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Kanou Akihiko (嘉納 亜希彦)
CV: 深川緑

Pet Contract

It was just the other day that the company you worked at suddenly went bankrupt.

Having become suddenly unemployed even though you worked wholeheartedly with everything you had, you complained about this to your friend, Kanou Akihiko.

Kanou was a young man from a well-to-do family and, right now, a self-proclaimed NEET.

When you told Kanou about how troubled you were, he proposed “Would you like to be raised by me?” as if he came up with a good idea. Surprised, you asked for an overview and were told that, as long as you accompanied him to pass the time, you would be paid 500,000 yen as your monthly salary after taxes.

You agreed to this casually and, the following day, went to Kanou’s designated holiday house. Kanou showed you around inside when you arrived and then presented a single written contract. You signed that without thinking.

In that instant, Kanou’s attitude did a complete change—

Thanks to Chaotictapestry for the commission! R18 warning and pet play, humiliation, spanking, anal, feet. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite.

Note1: The title is interesting and I do like the one that ENG chose. However, I also wanted to point out that the word 飼育 (shiiku) is used for breeding and raising animals LOL.

Note2: I feel like I should mention that Akihiko’s regular voice is pitched higher and softer, then he has a normal voice when he’s turned on, and then he has the epic voice drops that I tried to note when he flips his switch and goes all domineering LOL.

*** TRACK 1: Contract with a Friend ***

*heroine enters restaurant*

Akihiko: Ah, over here, over here!

A: Haha, you worked hard today. Mm? You don’t look well. What’s wrong?

A: Eh? Seriously? That’s sudden. Well, we’re in a recession so I guess bankruptcy isn’t a surprise. But if you’re told this all of a sudden then you can’t even prepare to change jobs. That sounds rough.

A: Oof, like I thought, you haven’t gotten a new job. That really is rough. Uh… if I was an employee at a company, or had connections, I could have introduced you because you’re outstanding but right now that’d be thoughtless. Hrmm.

A: Oh, haha, yeah, that’s true… You were worked so hard and then later you were fired because they went bankrupt. Anyone would lose their drive to work. But… what are you going to do about money?

A: Ah, that look… You don’t seem to have any leeway? Hrmm…

A: Oh! How about this? Would you like to be raised by me? Mm, your monthly net income would be 500,000 yen. You would live with me and just help me pass the time. Well? Huh? Is it shady? Should I increase the salary more? I’m confident about providing bonuses and employee benefits. You can use the facilities at my place as much as you want and I’ll feed you tons of delicious things. Well? I don’t think it’s a bad deal.

A: Haha, you don’t have to think too deeply on the “being raised” part. Just think about it as being my playmate.

A: Oh… really? Then… *writes* come to this address tomorrow. This is my holiday house. Ehehe, I’m going to head home first to make preparations then. See you tomorrow! Ehehe. *he leaves*

[03:02] *scene skip; heroine knocks on door*

A: It’s open, so come on in!

A: Woah, you brought a big suitcase. Isn’t it around the level of going on an overseas business trip? It must be heavy, right? I’ll carry it. Come inside.

A: So? This holiday house was given to me, but the location is a bit inconvenient so I don’t use it much. It’s a place I shut myself up in when I want to relax, I guess? Haha, yeah, I can’t help it because my money increases before I know it.

A: Ah, come on, sit, sit. I’ll bring over the contract.

A: Mm? Yep, that’s right. Money is more or less involved, so I thought we needed to have a clear agreement. Oh, do you have a seal? If not, you can just sign.

A: Let’s see… this, this, and this are the contract’s contents.

A: Ah, when you’re done reading you can sign.

*heroine signs*

A: Uh… hey now… you aren’t going to read the contents when you sign immediately like that? If you trust someone like that… you might end up being horribly tricked, you know?

A: Eheh, oh, thank you. Our contract is complete with this then. You’re my pet for one month. I’ll pay you 500,000 yen for this month. In exchange… *low voice* you have to listen precisely to what I say.

A: It’s not “Sure” but “Yes, I intend to”, right? Why are you sighing? In the first place, isn’t it weird for a dog to sit on the sofa?


A: Get off.

A: … Why is your mouth open? I told you to get off.

A: Were you always this stupid to not even understand that?

A: Eh? Isn’t your head a little high? Sit on the ground. I won’t acknowledge any objections. Rather, I wouldn’t have to say this if you read the contract properly.

A: I’m unexpectedly serious, you know? I wrote a clear contract. That you have to be completely submissive to me, your master. Heh, well, I didn’t write it in these exact words but, look, you have to be absolutely obedient so sit on the floor.

A: … Hurry up. Even though I look like this, I’m not very patient, you know?

A: Haha, yes, good girl. Wait there for a moment. I need to give a reward to good girls.

A: Heh. Here. A collar for you.

A: No, you’re not allowed to refuse. Do you understand your position?

A: Heh… haha! Wow, I always thought you were stupid but you really are an idiot. I told you to read the contract, to sign after understanding its contents, why can’t you even do that? It was written there that you’d be raised like a dog, no?

A: It’s impressive you can trust in someone to that extent. I would think a rich NEET is someone who’s the least trustworthy though?


A: Haah…

A: It’s a good thing you were tricked by me. Something like trusting them because they’re a friend is the number one way to be swindled with something like marriage. On that point, I’m very kind, aren’t I? You’re glad, aren’t you?

A: Come on, give me your neck.

A: … When you look at me fearfully with those teary eyes, doesn’t it seem like I’m doing a bad thing? I’m telling you that me raising you like a dog is grounded on a proper contract. You signed it, didn’t you? Now, give me your neck.

