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Nakiri Souichi (百鬼 宗一)
CV: 茶介

Tracing the Flower Entombment

You are the third miss of the Yurimiya family.

You weren’t originally a young noble lady and it was simply that your mother, of common birth, married into the Yurimiya family as the second wife and so your surname became Yurimiya.

Because you had an ordinary and free life, the Yurimiya family was unbearably constricting and it was like being a bird in cage. You spent every day thinking this until you became an adult.

Above all, you found the butler, Nakiri Souichi, unbearable because he excessively loved the bird which was you.

He harbored carnal desires towards you and, knowing that you couldn’t go against his position, he obsessively pursued you under the pretext of education. Unable to bear this Nakiri, you came up with the idea of running away from home.

You were the type to act immediately upon a decision and so, with just the luggage that fit into your favorite bag and a little money, you rushed out of the Yurimiya house.

—You had no doubt that this was the best decision for your life.

Thanks to Chaotictapestry for another commission! R18 warning and a bit dark because the heroine is forced to do things. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite.

Note1: Holy moly, the name of this track threw me. Individually, the kanji mean “Flower Burial Scar”. I don’t like the English one, because I feel that it lacks coherency but I suppose mine could be argued to have dropped meaning. Anyway, I was trying to aim for a burial meaning that would leave traces or a mark, so a tomb. The flower in the title is probably because Yurimiya literally means “Lily Palace”.

Note2: I don’t know if this means anything, but I think it’s neat that the house name ​百合宮 (Yurimiya) and 百鬼 (Nakiri) share the same first kanji. Like I mentioned above, 百合 (yuri) means lily by itself, meanwhile 百鬼 (nakiri) is pronounced as a name but the individual kanji reads “hundred demons”. Uh, not foreboding at all LOL.

*** TRACK 1: The End of Peaceful Ordinary Days ***

*nighttime; heroine enters house*

Souichi: Oh, my lady, welcome home.

S: I have prepared a meal to welcome you back, so please wait a moment. Ah, in addition, my lady… I believe I taught you to hang your discarded clothes on hangers. One must return the items they use to their original places, no? I, Nakiri, am disappointed that you have not kept to your teachings. It appears I will have to teach you precisely again. *closes stove; approaches*

S: Come now, remove your shoes and come in. Ah, of course, you must ensure the removed shoes are lined up.

S: Why…? Why don’t we sit down properly before talking about that? Now, my lady, let us go to the living room. *heroine removes shoes*

*enter living room; sits down*

S: Earlier, my lady, you asked me “why” but I have many things I wish to ask you “why” about as well. They are questions more from the Yurimiya house rather than personal ones though. Why did you run away from home? Moreover, you left behind a single note and disappeared suddenly in the night.

S: That a daughter of the Yurimiya house ran away from home would appear horrible in the eyes of society. You should know this much as an adult, no?


S: No, not at all. Furthermore, that response is not an answer to my question of why you ran away from home. Answer the question properly.

S: *leans in* I… have always taught you that, no?

S: Mm. Freedom, I see. *caresses heroine* Were you not free? You wanted for nothing, your desires would be granted, you received high class education, you wore expensive tailored clothes, you ate delicious meals, and you were envied by others.

S: … For someone born a commoner, is it not a good Cinderella story? I cannot understand what you are dissatisfied about.

S: Miniature garden…? Heh, yes, that is true. The garden that is called Yurimiya. However, it was a garden that let you do whatever you pleased, no?

S: If you had just endured its constrains a little, then you could have been happy for a lifetime. For you to abandon that and run away… *kisses ear*

S: … My lady, you taste a little bit of sweat. In addition *inhales*… there are various smells. Cigarettes, cologne, and the odor of an unfamiliar person. It’s a filthy smell. You didn’t smell like this when you were in the mansion. My lady smelled pleasant.

