Kemono ya Hito wo Kuruwasu Mangetsu no Yoru ~ Hatsujou Triangle ~

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Anthony (アントニー)
CV: 刺草ネトル

Lepidus (レピダス)
CV: 馬並ペガサス

A Full Moon Night That Drives Beasts and People Mad ~ In Heat Triangle ~

You came to barbecue in a forest with your university friends and, on your way back from the restroom, you saw a small rabbit. You became lost during your chase of the rabbit and then a large shadow appeared in front of you. Looking up, you saw two muscled beastmen.

It seems, at some point, you lost your way into the off limits beastmen area. You were dragged away to a cabin and questioned by the beastmen. Eventually, it became the night of a full moon and the beastmen started to act strange.

The beastmen began to search for medicine, but they appear to have forgotten it…

Thank you to an anonymous for the commission. To be honest, I was torn over whether to display this image or not because it’s a bit… LOL but it’s also not explicit since you can’t see anything so I was like HM. In the end, I’ve decided to show it because having art looks better than a block of text LOL.

Anyway, R18 warning and bestiality (?). It’s also surprisingly interesting because they go into detail for the world setting and everything, haha. I should start to learn not to judge KZentertainment’s covers.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: No Trespassing Sector ***

Anthony: Huh? Is something there?

Lepidus: There’s no way something apart from beasts are here, right? *sniffing* I don’t smell anything.

A: This place is the border with the human area. It could be the case that something from there got lost over here.

L: Hah? Don’t joke around about humans. If I find one, I’ll kill them immediately.

A: Calm down, Lepidus. Don’t get so angry.

L: But, Anthony…

A: Who’s the leader of this watch group, again? Who are you supposed to obey?

L: … Right now, we’re patrolling… and the leader I’m to obey is you, Anthony.

A: That’s right. Wait here then. I’m going to take a look. *comes out of the bush; sees heroine* Gngh! You…!

L: Did something happen?

A: … Don’t move! Keep watch around the area from there.

L: … Tsk, got it.

A: *quiet; to heroine* Are you human? If you are, then nod. I see… This is bad.

L: … Anthony, what is it? *sees heroine* Urk! Human…!

A: Haah… I ordered you not to move.

L: Grrgh, I can’t forgive humans. I’m going to kill you right now!

A: Stop getting so emotional. Take a close look. This thing is clearly a fragile woman.

L: But…!

A: You’re in pain because your parents were killed by humans, but if we kill this human here then her parents will feel hatred just like you.


L: Are you telling me to restrain myself because of that!?

A: If you want revenge, just get it on the ones who killed your parents. It has nothing to do with this woman.

L: Ggh… Fuck! *leaves*

A: Sorry about that. He’s not a bad guy. On that note… you’re shaking really hard. It looks like it’s the first time you’ve seen something like me. It’s no wonder you’re shocked, but this place is the world of beastmen. You’re the different one here. From the looks of it, you got lost into here. I can tell from a glance that you aren’t planning anything.

A: However, I have to ask about your purpose. Why did you trespass into the beastmen area? The horns and claws beastmen possess are valuable and rare, so there are poachers who come to take them. There are also kidnappers who come to take beastmen children to put in shows. Or maybe, apart from those, you came to find something new and steal that?

A: Silent, huh. Are you quiet because you’re scared or is it a trap to get me to drop my guard? Either way, I cannot just overlook someone who intruded into the beastmen area. I also have my pride as the leader of the watch group for this area. Sorry, but I’m going to have you come with me.

A: … Are you planning to refuse? *grabs heroine* Come! Grgh, if you resist then I’ll have to be more forceful!

*** TRACK 2: Full Moon Night ***

A: To introduce myself again, I am the leader of this beastmen area’s watch group, Anthony. The member over here is Lepidus.

L: … Tch, do we have the time to do introductions like this? Hurry up and interrogate her. That’s why we tied her up. *to heroine* You’ve got guts resisting. Looks like you want to be killed.

A: Hey, don’t be so rough. If they find anything when we hand her over to the beastmen monitors, then it’ll be bad.

L: Hah!? You plan to return her back to the human area? We should just get rid of her here. It was the border monitors’ negligence that led to things being like this. In the first place, they haven’t noticed that this girl even entered here.

A: That’s not guaranteed. By chance, if trouble happens then we’ll have the weaker position.

L: Che. Bitch, why did you come into the beastmen area? For a raid? To steal? Hah!?

A: You should be honest and just say it. You’ve been shaking since earlier, but we can only interpret that however we like. Hah… I see. You chased a rabbit…?

L: There’s a clear line marked for the borders between the beastmen area and the human area though. You didn’t even notice that? Tch, is this girl an idiot? Ugh, jeez, I lost my motivation. I’ll leave the rest to you, leader.

A: Wait! It’s already evening, are you still going to patrol?

L: Nah, I’m going to hunt for dinner—ah, shit!


A: Hm? *inhales* Today’s the full moon!? This is bad…

L: … I gotta take the medicine. Crap, Anthony, are you carrying any?

A: No, I don’t have any on me. *rummages through drawers*

L: M-me too. Ugh, this shelf… nothing’s here. Shit, it doesn’t look like any is in this cabin.

A: … Yeah. Haah… haa… most intruders are men, so a woman has never been caught around here. Ngh… hah… I’d never have imagined a human woman would appear on the night of a full moon. Fuck… hagh… hah…! Gngh… grgh… This is bad. She looks delicious. Haah… haa…! She smells so good. It’s the smell of a human female. Haa… hagh…!

