Kankinkonbon ~ Pre-Orders Touji and Makoto ~

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Two years later after the Comiket event, the Kankinkonbon came back in stock for online orders.


Touji: That reminds me, Makoto, did you complete your order for the “Kankinkon Book”?

Makoto: Yeah, I got excited with my wife’s page in the first edition and… after looking at it thoroughly it got a bit dirty, so I pre-ordered. What about you, Touji?

Touji: It’s the time where I brandish my true power, so it’s impossible for me not to pre-order, no? This will be the time where I plan to purchase 10,000 copies for use to appreciate, to safekeep, to lick, to smell, and for other exciting and coarse uses.

Makoto: Last time you tried to do that you were slapped by your wife, weren’t you? 10,000 will be discovered in your storage, so keep it at 100.

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