Jacks or Better ~ No More Bet ~

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Gilles Lagrene (ジル ラグレーン)
CV: 土門熱

Jacks or Better ~ No More Bet ~

As an FBI investigator, you infiltrated the criminal syndicate, House.

During House’s negotiation proceedings, where the fate of the organization was gambled, you were suddenly ordered to transfer to a division in Los Angeles and were given a new mission.

Holding mixed feelings about the way the FBI did things, you boarded the luxury cruise ship, Seventh Heaven, along with the quasi-executive, Gilles Lagrene, in order to carry out your mission—

Huge thank you to an anonymous commissioner! We’re back into the Rouge et Noir world with another Gilles entry. Timeline-wise, this is set during Maximum Bet. R18 warning!

The italics in the list below is because there’s no precise chronological order for them and I’m just guessing. On a side note, Makabe’s VR prologue is still untranslated if anyone wants to… offer LOL kidding kidding.

  • Under the Gun
  • Check in the Dark
  • (Arlen VR)
  • Double Down
  • (Jacks or Better)
  • Eye in the Sky
  • Pure Bluff
  • Second Barrel
  • Implied Odds
  • Maximum Bet
  • (No More Bet)
  • All In
  • Show Down
  • (Makabe VR)

No more bet is a pretty explanatory title. There’s many situations where you’re not allowed to bet anymore, such as being on the last round of poker or if there’s a cap during the raise and betting period, so that no one can bet anymore. It looks like it depends on whether you want to limit people’s bets or not.

Note1: We’re back to some poker terms in the titles! But it looks like they’re all basic terms, haha. Mikado is reaching her limits with them.

*** TRACK 1: Place Your Bet ***

Self-explanatory really. It’s when you put money down on the poker game.


Gilles: Ggh!

*car comes screeching to a stop*

G: Tch! Don’t panic! We’re not breaking through until everything’s transported!

*heroine comes running and shooting; Gilles dives under cover*

G: Yo! You’re still alive? *reloads*

G: Aah, jeez, they keep coming in swarms day after day without giving up!

G: *radio crackles* What’s up?

G: *radio crackles* Good, open up. *warehouse doors open*

G: Now then… let’s go out with a bang.

G: *pulls grenade pin* Come on, it’s time for fireworks! *throws grenade*

G: GET DOWN! *explosion*

G: *radio crackles* Now! Pull out! *semis drive away*

G: Phew…

G: *radio crackles* Everything’s cleaned up here. Report on the situation.

G: *radio crackles* Roger. Pull out quickly.

G: The fifth warehouse was a failure, but we carried off this third warehouse’s goods. Well, it’s excellent with this amount, right?

G: *phone vibrates* Oh. It’s Gilles, is something the matter? Yessir. Then, I’ll see you in a moment. *ends call*

G: Che, my master’s a slavedriver as usual.

G: Our next destination is decided. *sirens in background* To Japan. *lights smoke; exhales* Kaasa.

[03:12] Narration: Jacks or Better. No More Bet.


G: Tonight’s attack from rival organizations marks a week of this happening. House’s influence has plummeted to the ground, huh. The House Manager is looking for a patron and they’re frantic to make an alliance with the previously mentioned rich young master.

G: Yup, Julio Emiliano. He’s related to the Cosa Nostra, a legendary mafia group that, even to this day, holds tremendous power.

G: *car stops* That reminds me, didn’t you say you had something to report?

G: Oh? You’re being transferred to L.A. today? Heh, you’ve become my subordinate even in the FBI now.

G: The Investigator Gabriel Garrett you were told to look for instructions from at the branch office in L.A…. is me.

G: You think I don’t know how that name doesn’t suit me? Haha! Relax, I’m the one who thinks that the most in this world. But it’s not fair for only my real name to be known. Tell me yours too.

G: Ooh? *starts car again*

G: Nothing. I was just thinking it suits you more than the alias you’re using right now. Now then, back to the main subject, our mission is to arrest Emiliano next week at the spot where House is going to form the alliance. There’s already someone cooperating on the House side.

G: It’s a man you know well too.

G: Yep, Arlen Clive. It’s natural you didn’t know about my movements. D-Record missions are generally confidential. Even if we’re in the same location, if our missions are different then we won’t share information. Only the upper brass know everything.

G: Oh, by the way, the one leading the teams in L.A. is Senior Investigator Chris Knightley. He’s a disagreeable and dirty bastard, but you should know his name just in case.

*** TRACK 2: House Edge ***

This is the mathematical advantage that the gambling game, or casino, has over you as you play over time. It gives them an assured profit, while you have an assured percentage of loss.

*Gilles lights smoke; rain pours*

G: Hm? Che… it’s raining again. Honestly, it rains a lot during this season in Japan.

*door opens*

G: Mm? Oh, it’s you.

G: *smokes* If you’re looking for Arlen, he went out.

G: You’ll know soon.

G: Either way, our destination is decided. There’s no problem. *car arrives* Oh, speak of the devil, he returned sooner than I thought.

G: Look, the princess is with him too.

G: She’s the lover Arlen has kept since a year ago. Her true identity is a narcotics officer from the Port and Harbor Ministry of Welfare.

G: Arlen’s been ordered by the House Manager to prepare for a retrial of House in this town. *smokes* That woman is a cooperator for that sake, but… well now, who knows what is the truth.


G: Arlen is already a person on the FBI side. If he was just camouflaging himself for the House Manager, then it’s enough of an answer to just step back onto Japan, right? *heroine nods* Heh. *smokes*

G: In any case, it’s fine as long as she doesn’t get in our way. *stubs out smoke*

G: Anyway, there’s nothing to do until this ship returns to L.A….

G: *grabs heroine* Come to my room. Sometimes we should slowly enjoy ourselves. *heroine nods* Heh, let’s go.

*scene skip*

G: *pounces on heroine; kisses* Ngh… mm…! Haa… hah… *removes clothes*

G: Don’t shut your legs. My hand won’t be able to slip in, right? Nrgh…

G: You don’t hate it when you’re wanted impatiently, no? *heroine flips over* Woah! Haha. Do you know that has the opposite effect?

G: Your back is completely open. *strokes* See? You easily went limp.

G: Look, just like I said. You don’t hate it… this sort of thing. *heroine shakes head* You’re not honest. *kisses ear*


G: Haah… your bra’s in the way. Gngh! Haha, only the tip is hard. Nn…

G: You get aroused when I say it this way, don’t you? The proof of that is… *kisses; fingering* See? You get wet this quickly.

G: *kisses* I’ll pet you. Mm… haah…

G: This spot… you like it when I sandwich it between my fingers and rub, right? Your shoulders are shaking. Haha, your “no” means “more”. See? What a nice reaction. Haa… hah…

G: *kisses* Hehe, this time it’s “stop”? That means… you’re feeling good, huh.

G: Haha. How many times do you think we’ve had sex? I know your body in and out already. So, I can tell even without looking at your face… and also how you’re about to come, but desperately holding it back. Haah… hah… *heroine orgasms*


G: Heh, that was instantaneous.

G: Oh! Haha, don’t look at me with such resentful eyes. It’s going to tempt me. *kisses*

G: … Come on, say it. That you want this.

G: Hehe, I’ll take off your soaked underwear first.

G: *grabs condom* Haha, I made good preparations, didn’t I? *removes pants; bites condom open*

G: Alright, come here. You’re on top today.

G: Mm, go ahead. Lower your hips. Nrgh… ah… haha, wow, you’re so slippery. How turned on are you?

G: Okay, okay, right now, don’t move your mouth and move your hips instead. If you stay like that, you’ll never feel good. Mm… good girl.


G: Heh, what a nice view. Do I feel that good?

G: Ah, you don’t have to respond. I can tell just by looking at that sexy face… and how you’re squeezing me down here. *thrusts up* Hold up, don’t curve your back or you’re going to make our connection down here shallow. Nngh! *thrusting*

G: Haha! I said you’d be on top, but I don’t remember saying I wouldn’t do anything. Haah… haa… It’s deadly not knowing what to do under a surprise attack, you know? Heh, investigator~.