L: Haah… it’s getting bad for me too. The moon keeps on rising. Ggh… I’m filling with power and my urges are… irresistible! Haah… hah… now that it’s like this, it’s not going to be suppressed until the morning. Gngh… hagh… haha… hah! Hagh… hrgh…


A: Haah… haa… rutting with a human is beastmen taboo… As the leader of the watch group, hah… I can’t possibly break the commandment… Haah… hagh…! Grgh… grr…

L: Hagh… hah…! Krgh… gngh…! Hah… hahaha! You say that, but aren’t you getting closer and closer to the female?

A: Gngh… hagh…! You… too…!

L: *licks lips* You smell so good. I want to taste you from top to bottom. Haa… hah… Grgh, don’t resist, haha. You’re cocky for being a human. Haah… hah…

A: Hrgh… haah…! Mgh… hah…! Hey, don’t be rough. Moreover… I also have the right to pick her. Hahaha…

L: Haah… hagh…! Haha… you’re always so calm, but this is your personality at times like these, huh. I didn’t know. Haah…


A: Grgh… mgh…! Haha, it’s the first time I’m experiencing it too. Hagh… haa… *grabs heroine; smelling* Ah, such a sweet smell. Nngh… ah…

L: Nrgh… hagh… haa…! *grabs heroine; smelling* Mngh, she really is sweet… like candy. Haha… haha!

A: Nn… mm…! *smelling* Aah… ah… where is it? Mm? Here? *licks* Aah… mmgh… also from here? More… a thicker scent… ah… *licking; smelling* I got it. It’s here. *kisses*

*** TRACK 3: Beastmen 3P ***

L: Hah… haha, oh yeah, we’re going to be mating so it’ll be pretty dull if both of your hands are tied. *rips rope* Haa… hah… I might as well get rid of your clothes on the way too, hehe. Hahaha… haah… hagh…

A: Haah… heh… Hey, don’t hurt her body.

L: Haa… hah…! Mm? I know. Just watch how I use my knife, heh.

A: Heh, you’re trembling. Are you scared? *heroine nods*

L: Help’s not gonna come even if you cry like that. You have no choice but to give up and accept this. *rips clothes*

A: Aah, you’re gradually becoming revealed. Such pale skin… It’s reflecting the moonlight. Haah… haa…


L: Ggh… hagh… haa… wow, there’s more than before… *smelling* of this sweet smell. *licks* Haah… haa… I want to lick everything.

*scene skip*

A: Hah… a finger slips in easily too, heh. Nngh… hah…

L: Haah… haa… *sniffing; licking* Haha, you look happy. Your tail is swaying.

A: … Haha, ah… when I think about how it’s just going to take a little more until I’m in her… I get excited, you see. Hah… haa… ngh… I’m going to move my finger. Mgh… ngh! Haha, juices are coming out from inside. Ngh…!

L: *sniffing; licking* Your hips are moving. Do you want to come again? Haha! She said any more and it’ll hurt. Haa… hah…

A: Haha, but we have to be careful. Mngh, I’m going to go a bit harder. Come once more. Nngh… hah…!

L: Give me your sweet juices. Open your mouth wide. *kisses*


A: Huh? Heh, it feels good here? Gngh! Haha, looks like you enjoy it here too. Mm…!

L: Haa… hah…! Feel like coming? *kisses*

A: Hagh… haa…! Mm? Ah, just a bit more. Nngh… hah… Lepidus, lick her breasts.

L: Got it. I’m going to taste your breasts and bite your nipples, so come as hard as you can.

A: … Heh, let’s go. *gives oral; fingering*

L: *licking*

A: Mngh… ngh…! Haa… hah… that’s right, come hard. Come! Ngh! Haa… hah…


L: Haha, I can’t hold back anymore. We can put it in her now, right? Let me thrust into her.

A: Hah? No. I’m going first. Haa… hah… I can’t endure anymore. Nngh… haha…

L: Haah… haa…! I can’t hold back either. Nngh… dammit… hurry up and finish.

A: Haah… either way, I won’t be able to hold on long. But to make up for that, I’ll just have to come many times. Gngh… I’m going. Nngh… mgh…! Wow… ungh…

L: Hagh… haa…! How is it?

A: Hngh, mgh… ah… it’s burning… and wet… and squeezing me hard. Ngh! *thrusting* My hips are moving on their own. Haa… hah…! Haha…! Stop, if you clench down that hard… ngh…! Gugh! Let me taste you more. Haa… hah…!


A: Move your hips more too, ungh, haa… hah… Rub yourself against where you feel good. Haa… hah…!

L: Ugh, haah… haa…! Hehe, looking at each other… you guys aren’t lovers. Look over here. *kisses*

A: Ngh… hah… hagh…! *thrusting*

L: Haah, is it hard to breathe? But do it more. *kisses*

A: You’re contracting down here from that kiss. Haa… hagh…! I can’t hold back… I’m going… to go harder! Ngh… grgh…!

L: Haa… hah… *smelling; kisses*

A: Lepidus, don’t get in the way. Let me taste her.

L: Ngh, haah… haa… Yeah, yeah.

A: Haa… hah…! I get so turned on from your aroused face. Grgh… ngh…! Lose yourself more! Haah… hah…! Haha, so this is where you feel good. Ngh! I’ll slam into it lots, so… come! Grgh… ngh! I’m also… going to… ngh! Hrgh, hah… haa…! *he orgasms*


L: Next is my turn. Haa… hah… *licking* I want to be in her so bad I’m drooling.

