Kankinkon ~ Higeki Touji ~

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Saijou Touji (西条 凍時)
CV: 三楽章

Confining Marriage ~ Tragedy ~

Here we are with Touji theme songs! He actually gets two: one is his theme song and the other is the OP for the game, but also one of his theme songs. I’m going to translate both songs first and then the short drama track. The YouTube clips linked are Dusk’s official samples.

Remember, these are out of order.

*** TRACK 4: Underneath the Cherry Blossom Tree ***

The light of dawn illuminates nothing and ends
Resigned, I stared up at the light of salvation

Even if your blade cleaves this crazed fate
I’ll smile from the bottom of my heart and say, “I was happy”
Underneath the cherry blossom tree, I touch your tears

In the eternity I swore
one day we’ll love each other
Believing in that, I stretched out my hand
grabbed nothing and fell

Even though I tell you, “I don’t wish for anything but you”
clinging to you and crying
You just smile darkly with frozen eyes
The seed of the curse
sprouts and entangles around me

I’m sinking and I can’t crawl up
This tainted blood
この身 浸食する
corrodes into my body
Even still, I want to be at your side
knowing it’s a wretched wish

Even if tomorrow your blade
cleaves this crazed fate
I’ll leave everything to you
桜の下 眠るよ
and sleep underneath this cherry blossom tree

I accept the promise on your lips
and meet those damp eyes and that smile

If your sweet murderous intent ends my breath
I’ll wait for you on the road to hell

Bonus Piano Version of “Underneath the Cherry Blossom Tree”

*** TRACK 3: To Break Down Saijou Touji ***


Touji: Hm? What’s wrong? Did a rare bird stop on the cherry blossom tree?

T: You felt like you heard someone’s voice?

T: Ah! Could it be that you heard the voice of my heart!? I’m always whispering in my heart, you see. That “I l-o-v-e you.” Hahaha!

T: Aah, wait!

T: It’s boring to stroll around alone, right? It’s also not good prenatal care.

T: Haha, what? Are you worried about my work? You don’t have to be concerned about that. Yesterday, in order to be able to stroll around the garden with you, I finished today’s share of work while I was already working.

T: So, please don’t worry. I’ll be able to accompy you for your entire walk today!

T: Ah, if you feel like you’re going to trip, then I’ll support you.

T: Mm~mm! You’re so admirable for not wanting to trouble your husband. You’re so wonderful! You really are an angel! A miracle that descended onto the ground and my one and only cute wife. *kisses; still walking*

T: Eh? You’re cold? That won’t do. Here, put this shawl around you.

T: You aren’t cold with this anymore, right?

T: I see. Good. If you’re still cold, then I’ll bring a coat to you. Ah, or… *whispers* I can caress you and warm you up? *heroine shakes head* Don’t be shy. Look over here.

T: You must be tired, so you can lean against that cherry blossom tree. If you stay still then I’ll make you burn up from inside. *kisses*


T: … Huh? Just now, was there movement in your stomach?

T: Haha! As expected of our child. It’s like they know this is a joyous thing. I’ll have to teach them more… like just how much we love each other. *kisses*

*wind blows*

T: …? Just now, I think I also heard something? Maybe it’s my imagination.

T: Ah! It must be the voice of the heart from the one in your stomach! Hehe, I’m so excited. I’m sure just like the name you gave them, Hikaru, this child will become someone who lights up the Saijou Family. Perhaps they’ll also uncover what’s beneath my heart and break that down, like a light that’s too dazzling.

*** TRACK 5: Persona ***

I look on with a smile at that distant light, having obtained fate
This unmanageable desire in my hot body
these feelings that snuck up and overflowed
can now finally be released

In the depths of the eyes I looked into
there was a sweet and lovely response, although it wavered
They said “Your feelings have reached me”

I sobbed with pleasure and held you to me
I whispered beside your ears
“I won’t let you go for an eternity”

“I’ll make you happy”
I swore my love from the bottom of my heart
“The world you’re in, ah, how wonderful it is”
On that sweat-covered body, trembling at the passion
I carved my red marks

But why did your smile disappear?
How strange. I can’t see your heart either
You’re hiding it, aren’t you?
Your easily embarrassed voice
echoes directly in my heart
… Let me believe in that

Tangled together on the night of despair, I realized this
“Even if I kneel, even if I wish for love, even if I offer you anything
this love will never be granted for an eternity”

My lamenting voice grows hoarse and disappears
I look up at the blood-stained cherry blossoms
未来 思う
I believe that’s the future

2 thoughts on “Kankinkon ~ Higeki Touji ~

    Chai said:
    October 12, 2020 at 22:34

    I’m sorry but in the first video when touji basically laser eyed I lost it. I really like his theme and BGM but I had to wait until I stopped cackling

      Ilinox responded:
      October 13, 2020 at 15:51

      The Saijou men have scarily vibrant eyes… LOL.

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