G: There it is again. I told you, didn’t I? That your “no” means “more”. Ngh! Mmgh!

G: Haa… haha! You came lightly just now, didn’t you? Hngh… mmgh! *thrusting*

G: If it’s too tiring keeping yourself up, then you can hold onto me. Haa… hah…! Then I can also give you the kisses you like. Haha, you’re finally honest. Come on then, open your mouth. *kisses; thrusting; heroine orgasms*

G: Mgh! Haha, dummy, I know, so stop clenching down so hard… ngh, hagh, haa… I’ll come. Hahaha. If that’s what you want, then I won’t hold back though. Hngh… hah…!

G: You’re clinging onto me, so you’re extremely tight down here too. Haagh… haa… it feels so fucking good rubbing against you deep inside. Hngh, mgh…!

G: I’m going to come…! Haa… hagh… hngh…! Mgh! *he orgasms*

G: Haa… hah! Haah… hagh… *kisses*

G: … That felt good, didn’t it?

G: Hah… haah… me too. *kisses*

[13:55] *scene skip; Gilles smoking*

G: Mm?

G: Heh, yeah, that is coming a bit late. But I guess it’s natural for you to be curious.

G: In order to get Arlen’s cooperation, the FBI prepared a bait. *tosses heroine device* Take a look.

G: I’ll tell you in advance, that’s not an accidental resemblance. The person shown there is the genuine and authentic Arlen Clive. *smokes*

G: Right now, the Pit Boss who we call Arlen is the older twin brother of the man in that picture, Van Clive. The real Arlen Clive was killed several years ago by Underdog, but the whereabouts of his corpse was unknown.

G: Arlen, the former ex-FBI Investigator Van Clive, changed places with his murdered younger brother to get revenge on Underdog, and he’s been searching for the body all this time.

G: Correct. The FBI, who was lucky enough to successfully collect Arlen’s corpse, are using it as a transaction. *smokes*

G: Incidentally, there’s one more thing I haven’t told you yet. Underdog is involved here too.


G: They made an alliance first with Emiliano before House, but the House Manager is prioritizing benefits and has decided to join the alliance. However, for Underdog and House to get along and ally themselves with Emiliano they need to end their past fate with each other and come to a reconciliation.

G: Now then… what do you think the House Manager will offer as proof of reconciliation? *smokes*

G: Yep, their right hand man but also, at the same time, the person who has the deepest grudge against Underdog out of them all, Arlen.

G: This alliance will be established only after Arlen is purged. Of course, the FBI knows all of this.

G: Heh, what do you mean cruel? They’re doing this with no concern as to how cruel it looks. Because, while having driven Cosa Nostra to the brink of annihilation, it’s almost been half a century with them being unable to root them all out.

G: In order to recover the glory of the FBI, they want to get the foothold that is Emiliano.

G: Me?

G: … It’s true that I’ve been with Arlen for a long time. *smokes* Heh, I might not have any thoughts on this, haha. *smokes*

G: After all, I’m just a piece of trash who can only kill people through a scope.

G: Haha, that was an instant denial.

G: I’m different now…? *quiet* Hah, you said that without any hesitation. It’s that side of you, isn’t it… honestly.

G: No, I’m just talking to myself. *pounces on heroine; kisses*

G: Nngh… now, let’s extend this. Haha, the reason is clear, isn’t it?

G: It’s because you put me in the mood. Now, give up and let me fuck you. *kisses* Mn… haha…

*** TRACK 3: Hand Signal ***

This actually refers to the silent language of poker, such as placing your chips in the middle to bet, tapping the table to check, or placing your cards face down on the table to let everyone know you’re folding, etc.

G: It’s bigger than I imagined.

G: This is the place where the alliance is going to take place, Seventh Heaven. It’s a 45,000 ton passenger ship. The plan starts tomorrow night and we’ll carry it out when the executives of the Emiliano Family and House are in the middle of a poker game. Until then, it’s just an elite party.

G: That being the case, you’re going to have to dress up. We’ll meet up again on the hull later.

*scene skip; casino noises*

G: … She’s slow. The radio’s not getting through either. Tch, where did she go?

G: Hm?

G: Che.

G: Excuse me, mister. *grabs heroine* This is my companion. Heh, we’ll be leaving now.

G: Hey, you…!

G: I thought you were gone. What were you doing? You should have just quickly chased that man away.

G: Don’t say it’s because you’re a guest. There’s no need to be polite to someone picking you up! Tch, jeez!


G: Here.

G: If you’re with me, then other men won’t be annoying and make a pass at you.

G: Can’t you tell by looking? I’m going to escort you. I’ll be your escort.

G: Hah!? Hey now, even I—ah, jeez, I thought about lending you my hand because that dress and those heels looked hard to walk in, but I shouldn’t have done something so uncharacteristic!

G: Tch! I’m going on ahead. Go on and have fun alone to your heart’s content. Pah!

G: *heroine grabs him* Ngh! What?

G: Che… *quiet* what the hell.

G: If you’re going to thank me, then you should have done that directly from the start! Jeez! You’re not cute at all. Stupid woman!

G: … Let’s go.

[04:02] *scene skip; Gilles lights smoke; door opens*

G: Can’t sleep?

G: Just wait a bit more. Once tomorrow’s plan is done, you’ll be done playing dealer. Then you can sleep soundly in your own bed. *smokes*

G: Hm? What’s wrong?

G: Who knows. It’s the guys above who’ll decide what I do after I go back to the FBI. *smokes*

G: Well, if I had to say the truth, I wouldn’t mind staying like this a little bit longer.

G: Heh. It’s not boring teaming up with you. I got to see you in those clothes too. It really suits you… that dress.

G: What? Is it surprising for me to say this?

G: Hah, even I can say when things look good with other things. *smokes; stubs out smoke*

G: Now, I’m heading in. Oh, wait… that reminds me.

G: Put this on. You’ll catch a cold.

G: Return it to me later. See ya. *leaves*

*** TRACK 4: Blind ***

Forced commitments of money or bets at the beginning of the game to encourage everyone to play, instead of only playing when they have a strong card. Generally, there’s two blinds in a game and the “small blind” does half of the standard bet while the “big blind” does a regular bet amount.

G: *across radio* The guys have gathered at the second warehouse. Once you get off the boat, join up with us.

*scene skip*

G: Our target is currently in the innermost room of the VIP area. I think you all know, but make sure not to let Emiliano die. Got it?

G: Good. Now then, the mission is going to commence in 15 minutes—

G: *radio crackles* It’s Garrett. What’s wrong?

G: *radio crackles* What? Tch, I got it, I’m going now.

G: Everyone stand by here.

G: *to heroine* You’ll be with me. There’s no time to explain, at any rate, come with me. *they run out*

[01:34] *scene skip; ship horn*

G: Haa… hah… it’s really moving.

G: What’s our inside connection doing!?

G: *radio crackles* This is Garrett. Report the situation!

G: Fuck. It’s not connecting to anyone.

G: *radio crackles* Arlen, it’s me.

G: *radio crackles* What’s the matter is my line! Seventh Heaven wasn’t supposed to have a voyage planned tonight! What on earth is going on!?

G: *radio crackles* … Huh?

G: *radio crackles* No, wait—*connection cuts* Arlen…? ARLEN? CAN YOU HEAR ME!? Tch, oh no he didn’t, that fucking asshole!

G: *to heroine* From the start, Arlen planned to get ahead of us.

G: Yeah, he realized the House Manager’s intention… and that the Underdog boss was mixed in with the people at the poker venue. That’s why he made the boat set sail. So that no one could get in the way of his revenge.

G: Is there even anything to say!? If we let Emiliano escape here, then it wouldn’t just be heads rolling.

G: *radio crackles* It’s Garrett, an irregular variable happened. Call for a helicopter right now.


