ngh… hah…

O: I don’t enjoy sharing with him though… ngh… mm…

O: Ggh, shit… I thought I’d be able to hold on longer talking about little things but, ngh…! *he orgasms*

O: Haa… hah…

O: … Let’s rest a little.

O: The child? Ah, right… uh… nevermind. No, it’s nothing important. I just thought about the work I have left to do. Well, there’s no problem if I do it the next morning.

O: Haha, what? You look uneasy. I said it’ll be fine. I can make it in time.

O: … I’m hungry. Haha, well, it’s true we ate dinner but isn’t it because we just exercised? Is there… anything to eat? If there isn’t… hm, let’s see… how about I eat you once more? Haha. Just kidding.

*** TRACK 3: Reiji – Let’s talk about the past ***

Reiji: I’m home.

R: Hm? I’m home. You’re pretty spaced out, what’s wrong? Did my brother not let you sleep last night, or something?

R: You’re thinking? Could it be whether you’re going with my brother or me? I’m very curious about that. But, in any case, you haven’t decided yet, right?

R: Hm, I’m going to get ready for dinner then, so you take your time and think about that. I don’t think you’ll have come to a decision even after I finish eating though.

R: Today’s dinner is chopped burdock root in sugar and soy sauce and deep-fried fish…? Ah, you cooked it in a thick starchy sauce made of vegetables? Then miso soup with nameko mushrooms. For some reason, it feels like my dinner tends to have fish. It’s just by chance?

R: Oh, no, I don’t hate it. Rather… I like it.

R: Great, since it looks warm I guess I’ll eat. Thanks for the meal. What about you? Did you eat? Oh, I see.

R: … Um, if I came home earlier would I have been able to eat with you? Uh, since I’ve ended up in the habit of coming here for dinner then, in any case, eating together would be… Next time I have to be an hour earlier?


R: Um… do you eat dinner with my brother?

R: It depends on the time my brother comes back, huh…

R: Well, he is a busy person. Much more than me.

R: To be honest, it’s almost unbearably strange for me to see him put aside time for you like this. But that’s also why I think he’ll be tough.

R: Mm, today’s meal is delicious too. Aah. Yeah, it’s completely become a habit even though, up to now, eating outside was my habit. Uh, it’s not that I dislike homemade food, just that I thought it was annoying.

R: Hm? My mother’s…? Ah, did you possibly hear something from my brother? Well, that’s true, seriously. For our mother, something like making food seemed to be a bother and something that would take up time. That and money can resolve most things.

R: It’s because I don’t think this is a waste of your time— huh? Why am I obsessed over you? Heh, that’s a question out of the blue. It poured so much cold water over our conversation I wasn’t able to follow along for a second.

R: The fact that you’re asking me this… means you remembered something?


R: Haah… as usual you don’t remember? Then asking me is— huh? If you hear it then you might remember? Ugh, I don’t think it’ll be that convenient.

R: Haa… fine.

R: It was when you were still small. If I remember correctly, you were 3 years old. Every girl who can succeed the main branch has a ceremony they must do. Maybe it’s better to call it a ceremony to be recognized by the land. What’s needed is the girl who can succeed the main branch and a branch family male. So to speak, one of your groom candidates. Putting aside whether or not you would enter the main branch, as long as there was that possibility, you had to go through this ceremony. Naturally, your daughter too.

R: The branch male who goes through the ceremony together with them can be anyone, but at that time the ones who were at the main branch were my brother, me, and… three of our cousins, I think. We were lined up in a row in the Japanese-style room of the main branch and you were to choose one person from among us.

R: The one you chose… was me. Heh, it’s something that happened a long, long time ago. Do you think the coincidence of being chosen by a small kid is ridiculous? I thought that too. You were just 3 years old. I was much older than you too.


R: But you asked me this after the ceremony, “Are you my husband?” That’s why I…

R: … I answered, “Yes, that’s right.” It was for fun and was a bit of a joke. But you… said, “Wait.” The moment you asked me to wait for you to get bigger… for some reason, I thought that it had to be you.

R: I fell for a girl who was just 3 years old.

