Seitokai ~ Yuuwaku no Hibi ~

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Kuse Kazuma (久世 一真)
CV: 三重奏

Saijou Hikaru (西条 光)
CV: 三楽章

Kuse Souji (久世 総司)
CV: 蒼山雅宗

Student (Conquest) Council ~ Days of Seduction ~

The heroine, who attended the private Yamana Academy, cheated during a test in order to protect someone. The one who saw that was the student council president, Saijou Hikaru. Because he was popular to the point of being called a “prince” by everyone, he was a respected male student. However, in actuality, he is a man like a devil… and he approached the heroine with a cruel deal.

“I have a request for you. Oh, it’s nothing difficult. Go and seduce Kuse Kazuma.”
“This is an aphrodisiac in development. Once it’s drunk, a person can only think about doing 

From the start, the heroine admired Kuse Kazuma and so she refused, saying she couldn’t do that to someone she liked. However, Saijou Hikaru thrust forward a reason the heroine couldn’t refuse and threatened her.

The heroine, who had no choice but to accept his demands, made Kazuma drink the drug with a desperate resolve but…

“Now that things are like this, I need to apologize to your parents as well. I’ll take responsibility on the way too…!”
“How about we pretend to be lovers for a while?”

—The story tumbles in a direction the heroine could not have imagined.

Thanks to an anonymous for the commission! R18 warning but Kazuma is another lighthearted one in this universe. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JPN DLsite. I feel like I need to create a separate page to keep track of all the Kankinkon stuff… LOL.

  1. Kankinkon: Ryoujoku no Hibi (Touji)
  2. Kankinkon: Zetsubou no Hibi (Touji)
  3. Seitokai: Ryakudatsu no Hibi (Hikaru)
  4. Taiiku Kyoushi (Makoto)
  5. Seitokai: Yuuwaku no Hibi (Kazuma)

Note1: I mentioned this back in Hikaru’s volume but Dusk is making a pun here with the title because “student council” is pronounced “seitokai; 徒会” but the kanji being used is actually “徒会; seitokai”. This one is used for things like subjugation and conquering.

*** TRACK 1: The Seduction and the Unexpected Results ***

*birds chirping; someone walks over*

Hikaru: Hello, may I sit beside you on this bench? *heroine nods*

H: Mm, thank you. *sits down*

H: This courtyard is nice and quiet, isn’t it? I sometimes come here to think too.

H: Eh? Ah, the student council room can get a bit noisy at times. But, oh, you know me? I used to come and go between America and Japan, so I didn’t think you’d pay attention to me, seeing as you’re in a different class.

H: Haha. I certainly seem to be called a “prince” by a group of people, but I’m not that sort of person. Even this position as the student council president was something I became because everyone endorsed me.

H: Besides, my character isn’t outstanding enough to be a prince. Ah, putting that aside, are you also troubled over something? You were absentminded earlier, as if you were here in body but not in spirit.

H: Haha, well, it’s not unreasonable for you to be like that.

H: *drops voice* Because you cheated for the first time in your life, right?

H: Haha! It’s a virtue to be honest, but that reaction of yours is a blunder. It acknowledges your crime. If you run, then your current situation is going to become worse. But go ahead, if you aren’t going to mind.


H: Hahaha! The reason I know you cheated? My seat is the seventh one behind yours in the test classroom. There, I happened to realize something by chance. It was really unexpected; that someone as serious as you would cheat.

H: Oh? You’ll do anything to seal my mouth? Then I guess I’ll go ahead with my demand.

H: Yes, I have a request for you. Oh, it’s nothing difficult. Go and seduce Kuse Kazuma.

H: No, you didn’t hear wrong. I want you to use your body and make Kazuma your prisoner. *heroine shakes head*

H: This shouldn’t be a bad deal to you. If I recall correctly… you adore Kazuma, don’t you? Haha, of course I’d know… any information that I can use, you see.

H: Hm? Ah, the reason for seducing him?

H: Kazuma broke up with my fiancée a year ago, but he’s still close to her. Occasionally he gives her advice and I can only see him as having lingering affection. In short, that man is in my way.

H: Oh? You’re going to refuse? But is that alright, I wonder? You should have a reason as for why you can’t refuse.


H: *takes out paper* Let’s see… according to this report, you’re the young lady of an old house but you enjoy moving your body more than flower arrangements and tea ceremonies. Ever since you joined the track and field club, you’ve won the championship at multiple competitions. Your scholastic performance is average.

H: You’re seemingly a young lady with no problems, but in actuality your mother was a mistress and after your mother died you entered the house of your father. In this regard, your younger sister was also taken into his care. You used to live… hm… quite a destitute life, I see.

H: *flips paper* You entered this house and, just as you thought leisurely days were about to start, your relationship with your stepmother is the worst and you haven’t been accepted yet. In addition, your actual father is cold towards you and your sister. It’s a situation where you don’t know when you’ll be discarded. The pièce de résistance is the condition your stepmother thrust forward several days ago. If your grades were to fall any further, then you and your sister will be driven out of the house. In other words, improper children of a mistress are unwanted.

H: If that happens, then your delicate sister will be in trouble, no? That is why you cheated.

H: That about sums it up, right? *puts away paper* Haha, how do I know this?

H: *leans in* Let me tell you something nice. The only thing money can’t buy… is the heart of the person you love. Now then, what will you do? You have one of two responses.


H: Hahaha! A wise decision. Such a beautiful sisterly bond.

H: Well then, I’ll give you something good. This is an aphrodisiac in development. Once it’s drunk, a person can only think about doing that. Oh, although it’s in development it’s already been tested on my own body, so I can verify there are no after-effects.

H: Relax, once it gets into a virgin then it’ll work immediately. The pain is only momentary.

H: Hahaha! Calling me a devil is a nice assessment. It feels much more comfortable than being a prince. Now, take it. You shouldn’t have a reason to refuse now. *heroine accepts*

H: Well, it’s time for me to go now. I’ll pray… for your work to go according to my expectations. *he leaves*

[07:02] *scene skip; Kazuma walking*

Kazuma: Haah… I might have too many positions in the sports club.

K: Huh? Oh, it’s you. Are you practicing after school too?

K: Haha, of course I know you. There’s no other girls who run faster than you in the track and field club. Last time, when you came out as the second in the competition, I admired how pretty your form was.

K: Eh? You thought I wouldn’t remember…? Why?

K: Haha, despite my appearances I have a good memory. Compared to the student council president, my studies are somewhat lacking though.

K: Hm? Why do you look like you’re going to cry? Did something bad happen? *heroine shakes head* Phew. Oh, did you have something to talk to me about? I have to go and clean up the clubroom after this, so if you think it’ll take a while then we can talk there.

K: Advice…? Okay, let’s go then. *walking*

K: That reminds me, is your little sister doing OK?

K: She came to cheer you on at the previous competition, right? She looks a lot like you.

K: Haha, I told you, I have a good memory even though I look like this. In particular, I remember people I respect.

K: Hm? Haha, no, it’s not a joke. I respect your diligence and seriousness. *opens door; closes door*

K: Wait a moment. I’ll clean up right now. *boxes moving*


K: Hah… sorry to keep you waiting. So, what did you want to talk about?

K: Huh? You want to give me something before that…? Eh? A drink? O-oh, thanks. I happen to be thirsty, so this helps. I’ll take you up on your offer then, thank you. *drinks*

K: This energy drink is good! Haha, it feels like my exhaustion these days has been swept away. So, about the advice…

K: Aah, about the track and field club? *heroine nods* Hmm… that’s true, I think Mr. Tanaka can be a bit too strict at points. Well, I also think that’s his way of showing his love though.

