Akujin no Nieyome

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Amane (アマネ)
CV: 三楽章​

The Evil God’s Sacrificial Bride

You returned to your parent’s home after a long time and played at an old shrine with your cousin who came to the house by chance.

However, the next thing you suddenly knew, your cousin disappeared.

Thinking that she might have entered the forest behind the shrine, you entered the forest to search for your cousin.

But as you searched and searched and started to grow panicked when you couldn’t find her, you heard a voice coming from somewhere. Just when you looked around the area strangely, a man descended from above you.

The man who descended was called Amane and he said he would look for your cousin.

Anxious, the moment you accepted his proposal he spread his large wings and drew near you, telling you that he was an evil god.

“As I am not a benevolent god, I will be claiming a reward afterwards.”

Thank you to Adachi for the second commission! R18 warning and sadism, humiliation, spanking, anal. You can grab this on the ENG DLsite and JP DLsite.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Forest of No Return ***

Amane: Hello, to that little lady over there.

A: What is one like you doing in a place such as this?

A: No, I’m not over there.

A: Oh no, no, I’m not over there either.

A: Unfortunately, I’m not behind you either.

A: Above you. Up above.

A: *drops down* How do you do? Ah, there is no need for you to be so frightened. It is not like I am thinking of harming you.

A: Now then, I shall ask you once more. What is one like you doing in a place such as this?

A: Twilight is oft called the witching hours, no? To enter the forest alone at a time like this is an act of suicide.

A: Oh dear, you’re looking for someone…?

A: Hehe, well, I may have seen her and I may not have seen her. At the very least, she is nowhere in this vicinity.

A: Please wait. Allow me to find that lost child. I’m certain that child is someone precious to you, yes? If that wasn’t the case, then you wouldn’t risk danger and enter this dark forest alone.


A: Hehe. To express my respect towarsd that courage, allow me to find her.

A: Yes, yes, of course. For someone such as I, it is nothing to find something in an instant within this dark and large forest. I shall send her safely to where you live.

A: Hahaha! My eyes are very good. Moreover, if I search from above then I should be able to find her immediately. *reveals wings*

A: Oh dear, I surprised you, did I not?

A: My name is Amane. I am this land’s god. But then again, there is barely anyone who believes in me in these lands… and I have fallen out of the realm of being a god. Well, in a way, I am still a god and so finding someone is trivial.

A: Mm, yes, that’s right. I was worshipped at that shrine. You frequently go to that dilapidated place, do you not? Do you know how happy that made me, who was always alone?

A: Hehe… that was a long time ago though.

A: Now, I shall go and find her immediately. Please wait here for a moment.

A: Oh, that reminds me, I forgot to say something. I am not a benevolent god. Virtuous gods help people without seeking compensation, but I am not one of them and so I shall come to you for compensation afterwards.

A: Hehehe… now then, please wait here for the moment. *flies away*

[04:50] *scene skip*

A: Oh dear, I asked you to wait for a moment and you’ve moved quite the distance.

A: Heh, I understand. You tried to leave this forest, did you not? You became frightened at the word “compensation”, I see.

A: Ah, if you mean that child, then she is standing in the entrance of your home, befuddled.

A: Hehe, she is a cute child who has traces of your features. I can understand your feelings of love for her.

A: Now then, I properly fulfilled my promise. Thus, I shall be taking my compensation…

A: It’s nothing difficult.

A: I just desire… a mate.

A: Mate? Ah, yes, would it be easier to understand if I said I wish for a bride?

A: Aah, your face reddened. Indeed, you are adorable.

A: Yes, that’s right. I would like to have you as my bride. *heroine backs away* Heh… hehehe! What are you saying is impossible? I fulfilled my promise properly. Thus, you must also properly pay the price. It was a promise, was it not?


A: What need is there to reject me? Oh, are you wondering what will happen when you disappear?