R: I think it’s ridiculous myself too. I was even troubled over what a huge pervert I was. But, with these feelings unable to be drowned out, your cousin — in other words the woman planned to inherit the main branch — got sick and passed away. Us brothers were actually in marriage talks with her, but with her death your aunt lost her right to inherit the main branch.

R: My brother and I are in a position where we need to marry the woman who is to inherit the main branch. The possibility that you would be that woman was honestly faint, but you… ended up standing in front of me.

R: Haah… talking about these memories made my food get cold. Hah, I lost my appetite too. Can I satisfy my other desire?

R: The one that wants you.

R: Either way, after talking about these memories like this, you don’t remember them at all, right?

R: Heh, see? In that case, I can only conquer you through your body. You made me wait, so I have to make you take responsibility, right?

*** TRACK 4: Reiji – I’ve always only looked at you ***

R: You took off your clothes pretty obediently today. Did you feel some responsibility from the conversation earlier?

R: Ugh… this is annoying. The hickeys I made are darker, tch. My brother put his on top again, huh. Thanks to that, all your sensitive spots are being shared by us brothers too. Haa… I thought it’d be nice if I was the only one who knew. Well, I suppose sooner or later he would know about them.

R: But I’ve noticed something lately. That when you’re held from behind like this… you’re a bit more obedient.

R: You like it more when you’re fucked from behind, huh. Your voice and sensitivity changes too, hehe. I can tell.

R: But first let’s kiss. The order of things is important, right? *kisses*

R: Am I scary? Even to this day, whenever you’re with me, your expression is a bit stiff.

R: This morning, I happened to have some business with the main branch and came over here, and you were seeing off my brother, weren’t you? With a smile. You were smiling. You didn’t notice? It can’t compare to the polite smiles you give me.


R: Oh? That look on your face says you’re aware of that.

R: Hey, do you… love my brother? That’s what you said, right? Then you should hurry up and choose my brother. You don’t have to worry and I’ll make sure to watch over your little brother. I’ll properly do it. Haha, you don’t have to look scared. I won’t kill him or hurt him. Did you forget my job? I’m a lawyer. There’s no way I’d do things that would violate the law.

R: What I’m doing right now… well, it’s an exception. It’s extremely difficult to clear up scandals and this family isn’t locked down.

R: Hah… well, who cares about that. Uh, I mean it’s not whatever and I don’t know if you’re ultimately hesitating on choosing my brother, who you love, because of pity or responsibility towards me; however, if you’re going to get close to me then I won’t hesitate. I don’t plan on giving you to my brother. *kisses*

R: Hm? You’re apologizing for not remembering? Heh, it doesn’t matter. It’s just me fixating on that. That fate between us was extremely unique. At that time our grandmother, who was still doing her duties, said to me that you would surely be my bride. Because the priestess of the land said that, I just honestly believed that as a young boy. Even though now it can be thought of more as a curse.


R: But that’s fine, even if it’s a curse. You’re this cute as an adult and you’re in front of me.

R: Heh, let’s get in bed. We can’t do anything serious just standing here, right? Now, come here. Underneath me.

R: I would try to say beside me, but that’s not in my personality. *kisses*

R: Hm? The lights? Ah, that’s right. I do want to close it for you a lot, but how about a little later? I get irritated when I think about my brother touching you yesterday and, in the end, I really can’t stay still without reaffixing my hickeys. *kisses*

R: Behind your ear… *kisses* your nape… *kisses* your neck… *kisses* below your breasts. Each and every single one is carefully written over… My brother did so too. That all of these spots are your erogenous zones was discovered by the looks of this too. *kisses*

R: My brother is crossing my mind a lot today. Even though I want to concentrate on feeling you.

R: Lie face down. *kisses*

R: You like it on your back, huh. Especially near your waist. *kisses*


R: Your side… *kisses* your ass… *kisses* the back of your thighs… *kisses* the back of your knees… Haha, you like it when this place is licked too, huh. Aah, look, your waist is trembling. Hey, raise your ass like that. I’m going to taste you… in the place where you feel the most pleasure.

R: More. Try to stick out your butt.

