Tasogaretoki ni Owaru Koi

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Ochi Akiharu (越智 昭春)
CV: 黛希和

Kudou Natsuki (工藤 夏樹)
CV: 三楽章

Love that Ends at Twilight

The heroine became interested in her teacher, Ochi Akiharu, from a minor event and then she gradually fell in love for the first time.

However, no matter how she tried to attract him, Akiharu seemed to take no notice of the heroine.

Fruitless days like that passed until at last they started to prepare for graduation in a few months and the heroine received bold advice from her childhood friend.

The heroine panicked, “At this rate I’ll lose contact with my teacher”, and so she listened to his advice— confess by throwing yourself at him.

… The result was splendidly being completely rejected while professing her love.

Akiharu treated the heroine as a child and, on top of that, dealt with it by saying, “As if I could seriously fall in love with a student.”

The heroine wouldn’t give up no matter what and refused to back down with, “Then is it OK if it’s not serious?”

—This relationship, disguised as being for fun, became more heartrending than the heroine could have ever imagined.

Thank you to an anon for the last of my commissions this round. I’ll likely take a 2-3 month break, but I’ll still be posting personal translation projects (hopefully otome games and novels)! R18 warning and some humiliation at the beginning, but it’s a sweet one. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Uncrossable Wall ***

*school bell rings; heroine running*

Akiharu: Stop. How many times have I told you not to run in the halls? *comes over*

A: Lunch has just begun, hasn’t it? What are you in such a hurry for?

A: Croquette sandwich? Ah, come to think of it, recently, after we changed suppliers for the school canteen, I heard that the sandwiches have become excessively popular. Were you running to buy them?

A: Even if that’s the case, it’s not a good reason to break the rules. Furthermore, the length of your skirt is too short.

A: No, I couldn’t care less about the matter of being ladylike. Whatever the school rules are, I just think if you show that much leg then you will get chilled.

A: Yes, naturally, I worry about my students’ health. Not limited to just you.

*heroine approaches*

A: You’re persistent. I told you before, but you’re too close to your teacher. Please keep more of a distance. I taught you that people have their personal spaces, didn’t I?

A: Hah, I’m embarrassed…? Haha! Jeez, you don’t use your eyes, do you?

A: Listen, I call out to you many times, but that just indicates how many times you’ve broken the rules. As if someone like me would treat someone specially, right?

A: *quiet* If you’re going to be that depressed each time, then you should just give up already.

A: No, it was nothing. At any rate, fix the length of your skirt. If it remains like that the next time I see you, then you’ll be going to the disciplinary room, understand? *he leaves*

[02:08] *scene skip*

Natsuki: Yo! Congratulations on your record of being rejected for the 100th time!

N: Uh, was it 4 months ago when you were saved from a train molestor by Mr. Ochi? Haha, you’ve basically gone after him every day since, huh! Hehe, he’s a real persistent jerk. If it was me, I would have fallen for you a long time ago.

N: Haha, don’t sulk like that. This is me worried about you as your childhood friend. You’ve been single ever since you fell for Mr. Ochi, right? It’s a waste when you’re cute.

N: Hey, what do you mean you’re not happy being told that by me? I was praising you too.

N: Mhm, you’re really cute. Kind of like… overall? Oh, but your face is normal. *heroine hits him* Hahaha, I’m not making fun of you. Girls with cute atmospheres are super popular for a group of guys, you know?

N: So, seeing my cute childhood friend continue to get rejected is something I can’t understand, you know?

N: Huh!? There’s been some progress? What kind?

N: You’ve gotten him to always call out to you the moment he sees you…?

N: Isn’t that because you’re acting loose on purpose? But you’re actually super diligent though.

N: Hmm… well, that’s true, I feel like he never even called out to you when you were a good student. Haah… Mr. Ochi is a good teacher, but that’s that. In particular, when girls get close to him, how do I put it, he suddenly gets cold… It’s probably rough having a handsome face, huh.

N: Oh, on that point, you might actually be treated specially! Because, you come onto Mr. Ochi way more than his standard types, but he’s never straight out told you no, right?


N: Yeah, it’s true! He’s told you to step back, but he didn’t say he didn’t like it. Could this maybe mean he just needs one more push?

N: Haa… you’re right, there’s no more time for one more push. We’re about to graduate, huh.

N: Huh? My advice? Haha, that’s unusual! Finally, you’ve been driven to a corner, huh!

N: Because you’ve never come to me for love advice, right? Well, even if you came to ask, I’d only be able to give something like jump him hard.

N: Shut up! That’s how I’ve succeeded.

N: But… thinking about it again like this, I seriously can’t think of another way. You’ve tried mostly everything. *quiet* Actually, seeing this as a guy, I think it only looks like you have a chance.

N: Huh? Uh, um… now that it’s like this, you should try throwing yourself at him. You’re less against that than other girls, so there’s a chance!

N: Haha, throwing yourself at him means throwing yourself at him. It means what it means. That being said, here, this is for you.

N: What do you mean what…? It’s a condom, as you can see.

N: Why do you look so unhappy? Safe sex is the basics, right?

N: You should seriously just try for a home run. If you get completely rejected, then I’ll kindly comfort you. Well, report the results to me tomorrow, yeah? I’m planning on going to a mixer after school, but I’ll run over if there’s trouble so call me. I’m hoping for an extremely naughty story tomorrow. *heroine hits him* Haha, good luck. *he leaves*

*** TRACK 2: Friends with Benefits with Akiharu ***

*school bell rings; heroine opens door*

A: Hm? Oh, it’s you.

A: I told you before not to come to the preparation room because there are many things in here that shouldn’t be touched, didn’t I? In addition, it’s time for you to head home.

A: *comes over* Hey, are you listening? You need to go home before it gets late or your parents will—

A: —ah.

A: … I see. I understand your feelings clearly.

A: That’s all. Is there something else I should say? There is no way a teacher would accept a confession from a student, right?

A: Yes, no matter what you say, I won’t change my mind. Most importantly, I have no interest in children.

A: Hah, you say you’re not a child…?

A: Then… *comes close* win this argument against me about how you aren’t a child.

A: Haha, you turn red when I just bring my face close and you still say you’re not a child?

A: Hm? What happened to your usual aggression?