S: Ah, this is wretched. I must sterilize you immediately— ah! *heroine pushes him*

S: … Haha. Why are you resisting? I did it all the time at the mansion, no? I was always the one who comforted your body, no?


S: This is precisely why I dislike the outside world.

S: Yurimiya has its own— no, between you and I there were common practices for the both of us. However, upon touching the outside world, these common practices have been overwritten. My lady, the Yurimiya house is searching desperately for you. They are concerned for your safety. No, beyond that, they are doing it for their appearance in society and I came here after I happened to ascertain your whereabouts.

S: I have confirmed your safety, thus I will return right now and report this to the mister and missus. I am certain they will come here immediately and then… you will be deprived of the freedom you wish for. Even the freedom you had inside the garden would be lost.

S: Living, shrunken under surveillance, you will be married off to the fiancé prepared for you before long. It is the mister, and so I believe he will sternly pressure you into marrying. Then you will be completely stripped of your freedom.

S: Heh, however I am an extremely kind butler. So long as you listen to me obediently, then I will not report this to the Yurimiya house. I will also obstruct the search for you and then… my lady will be able to preserve her desired freedom. Does this sound agreeable?


S: Be mine… forever.

S: Hahaha, it is a simple matter. It is enough for me to be at your side as usual. Because more than being a butler of the Yurimiya house, I am your butler. That is enough for me. Is this agreeable? It is nothing difficult, yes?

S: *leans in* Yes. Everything will be how it was.

S: … I don’t mind either conclusion though. Even if I bring you back to that house, the supervisor would be me. For me, what occurs at the house or here would not change.

S: Now, what will you do?

S: I am glad to hear that. Now then, without delay— *grabs heroine* I shall comfort your body as usual. It is something that has always been done, so after losing your source of comfort at home you must have been lonely, no?

S: Aah, look, even though you said it was strange earlier, you are this damp. Having your body caressed by me, you must have become wet after remembering the sensation of my fingers, yes? Haah… my adorable lady.


S: I’m going to remove your underwear.

S: Haha! Amazing, you’re soaking to the point where having underwear is meaningless.

S: Aah, how sad, you were desiring me this much. You’re this wet… ngh. You must have been lonely, yes? Haha… my lady, how many times did you do it alone? Once a week? Twice? Or… every day?

S: I comforted you every single day and so after you suddenly lost your pleasure… you wouldn’t have been able to restrain yourself, no?

S: Heh, oh? You didn’t do it. Then you must be all the more sexually frustrated. *kisses ear; fingering*

S: Ah, like this… mm… you love it when I play with your clitoris and suck on your ear, yes? Haah… haa… see, ngh.

S: Mm? You’re about to come already? Hah… your hips are trembling and jerking. Mmgh…

S: Come now, go ahead. You should come to my fingers as you always do. Haah… mngh…


S: Aah… what a nice voice.

S: You were lovely, my lady. Heh, I shall attend to you more today. I should be able to put in two fingers at once. This time, come with a vaginal orgasm, my lady.

S: Nngh, ah, you were waiting for my fingers down here, weren’t you? You clenched tight the moment they entered, haha. Feel all the pleasure, hahaha.

S: Mm, look, such a loud noise. In addition, you’re burning hot. Hahaha, you’re an obscene one, aren’t you? Nngh, hah…

S: My lady, you really love it when I circle this place, don’t you? Your eyes are misty and dazed. It’s the adorable face that only I know about. The face of a vixen, haha. Mgh, ah…

S: Hah…! Hahaha, you’re about to come again? You’re starting to contract down here. My lady, you love a clitoris orgasm but you also love coming from your sopping hole, yes? Nrgh, go ahead, come today as well. Ngh, come on…!

S: Ah, you came again! Hahaha. Aah, this is nice. It’s so enjoyable to see my lady at her climax.

S: Look, amazing, there’s a thread between my fingers, hahaha. Mm. *licks fingers* Delicious.


S: My lady, why don’t we do something more intense today?