A: Tch, you’re a disobedient one.

A: I love obedient girls, you know? Haha, yes, that’s right, good girl, good girl. Keep your head up like that. *puts on collar*

A: Mm, well, this is good, I guess.

A: It suits you, eheh.

A: Aah, your skin is pale so I thought black would fit you but, mm, it really does suit you. I hesitated over red, but I’m glad I chose black.


A: Mm? You don’t know what to do?

A: Haha, I’m not surprised. I’ll teach you then, so lend me your ear.

A: *low voice* Strip.

A: What are you surprised for? It’s easily understandable without needing to think about it, no? It’s strange for dogs to wear clothes. So… strip.

A: … Why? Why aren’t you stripping?

A: Hah… haha, hey now, there’s no embarrassment for dogs, right? Not to mention, it’s stupid to hear that you don’t want to strip apart from being in front of your lover. Ah, let’s do this then. Starting now, I’m a dog lover so, alright, you can strip now, right?

A: *low voice* … Hurry up and strip.

A: Haha, do you think things will be solved if you cry? I guess I have no choice. Then I’ll let you have your underwear, but take off everything else. If that’s the case… *low voice* you can do it, yes?

A: Aah, good girl. Hehe, mhm, my dog is honest and obedient. She’s really cute! Ah, you can toss the clothes you removed over there. I’ll clean it up later. Haha, mm, good job. Now then, you can do whatever you want. I’m going to put away your luggage.

A: Mm? A dog doesn’t put things away, right? Besides, putting things away will take time, so you can go and relax wherever.

A: Ah, also… *low voice* give me your phone.

A: A dog can’t use a phone, no? In the first place, this place is out of the prefecture. So? Where is it? Mm, I’m going to take this along with everything else. *rolls away luggage*

A: Mm? You’re asking where…? The incinerator.

A: *low voice* Hah? It was in the contract. That the luggage you bring would be disposed of at the beginning.

A: Now, be good and wait there. *he leaves*

*** TRACK 2: Servicing the Master ***

A: Heh… you slept soundly. Were you tired on the way here? Well, this place is quite far away.

A: I made dinner, so let’s eat?

A: Haha, hello. I’m not very confident in my cooking, so I couldn’t do anything but make something like a “man’s meal”.

A: Mm?

A: … What? Heh. Naturally, no? There’s no way a dog would eat at the same table like a human, right? Yours… is on the floor. Haha, but the food itself isn’t different from mine. Dog food would be too wretched.

A: *grabs heroine* Grgh, it’s not impossible. That was our contract. Heh, come on. You must be hungry, no?

A: … Haah… dignity, huh.

A: Aah, what should I do? I wanted to see you eat on your hands and knees though… hrmm… Let’s do this then! If you’re able to service me while buttering up to me then I’ll allow you to eat at the table and use a human toilet. Yes, that’s right, “service”.


A: *low voice* You’re not a child, so you understand, yes?

A: Haha, before I satisfy my appetite… satisfy my sexual appetite? Then I’ll be happy to put that plate on top of the table.

A: I’m fine with either, you know? The sight of you on your fours on the ground like a real dog, eating only with your mouth… will surely be adorable too.

A: Haha, you’ll do it, huh. I’ll sit down so it’s easier for you then. Suck on me cutely.

A: … Nn… mgh… yes, like that. Now, take it out. *heroine unbuckles pants*

A: If you don’t finish soon then the food is going to get cold. Is that alright? More like, I’m not alright with that. I went through the trouble of making it, so I’d like to eat it while it’s hot. So, you see… *low voice* hurry up and do it.

A: Heh, ngh… ah… yes, yes. Open your cute mouth like that. Come on, go “ahh”.

A: You’re a good girl. Now, swallow it like that. Nngh… haha. Mm, suck it however you want. Hm… ngh…


A: … Keep going like that. Nrgh. Hmm…

A: Ugh, you suck. We can’t stay like this forever, you know? First, your teeth are hitting me and it hurts. Do it with enthusiasm.

A: Yes, make sure to move your tongue. Ngh, ah, right there. Haha, that place feels good. Haah… yes, like that. Hngh… hah… move your head too, not just your tongue. Then, look up with your gaze, haha.

A: Do it while watching my reactions. Hngh… nrgh… hah…

A: Hagh… haa…

A: Haha, you’ve gotten a little better. Mgh! Ngh, haha, that… that’s good. Mm, continue.

A: Haah… haha, it feels good. You can do it when you put your mind to it. Good girl, good girl. Nngh.

A: Mm? I’ll pet you like this, so do your best and keep going. Mmgh… nrgh…


A: Ungh, haha, that’s a nice feeling. Just a bit more and I’ll come. Haa… hah… can you swallow me a little deeper? Nngh, haha, oh well. Do your best like that then. Mrgh… hagh…!

A: Haa… hah… I’m about to come. I’m going to come inside your mouth like this. Haah… hah… drink it.

A: I’ve told you this many times before, but you don’t have the right to refuse. If your master tells you to drink it, then you drink it. Understand? Haa… hagh… shit. I’m coming…! Haah, look, I’m going to come. Haa… hah… if you spill any, I’m really going to put you through something horrible. Hngh… hah…! *he orgasms*

A: Hah… hagh… haah…

A: Come on, move your throat and swallow. You can do it, can’t you?

A: Haah… haa… did you drink it? Haha, ah, there, there, aren’t you a good girl? I believed that you could do it if you wanted to. Here, I’ll give you a reward. Stand.