R: Haah… looks like I have to shave you in the morning again, although it’s still alright. If it grows a little longer, it’ll be prickly like a beard and it’ll make it hard to give oral. Ah, you’re soaking already. You have a stiff look, as if you’re saying you don’t feel anything with me, but your pussy is this drenched, jeez.

R: Look, I’m just watching and it’s twitching this much. Ah, it looks like it’s going to overflow. *gives oral*

R: Hahaha, you look like you’re feeling good. That was a nice voice. Let me… hear more.

R: Mmgh… haha, I feel like I could drown. Oh, that’s so sad, you’re moving your hips. You were about to come with a bit more, right? But… not yet.


R: Feel me more. Nngh… you want to come? Then say you’ll choose me. It’s simple. Choose me… Come on, I’ll cherish you. I love you… ever since a long time ago. So… ngh, come on, choose me.

R: … Heh, I knew it already but you really won’t say it, huh. You won’t say there’s another man you’re interested in at this point, right?

R: You don’t have one? You’re saying that with those damp eyes and a face that says you can’t resist anymore. Face up and spread your legs. Look, I almost want to show you how shameful you look right now.

R: Even if you turn your head away you can’t hide your dripping pussy. This place wants me to make it come. So? Do you feel like saying it now?

R: … Haah, no good, huh. Well, I wasn’t hoping for it anyway. I know, I’ll make you come. Even if you’re just a woman who wants to enjoy both my brother and me… I can’t think about letting you go. Nngh… mm…


R: Haha, ah, my lips are all sticky. Did that feel good? Well, I can tell just by looking at you.

R: Mm… *kisses*

R: You’re kissing me enthusiastically, but these are lips that tasted your pussy, you know? Doesn’t it taste obscene? Mm… *kisses* haha. Hey, lie face down again. I want to fuck you from behind. It’s a shame not to see your face, but I want to hear your moans.

R: Sure, I’ll turn off the lights. However, if it’s too dark then I’ll be unsure whether you’re really in my arms or not, so I’ll leave a small light on.

R: Now… I’m entering. Nngh!

R: Haa… hah… maybe I should take you away like this to a place where no one knows about. A place where the main branch and branch family doesn’t matter. Ah, but if I do that then there won’t be a reason for you to sleep with me. That… is no good, huh. I’ll confine you somewhere and chain you up. *kisses*

R: I’ve always watched you. I used my job as an excuse and went outside the prefecture. I watched as you grew up and became an adult woman. At this point… do you think I’ll let my brother have you?

R: Impossible. It’s impossible! IT’S IMPOSSIBLE! Ggh… ngh…! *thrusting*


R: I know you’re scared of me. That I’m just a lunatic like this. But… to me… to me, you… were my everything the moment we met. You’re that sort of presence. Even knowing that I’m forcing you, I can’t give up. Ngh… hah…!

R: Do you really want my brother? Right now, even in this moment, you haven’t chosen. If you’re hesitant… if my brother is going to ask you to begin things starting now… if he’s going to say such a half-baked thing then choose me. I… I…! Ngh! *he orgasms*

R: I love you…

R: Haa… hah… when will it end… this hell. No, maybe it’s heaven. I can’t tell anymore. Fucking you and sharing you with my brother… I want it to end soon, but I also want it to continue forever. If you couldn’t choose anyone for example.

R: Eh? My brother said the same thing? Haha, I see. We really are brothers then.


R: … By the way, what would you basically be doing if you entered the main branch? Ah, I mentioned it in passing earlier but this family has the responsibility of protecting and holding festivals for this land. You need to perform rites as the priestess.

R: It sounds a bit superstitious huh. Apparently, there was a time they didn’t establish a priestess and this family nearly collapsed. Far from that, a plague drove the village at the time to the brink of destruction. That’s why this tradition is absolute. Including leaving behind the next priestess.

R: There was the choice of you becoming our aunt’s foster daughter, but ever since she lost her daughter — your cousin — she became a bit strange. So those talks also stopped. Either way, there is no replacement to you inheriting the family. In other words, sooner or later you had to choose one of us and have a child.

R: Quite some time has passed since you came here, but it’s surprisingly taking a long time, huh. This helps me though.