S: *removes clothes* As could be expected, we did not lay with each other at the mansion. However, this isn’t the mansion. I will make you feel pleasure with my member.

S: No…? Hah, even though this hole is twitching and desiring me this much? What is not allowed?

S: Come now, look at this. I am this erect. I always had so much trouble. Seeing my lady’s pleasured appearance, “I want to ravish her right now” “I want to make her mine alone”… every single day I thought this. When I think about how I don’t have to restrain myself anymore, I feel so refreshed. Now, my lady, ngh… accept my feelings. Mgh!

S: Haa… hagh… I went in deep all at once. Haha, I suppose it’s natural. Ever day I turned my fingers around inside you. Aah… my lady, you’re looking quite pleased. Could it be that you also wanted this?

S: Aah, look at this! Blood of your deflowering… haha! That’s right, regardless of how much I touched you inside with my fingers every day, you… haha… were a virgin, weren’t you?

S: I forgot. I offer you… my sincerest apologies.

S: … However, from that slack face of yours, I don’t need to be considerate, do I? Heh. I’m going to move. Nngh… hah…

S: Hagh, it feels good, my lady. Haa… ngh, you’re wrapped tightly around me down here. It’s asking for more and more. Haah… haa…! I’ve always wanted to be like this.


S: I wanted to see you moaning beneath me like this. Haa… ah… such happiness. Mm… ngh…!

S: Hagh… hah…

S: Ah, it’s here, isn’t it? The place that gives you the most pleasure. Having it circled by fingers or being struck with this, ngh, haha, the sensation is different, yes? Hahaha, that’s an amazing look. How bold of you to show that expression. Mmgh… hah…!

S: Nrgh, hah, it also seems good to thrust deep, I see. You jumped. Haha, your virginity was taken and yet your eyes are rolled back and your tongue is hanging out as you feel pleasure from being thrust deep into… ah, ngh, it was truly worth educating you. Show me more of that vulgar expression.

S: Haah… that shameful face unbecoming of a young lady from the Yurimiya house. Mmgh!

S: Hngh, hah… ah! Haha, mgh…!

S: Haha, just now, you came, didn’t you? You came from being slammed deep into, didn’t you? Haha! It’s your first time too and you’re being forcibly violated… and yet you came inside. Haha! That’s adorable. This is the fruit of your education. Ngh, now, come more and more!


S: Aah… nrgh…! You’re squeezing down hard, mgh…! It feels so good…! I feel as if I’m going to come too… hah… I want to be connected to you longer, but if you contract around me like this then I won’t be able to hold on. Mgh… haagh… I’m going to thrust deep once more and make you come. Haha, let’s come together, yes?

S: Haa… hagh…! Gngh… I’m… coming…! My lady, I love you… so continue to be mine from now and on. Nrgh… urgh…! *he orgasms*

S: Haha… the amount I’ve had to hold back came out. Aah, your body is dirtied with sperm. Let’s clean you up later, hahaha.

S: Every day in the future is something to look forward to. Isn’t that right, my lady?

*** TRACK 2: Abrupt Change of the Butler ***

S: Good morning, my lady. Despite it being a holiday, you cannot continue sleeping. You observed the rules properly at the Yurimiya house. Now, please get up.

S: Yes, I am Nakiri. Why are you so surprised?

S: Of course it wasn’t a dream. How my lady came hard and shaking around my fingers, your virginity taken, and everything else is reality.

S: Now, more importantly, please get up. I need to do the laundry.

S: We will be heading out afterwards, so please put on the clothing prepared there and get ready to depart. *exits room; heroine ignores bag, goes to closet*

*scene skip; heroine opens door*

S: My lady, welcome ba—…

S: … Why did you choose those clothes? Was the clothing I chose not to your liking?

S: Those clothes do not suit you. Someone from the Yurimiya house would not wear such common clothing.


