Rouge et Noir VR ~ Prologue of Arlen Clive ~

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Arlen Clive (アーレン クライヴ)
CV: テトラポット登

Rouge et Noir VR ~ Prologue of Arlen Clive ~

You are a new member of the Narcotics Control Division and infiltrated the criminal syndicate, House, alone due to a mission from the Port and Harbor Ministry of Welfare. You spent deceptive days as the lover of the Number 2 in the organization, Arlen Clive.

During this, an invitation to a meeting came fluttering in from a rising Chinese mafia, Wuya (crow). The conditions of this meeting were for Arlen to attend with his partner—.

Thank you to an anonymous for the commission! This is an all ages CD this time, so no warning. Timeline-wise it’s set before Double Down.

  • Under the Gun
  • Check in the Dark
  • (Arlen VR)
  • Double Down
  • (Jacks or Better)
  • Eye in the Sky
  • Pure Bluff
  • Second Barrel
  • Implied Odds
  • Maximum Bet
  • All In
  • Show Down
  • (Makabe VR)

Note1: Wuya, the name of the Chinese mafia, is literally how you say “crow” in Chinese. LOL.

Note2: For once, I don’t think these track names have anything to do with poker. Or at least I couldn’t find anything.

Note3: I use 『』 to denote whenever Arlen is speaking English.

*** TRACK 1: Open the Door ***

*door beeps; door opens*

Arlen: After you.

*enters room; door closes*

A: This is the living room. The bedroom is beyond that door. The bathroom is even further inside.

A: Yes, this room is quite large even among the other rooms on this floor. I don’t want you to feel constricted, you see.

A: More importantly… *opens blinds* look, the view isn’t bad from here. Come here. You can get a good look at the Kaasa that you’d know by sight. *heroine goes over*

A: Starting today, this is your room. You can use it however you like. Most of the necessities are available, but if you are lacking in anything then— *door knocks*

A: Hm?

A: Ah, he came at the right time. Come in.

*door opens*

A: I believe you two have met before, but I shall introduce him. He is Gilles Lagrene, my close aide. If you are lacking in anything then you can tell me or Gilles without reservation.

A: The majority of the time you go out will be together with me, but in the cases of going out alone then, depending on the circumstances, I will assign Gilles as your bodyguard.


A: Yes, it’s necessary. Because of my position, I have many enemies, you see. So long as you appear to be close to me, then danger is already following you. *leans in* Furthermore, you are special to me. The value of your utility is immeasurable.

A: Protecting you is the same as protecting myself. You understand now, yes? *heroine nods* Heh. Good girl. *kisses*

A: You don’t need to be concerned. Even though he looks like this, Gilles is a surprisingly attentive man. If the concept of a bodyguard is confining, then just think of yourself as walking a large dog. If you’d like, I can even prepare a leash for walks?

A: Haha. This might not end as a joke, you know? If my lady puts this in writing.

A: *heroine shakes head* So you say. What a shame, Gilles.

A: Hm? Ah, it’s about time. *to heroine* I am going to head out then. It’s business time.

A: *goes to door* What’s wrong?

A: Your job is to nestle close to me whenever I call for you. To comfort me. I don’t wish for anything more. You are free to spend the rest of your time however you like.

A: Is that dissatisfactory? *comes close* It’s also important to rest your body when the sun is up. *holds heroine* The night is long… and you are well aware that comforting me requires… an according amount of endurance, no? If you’re saying you don’t know then… I’ll need to engrave this knowledge into every inch of your body with these hands. I’ll carefully and thoroughly use the time tonight… alright?

A: Heh. I know, I know. Don’t rush me like that, Gilles. *to heroine* Now then, lady, I’ll be taking my leave as I said. *kisses; leans in* I’ll see you again at night.

Narration: Rouge et Noir. VR Edition. Prologue of… Arlen Clive.

[05:54] *wine being poured; heroine wakes up*

A: You slept well.

A: I came back an hour ago. I obtained some quality wine and thought we could drink it together. It’s unsuitable to moistening your throat after waking, but this high-grade wine… could chase away your unknown problems like an intimate friend… perhaps. Or will you abstain?

A: Heh, come beside me.

A: Now then… *drinks wine* ah, perfect for drinking.

A: What is it?

A: Excluding Gilles, my close aide, the next person who has spent a long time with me is you. I understand enough to tell by looking that you’re feeling defeated by something in your mind. *drinks*


A: Do you regret it? That you met me on that day in the bar, Casablanca.