G: Goddammit, everyone and everything! *lights smoke*

G: We’re chasing after them the moment the helicopter comes.

G: We’re going to stop Seventh Heaven.

*** TRACK 5: Action ***

Refers to what the players in a poker game do: folding, calling, or raising (betting).

*helicopter noises*

G: I see it!

G: *radio crackles* Everyone, you can hear me, right? After we confirm that Seventh Heaven’s stopped, we’ll begin our mission.

G: *radio crackles* We’re going in with one shot. You don’t have to be quiet.

*missile fires; ship gets hit*

G: *radio crackles* Mission start. Drop down!

G: *to heroine* We’re going too.

G: *slides door open* Heh, who are you saying that to? You should make sure you don’t fall in the ocean yourself and become food for sharks.

G: Let’s go then! *jumps; heroine jumps too; they rappel down*

*gun shots*

G: Woah!

G: Attack team, don’t care about these small fries and prioritize capturing the target! We’ll suppress this area! *team moves out*

G: Hold on there! *shoots gun*

G: Didn’t you guys hear? You guys are against us.

G: Heh, I’m not a traitor or anything. From the start, acting as a good-mannered puppy was for a limited period of time. Incidentally, I’ll tell you something. *shoots gun*

G: Right now… I’M IN THE WORST MOOD POSSIBLE! *shoots gun*


G: Come on… come at me.

*heroine does a sliding shoot*

G: Come on, where are you guys shooting? I’m over here! *shoots gun*

G: *whistles* Your skill has improved a lot!

G: Heh, don’t get full of yourself. I’ve been like this from the start! *they physically take people down*

G: Come on, who’s next? *shoots gun*

G: Jeez, that Pierce bastard’s goons still have resistance in them, huh.

G: Heh. *reloads; heroine at his back* You feel the same, don’t you? Honestly, I’m sick of them.

G: Let’s end this soon.

[03:46] *scene skip; Gilles lights a smoke*

G: That was a tepid warm-up.

G: *radio crackles* Hm? It’s Garrett.

G: *radio crackles* Roger. Take Emiliano away like that. The deck is under control and the escort team also arrived just earlier.

G: *smokes* The securing of our target is complete.

G: Heh. You don’t have to worry. As if that man would easily die.

*door bursts open; guns drawn*

G: *smokes* See? Together with the princess, the terrible prince has returned. *stubs out smoke*

G: Everyone, lower your guns. This is the cooperator on our side. *everyone lowers guns*

G: I would like you not to go off on your own, Arlen. Indeed, I have no defense for the Underdog matter but… well, I guess that’s a little late now. Like you said, let’s leave it as both of us hiding things from each other.

G: It’s useless to stop you, right?

G: Go ahead, as you please. Emiliano’s secured, so I have no business with the boss of stray dogs.

G: Huh? Eh? Uh? Even if you tell me to send her home—ah…! *Arlen leaves*

G: Tch, he left.

G: *rubs hair* Ugh! What do I do with this?

*** TRACK 6: Angel Eye ***

Apparently, nowadays, there is a gaming device in casinos called “dealer’s shoe” that holds multiple decks of playing cards and reduces the time between shuffles and the dealer cheating. ANGEL EYE is a surveillance technology built for these shoes to prevent cheating.

G: Who normally entrusts their woman to another man!?

G: Tch, oh well. *to Arlen’s heroine* Hey you, at any rate, get in the helicopter with her.

*Arlen’s heroine steals a gun; everyone points guns*

G: Hey, hey, don’t do anything stupid, princess.

G: *gun cocks* You know there’s no way for you to win, right? Come on, be a good girl and hand over that gun. *Arlen’s heroine shakes head*

G: … Hah. If you’re going to stop Arlen, give up on that. You’ll probably end up seeing the thing you don’t want to see the most. *Arlen’s heroine shakes head*

G: Are you serious about that? *Arlen’s heroine nods*

G: Heh, saying you want to save him in this sort of situation… *puts away gun*

G: Everyone, lower your guns. *everyone protests*

G: Did you not hear me? Enough, lower them. *everyone lowers guns*

G: Look, go on. *Arlen’s heroine leaves*


G: Mm? Yeah, it’s not good. If Arlen were to disappear like this, it’d be a huge problem.

G: *lights smoke* I don’t know why, but I suddenly have a little bit of a desire.

G: Didn’t I tell you? That it was determined I had betrayed the FBI.

G: One year ago, when I was still in Kaasa… I ignored an order to erase Arlen. *smokes*

G: The moment the FBI knew that woman’s true identity, they were apprehensive about the possibility of the highly classified information of the D-Record in Arlen’s hands would end up reaching the ears of the Japanese government through the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare.

G: That was where I was supposed to come in.

G: The perfect chance came… at an old church in Kaasa. Arlen was injured after protecting that woman from an attack by Underdog and I took aim from outside the skylight.

G: But, you see… what I saw through the scope of my rifle wasn’t the Pit Boss that I knew.

G: In that church was just a simple, hopelessly foolish, and unsavable man with his revenge for his lost half and his love for that woman and struggling between the both of these which couldn’t be granted at the same time.


G: So then I couldn’t shoot.

G: I ended up wanting to watch a bit longer… where that man would go.

G: You said it before, didn’t you? That this time it was my turn to save someone.

G: Even now, I don’t think I’m an impressive enough man to save another person.

G: But… if that woman is the one who can save Arlen, then I want to see it. Just what can be discovered at the end of an unsavable man being saved. *smokes*

G: … You can punch me. You got dragged into a decision I made on my own. *heroine shakes head*

G: Hah, I see.

G: Yeah. *smokes; stubs out smoke* For now, we’re gonna get a new start. Let’s go back to land.

*scene skip; car driving and stops*

G: That was quite a slow return, Arlen.

G: Yes, we’ve been waiting a while. Did you bring down your crucial prey?

G: I’m happy to hear that.

G: Leave it to me. If you’re talking about him, he’s at the previously mentioned church. We can’t leave our post, so my subordinates will escort you there.


G: Ah, there’s one last thing.

G: You have my gratitude for your cooperation in securing Emiliano, Arlen—no, ex-Investigator Van Clive. *Arlen and his heroine leave*

G: *quiet* We probably won’t meet ever again after this.

G: Just now, I got a call from Chris. The FBI has disposed of all the crimes Arlen committed with the “suspect’s death” and they’ve cancelled his international warrant. In other words, the ex-FBI Investigator Van Clive’s criminal history is blank and I’ve also been released from my surveillance mission.

G: Mm?

G: Yeah, the FBI aren’t going to leave that man alone like this. I’m sure, sooner or later, a new monitor will be sent over. Well, as long as you close your eyes to that, all those crimes are gone and acquitted and you’re simply free. It’s a happy ending with clapping and cheering.

G: But… I don’t think that man will accept a convenient happy ending prepared for him by others.

G: Right?

G: Now then, it’s worth seeing what’ll happen.

G: Hm? *radio crackles* What’s wrong?

G: What? *radio crackles* I got it. I’ll check it out directly. Carry it to the second warehouse.

G: Contacts were found in the cargo room of Seventh Heaven. All of them dead.

*** TRACK 7: Split ***

This is what dividing the pot between two or more players is called. It happens because sometimes there’s ties in poker.

*bags dropped*

G: Is this all of them?

G: Hm.

G: Ugh, each and every one of them are bodies shoved into bags. *crouches down; opens one* This one…

G: *opens another* Urgh, this one too.

G: Hm…

G: Hey, we’re going out. *he leaves with heroine*

*scene skip*

G: What did you think when you saw those just now?

G: Yeah, Arlen didn’t eliminate our contacts. Every one of them had their throats slit in one attack from the back without any resistance. It’s clearly the work of a professional. It’s likely the culprit’s true intention…

G: Yes, Emiliano. But there’s no merit for House and Underdog to kill him at that point. In that case, the culprit is neither of them and is a third force. Well, the silver lining is that Arlen’s actions were an irregular variable to them too and, thanks to that, they lost their opportunity to kill Emiliano—

G: Wait, that’s wrong. This is bad.

