Kankinkon ~ Sentaku no Hibi Touji-hen: 1 Day ~

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R18 language warning.

“Hello, it’s me. I’ll be coming for you in around 23 hours. On that note, it seems you like the hotel you’re currently staying at and so I bought it. I was shocked by how small it was, like a shoes cloakroom, but I know there are times when you want to shut yourself in a small room. In the past, I’ve hid myself in a closet to run away from a spanking, so I can understand your feelings a little. It’s somewhat calming, isn’t it? Huh? Stop already…? Haha, that’s an amusing thing to say ♪

—There’s no way I can stop now, can I? Hey, do you know how long it takes for a normal person’s spirit to break from being fucked continuously in the morning, afternoon, and night? According to the experience of my family, the longest was around one week. Surprisingly short, right? There, they give up on resisting, their senses go mad, and eventually they start speaking with love to escape from the pain.

Of course, my actions are because of love and not torture but, after I release inside of you countless times, you’ll end up saying you love me, right? Your mental strength seems tough, so I’ve been thinking I have to save up enough sperm for that. Eh? No, no, I’m not looking down on you. After all, people who are mentally weak wouldn’t have answered the phone six days in a row. Even while being scared, you couldn’t stop yourself from finding out how much of your actions I knew, right? You’re probably thinking about your family, which is going through a hard time, right? I’ll tell you something so that you and your filial piety can be at ease. Your family’s suffering is about to end soon… in the form of you becoming pregnant. I want to hurry and pour hot semen into you and save you. I love you from my heart.”


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