A: Ah, are you possibly scared because I’m different from usual? You only know me as a teacher, after all.

A: Haha, you’re still going to persist? I used to think that determination was likeable… but, heh, unfortunately, I have no interest in virgins. Come again after ten years.

A: … !? Y-you’re not a virgin…?


A: Oho, that’s unexpected. You were a serious student before. Even the people you dated were the student council president, prefect, or class monitor… if I recall correctly? None of them seemed to be people who would do improper things at school though. *heroine shakes head*

A: I see. You’re saying they aren’t as they appear.

A: *quiet* … Who was it who did it?

A: No? It’s not as if who you had sex with has anything to do with me. Only… I just think that having sexual intercourse as a student is disgraceful.

A: Haah… when did I say I would take you if you weren’t a virgin? Your ears only hear what is convenient for you, I see.

A: Ggh, step back. The premise is that I cannot seriously love a student.

A: Hah, you are a genius at distorting my words. How did you reach the thought that it’s fine as long as it isn’t serious? In the first place, going by your personality, you can only do this with love, right? *heroine shakes head*

A: Oh? Your current boyfriend isn’t enough for you, I see. Then what was with the confession earlier? Your claims contradict each other.

A: Hm? You’re saying you lied because you want to have sex with me no matter what. *quiet* It’s my first time hearing that you’re currently dating someone too.

A: Hah, as if I would be jealous. I was just confirming things right now.


A: Jeez, I give up at your persistence. You’re the first student who hasn’t given up after being treated this coldly.

A: You want to have sex with me that badly?

A: Heh, did I say I would accept you? I told you earlier, didn’t I? That if you want me to act, then prove to me you aren’t a child. Hm? The way…?

A: Good point… *steps away* I’ll watch from here, so place a hand against that desk and masturbate. As dirty as you can.

A: If you can’t, then get out right now.

*heroine nods*

A: Oh? You’re really going to do it? I guess you are a slut as you claim. Then hurry up and take off your underwear and begin.

*heroine removes clothes*

A: Hey, if you don’t roll up your skirt then I won’t be able to see clearly, right? First, I’ll confirm whether or not you really don’t have a hymen. Grab your butt and spread yourself. Also, stick out your butt more.

A: Haha, it looks like you’re telling the truth about not being a virgin. *quiet* Tch, pisses me off.

A: Hah, I can tell whether or not someone’s a virgin. I’ve also slept around more than you think. However, this is such a shame. Putting aside how I was the one who demanded this, I cannot believe that the person who I thought was diligent inside is actually a dirty slut who sleeps around with tons of other men.


A: Haha, why do you look hurt? You said it yourself, didn’t you? That you’re a slut and you’re unsatisfied, so you want to sleep with me.

A: Now, hurry up and begin. I still have work left to do today.

A: Oh? So you like tracing that spot with your fingers. But that movement isn’t enough, right? Do it like you usually do. Rub yourself harder.

A: Hm? You don’t masturbate that much? Even though you’re not satisfied to the point of looking for a friend with benefits? That’s strange.

A: Hmm, I see. So you like it better when a man rubs against you over using your own hand. However, despite that, you’re pretty wet. I didn’t know you were a deviant who got off on being watched, haha.

A: Because I’m the one watching you…? Heh, another man’s gaze apart from your boyfriend is that arousing, I see. You’re a real whore.

A: Haha, you’re saying you’re not a whore when you’re drenched like that? Your clitoris is already puffed up and obscenely engorged. Hey now, don’t stop your hand. Keep going until you come. *heroine shakes head*

A: Haa… I see. Haah… *comes over* if you’re saying you don’t have enough stimulation… then I’ll lend a hand.


A: Look, I’ll touch you inside like this, so rub your clitoris. You can come if both place are touched, right? *heroine shakes head* If you don’t want to be chased out, then do as you’re told. *heroine nods*

A: Haha, this place down here is honest. The moment you touched your clitoris, this hole sucked hard on my fingers.

A: Look, can you hear this? It’s squelching already and every time I push in and pull out… haha, a large amount of juices drip out.

A: Hm? Don’t look…? Even though you said my gaze was arousing?

A: Oh? On that subject, your skin is flushed a burning red. You aren’t embarrassed, right? *heroine shakes head* Oh, you’re saying it’s the setting sun…

A: It’s true that, with the setting sun shining in, this place of yours looks glowing red… and it’s a little tempting. Mm? Ah, here? For you to have an extremely sensitive spot apart from your G-spot… hah, you’re quite used to this then. I see. If you have such a dirty vagina then, like you said, you can’t help but be unsatisfied.

A: … Incidentally, who was it that made your vagina this sensitive? I’ll use him as a reference for next time, so tell me honestly. *heroine shakes head* Tell me! Come on! Don’t come on your own. I’m asking who you slept with. If you don’t hurry up and tell me… then I’ll stop right now. *heroine shakes head*

A: Hm? You don’t remember? Then… your first man? Who broke your hymen? *heroine shakes head*


A: Tch, why won’t you say it? Is that how much you treasure your past lover?

A: … Hah, I’ve lost interest. I’m disappointed.

A: Heh, you want me to the point of crying? *heroine nods* Then… *unbuckles pants* hah… here, you can take this into your mouth. Suck on me as much as you like with that mouth.

A: What are you confused over? You’re that experienced, so you must be used to swallowing men, right?

A: … A-ah…! I see. You haven’t given a lot of blow jobs, I see. Incidentally, when you say not a lot, how much are we talking about? The number of times.

A: Twice…? *quiet* Tch, even the first time with your mouth has been robbed?

A: Uh, no, I’m not angry. In that case, just like how you were trained by your past lover… swallow me lewdly. Hm? What’s wrong? You’ve given a blow job before, haven’t you?

A: Oh, haha, I see! I’m larger than all your previous boyfriends. Then you’ll be even more surprised. I can get even bigger. Yes, it’s true. Try it by licking it. Come on.

A: Ngh… ah…

A: Haha, do you know what sort of look you have on right now? Hngh… hah… it’s an extremely dirty one. One that can’t be imagined from how you usually are. Mrgh… a face inflamed with desire.


A: Hey, don’t look down. Look at me while you’re tasting me.