S: Yes, of course, I am well aware. That you are the mister’s stepchild of his second wife. You do not directly have the blood of the Yurimiya house. However, you are in their family register, thus there is no mistake that you are the Yurimiya house’s third miss. That does not change even if you ran away from home. Please stop with that boorish appearance.

S: Haah… you were like this in the past, weren’t you? You were rebellious and you wouldn’t listen at all to anything said.

S: Right, then allow me to change my wording. *comes close*

S: I personally hate these clothes. I cannot care less if this is in fashion or not; it has no class.

S: Furthermore, what is with this hair color? It’s a disgusting color and wavy like a prostitute’s hair. Are you trying to be fashionable? What do you think you’re doing on your own?

S: You had such bewitching, beautiful black hair too. It took a lot of trouble for it to reach that lovely length. In addition, this makeup… a popular color and those gaudy eyelashes. Haa… it doesn’t suit you. None of this suits you! My lady would not have such a crass appearance!

S: My lady, you have always and forever been my lady, right? I won’t accept this. Even if you were to lose your status of being part of the Yurimiya house, I still would not accept this!


S: *snarling voice* I do not remember saying you could talk back to your superior, my lady. Were you ever in a position where you could retort back to me?

S: *calm voice* … I’m going to cover our relationship properly once more, my lady. After you rushed out of the house, you believe everything is over and things have been reset. However, please do not think you can cut away your ties of obligation so easily.

S: The name of your house is – so to speak – a curse. The moment you entered the Yurimiya house, it was decided that you could not run away from the binding of that name. From the perspective of those who know nothing it might seem that, in the case of the daughter of the Yurimiya house and the butler of the Nakiri house, the daughter of the Yurimiya house would always have a higher status.

S: However… in actuality this is not the case. Isn’t that right, my lady?

S: The Nakiri house cannot reach the Yurimiya house, but they are still a distinguished family with influence. Since the past, they have been a house that has been used and retained by the Yurimiya house.

S: Having fallen in love at first sight for my abilities as a butler, the Yurimiya house employed me just like that. My status is forever much, much higher than you, who doesn’t have the Yurimiya blood. You understand this very much, don’t you? Excruciatingly so, no?

S: You have had a smart head since you were young so, the day you came to the Yurimiya house, you knew your status. Therefore, you could only let an unfamiliar man touch your body. You lost yourself to pleasure in the middle, but your resistance at the beginning was tremendous, wasn’t it? I still remember it even now, heheh.


S: Even now, you cannot disobey me because I am frightening. You can only obediently look down, no?

S: Isn’t that right, my lady?

S: Haha… I realized something. The real reason you ran from the Yurimiya house. The Yurimiya house may have truly been confining… and it was a tedious birdcage for you. You may have wanted to flap your wings in the sky.

S: However, beyond that… you were scared of me, no? Now, I shall grant you the right to speak. Your response?

S: Heheheh! I knew it. Even now, your legs are trembling. Yesterday, you were also frightened to the point where you couldn’t resist. That is why you could only quietly let yourself be assaulted.

S: I hope that you do not forget, even for a little bit, that you are eternally mine.

S: … I cannot hear your answer.

S: Good. Now then, with you having clearly remembered our relationship, you will change out of those vulgar clothes, yes? Oh, in addition, let’s be sure to return to normal from that hair color and hairstyle, which lacks even a speck of class. We will also remove that filthy makeup.

[08:15] *scene skip; hairdryer*

S: Well, I suppose this is good enough.

S: Forcibly dyeing this hair black still makes it far away from your true black hair, but it’s much more better than the dirty, popular color it had on. Heh, let’s be sure to return your hair to its beauty from here on, yes? *kisses*

S: Aah, this smell. My lady’s fragrance has finally returned. *inhales* Mm…

S: It’s a nice smell. Here, take a look in the mirror. You are lovely even without the makeup in fashion. If we place a little face powder on like this…

S: You only need to define your eyebrows. That vulgar mascara, popular rouge, and gaudy lipstick are unneeded. You are fine the way you are.