A: There is no need to worry. I will erase your existence cleanly from reality. Therefore… there is nothing to be concerned over. For a god, who has been reduced to this state, that is still possible. Now then, come to me. *heroine pushes him and runs*

A: Oh my, hehe. Such a hoyden… my bride. Doing something like this is futile, hehehe… *fades out*

*scene skip*

A: Where are you heading, my lovely little bride.

A: Hehehe! You can’t escape this forest just by running. This is the land that I govern, after all. You won’t be able to go outside while I have a barrier in place… for an eternity.

A: Now, the sun has fallen. Let us go to the house you and I will live in from now on.

A: You’re stubborn… It’s not my preference to be forceful, but we are not children and we cannot amuse ourselves indefinitely on clever games like this.

A: Hm, I have no choice then. *grabs heroine; flies* Now, let us be off, my princess.

A: Oh dear, she lost consciousness. Hehe, well, I suppose that’s not unreasonable.

[09:28] *scene skip; shoji slides open*

A: Oh, you have woken?

A: Like I mentioned before, this place is our home.

A: Fragrance? Aah, I am burning incense. It is sweet like a peach and carries a nice smell, no? I thought it would ease your nervousness, you see.

A: Hmm… *strokes heroine’s hair* ah, being able to touch you directly like this… It has been a long time, has it not? Every time you were there, I would watch you from a distance. You were often there as a child and yet, recently, I haven’t been able to see you at all and so…

A: … I was extremely lonely.

A: Why… did you stop coming?

A: Ah, I see. You only returned today.

A: … Ah, how wretched! Why did such a thing happen?

A: People disappear all too quickly like this. Haah…

A: It was a sorrowful time when I could not see you. Once, a long time ago, there was an instance where I tried to make you my bride much like this time. However, at that age, you did not have a body that could bear children yet.


A: When you come to this side, the growth and aging of your body stops. If your body stopped growing in one that couldn’t bear children, then you would not be able to become a mate. Consequently, I released you.

A: However, even if it was impossible, I should have left you by my side and I regretted this often.

A: Well, it doesn’t matter since I was able to bring you to me like this though, hehe. You will become my mate. No… the rites have been concluded while you were sleeping and so you are already my mate.

A: Look, as proof, there is a black mark on your left ring finger, no?

A: I too have the same mark.

A: That is the proof. We are finally bound.

A: Oh dear, are you alright? The drug is taking effect, so it is better not to move around recklessly.

A: Yes, this incense. There is an aphrodisiac compound in there which is quite effective on women. It was burning since the sun set and now it is just past midnight, so your body which has inhaled the incense in this room for quite a long time should now have that compound progressing through your body, and… with your anger, your temperature has suddenly risen, making this compound suddenly spike in you.

A: Haha, look, you’re staggering and… your heart is hammering, uncontrollably desiring a man.

A: This is our bridal night, you see. This is the greatest of my consideration for an unforgettable night, hehehe.

A: Currently, your feelings are trapped in the physical world, but once you bear a child… those feelings will lean towards me and the child, no?

A: Now… I shall give you my seed. *kisses*

*** TRACK 2: Fragrance and Sadistic Desires ***

A: Now then, you don’t have to be so nervous and simply entrust yourself to me. Don’t worry, nothing frightening will happen. *kisses*

A: Ngh, it is futile to reject me to this extent. You have already exchanged vows with me.

A: Mm? Ah, when I stroke your head, you seem to find it comfortable. Hehe… *kisses*

A: Come now, open your mouth… wider. Nn…

A: Good girl.

A: Don’t move your tongue away. Mmn…

A: *heroine shoves him* Gngh! No…? Your expression is dazed already, so what are you still against?

A: Is it that you’re terrified of the pleasure? Don’t worry, it’ll soon become a habit. *kisses*


A: Look, there’s a thread between us. Moreover, most of your strength seems to have left your body. You wouldn’t even be able to sit without my support right now, no? Now, give me your entirety.

A: *heroine shoves him* Oh! Hahaha! I have seen many women, but this is the first time I have seen a girl so against me despite being so bewitched. However… it is better that you stop resisting so much in vain. This is a warning.

