Masquerade ~ Tsumibito ~

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Leo Aldonaut (レオ・アルドナート)
CV: 皇帝

Masquerade ~ Sinner ~

Your younger half-brother.

Due to the poor health of the eldest son Noel, who was the legitimate heir to the Aldonaut House, Leo was taken in along with his mother, the duke’s mistress, on the off chance that something were to happen to Noel.

However, afterward, because of the birth of the youngest son from the legal wife, Leo was effectively useless.

He was scorned by his surroundings for being a child of infidelity and, along with his rough and savage personality and status equal to a servant, it was rumored that he “held resentment towards the Aldonaut House”.


“Even if you’re covered in mud, even if you have to crawl on the ground, live—”

In the Kingdom of Tilia, it was decided that you, a daughter of the Aldonaut House, were to marry into the royal Laurus House in the neighboring country.

To celebrate your marriage a masquerade ball, which was in fashion, was held.

It was a gorgeous night where resplendently dressed men and women wearing masks were covered in the smell of secrets.

It should have been your last enjoyable memory of freedom as an unmarried daughter—

But chaos descended on the masquerade ball when displeased countrymen intruded without warning.

You escaped into an anteroom during the mayhem, but what you saw there was the bloody and collapsed duke, your father—and your younger half-brother, Leo, who raised his hand against him.

For waterinegirl as the lucky winner of my 9th anniversary giveaway! R18 warning and noncon at the beginning plus violent bad end. I personally couldn’t even get through the bad end tokuten. On another note, you can also get this on DLsite but it seems like JP side only.


[The Duke of Aldonaut]

This house has the right to inherit the throne as a branch of the royal Tilia House.

Their lineage repeatedly married within itself and produced a great number of “Bloody Queens” as a result of a bloodline fallen into madness and, due to this, they have now reduced the frequency of their close marriages.

Despite Duke Aldonaut having a status second to the royal house, due to producing many Queens in the past, the legend of “The Bloody Queen” does not allow members of the Aldonaut House to inherit the throne.

[The Bloody Queen]

The daughter of the Aldonaut House who married Tilia’s Fourth Prince 400 years ago.

She was an unparalleled beauty, whose appearance could even ruin a country.

The First, Second, and Third Princes either died young or lost the fight to succession, and so it was the Fourth Prince who inherited the throne. The duke’s court rank ascended in an instant upon his daughter becoming queen and he was prosperous.

Eventually, the queen descended into madness and, using her charm, emasculated the king and controlled the royal house with him as her puppet. At the same time, she ruled over the people in tyranny and bound the country’s people with terror.

Not only did imprisonment and execution become a daily part of the royal capital, but the queen herself began to torture slaves to death for her own enjoyment.

It escalated after that to gathering and bathing in the blood of young men, collecting jars of excised organs and genitals, and she was said to have plausibly transformed into a grotesquely sexual deviant.

[The Kingdom of Laurus]

The country located next to the Kingdom of Tilia, ruled by the royal Laurus House.

It is a small country similar to Tilia, but their national powers rival each other. Presently, both countries are maintaining peace after the war which occurred 50 years ago, but the antagonism at the center of the older generation remains behind and there is a sense of tension similar to treading on thin ice.

Reminder that this whole series is interconnected with an amazing twist in the last volume, but it’s not necessary to listen to them in order. They just mention the actions the other men were taking in the other volume(s). I also noticed there are multiple short stories for them set before these CDs… oh god.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Dark Night ***

*running with heroine*

Leo: Haa… hah… haa…!


L: Don’t make a sound. Be quiet until our pursuers pass through. *draws sword*

L: … Ggh…

L: Haah… they’re gone? *sheathes sword* Did Your Grace’s bodyguard personally take command and come out? How annoying.

L: Hey, we’re going—ngh! Heh. You still have the strength to glare at me while you cry? Tch, I know you have a lot to ask me, but everything has to wait until later. In any case, we’re going to a house to hide. Follow me obediently… elder sister.

*** TRACK 2: Brand ***

*door closes and locks*

L: Heh, this is Maison Cross, a high-end brothel. All sorts of information is gathered here and it’s an underground watering hole where secrets and lies mix together, and a mansion where first-rate prostitutes lead upper class men around by the nose. Even if one was the knight of a duke, so long as the women here don’t allow it then they won’t be able to step in. My mother came from here. We can get them to shelter us for a while.

L: *pours water* Hm, drink. We’ve been running since we got out of the mansion and, after crying that much, you must be thirsty.

L: Hah, I didn’t put in poison. It’s just water. *drinks* See?

L: Or is it that you don’t want to receive charity from your vulgar younger half-brother? *heroine accepts*

L: Do you want to drink more?

L: … You’re dizzy? If you’re tired then lie down for a bit.

L: Haha… ah, that’s right, even with such a pale face, it’s just like my sister to throw out that question over resting. Did I really kill our father…? Heh.

L: What do you think, sister?