R: Hm? Wait a minute. Come to think of it, that hasn’t come this month, right!? That. You know, that. Your menstrual cycle. What do you mean now that I mention it…!? It’s your body, so you need to be clear about it. Ah, if I remember correctly, it was over around this time last month.

R: Uh, well, I made sure to remember it.

R: It’s better to go to the hospital ahead of time, huh. And to get your decision. If possible, I wish for you to choose me though.

R: Let’s sleep early today. I’ll take you to the hospital tomorrow.

R: Are you curious about whose kid it is? Of course… it’s mine.

*** TRACK 5: Who do you choose? ***

O: Yo, you’re here.

R: Ugh, one of my meetings went on for a while longer. Sorry for being late.

O: Well, there’s no problem. Whether it’s asked earlier or later, the result will be the same.

R: This is the first time the three of us are face to face in this house, huh.

O: Mm, that’s right. Both of us come at night and leave in the morning, so we wouldn’t meet.

R: Still, this isn’t something I want to meet you on.

O: Haa… yeah.

R: ……

O: ……

R: Let’s cut to the chase.

O: Yeah.

R: Several days ago, I took her to the hospital. I was told, “Congratulations, she’s pregnant.”

O: … In other words, our current lifestyle isn’t needed anymore.

R: Because the goal was achieved. Inside her stomach is a child from one of us. Apparently, she can’t stress herself until she enters the safe period. Sex is also out of the question. Well, seeing as she’s pregnant now, that’s also not needed anymore.

O: Why are you saying that while looking at me?

R: I thought you would need this explanation the most, brother.

O: Only me?

R: Because I won’t do anything outrageous.

O: Heh, you’re one to say that.

R: Ahem, now that she’s pregnant, she has to marry one of us. Uh… so the three of us are gathered here to hear your answer.

O: You seem to be lacking a lot of confidence, no?

R: Ggh, I’m confident. That I’m the one who loves her.

O: Ugh… that’s true. I’m not in love yet.


R: You admit it then.

O: Because I don’t think it’ll be the basis for decision. We would have a lot of time. There’s love that’s nurtured over time, right? That’s how marriage interviews work.

R: Yeah, that’s true.

O: *to heroine* For you, ever since you came here, you were forced to do a lot of things. I feel sorry for that. Not just me, but Reiji too.

R: I don’t need you to represent my feelings, brother.

O: I’m just making you sound better.

R: I don’t need you to do that, brother. I can do that myself. Actually, I haven’t done anything that needs you to make me sound better.

O: Oh…? That’s good then.

R: Putting us aside though…

O: Yeah. I don’t think you’ve been given enough time to think about marriage, but you’ve spent a relative amount of time with us and I think you understand both of us in some ways. However, sorry, there are still things to do after this, so I would like to get your answer as soon as possible.

R: Of course, it still doesn’t have to be today though.

O: I’m much older than you, but… at any rate, I’ll take care of you. I’ll also help out with all the troublesome details and the traditions. Of course, I’ll also make time to raise our child. I’d like to do my best to have a normal and happy life. Choose me. I definitely won’t let you lack in anything.

R: I don’t need to say this at this point in time, but I love you. Ever since a long time ago. Of course I won’t let you want for anything. Including the raising of our child, the traditions, and everything. Choose me. You should have no choice but that.

O: Now… who will you choose?

R: Let us hear your answer.

*** TRACK 6: Cast Talk Sugiyama Atsushi ***

R: Ever since a long time ago, I’ve loved you. Hey, choose me. I swear from my heart that I will love you for the rest of our lives.

Sugiyama: Hello everyone, good evening, and good morning. This is Sugiyama Atsushi, who played Kaidou Reiji in the Kaidou Family Scandal. How was the Kaidou Family Scandal? Did you enjoy it? Thank you very much for purchasing it.