A: Mgh, yes, like that. Haah… hah… right there. It feels good… when you trace the tip with your tongue. Nrgh… hagh…

A: Hngh… next is to swallow it little by little. Try not to let your teeth touch. Mrgh…! Ngh… hah…!

A: Haa… hagh… ugh, hey, your teeth pressed down. You don’t need to apologize. But it doesn’t look like I’ll come from this slow stimulation. Mgh, I’m going to use your mouth as I please. I’ll hold your head down, so… ngh… relax your mouth. Haa… hagh…!

A: Hah… haah… ah, that pained look on your face is the best. It’s your first time having the back of your throat ravished like this, right? Mrgh, ah… don’t you dare choke. Endure it. If you bear with this, I’ll give you a reward. Hngh… hagh… haa…! Ow!

A: … Haa… I told you to endure it, but you choked. Your teeth touched me.


A: No, I won’t give you another chance. However, you need a punishment for not doing well.

A: Lie down on that desk and spread your legs. I’m going to assault you terribly as punishment.

A: Hey, are you just going to lie down? I told you to spread your legs. Now then, open your dirty and wet private part wide and answer as to where you should be punished.

A: Inside…? Where inside?

A: Deep inside…? Your expressions are lacking in accuracy.

A: There’s no choice but for me to teach you. Listen, this is what you say: “Teacher, pierce my dirty pussy and pound me until my womb comes down.”

A: If you can’t say that, then I’ll leave you like this.

A: Nngh…! *swallows hard* … Say it once more.

A: You’re a student with poor memory, I see. To get those lines I gave you wrong… it looks like you really want to be treated horribly. As punishment, I’m going to slam into the farthest back and deepest spot in you, where you’ve never been touched.


A: Uh, hm? What?

A: Ggh, you… brought a condom to school!?

A: Did you plan on doing it with your boyfriend today too? Haha, you’re completely prepared, aren’t you?

A: Aah, you really are a naughty girl. I need to teach such a dirty girl firsthand just how dangerous men are. You don’t know where you’ll be impregnated.

A: So, as a special lesson, I’ll teach you about bare sex.

A: Heh, shhh… be quiet now. Take my instruction obediently… ngh! *inserts himself* Hagh… ah… so this is being inside you. You’re tight for being experienced. Your boyfriend is pretty small, I see. I’ll open you up in the back and teach you the allure of an adult’s penis. Mgh… ngh…! *thrusting*

A: Hagh… haa…!

A: Ah? Hm? What are you losing your mind over? This is my penis, which you’ve been wanting all this time, no? Heh… mrgh… that’s true, I’m not using a condom, so you might get pregnant. Haha! I’ll be in trouble? The one who’ll be in trouble is you, no?

A: Haa… look, you’re obscenely soft down here, ngh, and wrapped all around me, so I’m already twitching. Haah… like this, pre-cum is already flowing out. Haha, how does it feel having a chance to get pregnant from a man who isn’t even your boyfriend? Nrgh… agh…!


A: It’s like this because you seduced a man out of desire. Haah… hagh…! Hey, don’t be silent, beg for forgive— nrgh!? Are you an idiot?! Right now, you’re being assaulted deeply and I’m about to come inside, you know? Nngh…!

A: You’re not supposed to have a face slack with pleasure, mgh! Hah… hagh… ah… you’re a really bad girl for being this drenched inside… haagh… for making men go crazy. Hrgh… hah…!

A: Hey, your voice is too loud! Keep it down some more. Or… nrgh, are you trying to call for help? That you’re completely penetrated to the base by a dirty teacher and that he’s going to release inside? Ngh!

A: I’m telling you not to look so happy! I’ll have to do this to a bad girl with no sense of danger, mgh! Hah… agh…!

A: Haha, what, are you going to come already? A sensitive pussy really is different from others. Nnrgh… hah… look, here, right? When I prod this spot with my tip… ah… it feels unbearable, doesn’t it? Your body is honest so I can easily tell. Haah… hah… *kisses ear; thrusting*


A: Mm? You’re scared…? Of what?

A: Haha, ah, your head feels like it’s going blank? Ngh, you’ve never had a vaginal orgasm? Hahaha… haha… I see. Then I’ll make you come like this for the first time, ngh! Hngh… hagh…!

A: Gngh! Ah, did you come? Haha, you even squirted. Haa… hah… cute. *kisses; thrusting*

A: Mngh… ah…! Hah… hagh…! I’m about to come soon too. I’m going to release a lot… ngh, deep inside… to the point where you’ll get pregnant. Haa… hagh…!

A: Ngh, I’m coming… I’m coming…! Mrgh! *he orgasms*

A: Haah… haagh… haha, you’re squeezing me so hard down here, my ejaculation… ngh, is having a hard time stopping. *kisses*


A: Haa… hah… ah, sorry. I even kissed you.

A: You must care about it, no? Friends with benefits don’t kiss. Ah, no… that’s just something I thought.

A: … What? This is the relationship you wished for, wasn’t it?

A: *puts on clothes* Now then, I’m returning to the staff room. You should head home after tidying up your clothes.

A: *goes to door* Ah, I forgot to say one thing. If you become pregnant, report to me and don’t hide it. No, I won’t tell you to abort it. I’ll be sure to take responsibility as an adult in a physical relationship.

A: *quiet* … Even if you don’t wish for that. *he leaves*

*** TRACK 3: Natsuki’s Intuition ***

*school bell rings*

N: Yo! How was it? The plan to throw yourself at him. Hm? You…

N: … Did you cry yesterday? *heroine shakes head*

N: No, no, it’s a blatant lie to say you didn’t cry. Your eyes are super swollen. Plus, that face… You didn’t just get rejected, right?

N: Hey, what happened? I’ll be worried if you stay quiet like that. *heroine shakes head* You were really only rejected? *heroine nods*

N: … That’s a lie. I’ve been with you since kindergarten, so I know your tells when you’re lying.

N: Uh, wait! If you’re going to cry, then let’s go over there. This place will stand out, right? *heroine nods* Come on, let’s go.

N: Nope, I won’t let go of your hand. If I let you go now, you look like you’re going to run. *heroine shakes head* Haha, you lied again. I can see right through you, so give up. Yeah, I can see everything. I’m a dumbass, but my intuition’s never off when it comes to you. So, I was pretty confident about you and Mr. Ochi…

N: Uh… alright, this stairway is out of sight. You can cry now.