L: On the night of the masquerade ball, the common people rioted and rushed into the duke’s mansion. *slowly approaches*

L: Sister, you took refuge in a hidden room from the ballroom, which had been set on fire. That place is always locked and only the Aldonaut family, the steward, and the knight captain are allowed to have this key.

L: Opening this locked room, the sight you saw was—our collapsed father, with a dagger in his chest, and me standing there with bloody hands. Heh, if people other than you had seen that too, they would surely think I killed our father.

L: *wall pin; low voice* Sister… in the end, you also think I killed our father?

L: Even if you call us siblings, unlike your older brother, Noel, and your younger brother, Yuri, I am a mistress’ child. Even if I was taken in to be the substitute of the heir, who was born with a sickly body, on the off chance that something were to happen to him, the lives of my mother and I, disdained because of our humble birth, was like hell.

L: Hahaha! What’s that? Everyone said that? That I hated our father, that I hated the Aldonaut House…? It’s not just circumstantial evidence, but I see that even my motive is more than enough.

L: Heh… *quiet* there’s no one who believes in me.


L: Oh? Heh. That terrified expression… Do you think I’ll kill you because you witnessed the murder scene? You’re a precious hostage. You’re going to accompany me until I escape.

L: *gets shoved* Ngh! What are you—*heroine breaks glass* Shit, don’t do anything stupid! *grabs hand* Let go of the glass! Ggh, as if I’m going to let you die!

L: Dammit, I can’t drop my guard at all. I can’t even bring you one glass cup?

L: Hey, do ladies, who have knights swear loyalty to them on their sword, receive education to commit suicide at times like these? You were told to die if your honor seemed like it would be stained…? *snarls* Tch, that fucking knight.

L: Huh? Kill you…? Hah…! Do you think if you’re killed by these hands, which killed your father, you’ll go to the same place? Heh.

L: … I see. In that case, I’ll make it so you can’t die! *drags heroine to bed; rips clothes*

L: If you’re impregnated, then a new life would dwell in you. If a pregnant woman is killed, then two lives would be lost at the same time and under our God’s teachings this is the most repulsive sin of them all. *kisses ear*

L: The door to God’s land would be closed and you would fall into purgatory, never to have salvation. That would the same as committing suicide. *heroine struggles*

L: Hahaha. Were you not taught that resisting weakly like this only arouses men?

L: We’re siblings? Oh, so? Haha, do you think you can stop me with that reason? Even though it was forbidden since 400 years ago after The Bloody Queen incident, the Aldonaut House, under the pretext of protecting their noble blood, is a lineage of repeating closely related marriages even up to recent times, no?


L: Even if we were siblings, in this situation we’re just a man and woman. Besides, at most we’re half-related, so there’s no warning against that. Heh. It’s useless, sister. Now… despair and let yourself get fucked by me. *kisses*

L: Nrgh… look, your cute nipples are hard and they’ve become this obscene color.

L: Mm? It tingles? Nn…

L: Haha, the peaks of these right and left pale silky breasts… are inviting me.

L: Heh, your dress is beautiful but it’s nothing but a bother at this time. It takes so much effort to flip it up or strip it off.

L: Ggh, be quiet. No matter how you struggle, you can’t possibly escape right now.


L: … Tch, I should have expected you aren’t wet at all.

L: What? Does it hurt? Heh, that’s right. Ugh, shit, it’s tight even with just one finger. It feels like you’ll break if I plunge in like this. *removes pants*

L: Huh? Heh, is it your first time seeing a man’s genitals like this? Haha, right, extracurricular lessons and sculptures wouldn’t teach you about this shape.

L: Ngh… ah, that’s right, this is going to go into you now, sister.

L: Heh, it’s not impossible. Men and women do this all the time, and you were born like this too. Are you scared? Oh? You had the courage to break glass and try to slit your own throat, but now you look terrified when it’s just sex.

L: Gngh, come on, sister, take a good look. This disgusting lump of flesh is going to stain you and impregnate you.

L: Open your mouth. Swallow it, and then suck on it.

L: Grgh, ngh… go ahead, try and use your teeth to rip it off. That’s the last resistance you can do. Ungh… but, haha, if I thrust to the back of your throat like this, then you can’t even do that. Hahaha…


L: *changes position* Be sure to suck on it good and get it wet. I’ll also get you wet, sister. *gives oral*

L: Mngh, hey, don’t close your legs.

L: … Hey, when I lick and play with this swollen spot, it feels good, doesn’t it? The honey coming out of your tight hole is making a stain, little by little. Your flavor is changing. Don’t just be satisfied and don’t let your mouth rest. I’ll give as good as you give.

L: Nngh… mm…

L: Look, my finger can enter you much easier than earlier now. You can tell it’s going in and out, right? Mn… haha, you’re so wet.

L: Hrm? It hurts? Don’t cry at just two fingers. Come on, I’m going to add another.


L: *changes position* Haha, you still have the strength to struggle even when you’re this wet? Wow, sister. *kisses* Such pretty tears… I’m going to taint each and every thing.