A: If we hadn’t met that night, then you wouldn’t be here now. By meeting me, you opened the door to the extraordinary. And what you see may be a bewitching and exciting thing, like looking down at a resplendent night view from the upper floors… but, in the end, everything is make-believe. The underground tempts people with its gaudily decorated fabrication. You’re dragged into a deep and dark stagnation… of sparse dirtied money, violence, and a garbage dump of desires.

A: I live in that sort of world. *heroine shakes head*

A: Hah. I see. There’s no need to rush then. Like the way this wine drips from the edge of the thin glass to your lips and slowly permeates deep into your body… you can gradually become accustomed to this. You’ll get used to it before long. *drinks; pours more*

A: Would you like some more as well?

A: Heh. *pours for her*

*** TRACK 2: Pleasure ***

*pours wine*

A: Oh dear, it looks like it’s all gone already. If you haven’t had enough to drink, I can ask Gilles to bring over a new bottle of wine? *heroine shakes head*

A: Heh. That’s true. *caresses* Your cheeks are flushed… like rosé wine. *kisses*

A: Your lips are Bordeaux. *kisses*

A: It’s a good taste. *kisses*

A: … Sobering up? That’s not needed, is it?

A: For this heat, which happens to have been given by this high-grade wine, to be washed away with water is nonsense. If you wish to release that heat then… play this appropriate game with me. *kisses*


A: … Haah… the true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything. *kisses*

A: In other words, this play of making merry on the bed is the greatest pleasure in history for men… or something like that. Hah, well, unfortunately we aren’t on a bed but on a sofa. Nngh.

A: Shh… 『be quiet』. If you entrust your body to a deeper intoxication then you’ll forget about the drunkenness brought on by the wine. Including the dejection you feel. *kisses*


A: Mmgh… relax. Give yourself to me.

A: Yes. Good girl. *kisses*

*scene skip; morning birds; heroine wakes; uses phone*

A: Good morning. It seems you slept well.

A: I apologize for leaving you alone in bed. I didn’t wake Sleeping Beauty… because I overdid it last night. I got a little excited.

A: From today, I will be away from the base for several days. Forgive me for the boredom during this time. I’ll make amends when I return. Breakfast was brought into the living room. You can enjoy it slowly after a shower.

A: Well then, have a nice day. *ends call*

*** TRACK 3: In the Midnight ***

*car driving*

A: I apologize for bringing you out at this time. I returned later than I planned. *heroine shakes head*

A: Who knows. Where do you wish to go?

A: I said that I would make amends, didn’t I? You’re free to choose our destination.

A: Ah, I naturally didn’t tell Gilles of our destination. Because I left without a word. It’s about time for him to realize I’m not there and to contact me. *phone vibrates* Heh, see? Just as I said. Can you put him on speaker?

A: It’s me.

A: Heh, the first thing out of your mouth is the same thing every time. I’m tired of hearing that phrase. Can you give it a little more ingenuity?

A: I’m going out for a while with my woman. You can confirm my location with the GPS.

A: 『Stay』. Gilles, any more and you’ll be rude.

A: Heh, we’ll be back before dawn. *ends call*

A: You don’t have to mind that. It happens all the time. More importantly, have you thought of somewhere you want to go? *heroine shakes head* Then I’ll decide on one spot. *heroine nods*

A: *phones* It’s Bernard. My apologies but could you free the place up? There’s someone I would like to show around. Thank you. We’ll arrive in 15 minutes. *ends call*

A: Bernard Cohen, it’s one name of several that I have prepared for matters related to work. Call me that at the place we’ll be going to.

[02:54] *scene skip; walking*

A: *opens car door* Get in.

A: *goes to other door; driving* Did you not enjoy shopping at midnight?

A: Heh. I don’t think you need to feel miserable for being made to wear something that doesn’t suit your stature, but it was precisely because I thought it would suit you that I brought you to that store. You don’t need to care about the price.

A: However, this is just me being self-satisfied. You can’t think of anywhere you hope to go?

A: As you wish, lady.

[04:38] *scene skip; ocean waves*

A: Being a port city, there seems to be many places like this in Kaasa.

A: Nevertheless, I didn’t expect you to say you wanted to see the ocean.

A: No. I don’t hate the sound of waves.

A: It feels comfortable at times to lend your ear to them.

A: … Do you want to go down to the water’s edge? Yes, I don’t mind. *jumps down* Your hand, please. It’s a bit high for you to jump down. *helps her down*

A: Shall we take a stroll?