N: Haha, jeez, your nose is running. Here, take this tissue and blow. I’ll wait for you to get it all out.

N: … Still can’t calm down?

N: The leap straight into the great Natsuki’s chest! This shirt is cheap, so you can dirty it as much as you want.

N: Dummy, I can’t leave you when you’re sobbing like that, right?

N: *hugs heroine* There, there. It must have hurt, huh. I don’t know what happened still, but for someone as determined as you to cry like this means it must have been extreme, right? Did that Ochi bastard do something horrible to you? *heroine shakes head*

N: You’re the one at fault? Urgh, what does that mean?

N: I won’t let you go until you talk. Haha, please, I won’t tell anyone even if it costs me my life. Tell me? You know I’m tight-lipped, right? *heroine nods*

N: Huh? Ah, this is the condom I gave you yesterday. That this wasn’t used means… Ochi didn’t get seduced, huh.

N: … Eh? He did it…? Huh?

N: S-sorry, I don’t get it. Can you explain it properly?

N: Mm… mhm… hm… huh? H-huh? O-oh, I see! Oh… hm? Then…? Eh? *fade out*

[04:18] *scene skip*

N: I see. I get the general gist of it.

N: Sorry… it’s my fault.

N: No, I know this is tit for tat but, even still, it’s my fault. Ggh, dammit. If I knew Ochi was such a bastard then I wouldn’t have told you to throw yourself at him. *heroine shakes head*

N: Urgh, are you still going to say it’s your fault!? The one at fault is him, right? *heroine shakes head*

N: Nope, it’s that Ochi bastard’s fault. I’m a dumbass, but even I know this much. He made a girl who seriously confessed to him his fuck-buddy and even came inside… That’s a monster, you know?

N: Hah? I’ve never had a fuck-buddy. It’s true I’ve dated a lot of girls, but I’ve never cheated once and I use condoms. That’s why, as another man, I can’t forgive Ochi. No matter how much you suggested it, having sex with someone you aren’t dating shouldn’t be done, right? To say nothing of a fuck-buddy agreement!?

N: Ochi should have thought about it calmly and refused. He was the adult, after all.

N: Hey, what do you mean it’s rare for me to say something decent? I’m always decent, aren’t I? Uh, although I can’t study at all…

N: Oh, ah-ah, your nose is running again. I don’t have tissues anymore, so use this handkerchief to wipe it.


N: *quiet* If he was going to make you cry like this, I should have snatched you for myself.

N: No, uh, I’m pretty… uh, actually, I’m really serious.

N: You see, I hate to say this but I’m super popular, right? A lot of girls say they like me and in the past that put me in high spirits. But, no matter which girl I slept with, I felt like something was off… I didn’t know what that was for the longest time. I thought I loved them all.

N: The source of that discomfort… is something I recently understood at last. I’ve… always liked you. But we were raised like siblings, so I mistook that for familial love.

N: By the time I realized this, it was already too late. You thought of me as a cheap playboy and I wasn’t a love interest. Ah, I’m not blaming you at all! It’s true that I’m a playboy, going by the number of girls I’ve slept with, and I’m pretty careless about most things apart from you.

N: That’s why… it’s natural for you to think of me like that. *heroine shakes head* Haha, thanks. I’m happy that you cherish me, even if it’s as a childhood friend. I don’t plan on being a burden to you, so let’s keep hanging out together, OK? *heroine nods*

N: Haha, phew. I’m relieved. *hugs heroine* Let’s continue to get along in the future too, yeah? Even if you became the worst person in the world, I’d still continue to be your friend.


N: Alright! Now, as your knight, I’m gonna go beat him up. *heroine shakes head* Don’t stop me. That bastard needs to be punched once.

N: Ggh, let me go! I won’t feel good if he’s left innocent like this. *heroine shakes head*

N: Haah… fine. I won’t go punch him, so let’s go to a mixer together. Today, there’s people coming from a rich private school, so I’ll choose a good person among them and recommend them to you. *heroine shakes head*

N: Hey, hey, are you still on that teacher? He’s definitely not a good adult to have a fuck-buddy agreement with a student! There’s people who suit you better out there. Alright? Get a new love and forget about that bastard. *heroine shakes head*

N: AHHHHH!! I can’t hear you!! I can’t hear anything until you say yes!!

N: Yeah! You can just sit at the edge. Mm, seriously, seriously!! If you let go and have fun, it might give you a chance of pace, right? *heroine shakes head*

N: Even if your mind doesn’t change, you already said you’ll go so you can’t take it back. Then, I’ll see you after school—


A: —after school, you should return home promptly. Even if you’ve been admitted into secondary education based on recommendation, there are times when they’re withdrawn if you do stupid things, you know?

N: Ugh, Ochi…

A: Add a Mister onto that.

N: ……

A: Why are you glaring at me? Did she discuss something with you?

N: … She didn’t. She didn’t say anything.

A: I see. In that case, be sure to give your teachers respect. Even at the best of times, your popularity with teachers is low.

N: ……

A: What?

N: I… have good intuition.

A: And?

N: So, I know really clearly now what you’re thinking seeing me hold her hand, Mr. Ochi.

A: Haha, I don’t understand what you mean.

N: You don’t have to understand. I just thought that you count as a stupid man too, teacher.

A: You’re saying something rude again.

N: *to heroine* Anyway, see you after school! I’ll bring lively people, so let’s party so hard your troubles will be blown away! Ah, we’re meeting at the south entrance. *he leaves*

A: Wait right there. What did you mean just now— haah… jeez, he’s a problem child at all times. *heroine shakes head* Are you defending him? Haha, I suppose that’s natural. Both of you were cuddled close together in this unpopulated place. He’s your current lover, isn’t he?

A: It’s not like I mind whoever you’re currently dating.

A: Yes, truly. *comes close* We just have a physical relationship, after all.

A: Now then, as I ordered, you are to go home without any detours. Understand? *heroine nods* Good.

A: *quiet* In the first place, a mixer doesn’t suit you.