A: Bring your face here. Yes, like that. *kisses*

A: Here you go! Reward given. Now, you can eat with that plate on the table.

A: Time to eat. Mm. Ah, it did get a bit cold.

A: Next time, work a bit harder. If it gets this cold next time… I’ll punish you.

A: *low voice* … Hey, what’s your answer?

A: *slams plate down* I didn’t hear that. Didn’t I teach you to reply in a loud voice? Heh… yes, that’s right. In the future, don’t mutter like that. It’s a promise, eheh.

A: Mm… it’s cold.

*** TRACK 3: Punishment for the Bad Dog ***

A: Ah, that was delicious. Alright, I’m going to clean up.

A: Hm? You don’t have to do anything. I said it during the afternoon, didn’t I? You’re a dog. Dogs don’t wash plates or clean the house, right? So, you can just roll around there. You can watch the TV or there’s bookshelves over there and you can read whatever you want.

*scene skip; heroine fiddling with something*

A: *low voice* What are you doing?

A: … What are you trying to do with that safe? Ah, are you possibly trying to steal the contract? Aren’t you an extremely bad girl? Aah, are you seriously… a retarded dog? Ngh! Mm? It hurts? So what? You did something bad, so I’m just punishing you. Right? I told you, didn’t I? That I have a short temper.

A: It’s not “wait” or “but”. Ah… I thought I’d be a little gentler, but I can’t take it anymore. I’ll warn your body. Gngh! Here. *kisses* Come on, open your mouth. If you bite my tongue, I’m going to strike you. *kisses*

A: Nrgh, don’t run!


A: Wrap your tongue around mine and I could consider being more kind to you. Nngh. *kisses* You can do it, can’t you? Haha.

A: Haha, look. You can when you put your mind to it. *kisses* Mmngh.

A: … Good girl, heh.

A: Now, I’m going to take off your underwear. Be obedient like that without resisting.

A: Haah… ah, they’re so bouncy. I’ve always thought about touching these, haha. You know, you always defenselessly wore clothes that emphasized your chest and I was seriously on pins and needles. Were you trying to push my buttons?

A: Mm? Hrmm… then you’re an airhead? That pisses me off even more. Because that means, apart from me, you also wore those emphasizing clothes in front of others, no? Ggh… fuck that.

A: Hm? Oh, did that hurt? Sorry, sorry. But… you look like you’re in pleasure even though it hurts? Nngh.


A: Look, when your nipples are pinched, you have a dazed look right now. You get turned on when it borderline hurts, right?

A: I’ll use my fingers on this one. My tongue on this one. I’ll make you satisfied. Ngh.

A: Haha, that’s a nice voice now. Mmh. Hard like this… ngh. Haha, so it feels good when I suck on you. Mmngh.

A: Haha, then you might like it when I bite you, huh. Come on, like this… ngh.

A: … You jerked. Does it hurt? But that pain feels good, right? Mrgh. Maybe I should bite it off like this.

A: Obviously that was a joke, haha.


A: Now then… what’s it like over here? Oh? Aah, aren’t you dripping? Even your thighs are damp. Pain felt that good? Or… are you aroused in this situation? Either way, you’re a slut. Ah, a slutty bitch.

A: *low voice* Open your legs. You know it’s useless to keep them closed, right? Come on, hurry up.

A: … Haah… no? You REALLY don’t know your position, do you? Hm? It’s embarrassing…? Heh. Being naked? Your collar? That’s impossible, right? What are you embarrassed about?

A: Haha, oh? You don’t want this place to be seen. Then… if it wasn’t embarrassing you’d spread your legs? Heh. Jeez, you’re a spoiled dog. Haha, let’s do this then. If you can’t see it, then it won’t be embarrassing. That’s the case, right?

A: Then… hehe, I’ll block your eyes with this cloth. Like that, you won’t be able to see me looking at this place, right? See, good idea, eheh.


A: *low voice* … I’m being very helpful, you know? Then give me an alternate plan.

A: You can’t, right? Then you should obey me. Have I said anything wrong? Jeez.

A: … Got it? It’s great you understand, good girl. Now, it’s going to be a little dark but you don’t need to worry. Be still.

A: *ties blindfold* It’s not tight, is it? Haha, mm, that’s good then.

A: Now, you can’t tell you’re being seen… so you can spread your legs, right? Haha, yes, yes. Can you spread them a bit wider? Great, this is good.

A: Aah, so pretty. It feels like you haven’t been sleeping around. But you’re so wet. You’re so aroused you became this soaked. I’m really happy, you know?

A: I can put a finger inside, right? Hm? *low voice* Answer me.

A: … Your voice is small. Oh well, I’ll forgive you. I’m going to put a finger in then, so relax. Also, don’t close your legs. Nngh.


A: It’s tight. Haha, now… I wonder where’s your sensitive spot. Hrmm… here? Hm, ah, wrong?

A: Hmm, haha, here? Haha, this seems to be a little good. Nrgh… haha, here. Right now, you just clenched down here. Mm? So this is where you feel good. I’ll touch you lots there. Nngh, mm…

A: Does this place feel that good? Your hips are twitching, haha. So cute!

A: Ah, I’ll add another finger and thrust them into you more. Mmgh, ahaha, you squeezed the moment I put them in. Haha, it feels good, huh. Come on, moan more. Nngh, hah… I’ll make you feel good and satisfied to be touched by me. Hrngh…!

A: Huh? You’re going to come? Haha, you’re contracting down here. You can come, haah… haa…

A: Oh! Haha… ah, that voice just now was good. It was so sexy.