K: … Oh, I see. So that’s why people have been wanting to quit one after another. Got it, next time I see him I’ll indirectly touch on this. Mr. Tanaka is my dad’s schoolmate, so he comes over to our house often. He seems to like me a lot, so my prospects… hm… I think it’ll be more than other students.

K: Haha, this is a simple request. I can’t leave my classmate alone if they’re in trouble, right? But the problem is with the students… who’ve already decided… on quitting… Gngh!

K: A-ah, sorry, I feel like I have a fever somehow. My body suddenly got hot. I just felt a bit of dizziness. I think it’ll get better if I… rest… ngh… haa… hah…


K: What is this…? My body… is weird.


K: A-ah, sorry… haah… I can’t explain it well right now, but could I get you to leave for now? Hagh… haa… I’m begging you, don’t touch me. Haa… hah…!

K: Ggh! Haa… hah…! *heroine touches; he grabs her; rips her clothes; kisses* Nngh!

K: Haa… hah… haha! So these are girl nipples… so cute. Mmn…!

K: Your breasts are also this soft… hah… just squeezing them feels so good. Nngh… mm!

K: Hagh… haa…

K: I want to put myself in here. I want to mess you up… inside! Gngh! No…! This isn’t right… it’s wrong! You— what!? *heroine kisses him* Mmph!


K: Hahaha…! I’m going to enter you… I want to get inside you! Hagh… haa…! Ngh!

K: Haha… it feels so good. I didn’t know it’d feel so good being inside a girl. Mmph… *kisses; thrusting*

K: Haa… hah…! I won’t let you run! I’m going to thrust deeper! Ngh… hah… grgh…!

K: Ngh… mgh…!

K: I’m coming…! Gngh… agh… haa… *he orgasms*

K: Nrgh, my head hurts. *he collapses* Haa… hagh… grgh… *heroine runs to get something*

K: Haa… hah… I don’t need water. Just leave me alone for a bit. Hagh… hah… haa…

K: Gugh, this time I feel awful. Actually, could you give me the water? Haah… *drinks*


K: … This isn’t a dream, is it? *heroine shakes head*

K: Ggh, I’m… I’m the worst! What have I done to an unmarried lady!?

K: I’M SORRY! I know it’s nothing I can apologize for, so please hit me however much you want. Um, I don’t really know why but my body suddenly felt weird, uh, no this just sounds like an excuse, huh. Anyway, you’re a victim and I’ll pay the reparations! *heroine shakes head*

K: No, I can’t raise my head after doing something like this! No matter how many times I kneel on the ground, it’s something that’s unforgivable! Oh right, now that things are like this, I need to apologize to your parents as well. I’ll take responsibility on the way too…! *heroine interrupts*

K: … R-right, this would be hard to tell your parents, huh. But I really do need to take responsibility—

K: Huh? What do you mean I’m wrong?

K: The drink…? Ah! Did you possibly put something in that drink!? *heroine nods*

K: … Did you go that far to have me sleep with you so that my family will have to take responsibility? Did your parents tell you to try and make a done deal with the son of the Kuse family? *heroine shakes head*

K: I’m not looking for an apology from you. A girl who is crying this hard can’t have threatened a person voluntarily, right? Hey, won’t you talk to me about why you did this? If you don’t, then I can’t help you.

K: Haha, I don’t need compensation from you. In the first place, like I said, you’re the victim who was assaulted by me. *heroine shakes head* If you’re saying you can’t bear the weight of your crime, then I’d like you to explain everything. I should have the right to ask this.


K: Saijou? You mean… my childhood friend, Saijou Hikaru?

K: Ah… no way.

K: … I have a rough idea of the situation from your expression just now. You were threatened to seduce me with some reason or another, right? I can guess that much, because I’ve known him for a long time.

K: So, why were you threatened? You’ve come this far, so I think it’s better to talk about everything and get it off your chest.

*rain BGM*

K: Mm… mhm… I see. Then? Ah… that’s how it is, huh. You have it hard too. I see… so that’s why… *fade out*

*scene skip; rain and thunder BGM*

K: Ggh, Hikaru, that bastard, how dare he do such a despicable thing…! To force a girl to do something like this…!

K: Ah! Sorry for being loud.

K: First, I understand your circumstances now. This might sound insensitive, seeing as I assaulted you… but how about we pretend to be lovers for a while?


K: If Hikaru knows you told me the truth, then he’ll consider you unnecessary and he might remove you from the school. You should act along with me for a while so that this doesn’t happen.

K: It’s fine. Even though it was because of the drug, it’s still a fact that I committed the worst kind of act. I want you to let me help you out this much.

K: *hugs heroine* It must have been hard, huh. Although it was for your sister, sleeping with a man you don’t even like was painful, right? I’m sorry… for not being able to resist the drug.

K: A-ah, sorry! You don’t want to be touched by me right now, right? *heroine shakes head* Haha, oh. I’m glad.

K: By the way, what were you planning on doing if I said I wasn’t going to help you?

K: Huh? You mean you were going to drop out of school, leave your house, and bring up your little sister?

K: Isn’t that hard? You wouldn’t be able to live alone in the world as it is right now. You’d only be able to do dangerous jobs. If you wanted to raise your little sister, it’d be even rougher. *heroine nods* If you know that, then why?

K: Haha, you… You’re just like how you were when I met you.

K: The first time I met you, I saw you encouraging a junior and thought you were a really awe-inspiring girl. That was how much of an impression you gave off.

K: Ah. Haha, the rain’s getting worse, huh. I’ll send you back, so let’s go home together.

K: Haha, don’t be reserved. Even though this is temporary, right now we’re a couple. So then, I look forward to getting along with you.

*** TRACK 2: An Outrageous Order ***

*phone rings; heroine answers*

H: You did very good. Kazuma is a stupidly serious person, so he must have told you he’d take responsibility and started dating you, right?

H: Haha, how do I know? Because I followed you two.

H: No, I studied you two through the window. Hahaha, it really helped that the curtains were a bit open. Unfortunately, it started raining heavily in the middle and I wasn’t able to watch until the end but… putting that aside, you have a date later, right? You must certainly capture Kazuma’s heart.

H: … Hey, are you listening? *heroine refuses*

H: What? You want to stop the plan?

H: Oh? In other words, you’re saying you’re alright with being driven out of your house? *heroine nods*

H: What? Are you serious?

H: In this time and age, it’s impossible for someone your age to live while raising another person. It’s not a realistic idea.

H: Oh? It’s still better than bringing misfortune onto someone else…? Hahaha! This is great! This is exactly why you’re worth using.

H: Hehe, did you think I merely followed you two? I recorded enough of what happened today. Ah, I edited the part where you kissed him and I put a mosiac on your face, so you don’t have to be worried.

H: There is no mistake that this video is proof of a criminal act. It’s a wonderful video of how Kazuma, who everyone admires, ripped the clothes and raped a fragile lady. If this becomes public then Kazuma’s life is over.


H: Hahaha! You understand now, don’t you? Whether or not Kazuma is obliterated from society hangs on your choice.

H: Oh, I’m going to say this just in case but don’t tell Kazuma about this video. It’s something for you to use the moment you find out you’re going to be thrown away. I want to leave this trump card for last, you see. If you reveal this to him… then know that I’ll broadcast this through the whole world.

H: Now then… I pray for your continuing efforts. *ends call*

*heroine dials phone*

K: Hello? What’s wrong? Does your body actually hurt?

K: Eh? Hikaru called…?

K: What were you threatened with now? Mm… mhm… I see. He told you to have a date tomorrow, huh.

K: … Is that really all?

K: Going from your personality, I thought you’d tell Hikaru that you wanted to stop the plan. Am I wrong? Then, wouldn’t he threaten you in another way?

K: … I see. I’m glad if I’m wrong. Where do you want to go tomorrow then?

