Houkago no Linaria ~ 2000 DL ~

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Tendou Tsubasa (天堂 翼)
CV: 河村眞人

After School Linaria ~ The Days of Dependency ~

Thank you to the anonymous commissioner for the last DL reward of the Linaria volume! This is actually the audio version of the 800 DL story. Meanwhile, it seems that the 1500 DL reward story was taken off of Dusk’s site… I’m not sure why and there was no mention of it, but I’ll still keep my translation on my blog for now. R18 warning!

(PS. This was a previously booked commission. I plan on officially opening up commissions in November).

Here we go!

*** 2000 DL Commemoration: After Story ***

Tsubasa: Aah, eating a lunch box on the roof under a clear sky is the best! *eats*

T: Mm? The taste? Haha, this lunch was made by my beloved wife, so of course it’s delicious. My favorite is this tamagoyaki and octupus weiners and chicken karaage… uh… actually, they’re all my favorites.

T: By the way, the person who came up with octupus weiners is amazing, huh. Especially the person who flavored something sweet and salty for the first time; they’re a genius! The depths of flavor when this sweetness mixes with the rice… ah, it can join all the other delicacies.

T: Hrm. You thought I was a kid just now, didn’t you? I can tell. It comes out immediately on your face.

T: Towards this wife of mine… I’ll have to punish her. *kisses*

T: Why’re you embarrassed? There’s no one here but us, right?

T: Oh, you’re shy at being called wife? Haha, we’re actually married so there’s no problem, right? Haha, I’m really glad we were able to get married on my birthday before graduation.

T: Yeah, I’m super happy. To the point where, unlike my usual self, I thanked my mother for giving birth to me on that day.

T: Haha, what are you saying? I’m the one who pushed for a marriage, so I don’t think it’s quick at all. Rather… I feel like I can finally relax a little.


T: I’m not exaggerating! Because, if I’m careless, that Arai guy will make another pass at you… Uh, oh, it’s nothing. *eats*

T: Oh! This octupus has nine legs! I feel like I profited.

T: *wind blows* Woah! That was close. The heart-shaped seaweed you made nearly flew off. I have to cherishingly eat your feelings, right? *eats*

T: Mm? Oh, mm… I like this. A lunchbox made with loving care by my wife is the best, isn’t it? Besides, in the past, this sort of lunchbox… ah, this is before you lost your memories, you made them for me, so I have an emotional attachment to them.

T: Haha, at the time, I thought it’d be a shame to eat it all, so I’d secretly hide the leftovers. Haha, they ended up rotting in the hospital room. Then my mother got angry at me and it was a huge issue. *eats*

T: Mm? Why are you staring?

T: Ah… b-because I’m not good with green peas. You know that, right?

T: Haha… as my wife, you can’t overlook your husband’s unbalanced diet?

T: … Cute. You’re embarrassed again. I really want to ravish you.

T: Ah! Ahem, it’s nothing. Forget what I just said.

T: I-I’m not forcing myself or anything. The fact that we haven’t done it recently is because I thought it’d be nice to have some days where I just hold you to sleep without doing anything, and it’s absolutely not because I don’t want to be seen as a kid. Mhm! *eats*


T: … Huh? Surprisingly, I think I can take these green peas.

T: I didn’t like their taste when I had them for the first time and so, after that, I never ate them. So, it’s strange to think these are tasty…

T: Haha, I see. My mother taught you? For my sake, my mother’s been thinking about it ever since then, huh. So, you were taught that as part of your training for married life?

T: Dummy, if you’re continuing the bridal training for that reason, then we’re stopping the training today.

T: You’re not married to the “Tendou house”. You became my wife. If I say you’re worthy or anything, then there couldn’t be someone more. *kisses*

T: Haha, were you able to taste the green peas you made yourself?

T: Haha, no, I didn’t feed them to you because I dislike them. You haven’t eaten much, have you? I’m worried.


T: Oh… that’s true, I can see that your stomach is a bit distended right now.

T: … Ah, I wonder how soon you’ll get pregnant with my kid and get a big stomach. Then I could show off the proof of our love with a smirk to those bugs. Urgh… even though I’ve been releasing into you again and again on fertile days, how come nothing’s happening? Is it a problem with my technique? Like the principal said, it’s hard to make a child…

T: Haah… get bigger.

T: Eh? I’m being serious. That’s what I’m always wishing for from the bottom of my heart.

T: Hm? Oh, well, I do love children but, before that, I love you.

T: Hrm, do you really understand my seriousness? I seriously love you. I love you to death. *kisses*

T: Nope, you don’t understand. I’m a man who’s completely obsessed and will get deeply jealous more than any stalker.