L: Ggh… ugh, tight…! Nrgh… hah…

L: I shoved the entire thing in at once, so your stomach must feel hot, right? Hahaha. Come on, can you tell where I’ve entered you to? Mm, yes, deep in your stomach, here. Ngh… ah…!

L: Whenever I thrust into you like this, your abdomen is slightly extended by my length. I’m going to fuck you deeper and harder. Ngh! Hah… hgh…!

L: Ah, there’s the smell of blood. Haa… hah… is this blood of the hymen? Hey, how does it feel losing the purity of a maiden? Heheh… it takes everything you have to endure the pain? Hahaha…!

L: You’ve become a tainted woman, raped by her younger brother. Ngh… mrgh…!

L: Hahaha! Sister, your place is sopping down here. If you’re this dirtied, you won’t be able to protect the honor of a noble even if you were to die now, right? Haah… haa…!


L: Don’t pull your hips away! Ggh! Haah… haa…!

L: Haa… hah… should I come once in you first? Hey, it’s okay, right? You want to be pregnant as soon as possible too, don’t you? Nngh… ah… hah…!

L: I won’t let you go. Never! As if I’d let you go… anywhere! Haa… hah…! *thrusting; he orgasms*

L: Hagh… haah…

L: I’m going to release it all into you, up to the last drop. Nngh… hah…

L: Be impregnated with my child, sister.

L: Cruel…? Hahaha, right. To you, sister, I am your father’s enemy and the sinner who shredded your purity.

L: I’m going to raise you up. Ngh. Climb on top of me while keeping me deep in you still. Show me your obscene expressions and body.

L: What? Don’t cry and lower yourself and glare at me with the pride of a princess.

L: Nrgh… you can hate me. Hate me, resent me, and think only about me. Mmgh… ah…

L: Hahaha, what a great view. Hey, there’s some loud sounds. You’re filled entirely inside with my seed. Like this, I’m going to do it once—no, more… I’m going to pour myself into you countless times through the whole night, until you’re overflowing. Ngh… hah… haah…! *thrusting*

L: No. We won’t know if it’s just once, right? I won’t stop until you’re pregnant.

L: You’re mine… sister.

*** TRACK 3: Lynchpin ***

L: Oh, did I wake you?

L: Hm? These clothes? It’s a disguise. I’m going to the slums to get money and information. We’re being sheltered because of my mother, but we can’t stay here forever.

L: Oh? To you, sister, the slums are a dirty and dangerous place, huh… But, you see, I’ve been going in and out since I was a kid and it’s extremely familiar. So long as you have money, there’s no information this place can’t get. It’s just that you need to have the money to satisfy these top class girls, or else you can’t buy their information. I’m going to make money even if I have to take risks.


L: I’ve asked the prostitute sisters to watch over you, but be good, alright?

L: Haha, did you think I was going to assault you again? Heh. I’m just stroking your stomach. Let me greet my kid good morning at least. Too bad, huh. You should have gone to God after choosing a honorful death, but now you can’t die.

L: We don’t know if you’re pregnant or not? Well, who knows. Are you going to gamble on this 50% and commit suicide? Only if you have the courage to drag the child in your stomach down to burn in the fires of hell, all to protect something like your own honor which can’t even become food for dogs. Heh.

L: There’s a change of clothes over there, although it’s borrowed. There’s also hot water in the bathroom but… there’s no attendants or maids, so you’ll have to take care of yourself.

L: Oh! Does Your Grace, who hasn’t even changed alone, not even know how to use a bath? *heroine gets up*


L: Careful! *catches heroine*

L: Look at your legs shaking. Don’t force yourself when you can’t walk properly.

L: Ah… I see. My leftovers in you ran down your leg. You don’t have to be embarrassed… since I crammed you full through the entire night. Pain, pleasure, humiliation, shame, rage, and hate… I’ll give you everything you need to live.

L: At any rate, I’ll teach you how to use the bath today.

L: Haha, ah, look forward to it. I’ll wash you from head to toe… and make you clean.

*** TRACK 4: Volunteer ***

L: Ngh, hah… I’m so tired.

L: Welcome home…? Heh.

L: Here, a present.

L: It’s cheap but at least it’s a new change of clothes and some sweet candy. Oh, there’s also this.

L: I bought it from a kid selling flowers. It’s a small bouquet, but it’ll bring you some comfort, right? Offer it for your father.

L: Hm? What? Is there something you want to say?

L: Ggh! O-oh…? You’ll bear my hatred and resentment towards the Aldonaut House alone? Good grief… What a great princess you are, sister.


L: Take off your clothes and come to the bed.

L: What’s wrong? You said you’ll do anything, right? We happen to be in a high-class brothel, so imitate some of those prostitutes. Strip, without hiding yourself, and show it all to me.

L: … Hehe, the noble daughter of a duke’s strip show, huh. What a great sight. *grabs heroine* Sure, I’ll fuck you until you lose your mind tonight.