A: Yes. A warning.

A: If you continue to resist adorably like that, you will arouse my sadism. I want to love you gently, tenderly, and as if you were wrapped in cotton; but if you adopt such a brusque attitude then… I end up wanting to break you. Hehehe. Therefore, be a good girl. For your own sake as well.

A: Hm, well, in the end, it won’t change that I will be giving you my seed. However, the act is accompanied with a process, no? *kisses*

A: A good girl will receive tender love. A bad girl will receive an obscene punishment. Hehehe.


A: Earlier, when I changed you, I caught a view of your body and you’re so beautiful I fell in love. Pale skin with no blemishes is such a temptation.

A: I find the line of your neck to your collarbone gorgeous and lovable. *kisses*

A: You are so dear. I want to suck on this. Nn…

A: Each time I suck on this spot, your body jerks a little… I wonder, does this spot feel nice?

A: Let us make red blooms. *kisses* More and more…


A: Next will be on your collarbone. Haa… mm…

A: Haha, the area around your neck has become lively with red blossoms. It’s distinct against your beautiful skin and looks wonderful.

A: Aah, your chest has lady-like gentle swells and they are adorable. When I touch them, there is a sense of suppleness. Hah… haa…

A: I wish to touch them forever. The tips of your breast too… are this hard and lovable. You wish for me to touch this place too, do you not?

A: Oh dear, looking down and being silent… Your reaction is truly cute. I know, even without you telling me. I shall touch you.

A: Mm… oh my, what is the matter? You look shocked. Mm… haha.

A: Aah, hahaha… haha! Could it be too much stimulation? I suppose that would be the case. Your erogenous zones have become quite sensitive due to the aphrodisiac, and so it is possible you can achieve climax just with your nipples being touched.

A: Your entire body has become especially sensitive, like an erogenous zone. Look… haha, in the end, treating you gently is extremely difficult. I get aroused seeing a cute girl descend and become distorted from pleasure.


A: I have broken almost all of my sacrificial brides up to now. They gave off such adorable screams, sank deeply into the sea of pleasure… and never returned from there. Well, I also lost interest after I broke them and I sent all of them to the next world, but…

A: Heh… hehehe! Remembering them arouses me.

A: That is all in the past though.

A: Now, you too… please fall into more pleasure. Mm… haha… mhm…

A: Such a pleasing reaction… hehe…

A: Ah, your tears…! *kisses*

A: You no longer have any strength in your arms, yes? Heheh… hehe.

A: Drown more and more in this pleasure. *kisses*

A: It feels good to be stroked by my tongue, yes? My fingers or my tongue… I wonder which one you prefer? Do you like it when I pinch you as hard as I can? Or… mm… do you like it when I suck as hard as I can? Which one do you prefer?


A: Hehe, I didn’t clearly hear what you said. If you do not line your words up properly then I won’t understand. Come now, which one do you prefer? Nngh…

A: Mm? Ah, you truly climaxed just from your breasts. Hehe, the effects of this incense is really tremendous.

A: Even if you request for me to stop, I am afraid I cannot accept that. The reason why… is because this immodest place is still desiring pleasure. What a loud noise, no? This squelching indecent noise.

A: Heh, it’s futile even if you try to close your legs. You have no strength whatsoever, no? You should just give your body to pleasure. Hehe.

A: Mm… mhm… haha…

A: Aah, I’m simply caressing you and you are even wetter than before. This spot, the most sensitive spot… is insisting on being touched. How obscene. If I stroke this spot, you will likely feel unbearably good again. I believe you will climax again while tears spill from those large eyes of yours.


A: Mm, ah, just as I expected. If I wiggle my fingers like this… You’re already screaming. To think you feel it that deeply, heheh… I don’t mind if you continue to reach your peak. Each time you do, I shall count it for you. Haha…!

A: Mm? Hahah!