S: I think it was mentioned on twitter that I was a newcomer to Kaidou Family Scandal, without any techniques, and when I was preparing for Reiji’s roles I got uneasy. I didn’t really have confidence, to be honest. I feel apologetic to Nouneemu because, looking at these old man series and Kaidou Family Scandal, I didn’t think I was a good fit. If I can say this honestly. But, you see, I work as the MC for the Ossan Radio, once a month, and quite a few impressions came in for the Kaidou Family Scandal. Every time I heard one of those impressions, while this work can’t be compared to the others at Ojisama Cube, I was really happy to hear that there seemed to be a lot of women who couldn’t decide on the Kaidou older brother, Osamu, or the younger brother, Reiji.

S: This time, the cast talk is happening after the series ended and was recorded. The first time this was brought up was 2016, uh, spring, I think? KK-san and I were called to an Ossan Radio live broadacast on Niconico, as guests. I think this conversation came up with Inukai-sensei and, slowly, I had a gradual conversation about being asked to do a project or something. I have a faint memory of that. Then Ayane-san said I would be most welcome, oh, Ayane-san was the one who wrote it, I don’t think I mentioned this.


S: So then I think I gave a temporary OK to that. I am still somewhat of a voice actor with a workplace office, so I need to get permission. But my manager generally OKs things, so I said that and for the time being the conversation passed like that. Uh, then… I think three weeks passed? Ayane-san contacted my place directly and an official OK was passed and I was asked to act in one of Ojisama Cube’s works.

S: I say asked, but more like I was told to do it and, on that note, I think a month or so passed and then a live broadcast was held, near the end of May, which was when contact came again. That was when it was decided I would be in the Kaidou Family Scandal. However, if I remember correctly, the title was different. It wasn’t Kaidou Family Scandal. It was, uh, Kaidou… Grooms? It wasn’t Scandal at the time.

S: Then, the next day, I got the script and, oh, I think it was Kaidou Groom Choosing, or Kaidou Groom Candidates, something like that. It wasn’t Scandal at first. But, anyway, I received the script and read it and, ah, I understood the general gist of it. Then the next month came, somewhere in the middle of June, we recorded. At that time, I was still 24 and this year I’m 25 but, maybe because of that, I was told they couldn’t hear a 30 year old lawyer. So I had to re-do the whole thing. I was told this wasn’t Kaidou Reiji, haha. Or, even if it was Reiji, it wasn’t matching the character setting and so I had to re-take the whole thing.


S: Actually, it’s not my first time receiving this sort of feedback, so I was like “Ah, I see, I see, right” but, really, preparing for the character, Reiji, was a huge hurdle. How should one portray a 30 year old man? It was really, haha, a problem that stuck with me. So then, if I remember correctly, when I was told to do the re-take, there was also a June live broadcast of Otsu Sun Club’s one year anniversary. I believe KK-san was surprised at that time. I have memories of that.

S: So, anyway, the character preparation had times where it wasn’t like this and wasn’t like that, uh, as my practice accumulated and, at that time, Nouneemu’s recording finished and I listened to the sound source. I thought, oh, maybe I’ll do this. I added that into the character and there was also a sketch, uh, I received Kaidou Reiji’s illustration. Somehow, all of these were included and, um, I’ve mentioned this a few times but when I’m preparing for characters, well, most voice actors first match the image of the character and then that voice actor uses their performance and voice to imitate that character, with their own arrangement included to create the character.

S: At the beginning, I set Hayami Shou as the image of the voice actor that would match Kaidou Reiji as a character. I didn’t reference that man’s works though, so I went through dire suffering. Then, adding that onto this, the character gradually started to change and I think the first volume Reiji is much different from the third volume Reiji. This is my own image, but I feel like Suwabe Junichi jumped in a little. Just a bit as a reference, like his breathing and that sort of thing.

S: But, well, this isn’t too good and there are some regrets in my heart that the source got a bit blurred, haha. Still, it had to be recorded, and it was mentioned on Ossan Radio, uh, I think spring, winter, or autumn… I don’t really remember it, but there was an episode about deep kissing techniques and using your own finger and covering it in spit, haha. That was a bit hilarious, at least to me.


S: But, as a genre, there’s a bit of a hurdle and I like that. I get into it and my speech quickens and the way things are pronounced. It was pretty fun. Up to now, in the characters I’ve done for Otsu SUN Club like Brian or Ojisama Dakimakura’s Iida Masayuki, I think I was able to express sides that I haven’t been able to express before.