T: Haha, you’re embarrassed again. You’re so cute I want to eat you instead of the lunch box. *kisses*

T: Huh? For being just embarrassed, your face seems to be excessively hot… That reminds me, you stumbled once this morning, right? Is it because you have a fever?

T: Don’t push yourself. *hugs heroine* I’m sorry I didn’t notice. You’ve actually caught a cold haven’t you— Ah, sorry! Did that touch tickle just now?


T: Uh… um, sorry, really. I didn’t have any other intention…

T: I didn’t have any, but… after hearing your sexy voice just now… nrgh! *kisses*

T: No? *kisses* Why? You can’t hold back either, so you’ve become this sensitive, right? Let me touch you just a little—

T: … Grgh, why can’t we do it?

T: You can’t say it yet? What does that mean? When can you tell me? If you don’t tell me, I’ll… feel uneasy. *kisses*

T: Don’t worry, it’s just for a little bit. I just want to touch your breasts a little while kissing you. *kisses*

T: Nngh, haah, haa, that voice, I can only hear it as turning me on. Mngh! *kisses*

T: Hagh… haah… please. I won’t put it in, so let me touch you.

T: Still no? Will you hate me if I touch you? *heroine shakes head*

T: Good then.

T: Haah… I haven’t touched you here in a week—… Hm? What is… this. There’s something hard inside you…


T: Is this a vibrator!? *heroine hits him* Ow, wait, ah! Wait! Calm down! I’m the one who’s confused!

T: Huh?… Huh?? What didn’t I tell you!?

T: This is the Tendou Family’s bridal training? Um… uh… did you have a bad dream? *heroine hits him* Oof, ow, no, I’m not changing the topic, I just seriously don’t understand.

T: Eh? Wait… was there someone who told you that this was the Tendou Family’s bridal training!?

T: … Who did you hear it from?

T: What? I can’t hear you.

T: Eh…? No way. You went to see Saijou Touji?

T: Was that… because you got invited? *heroine shakes head*

T: I see. You went out of your way to ask Mr. Hikaru…

T: Hey, why would you do such a dangerous thing? It’s your father who’s hated by Saijou Touji, but as part of his family you might be a target for revenge too, right?

T: Ah… it can’t be… to protect me…?

T: Don’t go silent! You were thinking about me having you as my wife and went to ask for forgiveness, right?

T: Ggh, I wouldn’t be happy even if you did that!


T: I can understand your feelings, but that’s—

T: … Hah? Saijou Touji was kind!? Are you seriously saying that? Saijou Touji has the glittering nickname of “The Ice Noble” and is a famous person that puts everyone to shame. I’ve never heard a single instance of him being compassionate. Ah… were you threatened like that? *heroine shakes head*

T: Really? You weren’t threatened?

T: Oh? He even welcomed you with pastries and tea. Were they… poisoned?

T: But that’s the only thing I can think!

T: So? What was the goal of this Saijou Touji who you say welcomed you?

T: No way. He’ll officially forgive your family? That’s as impossible as a meteor hitting us directly right now.

T: … So then, what did Saijou Touji say?

T: Mm… mhm… Uh…

T: Haa, and you believed that? Even more, you accepted the vibrator. Aah… somehow, I feel like going over to punch the Saijou Family.


T: Of course! It’s not “I should have guessed” or anything, everything was a lie! You suspected a little that things were wrong too, right?

T: There’s no way it’s real. Rather, it’s weird that you believed it—

T: No… it’s Saijou Touji, so he must have used Hollywood-esque props to convince you. Even if that was the case, that’s such a crazy roundabout way of harassing someone. For a grown man to hurt a girl with such a stupid lie is ridiculous—… or not?

T: After all, it’s that Saijou Touji. It’s said he’s fine with killing anyone who hurts his wife.

T: … Does he want to push misfortune onto her family to the very end?

T: Haah… don’t defend him anymore. If this harassment was discovered in my house, then I believe there’d be a lot of effect.

T: Yeah, both of my parents are decent people, but they’re not the type to welcome an uninhibited woman. So, if it was found out you were walking around with a vibrator in you, then it wouldn’t end with just a pat on the wrist.

T: I really shouldn’t have let down my guard. *hugs heroine* Haa… Let me stay like this for a while.


T: Tch, I’m an intolerant man.

T: When I think about other men seeing your aroused face for the entire morning… I feel like there’s a lot of things I can’t hold back. Jealousy, possessiveness… it’s all messed up in my heart. Hey, earlier… you were feeling it while I was playing with your nipples, right? If you’ll pant from just that small thing, then wouldn’t you make a cute face in front of other men too?

T: How can you declare that you haven’t? That guy, Arai, is always staring at you, so I’m sure he’s imagined many things. Like how you’re somewhat sexy today… *kisses*

T: Look, isn’t your voice coming out?