A: One… haah… haa… mm…

A: Gngh… hagh… two…

A: Ngh, this is such a superb view. Looking down on my beloved who is unable to resist and can only reach her peak… It sends shivers down my spine. Heheh…

A: Oh! Three… hah…

A: Is it painful now? Heheh. Oh dear, I am being extremely gentle, am I not? I haven’t done anything cruel, painful, or what you don’t like. I am only giving you pleasure. Although, it is true that I am aroused to a certain extent and unable to suppress my sadism, heheh…

A: Ah, you’re about to climax again, aren’t you?


A: It’s coming out…? Ah, you mean squirting. Please, go ahead. I don’t mind if you let it out just like that.

A: Your innocence is adorable. It is your fault for being so lovable. It makes me want to torment you more and more…

A: Certainly not. It is impossible for me to stop.

A: I thought… about seeing you squirt from up close, you see. *gives oral*

A: It’s best you do not endure. You’re already far too gone, no? Nngh, come now… let it out.

A: Mngh…! *swallows*

A: It was extremely delicious. Thank you for the meal.

A: Oh my, it is too early for a break, no? We’ll be moving to the real performance from here. Come now, can you see this? It is because you were so charming that I have become this hard, hehe.

*** TRACK 3: Copulation ***

A: It’s been a long time since I was so hard. Like how you yearn for me down here… I also wish to be inside you.

A: Now… I shall enter you. I’m certain it will feel wonderful, particularly to the extent where you forget about everything else and fall. Haah… ah… do you know how long I waited for this day? With this, you are now… mine… and mine alone. Nngh! Ungh!

A: You’re so tight, heheh…

A: Now, I’ve told you many times already, that I only become aroused when you resist. It’ll make me want to enter myself to the base all at once. Haa… ah, could that be your desire though? Yes, yes, then… I will do as you wish… ngh! Ggh!

A: Hngh… I’m in…


A: Haha… hahah! Come now, look! I am inside you, to your very depths. This day… just how long did I wait for this day!? Heheh… heheheh! Hahahah!

A: Why must I pull out? We are finally joined together now. From here, I need to press against your deepest spot and sow my seed, so I cannot possibly pull out, no? Heheh. I shall be moving now. Nngh… ah… *thrusting*

A: It’s as if you do not wish for me to leave… you’re clenching down on me. Ngh… agh…

A: It… feels very nice. Ungh… haa… hah…

A: I wonder… where you feel the most pleasure. Here…? Or… over here? Mngh… hagh… ah! Here, I see. Heheh, your hips just jumped right now. I will thrust against this spot, gngh…! Please climax a lot. Haa… hah…


A: You know you don’t have to restrain yourself. Holding things back is poisonous to the body. Come now, climax. Haa… hagh…

A: Ungh! Aah… to climax when you’re being ravaged by me. Ngh… haah…

A: Hehe, how adorable you are. You’re still contracting down here. Gngh… I don’t feel as if I can restrain myself anymore. Haah… I will be moving more violently. Hrgh… mngh…!

A: Perhaps it is because you just climaxed but, ungh, every time I move there are ripples down here, nrgh… It truly feels amazing… hah… I feel as if I will become addicted. Mngh… hah…!

A: Haa… hah… the noise is incredible, is it not? This is the first time I’ve heard such incessant sounds of wetness, hahah. Oh dear, are you about to reach the peak again? Go ahead, climax as many times as you want, hundreds or countless times! Nrgh! Haa… ah…! *thrusting; kisses*


A: Does it feel good when it hurts? You squeeze down hard when we kiss. Haa… hah…

A: You’re outrageously obscene, aren’t you? Ungh! Hahaha, how adorable. Aah… ah… *kisses; thrusting*

A: That expression of yours… arouses me so much. Haah… show me a look that’s even more immersed in pleasure. Hah… hagh…!

A: Ungh… hah… I am about to climax as well. I will be pouring you full of seed, so… hah… be sure to accept it and conceive. Ngh…! Gngh!