A: Huh? Hmm… nope. This time, let’s go another round with your clit and inside stimulation, haha. I’m sure it’ll feel even better than this one. Oh, I’ll taste your clit. Mmn…

A: Haha, you jump at this sort of thing? You’re a sensitive one. Nngh… mm.

A: Haha, so cute. That reaction… seriously makes me want to bully you. I’m going to move my fingers too. Nrgh…!

A: Your reactions really are better than last time, haha! Like this… being licked… kissed… sucked… ngh… haha, which one do you like? Mmgh…

A: Which one? Mrgh… haha, mm, it looks like you like it when I suck hard and it hurts a little. You’re really greedy, haha.

A: Mgh? Hey, don’t try to run because it feels good. Be sure to take it all, ngh!


A: Mm? Aah, haha, you’re going to come again. Mmgh… come then.

A: Nn? Oh, do you feel like you’re going to squirt? Go ahead, let it out. Mm, I’m kind so… I’ll drink it all. Nngh.

A: Let it out. Gngh, it’s useless to resist. Mngh… ngh.

A: I think you’re at your limit? Go ahead… come on. Let it out in my mouth. Nrgh… mm! *heroine squirts; he swallows*

A: Haah… haha! It’s pretty delicious.

A: Haha, ah, you’re completely limp. It felt that good, huh. Then… it’s about time for you to make me feel good too, right? I’m about to burst already. I can put it in now, right?

A: Huh? You’re scared? What are you scared of? It’ll be alright. You’re this loose, so it won’t hurt. Besides… you’ll feel even better.


A: *low voice* Tch, what are you closing your legs for? Do you want me to be cruel? Then there’s nothing to think about, right? Tch…

A: Haah…

A: Come on? Be a good girl… and accept me?

A: Come on… I’m in so much pain, it’s unbearable. See? Please?

A: Mm? I told you earlier, but I won’t do anything mean. So… feel really good together with me?

A: … Haha, yes, yes. You’re a good girl, aren’t you? Mm. *undresses*

A: I’m putting it in, so relax your body. Yes, like that. Good job. Now… it’s going in, ngh! Haa… hah…

A: It’s so good. Haha, it feels good, you know? Mm… hngh…

A: Haha, sorry, I went to the back all in one go. Haha, but that felt good for you too, right? You jerked just now. Haah… haa… I’m inside you right now. Aah, it’s such a turn on. I’m going to move now, so be a good girl like that and leave it all to me. Nngh! Mgh! *thrusting*


A: Feels good, haha… ngh… mm! It’s completely different from when I put my fingers inside. Haagh… haa… you’re squeezing all around me, haha. You have a great vagina, don’t you? Hngh… ungh…!

A: Haha, you look like you’re in pleasure too. I’ll make you feel even better, ngh… hngh! Haa… hah…

A: Aah, I feel like kissing. *kisses; thrusting*

A: Mm, haha, I think I’ll leave some hickeys. Haah… hah… more.

A: Haha, look, they’re so pretty. Oh, haha, too bad, your eyes are covered so you can’t see them right now, huh. Hngh… hah…

A: Then… I’ll mark you throughout your whole body… to the point where you’ll be shocked when your blindfold is taken off. Mrgh… ngh! *kisses; thrusting*

A: Hm? It hurts? Haha, that pain is your pleasure though. Next, your arms.

A: Haa… hah… your upper arm. It’s nice that it’s easy to suck on. Haha, soft… so soft and delicious.


A: Next is your chest. Nngh…

A: Haha, ah, marks of you belonging to me are rapidly forming. Mngh, haha… hah… haa… I’m going to bite here. Because that’ll hurt and feel good. Mgh!

A: Oh, haha, you clenched down super hard just now. Mm? You love it when you’re bitten? Hahaha, ah… a girl like you… I’m so turned on. Haah… haa… more!

A: Nnrgh… hagh… haa…! This side has pretty marks left behind too now. Huh? Ah, haha, sorry, sorry. I got too engrossed. It feels better to be in pleasure than pain, huh. Right, right… then I’ll make sure you feel good. I’ll suck on these, alright? *kisses ear; thrusting*

A: Here, does it feel good on your ears? Nngh…


A: Haha, you feel better when you’re licked than bitten. You’ve been contracting down here since earlier. Mm…

A: Aah, me too… ngh… I feel good. Haah… haa… I’ll give you more.

A: Nngh, mm! Haagh… hah…! Pressed right up against you like this, hah, feels amazingly good. Nngh… hagh…! Shit…! I’m going to come… haah… haa…

A: Haah… haa… hey, what do you want me to do? Where do you want me to release? Mm?

A: I know that much, haha, so tell me where you want me to let it out. There? Thighs? Stomach? Or… covering your face? Haa… hah…

A: Hrgh, ngh… *low voice* what are you silent for? Come on, if you don’t tell me I’m going to release inside. Hngh… ungh…!

A: Haa… hah… I’m… I’m coming…! Haah… hah…! *he orgasms*

A: Haah… haagh…

A: Aah… that felt so fucking good. I’m going to take off your blindfold. Take a look at your worn-out body. *removes blindfold*

A: Haha, next time, I’m going to cover your lower half in hickeys. Look forward to it. Now then, what should we do next?


A: Huh? *low voice* Naturally, until you reflect on your actions… we’re going to have sex. You can easily say some empty words, after all.

A: … Hrm? Let’s do this then. Put a hickey on me too— no, wait, I’d like you to use your teeth.

A: Bite me too. Then I can forgive you for today.

