Kankinkon ~ Gratte Collaboration ~

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(Dusk did a collaboration with Gratte where drink coasters of the guys were made.)

“Hmm, I wonder why it’s like this. I’ve gone around to all the shops, but my beloved wife’s acrylic coasters won’t come… Perhaps I should have resolved this with money… No, but I have to get her myself or else it won’t prove that we’re destined!… Ah, welcome home! You’re home already! Ehehe, did you want to see me as soon as possible ♪

Hm? Ah, you’re curious about this mountain of acrylic coasters? I went to Animate today for the drinks that are a Gratte collaboration of our story and, as a bonus for your purchase, you can receive a coaster. But, and maybe this is because of the trading, your coaster as the world’s cutest person hasn’t didn’t appear… It was useless no matter how many drinks I bought.

… Huh? No, that’s a lie, right? Your coaster wasn’t made in the first place…? Even though…! Even though my wife is this cute!? This a problem… I must use the power of the Saijou Family and have them made now! —Hey, Ichirou, get 10,000 made for now. Hehe, is something the matter? Dear wife of mine ♪ Huh? No, wait, if I think about decorating my room with these and distributing them to business partners and other related people, then 10,000 wouldn’t be enough.

Now, let’s take a photo to use for the coaster… Aah, that’s very good, make that expression you had just now again! That chilly gaze is superb! It’s as sublime as a queen who rules over a frozen continent in picture books! Haa, hah, truly, you’re so lovely… I end up wanting to melt that snow. Aah, don’t be shy, I’ll make you melt into a slippery mess with my heat…”

2 thoughts on “Kankinkon ~ Gratte Collaboration ~

    waterinegirl said:
    October 28, 2020 at 05:20

    Damn touji

      Ilinox responded:
      October 31, 2020 at 20:54

      He’s the biggest fan of his wife LOL.

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