G: *radio crackles* Stop the escort team. Increase the guards around Emiliano right now and stand by until further orders.

G: *radio crackles* Ugh! Then return immediately!

G: *radio crackles* What!? Ggh. FUCK! We were beaten to the punch. *kicks dumpster*


G: The transport vehicle Emiliano is in can’t be contacted.

G: Yeah, they won’t be able to reach him after he’s confined in prison. So, this time, they plan to dispose of Emiliano during his transport. We’re going after them!

*scene skip; car driving*

G: What is it?

G: Who knows. I don’t know who’s the mastermind behind this either. But if Emiliano is arrested, then all the remnants of Cosa Nostra who have gone underground to live for half a century will be within reach of investigations. There’s definitely people who’ll be troubled by that.

G: The guys who have large influence in the underground… are generally connected to those who have influence in the public eye. Jeez, at the very end there’s these problems.

*explosion in distance*

G: Gugh!

G: That’s in the direction of the escort!

G: We’re gonna speed. Don’t bite your tongue!

*another car pulls up*

G: Huh? *gun shot; window cracks*

G: GET DOWN! *speeds up*

G: Things are gonna get a bit rough! *spins wheel*

*other car crashes; explodes*

G: First one down. Next one…!

*cars screeching*

G: Fuck!


G: They’re pretty persistent.

*heroine cocks gun*

G: Can you do it?

G: Then let’s go. Three, two, one…! *speeds up; spins wheel; heroine shoots; car crashes and explodes*

G: Hoo! Nice shot!

G: Huh?! Hey, hey, hey, are you serious? That’s an army helicopter with anti-tank missiles!

G: Right, we’re gonna have to jump out. *door opens; they jump; helicopter machine guns; car explodes*

G: Ngh! Over here!

*machine guns; they get behind cover*

G: Haa… haha… give me a break.

G: This transport vehicle can withstand a degree of attacks. But if we don’t clean up all the flipped cars everywhere, then we’re not gonna be able to reach our destination. Besides, it’s not certain if the guys on the helicopter aren’t idiots who’ll fire off a missile in the middle of the city.

G: Haah… I have no choice.

G: Hey, buy me some time. There should be a rifle in the driver’s seat of this car. I’m going to stop the pilot of the helicopter.

G: Be careful. If you let down your guard, you’re going to be full of holes. *heroine nods*

[06:32] *Gilles hops over car; heroine runs out to shoot; machine guns; helicopter flies over*

G: *radio crackles* Good momentum. Keep drawing the helicopter away like that.

G: *radio crackles* I’ve got the rifle. Just a bit more now.

*gun shots on ground*

G: *radio crackle* What’s wrong!?

G: *radio crackle* Ggh, the guys from before? They’re stubborn.

*gun shots; heroine slides into cover and shoots*

G: *radio crackle* Are you OK?

G: *radio crackle* The target’s within range. Once I shoot, leave that place. Don’t take it easy and get caught in there.

*sniper shot; helicopter comes down; heroine books it*

G: *radio crackles* GET DOWN! *helicopter explodes*

G: *pushes rubble* Gngh! Ugh! Haa… hah… HEY! Are you alive!? *heroine pushes rubble*

G: Haha, I’m glad. Looks like you’re somewhat OK.

G: Well, if you got crushed by the helicopter after being decoy then even my conscience would be— *someone else gets up*


G: WATCH OUT! *dives; gun shot*

*Gilles collapses; heroine shoots enemy; shakes Gilles*

G: Ugh… nrgh… hell with him for trying to kill me… ngh…

G: Urgh, don’t shake me. It makes my bones ache. Haah… the impact was huge, so I lost consciousness for a second.

G: Yeah, I took it straight on. Right on the left side of my chest. *takes out necklace* Heh. If I didn’t have this, I would have definitely gone to the other side.

G: Normally, if I was shot at that range, it should have penetrated through this rosary’s thickness. Haha… but it looks like I failed to die for the second time.

G: No, that’s not right. I was saved again. Not by God… but by him. Heh.

G: The destination of an unsavable man being saved… Am I being told to find it myself?

G: … That reminds me, just now, that was the first time you said it, right?

G: My name. Gabriel.

G: Haha, you didn’t notice?

G: It’s fine. Dealer Gilles Lagrene’s mission is already over. Besides… when you call me that, for some reason I feel like this name isn’t so bad. Even though I thought I didn’t like it. *kisses*

G: Heh. *sirens in background* Oh?

G: Jeez, that Chris… he’s way too slow sending backup at this point.

G: Haha, well, I guess we can just think of it as the secret being revealed to the L.A. branch office too.

*** TRACK 8: Last Call ***

So, there’s actually a game mode called Last Call Poker, but in this case I think it’s referring to the last time you can “call” and match someone’s bet or raise, so basically during the final betting round. If no one calls someone’s bet or raise then that person wins the pot.

*Gabriel reporting*

G: At any rate, Emiliano was safely imprisoned.

G: Incidentally, what was the background of the person who attacked the transport van?

G: So, the trail’s gone cold about who the culprit could be. Cosa Nostra isn’t as developed as they were in their golden age, but even now they’re still breathing all over this country. It’s likely they’re within the FBI too.

G: Well, I’ll leave the investigation of this matter to someone else. For now, our report is concluded here.

G: Yes, thanks for your hard work too, Investigator Knightley.

G: *goes to leave; stops and turns* Ah, that reminds me… Arlen—no, Van Clive seems to have been arrested? By a Japanese narcotics officer.

G: Heh, you got one-upped. Even the FBI can’t reach Japan’s prison.

G: Me?

G: No way. You give me too much credit. That man just simply didn’t want to accept another person’s prepared scenario. That’s all. Now then, we’ll excuse ourselves.

G: *to heroine* Let’s go.

*scene skip*

G: We’re on stand by until our next mission is determined, huh. This time it’s a genuine holiday. As usual, there’s nothing to do.

G: You too?

G: Heh, then why don’t we eat a proper dinner for once?

[02:48] *scene skip*

G: Mm?

G: Haha, that’s true. The dinners, when we were infiltrating House, was mostly cramming ourselves with junk food whenever we had free time. It’s been a really long time since we could have a leisurely meal.

G: Heh.

G: Oh no, I was just thinking… you’re eating it so enthusiastically.

G: Nope. It’s not like it’s the end of the world if I watch you. Besides, you’re looking at me too, aren’t you? *heroine shakes head*

G: Haha, you’re not honest at all. Well, this isn’t the first time.

*scene skip; walking*

G: That was delicious, right?

G: It’s to celebrate our mission accomplishment. You don’t have to thank me.

G: By the way, what are you… going to do after this?

G: You haven’t moved yet, right?

G: Oh? You’re in a hotel? Then there’s no problem, huh.

G: I’m renting a place close to the office. I’ll send you back and then head home.

G: Uh huh.

[04:48] *heroine stops*

G: Hm?

G: What’s wrong?

G: What? Why are you being so formal?

G: … Huh?

G: Are you really asking me that at this time?

G: For these past several months, putting aside when we were on our mission, we’ve been together 24/7 even during the holidays Arlen gave us. We’ve also kissed and had sex ALL those times! ARE YOU SERIOUSLY ASKING ME THAT?!

G: *exasperated* No, even if I didn’t say it, you could have guessed it!

G: NORMALLY PEOPLE WOULD KNOW, RIGHT!? *heroine shakes head*

G: Y-you… You definitely knew, that’s what your face is saying! *heroine shakes head*

G: Che… you’re terrible! *pins against wall*


G: Shut up! I’m not good with stuff like this!

G: … Ggh… you seem to be having a lot of fun, aren’t you? Che, hey…!

G: So? What about you then? How do you feel about me?

G: Heh. Oh? I see, I see.

G: Then… we’re changing our destination, right?

G: My place.