S: Heh, you will understand in time. Now then, lastly, you will wear the clothes I brought, yes? We will depart after you put them on.

S: I think we should dispose of everything in this closet and purchase a whole new set of clothing. Your clothes are a must, but your purses and shoes are also crass. I will purchase everything anew.

S: Now, I am going to prepare the car. In the meantime, you will get dressed, yes? *he leaves*

*** TRACK 3: Imprisoned Body ***

*heroine walking*

S: My lady.

S: I came to receive you back.

S: It is a matter of course for a butler to come and receive his lady, no? Furthermore, during your school years, I escorted you to and from school. Is this not a usual sight?

S: Now, let us return home.

*heroine runs off*

S: … Oh, good gracious, she runs fast.

S: Tch, what are you looking at? This isn’t something to spectate. Ah, in addition, you over there who came out together with her… You were that close to my lady with your filthy body, but she is a young lady of the Yurimiya house, you know? By nature, she is a noble person who would not be walking by your side. Could you learn your place?

S: Ah, that’s right, you over there too. The one in the suit. *goes over; hands paper*

S: This is my lady’s letter of resignation. Please hand it over to her boss. Now then, excuse me. *gets into car*

[01:56] *scene skip; nighttime*

S: … My lady.

S: So this is where you were. It’s already dark, so why don’t we head back?

S: Are you saying it’s shameful for a butler to come and pick up their master?

S: Hahaha, yes, it is as you say. I went to receive you on purpose. I deliberately aimed for a time where I could bring up the topic of your house. Hah, it was not my intention to embarrass you. I just… went to dispossess you of a place of belonging.

S: I handed out your letter of resignation and it should be accepted soon.

S: Aah, those emotions of yours and all your expressions are unbearably adorable. Hit me MORE with that rage. Look at me… more and MORE! My one and only lady.

S: Heheh, you’re right, I know without you saying it again. I must be scary, yes? That’s fine. Be more and more afraid. Fear controls people, thus the more fear you feel towards me the more you cannot escape from my control. Heheh, that’s good.

S: Yes, that’s right, it might have been better when you were in the Yurimiya house to some extent. When you were at that house, even I had to restrain myself. Above all, you were able to protect your physical safety.

S: You… made the wrong decision at an important point. If you hadn’t made the wrong choice, then I’m sure you wouldn’t be this terrified.

S: At times a great pride can destroy one’s own life, my lady. *grabs heroine*

S: Now, let us return for today. I even went through the trouble of preparing your favorite meal, but now it’s cold. Ggh! *drags heroine* Hahaha!

*** TRACK 4: Mistaken Choice ***

S: Good morning, my lady. How are you feeling today?

S: Yes, I can see you look exceptionally terrible. You are also haggard. Well, I suppose this is only natural. You thought you escaped from a terrifying, frightening man and yet you’ve been returned to your cage again like this. Moreover, the cage this time is even more constricting and terrifying than your previous one.

S: How pitiful, no? Hahaha.

S: … Haha! Is that your resistance? I don’t mind whether you remain silent or scream and cry. You just need to be beside me and that is enough.

S: Now, what shall we play today? You have been resigned with your company and so you can play for the entire day. It’s good, isn’t it? That you had an understanding company.

S: Haha, disreputable? I merely had an acquaintance of the Nakiri house help out. Moreover, you disguised your status to work, no? They would be too scared to keep a noble lady, whose status has been revealed, haha.

S: Now then, my lady, today I wish to see you do it alone. Hah, what do you mean by feigning innocence at this point? I’ve made love to you every single day, so pleasuring yourself should not be embarrassing, yes?


S: Oh? Aah, I see. Is that the case?

S: I’ve touched you every day and so you’ve never done it to yourself before. Hahaha! That’s right! Then this would be your first time masturbating, wouldn’t it? You must know how to do it, yes?