K: Eh!? We’re going to have a date, right? I’m fine with just being together too, but wouldn’t going to the movies or an amusement park be more date-like? Or, uh, do you not like the thought of having a date with me? *heroine shakes head*

K: Haha, got it. We’ll go to the movies then. What genre do you like?

K: Hmm, for that genre, we should meet up at the south entrance of the station. Ah, is eleven o’clock fine? We can go to the movie theatre after eating lunch.

K: Great, it’s decided! I’ll see you tomorrow at eleven o’clock, south entrance, then. *heroine nods*

K: Yeah, good night. *ends call*

[05:16] *scene skip*

K: Ah, over here, over here!

K: Haha, we still have a lot of time, so you don’t have to rush over like that. Mm, you aren’t late. It’s still 5 minutes before the meeting time.

K: Me? I think I arrived 10 minutes earlier. So I didn’t wait that long.

K: Haha, you don’t need to apologize. Being 10 minutes early to doing anything is like a rule at my house. There are a bunch of others, but well… they’re just a bit strict on the men. My dad and mom are good people. Well, let’s go then. *walking*

K: That reminds me, this is the first time I’m seeing you out of uniform or sportswear. These clothes suit you too. They’re lovely.

K: Eh? Why am I flattering you? I just said what I thought though. *car drives past* Ah, sorry, could I get you to walk on this side? *they switch*

K: Thank you. Mm? Oh, no, you weren’t in the way. It’s dangerous being on the side of the roadway.

K: What’s wrong? Did I do something bad?

K: Oh, mm, it’s always like this when I’m out with my mom or sister. Haha, sometimes when I forget, they’ll get mad and tell me to care more about ladies. So, I’ve grown to feel more comfortable walking on this side—

K: Wait, did I say something wrong again?

K: Because you have a complicated look on your face. Ah! Do you think I have an Oedipus complex!? T-that’s not it! It’s just a habit so—

K: Haha, I’m relieved you didn’t misunderstand me. Ah, the shop I mentioned is over there. I asked my brother and he told me this shop has a lot of things that girls like on the menu.

K: Hm? I have a older brother and older sister. I’m the youngest of three siblings. Haha, you can’t tell? I’m glad then.

K: Huh? Because people have the notion that the youngest is spoiled and easily gets lonely, right? Ah, but easily gets lonely might be right. My brother and sister are lively, so whenever I’m alone I feel a bit lonely. That’s why I’m happy to go out and play like this.

*enters store*

K: We have a reservation. *to heroine* Here, let’s go.

[08:35] *scene skip*

K: *stretching* Aah, lunch was tasty and the movie was interesting. It was a really fun day. Thank you.

K: Oh, let’s cross through this park. It’s a shortcut.

K: Haha, this is nostalgic. I used to play here a lot with my brother. Or it might be more correct to say I ran away to here.

K: My dad is someone who has mastered all sorts of martial arts, but he demands that of his sons too. Sometimes I get fed up and my brother and I run away. So then we come here. Haha, ah, but I’m grateful to him now. Thanks to his strict teaching I was able to experience a lot.

K: Eh? Haha, I’m not a good person.

K: *quiet* If I was a good person, then I wouldn’t have taken my best friend’s fiancée.

K: Ah, it’s nothing! More importantly, tomorrow— *heroine’s phone beeps*

K: Hm? What’s wrong? Is it a text from your little sister?

K: … From your appearance, it’s from Hikaru, isn’t it?

K: Is he possibly watching us from somewhere? If that’s the case, then we can’t drop our guard. Let’s pretend we’re making small talk so that he doesn’t know you’ve revealed his plan to me.

K: *whispers* So, what does he want now? I won’t understand if you stay silent. I’ll cooperate with anything, so tell me without hesitation. Mm… I see. Mhm… Huh? PARK SE— ah! *coughs* Haha, I see!

K: … Telling you to have sex in the park, he’s not sane.

K: …… Um… if you don’t mind, then could you let me sleep with you? Me? I… I’ve already made my decision. I don’t want you to meet with anything terrible if I jump off this plan in the middle. Are you… actually scared? *heroine shakes head*

K: Haha, let’s go under the tree over there then. We shouldn’t be noticeable over there. Hmm, but it’s strange to suddenly head to the shade, right? It’d be better to take some sort of normal action…


K: Oh, I know! First, let’s hug. Then we’ll hold hands and head to the shade, acting out an excited atmosphere. How about that?

K: Um… so, I’m going to hug you, OK? *hugs heroine*

K: *awkwardly loud* I’ve fallen in love with you! I can’t hold back these urges any longer! *quiet* Come on, act me with me too.

K: *loud* Huh? You too? Ah, I’m so happy! Then can I make l-love to you? *quiet* I’m going to hold your hand next.

K: *loud* Let’s go under the tree over there then!

K: Um… people shouldn’t pass through here. You’ll need something against your back, so could you put your back against that tree?

K: *breathes deep* … Um, uh, sorry, I’m going to say this directly and try my best not to be rude. My first time was with you. Meaning, I don’t have any actual experience. I asked my brother and did preparatory lessons, so I think it’ll be OK but I might do something you don’t like. So, whenever you want me to stop be sure to say so.

K: Haha, thank you. You’re kind to be concerned about me even at a time like this.

K: T-then… let’s kiss first? *kisses* Nn… next is to kiss deeper. A-ah, sorry! My teeth hit you, right? Uh… this is so bad I’m embarrassed. This is my first time kissing like this, so I’m sorry for not being skilled—

K: Ah, I see. You too? We’re the same then. Alright, how about we do this? Can you tilt to the left and down? I’ll go to the right. We should be able to connect well with that! *kisses* Mmn…

K: … It’s not going well for some reason. Can we try again without thinking about anything? *kisses*


K: Haa… I think I get it a little. This… feels good, huh. *kisses* Nngh.

K: Haah… hah… can I rub your breasts next? Eh? I don’t have to ask? But if I don’t ask then I might do something you don’t like. O-oh, I can touch them directly!?

K: *breathes deep* Hold on a bit. I need to prepare myself mentally for seeing your breasts. Mm… it’s OK, I’ll be OK.

K: Alright, I’m going to take off your bra. Hm? This is a front hook? Uh, in other words, if I do this here… ah! It’s off—… *swallows hard* N-no, I’m not disappointed! It’s t-too pretty so I was shocked.

K: *breathes deep* I don’t really remember what happened last time, but a girl’s breasts really hard soft, huh. Not just your chest, but your entire body… It feels good to touch, unlike a guy’s body. *kisses*

K: Ah, s-sorry! Did I squeeze them too hard?

K: I wasn’t using any strength at all, but I have to be even gentler than this? A girl’s body is more sensitive than I imagined, huh. I need to study more. Um… should I use around this much strength for your nipples? *heroine nods* Haha, phew.

K: They get hard when I do this, huh. They’re more puffed up than they were at the beginning too. For some reason… it’s cute. I want to taste them. Nngh…


K: Ngh! That noise isn’t fair… I won’t be able to hold myself back. Mmgh…

K: Haha, unexpected? I’m a guy in the end. If a cute girl moans cutely, then this place will get like this. Hey, can I make preparations to enter you?

K: Haha, you’re right, it’s good manners not to ask. I’m going to touch you down here then. Ah, is this… you being a little wet? *heroine hits him* Ah, no, I’m not trying to embarrass you with words! I just… um… was moved. Thank you for feeling pleasure at my touch. *kisses*

*wind blows*

K: Mm? Ah, if this drags on for too long then you’ll catch a cold, huh. I’m going to put myself in n-now then. Uh… I have a condom this time, so don’t worry. Eh? A-ah, no, no, my brother said it was good manners to carry one on a date, so that’s why I have one!