*** TRACK 5: The Truth ***

L: “Blooming gallantly, O’ sublime white flower… shine on all the wickedness… and make everything burst with happiness. Your sweet fragrane is never to be caught in sin.”

L: Oh, what, you were awake?

L: Yeah, that’s right. It’s the song you taught me when we were young. Sister, you probably don’t remember when you taught me this song, but I’ve lived to now clinging onto my small memories with you.

L: It’s a stupid reminiscence. There’s no need to ask about it.

L: Ggh, why do you want to know about me?

L: Heh… haha. I’ve just been violent towards you. It was scary, right? It hurt, right? And yet… why?

L: Aren’t you stupid!? There’s a limit to how nice you can be. That’s why you’ve been taken advantage of by a murderer like me and made into a hostage!

L: … Why?! I… Hate me. Tell me that you won’t let yourself die until you kill me. You just need to hate me and live!


L: *heroine touches him* !! Ah… alright… I’ll talk.

L: Whether you believe it… or not, I won’t care. But this is my truth.

L: My mother was a prostitute and it’s said that our father fell in love with her at first sight here in Maison Cross, right? She had knowledge of the art of conversation, as a high-class prostitute, to attract men but for my mother, who had no status or backer, her only weapon to keep our father was her beauty.

L: She gave birth to me and we were taken into the duke’s house… given a secondary residence and a sum of money that an ex-prostitute could only dream about. However, that money was used to preserve my mother’s beauty and it all disappeared into jewels and dresses to decorate herself.

L: Thanks to that, we barely had anything to eat and the servants disdained us for our low birth. They wouldn’t even come close to the residence. There was no one to save me.

L: At the same time I went to the main house to receive education to replace Lord Noel, I went into the slums every day and earned my own money. That was the only way for me to survive.

L: I ate in a town that was like garbage. Moldy bread and muddy soup, heh, I’m sure you can’t even imagine that, sister.


L: Once a week, the etiquette lessons were the only ones I had with you, right? Because I was always starving, I couldn’t eat elegantly when it came to table manner lessons. My palms would get struck by the teacher’s whip every time, haha.

L: Sister, you were always pretty and, sitting at the same table, I was just an emaciated, filthy stray dog. Whenever I was with you, sister, I could only feel wretched.

L: But… do you remember what you did at that time?

L: Haha, that look says you don’t know. One day, when our lesson ended, you took a parcel from the maids and ran over to me. Like that, you gave the parcel to me secretly so that no one else would see it. What do you think was inside?

L: Heh, it was fluffy white bread. I was embarrassed… from the bottom of my heart. I wanted to disappear because I was so pathetic. “Is this pity? I don’t want your charity!” I said, holding back my frustrated tears, and pushing it away. But you had an earnestly puzzled face. You just sincerely, and directly, smiled sweetly at me, saying “Everyone feels bad when they’re hungry.”

L: I thought there was no way the duke’s noble daughter would know the pain of starvation but you told me that, when you ate too many snacks and your dresses became tight, you were scolded by Noel and your meals were reduced until your weight returned to normal. Hahaha… you said it so meekly, so it must have been painful. I ended up laughing too.

L: After that, you secretly prepared bread and sweets every time. Sister… in this merciless and dirty world, I learned for the first time after meeting you that something so beautiful could exist.


L: Haha, only those who are blessed say that the scales of fortune and misfortune is balanced. Life is filled with suffering. But still, every person will have a moment where they’ll think they’re glad to be alive.

L: Even if that happiness were to disappear after that one time, even if it was just a mere second, that small light will be held in the heart and one can walk through the darkness.

L: … Our shared lessons finished half a year later and, even when we couldn’t see each other, I repeatedly thought about your smile, sister. No matter when, as long as you were happy I would be happy. Everything hurt and there were many times where I thought it’d be better if I died, but whenever I remembered being touched by that kindness I stood up.

L: I… was always being saved by you, sister. Haha. Thank you.

L: Just that…? Hahaha, no, even if it wasn’t me as your younger brother and it was just a stranger, you would have naturally done the same thing, right? You are a princess born doing those things. That is why knights can swear loyalty to you, and fight to protect you.


L: Even if I wasn’t able to see you again, as long as you’re alive I can live. So long as I can just continue wishing for my beloved sister to be happy, even my shitty life can have meaning. Heh, that’s enough for me. That’s… all I need.

L: *hugs heroine* All this time, I sincerely wished for you to be happy and yet… in order to protect your life, I could only hurt you. It was scary… and it hurt, right?

L: I’m sorry. This sin… I’ll bear it for life. I’ll atone for it with my life. I’m really… sorry.

L: … Impregnating you, tainting you, it was my selfish wish not to want you to die. My actions are something that can never be forgiven and you don’t have to forgive me, sister. Even if you hate me, despise me, and resent me I won’t care. Even so… I wanted you to live by all means. Even if you’re covered in mud, even if you have to crawl on the ground, live!

L: *heroine hugs him* A-ah! Sister…? Hey, don’t cry. If you hug me like this and cry… I… I don’t know what to do.