G: Hah, what are you saying? *kisses*

G: As if I’m going to return you home. Dummy. You made me spell it out this much. So I need to make sure you take responsibility.

G: Haah… prepare yourself. I’m going to make you cry so much in bed.

[07:46] *scene skip; kissing*

G: Nngh… mm…

G: Mm? What’s wrong?

G: Heh. *kisses* I said I was going to make you cry, but I don’t remember saying I was going to be rough. Besides, it looks like you’re turned on more with this?

G: Mmm, I’m going to completely gentle… *kisses* and I’ll make you go limp. *kisses*

G: Haah… now then… *kisses* I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s like down here.

G: Nope. Not yet.

G: Heh. Aah… it’s pretty amazing down here. How lewd. *gives oral; fingering*

G: Haha, hey, it’s flowing out right after I lick it up. *heroine shakes head* Haha.

G: Mm, of course I want to mention it. Because you’re actually wetter than usual. Here.

G: See? I’ve only done this and you’re already about to come. Ngh… mngh… does it feel good? I thought so. Look, it’s spilling out again. Nngh… *heroine orgasms*


G: Haa… hah… that was instant.

G: Do you want me? *heroine nods*

G: Me too. I’m at my limit. *kisses; removes pants; grabs condom*

G: Haha. You have such a hungry look. Wait a moment. I’ll be there soon.

G: Look, I’m going to put it in. Haah… ngh…

G: Let’s hold hands.

G: Don’t you want to do it? Things lovers do. *heroine nods*

G: Haa… your hands are so small.

G: I didn’t notice. You’re always strong-mindedly shooting your gun, so… I forgot. That, when your clothes are off like this, you’re not an investigator or anything… you’re also just a woman. *kisses*

G: Haha, do you get aroused around your fingers too? Heh, well, I’ll make you even more aroused now. Nngh… *thrusting*


G: Hah… haha, you’re staring too hard. I’m sexy…? Hahaha, is that something you normally say to men?

G: Haha, that’s… I can make this face too. It’s because it feels too good being inside you. Or rather… *kisses*

G: Right now, you’re the one who’s way more sexy. *thrusts hard* Ngh! Mrgh… haah…!

G: Hagh… haa…! It’s not sudden, hah, you can tell yourself, can’t you? Haa… hah… that you’re about to come again with just this. So, I’m going to make you come first again. Nngh… mm…!

G: In truth, you’re not really saying no, right? Mrgh… hah…! *heroine orgasms*

G: Haah… hagh…! See? That felt good, didn’t it—

G: … Don’t look so happy. Ggh, dammit!

G: *gritted teeth* So cute.

G: Tch! Nngh… hngh! *thrusting; kisses*

G: Mrgh… hah… I like you. I like you… ngh… Don’t forget… that you’re my woman. Ngh! Ugh, you’re squeezing too hard. Haa… hagh… somehow, I’m feeling like I’m at the edge too. Ngh… can I come too? *kisses; he orgasms*


G: Haah… hagh… are you OK?

G: Haha…

G: I couldn’t have imagined we’d end up like this when we first met. Haah… haa… *kisses*

G: … I like you.

*scene skip; birds chirping*

G: Zzz…

*phone vibrating*

G: Nngh…

G: Ugh…

G: Tch, jeez, who is it… right in the morning…

G: *answers phone* Urgh, it’s Gilles… no, wait, Garrett. Tch, yes, I was sleeping. I was just on holiday yesterday night… if I’m not remembering wrong.

G: … Grr… understood, I’ll contact you soon. EXCUSE ME. *ends call*

G: Tch… UGH. *throws phone*


G: The mafia division of the FBI hasn’t changed in their treatment of people int he morning!

G: Fucking hell! Ggh!

G: Rejoice, holiday is over.

G: What are you saying half-asleep? I’m including you too. *heroine shoots up*

G: We have the same mission. *heroine hugs him*

G: Woah! Ow ow… haha! What the heck? Are you that happy to be with me? It’s work, you know? *heroine nods*

G: Aah, I’m with a workaholic. Heh. Well… I guess I’m not in the position to say that either. *kisses*

G: Well then… let’s go and clean the trouble up quickly.

G: Ah. Oh, yeah, I forgot something.

G: *pins heroine* Look here, because I’m only going to say this once, you better listen carefully.

G: … I love you.

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: Lover’s Quarrel ***

*people walking*

G: Hm?

G: *turns around* Hey—ah… Chris is with you. Tch, I guess I’ll do it later.

*scene skip*

G: *comes over* Hey! Are you free this weekend?

G: Oh, then—*phone vibrates; heroine answers*

G: … Was it a summons from Chris?

G: Ah, got it. See you then.

G: … Hah. My timing’s bad.

*scene skip; TV on*

G: What a boring story. *tosses remote*

G: This isn’t the first time, but there’s so many hit-and-misses with French movies. I just let whatever run, but it was a miss this time. In the end, a movie where you don’t have to think is better. Don’t you think so—*phone vibrates*

G: Hey… it can’t be Chris again, right?

G: Tch, ignore him. Say that you didn’t notice. *heroine shakes head; answers*


G: Done already?

G: If it’s going to be like that, then he shouldn’t deliberately call you this late in the day! Ugh! Does that guy have an interest in you?

G: No, it’s more than possible. That guy actually frequently calls you to his office, doesn’t he?

G: Hah! In the office, they all lionize being a gentleman, but underneath that swe~et mask they might be hiding an outrageous secret intention!

G: Huh? What…? Are you siding with him?

G: HAH, oh right, the other person is the L.A. branch office’s elite investigator most admired by women! So that’s actually your type. I SEE. I SEE. I get it now!

G: Not in particular. I’m just telling the truth. Sorry about this! That your lover isn’t like him, a gentle-mannered gentleman! *turns around*

G: *turns back* I’m not sulking! You’re too self-conscious, stupid woman. *heroine hits him* OW!

G: … Hah. You asked for it. *pins heroine down*

G: Don’t ask what I’m doing. That’s my line. You’re the one who hit me first. *catches heroine’s hand* Woah there! As if I’m gonna let you. Heh. Too bad.

G: *heroine struggling* Ah, it’s useless. Quit it! You can’t do anything with your strength.


G: *heroine attacks* Wah! Ah… that was close. Jeez, I can’t drop my guard at all.

G: When did you start tripping up your opponents like this? You unmanageable girl! Grgh! Che…!

G: Haha, it looks like such a bad girl needs to be punished. *kisses*

G: Ngh! Mgh! Ggh!

G: I’ve told you, you can’t win in terms of strength. Don’t look down on an ex-marine. Gngh! Haa… hah…

G: How about I just do this? *restrains heroine*

G: Haah… haa… ah, you’re not even wet yet but you smell so sexy. *gives oral*

G: Hah, go ahead. Keep struggling, it’s hotter that way.

G: Heh, you’re all wet. It looks like my finger can easily enter with this too. Nngh…

G: Mm? I felt like I just heard a high-pitched squeal? Isn’t it much different from earlier?

G: Nngh… mm…

G: Haah… what’s wrong? You’re going limp. Nrgh… mngh… *heroine orgasms*

G: Hah… haa… ngh!

G: Hahaha… isn’t that way too quick? Well, I guess it’s not your fault.


G: My fingers are this wet, after all. *licks fingers*

G: Haha! That frustrated look on your face. It really turns me on. I guess it fills what people call a lust for conquest? I didn’t think I was that type, but… I guess I am when it comes to you.

G: Hm? Huh? *heroine kisses him* Mmpf! Ngh!

G: Haa… hah! What the heck? You’re being pretty aggre—mmph! *kisses; heroine removes his belt*

G: Wait! What are you—hey, wait, stop! Ngh… ah…! Listen when someone’s talking—ah! Gngh…!

G: Haagh… hah… gngh… I told you to stop, didn’t I—mgh! Haa… ah…

G: H-hey! Haah… hah… don’t stroke it. Ngh… mgh…! Let go! Hagh… haa… you…!

