Kankinkonbon ~ Pre-Orders One Week ~

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Continuing the skits for the Kankinkonbon pre-orders.


Touji: Yes, I’m entrusting this to you. In addition, the examination of all of the “Kankinkon Books” should be completed… Haah.

Makoto: You seem busy, Touji. Your wife also looks to be thinner… did something happen?

Touji: Ah, it’s you, Makoto. Oh no, there was a lady who forgot to make a bank transfer, so I said a few words to my subordinates. It would be a shame if there were products left over, but then again if there was a surplus I can buy and monopolize them all in secret from my wife. I want to hurry and bury myself in the pages where I ravish her and carefully read it and then I want to *********.

Makoto: Touji, you’ve probably already been discovered, and if she finds you like that she’s going to hate you more.

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