S: Rub the place which gives you pleasure with your fingers and feel good. I will be clearly watching. Heheh, ah, my heart is racing, hahaha! Now, do it quickly.

S: Hmm, that’s right, if you do not wish to then I will take the phone I gave you out of pity and throw it into the water.

S: Yes, like that. Spread your legs properly and show it all to me. Ah, be sure to take off your underwear. Yes, good girl.

S: … Mm? Are you not wet already? Are you aroused at being made to pleasure yourself? Haha, you are obscene, after all.

S: Yes, that’s right. Properly… so that you feel good. Please be sure to make some noise. Moan with your cute voice. Make me enjoy myself.


S: Haa… hah…

S: … Please be sure to do it properly. You won’t feel good with those loose movements of your fingers, yes? My lady loves it when she has fingers slamming in and out of her sopping hole and her clitoris is circled around hard, no? Come now, do it like I always do.

S: Yes, add another finger as well.

S: Haah… haa…

S: Aah, there’s a nice smell now. Haah… ah, when I see my lady pleasuring herself, I am aroused. Look, I’m this erect. Ngh, I am going to stroke myself as well. Haha, is it not arousing to masturbate to each other? *removes pants*

S: Hah, my lady, please do not avert your eyes. Watch me properly. Look, it’s large, is it not? Haah… this is what is always ravishing you in your hole.

S: It thrusts in deeply over and over again… in your deepest and most pleasurable spot. This part of me which dominates even your heart. Haa… hah…

S: Ah, my lady, haa… hah… your fingers are moving quicker than they were earlier. Heh… are you irresistibly hungering for more? Hahaha. You fear and loathe me in your heart… ngh, and yet your body helplessly desires me. Haah… it sends shivers down my spine. Mgh.


S: Haha, your face is slack with pleasure. You want it so bad, don’t you? Mm… then try begging. Say that you want me inside you. Say that you want to be filled with my sperm.

S: Hehe, if you cannot then I will stroke myself to completion and end things here.

S: … Heh, spread your entrance with your fingers then and invite me. You can do it, can you not?

S: Good girl! It would be good if you were always this obedient. Now then… I will give you lots of pleasure today as well. Nngh… mgh! Haa… ah…

S: Haha! Did you long for it that much? The moment I entered you had a light orgasm, didn’t you? Haha, you’re obscene and you lust for men more than I imagined, I see. Ngh… hah…! *thrusting*

S: Haa… ah, my lady, it feels good. You’re squeezing down so hard, like you’re trying to wring me dry. Mrgh! Hagh… hah…!

S: It truly feels good. Haa… haah…!

S: Ungh, when I strike this spot, you really clench down, don’t you? Does it feel that good? Mmgh… the disgust just a while ago is becoming a dazed and slack face, you know? Hrgh, my lady, you are always like this, aren’t you? At the beginning, you say that you’re scared, that you don’t want this, that you want me to stop and yet, immediately, your eyes roll back and you drown in pleasure. Hagh… haa…!

[11:04] *he slows down and stops*

S: … My lady, will you not give yourself to me already? Will you not be mine alone? If you do then I will make you happy for the rest of your life.

S: Pffhaha, you’re going to use the name of the house you hate as your shield, I see. However, I am a Nakiri.

S: Yes, it is true that I am a servant. But the Nakiri house also has power. Enough to scatter and take the Yurimiya house into their possession, you see. This conversation would be different if you were the first or second daughter with legitimate blood but… hahaha, it would be all too easy to bind someone like you immediately with marriage. Rather, you should be grateful, no?

S: That the shame of the Yurimiya house… was taken in by the eldest son of the Nakiri house. Gngh… hah… hah! *thrusting*

S: Not to mention, who would take in a trained whore like you? Ngh… hah… hagh…! This slut without the Yurimiya blood, or even your virginity, and you were trained by a butler not to be able to resist pleasure. I believe you’ve realized this faintly, but your worth is near zero. Heh, if I was forced to give you a value, then I suppose you’re young and charming.