G: Where were you hiding that ridiculous strength, hah… Ggh, I told you to let go—ah! Mmgh… ah… hah…!

G: Don’t suck on it. Nngh… don’t move your hand… ah…!

G: Hey…! Quit it now… haah… if you do any more… hah… haa…!

G: Idiot…! Stop…! I’m coming…! Nngh! I’m coming…! *he orgasms*


G: Haah… haa… haha, you bastard… looking like you won…

G: Ggh! Haha… I’m gonna fuck you so hard. Grrgh, like I’m gonna let you run! *struggling*

G: Perfect, put your hands on that right there. Gngh…! Haha, I’m not gonna wait. Mgh! *thrusts inside*

G: Nngh… hah… haah…!

G: What a nice view. Haa… hah… your ass is up and you’re clinging to a cushion. Mmgh… hah… hngh…!

G: Heh… haah… there’s tears in your eyes. Hah… haa… it’s frustrating, but it feels good. But are you really frustrated? *kisses; thrusting*

G: Ngh… mm…! Liar. You don’t hate this, right? You love me. Haa… hah… it’s a fact. We’re in this situation after all. You’re aroused and wet. Haah… and you’re accepting me and crying out. Nngh… mrgh…! *kisses*

G: Hagh… haa… your body’s completely used to mine. In other words, haah… if it’s not me, then it’s no good. Ngh, you haven’t forgotten this, right? That you’re already my woman. Can you still say you hate me? Haa… hah…!

G: Hahaha, oh? You’re acting like you forgot. Alright, then I’ll make you remember again. Nngh… mgh…!


G: Look, right here. You love this spot, right? In this position, I can thrust into you deeper than usual. Haah… hagh…! *heroine orgasms*

G: Haa… hah…! Haha, see? You already came. But it’s not over yet. I want to come inside of you. Nngh! Ah…!

G: I told you, no~pe. Mgh…! Stay with me a little longer. *kisses; thrusting*

G: So? Haha, have you remembered now?

G: Haha, seriously, you’re stubborn. Be meek at times like these at least, or I won’t be able to hold back on my end. Hagh… ngh!

G: Hahaha… you… You intentionally clenched down, didn’t you?

G: In other words, you’re telling me I don’t have to hold back, right?

G: Then… *growls* I’m not going to restrain myself. Grgh! Look, you have nowhere to escape now. Ngh! Mmgh… ah…!

G: You’re sandwiched between my body and the sofa, hah, so you can’t move at all, right? Your voice is growing hoarse. Does it feel that good when I thrust into you deeply?

G: Haha, even if you can’t tell, I can tell very clearly. Hngh, it feels so good it’s unbearable, right? It’s amazing down here, you know? You’ve been contracting constantly and even now it seems you’re about to come. Haha, no, maybe you already did.


G: Haa… hah… you might as well just keep coming until I do. I’ll make you feel so good you shatter. Nrgh… ungh… hah…!

G: Grgh! Look, you came again… agh… It’s so fucking tight… hah… You’re clenching down… I’m about to come soon too…

G: Mgh… hah…!

G: Hey, look this way. Haah… haa…! *thrusting*

G: Haha, what a lewd expression. Ngh… mm… it’s so sexy and good. *kisses; thrusting*

G: Hagh… haah… hah…!

G: Kgh, I’m coming… I’m…! *he orgasms*

G: Haa… hagh…!

G: Hahaha… that was a big load. Haah… I nearly came inside you. Haha, no matter what the circumstances are, I’m not that inconsiderate.

G: More importantly, come on, look this way again. Haha, I meant your entire body.


G: Haah… haa…

G: *quiet* … I love you. Stupid girl.

G: Hm? I can’t hear you.

G: Heh. Yeah, I know.

G: … Let’s make up? *heroine nods*

G: Then, we’ll end it with this. *kisses*

*scene skip*

G: We’re heading out in 10 minutes. *phone notification*

G: Huh?

G: … A text from Chris.

G: Who knows. I want to ask that. *checks phone*

G: “Good morning, Investigator Garrett. I’d like to give some advice to you, my excellent subordinate. There are times where you don’t use enough words and, especially towards women, you should take more care.” What the hell?

G: Oh, there’s more.

G: “In addition, this is advice to the lady who is with you. After you receive a phone call, it’s best you confirm that the call has been ended.” *heroine lunges for phone*

G: Ah… it seems like the impossible did happen…

G: You… didn’t push the end call button after your talk with Chris last night!? It seems like our entire conversation was heard.


G: I want to hold my head too!

G: I don’t know when Chris realized it. If he didn’t notice it quick enough, then we would have live broadcasted the middle of what we were doing to our boss!


G: … Well, this is a pretty good check in and of itself.

G: I mean… *grabs heroine* Heh. That you’re my woman, so no one should make a move on you. *kisses*

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: Side Rouge —Case of Gilles— ***

Note: Splits off from Track 3.

G: Still, I thought wearing these clothes would be stuffy, but it’s not bad from time to time.

G: Because you’re beside me.

G: You didn’t think I’d say this? Heh, well, you’re right. But even I—

G: *to someone else* Huh? What? I understand, I’ll go right away.

G: Ugh, jeez, how annoying.

G: The House Manager summoned me. Yeah, sometimes I’m called with Arlen but… it’s rare for me to be called alone. Well, it’ll be a problem if I act strangely here and make them wary, so I’ll head over. Ah, you wait here. *leaves*

*heroine gets knocked out and dragged away*

[02:00] *scene skip; heroine is handcuffed*

G: What is the meaning of this? House Manager.

G: Why is this girl, who I left at the party venue, chained up here?

G: For entertainment?

*someone steps out*

G: You… You’re the guy who was around her earlier.

G: Heh, so that’s how it is. Now that I think on it, Xiang Mao’s underground casino also put on a terrible event, didn’t it? People would be made to drink Second Barrel and others would bet to see if either Side Rouge or Side Noir appeared. Are we to be used for that? *House Manager nods*

G: I refuse… if I said that? *gun cocks*

G: That girl’s life will be lost…

G: ……

G: I understand.

G: *accepts Second Barrel* Thanks. *chugs it*

G: *goes to heroine* Sorry, I shouldn’t have left you alone. *heroine shakes head*

G: *opens Second Barrel* Open your mouth. *feeds through a kiss*


G: Ggh! Gugh…! Mgh…!

G: Hagh… hah…!

G: Haa… hah… the two of us have Side Rouge. Haah… haah… are you satisfied with this? *House Manager claps*

G: Heh… then… THE GAME ENDS HERE! *attacks them; grabs gun; shoots chains*

G: NO ONE MOVE! *shoots air* IF ANYONE MOVES, I’LL SHOOT HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF. If a precious, precious guest is killed right before the alliance is settled, then Emiliano might change his mind. What are you going to do? House Manager. Or do you still want to see me have sex with her!?

*everyone lowers guns*

G: … Thank you.

G: Haa… hah… we’re getting off the boat here. You can hold on just a bit longer, right? *heroine nods* Heh. Good.

G: *raises gun* Come on, you’re in the way. GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE WAY. *everyone steps aside; he leaves with heroine; kicks door open*

[06:24] *scene skip; door opens*

G: Haa… hagh…! *leans against wall*

G: Somehow, we managed to get all the way here. Haa… haah…

G: Gngh, the second warehouse. Tomorrow night, that’s where we’re supposed to join the team. Haagh… haha, but I don’t know what’s going to happen with us like this now. Haha, right?

G: Heh… haah… haa…! *kisses*

G: Mngh! Gngh…! I know, you don’t have to say anything. I’m also at my limits. I want you. Right now. Roll up your dress and put your other hand on the wall. Nngh… haah…

G: That’s good. *unbuckles pants*

G: Hagh… haa… you don’t need your underwear anymore, right? Just throw away this soaked cloth. *tears it off* Haah… haa…

G: Hahaha… it should be your first time with this drug, but you’re sopping. Haha… haah… it seems like what we drank this time was the completed version of Second Barrel. This is the worst.