K: Ah… I’m nervous so don’t tease me too much. *opens condom* Um, like this from the tip… Hm? Uh, why won’t it go down well? Ah, sorry, wait a moment. Hrm… ah! It ripped. Haah… this is the worst. D-don’t worry, I actually have another one! Ah, but could you wait a bit longer? Because I’m nervous, uh, that… um… lost its strength.

K: I-I’ll do it myself, so don’t worry. Ngh… ah… but this is embarrassing in its own way.

K: Huh? What are you— ngh! D-don’t lick me. I can’t make a lady do this! It feels g-good, but… that’s not the prob— ngh! Hagh… haa… sorry, for making you do this. I know I shouldn’t let you do it, but it feels good. Mgh! *heroine gives BJ*


K: W-wait! If you swallow it like that, I’m going to… come. Ngh, ow! I-I’m OK. Your teeth just touched me a little.

K: Haha, you don’t have to apologize. I’m so aroused at this sight that I can almost disregard any pain. I can’t believe myself for feeling good at you doing this. Nngh… ah…

K: I told you, if you do that… You can’t! Mrgh… you get the gist of things a bit too quickly. Aah, jeez, don’t do it so happily. My rationality is going to fly off. Hagh… haa… I’m really at my limit, so wait!

K: Eh? You’ll put on the condom? Hmm… then I guess I’ll ask you to do it. *opens condom* Nn… t-thank you.

K: You’re surprisingly bold, huh. I’m the one who feels like my heart’s going to jump out. Haha, it’s not a bad thing. It means I’m so turned on my heart could stop. *kisses*

K: Then… I’m going to put it in now. Hold onto me. Nrgh… haah…

K: Ah, sorry, wait a moment. Because you used your mouth on me earlier… ngh… if I move, I feel like I’ll come instantly.

K: Mgh, don’t do that. Don’t move your muscles down here like that. Haha, that’s even meaner if you weren’t doing it on purpose. You’ll be so cute I won’t be able to hold back. Hah… haa… I’m going to move little by little now, so if it hurts tell me, OK? Mgh… ah…!

K: Ah, crap, this feels too good. I’m sorry for being the only one feeling good— eh? Mmph! *heroine kisses him* Ah… haha, if you turn me on too much I won’t be able to be gentle. *kisses*


K: Haa… hah… let’s kiss more. I love kissing you while we’re connected. *kisses*

K: Mrgh… hah… hagh…!

K: If you squeeze me this hard, ngh, I’m going to release! Ungh… ah…! Ggh! *he orgasms*

K: Haah… haa…

K: Wait… I want to stay like this a while longer. Sex is amazing, huh. Or… is it because it’s you that it feels this good? *kisses*

K: Thank you. If you weren’t here, I don’t think I’d know of this joy for the rest of my life. Ah, don’t move yet. Your thighs are wet, so it’ll be better to wipe it first, right? Eh? Ah, mm, I was also taught by my brother to be prepared for anything.

K: Haha, us siblings are certainly close. But I’m making them worried about me right now, so I think they want to support me especially. You’re asking why? Ah… uh… well, a lot of things happened and I was a bit depressed.

K: More importantly, is your body alright? If it hurts, I can carry you home? *heroine shakes head* Oh, then here.

K: Huh? I thought it’d be nice to go home while holding hands. Oh… this is wrong. I want to walk, holding your hand.

K: Haha, thank you. Then I, Kuse Kazuma, shall escort this princess safely to her home. Haha! Was that pretentious? But I thought this would brighten up your face. Yep, I wanted to see your cute reaction. Sorry.


K: That reminds me, I wonder where Hikaru is watching us from. It’d be good if he thought I was madly in love with you after today. If that’s not the case… then the hard work you did today would be pointless.

K: Hm? What’s wrong? You say it’s nothing… but that’s impossible with how sad you look, right?

K: A-ah, wait! That walkway is a detour. *runs after heroine*

K: Haa… hah… wait! *grabs heroine* Haa… hah… I’ve finally caught you. You really do run fast.

K: No. I’ll let go of your hand if you say you won’t run. Your answer? *heroine nods*

K: OK, I let go. You’ll tell me your reason then, right? Hey, why did you suddenly start running? If I said something wrong, then I’ll apologize. So, let’s talk properly— wah! *gets shoved* Ow… what’s with that guy? Suddenly pushing me.

K: Huh!? Did you get under me? Why did you protect me!? You could have died if you hit a bad spot! Ah, your forehead is bleeding a little. We need to go to the hospital and get an examination immediately. Is there anywhere else that hurts? Your leg? Show me.

K: … It doesn’t seem broken. It feels sprained.

K: You’re OK…? YOU’RE NOT ALRIGHT! You’re a girl, right!? There’s no way it’s fine to injure your face! But… what do you mean but?

K: Huh? You’re glad I’m safe…?

K: … Honestly, you… *hugs heroine* I’m sorry for yelling. I should have thanked you first, huh. Thank you. But please don’t ever do that again. I don’t want you to get hurt because of me.


K: No, this isn’t for the plan. This is my wish… from the bottom of my heart.

K: First, let’s go to that hospital right there. Next… next, I’ll check the surveillance cameras on this street. I didn’t see the face of the man who pushed me, but I can only think that it was intentional.

K: I’ll definitely make him compensate for hurting you.

K: I’m going to pick you up, but tell me if it hurts anywhere. Hup! *carries heroine* You know what I think about you? I think you’re too used to sacrificing yourself for someone. It’s impressive, but it’ll make the people who love you unhappy.

K: I’m not trying to reject your way of life. But… I think you should think about your own happiness a bit more. If you can’t think about it now, then I’ll be with you until you can.

K: Haha, it’s not a bother! *quiet* You’re even denser than me.

K: Nope, I didn’t say anything. Ah, after you’re done being treated at the hospital, could you tell me your address?

K: Haha, that’s the address of the Mori station, isn’t it? I’m asking about the address of your house. I do want to send you back, but if you don’t mind why don’t we study together next Sunday?

K: I told you, it’s not a bother!

K: Alright, we’ll study at my house. So, what’s the address to your home? Hmm, okay. If you’re not going to tell me no matter what, then I’ll just have the butler at my house look into it. If I ask him for something then I can know about it in an instant. Haha, got it. I’ll call for a car to send you after this. *fade out*

*** TRACK 3: In Kazuma’s Room ***

*opens door*

K: Welcome! Wait, huh, where’s your escort?

K: Eh!? You came here alone!? Ggh, what kind of family lets their daughter go out alone with an injured leg!? I should have gone over to pick you up even if you said you were alright. *heroine shakes head*

K: How can this be OK!? Jeez, you treat your body too lightly.

K: I’m going to pick you up, OK? *carries heroine; takes off shoes*

K: Hm? Ah, I can carry her so there’s no need for concern. Itou, go to the kitchen and inform them that she’s arrived. Yes, I leave it to you. *continues walking*

K: Oh, he’s the excellent butler I mentioned to you before. He took care of me when I was small. Haha, I don’t really get it, but he was really excited for you to come over. Not just him, but everyone in the family is excited.

K: Aah, but everyone’s out of the house because they’re working so our studies won’t be interrupted.

K: Haha, is it that large? This was after it was remodeled to be smaller. That’s why there’s a mix between the old Japanese style and new Western style.

K: Mm? You want to be put down? Why? Aah, it doesn’t matter if you’re seen. Everyone knows your leg is injured.

K: Nope, I’m not putting you down. I’m going to keep princess carrying you as punishment for you lying to me and saying you’re OK. *heroine hits him* Haha, sorry. I actually just want to take care of you. Of course, it’s because I’m worried for you.