A: Huh? *low voice* Can’t do it? It’s easy, right here… bite me.

A: Look, come here.

A: Yes. Then… bite there. Use your teeth… hard. Ggh…

A: Hey now, that’s not using your teeth, right? Harder. It won’t stick unless you’re trying to tear me open. Come on, do it.

A: Gngh! Urgh… ow… keep going. Ngh, ow…! G-good enough. Haa… hah…

A: *low voice* I’ll forgive you for today with this.

A: You did very well, haha. *kisses* Now, let’s take a bath together. We’re both completely sticky, after all. Come on, let’s go.

*** TRACK 4: Good Day for a Walk ***

*chain noise*

A: Hurry up and walk! *yanks chain* It’s the owner’s responsibility for their pet’s lack of exercise, so I’m letting you take a walk like this. What are you unhappy about?

A: Everything…?

A: *low voice* What the fuck are you talking about? Even if you don’t like it, walk.

A: Huh? Hahaha! Where do you think this place is? We didn’t pass anyone when we came here, right? There’s no one around. This place belongs to my house, so you can relax.

A: *low voice* If you understand, then keep moving.

A: Huh?

A: … Do you want to be punished? *heroine walks* Oh! Haha, yes, look, aren’t you doing it? Well, there’s a small lake after we walk a bit more, so let’s go up to there.

A: … Hm…

A: ……

A: Hey, you’re walking pretty slowly. It’s going to take until the evening at that speed. *low voice* If you don’t listen, then I really will do something horrible. *yanks chain*


A: It’s good that the weather is nice today. Look, there’s not a single cloud. It didn’t rain yesterday or the day before yesterday, but it was cloudy. I’m really glad it’s sunny, eheh.

A: Ah, do you want ginger pork or chicken and tomato for dinner tonight?

A: *low voice* … Are you listening? I’m asking you about dinner. Do you want ginger pork or chicken and tomato? Ah, by the way, I feel like having fried rice for lunch so it’ll be fried rice.

A: Huh? Saying you don’t mind either is the most difficult response. Haah… I guess I’ll do ginger pork.

A: Oh, we’re taking a right here. Hm…

A: ……

A: Eheh, great, we’re here.

A: … This is our destination, the lake. It’s pretty in its own way, right?

A: Hm? You want to go home? Hrm… I see. But let’s take a small break. *grabs heroine; low voice* Besides… ngh… look, you’re wet. Did it feel good… taking a walk naked with just a collar and shoes? You’re quite soaked. You see, I only took my pet out for a walk for their health… but you got aroused all on your own. You whore.


A: Hah, look, you swallowed up two fingers already. It’s also like your hole was waiting for my fingers and it’s sucking them in deep, ngh… You feel good when I strike this place, right? Nngh.

A: Haha, mm? Oh, you’re making a slutty face already. So it feels that good to have this hole fucked in a place like this? You’ve become pretty lewd. Mmgh!

A: Ah, you’re contracting down here. Are you going to come already? Isn’t that a bit fast? How about you learn some more restraint? Look, be sure to hold back from coming. Nrgh… haha.

A: Mm, haha… you didn’t restrain yourself at all. That’s an amazing look you have there. Haha, well, it’s fine, I guess. Now, our break is over. Let’s go back.

A: Huh? What’s wrong? Are you dissatisfied about something?

A: You were given pleasure, no?


A: If you have something to say, then say it clearly or else I won’t understand. Come on, what do you want to say? I’m trying to go home because you said you wanted to head home earlier?

A: You want to feel even better? Then do you want me to make you a sopping mess with my fingers again?

A: *low voice* Speak clearly.

A: You’re a good girl, so you can say it, right?

A: Heh. Well, I guess it’s a passing mark.

A: Sure, then… put your hands against that tree there. Stick out your butt.

A: Haha. *unzips pants* Haa… I’m going to put it in now. Nngh! Hagh… haah…!

A: Wow, haha… you’re squeezing me so tight. Are you that turned on because we’re outside? There’s a limit to how deviant you can be. Nngh… hah…!

A: Ungh, you’re burning hot inside. It feels better than usual. Mmgh…!

A: Haha, hagh, haa… you don’t have to hold back your voice. Ah, or do you get more aroused like that? Mrgh… hah… I feel good either way, haha.


A: Haha! Haa… haah… hey, take a look. Hm? Oh, no, not there. On the other side of the lake. There’s a fox and its kit looking over here. Isn’t that nice? We have an audience, even though they’re not human. Ngh! Mmgh… just now, you clenched down super hard, haha. You… pervert. It feels that good to be watched? Next time, ngh, when we’re having sex, should I get watchers? Not foxes… but human watchers, mrgh!

A: Haagh… hah…

A: Huh? No…? But you’ve been clenching and unclenching since earlier, haha. You’re aroused just imagining it, right? You slut who wants to be watched! *spanks; thrusting*

A: Ungh…! Haha! You feel pleasure even when your ass is slapped? Haha, you’re honestly… a bad dog. Mngh! *spanks* Ugh… shit, that felt so good.

A: Hrgh… ngh…! *spanks; thrusting* Mmrgh…!

A: Hahaha… haah…

A: I feel like I’m going to get addicted to this. Nngh! *spanks; thrusting* Mgh! Nnrgh… mm? Just now… did you come… from your ass getting slapped? Hahaha!

A: Wow, I didn’t expect you to be this lewd. Nrgh! Come on! Hahaha, feel even better. Gngh… mm…!


A: Fuck, you’re squeezing so damn tight. I’m also going… to come…! Haah… hagh…!