A: Haa… haah… Mm, I know. *pulls out* Haha, I’m spilling out from her hole. Heh… do you want me to hold her legs down?

L: Nah, I want to thrust into her from behind. Come on, get on your hands and knees. Haa… hah… Ah, you’re boneless after Anthony, haha. This mouth down here keeps opening and closing. Haha, that’s hot. Aah… haah… I’m going to slam myself in. Ngh! Take it! Haha!

L: Haa… hah, wow, this place really is crazy. Is this heaven? Haa… hah…! Nngh… I’ll hit you in your deepest spots. Be sure to keep up, yeah? *thrusting* Hngh… hah… hagh…! How is it? So good you can’t even make a noise? Mngh…

A: … It’ll feel more comfortable letting out noises. Open your mouth.


L: Hah… haa…! Yeah, like that, just let out that sweet voice of yours. Ngh… hngh…!

A: Mngh… ngh… what is it? You’re licking my length… Gngh!

L: Grgh… ngh… what the hell? No, but… when she licks Anthony her hips sway and, ngh…! Haa… hah…! Shit! I’m coming… I’m…!

A: Ungh… haah…

L: Haha… what a slender waist. If this really gets shaken, haha… Why don’t we see what happens? Ngh… hah…! *thrusting* Hahaha! It’s irresistible! It’s so good, I feel like I can release right now! Haa… hagh…! Grgh… but, haah… haa…! I want to taste you more! Your hole… hey, squeeze harder. Haa… hagh…!

A: The way you move your tongue… tickles because you’re so clumsy. Haah… haa… but it feels good because of that. Ngh… ungh… No, I’m going to come… again! Mgh…!


L: Hrgh… grr…! Haha, Anthony, you’re going to come too? Hahaha! Let’s dump it all over her. Haa… hah…! Nngh! I’m going to let it out… I’m going to release it all…! Hahaha! Ngh! *he orgasms* Haa… hahaha… ah…

A: Hngh… ah…! Mgh… my hips… are moving on their own…! Hagh… ungh… I’m going to… come! Ngh! *he orgasms*

L: Haah… haa… ah, haha… I can still keep going. Let’s go one more time like this! *thrusting* Ngh, hagh… haa…!

*** TRACK 4: Secret Plan ***

A: Hngh… grgh…! *thrusting* No matter how many times I taste you, this hole… has captured me. Ngh… ungh…! Even though we’ve came into you so much, I still… want to pour more in! Mngh!

L: Ngh… ah…! Hurry up and let me feel her too. Gngh, although being stroked by this small hand, ngh… feels so good too. Nngh… mm…! I want to be in a tighter place. Haa… hah!

A: Hagh… hrgh…! I’m going… to come again! Kngh! *he orgasms* Haah… haa…!

L: Haa… hah…! Hey, stroke me harder. I’m also gonna… ah…! I’m letting it out…! Hngh! *he orgasms* I’m still coming, ngh…!

A: Haah… haa… ah, you’re all sticky and messy.

L: Aah, I came before I even put myself in her. But soon enough I’ll— *birds chirping* Huh? It’s morning…?

A: … Huh?! I… what did I do…?

L: AHH! We totally did it now.


A: Us beastmen are affected when the moon is full. I think you know, but you might not… We watch out for full moons, don’t leave our homes, and take medicine so… something like this happening…

L: … So this is what happens when a woman is beside you on the night of a full moon. Aah… it’s even worse that I remember things clearly.

A: Urgh… more importantly, the problem is that she’s human. If this is known by the beastmen monitors… I wonder if we can take advantage of the blessing that they don’t know. The gulf between beastmen and humans is deep. No, it can be said the other just fears us on their own.

L: Hah, don’t humans use that as their justification for persecuting us!? Who the hell is the wicked ones? They say they have no power, and yet they use powerful tools without any hesitation! Hey, Anthony, if we return her like this, then we’re going to live the rest of our lives in fear that she’ll tattle.

A: Yeah… that’s right. But hiding her here is…

L: Grrrrgh! Hey, let’s just kill her and bury her in the mountains. We have no choice but to destroy the evidence, right? *heroine moves* Huh? What? Are you scared? Heh, actually, you’re still conscious after doing it so much? Humans are surprisingly sturdy, huh.

A: We can’t kill her. If we kill her, there’ll be a smell and if we bury her in the ground beasts will dig her up. Once that happens, there’s a possibility our comrades will find out. If someone reports that without our knowledge then, sooner or later, the beastmen monitors will discover this. Blood or bone, if there’s just a little bit of anything, then they can analyze and identify her.


L: Dammit! Then what are we supposed to do!?

A: I’ll… be her mate. I’ll officially take her as wife.

L: Hah!?

A: Rutting with a human, hiding her in the beastmen area… it’ll be accepted if she’s my mate. You know this, right?

L: That’s… I do know, but…! Are you OK with that?

A: Yeah. I don’t mind. She’s the woman I spent the entire night having sex with. In its own way, my feelings have also grown.

L: … Hah, I see. You’re as good-natured as usual… to be able to have feelings for a human.

A: Although we went mad because of the moon, we’re the wrong-doers here. Don’t forget that, Lepidus.

L: … Yeah, yeah. *goes away* Well then, it’s better if I’m not here so I’m going home.

A: Yeah, we’ll return to the town too after some time. Give a good excuse to the gatekeeper.

L: … Leave it to me. I’ll say that Anthony found his mate and went on a rampage chasing after her. *leaves*

A: *sighs; to heroine* Are you alright?