K: First, let’s take a break in the living room and study. I’ll get some snacks that you look like you’ll like— *door opens*

Souji: I prepared them! Ya-ya, it’s a pleasure to meet you, gorgeous goddess. I’m Kuse Souji, Kazuma’s older brother! As a sign of making your acquaintance, I shall kiss the fingers of this goddess—

K: *growls* Brother, could you step away from her?

S: Ehh? Don’t say such stingy things. You happen to have brought a girl over, when it’s usually so rare.

K: Is it okay for you not to go to work?

S: Uh-huh, I took a paid vacation.

K: It can’t be… for this?

S: Now, now, don’t just stand there. Kazuma, let her sit on the sofa. She’ll get tired like that.

K: Haah… I guess nothing can be done about this. *sets heroine down*


S: Ah, Kazuma, bring over the tea and cake. I’ll chat with her.

K: Kayoko can bring the tea over—

S: You’re too naive, Kazuma. If you have this and that done for you, you’re going to be thought of as a young master. At times like these, the first impression is very important. If you act here, she’ll think that you’re amazing for being able to brew tea even though you’re a rich son!

K: O-oh. *to heroine* I’m going to step out for a little bit then, but I’ll be back right away. You can relax here. *leans in* You’re not allowed to have an affair. *kisses* J-just kidding.

S: Kazuma! I’m thirsty! I want to eat pastries!

K: Jeez, isn’t this just you wanting to eat it yourself!? Haa… don’t talk about anything unnecessary before I get back! *he leaves; door closes*

S: Good. The hindrance is gone.

S: *comes over* Hey, may I sit beside you? Well, even if you said no, I’m going to sit beside you anyway!

S: I had people investigate a whole bunch into you. The rumors and chronology of everything up to you getting taken into your present house. I even know your three sizes.

S: Ah, I apologize for making you feel hurt about this. But that kid is our cute, adorable youngest brother. I can’t leave him alone. Everyone in the family treasures him. The moment I heard this kid got a girlfriend I was surprised. After all, this is after his great heartbreak which has become gossip even throughout the school, right?

S: Even if it’s been a year, I didn’t think that wound would heal.

S: Kazuma himself even said he wouldn’t marry for the rest of his life and refused the marriage interviews our dad brought over. However, you suddenly appeared… and stole Kazuma’s heart. I was sure you charged into the place where he was wounded and seduced him. That was what everyone in the family thought in our hearts.


S: There’s a lot of people who would even offer up their daughter’s body for a connection to this family. That’s why, if Kazuma brought you over, we planned on giving you a test. Well, that’s not needed anymore though!

S: I was also shown the video of how you fell from the stairs, protecting Kazuma. Your expression and reaction in that moment was real. Even though I look like this, I’ve mastered a lot of martial arts. There’s no way I misread that.

S: As a result of all of these composite factors… I know you love Kazuma from the bottom of your heart.

S: Hm? Why are you so flustered? You two have promised each other your futures, right? *heroine shakes head* Haha, I don’t really understand, but maybe you’re a shy one. Cute! Ah, that reminds me, it doesn’t seem like the suspect has been caught yet. For my informants not to be able to get anything… it’s a curious thing.

S: Huh? Oh, you’re wondering why I looked at the footage of the surveillance camera?

S: I’ll reveal something good to you. The one thing you can’t buy in this world is the heart of the one you love. This is something the famous Saijou Touji said in the past. Hey, hey, right now what I’m most curious about is how you seduced Kazuma. Oh, maybe you were seduced?

S: You don’t have to be embarrassed. I’m going to be your brother-in-law in the future. Tell me in secret. Come on?

S: Alright, I’ll guess then. You met Kazuma at the track and field club as a second. There, a faint love began. That kid’s a good kid, after all. I’m sure he didn’t say anything at the beginning and he checked to see if there were any men in your life. Then, after he confirmed you didn’t have a boyfriend, he gently handed you a towel— *door opens*


K: Brother, please don’t say anything extra!

S: It’s not extra! Everyone’s curious! More importantly, Kazuma, it’s not good to eavesdrop. How much did you hear?

K: Something like that kid’s a good kid or whatever. Anyway, the rest is all your absurd imagination!

S: Oh phew, you didn’t hear most of it then.

K: You talked about more things!? You’re an idiot, brother! How long are you going to treat me like a kid!?

S: I’m not treating you like a kid. It’s just that you’re innocent and I want to protect you—

K: I’m saying that you’re wrong there! I’m not a good kid! I’m not innocent either! That’s why I stole my best friend’s fiancée!

S: Kazuma. That was because Saijou Hikaru was negligent from the start and a coward. You aren’t at fault! In the first place, what’s wrong with me talking to this girl? I told her that we, the Kuse family, welcome her warmly, you know? You won’t be single for the rest of your life with this and I’m happy to get a cute little sister.

K: Why are you talking about whether or not we’ll get married here!?

S: Eh!? You don’t plan to!? What a brute to take a girl’s first time and then throw her out.

K: Shut the hell up! Of course I plan to!

S: Hahaha! Right? But because it’s you I thought you’d hesitate and not say it. Your older brother was worried. You have to be firmly engaged before your girl is stolen away again.

K: U-um, uh, you don’t have to c-care about what was said just now. I’m sorry for my brother saying weird things.

S: Ah, that reminds me, there’s a welcoming party tonight. *whispers* If you’re going to have sex, do it within three hours.

K: *growls* If you’re going to say any more worthless things, then even if you’re my brother I’m going to beat you up.

S: Oh? *goes to Kazuma* You’re thinking about punching me, I see. Interesting! Sure, it’s been a while since we fought each other. Come at me.

K: Don’t keep thinking I’m the same as I was in the past! Even I— *heroine runs over* Wah! It’s dangerous if you hug me all of a sudden. You could have burned yourself on the tea. A-ah, that’s right, I wouldn’t be able to fight either way if I was holding this tray. *heroine hits him* Ow ow! I’m sorry, I suddenly flew into a rage.


S: Yup, yup, that’s a bad point about Kazuma.

K: I don’t want to be told that by you, brother. Haah… somehow I feel tired now. I’ll give you this cake, brother, so eat it alone.

S: Ehh? What’s with that? That makes me sad! I’m going to get fat!

K: Those useless muscles will burn off the calories, so you’ll be okay.

S: Cruel! Let’s eat together, wah!

K: *to heroine* Haa, sorry to keep you waiting. Let’s go to my room. Haha, of course I’m going to carry you. *carries heroine*

S: Hey, hey, Kazuma!! *door closes*

*scene skip; door opens and closes*

K: U-um… my room’s also in the Western style. If you’d rather a Japanese style room, there’s a separate building and we can go there— *heroine shakes head* O-oh, that’s good then.

K: Uh… I really am sorry for my brother saying weird things. Normally, he’s a comical person but today he was particularly weird.

K: Eh? N-no! That wasn’t a lie!

K: … It wasn’t a lie, so could you look this way? I planned to say this after more steps but… *breathes deep* I’ve fallen in love with you. I think you’re special, as a person of the opposite gender.

K: The time we’ve been going out? That doesn’t matter. What do you think about me? If you wish for it even a little… then please go out with me with the goal of getting married!


K: … In the end, you don’t think anything of me?

K: If you’re saying you have no right, then I’m the one who doesn’t have the right. After all, no matter the reason, I’m the one who assaulted you. *heroine shakes head*

K: Haah… alright, if you’re going to say that you can’t forgive yourself no matter what then I won’t forgive myself either. I’m going to cut off what hurt you. *grabs scissors; heroine stops him* Ngh, don’t worry, I won’t cut it all off. I’ll leave enough to live a life, so let go!

K: Ggh, I’m being serious! If I can’t join with you, then I don’t need this! *heroine slaps him* Ngh! Even if you hit me, my feelings— ah, sorry, I didn’t plan on making you cry like this. Um… taking out a pair of scissors was scary, huh. I’m going to put this away now, so don’t cry.