A: I’m… coming…! Haa… hah…! *he orgasms*

A: Haagh… haa… hah…

A: That was amazingly… good. Nngh, ah, shit, I came inside.

A: … Uh, I-I’ll scrape it out later. Besides, this happens to be a pretty place so we can’t dirty it with sperm, r-right? Come on, make sure to clench your entrance. Don’t let anything drip out. We have to treasure nature, right?

A: You won’t get pregnant from it just being once or twice, don’t worry. *yanks chain* Come on, we’re heading home.

A: *quiet* … If… you do get pregnant… then…

*** TRACK 5: Develop ***

A: *yawns* Good morning…

A: Aah, it’s raining today. We can’t go for a walk then.

A: Eheh, too bad, right? What should we play today then? If we can’t take a walk then you won’t be able to help but have excess energy. Now then… do I have anything interesting? *rummages*

A: Hrmm… oh, haha, ah! How about this?

A: Hm? This? It’s a toy to train your anus. I haven’t touched that place at all, right? Once you’re able to be turned on down there, then I think you’ll be able to feel even better?

A: Hmm? Haha, you’re scared, huh. Don’t worry, you’re a slut so… come on, get on your hands and knees and turn your butt to me.

A: Eheh. Lately, you’ve been listening to me precisely. Good girl.

A: You’re a good girl, so you’ll also do your best to train your anus, right?

A: Haha, you’re seriously so cute! I’m going to put in the vibrator then. Relax your body… and stay still.


A: Mm? Are you alright? It doesn’t hurt, does it?

A: Haha, mm, I see. That’s good. I’ll put it in deeper then, so if it hurts tell me. Nngh…

A: Mhm, it’s in to its base. How is it?

A: Haha, I see. No matter how much of a slut you are, you still don’t feel pleasure, huh. I’ll move it then, so it should start feeling good in a while. Mm…

A: … Hm? Haha, it’s gotten a bit smoother.

A: Mm? Haha, ah, I can move it easily now. I’ll make you sopping wet, eheh. Nngh! Haha…!

A: Does it feel good now? Huh? Your moans are slipping out. I wonder where your sensitive spot is? Here?

A: Haah… haa… or… here, I wonder? Haha! That was a nice sound. Haah, just like I thought, it feels good to be played with here too, huh.

A: You’re amazing to feel good from anywhere. Once we’re done training your anus, how about I work on your nipples next? Front, back, your nipples… I’ll make your body come from any of these. Isn’t that the best? I’ll develop every single part of your body… until you feel good just from me touching your skin. I’ll break your body, hehe. Look forward to it.


A: Mm? Ah, your legs are shaking. Are you going to come from having your ass played with? Hahaha. It’s your first time too. Go ahead, come tons. No matter how slutty you are… I’ll be the only one who’ll accept you. Nngh! Mm!

A: You can come whenever. Haha, the place where you gave the greatest reaction… I’ll keep slamming it as hard as I can. Hahaha!

A: Come on, hah… you don’t need to hold back. Feeling nice is an extremely good thing. Come on… haah… you can come. Hahaha, mgh! *heroine orgasms*

A: Hahaha! Aah… you came, haha. Your hips twisted and jerked.

A: How was it coming because of your ass? It felt a bit different from usual, right? Front or back… which one feels good?

A: … Hrm? Well, in time, you’ll end up loving having your ass drilled into too. You’ll be alright, hahaha.

A: Oh! *catches heroine* Ah-ah, are you exhausted already? Isn’t this too early? Hm… oh well, let’s take a short break. Do you want tea or water? Haha, got it. Then, after you drink some tea and rest… we’ll move onto training your nipples. Nipples, anus, urethra… we’ll slowly cultivate every part of your body, alright? Eheheh.

*** TRACK 6: Contract Expiry Date ***

A: Mm, haha, yes, like that. You’ve gotten really good, haven’t you? Do you like sucking on feet that much?

A: Haha, you’ve gotten good at sex and servicing. I’m happy you became honest and obedient. Such a good girl… can’t be found apart from you.

A: Unfortunately, I have some bad news.

A: Stop sucking on my foot and look up here.

A: Here. Today at noon marks a month of this contract. There’s… about two hours left. I’ll pay you money and this month’s contact will be done. You’ll receive 500,000 yen and be freed from this place.

A: So… what will you do? Do you want to be my dog for another month? Ah, if you’d like… it doesn’t have to be a month… and it can be indefinite, you know?

A: *low voice* Hey, what will you do? My cute little bitch.

*** 300 DL Reward: Continuing the Contract ***

A: Oh? You want to extend the contract. Incidentally, how long are you thinking? Another month? Or this time… should we make it three months?

A: I don’t mind if it’s foreeeeeever though.

A: If you wish for it, you can be my dog for an eternity.

A: Haha, even if you say that, I have free time for the rest of my life so, in any case, even if I don’t do anything money comes pouring in. I’ve more or less done most hobbies. Playing with you has been the funnest time of my life, you know?

A: It makes me feel “Aah, I’m alive”. Mm.

A: … Come onto my lap. Face me and sit down.

A: Ah… you’re warm. Like I thought, I really do feel like I’m alive.

A: Oh. Haha… ah, you’re an idiot but you’re sharp at terrible times. That’s right, I was lonely. I wanted the person I loved at my side. That’s all.


A: Hm? What?

A: You, haha… You notice strange things, but you don’t notice normal things, huh. If I didn’t love you, then I wouldn’t put you at my side.