A: Me too. I probably haven’t walked like this since I was a child. I’ve visited the docks as a business site, but intrinsically I’m not someone who enjoys openly vacationing on a sunlit beach. In the first place, it doesn’t suit me and my subordinates would laugh at me.


A: Hm?

A: Heh. Oh my, are you that concerned about Gilles?

A: *grabs heroine* That doesn’t please me. You’re alone together with me… *kisses* yet these lips frequently say another man’s name… Shhh. The only thing you’re allowed to do right now is look at me. *kisses*

*big ocean wave; Arlen covers heroine*

A: You didn’t get wet, did you?

A: Heh, I’m fine. My shoes will dry quickly. *hugs heroine* We’ve stayed out a little too long. *takes off jacket* For you.

A: If you’re in the sea breeze for too long your body will catch a chill.

A: Now, we should get going.

*** TRACK 4: Invite ***

*door beeps; door opens*

A: I’m going to put the bags here.

A: This is my compensation to you, and doesn’t need thanks.

A: Heh, is your conscientiousness from your nationality? Alright, if you’re going to insist then… *sits down* Come here.

A: Sit. Heh, wrong. On my lap. Do you need a hand? *heroine shakes head; moves over*

A: Put both arms around my neck like this.

A: It’s because you said you wanted to return the favor by all means. I’m just letting you do so?

A: No, right now this is just a step and not the main point. *leans in* I want a kiss from you.

A: Haha, you’re in a relationship with me. It’s not something to be particularly surprised about now at this point, is it? Is it embarrassing if I ask for it face to face? *heroine nods* Heh, that’s unexpected. I wouldn’t be able to imagine you as the woman who bewitched me with her carnal expressions and sweet moans in bed.

A: Heh, but I heard something good just now. Entertain me more with that innocent appearance of yours. Now… kiss me. *kisses*


A: Oh dear, what a cute kiss. I thought a little bird brushed by me.

A: Unfortunately, that’s a failing grade. The appearance of a lovely little bird can appear after dawn. Now, once more… kiss me with something suitable for this late night. *kisses*

A: … Open your mouth. Yes… more. Invite me into that depth. *kisses*

*door knocks*

A: *kisses* Haa… hah…

*door knocks*

A: Haah… hm.

*door knocks*

A: … Gilles? I should drive him away since I’m in the middle of something but… it’ll just be troublesome later on. My apologies, but wait a moment before we continue again. *kisses*

[05:00] *door knocks; Arlen goes to door; door opens*

A: What is it, Gilles?

A: I told you we would return before dawn, no? What is the business?

A: Wuya? Heh, good grief, another invitation to a boring meeting? *opens letter* Oh? It looks like they’ve written it reverently this time around as well.

A: The location is E district, Peace Tower, the Chinese restaurant on the 28th floor? The attendee is only the boss and their partner. The same condition applies to me. That’s what it all says.

A: Wuya… if I recall correctly, they’re a rising Chinese mafia in Hong Kong. I knew they wrested E district’s Chinatown under their control after Xiang Mao withdrew in February, but for Wuya to steal the alley cat’s prey from the side is just like the actions of a crow.

A: No. Taking the future into consideration, I think I’ll go and give them a light greeting.

A: This is your only matter, yes?

A: Incidentally, Gilles, if my memory doesn’t serve wrong, then my watchdog isn’t very good in the morning. Isn’t it excessive to have woken up early today?

A: I see. Thank you for your hard work in reporting after staying up all night. We’ll be taking our rest now. You should also sleep for a bit. Aah, my apologies, you don’t have the time for that, do you? Heh. Good night. *closes door*


A: Ah, my conversation just now?

A: I changed my mind… that’s all.

A: *sits down* I’d like to ask you to do a job.

A: Yes. It’s a job that only you can do. Well, the details… *pins heroine down* can be said later. If we get interrupted again, I feel like I’ll want to test the power of my gun through the door. Now… let’s continue. *kisses*

*** TRACK 5: Raven ***

*car driving*

A: We seem to have arrived.

A: *opens door; goes to other side* Come here. *takes hand; helps heroine out*

A: Gilles.

*people come; Gilles goes over*

A: What did the other party say?

A: Heh. They’re thoroughly prepared.

A: First, it appears we should change into these. *opens bag* A suit for me and a Chinese dress for you. Both of them are tailored with first-class silk. It doesn’t seem like they’ll be uncomfortable to wear… apart from being a little constricting around the neck.