K: Huh…? You l-love me? Me? Really? *heroine nods*

K: R-really? It’s not a lie? You love me for real? *heroine nods; hugs heroine; kisses* Nngh!

K: Haa… hah… I love you too.

K: Haha, you’re asking what part? Everything. But, in particular, I love… your deep affections and bravery. *kisses*

K: … Hey, can I get your answer to earlier? Haha, no, not about whether or not you love me. *kisses* I turned eighteen one month ago. So… take the Kuse name and stay in this house. Of course, together with your little sister.


K: No, if you’re happy then you don’t need to add “but” or “however”. Besides, my sister wanted a little sister so I’m sure she’ll be really happy. Oh, but if all the attention gets too annoying then you can borrow the separate house. The most important thing is for you to live comfortably. *kisses*

K: Ngh… hah…

K: *catches heroine* Woah! Are you OK? That reminds me, your leg hurts but I made you run around. Sorry. I’ll remove your bandages and rewrap it on the bed. Hup! *carries heroine; puts her down*

K: Extend your leg.

K: … Phew, it’s less swollen than it was yesterday. Huh? I worry too much…? You’re the one who ignores yourself too much. Jeez, do you know how worried I was while I was waiting in the hospital?

K: Haah… why are you laughing? I’m being serious here.

K: I’m seriously worried for you. So let me examine your whole body.

K: First, from the tip of your foot… *kisses* Haha, this place looks alright. But I wonder why you made that noise? This shouldn’t be the leg that was hurt. *kisses*

K: … I’m worried. I need to lick and examine up to your calf. Nn…


K: Can I make a mark here? I want to make one. Haha, thank you. *kisses*

K: Hey, can I examine underneath this underwear too? Show me whether or not you’re hurt there. Uwah, this is a problem. It’s red and trembling… I can only lick it to examine it, huh. Nngh… *gives oral*

K: Mmgh, when I touch you here, you give a little jump, huh. Do you like this place? Haha, no, I’m not bullying you. I’m just studying to be a good husband. So… tell me. Nngh, when I licked around this place and rub it, do you like it? *heroine nods*

K: Aah… cute. I’m going to touch you inside too, OK? Mmn… if I remember correctly, it was something like this… if I curl my finger a little, ngh, and slowly pull it out I can confirm the spot… *gives oral; fingering*

K: Oh, here? Haha, I’m glad I asked my brother. The place where you’re sensitive inside… is here. Haah… ngh…

K: If I touch this spot while sucking on your clitoris, ngh, I hear it feels extremely good. Haa… hagh… nrgh…


K: Mm, are you going to come? Haha, go ahead and come. I want you to come by my finger. Nngh… mm…! *heroine orgasms*

K: Haa… hah… haha, I’m happy you came. But we can’t relax yet. Let me examine you more.

K: I’m going to unbutton this, OK? *heroine nods* Oh, it’s not a front hook this time. Could you raise your back a little? Hm… huh, this is hard to take off. Hrm… ah, got it. Haha, before, I thought the fuss the other boys in my class were making was stupid but now I understand their feelings a little.

K: Seeing your nipples… I get really aroused. Nngh… *kisses*

K: Hah… haa… let me hear your voice more. It’s embarrassing? Then… I’ll touch you down here too and make you feel so good you forget to be embarrassed. Mmngh…

K: Haha, you’re dripping already. Are you going to come again? Nngh, it’s OK, come as many times as you want. Mm…

K: Mngh! Did I get that good sucking on your nipples? Haha, phew, I actually practiced on gummies. Because last time I made you feel pain. But your nipples are tastier than gummies.


K: Huh? Is this where you’re going to laugh?

K: Hrm, you certainly have a lot of composure. If you laugh, I’m going to make you come again.

K: Huh? You want to come from something else? O-oh, I’m sorry for not being thoughtful. I’ll buy some adult toys next time. I don’t know what type you like, so next time I’ll fulfill your— uwah! W-what now?

K: O-oh! You meant I could put myself in you. W-wait one moment. I’ll put on a condom right now. *heroine shakes head* Hm? No, even though we’re engaged, you’re still a student. We should use contraception until graduation.

K: Hmm… that’s true, it probably feels better without putting one on. But I don’t think it’s right to prioritize a man’s pleasure here. Let’s make children after we have proper plans. *leans in* But after we graduate… let me come inside you. *heroine nods*

K: Haha, don’t look like that. I’ll get so aroused I won’t want to put a condom on. *kisses*

K: Let’s see… it should be around here. Ah, here! *opens condom* Huh? You want to help?

K: Haha, I can put it on alone now, so don’t worry. I also made sure to practice this. See? I put it on. You can imagine how stupid I looked practicing alone and relax; that way it’ll be easier for me to enter you. Now… I’m putting it in, OK? Nngh… ah…

K: You’re still tight. Are you OK? It doesn’t hurt, does it?

K: Phew. I’m going to move, but if it hurts today… you can scratch my back. Haha, sorry, I should say I’ll stop immediately if it hurts but in truth I’m really turned on… and I don’t think I can stop, ngh! Mmgh… hah… ah…! *thrusting*

K: Wow, ngh, this is the best it’s ever felt. Hngh… ah…!

K: Haa… hagh… this place is where it feels best for you, right? Haah… when I rub against this place, you get really tight, and it feels so good. I’m going to stroke against this place more. This time, let me see your face up-close when you come. *kisses; thrusting*


K: Nrgh… mgh… it’s amazing inside you. Hngh, I can’t… hold back any longer with this, ngh! Haa… hah… can I come too?

K: Haah… hah… I love you. I won’t let you go in my whole life. Nngh! *kisses; thrusting*

K: Mgh… mrgh…! *he orgasms* Gngh!

K: Haa… haah…

K: Haha, I’m glad we came together today. Like I said, I was able to see your face up-close when you came. *heroine hits him* Haha, isn’t it OK? You were cute.

K: … You were so cute my breath could stop. *kisses*

K: N-ngh, like this, I’ll want to do it again. I’m going to pull out, OK?

K: Come here. Let me hold you.

K: Thank you for accepting me. I’m really glad I was able to meet you. *kisses* Ah, that reminds me, did Hikaru contact you after that?

K: I see. He might be feeling secure now that we’re really dating.

K: Eh? Me and Hikaru’s meeting? Haha, it was in kindergarten. I actually couldn’t study much in kindergarten, so I was bullied somewhat. If it had been physical, then I could have just fought back. But it was bullying that used the head. To be honest, it was hard to go to school every day.

K: At that time, Hikaru was in the same class and he suddenly challenged the boss of the bullies to a chess game. I didn’t know anything about chess at that age, so I don’t know what sort of battle it was but apparently Hikaru won with ease. That kid, who thought he was smarter than all the others, had his pride ripped to shreds by Hikaru’s words and, after that, didn’t come to school for a while.


K: I thought it was strange and asked Hikaru about it after a few days. I asked him why he suddenly had that match.

K: Then Hikaru said this, “Everyone has their own abilities; if there’s a fast runner, then there’s also a smooth talker. Determining these abilities and using them in and of itself is the qualifications of a ruler. An idiot who doesn’t even have these qualifications but acts like a king is just an eyesore.”

K: Haha, at that time, even if his words were well-said, I didn’t really understand their meaning. Normally, there’s no one who would talk about something difficult like that in kindergarten, right? But, at any rate, I thought he was cool.

K: I was moved and thought that, if it was him, he might really have the qualifications of a ruler. After that, we naturally started hanging out together and we both ended up calling each other best friends.