A: This is how it’s going to be, so I’m going to be bringing you back. Sorry, but think of it as never returning to the human area again.

A: Oh! Is she asleep…? No, she might have lost consciousness.

*scene skip; walking in forest*

A: Oh, are you awake? Right now, we’re heading to the beastmen area. We’ll be there soon.

A: Hm, it’s better if you don’t resist. If you fall from my arms, you’ll hurt yourself somewhat.

A: Heh, sorry, but I won’t put you down. Your clothes and shoes are ruined, so you’re just wrapped in one sheet. You can’t walk like that, right?

A: *whispers* Haha, besides… you did it so much, so haven’t you lost feeling in your lower half? Haha! Don’t worry, something that outrageous won’t happen again. That was the influence of the moon. This will happen once a month, but if I take medicine then I can suppress it.


A: Hm? Yeah, if I don’t drink any then that’ll happen again. But I promise you, I’ll be sure to drink the medicine.

A: Oh? You’re a strange one, thanking me. I’ve heard that many humans lack caution… and you might be one of them, huh. Haha, your eyes are darting around.

A: Hm, we’re here. I’ll talk to the gatekeeper, so you should just stay quiet. *heroine nods*

A: *to gatekeeper* Ah, you heard from Lepidus? I found my mate, so I brought her back. It was simple, but we also exchanged vows. She’s human, but I’ll take responsibility for her. Can I bring her back? I… tired her out terribly.

A: Mm, you suspect me? Then how about I show you proof? *kisses heroine*

A: Haa… hah…

A: Is this understandable now? Regardless of whether I’m the leader of the watch group, or if she’s a human, I can’t resist the charm of my mate. I can’t help but love her. You know this, right?

*** TRACK 5: Mate ***

A: There are six cities in the beastmen area. This place isn’t a proper one, but it’s part of the eastern one. It’s the closest place to the human area, so I can’t say it has good public safety.

A: Hm… ah, if you’re going to buy daily necessities then it’ll be this shop. For now, we need to buy some clothes. Right now, you’re wearing my clothes but, as expected, the size doesn’t fit you at all. Haha.

A: *to owner* Sorry, can you make a complete set of clothes and undergarments that’ll fit her?

A: Yeah, she’s human. But… her physique doesn’t differ that much and there’s no need for more holes, right? No, I suppose compared to the other women here she’s small. If nothing fits, then a child’s size works too. Make enough for her to wear for a week.

*crowd noises*

A: Haah… I thought there’d be fewer people around if we came right when the shop opened. There’s surprisingly more customers than I thought and their reactions are as I expected.

A: … You don’t need to apologize. There are humans here and there in the beastmen area, but those who were brought over as mates don’t step out much. Humans apart from those… are beastmen enemies. So, when they see someone like you, they’ll either think it’s unusual or, for those whose friends were killed by humans like Lepidus, they’ll feel hostile.


A: *to crowd* She’s my mate. Is there a problem? Then fulfill your customer’s request. I believe I asked you to make some clothes?

*scene skip*

A: Haa… isn’t it about time to cheer up? You’re just going to get hungry feeling complicated like that.

A: *comes over* Hah… there’s differences when living with a human. There’s disparities too. But I can’t return you back to your original place. The world of beastmen and humans is made up of remains of a balance. If one thing breaks, then I don’t know what will happen.

A: I feel bad, but you also don’t want a war to break out between the world of beastmen and humans because of you, right?

A: Haah… silent again?

A: You always take that attitude whenever things don’t go your way.

A: … You don’t even want to object? I see. Fine then. I didn’t want to use this hand but… I have no choice. *pins heroine down* Ngh!


A: I’m going to cast a spell on you that’s been past down to beastmen from ancient times. This… has an extreme effect on you humans. Apparently, it was invented long ago when a beastman fell in love with a human.

A: Heh, the human didn’t like the beastman but… after this spell was cast, they seemed to be in mutual love.

A: When the spell is cast, your lower half… your most precious place is engraved with a mark. It stands out against the skin. Even children, who shouldn’t be possible between the different clans, can then be wished for. Gngh!

A: If you fall in love with me, then you won’t have to be scared of anything. You just need to be pampered and someone who gives themselves to me.

A: *casts spell* The one who governs all beastmen, God of Bestia, grant me your power. Take my power and, into this one before me, make her obedient and give her the blessing of love.

A: … How is it? *heroine hugs him* Oh! Haha, it’s really effective… to make you hug me this tightly. Nn…

A: Mm? What’s wrong? Do you want to be indulged? Haha, I see. But first I want to see its effects. Show me the mark.


A: I’m going to take off your clothes. Entrust your body to me.

A: Raise your hips. Yes, that’s right.

A: Hm? Don’t hide it with your hand.

A: Ah… the mark is clear and apparent.

A: Oh, do you want to be held again? So you like to be spoiled this much, huh. Sure. I’ll grant that wish of yours.

A: When I hold you like this, your warmth and smoothness… is really clear. Mm? Fluffing…? Oh, you mean the feeling of my fur? I see. Haha, well… if you like how I feel, that’s not so bad too.

A: If you just obediently give me your body like this, then I can be gentle to you too. Tonight will be our first night after becoming mates. You’re… prepared to be mated by me, right?

A: Haha! Aah, you’re so cute. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue. Heh, that’s right. *kisses*


A: Nngh… huh? Hahaha! What is it? It tickles when you touch my ears, haha. If you like how they feel, then touch them more.