A: Even if you struggle like that, it only contracts your lower half and it feels pleasurable. Moreover, I am this snug inside you… it isn’t possible for you to escape, you see. Come now, give up! Haa… hah…! *heroine slaps him* Gngh!


A: Aah… it has been a long time since I felt pain. First, there has been no one who would think of harming a god such as me. To begin with, I have not involved myself with others for many years and so I have forgotten this sensation…

A: You… are a disobedient girl, aren’t you? Or… should I judge you as someone with talent who excels at agitating another? *shoves heroine down*

A: I have warned you again and again! That you should not agitate me! However, you have ignored that and continued to incite me. I would have been gentle if you were quiet and obedient… You could have simply been happy with pleasure…! But that is no longer possible.

A: Haa… hah… I cannot endure anymore. I wish to completely break you. I will shatter you until there is nothing left undamaged EXCEPT FOR AN OBEDIENT SLAVE!

A: … Those are the emotions dominating me right now.

A: Aah! Ah! That is a lovely expression. Those lips, which are trembling from terror… that pale complexion… those eyes filled with regret…! It is such a desirable look. Ngh… mgh! *thrusting*


A: Hahahah! Surprised when I started moving all of a sudden? Ungh… ah, it feels so pleasurable… when I grab your hips like this and become reckless… you clench down even more than before, mngh!

A: Furthermore, that expression… mngh… that face, messy with tears, where terror and pleasure are mixed, gngh… gives me so much excitement. Ngh… hah…!

A: Grgh… mrgh…! I really am about to climax… hah… right here, in your very depths, I will release it all into your womb. Hagh… haah…!

A: Gugh… I’m coming…! Kgh! Ungh… ah… hah… *he orgasms*

A: It’s still… releasing… haah… It feels so good… hah… It’s been a while since it felt so nice. My body and my heart… are content.

A: … It felt extremely nice, heheh. Indeed, just as I said, you are now bewitched.

A: Mm? Pull out…? Ah, I don’t mind. I shall remove myself for now. Nn…


A: Heheh, here, take a look. I released a lot and now it is flowing out.

A: What are you averting your eyes for? Take a good look.

A: Good gracious, heheh. It seems I shall have to show you forcefully.

A: In this position, it will enter your vision regardless of your wishes. Ah, look, the seed flowing out of your vagina is dripping down… Heheh, it got on your face. How is it? The feeling of the seed that was in you now on your face? Is it humiliating? Is it embarrassing?

A: Heh… haha! The seed that dripped down and stained your face and chest is such a splendid sight, no? I feel as if I will harden again.

A: Mm? You’re truly crying now! Aah, wonderful. Those sobs send irresistible shivers down my spine. Hehehe, I wanted to stop but, as I expected, it really is difficult. I am hard again. I must get rid of it.

A: This time… why don’t I violate you as hard as I can from behind? Come now, get on your knees and turn around.


A: It’s impossible…? No, I won’t permit that. It is pathetic to say you’re done when I have only entered you once. Now, turn around, quick. Do you wish to be embarrassed again?

A: Raise your bottom. Yes, good girl.

A: Hehe… this is a shapely bottom. It makes me want to strike it as hard as I can. *spanks* Haha, that voice just now was extremely sensual. A short but sweet scream. Did that feel good? Heh, why don’t I give you some more strikes. *spanks*

A: Haha! *spanks* HAHAH! Your adorable bottom has become bright red!

A: … No, I won’t stop. I told you, did I not? That voice is sensual and pleasant. I should have prepared a whip as well. Red welts on that pale skin of yours will surely stand out distinctly. *spanks* Well, I will restrain myself to this hand for now. A whip will be prepared one of these days, so please look forward TO IT! *spanking*

A: Aah, your bottom has been stained from pure white to pure black. It’s beautiful, you know? Heheh. Those pained sobs are extremely arousing, hehe. I wish to listen to more and more of those beautiful screams.

A: Oh, this place hasn’t been given favor yet, so I am certain you will scream in pain, yes?