S: However, if that was all, then you would be no different than the masses. Hah… haah…

S: Even if you have no value to others though, to me you’re necessary. See? My lady… haah… hah… are you going to reject me still even after this explanation? Hah, I have no choice. Why don’t we do this then?

S: We will create a fact which makes it so that you have no option but to become mine.

S: Haha… *leans in* I mean that you just need to be pregnant. Hngh… hah… hagh…!

S: I’ve always released outside but, starting today, I’m going to release in your deepest spot. Hngh, right here… at the entrance to your womb. Mmgh!

S: Hahaha, it’s useless. You are powerless and so I can keep you down with just a single hand. Look, like this. Haah… hagh…! My lady, ah, I love you. So, let’s make you conceive, yes? And then you’ll get married with me, mgh… and we’ll become happy, alright? Hahaha, ngh! Aah… hah…!


S: I’m about to come soon. Oh, look, aren’t you about to as well, my lady? Haah… hagh…!

S: Despite how you say no, you cannot resist it, can you? Aah… in the end, you’re going to be in a cage until death. Mgh… with the Yurimiya house, the Nakiri house, and me. Nrgh, you can only live while being ruled by someone. You never had freedom from the start. You have always been in a cage, ah…!

S: Aah, it will be the same when you die. You will be inside a coffin, no? Hahaha, ngh… ah! I’m coming! Mmgh… my lady, receive it with your womb. Haah… hah…!

S: Mgh, ah… I’m… coming…! Ngh! *he orgasms*

S: Haa… hah… I came a lot. Haah… I will be releasing in here from now on.

S: Haha, you’re right. You will never forgive this inside of you.

S: … It’s such a bother, so why don’t I reveal everything? I believe you will understand there is no more going back after you hear this.


S: I mentioned this before, but you often make the wrong choice, yes? This time as well. That time, when I came here, you were captive to the freedom before your eyes and you didn’t say you would return home, but that was your greatest mistake in your life, wasn’t it?

S: At that time it would have been best if you returned home, without being headstrong, when I asked you. Because you said you would not return, I contacted the Yurimiya house. The mister’s response was: “I leave my daughter to you.”

S: Do you understand this meaning? It means you have been abandoned by the Yurimiya house.

S: In that case, there is no problem for you to bear my child. The leftovers of the Yurimiya house were picked up by the Nakiri house out of compassion. The public would likely see it that way.

S: … Aah, my lady, it’s alright. No matter who abandons you, I will be the only one who does not.

S: Now, my lady… I will ask you once more. You will become mine, yes?

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    Vô Tận Hành Lang Gấp Khúc said:
    October 8, 2020 at 22:48

    I really like the “yes” and “no” at the end of Nakiri’s question, though it seems courteously, it made pressure on the listener and made him become more creepy. The type of men who are both courteous and dangerous at the same time are so irresistible.

      Ilinox responded:
      October 9, 2020 at 12:10

      Honestly, this comment made my day because that was the intent I was going for when I translated his endings like that (since it’s not like that in Japanese) and I’m glad it came across with that polite but oppressive feeling, eheheh. I love these types of men too :’)) charming but dangerous.

    utoo said:
    July 14, 2020 at 07:09

    thank you! AND Chaotictapestry for parasitegarden works
    *hope for their new works to be translated👀*

      Ilinox responded:
      July 14, 2020 at 20:15

      You’re welcome! I was drawing a blank on their newest work, but that’s the AI one right? The art looks so nice and the premise is interesting but… I gotta admit I was disappointed at the voice LOL. It wasn’t the gentle older brother voice I was expecting, SOBS.

        utoo said:
        July 16, 2020 at 12:48

        yes ! android boy
        I listened to samples before reading the description so i was NOT disappointed
        but now it hurts me because I hardly understand anything ahaha

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