A: Not just my ears… but my chest and even lower too… yeah?

A: Mm? Haha, your face is bright red. I want to touch your entire body too. Nngh… such beautiful skin. It’s like you’re seducing me to touch you. Nngh… hah…

A: Hm? Heh, what is it? You’re twisting your body. Oh, does the feeling of my hand tickle you?

A: … Haha, that’s true. We’re this different. But… we can mate. When I think about that, I get excited.

A: Come onto my lap.


A: Yeah, you’re light. You have to make sure to eat. Hm? I think you can get a bit fatter. Your waist is too thin.

A: If your waist is this narrow, then it feels like you’ll snap if I move you with all of my strength. Hm? Are you scared? Haha, I don’t hate your scared look either. You’re like a small prey… *licks* and it makes my instincts throb. Hngh… mm…

A: Look up. Bare your soft throat to me. *licks* Mngh… ngh… I’m going to leave lots of marks. Ngh…

A: Your breasts… are so bouncy. It makes me want to keep touching them, mrgh… haah…

A: The line of your body, hah… your rising waist, your bottom, ah… and between your legs, ngh… Honey is dripping and it’s sweet… ah… It won’t stop mesmerizing me, hah… haa…!

A: I’m going to put my finger in and swirl it around until you’re a limp mess, ngh… I’m going to caress you deep inside, mrgh! Nngh… hah…!


A: Wow, I only put a finger in but you’re squeezing me so tightly. Haah, it’s swallowing me in and won’t let go. Haha… ngh…

A: Mm? Scared? My claw is tightly sheathed. You’ll have to put up with the feeling of fur though. Nngh, hah… you’ll get used to it slowly. Rather, I’ll make it so that you won’t be satisfied unless it’s like this. Haah… hngh…!

A: You’re this tight… yet if I put myself into you, I’ll be entirely surrounded. Hagh… haa… women’s bodies are strange. Nrgh!

A: Hm? This spot feels good? Hahaha… got it. I’ll rub it lots more. Mgh… hngh…!

A: Lift up your head. Show me your face, dazed with pleasure. Haha, nice. Even if you’re embarrassed to be seen, I end up feeling unbearably tempted. Haa… hah…!


A: Haah… hah… get up on your knees. Haha, have your legs gone weak already? Then pull yourself up with your hands. Put your hands on my shoulder. Yeah, like that.

A: … I’m going now. Nngh! *thrusting*

A: Hngh… ah… it’s tight to the point of hurting, but it’s also irresistibly good. Haah… hagh…!

A: Hah… haa… I’m going to move. *thrusting*

A: Ngh… hrgh… such a thin waist. I can grab it however I want and thrust into it… ngh! Hagh! Gngh… hah…!

A: It feels like my length is going to thrust out of your stomach, mgh! Haa… hah…!

A: Down here, the mark on your abdomen, ngh… hah… This mark that says you belong to me, hngh… is turning me on. Mmgh… hah…! It’s like it’s asking me to go into you more. Haagh… hah…!

A: This thrusting isn’t enough. Mrgh… I’m gonna stand up. Hold onto me tight. Ngh… grgh…!


A: It’s so good. Your hold, ngh… haah… is wrapping around me, grgh…! When you’re clinging onto me like this, ungh… haa… hah… I end up thinking it’s cute. Haa… hagh…!

A: This was only because of a course of events and yet… ngh… before I knew it, I’m so engrossed in you and moving my hips. Hngh… ungh…!

A: Gngh… I’m going… to release…! Hagh… haa… hah…!

A: I’m coming…! Haa… hah… I’m letting it all… out! Hagh… hah…! *he orgasms*

A: Haa… hah… dammit, I want to touch you more. Open your mouth. I’ll taste you to the back of your throat. Nngh…! *kisses*


A: Haha… you’re boneless. You came hard, didn’t you? Hngh… *kisses*

A: What an honest woman—no, mate. It makes me want to pamper you.

A: … Mm? What is it? Are you sleepy?

A: Then sleep deeply, haha. I’ll also go to sleep.

A: … Good night.

*** TRACK 6: Threaten ***

*door knocking*

A: *yawns* What?

L: *opens door* It’s already evening. You’re still sleeping?

A: I’m off duty today, aren’t I? It became late while I was sleeping.

L: You’re the one making a mistake by doing it in the morning. Let me in.

A: Ngh, what?

L: *to heroine* Yo, it’s been a while. Heh, did you get completely used to living and rutting with Anthony?

A: *blocks heroine* Grr, what is this all of a sudden? Don’t get close. *to heroine* It’s alright, I’m beside you.

L: … Oh? You ended up using the spell.

A: You can tell?

L: No duh. For someone who was as wary as a cat to become so indulgent in just a few days is weird! Hah, I can’t believe you got so attached you even used the spell. Are you serious? For a human!?

A: For you to rush over like this… what happened?


A: Oh… I see. Today’s the day your parents were…

L: That’s right. My dad and mom… were… slaughtered by humans! All of their teeth were pulled out! Gugh… their skin too… FUCKING HELL! I won’t forgive them… I WON’T FORGIVE THEM! GRRRRGH!!


A: … I told you before, didn’t I? Even if you rage at that fact, it’s misplaced to put it on her.

L: Grrrr…! Even still… I can’t bear being in the same town as a human. I’m going to report her to the beastmen monitors and hand her back to the human area.

A: Ggh! That’s…!

L: What’s with that look? No way…! Are you reluctant to let go of her!?

A: … To be honest… she’s a cute woman.