A: I can think of two reasons for this. First, after being made to wear the same clothes as them, we will look as if we are in agreement with them. It’s to allow them to have an advantage in this meeting tonight. Second, if we change into something they prepared in advance, then at least they do not have to worry about if we’re hiding guns underneath our clothes and bringing those into the meeting. The former is for their public image, the latter is likely their true intention.

A: Well, we do not need to deliberately refuse them. Gilles, tell them we accept.

*Gilles goes over*

A: Now then, why don’t we head in?

[02:44] *scene skip; elevator ding; walking; door beeps and opens; door closes with two beeps*

A: What a nice view. There are no other highrises here and you can see into the distance.

A: Heh. Yes, I like it. Incidentally, is it alright to have our seats here?

A: *to heroine* You’re beside me then.

A: *pulls out chair* Sit.

A: *sits down* Now then, Mr. Wan Li, thank you for tonight’s invitation. I am Arlen Clive. It is an honor to meet the king of the crows.


A: Nevertheless, I am surprised by your hospitality. When it comes to people of our positions holding a meeting, it’s a given that both parties carry guns and are surrounded by a number of subordinates. So, to prepare such an open place… Not to mention, this is our first time meeting.

A: If I was the host then I would conceal a gun under the inside of my jacket, but you accepted my subordinate’s pat-down deliberately and showed that you had nothing behind you either. That isn’t something that is easily done.

A: Heh. That’s true. A relationship of trust is the most important thing of them all when it comes to business. Then, as proof of this trust… *picks up glass* may I have your beautiful partner pour me the first glass?

A: Ah, you will also have your glass filled by my partner. *Arlen walks over* Pardon me, lady. *wine poured*

A: *comes back; sits down; whispers* Oh my… are you jealous? *heroine shakes head* Heh, I was joking. Now, your glass, please. To this evening’s meeting then. Cheers. *drinks*

A: Aah, I’ll accept that. Doesn’t this seem like it’ll be a good night? *dinner begins*

*** TRACK 6: Negotiation ***

A: In other words, the reason you are seeking out House is for Rouge et Noir to support the expansion of Wuya’s operations.

A: *drinks* What will you bring out as compensation?

A: I see. It’s not a bad deal for us to have high quality opium from Hong Kong at a dependable low price, however there is one problem.

A: Xiang Mao. I believe you know, but their connection with House is deep. This Chinatown that you have taken responsibility for was originally their burrow. If House joins hands with Wuya, then they would most certainly not be pleased. The temperament of a stray cat is wild, you see. Even my watchdog doesn’t know what to do with them. If possible, I would like to avoid trouble.

A: Ah, you accepted a pat-down from him just earlier in front of my eyes. He manages most of the dealings with Xiang Mao. If I were to nod here, then I think I would be bitten by him as well.

A: Heh, that’s difficult. My watchdog is clever, almost to a distasteful extent. Right now, I’m letting him take a walk as he pleases. I’m sure he’s about to find a delicious meal around now. Furthermore… *drinks* bringing a watchdog to a high class restaurant is against good manners.


A: If I were to answer no, what would you do?

A: Heh. Indeed, this evening would just become an enjoyable dinner meeting. I wouldn’t mind that in its own way.

A: You’re saying that if we join hands with you, we’ll be able to obtain benefits that would offset wrecking the stray cat’s feelings…

A: Oh dear, pushing me to come to a decision here is quite impatient of you.

A: Both of us are busy. *drinks*

A: Then… let us entrust the outcome of our negotiations to Fortuna.

A: The executives at House love games, you see. Whenever we’re deciding on something, we often make use of poker or blackjack. Following that, why don’t we decide with poker? If you win, then I will accept this negotiation. If you lose, then this negotiation is over… and you will let us go home. How about it?

A: Good. Prepare the cards then.

*Wan Li uses phone; door knocks; door opens and closes; he returns*

A: Thank you. The game will be a 5 card draw. How is a match out of three?

A: I will be the first dealer then. *shuffles cards*

A: Now, why don’t we begin? *deals cards*

*** TRACK 7: One Wing ***

A: Full house.

A: This is my second win. It looks like this game is ending earlier than I expected, heh. Before House even injured the feelings of the stray cat, it seems you injured the mood of the goddess of luck. Now then, as promised, we will be taking our leave. *to heroine* Let’s go.

A: … One more match? Regrettably, I refuse.

A: Mr. Wan Li, if you wish to live in this world you should not run counter to your promises. Or… are you going to forcibly detain me with the gun beneath that chair?