A: Why are you getting shy at this point? I don’t get it. Ngh, hey now, don’t turn your head away.

A: So? What are you going to do?

A: How long do you want to extend this?

A: Heh, hmm… then how about being together for as long as we’re alive? This time, instead of a seal… kiss me? If you do that, then our contract will be sealed. Nngh. *kisses*

A: … Good girl. Mmgh! *kisses*

A: I love you. Nngh, I’m happy… you became mine. *kisses*


A: I’ve always… wanted to say that I loved you. But… I was scared of being rejected, so I couldn’t say it.

A: That’s why right now… I’m so happy. Mmn. *kisses*

A: Haa… hah… hey, your kisses are too hot, so I’m hard now. Haha, you’ll make me feel good today. Take off my clothes and put it in yourself. Move yourself. Let me come? Come on… it’s alright, right?

A: I want you to spoil me. Be that person. So… please?

A: This is an order from your master.

A: Ngh… hah… your fingertips feel good. It calms me.

A: Put hickeys on me. Nngh… hah…


A: I’m super happy. The same as you. Haha, here… can you take my pants off too?

A: Mngh… haha, wow, I’m this large today too. I really should touch you and get you wet, but… heh, at any rate, you soaked yourself while sucking my feet, right? Haha, that look shows I’m right, huh. If you’re ready then put it in? Straddle yourself over me. Move your hips.

A: Nngh… ah! Haa… hah… good, go deeper like that. Hngh! Haha… it went in. It’s warm and feels good. Haah… move your hips like that. Feel good. Mgh… ngh!

A: Haagh… haa… you’re moving your hips so sexily. You were so stiff when you arrived here, but now you’re wriggling and twisting, mgh! Haa… you really became a slut. Don’t say it? Haha, you say that but every time I say these dirty words you squeeze down over and over again down here. Like this, when I suck on your ear… *kisses*


A: … and say dirty things, haha, you… ngh, come immediately, don’t you?

A: Gngh, mrgh… Look, you’re tighter than you were earlier. Haah… haa… ears aren’t an erogenous zone, and yet you get turned on when they’re sucked on, haha. Deviant.

A: Ngh, don’t run.

A: Are you going to come? Hagh… nrgh… moving your own hips, getting your ear sucked on, haha… getting insulted… and you’re still going to come? Haah… mgh… go ahead, come. Raise your cute voice, cling to me, and come! Hngh… hah…! *heroine orgasms*

A: Haa… hah… wow, you’re convulsing down here. Did it feel that good? Heh, jeez. This slut. Mmn… *kisses*

A: I want to move too now. But it’s hard to move on a chair. Ah, I’m going to pull out for a moment and can you lie down on the table?


A: Yes, like that. Then spread your legs wide… like you’re begging me to put it in.

A: Aah, haha, good girl.

A: This time… I’m going to make you feel really good then, mgh! Hagh… ungh…

A: Wow… you’re contracting down here because you just came earlier. It feels so fucking good. Nngh… hah… mm? What’s with that look? Haha, if you want me to move… then beg?

A: Ah…

A: Hahaha, isn’t that cute. Alright. I’ll move tons! Ngh… mgh…! *thrusting*

A: Good…! Ngh… so fucking good…! Haa… hagh… you really love it, haha, when I slam into this sopping hole, right? Hrgh… mrgh…!

A: Mm? Haah… haa… what is it? Haha, kisses? Hahaha, ah, of course, we can do that. *kisses; thrusting*


A: You’re really… adorable. Mmgh! *kisses; thrusting*

A: Haa… ah… your face is slack with pleasure. Haah… so erotic. I’m so fucking turned on. Haa… hagh…!

A: Ungh… hah…! Huh? Haha, me too… I love you. I love you. Haa… I love you! *kisses; thrusting*

A: I’m really… happy. Hngh… mm…!

A: Hagh… haa… I’m going to come soon. Hey, ngh, can I… come inside? Haah… haah…

A: Thank you, mgh…! *kisses; thrusting* Then let’s come together. Let’s feel good. Nngh… hah…!

A: Hgh… I’m… I’m coming…! Haagh… I love you. Mgh… hah…! *he orgasms*

A: Haagh… haa…

A: That felt really good, didn’t it? *kisses*

A: I love you. Let’s be together… in the future and forever, hehe.

*** 500 DL Reward: Canceling the Contract ***

A: *flat voice* Oh? I see. So this is the end of the contract…

A: Hm? Alright. Good job then. Here, your payment for one month.

A: Oh… I need to return your luggage.

A: Huh? There’s no way I’d go ahead and dispose of someone’s things, right? You put your favorite clothes, makeup, and your daily necessities, right? I can’t get rid of things that are precious to you. I locked them up in the basement storage. I’ll go get them later.

A: Ah… I guess I should remove the collar first. Turn around. Lower your head a little.

A: … You know, up to now, no matter what methods I use I’ve always been able to get what I wanted. That includes the extraordinary. Gngh… hm? The thing pressed against your back? What do you think it is? The hint is… that it’s silver, sharp… and can take someone’s life.


A: I seriously wanted you. That’s why I acted as a gentle friend at the beginning, then a reliable man, but that still wasn’t good enough! So I put into practice being a tyrant in this distant place.

A: But you didn’t come to me! That’s why this last method… If you won’t become mine… then you understand, right?

A: … I want to avoid this end too! But, you see… if I let you run here, then I feel like you’ll never appear in front of me again. In that case… I think it’s a bit romantic to have an instant lovers’ suicide?

A: ……

A: Mm, I guess it depends on your next answer.