L: Yeah… I… didn’t kill our father.


L: Because of the madam’s anger, our father couldn’t openly interact with my mother and me. But still, he apologized and, whenever there was an opportunity, he’d summon me under people’s eyes and called out to me whenever he could.

L: I was despised as the child of a mistress and I went through terrible experiences, treated as the spare to Lord Noel and Lord Yuri, but that wasn’t our father’s fault. Lord Noel must have had complicated emotions but, while having such a dangerous position, he didn’t shun me. I can’t forgive the people who discriminated against me and my mother but I don’t have any hatred or resentment towards the duke’s house itself.

L: Even you, sister… there’s no way I could hate you.

L: Heh, I’ve always adored you from the bottom of my heart. I didn’t kidnap you in order to run away. It was to buy me time to prove my innocence.

L: Ah… I don’t know whether or not I can prove it though. My memories at that time are vague too.


L: That night, our father talked to me about you, sister. A marriage to someone in line for the throne is the the best thing that could happen for our house but, even if he believed that marrying someone of high status would lead to your happiness, our father sincerely felt pain for his beloved daughter marrying into the royal Laurus House under a clear political marriage.

L: I toasted our father with the hope that you would be happy. We opened a bottle of aged wine with the Aldonaut House emblem.

L: We toasted… right around when the bells rang that it was eight in the evening. We talked about you again while drinking the sweet wine… uh… If I remember correctly, the clock hand pointed that it was ten past eight. Then… my consciousness got cut off.

L: I rubbed my eyes, wondering if I was drunk, and when I looked at the clock in a hurry it was still 8:10. I was relieved that I only fell asleep for a second… but then in front of me was our father on the ground with a dagger in him. I ran over, called out to him, and touched him to try and stop the bleeding… that’s when the gates broke and the common people rushed in, making a huge mess outside.

L: After that, I saw you as you were fleeing the ballroom. Uh…

L: This story… is unbelievable, right? Even I don’t expect you to believe me after speaking about it. But I—ngh! *heroine kisses him*

L: … S-sister? This kiss… is proof of your heart that you believe me?


L: Do you really believe me!?

L: … *sniffling* You want to forgive me? Why? That’s… grgh… You don’t have to forgive me. *crying*

L: Ah… me too. You’re dear to me. More dear than anyone in the world. *kisses*

L: Haah… what am I supposed to do? *kisses* We did it until you fainted earlier, but… I want to make love to you again. Nngh, ah… *kisses*

L: I’m sorry for being so greedy. I love you, sister…! *kisses*

L: Will you… allow me to love you?

*** TRACK 6: Departure ***

L: *kisses heroine* Good morning, I’ll be going out.

L: Haha, your feelings are more than enough. I’m going in and out of dangerous places to earn money as quickly as possible, but it’ll be much more painful if you encounter something dangerous trying to help me.

L: In addition, I pushed you too hard last night, haha. I’ll be back in the evening, so take it easy today. *kisses; leaves*

*scene skip*

L: I’m back—ah, what’s that?

L: Jewels… and gold dust? There’s so much! Oh… these were hidden under the lining of your dress!?

L: I’ve heard rumors that sons and daughters of noble families carried concealed gold and jewels to use in emergency situations, but… I see. No, I can’t accept this large jewel!

L: You want me to use it to prove my innocence—no, wait, what are you saying!? *heroine pushes it onto him*


L: Sister… I understand. Thank you. I heard in town that the duke’s house requested permission to enter Maison Cross from the royal Tilia House. After I buy information from the prostitutes, we’ll leave this place immediately. I’ll take an outrageous amount of time to clear my crime and even if I get information related to the incident it’ll just be crushed by the true criminal in this situation.

L: I’ll pursue connections to the Aldonaut House outside of this country and find allies who’ll lend their power. It’s frustrating, but we can only run right now. I brought you all the way here by force but, please, I want you to follow me of your own volition from here on.

L: *hugs heroine* Thank you. I love you, sister.

*** TRACK 7: Choice ***


L: Haa… hah… are you okay, sister!? There’s a deserted house just over there. Hold on for a while longer!

*shoves open door; closes door; coughs*

L: It’s full of dust and cobwebs. It doesn’t seem like it’s been used in a long time.

L: It’s all crumbling but there’s a bed and blanket. We can rest a little bit here.

L: Here, make sure to put the blanket around yourself. I’m fine. If you catch a chill, it’ll be bad for the child, right?

L: Haha, even if we can’t tell, I’m sure it’s there.

L: If something happens to me and you end up having to run away alone and you get captured by the enemy, tell them you’re pregnant even if you have to lie. That way, you won’t be killed at the very least.

L: Haha, don’t be so angry. I’m saying this just in case. Alright? *kisses*

L: Don’t worry. So long as I have the people I got to know when I used to spend time in the slums as my go-between and the introduction letter the prostitute sisters prepared for us, we can run away to a country where the duke’s house and the royal Tilia House can’t reach.