S: Uh, let’s see, what else can I say about the recording, ah, I remember, there’s apparently going to be a collection coming out this summer. A collection for Kaidou Family Scandal. Please look forward to that and whether you’ll choose the brother, Osamu, or choose me, the younger brother Reiji. Haha, well, instead of calling it a decision it’s more like a resolve.

S: Even as someone who acted as Reiji, when his past was revealed and I think about his past, in the end, I’m not say I would want to do it myself but my feelings for wanting to support Reiji exploded, haha. I recorded his part with these feelings in consideration. Well, the same goes for Osamu’s side too. I believe there’s going to be an exclusive Osamu episode, “That’s not true. Support Reiji.” Haha. I’m just imitating Nouneemu and that definitely isn’t in there. Don’t misunderstand.

S: Okay, I feel sorry for talking for so long, so I’ll excuse myself here. Now, for the last message, I think I said this at the beginning but thank you so much for purchasing Kaidou Family Scandal, and thank you so much for listening to this point. I don’t know if we’ll meet again in another form, but I’m going to continue with Otsu SUN Club so… there will be, right? I’m believing there will be, haha. So, I look forward to seeing you next time as Sugiyama Atsushi. Also, please take care of Kaidou Reiji. Then, let’s meet again somewhere! Bye bye!

*** TRACK 7: Cast Talk Nouneemu ***

O: Hello and thank you very much for purchasing Kaidou Family Scandal. I am Nouneemu, the actor of Kaidou Osamu. It seems like there’s a cast talk in the third volume of this Ojisama Cube series, so this time I… was asked to record this.

O: It’s just, uh… I’m not… very good at free talks. Before, over at Ossan Radio, I was asked to appear once and, uh, I think it’s been conveyed that I don’t talk a lot. It’s like I try to explain things but I’m not good at explaining. That happened, so, uh, please forgive me this time too. Be lenient on me. Haha, right, so, it’s nice to meet everyone.

O: But, anyway, about this third volume… that means there are people who heard from the first volume, huh. Mm. I’m really thankful to those people. It means there were people who listened from the first volume and didn’t give up on this, huh.

O: The people who listened to one and thought that Nouneemu wasn’t good, or they weren’t feeling it, these people probably didn’t buy the second or third volume, right? So, I’m really happy for people who heard from the first, to second, to third volume and ended up liking it. Thank you very much.

O: So, this time, in this free talk in the third volume of Kaidou Family Scandal, when I look back on everything… First, when I received the offer for the first volume, I actually read a bit without voicing anything and, honestly, my first thought was that this was extremely embarrassing. Haha.


O: I acted as Samuel in The Bell Rings For Money, but compared to Money Bell this one is way more erotic. The Kaidou Family Scandal is so lewd. That’s why, uh, before I received the script I said I would do this recording. It started from there. KK-san was in Ojisama Cube and we recorded a few things and I found it fun, so I said something like if there was an opportunity then I’d happily get on board and then Ayane-san was like “Oh, you said it! You can’t run away anymore.” So then she sent the script for the first volume of Kaidou Family Scandal. It was more erotic than I imagined, haha.

O: I was really embarrassed when I read it. They were going to make me say such lewd things!? But still that was only at the very beginning. Once it got to the third volume, I started getting into it. It was pretty fun. Like the kissing sounds and mouth sounds.

O: I was a bit resistant at first and so the mouth sounds I only did like two seconds of it and then I’d stop. But once we got to the third volume, I was conscious of having done more and more. I really got into it. No, I’m really glad I got to act as Kaidou Osamu, mm. No, I really got enthusiastic and that’s good.

O: So, it seems Kaidou Osamu got some Valentine’s chocolates. No, seriously, addressed to Kaidou Osamu. That’s a really nice thing. This year I received chocolates from Ayane-san in the post. It was pretty nice chocolate and that made me really happy. Well, it was chocolate I received so just those feelings were enough too. I didn’t receive any in my private life, haha. But coming here and hearing that Kaidou Osamu got some really made me feel like I was a hot guy, so I was happy. Really… um… yeah, it just makes one happy.


