Kankinkonbon ~ Pre-Orders Hikaru and Kazuma ~

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Continuing the skits for the Kankinkonbon pre-orders.


Hikaru: Aah, I have 23 days until I have to kill the author…! The contents for the extras of the official online orders for the Kankinkon book is going to be settled!

Kazuma: Calm down, Hikaru. I don’t know how terrible the contents are, but if you take the time to talk it over with them then I’m sure they’ll understand. So, what’s inside?

Hikaru: Our wives are taken away from us by strangers, r*ped, ******ed, ****ed, and **** and **** are sent to us. Once everyone’s orders are safely placed, I think the author will calm down and think things over again but…

Kazuma: Ah, Hikaru, here’s a bat that the baseball club dropped.

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