L: DAMMIT! I can’t believe you’re moved by affection for a human female! Grgh!

A: Calm down, Lepidus! If there’s anything I can do, then I’ll do it. Please overlook her!

L: … Then let me do her. I can’t help but feel pissed off. If I fuck her up, then I might feel better.

A: You’re going to do something reckless, aren’t you? There’s no way I can give you permission.

L: Isn’t it alright!? You were having fun when it was the three of us back then.

A: Uh… I… I’m not that inclined though…

L: Then keep watch. I’ll just do her. *to heroine* Come over here. *grabs heroine* I’m gonna borrow the bedroom.

A: W-wait!

[04:10] *scene skip*

L: Haa… hah… actually, I can’t forget about that time, haha. Open your mouth. I’ll suck on your tongue. *kisses*

L: Open it wider. Ngh! I’ll fuck you to the back of your throat. *kisses*

L: Gngh… haa…!

A: Gugh, don’t be so rough.

L: Heh, shut up. Just watch over there. *to heroine* It feels good, doesn’t it? Your breathing has risen and your cheeks are bright red. Are my kisses that good? Then I’ll do more. *kisses*

A: … Kgh, I’m feeling complicated.

L: Heh, yeah? Dammit, is this girl saying she wants Anthony?

A: … Come onto my lap. *kisses* It’ll be alright. I won’t let Lepidus do anything outrageous. Can you accept him? *heroine nods*

L: Is that so? Well, I’m fine with anything so long as I can do it.

A: You better do your best not to hurt her.

L: Yeah, yeah, I got it.

A: *to heroine* Open your mouth. Good girl. *kisses*

L: Haa… hah… heh, you’re making sweet noises. Fuck, I’m angry and yet why am I so turned on? If I touch you, will I understand it?

A: Lepidus, touch her breasts. They should be standing up and hard already.

L: Oh… wow, they really are. Her nipples are bright red and demanding attention. Nngh… mm!


L: Haa… hah… dammit, I want to shove myself in already.

A: Hm? Go ahead. I mated with her earlier, so that hole should be open. Right?

L: You said you were sleeping. Did you mean you were doing it earlier?

A: Heh. I was napping after finishing.

L: I see. Well, if Anthony has spread her open then I won’t be shy about taking my pleasure. Haah… wow, her hole is really twitching with hunger. Haha, are you embarrassed? Then, I’ll block it up right away. Mrgh…! Haa… hah!

A: Haha.

L: Ngh! Haagh… haa…!

A: *whispers* Your waist is fine. Take deep breaths.

L: Fuck! I feel like she’s better than before. Even though she’s a human…! Ggh… hah…! I’m going to move right now. *thrusting* Haa… hah… she’s contracting down here. Aren’t you wanting this a little too badly? Dammit! I’m gonna get obsessed.


A: *kisses* Nngh…

L: Haa… hagh…! Urgh, it’s too slow. I’m going to do it harder, yeah? Take this! Gngh! Hagh… hah…! Huh? What is it? Haa… hah…! Shut up! Grr…!

A: She wants to be held.

L: It’s so good, ngh…!

A: You can go deeper. Hug her tightly.

L: Haa… hagh…! I’m getting carried away, shit…! For this woman…! But… haha, it’s so fucking good. Ngh… gngh… I’m coming…! Haa… hah…! I’m going to let it all out. Look! Ungh! *he orgasms*

A: *kisses; to heroine* Mm. You did well. You were adorable.

L: Hah… haah… dammit, look at you two acting lovey-dovey in front of someone else.

*** TRACK 7: Forcibly Taken Away ***

A: Open wide… Haha, it’s delicious, isn’t it? *heroine nods* Mm. Sorry for pushing you so hard last night. Lepidus, that guy… what does he want?

A: Hm? You aren’t angry at Lepidus?

A: Haha, are you… interested in Lepidus? Don’t worry, I can’t leave him alone either. I see him as a troublesome little brother though.

A: If you also… nevermind, I’ll stop here for now.

A: Mm, today, I’ve decided to pamper you. I prepared lots of fruits. What do you want to eat next? Hm? This? Haha, sure. Open your mouth… Oh, there’s juice at the corner of your mouth. *licks* Nngh…

A: Haha, ah… you’re so cute. How about I let you taste my tongue next? Open your mouth… mngh. *kisses*

A: Your saliva tastes sweeter than usual, haha. Mm? You still want to eat? My tongue, or…? Haha! I got it, I got it. Don’t pout. I’ll give you the fruits. Open your mouth, haha. Mm, how should we pass the day? The weather’s nice, so why don’t we go out somewhere?


A: Oh, yeah, let’s see… It’s not a tourist area or anything, but there is a marketplace. Do you want to see it? *kisses*

A: Haha, mm, yeah, let’s go.

*scene skip; walking*

A: Oh, the marketplace over there sells the fruits we were just eating. Eh? Haha, I’m joking. How about we make some stew today? I can go hunting, but if there’s cheap tasty meat then the western—… Gngh!

A: *low growl* Who are you? What business do you have with us? What?! Beastmen monitors!?

A: *quiet* Shit… did Lepidus contact them?

A: From her parents!?

A: *quiet* Her parents requested a search…? It wasn’t Lepidus?

A: Hand her over…? What are you saying? She’s already my mate. There’s no way I’d hand her over! Ggh, I got permission from her parents. An official marriage… is going to happen later. Huh!? GIVE HER BACK! Ggh! *dragged away* GIVE HER BACK! Ngh…! GRRRGH!! LET ME GO! GRGH! GIVE HER… BACK! RAGH!