T: Oh? That’s how it is? You thought that, if you finished this bridal training, I might love you more… and so you became sensitive? So then, did you show your sensitive and cute face to other men? *heroine shakes head*

T: But here… the vibrator is wet to the point where it’s slippery. You can’t say you didn’t make a turned on face while you’re this wet, right? *heroine shakes head*

T: Hmmm. Then… will you feel good if I pull it in and out even if what’s in you is a vibrator? Nngh… *kisses*


T: You’re saying no, but… your hips are moving. Do you like it more than mine?

T: … Liar. You’re soaking already, aren’t you? Look. Haa… hah… you can hear the lewd noises, right? Mgh… hah…

T: Aah… hah… Shit! Even though I’m the one doing it, I can’t hold back anymore. Don’t get aroused by something other than mine! *removes pants*

T: Haah… hah… no. Whether or not it’s unreasonable, I’m going to put this in you here.

T: It’s impossible to wait even a second. I’m going to fill you up right now with this and have you say I’m better or I won’t be at ease.

T: Haha, the answer is obvious, you say? Ggh!

T: All I know right now is that you’ve gotten soaking wet here. So… prove it to me properly. *inserts himself* Nrgh… ah…!

T: Ngh, ah, it’s… even more amazing inside than I imagined. You’re sopping and hot… hagh, you’re swallowing me down tighter than usual. When I think that this is also because of the vibrator… I’m so fucking jealous. *thrusting*


T: No, I won’t let you escape. Nngh… *kisses; thrusting*

T: Haah, hah, hagh… do you really want me to stop? When you’re drilled into here after becoming a sopping mess… you cum right away, don’t you? I’ve made love to you many times already and we’ve came together countlessly… I know. Me too, when I rub against your deep spot like this… hrgh, it feels so good I’m almost boneless…

T: Mm, it’s unbearable.

T: Hey, are you… feeling good because of me? Is this better than the vibrator? Haa… hah…!

T: Huh? Which one is better? Say it with words.

T: Ngh… then you can’t feel good other than when mine is put in. *kisses*

T: It’s a promise. *thrusting; kisses*

T: Mngh, me too… haah, haa… I’m coming…! Ggh… ah…!

T: Haa… hah… I’m coming in you today. Right in your deepest spot, ngh. Haa… hah…!


T: I’m coming…! Mrgh…! *he orgasms*

T: Haah… hagh…

T: You’re right, I’m still twitching in you. If I pump in this much, you might get pregnant today… I’d be happy if that happened. *kisses*

T: … Yeah, I’m still uneasy. I’m always worried because you’re adorable. *hugs heroine*

T: It’s almost to the point where I really want to lock you deep in the mansion and stare at you all day long.

T: Jeez, you really don’t understand, huh. My scariness… you don’t get it at all. *kisses*

[28:38] *scene skip; clock ticking*

T: It’s been 20 years since then, huh. Saijou Touji’s present might not have been wrong altogether. When I see this vibrator, I remember her bravery and my heart burns. *heroine approaches*

T: Ah, no, it’s nothing. I was putting away important documents.

T: Really. Hm? This scent… Haha, the linaria’s are blooming already, huh.

T: Haha, those flowers are speaking for you? It’s true, we were a little separated today but it wasn’t that long, was it? It’s impossible… for me to leave you alone. *kisses*

T: Do you know just how much I stare at you whenever you’re engrossed with the flower beds? You don’t know, do you. In truth, I’m even jealous of the flowers. Just like men who approach you… sometimes, I want to root them out.

T: Haha, you’re right. Those were some unsettling words. Right now, I love flowers too. Among them… linarias in particular.

T: Yes, I’m the one who needs the flower language of linarias. Please notice… this love that would find it fine to turn all of humanity into their enemy. Haha, if it was for you, I wouldn’t be scared even of the world’s Saijou Family. *kisses*

T: Until the moment I die, I’ll be looking at you.

2 thoughts on “Houkago no Linaria ~ 2000 DL ~

    waterinegirl said:
    October 9, 2020 at 06:59

    Saijou Touji: i forgive you. also i have a vibrator here.

    20 years later they still have that vibrator XD

    i think Touji’s wife might be the reason why touji is slowly become soft

    bridal training? i dont know if it still exist nowadays. i thought it was proper etiquette.

      Ilinox responded:
      October 9, 2020 at 12:24

      It’s more like… marriage preparation? Or like housekeeping preparation? Literally training for married life, but I don’t think there’s a nice term for it in English so I keep waffling around and translating it differently every time I encounter this.

      I definitely think Touji’s wife helps soothe his sharp edges. She just has to show disapproval at something and he’ll listen LOL but the problem is catching this before he goes off and gives people horrible advice or does horrible things, because then it’s too late…

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