A: Nothing. Until tomorrow then. *he leaves*

[12:24] *scene skip*

N: Eh? That Ochi bastard said that?

N: That really pisses me off. *heroine shakes head* Yeah, yeah, I know, you love Mr. Ochi.

N: Actually, it’s amazing for you to love him so much. He only happened to ride the same train with you and saved you from a molestor, right?

N: Hm, well, even I know the start is important. Even if the beginning was from something small, during the time your eyes follow them, you end up liking them, right? I hear that girls, in particular, see the men who save them as shining people. *heroine hits him* Ow! No, I’m not laughing at you. I’m just giving you the common opinion—

A: For you to talk about common opinions when you’re always breaking the rules is truly hilarious.

N: Ggh, Ochi—

A: —I told you before to add Mister, no?

N: Hah, why are you here? What an extreme coincidence.

A: Guardians and teachers are all worried over whether students, excited just before graduation, will go and do stupid things or not. That is how I ended up with being on patrol. In particular, I need to pay attention to a student like you who enjoys loudly playing around.

N: I’m just chatting and heading home with a friend. I think it’s stranger for you to have complaints about every single little thing?

A: In that case, do that on a holiday instead of late on the road home after school. It’s especially not admirable to take a girl around at night.

N: Oh? Then do I just need to hand her over?


A: Good idea. If you pass her to me, then I’ll let you off a little.

N: Yeah, yeah, I get it. I’m going then, so you need to escort her home, teacher. *to heroine* Sorry, but I think this’ll lead to the best result for you. *loudly* See you tomorrow then. *he leaves*

A: *comes over* Follow me. *heroine shakes head* If you insist on refusing, then I’ll shove you into that alley and continue from where we left off yesterday. Do you want that? *heroine shakes head*

A: Yes, that’s right, I wouldn’t recommend the hygiene of that. Come on, we’re going. *heroine shakes head*

A: Hm? You’re quite defiant today. Do you want to create a commotion this much? I didn’t know you were influenced by that delinquent to this point. *heroine shakes head*

A: Oh? Even you’ll make that expression when he’s ridiculed.

A: No, I won’t correct myself. He’s always been a problem child. That he got an admission based on recommendation is only because his parents are influential people, no? *heroine shakes head*

A: Enough, come here. *heroine shakes head*

A: … Ggh, do you… love that boy so much!? Hah! I see! You planned on quieting the ache in your body with him today, right? That is why you’re resisting. You were going to enter any one of these hotels in this indecent business district… and have sex with him. *heroine shakes head*

A: Heh, you don’t have to deny it. I’m sorry for getting in the way. *leans in* As an apology, I’ll take responsibility as your friend with benefits and satisfy your desires. *heroine shakes head* Hah, enough already…? What is enough? Isn’t this the relationship you wanted?

A: Ngh!? Why are you crying? Do you not like me touching you this much…? *heroine shakes head* Then why are you suddenly saying no? It didn’t feel as good as you imagined when you slept with me? *heroine shakes head*

A: No, but you want to end it…? I don’t get what you mean! No, I won’t let you go. I’ve had enough of you messing up my heart. We’re going to my apartment right now.

*** TRACK 4: Love that Ends at Twilight ***

A: Come in. The bedroom is at the back. *heroine shakes head*

A: Ggh, if you won’t come then I’ll carry you.

A: If you don’t want to fall, then hold onto me. *goes to bedroom*

A: Look, we’re here. *puts heroine down; kisses* Nngh! Mrgh… mm…!

A: Haa… hah… if you really hate this then resist more. This sort of small resistance just fuels men on more. Mngh! *kisses*

A: *heroine hits him* Gngh, ah? What is it now!? I don’t understand you at all! If you don’t hate me and the sex wasn’t bad then… why are you trying to get away!?

A: Silent again…? You were so aggressive when you were coming onto me too. Why are you rejecting me now? What is so painful? *heroine shakes head* If you aren’t rejecting me, then accept me. Don’t try to run away!

A: Haha… because you’ve given up on me? You want to end things…?

A: Haha… given up? You say you’ve given up!?


A: Ngh, this is why I didn’t want to be in a relationship with a student! Like changing clothes that are out of fashion, they immediately look at other men! Even though my… my feelings can’t go back like this. Ggh!

A: Hagh… hah… I won’t let you resist at this point. I’m going to tie up these bad hands that are struggling.

A: Hah! You’re still going to say you want to end things. *leans in* Too bad, but I’m not going to listen to that request. As if I’ll let you end this.

A: … Why don’t I want to end this? That’s… ugh, that’s because I obviously love you! Haha, you look shocked like a pigeon who got hit by a peashooter.

A: Yes, that’s right, you can laugh at me. I’ve always loved you while I acted like I was a teacher. The greatest idiot and fool is me.

A: Heh, it’s not a lie. Even that day, when I saved you from the train molestor, wasn’t a coincidence.

A: … Do you remember? It was dazzling then too, like today, at twilight. Heh, it was the happiest moment of my life. At that time, you looked at me like I was a hero. You respected me when I had these wicked feelings for you.


A: In truth, I wished I had been the one touching you.

A: Yes, that’s right. I noticed the molestor because I was constantly watching you. Incidentally, I was on the same train as you because I followed you. Haha, talking about it like this makes me a complete pervert, huh.

A: It’s said that twilight is a time when it’s hard to differentiate between the human and inhuman… The real demon lurking there at that time was me.

A: You’re a pitiful girl for falling in love with someone like me. You weren’t repaid for your good deed.

A: Yes, you did a good deed. You don’t remember, but we met once nine years ago.

A: You were young then, so it can’t be helped if you forgot.

A: … It’s just that I… couldn’t forget no matter what. Because I think of you as the savior of my life.

A: Heh, right? It must be a strange story to you. Ah, that reminds me, when we met nine years ago it was also twilight at the time. Back then, I failed the exam for the university I wanted the most and I was horribly depressed. Thinking back on it now it wasn’t serious, but at the time I’d never experienced a setback, to say nothing of failing an entrance exam, so it felt like the ground was crumbling beneath my feet.


A: Like my parents said, I should have been walking the life of a perfect university, a perfect job, and a perfect marriage; but everything was hopeless now and I was in despair. Then, as an extreme reaction, I started playing around as much as I could.