K: Eh? Aah, I met Hikaru’s fiancée some time after that at the entrance ceremony of our elementary school. But this talk isn’t something to have— ah, I understand. If you want to hear it, then I’ll talk about it.

K: On that day, she picked up the handkerchief I dropped. The moment I saw her smile I fell in love. It was puppy love.

K: I secretly told Hikaru this and Hikaru cheered me on. That’s why, thinking I’d confess one day, I continued to quietly approach her.

K: Then… haha, a lot of things happened when I was ten years old. Hikaru ended up falling in love with her. Hikaru’s actions were fast. He used his house’s influence and became her fiancé in the blink of an eye.


K: Haha, that’s right, it’s a bit of a mean story.

K: No… it was probably a cruel story to me. But Hikaru told me, “I’m seriously in love with her, sorry” and so I swallowed my anger. I think I was scared that it felt like I would lose Hikaru if I said I wanted her no matter what. At that time, if I honestly got angry and punched him then things might have ended without being dragged out.

K: It was because restraint piled onto restraint that after Hikaru went abroad for his heart surgery… that I impulsively couldn’t endure it any longer. On that day, she got scared of the thunder and hugged me. My reason… snapped.

K: I held back all this time and yet I confessed.

K: Haha… I’m seriously a cowardly man.

K: I probably loved Hikaru all this time… and also hated him. I loved them both to the point of being unable to throw away either of these two emotions. But continuing to hate someone you like… is a tiring thing, huh. But I was stubborn, so I couldn’t stop hating Hikaru.

K: You… were the one who cut this vicious circle.

K: *hugs heroine* Yeah, that’s right. Now that I have this relationship with you, I can finally acknowledge my own wrongs. I think it’s because I was able to face Hikaru through you. Then I was able to really feel, at this point in time, that what I did was just detestable. One day… I’d like to apologize properly to Hikaru.

K: Ah, but I won’t forgive him for using you, so I’m going to punch him once. *heroine shakes head* Haha, will you hate me for punching people? Hmm, that’s a problem. I’ll be ripped to pieces if we do chess and I can’t win against his studies. If I show such a shameful sight, then I feel like I’ll be abandoned by you.

K: Well, even if you abandon me… I’ll chase after you again. I’ll seduce you as many times as it takes.

K: Hm? That sound… There’s a sound I don’t usually hear. That noise is probably… oh, preparations for the party? Haha, they got me. It seems like they really do plan on holding a welcoming party for you.

K: Haha! What are you panicking for? You’re more than cute enough like this. You don’t have to wear a dress.

K: Well then, we should get going… my future bride. We’ll continue this after the party. *kisses*

*** TRACK 4: Kankinkon Bonus – The Name Touji ***

T: *on phone* No, my son is under the care of Mr. Yamana, so that amount of donation is a matter of course. I am also thinking about continuing my support of your conception of education. Ah, that reminds me, it sounds like Makoto has become engaged. Congratulations. When is the ceremony?

T: You’re opposed? Oh my, this is different from what I heard. I heard that you were extremely pleased to be able to have a great-grandchild and, for that sake, you began to think about a new education program. I was so moved that I started thinking about how I had to make another donation… but I apologize for being mistaken.

T: … Haha, oh, I wasn’t mistaken, I see. Good. I pray from the bottom of my heart that a healthy child will be born. Now then, until our next meeting. *ends call*

T: Hah! An old geezer who only bites at money as usual. Despite that, his ability to run things is lacking and he’s just a useless elder who can only depend on the shell of being an old house. Now then, what will happen after Yamana Makoto takes over… is something worth seeing.

T: *sees heroine; voice softens* Oh, it’s you! Where did you go? Weren’t we planning on seeing the opera together— ngh! *heroine slaps him*

T: … Haha. Thank you.

T: Why am I thanking you? Because every time you call me the worst and slap me I can feel your unshakable strong will. Whenever you turn your anger on me, I’m emotionally moved about how you’re still alive.

T: Hehe, the reason I’m cooperating with Makoto? Because I’m a bit annoyed. Don’t you think that recently Hikaru has been honestly happy? Even that girl, who at the beginning was in despair, is now feeling compassion for him. Maybe it’s because they were trusting childhood friends from the start. It’s completely different from what I concluded.


T: I’m happy as a parent but… it’s strange. I’m jealous as a man. It doesn’t seem like Hikaru carried on the Saijou curse.

T: I suppose I’ll be the last host of the curse.

T: Aah, look, the cherry blossom trees in the garden are in full bloom. Apparently, the largest tree was there before this house was even built. Oh, I know, how about we take a stroll for the first time in a while in the garden? You also love that cherry blossom tree, don’t you?

T: If you walk together with me, then I’ll tell you a special secret.

*scene skip*

T: It’s even more impressive when you’re looking at it from beside it. Before I married you, I merely thought of it as being part of the landscape. But the cherry blossoms I see with you are now the world’s most beautiful sight.

T: … You know, this cherry blossom tree is a tree full of heavy memories for me. It’s like a gravesite.

T: No, it’s not an abstract expression. It’s an actual gravesite. It seems my father committed suicide underneath this tree.


T: Haha, this is the first time you’ve heard of this? That’s right, it’s been a taboo for a long time in our family and I never felt like talking about it. But, at one point, I felt like I would try telling you one day.

T: See, do you remember how my wet nurse passed away five years ago? Several days before she passed away, I asked about something I was always curious about. Then she told me about my father and mother while they were alive.

T: Surprisingly, my father was originally the gardener of this house it seems. Well, he was called a gardener, but he was still an apprentice. At that time, my grandmother showed him excessive care. Under the reason that he looked a lot like her younger brother who died.

T: My father was in his late teens and my grandmother was around her thirties. The two of them, who were one whole decade apart in age, were close like a parent and child.

T: But they were too close and… my jealous grandfather chased him out of the house.

T: Then, more than fifteen years passed, and the young man who was an apprentice of a gardener became the president of a large company. He probably got angry at being ridiculed by my grandfather and that became the trigger.

T: My father, who built up an explosive fortune in one generation, triumphantly brought a proposition to the Saijou family. He might have wanted to show my grandfather that he had an equal standing to him now.

T: But there he met a young girl who looked exactly like my grandmother, who once cared for him. It was my mother. My father proposed immediately. My mother… also fell in love with my father who passionately courted her and apparently they smoothly accompanied each other.


T: The two, with their age difference, were a perfect married couple. They loved each other intensely to an extent which embarrassed those around them. Then my mother was pregnant with me… *exhales* couldn’t endure the birth and lost her life.

T: Up to here this, while not frequent, is a common tragic story. However, you see, before my mother stopped breathing she left behind some magic words for my father. “After I die, please bury me underneath that cherry blossom tree.”

T: My father, who depended on my mother, buried her underneath the cherry blossom tree just like she asked. It was hard to dig and apparently my wet nurse, who was unable to stand by and watch, also helped. Then a letter popped out. There, this short message was written: “Father, is the host of the curse I left behind cute?”

T: … Haha. Who knows what that meant. There are two strange points. If it was addressed to her own father, my grandfather, then why did she make my father dig it up? And the host of the curse… just what was it?

T: My wet nurse couldn’t understand this. But, one day, she suddenly realized something. When you count backwards, my grandmother gave birth and died approximately ten months after my father left the house.

T: Hehehe, if this is the truth then it’s a ghastly story. My father fell in love with his daughter who looked exactly like the woman he had an affair with and my mother… probably realized this due to some sort of occasion. That the one who was loved wasn’t herself, but her own mother.

T: On the other hand, she couldn’t cry about this to her own father. Considering my grandfather’s personality, if she did that then I know clearly what he would have done.


T: My mother… was surely suffering alone. Then her hatred towards my father, who didn’t see her, grew in intensity and that’s probably why she left those words. The following day, after my father saw that letter, he committed suicide underneath this tree.