L: Sister, you aren’t hurt, are you? Ah, this is just a scrape when I was protecting you. Don’t worry about a burn like this.

L: Despite it being a good thing the prostitute sisters all escaped safely, I can’t believe they burned down Maison Cross, which had extraterritoriality. Ever since I was a kid, that knight captain treated me like garbage and hated the sight of me, but it looks like he’s trying to get you back without regard to appearances.

L: Ugh, ah… haha, I said it was a scrape. It just hurt a little, don’t worry.

L: … I wonder why things became like this.

L: Certainly, the common people’s anger to the Aldonaut House was rising, but they still shouldn’t have had the power to riot. So, why…? Of all days, they rallied on the night of the masquerade ball.

L: … Sister, listen to me. The one who guided the people and let them into the mansion was the knight captain, Clovis Orlandi. He’s a proper knight that everyone in this country admires; he’s also yours and Lord Noel’s childhood friend and first knight. I understand you don’t want to believe this, but this is the truth I got from Maison Cross.

L: Everyone who descended onto the duke’s house was apparently abnormally agitated and not sane. Those people, who should have had no leadership, obeyed the knight captain’s orders like they were being controlled and destroyed the masquerade ball. The person who killed our father and tried to frame me… who is it?


L: Everything is connected to the knight captain’s incomprehensible actions.

L: I would be killed for my wrongdoing and the shining knight captain would gorgeously save Your Grace. Clovis, who would have gotten revenge for the duke’s murder and achieved the merit of saving Your Grace, would receive the highest honor, be able to marry you, sister, and become a member of the duke’s line.

L: … I don’t want to say it like this, but the eldest son, Lord Noel, is in poor health and his future is short. The second son, Lord Yuri, is still young and if he’s made the head in name only then Clovis would be the real person to hold the Aldonaut House’s power.

L: I still don’t know whether or not he was personally involved, but it’s certain he betrayed the duke’s house. The one who led our father to his death… was undoubtedly Clovis Orlandi.

*glass breaks*

L: Ggh! Shit, they caught up already!?

L: *grabs heroine* Can you stand? Let’s go!

*scene skip; running*

L: Haa… hah…!

L: Shit! It’s no good, there’s nowhere to run! *rocks crumble; he grabs heroine* Sister! WATCH OUT!

L: There’s a river… below the cliff?

L: … Sister, can you bet on me? We’re going to be caught like this. It’s all or nothing… Let’s jump down from here and run. I told you before, right? Just like you know, I don’t die easily and I’m entirely headstrong. Both of us are absolutely going to live. So, sister… entrust your life to me.

*** TRACK 8: Happy End ~ Hope ~ ***

L: I knew you’d say this, sister! You’re brave.

L: Thank you… for believing in me.

L: I’m going to rip these clothes and make a rope. Sister, tie our body and wrists together tightly. Hurry!

*knights approach*

L: Clovis Orlandi! Mister Proud Knight Captain! Don’t think everything’s going to end up in your hands! I’ll never hand over my beloved princess!

L: *whispers* Let’s go. Are you ready? *rocks crumble* Sister, don’t let go of my hand. Hold on tight! *they jump; plunge into water*

*breaks out of water; swims to shore*

L: *coughing; shakes heroine* Hey! Sister, get a hold of yourself! Open your eyes! HEY! Shit! Hey, please wake up! Breathe! Sister! COME BACK!


L: *heroine spits water* Ah…! Sister! Sister, look over here, do you know who I am?

L: *hugs heroine* … I’m glad! I’m so, so glad!

L: Yes, I’ll definitely save us. Trust me. Just think about staying alive.

L: Come on, let’s go, sister.

*scene skip; heroine chopping*

L: Sister! Are you okay to be up?

L: Ah, jeez, I’ll do the cooking so go and rest. No, I understand wanting to challenge it after you were taught but I’m begging you not to push yourself too hard.

L: Only one month has passed since you regained consciousness. It’s natural for me to be worried.

L: I carried you after you started breathing again and we managed to find refuge in this small village. Then you were just sleeping the entire time. You were weak to the point where it can be called a miracle that you clung onto life this time.

L: Sister… thank you for staying alive. *kisses*


L: Sister, you’re warm. I’m so happy.

L: Ah…! *steps back* No, uh, at this rate, um… I won’t be able to hold back. Uh, nope! Impossible! Right now, if I see your cute face I’m… not confident I won’t ravish you.

L: *heroine grabs him* Woah! Sister? Don’t tell me to look at you. Do you know what sort of feelings I’m holding back!?

L: … Huh? Uh, wait, you’re really alright? You’re not pushing yourself?

L: O-oh… I see. Um, if the doctor said it was okay then… I guess it’s okay. Haha, uh… I understand. *kisses* I’ll be gentle. I’ll treasure and cherish you, so let’s make love to each other. *they head to bed*

L: Sister… *kisses*

L: Haah… sister, your skin shines so beautiful in the sunlight. Don’t be embarrassed. Show me everything in the light. I want to make certain you’re here. *kisses*


L: I can hear the pulse in your heart. It’s the sound of you being alive. I’m so happy. *kisses* Nngh…

L: Feel this more, sister. *kisses*

L: Right or left, which one do you like? Mm? Haha, either one? They both feel good? Mn…

L: I’m not teasing you. I want to cherish you more and much more. I love you and adore you and I’m so happy I feel dizzy. Haah… I want you. What about you, sister? Hey, tell me.