A: I went from girl to girl, unable to return home, and repeated through worthless days.

A: However, that gradually became empty too. Feeling like I couldn’t even care less about going to my end, I stood on a bridge, absentminded.

A: I thought that if I jumped from here I would surely be at peace.

A: Then someone suddenly called out to me. When I looked, a small girl was holding onto my clothes. I curtly told her, “Let go, kid.” You’d think she would let go then, right? But she asked, “Brother, are you going to jump?”

A: When I answered, “Maybe”, she patted her chest like she was a barkeeper and said, “Something sad happened, right? I’ll listen to everything.”

A: When I asked, it turned out someone who was like her uncle committed suicide that year. She was terribly sad about that and she said she repeatedly asked her mother whether or not there had been any way to stop that. It sounded like her mother, while crying, answered, “If only I said I’d listen to anything he had to say, if something sad had happened, then maybe this could have been stopped.”


A: That’s probably how she realized I wanted to die. She knew she had to stop me, with the insight peculiar to children.

A: Haha, I was saved by that purity. I thought that if she was a small kid then she wouldn’t understand even if I explained but, conversely, that made it comfortable. She wouldn’t interject with needless noises so I felt like I could keep talking. The things I couldn’t say to other girls… I disclosed to her alone.

A: I felt shockingly refreshed after doing so. My mind and heart probably settled down while I was talking. When I took into account how long life was, I realized that having to wait for another year to enter university wasn’t anything. It was all thanks to her. It was thanks to her that everything ended without my death.

A: I wanted to thank her properly, but apparently she had a curfew and she ran home. So, after I was done talking to my parents, I thought about going to give my thanks at the address I asked from her.

A: However, she had already moved. No one was living there. That I wasn’t able to properly thank her was my constant regret.

A: Then, I don’t know if this was a joke of fate, but I reunited with her at the school I worked at. Her name was the same and there were traces of her features, so I knew it was her immediately.

A: You… were the girl back then. Haha, yes, like I said earlier, I know you don’t remember. When I realized that, I decided to keep silent and watch over you.

A: You’re asking why? It’d be disgusting if an unfamiliar man suddenly told you that you saved his life nine years ago, right? I thought it would be better to repay your kindness by protecting you in the shadows over thanking you.


A: Yet, I don’t know when, you started to become more and more attractive. By the time I realized it… I loved you as a woman. Even though I knew I was a man who was forgotten by you.

A: I was terrified at my own wicked feelings for my student, in addition to being my savior. That’s why, for your sake too, I thought about forgetting the past.

A: However, the more I tried to forget the more my desires for you became worse. In the end it resulted in me stalking you on that day. I couldn’t help but feel disgusted at myself. I wanted to die, this time with a different reason from before.

A: That being said, you started getting closer ever since that day. I was tormented by emotions which can’t be put to words. I wanted to touch you, kiss you, I wanted to… dirty your cleanness. My desires welled up like that every day that I saw your face. I had such a hard time keeping a blank face.

A: Yes, that’s right. Every day I fought like hell to act somehow as a cold teacher until you graduated.

A: It’s not a lie! This is the truth! I’m going to say this now, but I couldn’t help but be envious of the boys your age that you dated.

A: That’s why, whenever you dated someone, I would monitor the other person. I looked into whether or not they were people who would do indecent things before marriage. Then… I ended up wanting to protect you on my own.

A: Haha, but I didn’t realize you were dating Kudou. Moreover, you gave your virginity away to someone somewhere. U-uh, no, I know. You’re free to give your virginity to whoever. I don’t have the right to say anything.


A: That’s… what I tried to bear in mind, at least. Haha, yesterday when you confessed to me and when I learned the girl I tried to protect preciously slept with other men, I couldn’t control myself no matter what. I even thought that it would have been better if I had assaulted you before you slept with other men!

A: … Haah… you understand now, don’t you? How much of a disgusting person I am. If you knew, I’m sure you wouldn’t have thought about approaching me. *heroine shakes head*

A: Huh? Are… are you saying that from your heart? You love me even after hearing about everything? *heroine nods*

A: R-really!? Then I’m alright with being the second man. Ah, or third or fourth… if I can be loved by you then I don’t care what place I’m at. *heroine shakes head*

A: Huh? Haha, no, being first is impossible, right? Your boyfriend is Kudou, so I’m fine with being your affair.

A: … Just, if it could be granted, I’d like to continue our relationship even after you two get married. I know I’m saying something terrible with no sense of morals, but I want to be at your side. Gngh, I’m begging you, you don’t have to care about Christmas or birthdays. I’ll always be waiting here… until you come. *heroine shakes head*


A: Hm? He’s not your boyfriend…? What do you mean?

A: Eh? That was a lie to grab my attention…? T-then right now you’re single…? *heroine nods* Can you marry me t-then!? Ah, no, please go out with me! It’s a shameless request after I did what I did, but I want to be your lover. *heroine nods*

A: R-really!? You won’t say you’re actually lying? *heroine nods* Ngh! My heart’s going to stop. *hugs heroine* I’ll treasure you for a lifetime. Please stay beside me. I can’t imagine a life without you.

A: Huh? I sound like I’m proposing? A-ah, I see. These words are a bit heavy.

A: I’m sorry, I’ll say it again. I plan on cherishing you for a lifetime, so take your time thinking about marriage with me during the length of our lives. Let’s be lovers until then.

A: Mm? This also sounds like a proposal? Uh… it’s hard to moderate my feelings. If we were just dating, I’m afraid of how it feels like you could go somewhere else. Having said that, it also feels like you’ll run if we suddenly get married. *heroine shakes head*


A: H-huh? I-I see. I’m grateful you won’t want to run… I’m thankful for your determination from the bottom of my heart.

A: E-eh!? Why are you crying?! Are you actually disgusted? *heroine shakes head*

A: Haha…! You’re that happy to be able to be in a relationship with me? Me too— is what I should say, but our situation is a little different now.

A: These emotions can’t be defined under “love” anymore. So, let’s end this love and instead be each other’s dearest. *kisses*

A: Um… I’m sorry for bringing this up at this time, but can I confirm one thing?

A: How many men have you slept with? I know it’s not mature to ask this, but I can’t stop myself from wanting to know.