T: No one knows the real reason he wished to die. Because the only one who knew about the letter was my late father and my wet nurse. It was a secret between just the two of them.

T: Haha, how is it? This disgusting story. Do you think it’s the truth?

T: You see, I comprehended everything. A long time ago, I saw my father’s words towards my grandmother in his diary and it was as if he was writing to a lover. I’m certain that, even if you went all the way back to the Meiji era, there isn’t a man who has thicker rotten blood of the Saijou family over me.

T: When I think about this… I’m moved again by how amazing you are. My mother said my existence itself is a curse. However, to you, our son is like a light, right? For light to be born out of a curse isn’t something easily done.


T: One of these days I believe you will purify this curse of the Saijou family. If we take a long-term view of our children, I’m sure they’ll become happy. After all, Hikaru is a child who was raised by you. Even if he does terrible things, in the deepest part of him is a gentle child.

T: That is why no matter how hard I try to have my cursed fate inherited… that child will return to the correct path and live on strongly.

T: I… will be the last seed of the curse. This is joyous… but also a bit sorrowful. Just kidding. It’s not something I should think as a parent.

T: Ngh! What’s wrong? For you to hold my hand… isn’t this the first time!?

T: … Eh? You have an order? For what?

T: Aah! Do you want to roleplay as a queen today? Haha! To roleplay as a queen outside…! How wonderful! Should I grovel on my hands and knees? No matter how much dirt is on your feet, I’ll lick it!

T: Huh?

T: … Haha. Understood. I, Touji, will warm your hand with everything that I have. Today is… particularly cold, after all. *kisses* Until I melt under your hand and my life ends, I will carry out this duty.

T: Haha… for some reason, it feels like the cherry blossoms are witnesses. Strangely, I feel more satisfied than I was at our wedding.


T: The cherry blossoms are beautiful, aren’t they? When we’re here like this, I don’t feel like I’m hated by you.

T: Haha… yes, I know. You’ll hate me for the rest of your life and, once I’m a hundred years old, you’ll strangle me and kill me, right? After you do that, I’d like you to smash my bones into pieces and scatter me here. Burying me would be against the law, but if you smash my bones to pieces and scatter them then it should be in the gray zone.

T: Haha, I want to watch over you from this cherry blossom tree until you go to heaven. Either way, I’ll be going to hell so instead of dying peacefully I’m going to become a ghost bound to a physical location. It’s a fitting end for me, no?

T: Haha! You want to be scattered here too? To become a ghost yourself and continue hating me… heh, what a strange taste.

T: Then the two of us will watch over the future of the curse from here. I have no doubts that it’ll be a peaceful future, to the point of boring you, so even after I become a ghost I’ll continue to mess around with you. *kisses*

T: … Even after I become bones, I’ll love you.

11 thoughts on “Seitokai ~ Yuuwaku no Hibi ~

    Asunatostada said:
    September 13, 2020 at 17:44

    I really didn’t understand, like touji’s mother was actually the daughter of touji’s father???, I am so confused, please help!!
    Really good translation btw

      Ilinox responded:
      September 15, 2020 at 20:15

      Yup. Uh, I’ll see if I can do my best to explain it again. So, basically, there’s Mr. and Mrs. Saijou, Touji’s grandparents. Then we’ll call the gardener TF for Touji’s Father.

      So, Mrs. Saijou supposedly doted on TF because TF reminded her of her younger brother. The nanny notes that, after TF was kicked out of the house by Mr. Saijou, Mrs. Saijou gave birth to a daughter 9 months later. HM. VERY SUSPICIOUS.

      Then TF comes back with a ton of money to rub it in Mr. Saijou’s face but he “falls in love at first sight” with Miss Saijou, the daughter of Mrs. Saijou.

      But if Miss Saijou was born from Mrs. Saijou and TF then she would be TF’s daughter too. So, then TF and Miss Saijou have a son, Touji… meaning Touji’s mother is also his half-sister (same dad but different mothers).

        Asunatostada said:
        September 16, 2020 at 21:02

        :000, thank you so much for the explanation, I am so shook

    shngml said:
    July 8, 2020 at 05:35

    By the end of the year, you’ll have all the kankinkon universe translated. lol. thanks for a wonderful job and hard work like always. 🙇‍♀️ good luck on your next conquest.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 10, 2020 at 15:26

      LOL impossible. There is so so so much material, I haven’t even personally caught up to their latest things yet… Aw, thank you though! I’m happy to try and drag more people into Kankinkon!

    Mina said:
    July 6, 2020 at 15:43

    Did he really go full on “if you don’t love me I’ll chop off my dick”…? That’s a bruh moment.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 6, 2020 at 16:03

      Y U P LOL. I didn’t remember that part at all from the first time I heard this, so when I got back to this in doing the translations I had the same reaction as you and was like “… What?” LOL. Kazuma looks like a puppy, acts like a puppy, but… well, he certainly deserves his spot here because he has some screws loose in his head too.

    It me said:
    July 6, 2020 at 13:32

    Well no wonder Hikaru has a heart defect.

    1) genetic problems due to incest
    2) all of his ancestors had bad hearts, too; they were just metaphorical instead of physical

    It’s like everyone in your family is a huge asshole but you were born with a literal extra large butthole and you had it fixed surgically and could then be a nice person

      Ilinox responded:
      July 6, 2020 at 16:02

      Hilariously, IIRC, in the Kankinkon book (of short stories) it actually has some more character facts and descriptions and Hikaru’s weak heart comes from his mother’s side of the family (so Touji’s heroine). If it was incestual defects, then it should have came out on Touji and not Hikaru who, technically, has new genes injected. But, well, I’m sure the background of the incest in his father probably didn’t help LOL.

      Did you ever look at Oukatan? LOL Tamaki and Touji are straight up clones of each other, except Tamaki is even more ruthless because there were no modern laws back then. He just went around killing everyone, lord, and probably kicked himself into an even deeper pit than Touji.

    Kiseki Kaira said:
    July 6, 2020 at 06:26

    I can’t help but wonder how long did Hikaru organize this? But damn son, he got good eye on Kazuma’s type lmao btw did Souji had a cd of his own or…? And sorry this sound dumb, but did Touji’s dad married into the Saijou family or he was a Saijou? I thought Saijou was a heritage thingy where it was a bank empire for hundred of years. But wouldn’t that mean, the curse was on Touji’s grandad and it wasn’t supposed to pass the curse to the dad anymore¿? Nanjya??


      Ilinox responded:
      July 6, 2020 at 09:02

      Haha, maybe an entire year? Or maybe within that second he saw this girl cheat on the test and it was like a golden egg dropped into his lap. It’s interesting, because I think he always knew that Kazuma had the white knight personality LOL and look at Kazuma jumping at the chance to rescue a girl from the “dragon”.

      Unfortunately, Souji doesn’t have a CD haha. It’s implied (through other CDs) that he gets with Kazuma’s wife’s little sister though LOL.

      Touji’s dad married into the Saijou family! The Saijou family is one of those old and ancient noble houses, haha. I’m not sure what the finances of the Saijou family were like before Touji’s dad married in, but maybe it’s a bit of both? They already had a fortune, Touji’s dad brought more in, and so they grew even bigger?

      I… don’t actually think the curse is in the blood, even if that’s what Touji says. It’s more metaphorical in that it haunts everyone underneath the Saijou house, hrm. The only thing we know for sure is that the curse started with Tamaki in Oukatan (which I translated too!) LOL. It talks about the dual curse on both the Saijou family and Kazuma’s incarnation, which is actually why IMO Kazuma was sort of haunted to do this and cling onto Hikaru’s fiancee. Because he’s cursed to always fall in love with the wrong person.

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