L: Nngh, ah… you’re hot. Just from a touch, this place is twitching like it’s inviting my fingers in. Mm? Haha, what’s wrong? *kisses* You don’t want this?

L: If you’re not against this, then look over here. Show me the pleasure on your face.

L: Mm? Haha, good girl. *kisses* Nrgh…


L: Hey, make some noise. I want to hear you be more lewd. Say my name. *kisses*

L: Haah… touch me too. I’m so hard and wet. You can tell that I’m burning, right? *kisses*

L: Mn, sorry, can I put it in now? I’ve been holding it back this entire time, so I might be at my limits.

L: Yes, sit down on top of me. I’ll be gentle but tell me if it hurts. I’m putting it in.

L: Ungh, ah… wow, it’s so warm inside… and wet… ngh.

L: Mm, it feels good. I’m so happy it feels like my mind’s melting.

L: Hm? Let’s do it slowly. It’d be a shame to end things immediately because it felt so good. Nrgh… *kisses*

L: I want to stay like this and feel you with my entire body. Mgh… ngh…! *thrusting*

L: Sister…! *kisses; thrusting* More… ngh…! This place… if my tip hits you here… haha, does it feel good? Mngh, don’t lie. Your body jumped. Look, ngh! It’s here, right? Haa… hah…


L: Mm? *kisses* Why? Sure, go ahead and come. Ngh… hah…!

L: Come on, mgh, feel me more… and more! Haah… hagh…!

L: Lose yourself, hah… haa…! *heroine orgasms*

L: Haah… haa… did you come just now? You’re squeezing down so hard, ngh, crap.

L: So cute, sister. *kisses; thrusting*

L: Haha. You’re still coming right now? Mm? Heh, I know.

L: You’re not against this, right, sister? You want more, right? Nngh! Haa… hah…!

L: From this position, entering you from the side, I can see where we’re joined completely. Haa… hah… I can tell you’re happily swallowing me down here. Hngh… hah…!

L: Hey, you can tell that I’m striking you deep inside, right? Haah… hah… can I come here? I want to release here so it’ll reach you deep inside. Ngh… hah… huh? You’re coming again? Hahaha, wow, you’re so lewd. That’s such a great face.


L: It feels good, doesn’t it, sister? Haa… hah…!

L: Haha, mm, don’t worry, I feel good too. You’re not the only one feeling good. Mmgh… hah… we’re both feeling pleasure. Yeah? *kisses*

L: Ah, I want to be connected to you more, but it feels so good I’m already… ngh! Haa… hagh…!

L: Sister… sister…! Ggh… ah…!

L: I love you… I love you! Sister! *he orgasms*

L: Haa… haah… *kisses*

L: Mm… I’m releasing a lot inside you, sister. Hm? It’s hot? Haha, I see. Nngh… ah…

L: Let’s love each other like this into the future too. I’ll make love to you as many times as you want. I love you… always and forever. I’ll love you for an eternity. *kisses*

L: Hm? Oh, the burn? It left a scar. But, you see, this is like a medal of honor. It’s proof that I protected you, sister. Heh, and I promise I’ll protect you hereafter too.

L: Clovis is still looking for us. Once your body recovers, we’ll leave this village, and head to a harbor. It’ll be a painful and hard journey. I’m not sure whether or not we can escape our pursuers. But still, I’ll never hand you over, sister. I’ll reveal Clovis’ true nature one day, we’ll get back the Aldonaut House, and I’ll clear our father’s regrets. Come with me, sister.

L: We’ll live for sure and become happy! *kisses* I love you.

*** TRACK 9: Bad End ~ Pet Slave ~ ***

Note: Continues from Track 7.

L: Sister…!? What are you… saying?

L: SISTER! No… are you seriously saying that? You’ll surrender and go back to the duke’s house and marry into the royal Laurus House? Why!?

L: To protect me? You want me to live? DON’T SAY SUCH STUPID THINGS! I DON’T WISH FOR THAT!

L: Ggh… sister…! You…!

*scene skip; dungeon opens*

L: … Yo, sister. Did you come to torment this miserable slave again? *heroine hits him* Gugh!

L: Haah… hah… ah, I called you by the wrong name? Master…? Your Majesty…? Which one do you prefer today? *gets hit* Gugh… ugh! AGH! Haa… hah…!

L: Hahaha…! For the queen to be a sadist who strikes a slave with her whip night after night. I wonder what would happen if the people knew? Tilia… and the Kingdom of Laurus… you, who became the queen connecting the both of them, could have one wish granted because of your marriage. This one granted selfish wish of yours was to deliberately bring a dirty slave with you in your marriage to the royal Laurus House to get revenge for the death of your father. Are you an idiot? *gets hit* Ugh… GUAGH… ARGH!