A: *whispers* Be mine for life?

A: Ah! Haha, I’m so glad! I’m happy! Then we don’t need this anymore. *puts knife down*

A: Can you look this way?

A: Aah, you must have been scared, right? I’m sorry for threatening you. I won’t do that anymore. I love you. I adore you. Everything about you is dear.

A: *low voice* Look properly into my eyes.

A: … Such pretty eyes. I fell in love with these eyes. The first time we met, my heart skipped a beat at these clear eyes! I wanted them to reflect only me. That’s why… I’m so happy you’re looking at me like this. *kisses*


A: I don’t need anything except for you. Mm? You’re wet… ah, it’s blood. You were cut when the tip was pressed against you earlier, huh. I’m sorry! It must have hurt, right? I won’t do it anymore.

A: *swallows* But… it looks delicious. *licking*

A: Aah… so good. Anything that comes out of you is delicious. Haah… I’m turned on. Hey, let me make love to you? We didn’t do it today, right? So…

A: Eheh, I’m so glad. Let’s go to the bed then? Hehe!

*they go to the bedroom*

A: Mm? Don’t be so rigid. I’m just making love to you like we always do, right? Come on, spread your legs?

A: *low voice* … Huh? Didn’t you hear me? Your legs… open them.

A: Aah! Yes, like that! Then spread open your precious place and beg me to put it in. Mm? It’s embarrassing? We have sex every day, you take walks naked… You’ve done tons of embarrassing things, no?


A: You shouldn’t… trouble me, right?

A: Aah, good girl! *removes pants* Haa… hah… I’m going to put it in… THEN, NGH! Haah… hagh…

A: Look, I went in deep all in one go like usual. I knew it, you actually wanted me, right? Hahaha, I’m so happy. Aah… mgh…! *thrusting*

A: Haagh… the way you squeeze me is so good. Mmgh! *kisses; thrusting*

A: *low voice* Hah… you can wrap your tongue around mine, can’t you? Mrgh… ngh!

A: Hah… yes, like that. Good girl! Nngh… hagh…!

A: You’re this close, haah, we’re kissing, and we’re connected through our bodies, ngh… haah… but it’s not enough. I can’t help but feel lonely and in pain! Haa… hah… I wasn’t such a weak person. Gngh! Nrgh… hgh…!


A: Ggh… I’m being this violent, and yet you’re moaning like that. Haha, grgh… you fucking whore! YOU DROVE ME THIS CRAZY, YOU MADE ME DEPENDENT ON YOU, AND TRIED TO RUN…! I’LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU. Hgh… hah… you’re going to be mine from now and forever!

A: Look… look at me…! Ggh… hagh…! I TOLD YOU TO FUCKING LOOK AT ME. Haah… haa… if you don’t listen… I’ll seriously fucking kill you.

A: Haa… hagh…!

A: Ah, yes, look at me with these eyes. These lips should only call for me. This body should only be offered up to me. Haah… you understand, right? Haah… hah… haha! I’m so glad! You’re a good girl. Hahaha, then will you listen to one more request from me?

A: Hahaha… beg for me to come inside.

A: *low voice* You can do it, right? I believe in you. Haa… hah… hahaha! I knew you could do it. Saying it with those teary eyes and cute voice, hahaha…! That begging just now went straight to my groin. Cute! I’m going… to pour… so much into you. Nngh… hah…!

A: You’re wanting me down here… hah… haah… it’s saying it loves me, hahaha!


A: Hahaha, me too… me too, ngh… I love you. I love you. I love… you! Haa… hagh…!

A: I’m going to come inside… I’m going to fill your womb entirely with me, gngh… Give birth to my children and then you’ll never be able to run for the rest of your life, right? Mmgh… hah…!

A: I’m… at my limit…! Haa… hagh…! Gnrgh! *he orgasms*

A: Haah… haagh… hahaha… ngh… I’m still coming… hah… It’ll be nice if you get pregnant from this, oh, but that’s not something that happens instantly, so… I have to release more and more. I have to fill you up inside… until my child is living in you. Let’s have lots… and loooooooooooots… of sex. Hehehehehe!

6 thoughts on “Shiiku Keiyaku

    Milkyway said:
    July 13, 2020 at 06:02

    they should add yandere tag in this cd. whats the point of having money when you are in a totally secluded place, she has to depend on him the rest of her life. nice move man

      Ilinox responded:
      July 14, 2020 at 20:14

      The yandere tag isn’t actually used all that often at DLsite because it’s too broad! They narrow it down with other tags like “confinement” or “training” in this case. So you know there’s gonna be intense things happening here LOL.

    Chai said:
    July 10, 2020 at 16:57

    ALWAYS READ A CONTRACT BEFORE YOU SIGN IT KIDS. Ah, my dude if you would’ve just… Ya know… Said you liked me from the beginning then… He’s like a mad dog

      Ilinox responded:
      July 11, 2020 at 02:17

      RIGHT? RIGHT?? When he was insulting the heroine’s intelligence up and down I was like “… Yeah, I have nothing to say. You’re right.” GURL.

      Like you said, he should have known how dense she was from the beginning if he was trying all sorts of things but she wasn’t reacting. Confess first, get rejected, and THEN go crazy. This was like shooting himself in the foot and he’s only lucky that she ended up liking him in the extension of the contract tokuten LOL.

    utoo said:
    July 10, 2020 at 08:52

    waaaa thank you for this one <3

      Ilinox responded:
      July 10, 2020 at 15:26

      You’re welcome! Hope you enjoy, haha, he’s a wild one.

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