G: You’ll know soon. Even if you don’t want to… *inserts himself* NGH! Aah… haah… haa…

G: You came… just now… didn’t you? Ggh… haah… haa… I said you’d know soon. This is the terror of the completed version of Second Barrel. Ggh… all the nerves in your body lust insatiably for pleasure. Haah… haa…

G: I can tell. That it’s not the inferior one I drank before. Ngh… mgh…! *thrusting*

G: Aagh… agh… you’re clenching around me… If you’re this tight, I’m not gonna last! Hagh… haah…!

G: Shit… I’m coming…! Gugh! *he orgasms*

G: Haa… hagh… Fuck, that was quick. That’s why, ugh, I hate this drug. Hagh… hah…!

G: Ggh, it’s not even fun to have sex that doesn’t end after coming once. Gugh… ah… hah…! And yet my body’s not listening to me… haah… hagh…! It feels like my reasoning is being erased, gugh… ah… hagh…!

G: You can tell too, right? Haah… haa…! I hate this…! And yet… NGH! *heroine orgasms; thrusting*


G: Haa… hagh… see, even in this moment, your body’s raging about wanting to come and come and come. Haa… hagh…! I’m going to come again… inside you…! Haah… hagh…! You’re in pain too, right? I’ll make you feel good. Haa… hagh…!

G: Gngh… hagh… I’m coming…! Take it all right now… ngh… mgh… Gugh! *he orgasms*

G: Haagh… haah…

G: Hahaha… it’s already flowing out. Haah… even though I pretty much slept with you every night… just where was I keeping this amount?

G: Haha, look… at this. I’m hard again. It doesn’t look like it’s going to go down.

G: Haah… haa… I haven’t had enough at all. Ggh, I want you even more. I want to fuck you into a mess.


G: Hey, look this way. Let’s do it from the front this time.

G: Haah… put your hands on both of my shoulders. Hah… haa… mgh! *inserts himself* Ngh!

G: Don’t worry, I won’t drop you. Enough, just cling onto me. Haah… hah… I’ll thrust into you hard. Mgh… grgh… nrgh…!

G: Wow, the lewd squelching noises made from you down here just keeps coming and coming. Ugh… ngh…! It feels like my eardrums are being assaulted and I’m so turned on. Hngh… haah… gngh…!

G: You’re about to come again… ngh… Hey, open your mouth. Haah… haa… I’ll make you feel so good you won’t be able to breathe. Haa… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*

G: Come on, mgh… come…! You don’t have to hold back! Nngh… mm…! *heroine orgasms* Ngh! MGH!

G: Haa… hagh…! This position is crazy. It feels too fucking good. Haagh… haa… It feels like your whole weight is going down on where we’re joined. Urgh… hah…! I’m gonna go fucking mad. Ngh! Gagh… haah…! *kisses; thrusting*


G: Fuck, again…! Ngh…! I’m coming… I’m coming…! *he orgasms; heroine squirts; kisses*

G: Gugh… haa… hagh…! I still haven’t had enough. One more time. Haah… hagh…!

G: Aah, it feels so good. Ngh! Haagh… hah…!

G: Are you… crying? Hngh… haha, what are you saying? We’ve become more than crazy enough, right? Haah… that’s enough, just let yourself drown. Ngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

G: Ngh… hagh… ah… I’m coming again… ngh…! *he orgasms; heroine squirts*

G: Hagh… haa… hah…! *falls to wet ground*

G: Hahaha…! You squirted a lot, didn’t you? Haah… haa… it’s a puddle.

G: Heh, don’t worry about that. Either way, we’re dripping here and there with lots of things. Haah… hagh… I don’t even know which is who’s…

G: Haah… hah… more importantly… since you’re in my arms… Just like this… ngh! *thrusts* Let’s go one more time? Haah… haa… ngh… mm…


G: Hey, do you… have any remaining guilt? Gngh… mgh…

G: You see, somehow, I don’t care about anything now… haah… haa… about Emiliano, Arlen… Everything’s fucking shit. Hagh… ngh…!

G: From the start, I was just a piece of trash who lost sight of the right path. Ggh… ah… if I disappeared like this, it would just be a piece of garbage disappearing from this world. No one and nothing would be troubled. Hngh… hah…

G: But… hah… you’re different. Ngh… you’re not trash. And yet… gugh… there’s a part of me that thinks it wouldn’t be bad, ngh, to drown in pleasure like this with you. Haha… haah… honestly… I’m an unsavable piece of trash.

G: Gngh… hah… haah…!

G: You can laugh, but just listen to me. Haah… haa… I didn’t plan on saying it like this, but I… loved you. Ggh, I’ve always thought you were cute and irresistible. Haah… haa… you might have just thought we had a physical relationship, but… ngh…

G: Haha… haah… you’re serious? You can’t be considerate at a time like this.

G: Hahaha. I see. Nngh! *kisses; thrusting*

G: Then… haah… it would have been better if I said it sooner. Haha… you seem to really enjoy dates. Haah… we could have crossed arms, ngh… and it would have been nice to walk around town. Haah… haa… but we’re probably too late now. Ngh!

G: So… hagh… let’s go together to the end of our lives. Haah… haa… if I’m with you, then even the bottom of hell seems like it’d be fun. Haa… hagh…!


G: Hold onto me tightly. Gngh…! Agh… ah…!

G: Yes… hah… haa…! I’ll do everything, so give me everything…! Ngh… mgh…! *kisses; thrusting*

G: Ugh, good… it feels so good… ngh… mrgh…! I’m coming… I’m coming…! I’m com… ing! Gugh! *he orgasms*

G: Haa… hagh… haah…! *kisses*

G: … I love you…

Note2: As usual, I’m cursing English limitation LOL. Gilles only says 愛してる (aishiteru; I love you) once, because throughout the CD he says 好き (suki; I like/love you) or 大好き (daisuki; I like/love you). Normally, you can get by with translating “suki” as “love” but since he pulled that at the end… I had to change every other mention.

17 thoughts on “Jacks or Better ~ No More Bet ~

    Rere said:
    November 4, 2020 at 16:00

    Gilles has that smug personality that makes me want to punch him with my lips.
    Honestly, I really thought he was a FWB type too lol. Their “fight” scene in lover’s quarrel was hot ngl. An ex-marine… Huh… I’m really curious about if we’ll see scars on him if he takes off his shirt (bc like that would be really hot) from his pow days. The american stereotypes he and mc have are really cute, like how they’re food focused, badass gun slingers, and aggressive lovers. On the JP twitter I saw a lot of people worrying about his lungs and to take care of them LOL “Gabu~ if you smoke too much you won’t be able to taste delicious wine anymore (´ε` ) “

    Chai said:
    October 31, 2020 at 13:17

    Is it just me or did the artist really step up their game with gilles, like wow that shading, lighting, and the details. Oh oh oh gilles is actually really cute~ so is he actually part french? Ah I really want to learn more about him in ODF2.

      Ilinox responded:
      October 31, 2020 at 21:13

      Ohh, I haven’t noticed anything too much but then again I’ve been a fan of all their season 2 art compared to their season 1. Gilles has a fantastic aesthetic in general though, with that white hair and purple eyes. He has juuust a little bit of French blood in him, which is cute to see it get brought up with that French movie reference LOL. I guess that might be where he came up with his alias too even though his real name is Gabriel Garrett. I’m sure that, at this point, we’re going to get an entry for him in ODF2.