L: As if I’d give in…! *gets hit* Gugh… URGH… agh!

L: Go ahead… hate me more… you fucking bitch! *gets hit* GUGH… ARGH…!

L: No matter how many times you whip me… I’ll… never give in to you.

L: I’ll never break and you’ll have to continue getting your revenge on me. Just the fact that you’re getting revenge on me… is the meaning of my existence as a slave. *gets hit* Nrgh… agh…! AGH! Gugh…! Hagh!

L: Haa… kgh…

L: So long as you use me as a tool of revenge… so long as I’m useful as a tool of revenge… you won’t kill me.


L: … Ah, I understand. That’s your wish, right… sister?

L: Back then, even when that was the only thing you could do so that I wouldn’t die, I understood… In that case, no matter how humiliated or disgraced I am… I’ll… live for you.

L: *staggers up; bleeding* Gugh… hah… what’s wrong, Your Majesty? Is this the end? That’s pathetic. You have to torture me more… to the point where I’m almost dead, or the soldiers guarding outside will think you’re satisfied with your vengeance. Well, if that happens I’ll be out of a job. I’ll become discarded material and I’LL BE ABLE TO SAY GOODBYE TO A FUCKING BITCH LIKE YOU. HAHAHAHA!!

L: *gets hit* GUGH! AGHHHHH! Hagh… AGH… GUGH…!!

L: *coughing* Haa… hah… come on, Your Majesty… the night has just begun. Play with me as much as you want. I’ll be your possession forever… I’ll live as your toy until this life of mine ends.

6 thoughts on “Masquerade ~ Tsumibito ~

    Kborenai said:
    September 4, 2020 at 07:19

    Kyah! I loved this volume so much because Leo is such a character. Nice to finally see the intricacies of his bad relationship with Clovis – they talk crap about each other in their own volumes, though props to Clovis for realising his mistake.

    Are you still planning on translating the tokutens? I do get if you’ll avoid the Bad End after-story, that shit was pretty brutal ngl (the heathen that I am still loved it though).

      Kborenai said:
      September 4, 2020 at 07:21

      Follow up question: I vaguely remember the subtitle being ‘Zainin’, is that different to ‘Tsumibito’?

        waterinegirl said:
        September 5, 2020 at 06:01

        i think both zainin and tsumibito means sinner.

        Ilinox responded:
        September 5, 2020 at 12:09

        The real culprit + twist behind them is amazing, honestly. First time I’ve heard of a drama CD pulling this off and maybe even in games.

        I don’t actually have the tokutens for this one except for the Bad End which, yeah, it’s a bit too much for me, haha. It’s probably one of the few things that I can’t stand listening to and reminds me of Bloody Endings Cinderella which had a similar thing going on.

        Like waterinegirl said, 罪人 can be read as “zainin” or “tsumibito”. I looked around on the official site to see if I could find what romanization they used but they didn’t save any of their images with a file name. None of the stores gave it a romanization either and I don’t look at Animate International since they just MTL everything LOL. Funnily, I did have it as “zainin” at first but in the track he actually says “tsumibito” and so I decided to go with that instead. I think it fits more too because “tsumibito” carries a connotation of a sinner, moreso than “zainin” which has criminal connotations. So, IMO, it fit the theme of the CD more.

    waterinegirl said:
    September 2, 2020 at 07:49

    you can also get this on DLsite but it seems like JP side only.
    <<<hard to find. hard to download

    I also noticed there are multiple short stories for them set before these CDs… oh god.
    <<<i coulnt find them. i even visited

    at first i though step brother. it turns out to be half brother!!!

    You’re a precious hostage. You’re going to accompany me until I escape.
    <<<wrong choice of words. he should have said to buy some time to prove his innocence

    he fell in love with his sister but keeps calling her sister XD

    Even though it was forbidden since 400 years ago after The Bloody Queen incident, the Aldonaut House, under the pretext of protecting their noble blood, is a lineage of repeating closely related marriages even up to recent times, no?
    <<<im confuse. does this mean the previous queen is involve in incest?

    i was impress with the voice actor especially the singing and the time he thought her sister died. Tracks 1 to 4, his tone were seroues. but in tracks 5 to 8, he sounds he's in love.

    in track 9 it is as if the heroine is brainwashed. i mean the reason why she went back is to protect her half brother but she have him as sex slave.

    overall i like the story. i'll just pretend they are not brother-sister.

      Ilinox responded:
      September 2, 2020 at 08:40

      Oops, I realized I accidentally linked the download to the second volume LOL. Fixed it now! It’s right in their product page, which I linked below the image but it’s also here.

      He did end up saying he was buying time to prove his innocence later :P the beginning was just because he was forcing himself to act out the villain to get her to live, especially since he knew that no matter how people look at it he looks like the killer.

      Yes, their whole bloodline is a marriage within the house to keep their bloodline “pure”.

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