A: Enough with your shameless act. From the beginning, you never intended to let me go alive if I refused. *Wan Li grabs gun*

A: *stops heroine* It’s okay. You don’t have to worry about anything.

A: Return to my seat…? I told you, I refuse. *gun cocks*

A: Can you shoot me with that? I knew where you hid that gun. Heh, how can you believe that I didn’t do anything to it? The moment you pull the trigger the one covered in blood will not be me but you, perhaps.

A: Haha, now then, I wonder. You should try to remember. After I entered this room, did I really not come close to your seat?


A: Yes, it should have happened once. In order for the beauty beside you to pour Shaoxing wine into my glass.

A: Have you seen magic before? Beside magicians who perform flashy magic with pretentious gestures, there is almost always a beautiful assistant close to them. So that no one will see through to the setup of the magic… and to divert the audience’s attention.

A: Your partner is beautiful, but… *hugs heroine* the woman beside me is truly enchanting, no? *kisses*

A: Heh. At least to the point of stealing away a proportion of your gaze and ability to concentrate. *walks; picks up another hidden gun*

A: It was simple. From the second you knew I saw through to the first gun’s hidden location, your gaze was sent to the second one’s hidden location several times. In this situation, I don’t think you have the composure to merely appreciate the art of this vase.

A: It’s fine if you wish to play another game with me with these guns instead of poker. However, as I warned you, the probability of you being safe after using that gun is in a black box. When you think about that… it seems to be a game that is a little disadvantageous for you. *cocks gun*


A: Now, what will you do? Will you put the gun down or will you shoot? The choice has been left to you. *gun put down*

A: Heh. Wise.

A: The card key. One can’t leave the room without that, yes? *card key put down*

A: *goes over* Thank you.

A: *to heroine* Now, let’s go.

*Wan Li rushes at them*

A: Haah… *to heroine* close your eyes.

*gunshot through glass; body hits ground*

A: I said it before, didn’t I? That I had my watchdog take a walk. That he’s about to find a delicious meal around now.

A: The Peace Tower, with no other highrises built around it, is hard to be sniped at from outside. You likely chose this place, thinking that, but if there is a sniper whose skill can compensate for the distance then this whole surface of glass actually increases the possibility of successfully being sniped.

A: It’s quite convenient to have a versatile watchdog.

A: *phones* It’s me, Gilles. Bring the car around. You don’t have to finish him off. *ends call*


A: It’s hubris for an upstart crow to think they’re the only ones shaking the stage in this country. There’s a phrase that makes fun of this, isn’t there? Heh, well, a third-rate actor doesn’t deserve getting lines, hm.

A: A one-winged crow won’t fly in the skies of Kaasa. By leaving it in this wretched state, crawling on the ground, it will just become prey to wild cats and stray cats. Well, the possibility of a bird of prey coming isn’t zero either… but if you don’t want that then hurry up and head home to your nest.

A: Now then, Wan, we’ll be taking our leave this time. Thank you for an enjoyable time tonight.

A: *to heroine* Let’s go.

*** TRACK 8: Dejavu ***

*car driving*

A: What are you thinking?

A: Ah, that was just a bluff.

A: It would be impossible to mess with the hidden gun in the short time of wine being poured without Wan or his partner noticing, unless I were psychic. The more humans try to hide something the more they grow uneasy as to whether or not their lies have been discovered. The moment I said it, Wan became timid. Just by pursuing their uneasiness a little, they’ll very easily start to show signs of their lies. Like a ball placed on a gentle hill, it will start to roll without being able to defy gravity… extremely naturally.

A: The moment we reached our seats, do you remember how I said that if I was the host then I would conceal a gun under the inside of my jacket?

A: Yes, from that point, I confirmed that Wan was carrying at least one concealed gun. In the first place, if negotiations were to breakdown this time, then House would be nothing but an obstacle to Wuya in expanding their scale. In that case, they wouldn’t miss this opportunity to go through with erasing me. Currently, I’m the one who has all the dealers in Kaasa.


A: Heh, good insight. Yes, that poker game was meaningless. That was just to test the possibility of outsiders entering our room. I just wanted a believable pretext. When his subordinate brought over the cards Wan had to personally get up from his seat and unlock the door from the inside with a card key, right? In short, as long as he doesn’t unlock the door, then that place was a perfect locked room. In other words, extraneous trouble wouldn’t be entering.

A: Now, I’ve revealed how the trick was done with this.

A: No, not at all. You were of great help. It is because it was a fact that you stole Wan’s gaze in no small way that my calculated bluff unsettled him. Your merit is larger than you think.