[05:06] *scene skip; door knocking*

A: Pardon my intrusion. It’s Anthony from the beastmen area.

L: And Lepidus.

A: *to heroine* Ah! Ah…! I finally get to see you.

L: For being separated for a week, she seems pretty healthy.

A: It’s obviously a show of courage! *to heroine* More importantly, aren’t you a bit skinnier? Being ripped away from me… must have been painful, right? *to everyone else* Ah, right, we need to have a conversation first. My apologies. I ended up forgetting myself after finally seeing my beloved mate.

L: In any case, let’s sit down.

A: Mm, you’re right. *to everyone* Once again, you have my gratitude for accepting the request to have a discussion. With respect to my mate, I would like to ask for her to be given to me… because she loves me.

L: … That’s right, she should want to be with Anthony. Huh, you’re asking why? That’s because… s—

A: Lepidus, quiet. You promised to just sit there.

L: A-ah, r-right. I’m just an attendant. I’ll leave it to you, Anthony.

A: Ahem. Like how she loves me, I love her. Beastmen who are separated from their mates… have a painful time living. Please, I want her to be returned to my side. *lowers head* That’s all.

L: … It’s true we should ask for her opinion…

A: I have no objections. *to heroine* What do you want? Do you want to go home with me? Or… ah, really!? Aah… I’m so glad!

L: *dryly* Isn’t that great? Congratulations. If you return after getting her parent’s permission, you can have an official marriage too.


A: Yeah, that’s right. Aah… I’m grateful. Thank god.

*scene skip*

L: Phew! Still, despite giving such an outrageous fake performance, we didn’t get found out. She’s been brainwashed by the spell, so you clearly knew she’d nod, right? Anthony, you didn’t have to go out of your way with that shitty acting, did you?

A: Huh? What are you saying?

L: Eh? W-what…? You were serious there!?

A: Ngh, shut up! I was just thinking that I’d do anything to get her back.

L: … When did… Dammit.

A: I know it too. That you also care about her.

L: Ggh, that’s not… No way!

A: Then why did you come with me today? I could have gone alone. Wasn’t it because you were worried?

L: I… uh… shut up, shut up, shut up! You’re misunderstanding!

A: Just be honest. She herself doesn’t hate you, Lepidus.

L: Hah!? W-what are you saying? I’ve only ever done horrible things to—ah… This is the first time you’ve called me Lepidus. You can’t possibly… But humans are…


A: She’s not the humans who killed your parents. You must know that too, right? Enough already and stop using that as an excuse to run away.

L: … Ggh, fuck.

A: *to heroine* Haha, I think you’re cute. I like you, so… will you be together with me? *heroine nods* I’d like you to be married to Lepidus too, like you are with me.

L: What!?

A: It’s possible. The shape of beastmen marriages is free because, depending on the tribe, they have their own peculiarities. I’d like to ask again, are you willing to become the wife of me and Lepidus?

L: Hey, don’t just go and decide things on your own!

A: Are you fine with me and her marrying then? I get relatively jealous, so in that case I won’t let you touch even one finger of her.

L: Ggh…

A: Right now, it’s still possible to have her.

L: Kgh, dammit! I get it! Tch, I have no choice. Humans… are pathetic, so I gotta protect you.

A: Haha! *to heroine* He’s saying that, but his tail is swaying in happiness, heh. Lepidus is easy to understand, isn’t he? Haha.

*** TRACK 8: For Forever ***

A: This place is our new home. Do you like it? *heroine nods* I see. Great! It was worth all the effort.

L: Ooh? Just what I expected from the watch group leader. You prepared a nice home. But, hey, isn’t this window a bit too big? She can be seen from the outside.

A: I’ve prepared thick curtains and there’s also window shutters. Heh, you’ve become a complete worrywart.

L: Ngh! Shut up! It’s her fault for being weak, right? She’s so tiny and smells so good. If other beastmen get ideas…

A: Haha, calm down. The two of us can take turns protecting her. Heh, you worry too much.

L: *heroine pulls him* Gngh, what? You wanna say I’m nagging too much? Ugh, don’t thank me with a smile! Dammit…

A: Haha. *tugs heroine* Won’t you smile at me too? It’s not fair to smile only at Lepidus, right? Heh. Aah, you’re so cute. *kisses* Ah, I just remembered, you haven’t seen the bedroom. Hehe, I’ll show you.

[02:16] *scene skip; door opens*

A: This is the bedroom. You know… the meaning of coming here, right? Mn…

L: Haah… you’re too impatient.

A: Heh, you say that but, Lepidus, your breathing is rough too.

L: Ggh… hah… s-shut up. You too, right?

A: Haha. *to heroine* How’s the bed? I chose a sturdy one that won’t break even if the three of us are on it and moving. Hm? Haha, you’re silent again. If you don’t say anything clearly, then I’ll just do what I want. O-oh! Haha, that’s not fair. If you hug me, then I can’t do anything but pamper you.

L: Hey, don’t leave me out!

A: Hm? Oh, my bad. We had just been separated and, while I was arranging for our new home, I’ve been busy so we haven’t been able to do anything. I ended up getting too into her.

L: Ggh, look at me when you say that.

A: Hrm? Yeah, yeah. Anyway, let’s get on the bed. *to heroine* Heh, that’s alright with you, right? *gets on bed* Look over here and come onto my lap.


L: Haa… hah… oh right, just to make things perfect, tonight is the full moon.