A: Oh? Three times…? In other words, in just your three experiences, you were asked for a blow job two times? See, before you said you’ve only given two blow jobs, right? *heroine nods* Haah… jeez, what sort of men were they!? So, who were they? I won’t do anything, so tell me honestly.


A: Ggh, Ouki? The student council president, Ouki!? Shit, what is he doing with that mask of a good student!? Ouki, that bastard… I need to do something.

A: A-ah, sorry, you’re right. He was someone you loved, so I’ll work hard to like him too.

A: I absolutely won’t harm your world.

A: Yes, I swear it. Your happiness itself is my happiness. *kisses*

A: … Haah… I want to kiss you more. When I kiss you, the fact that I’m your lover now feels real. Nngh! *kisses*

A: I want to keep sucking on your tongue like this, but since we’re here let me taste other places of you tonight. No, you can’t take a shower. I want to smell you as you are like this. *kisses*


A: Haha, your ears are sensitive too. I didn’t have the leisure to notice this yesterday. I’m happy to be able to slowly lick them like this.

A: Mngh… haha, your ears are bright red. Is it because I sucked on them too much? Haha, when you give me reactions like this… it makes me want to dye you entirely in scarlet. *kisses*

A: Haha, I haven’t even sucked on them yet your nipples are already hard. You’re aroused too, aren’t you? Haha, no, you’re not a dirty woman. The reason I said that yesterday was just because of jealousy. I’m sorry for making you care about that. I’m honestly happy that you’re turned on like this. From now on, these cute nipples are mine alone. Nn…


A: Ngh, wait, just a bit more. Haah… let me suck on them just a little more. Mmgh…

A: Haa… hah… not yet. I haven’t sucked on the nipple over here. Mmn…

A: Oh, oops, I got a bit engrossed and was nearly going to keep sucking on your nipples. Haha, I need to taste your sides too…

A: Haha, mm… Mm? Haha, I’m not teasing you. I just want to taste you in places other men haven’t tasted you.

A: That reminds me, have you been given oral before? If you don’t tell me honestly, I’ll lick somewhere even more embarrassing. Haha, for example… your anus or, right after you come back from school, I’ll lower your underwear and moisten all the small and minor folds down there.

A: Haha! I’m a pervert? You already know I’m one, don’t you? Alright, I’ll leave your anus for next time. So? Have you had your private part tasted? *heroine shakes head*

A: Oh? You haven’t? Hehe, that… makes it more worth tasting. *gives oral* Nngh…


A: Mrgh, it’s amazing you called yourself a slut with this innocent body. Nn… hah…

A: Your hips are trembling just from me licking you a little, aren’t they? Nnrgh…

A: Haa… ah… this is irresistible. Your clitoris is cute too, but you’re also sensitive inside and it’s tempting. Mngh…

A: It’s so embarrassing you can’t bear being licked inside? Haha! Alright, then… I’ll lick your clitoris. I’ll rub you slowly inside with a finger. Nngh… mm…

A: Haha! Wow, it’s dripping already and the sheets are wet. It’s the truth. You’re soaked. It looks like two fingers can easily enter here. Haah… ngh…


A: Look, they’re being hungrily sucked in. You learn quickly down here. It makes me want to teach you all sorts of things. Nrgh… mgh…!

A: Mgh, haha, here, right? Your G-spot is easy to find. Haha, it’s alright, come. If you squirt again, I’ll drink it all. Haah… come on, don’t hold back. Come for me. Nngh… mrgh…!

A: Ngh! Haha, haah… you came well. You were extremely wonderful. *kisses*

A: Mm? You’ll… give me oral? Um… although I made you do it yesterday, in truth, I like servicing better. So, you just need to feel good. *heroine shakes head* Haha, I see. You don’t want to be the only person feeling good.

A: Then let me become one with you down here and let’s feel good together. I’m happier to be swallowed by you down here over getting a blow job. Oh, that reminds me, I haven’t prepared any condoms but… can we do it like this? If you say no, I’ll content myself with your thighs.


A: Haha, that’s troubling. If you want me so cutely… then I’ll want to put it in no matter what, right?

A: Haah… you really don’t mind? I might come a lot inside and you might conceive. Haha! I see. Actually, I wasn’t about to be able to… hold back either, ngh! *inserts himself* Aah… hah… is it my imagination or are you much tighter than yesterday? Enough to make me hesitate on moving.

A: Hey, it doesn’t hurt, does it? If it’s better to wait a bit more… huh? Wait…? I haven’t even moved. I was planning on waiting until you calm down.

A: Nngh! Ggh… hah… did you… come from the sensation of me putting it in?

A: Haha, you only learned how to come from inside your vagina just yesterday and now you’re this sensitive. You’re an excellent student.

A: Haha, why are you apologizing? You’re like this only when I’m the other person, right? It makes me the happiest person alive. *kisses*


A: I’m so happy I can’t wait anymore. I’m going to move… ngh! Hah… hagh…! *thrusting* C-crap, I also feel so good… ngh… that if I relax, I feel like I’ll come. Mgh!

A: Haagh… haah…! Mm? You can’t take anymore already? Nrgh, where and what you can’t take anymore… try telling me? Hahaha, mgh, haa… I know. When I tap this spot deep inside, it feels good, doesn’t it? Nngh, me too, it feels so good when my tip brushes against it.

A: Hngh, but it’s still too soon to lose consciousness. Haah… haa… take slow deep breaths. Regulate your breathing. Hah… haa… yes, good girl.

A: As a reward, I’ll grind more against this place. Mgh! *kisses; thrusting*

A: Nngh! Hahaha… haah… you came again? You’ve been coming nonstop since earlier, huh.

A: Hey, will you tell me who turned your body into such a sexy one that keeps coming hard?

A: Haha, that’s right, mgh! Haa… hah… it’s me. I’m the one who made you able to come from being struck deep inside like this, so… ngh, this place belongs to me alone. You can’t ever let another man enter here. Understand? Mmgh! Come on, don’t just moan. Answer properly. Haa… who does this place belong to?