O: No, this… uh… if it was addressed to me directly I’d completely fall in love. I’d be like, wait, seriously? So that was dangerous. Haha. It was dangerous. I don’t really know what I’m saying anymore. Anyway, go easy on me. This free talk is a bit… hey, guys, give me a script or something! Like the other voice actors. You should make sure to put together everything I can’t say and then being able to read something would give listeners something too or something. Haha.

O: That this wasn’t given is a bit… outrageous. Just a bit. I-is this okay!? This is bad. It’s not like the Nouneemu brand, uh, I don’t know if I even have a brand but it’s okay if the Nouneemu brand goes down. I don’t mind. But please don’t demote Kaidou Osamu. Please separate everyone’s Kaidou Osamu from Nouneemu. I’m just talking about unintelligible things now, but as long as you can listen to this cast talk while forgetting — or putting — Kaidou Osamu out of your mind that’d be nice, I think. I’m sorry.

O: No, this sort of cast talk is going to get people angry, huh. Uh, not just Ayane-san either. The people who bought and listened to the third volume of Kaidou Family Scandal are going to get angry. They’re probably wondering what the heck is this!? Who is this person? Haha, well, well… no, seriously, please go easy on me.

O: So, about Kaidou Family Scandal, it’s a bit different from the others of Ojisama Cube and, uh, these two, well, it’s a shared work. Sugiyama-san acted as Kaidou Reiji. For some reason, when I was sharing this recording with Sugiyama-san, I was happy. We’re companions from Money Bell and even met once at a meeting. So, being able to record with a friend like that made me happy. Well, recording with someone itself is a happy thing but what made me most happy was, uh, I was able to interact more with Sugiyama-san through the radio and twitter. It made me really happy. Like we had more points of contact or something, hahaha.


O: Uh, when we met at the meeting, he was a really nice young man. Or, how do you put it, really pure. A youth. Uh, I keep calling him a young man but his age isn’t that much different from mine, haha. But it really is a happy thing to have more contact with people close to your age.

O: Um, I just randomly talked and I’ve passed my timelimit before I knew it. I’m sorry. But, lastly, as a sort of announcement, I was just told by Ayane-san that there might be a collection coming out in the summer. I didn’t hear many details, but I think it’s the collection for the Kaidou Family Scandal. Or it might be a collection for all of Ojisama Cube’s works. I’m excited at the fact that I might be asked to act some more for them.

O: But, I don’t know, for some reason I want there to be more mouth sounds put in the collection, haha. I’m placing myself in everyone’s care. Anyway, yeah, uh, it became long but I’m sincerely thankful for everyone who purchased the Kaidou Family Scandal. The collection might come out and others in the Ojisama Cube’s series might come out, so if you could listen to those others then I might get more opportunities to appear too. If I could be supported in various things, that would be really fortunate. Thank you so much for listening to this point. I am Nouneemu, actor of Kaidou Osamu. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Kaidou-ke no Shuubun #3

    Kborenai said:
    June 28, 2020 at 04:24

    WTF Reiji though. A 3-year old? Freaking 3 years old!!! LOL

      Ilinox responded:
      June 30, 2020 at 23:20

      I LIKE TO THINK HE DIDN’T HAVE ANY SEXUAL THOUGHTS. It was just, you know, the knowledge that she was The One. Soulmate-style like Twilight.

    It me said:
    June 26, 2020 at 17:29

    Can you embed a reader poll? I MUST KNOW

      Ilinox responded:
      June 30, 2020 at 23:19

      For whose child everyone thinks it is? LOL

    waterinegirl said:
    June 26, 2020 at 11:18

    Im not so sure if this is proper, shouldnt they do dna test to know who is the father? i mean what if she chose this brother but turns out the father is the other brother?

      Ilinox responded:
      June 26, 2020 at 13:53

      Like they mentioned, it doesn’t matter. She has to marry one of them and her first child will always be a daughter who will bear the responsibility of inheriting the family and becoming the next priestess. So, IMO, she just needs to pick who she feels like she can live the rest of her life with.

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