A: Heh, there’s still time before the sun sets. Moreover, I’ve taken medicine so don’t worry. *kisses* Well… there’s no way my desire for you can be suppressed from just drinking the medicine, hehe. *kisses*

L: Let’s hurry up and get those annoying clothes off of you. Here we go…!

A: *kisses* Don’t rip them.

L: Haha, I know. *to heroine* Come on, raise your arms. There we go! Aah, your back is smooth too. Looks delicious… ngh… *kisses*

A: Heh, you’re concentrating on your back. How is Lepidus’ touch? Good…? That makes me jealous. I want to make you forget yourself too. *kisses*

L: Mngh… ah…

A: Nrgh… mgh… haha, you’re being loved from the front and the back. Your face is all dazed, heh.

L: Hey, give her over here. Show me her face.

A: Haha, alright—oh!

L: Huh? What is it?

A: … The mark… is gone!?


L: The mark… Huh!? You mean the spell?

A: Yeah… when exactly did it…? The brainwashing is lifted. You can’t tell…?

L: That reminds me of something my mother said, “Even when the mark is placed on a human by the spell, if they truly love one another, then the mark will disappear and they’ll live happily together for the rest of their lives”.

A: Now that you mention it… but I thought that was just a fairy tale told to kids. Aah… you decided, out of your own will, to be our wife, didn’t you? Ngh! Ah! I’m happy. I’m so happy. Thank you.

L: Dammit! That’s not fair for Anthony to get everything. Gngh… even I… l-like you… so… *quiet* I’m really freaking happy that you’ve accepted both of us. You’re so small it feels like you’ll get crushed under us and yet your heart is so big.

A: Haha, that’s right. That’s her good point. To say it again, I like you. I love you. Will you marry us… and become our wife?

L: Will you be our real mate? *heroine nods* Haha! Dammit, I can’t hold back anymore. *kisses* Haa… hah…!

A: … Next is me. *kisses* Aah, I don’t have any patience. I want to be in you right now.


L: Haah… hah… but we have to stretch her. Hagh… haa…

A: Haha, you say that but you look like you’re at your limit. *to heroine* How about you? Do you think you can accept one of us right now? *heroine nods* Heh.

L: Really…? Will you be OK?

A: Hehe, face Lepidus then. I’ll caress you from behind.

L: Oh! Woah there. If it hurts, you can cling onto me and even dig your nails into me, OK?

A: Haa… I’m putting it in. Nngh…! Mrgh… ah…! Good girl, you’re swallowing me to the base. Hngh, it feels… really good. Mgh! Haa… hah… I’m going to move slowly. Nngh… mn… *kisses* Haa… hah… can you tell that you’re being opened up? It’s the proof that I’m… that we’re being accepted, haha. Nrgh… hah… you’re squeezing me down here and enticing me. *thrusting*

L: Hagh… haa…! Gngh, hey… y-you’re being too rough all of a sudden, aren’t you?

A: Grrgh… hah… hagh…! But she… looks like she’s loving it… haah… Look at her face.

L: Ngh… hah… ah… you’re right. She has a sexy look that’s turning me on. *kisses*


A: Hngh… grgh…! *thrusting* Lepidus’ kisses… seem to make you feel good… hah… hagh…! But don’t forget… about me over here…! Nrgh… grgh…! I’m being strangled, ngh… crap…! I’m coming…! Ggh… hah…! *he orgasms* Haha, I wanted to enjoy myself more too…

L: Haagh… haah…! Next is my turn.

A: Haa… hah… I guess I have no choice. *pulls out* Nngh…

L: Come over here. I’m going in… gngh…! Haha…! Wow… you’re drenched inside, ngh… It’s so slippery I’m entering deep inside instantly… hah… ngh…! Damn, I’m going to move! *thrusting*

A: … Hah…

L: Hagh… hah… ah…! I can understand why Anthony came instantly…! Aah…! Feels crazy good… this…! Haa… agh…!

A: *low* When I think about you being pleasured by Lepidus, happiness and frustration mixes together… and I get turned on… mm… Haha, ah… so cute. Lose yourself more… hah…


L: Dammit, shut up! Gngh… hah…! Be quiet and let her focus on me…! Ngh… hah…! Look only at me! *kisses; thrusting* Haa… hah… I’m going to fill you up inside with beastmen sperm. Take it all… ngh… kgh! *he orgasms*

A: … Haha! Satisfied?

L: Haa… hah… no way. I can still go on.

A: Heh. *grabs heroine* Grrr… ah, that’s how it is, so… you can go once more, right?

L: I’m going to fuck you into oblivion. Grrrgh!

A: Haha, we’ll love you thoroughly.

[20:14] *scene skip*

A: Ah! Welcome back! What were the results of the medical exam? You haven’t been feeling well recently, so I’ve been worried sick.

L: Calm down, Anthony. Don’t corner her so forcefully. It isn’t just her alone now.

A: Ah…! You mean…!

L: Yeah, she’s pregnant.

A: Aah, thank god! *hugs heroine* Thank you. I love you.

L: *licks* Me too. I like you. I love you.

Netoru: Anthony, Irakusa Netoru.

Pegasus: Lepidus, Umanami Pegasus.

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    Runa-chan said:
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    Where did you find this CD? I think i’m kinda want to listen to it

      Ilinox responded:
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      I always link the site at the beginning of the post. Unfortunately, unlike most other KZentertainment CDs, this one doesn’t have an electronic version on DLsite and you’d have to get a proxy service to order it from KZentertainment’s actual site.

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