      I’m so curious as to what’ll be done for Arlen though because his story is so “complete” compared to the others. SOBS I KIND OF HOPE HE’S NOT DROPPED IF THERE’S EVER A SEASON 3 but I’d also understand it if Mikado felt like she couldn’t do anything more for him…

    Vibecheck said:
    October 30, 2020 at 18:43

    It’s him! My favorite dog boyo is back 😭

    Omg I thought I couldn’t think he could be any cooler, then Mikado hits me with this. IT’S LIKE AN ACTION MOVIE AND I’M A SUCKER FOR THOSE.
    Finally, I get to enjoy him sniping a b down.
    FBI mc really hits different, I love how she is so badass on her own too.
    Jesus being the best wing man out here making sure Gabe confesses to the mc before he goes to the other side.
    I don’t know if it’s the build up of having to wait YEARS for Gabe to finally say I love, but to me he has the best confession scene in the series. It’s so on character and felt natural.
    Jealous Gabe? Sulking Gabe? Gabe being a softie and holding hands? Damnit, I really am a simp for this dude. (He’s kinda my ideal type irl. Oh no)
    I was able to hold up okay during side rouge until he started musing about how they could’ve acted more like lovers. Jesus, jesus please do your thing Joshua.
    Gabe please take care of your lungs more (probably stress smoking, which is understandable) and stop calling yourself trash. You lovable man.

      Ilinox responded:
      October 31, 2020 at 21:10

      HOLLYWOOD MOVIE v2! Mikado’s ability to turn audio only drama CDs into action movies is amazing and I don’t know what I was expecting but it certainly wasn’t this either. I was joking with a friend though that it might also be because Maximum Bet’s storyline with all the separate parties acting together and Arlen’s master plan is just so Good LOL (sorry sorry Arlen bias).

      I don’t know if you’ve heard Arlen’s prologue track in his VR set but you get to hear Gilles snipe someone there too and it’s just as hot, if not more because the bullet penetrating thick glass had this super cool muffled but powerful thump and it was so abrupt. SNIPER GUNS UNF.

      LMAO I think his confession scene is up there for me too because it’s so funny and a bit surprising. In his first CD, he really came off as if they were just FWBs and he was pretty clear about how she wasn’t his type, etc etc, and now he’s acting all huffy as if we were supposed to know that them being together all those times was because he actually liked her. I THOUGHT IT WAS YOUR GUYS’ JOB LOL.

      Me too about his Side Rouge. It was hilarious how much complaints he had compared to the other guys, but then when it entered that sad part… it hurts so much hearing how lowly he looks at himself even though he’s generally so confident and devil-may-care. I wish we could have gotten to know Joshua SOBS he was and is still so influential, even changing Arlen’s fate through Gilles. REALLY THE JESUS OF ROUGE ET NOIR LOL.

    Whisper said:
    October 29, 2020 at 14:32

    goodness, the way the heroine turned the tables on Giles around the end tho *clutches hand to chest* i love this aggressive heroine not gonna lie lmao

      Ilinox responded:
      October 31, 2020 at 21:05

      I’m laughing a bit at the stereotype that foreigners or westerners are just more aggressive in general? But her and Gilles are such a fun combo and it’s really great to see him crumble sometimes too LOL unlike the other Rouge et Noir men who want to be in control all the time.

    memiee said:
    October 17, 2020 at 06:45

    Damn, you’re such a blessing for translating this, thank you for doing god’s work 🥺 Meanwhile, no translation for Makabe’s VR tracks lol

      Ilinox responded:
      October 19, 2020 at 00:13

      Hahaha, you’re welcome! I will… get to Makabe’s one day, of my own accord. I actually thought I translated it already, but it was only after I was checking through my own tag after posting Gille’s that I realized I didn’t. I must have done it in my dreams LOL.

    waterinegirl said:
    October 16, 2020 at 04:24

    how do you translate the vr? was it by minute or by text?
    is play-asia or animate.shop legit site? im looking for dlsite alternative.
    have you tired purchasing from hanakagami.com/shop Do i need to be a japanese citizen?

      Ilinox responded:
      October 16, 2020 at 16:07

      I’m not translating the actual VR tracks, because that would be too much of a headache for me. But each VR set comes with its own drama CD that has a small story. I did the one for Arlen, so yeah the rates are just like any other drama CD.

      The sites you listed are all legitimate. If you want to purchase from places like Animate or Stellaworth for the tokutens then you’ll probably need to go through a proxy, since they don’t ship internationally, although Animate now has an international branch (but I don’t know if their selection is the full thing). I have a link in my FAQ to the proxy I use, FromJapan, but there’s multiple ones out there, as well as guides for them to let you pick and choose which type of proxy service and rates you want to deal with.

    waterinegirl said:
    October 16, 2020 at 04:24

    im really glad how it connects to arlen’s route.
    and also i like the idea that we see arlen’s heroine. i wish there are more scenarios like these.

    YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT. I FELL FOR YOU! I’VE FALLEN FOR YOU. I LIKE YOU, YOU STUPID GIRL!! ARE YOU SATISFIED WITH THIS!? Shut up! I’m not good with stuff like this! Sorry about this! That your lover isn’t like him, a gentle-mannered gentleman! *turns around* I’m not sulking! <<<he's definetely TSUNDERE

    i definitely enjoyed Last Call and STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN

    damn. why do i got the feeling that everytime Gabriel and his heroine had an argument, it's going to be a make up sex.

    gabriel's boss may sort of like gabriel's heroine i think. but in the end he gives a good advice. which is true that gabriel is bad at expressing himself. XD but the idea that he listens to their sex XD

    im actually curious what happens if the other guys are jealous e.g. Suou, arlen and makabe.
    kurusu and senna are sort of predictable when jealous.

      Ilinox responded:
      October 16, 2020 at 16:05

      Haha, I also think frequent fights and frequent make up sex are on the agenda for Gilles and his heroine, especially since neither of them were attracted to each other from the start. It’s really a love that grew out of all their experiences together and getting to know each other.

      It’s implied that Chris was gentlemanly enough to exit out of the call when he realized what was going on LOL but it was a really close call… I have no idea whether or not he really does like the heroine though, maybe he was just teasing Gilles by getting him jealous on purpose so that he’d learn to communicate better with words. But, well, we see how that went LOL.

      Ooh yeah, I think Suou and Arlen are too mature to show it that much. It’s hard to tell if Arlen was just acting because he does bring up being “jealous” a lot but that’s when his heroine was still undercover. The two probably know how to handle it since they’re the oldest of the group. I feel like Makabe would have a similar reaction to Gilles, except his heroine is less tsun and aggressive than Gilles’ heroine who likes to equally pick fights with him LOL.

    himochan said:
    October 15, 2020 at 08:28

    Finally it’s here! XD I’ve been waiting for this XD thank you to Anonymous-san for commissioning this and thank you for your hard work for translating this, Ilinox-san! You did a good job as always ^^ I really adore the Stellaworth tokuten track ahaha Ren Mikado-san is actually put some jokes on this volume and I really love it! And for the animate tokuten….um, sooo smexy as always XD Actually I’m really surprised when I listening to this cd and know the timeline is same as Maximum bet XD the heroine met another heroine = double heroine XD

    Anyway Ilinox-san do you have any plan to translate a new Ren Mikado-san’s work? Well It’s just another R18 CD about omegaverse and will be released in this month XD

      Ilinox responded:
      October 16, 2020 at 16:01

      You’re welcome and bless anonymous-san indeed, because my own package is actually still in transit and they were able to provide the files ahead of time, haha, otherwise I would have been doing this translation mid-November or something.

      For some reason, even though I knew it was set during Maximum Bet, I didn’t expect to get so much scenes with Arlen’s heroine? That was SO cool though and how both heroines were basically in the same place at the same time, haha.

      Do you mean the 3P one, Tsugai? Or do you mean the Kiss of Death, because I’m much more interested in her military work, haha, which sort of reminds me of omegaverse since there are “Better Halfs” that soothe the engineered super soldiers (which our heroine is, btw, how neat is that? Role reversal with the heroine being the beast LOL).

    serendipitysplendid said:
    October 14, 2020 at 08:56

    Giles really do be hitting different, when compared to the other guys because of his super tsundere attitude. How adorable~

      Ilinox responded:
      October 16, 2020 at 15:58

      He and his heroine and super aggressive LOL so this is how Japanese people view Americans, huh—

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