A: Haha, yes, correct. Ngh, this is a question that’ll be on your exam for the rest of your life. So I have to make sure you remember it well. If you forget… I’ll taste you in places much more embarrassing than today. *kisses; thrusting*

A: Mmgh! Mm? What’s wrong? Haha, you’re slurring. I didn’t hear that, so say it one more time. Nngh… ah, me too! I adore you. I love you. *kisses; thrusting*

A: Haa… hagh…! Shit, you’re too cute… I can’t hold back! Haagh… haah…!

A: Ungh, hah… I’m going to release inside. Alright? Haha, good answer. Haah… ah…! Then… ngh, I’ll release in your deepest spot, so relax. Nngh!

A: I’ll pound into you from above like this, mgh! I’ll send my sperm straight into the back of your womb, nrgh! Hagh… hah…!


A: It’s coming, ngh…! Hgh… hah… it’s coming…! Gngh! *he orgasms*

A: Haah… hah… look, can you tell? Nngh, that I’m coming a lot deep inside you. Haha, you’re right, it’s still twitching.

A: You might really be impregnated with this. *kisses*

A: … Mm? Ah, the moon has completely risen. I need to return you home soon to your parents. It’s been a while since I felt this loneliness.

A: Huh?! N-no, if you said you were going to sleep over at my place, then your parents would faint. I plan on greeting them some day, but not while you’re a student—


A: Huh? Your parents also encouraged your relationship with me…?

A: Haha… I see. You spoke about your passion for me to the point where your parents are ready to marry you off already? Thank you. *kisses*

A: Then, seeing as your parents and you have given consent… I want to end our lovers’ relationship. How about it? Starting tomorrow, why don’t we be a married couple?

A: Ah, I’ll choose a good day for our ceremony and we’ll enter you in the family register first.

A: No, it won’t be rushed. After we had sex yesterday, I made a lot of preparations. Because, if you were to get pregnant from that, then we’d have to marr—

A: —ahem, then I’d be able to take responsibility immediately, right?

A: I’m serious. Hold on a moment. *opens drawer*

A: Look, a marriage registration. I’ve already written my name and affixed my seal. You just need to write your name and affix your seal and then the procedures will be— oh, before that, I should return you to your parents but… well, from our earlier conversation, there’s no problem there, right?

A: Well then, with this decided, we should sleep early. I need to go and find a time to greet your parents tomorrow. Haha, don’t look so disappointed. I won’t be able to stop myself again… *kisses*

A: Don’t worry, the moment you wake I’ll make love to you right away. After all, I won’t be able to restrain myself. *kisses*

A: The demon, which wasn’t caught at twilight, is cunning and greedy.

Note1: The line about ending love and being each other’s dearest was me butchering the line だから、恋は終わらせて愛にしよう. Functionally, things like “suki” “daisuki” and “koi” can all act as love in English. It’s only when you compare them directly to each other like this that differences appear and, in this case, “koi” is a shallower love than “ai” which is more encompassing. The reason I’m keeping “koi” as love is because Dusk loves their word games and the track title was definitely a red herring.

11 thoughts on “Tasogaretoki ni Owaru Koi

    Minmin said:
    July 20, 2020 at 21:35

    Thank you so much for all the hard work in translating and sharing these drama CD stories with us :) hoping you have a nice long break!

      Ilinox responded:
      July 23, 2020 at 18:12

      You’re welcome <3! I'll still be around and will probably drop personal translations here and there, ehehe.

    waterinegirl said:
    July 19, 2020 at 10:49

    He look shady so i thought it may go dark. I didnt expect his back story. Good thing the heroine realy pursue him or else she will never know

      Ilinox responded:
      July 19, 2020 at 22:38

      LOL poor Dusk men just getting assumed shady at a glance. Poor dude was probably going to seriously end up dead if the heroine didn’t go after him…

    Hina said:
    July 19, 2020 at 05:45

    Natsuki is best boi. Doesnt enforce his love on the heroine, respects her wishes. Wheres the DL where he wins her over? Is there such side story? 😂

    Thanks for translating once more. Looking forward to more translations once you get back from your break. Have a good rest ^.^

      Ilinox responded:
      July 19, 2020 at 08:38

      Ooh, I wonder! It looks like a SS is supposed to be written for this series but it’s still in the works. I was wondering if he actually loved her, but I didn’t expect him to get such a long sincere scene and I was really touched too. For a second I thought there was gonna be double angst of both men being turned down or something (the red herring in the last track title was really scaring me).

      You’re welcome! Thank you for always commenting <3!

        It me said:
        July 19, 2020 at 21:25

        Natsuki seems like a sweet pea, but he DOES talk to himself under his breath and assume nobody can hear him.

        I love the idea of an old ass Touji finally getting a hearing aid and trying to mutter under his breath and the hearing aid goes SQEAK and he realizes all this time everyone could hear him and he’s just always been a bit hearing impaired.

    Jumpy Star said:
    July 18, 2020 at 15:54

    Wait I thought the story was going to be predictable, but I was NOT expecting that absolutely wholesome backstory of the heroine and the teacher. That was seriously too cute!! A little girl just bumping her chest going “bro I gotchu what’s on your mind.” And the teacher was just so sweet at the end. Wow dusk pranked me again but in a good way.

      It me said:
      July 19, 2020 at 04:30

      Yeah he ain’t even mutter under his breath how he is gonna kill the student body prez. I mean, that guy’s still gonna die, right? RIGHT?!

      I’ll give this a solid 7 out of 10 possible pregnancies

        Ilinox responded:
        July 19, 2020 at 08:41

        LMAO I actually love how Akiharu is the Kazuma type of yandere. They’re extremely extremely sweet on their heroine to the point where Akiharu is fine being her 10951295th boy toy just so long as he can be at her side, or he still wants to be the side partner even after she’s married, AND like you said he promises not to touch the student council president because the heroine must have liked him at one point to date him.

        That bit with the student council president actually got me. I’m fine with guys showing jealousy towards a girl’s past relationships, but it really shows you just how much he holds her up and respects her choices by even liking the people she used to like LOL or at least trying to respect them because they were someone who was chosen by her.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 19, 2020 at 08:39

      SAME. I knew there was going to be some sort of past because it’s Dusk but I wasn’t expecting that train of feels. I also thought Akiharu was emotionally dumb because of the beginning, but now I understand his own hatred for his feelings and, oof, what a man…

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