A: *caresses* It means my partner was just that enchanting. *kisses*

A: Open your mouth. *kisses*


A: *heroine stops him* What’s wrong?

A: That’s impossible. *leans in* These exotic clothes are alluring, but I’m not that broad-minded about you continuing to wear the clothes another man chose. *kisses*

A: I won’t feel satisfied until I strip you quickly with these hands. Now, your hands— *car screeches; brakes*

A: Ngh!

*Gilles getting out*

A: … Are you unharmed? *heroine nods*

A: *rolls down window* What happened?

A: Heh, I understand. Wait outside. I’ll step out right away. *rolls up window*

A: It seems to be a problem with the engine. I’m feeling déjà vu at this pattern. The other day, when I was like this with you, someone interrupted. Haa… Gilles, that bastard, is he insinuating something?

A: There’s nothing to be done. We’ll have to postpone the continuation of this. *kisses*

A: *leans in* Don’t worry, the night… has just started.

8 thoughts on “Rouge et Noir VR ~ Prologue of Arlen Clive ~

    waterinegirl said:
    July 3, 2020 at 08:19

    Gilles is a surprisingly attentive man…If you’d like, I can even prepare a leash for walks?
    why not? but really… how i wish we get to dominate other guys in Rouge et Noir series cause i think its only senna? sort of?

    i find him surprisingly gentle here.

    speaking of which how good is the visuals in the vr? any r18 or censor?
    i think Rouge et Noir has more potential as otome game.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 5, 2020 at 20:00

      Gilles is also a clever dog, who’ll probably slip his collar like he slipped his handcuffs in his own track LOL.

      Arlen is still in the middle of his long con here, so I’m not surprised he’s so gentle. But, oof, the excellent way he acts like a man in love is way too smooth. Not surprised that the heroine had no clue now.

      Nope, like how the prologue CD was all ages, the VR is all ages too. Hmm, the models aren’t anything to be in awe of… LOL but it works, I suppose. I don’t think there’s any point of it being an otome game now after how fleshed out the drama CDs themselves are.

    Vibecheck said:
    July 2, 2020 at 00:21

    My VR still hasn’t come yet but now I’m trying harder to manifest it into my hands rn. There’s so much interaction between the watchdog and boss I’m weeping tears of joy. Also we finally get a scene where gilles snipes a b. C-can we talk about h-how smooth arlen is? I can’t wait for him to seduce me

      Ilinox responded:
      July 2, 2020 at 16:07

      I will send all the good vibes I have towards your post so you get it sooner. The dog jokes were really killing me in this one because there’s so many and Gilles just has to take it LOL. THE SCENE WHERE GILLES SNIPES THE DUDE IS SO. HOT. NO JOKE!! I would have gushed for 1000 more words on twitter if that wouldn’t get me blocked by everyone for spam LOL. The sound of the bullet going through the glass and hitting the guy was just, wow, that was sexy.

      Arlen’s sexiness is magnified even more in the actual VR tracks. I honestly don’t know how this man acts like this! HOW DO YOU ACT SO WELL!? He definitely low-key has to be feeling something for the heroine, because everything he does is so natural, holy shit. Either that or he lied to himself so hard about loving her that, for these moments, he himself believes it (in order to act perfect).

    Chai said:
    July 1, 2020 at 08:05

    Arlen, the brains, the Suave, the danger. DAMN THE WRITER REALLY POPPED OFF. Also Arlen bullying gilles will always be funny, but gilles getting biting back by cock blocking him LMAO. I was hoping for more interaction between the two and MY PRAYERS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. I missed this gentleman so bad, but now I just miss him more. Dammit arlen.
    Also trying not to fall into his honey trap was like impossible.

      Mimi Fadhel said:
      July 1, 2020 at 09:17

      will you do makabe’s vr? i’ve been completely puzzled around what’s happening.

        Ilinox responded:
        July 2, 2020 at 16:04

        O-one day…? Haha, I’d like to do it to complete my collection but I’m still working through my commission waiting list and then I end up distracting myself with other projects.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 2, 2020 at 16:04

      Honestly, I was also not expecting so much interaction between them but it’s hilarious. If you think about it, whenever all three of them are in a room, they’re all acting out a part but having separate agendas. GLORIOUS.

      Arlen’s big brain techniques was just hot as hell. He is also an Oscar award-winning actor because WHAT THE HECK. His constant focus on wanting to do sexy times with the heroine? Treating her like a princess? No wonder she thought he loved her LOL.

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