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Saijou Tamaki (西条 環)
CV: 三楽章

Confining Marriage ~ Tragedy ~

So, Dusk released a volume that has short drama tracks and personal songs for Tamaki, Touji, and Hikaru. Of course I had to translate them LOL! This isn’t in track order, but I’m going to translate the song first and then the short drama track. Each man will get their own post and I’ll be linking the YouTube sample above.

Remember, these are out of order.

*** TRACK 2: Tragedy ***

Tamaki: This is the beginning of a cherry blossom story that will continue for eternity.

The golden light falls to the edge of death
Colorless memories flash before my eyes
I’ve never felt the need to speak of regrets
If the world is this boring, I might as well pass away

However, there was a mischievous fateful encounter
The sleeping demon was woken
Hey, come here
I’ll put together anything to give to you
Even someone’s head, if you wish it
Aah, I just have one request
If you run then I’ll take your memories
with this sweet poison

“I love you”, I continue to whisper inside a garden of lies
Descend into pleasure
I’ll dirty that throbbing body to the tips of your fingers
Let me stain you
Come now, feel me deep inside
this proof that we’re connected
bound by a red thread
I’ll make you realize even your breaths belong to me

The scent of blood
grazes the nose in passing and disappears

Ryuunosuke: Go to hell, SAIJOU TAMAKI! I will never forgive you. I curse you and all your descendants!

Tamaki: Pshahahah!! Now it’s a curse? The ideas of a peasant sure are amusing. Ah, go ahead, try cursing me. Being cursed by a loser won’t amount to much.

If you hadn’t noticed, then you could have stayed happy
This script is now over

Come now, let’s begin the real tale
I kick the bones that roll to my feet
I return a curse to a curse, let’s drown in pleasure

This is yours and my
tragedy of love

*** TRACK 1: Saijou Tamaki Cherishes The Bird in the Cage ***

Tamaki: Whenever it is the season for cherry blossoms, you will inevitably come here. I’ve told you to remain inside, since it’s still cold outside.

T: Come, let’s return to our room. The cherry blossoms have just started opening, so you can come again when they’re in full bloom.

T: Hm. You wish to feel Ryuunosuke’s presence…? Is this your expression precisely because you cannot see? However, it hurts to understand. *comes close*

T: Everything ends when people die. There are no curses or a netherworld. What you feel is just an illusion.

T: Haha! I see. I’m already cursed, so I cannot feel it…

T: But, if you are correct, then the cursed words I gave him have become true too.

T: No matter how many times his soul reincarnates, he will chase the wrong person. He won’t be able to find your soul. He will suffer for an eternity.

T: Haha, don’t look so sad. You see, the spirit of languages… is something people unconsciously work towards, like a suggestion. If you don’t believe in them, then there will be no effect.

T: You still don’t believe me, even after I said all that? Is it because you’re blind?


T: You believe too much in invisible things.

T: … If you’re going to insist, then shall we join ourselves together underneath this cherry tree? The skeleton of Ryuunosuke might be so infuriated he’ll crawl out. *kisses*

T: Mgh! You’re a bad girl for biting me. I respect your persistence, but if you refuse to listen to me too much… then I’ll cut off another part of Ichirou.

T: Now, I’ll let you choose. What do you want me to bring you? His index finger? His little finger? Ah, perhaps I should just cut off his entire arm… so then you won’t be lonely.

T: Haha, I see! You want to kiss me that fervently? Then, this time… you initiate it.

T: Extend your tongue shamelessly and kiss me obscenely in a way that’ll arouse my passions.

T: If you can’t, then I should find Ichirou’s hand and—mph! *heroine kisses him*


T: Haa… haha, Ryuunosuke is also pitiable. The woman he loves is sucking obscenely on another man’s lips above his bones. He must be so angered he’s crying tears of blood. Well, this is only if you are right about souls existing.

T: Come now, don’t cry. Do it once more. Kiss me and taste my blood. *kisses*

T: Haha, the blood of the man you hate is as bitter as poison, yes? However, unfortunately, in the near future you’ll be carrying that detested blood deep in you. Oh? You haven’t noticed? You are finally… carrying my child. You must have realized your fate of being unable to escape me is as large as how your stomach will become. *kisses*

T: I’m glad I could give you this news above Ryuunosuke. If it’s the birth of your child, then won’t he… also be happy? Come now, smile. It’s better to play the part of a happy couple for our children, no?

T: Haha! Likening it to being actors! You said something hilarious again. That’s what we’ve been doing ever since you came to this mansion. Isn’t that right? You whisper that you love me for the sake of Ichirou, who remains alive, and I pretend as if I am loved by you.

T: Everyone around us is terrified and so they won’t ask anything. They believe in the lie that we love each other. Each and every person is covered in lies. What a pleasant stage! We need to be careful not to fall out of our seats from how entertaining it is. *kisses*

T: Now, smile today too. Say you love me. Let’s continue the secret play between you and I.

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