A: Mm, hehe, do you know which place I am going to torture next? Yes, that’s right. Next, I will be tormenting your anus. On this lovable and tightly closed hole… I shall spread my seed, which has been dripping out of your treasured place… and then forcibly push my finger in…


A: Oh, it went in surprisingly easy. Hehe.

A: Look, it’s gone in deep now. Well, the sense of discomfort must be extreme though, haha.

A: I’ll be moving now. Nngh… mm…

A: Aah, it’s tighter than your other hole. Perhaps that is a matter of course, or perhaps that is not a matter of course. I’m sure your face must be twisting with pain right now. The moment I think this I shiver with excitement.

A: Hehe, mhm… does it hurt that much? Heheh… *whispers* it’ll gradually become pleasurable though. Hahah… haah…

A: How is it? Heheh…

A: Hm? I believe I heard a pleased voice just now? It can’t be… that you’re already feeling pleasure from your anus? Haa… good grief, there is a limit to how debauched one can be. You’re a naughty girl, heheh.


A: In that case, why don’t I add another finger. Mngh…

A: Ah, it entered easily. By nature, the anus isn’t a place to feel pleasure from. It’s for excretion. To be in so much pleasure from such a place! Good gracious… you’re a deviant.

A: Hahaha! Don’t get carried away when you try to lie. You’re making those noises and juices are dripping down from your front hole and dirtying the floor, so how can you say you are not feeling pleasure?

A: Haah… a liar needs to be punished, do they not?

A: … I shall put myself in here.

A: Gngh! How is it impossible? You were in so much pleasure when I was playing with your anus… so this will enter you soon too. Ngh… haah… Now, relax your body. Putting on a bold front will only lengthen your suffering. Give up already. Mgh…

A: Yes, good girl. Now then, I shall enter you all at once. So, please endure it as best as you can. Grgh! Aah… it’s quite tight, but it’s not to the extent where I cannot move, yes? Haa… hagh… the squeeze feels pleasurable, ungh…


A: Yes, haa… hah… I am well aware. That this would be painful for you. It was my intention to slowly accustom you to this after the intercourse between you and I became more familiar… ngh… however, you are the one at fault. Haah… haa…

A: Ngh! Ah, why are you so dumb? When you’re like that… ngh! Ugh! It feels… good… hagh… It’s because you react the way I prefer, ngh… that I can torment you. Haa… hah! *thrusting*

A: Moving… has become a bit easier, has it not? Haah… hah…

A: Is it because you have grown accustomed? Haa…! That was quite fast. Normally, it should still hurt and be agonizing to where your breaths are feeble. Hahaha, you’re a considerable masochist, aren’t you? I wonder where you are sensitive…

A: Here? Ungh… haa… hah… or, ngh, here? Gugh… haah…

A: This place… seems to be pleasurable for you. Haa… hah… hngh! Agh!

A: I also… feel very good. Haa… hah…!


A: Ngh, that’s a lovely voice. I’m very happy, you know? For you to feel this much pleasure from either hole… ah… ngh… I enjoyed how wet your front hole was, but this one is tight and constantly clenching down. Both holes feel good. Mrgh… hagh…!

A: It’s somewhat regrettable that I cannot see your face. You’re making such delighted noises that your face must have a wonderful expression too, ungh… ah…! It feels good…! I’m about to release soon…! I’ll also fill this place up, gngh…!

A: Haah… hagh…!

A: I really can’t… go on anymore, ngh…! I’m coming…! Gugh…! Coming…! Ah! *he orgasms*

A: Haa… hah…

A: Haha, amazing. Seed is dripping down in globs from your front and back… heheh.

A: It’s a splendid sight, is it not?

A: Oh dear, she lost consciousness. Haah… humans honestly have no stamina. Oh well, we have infinite time. I’ll slowly take my time and make you into a suitable bride. Heheh… hehehe!

*** TRACK 4: The Results of Training ***

*heroine giving blowjob*

A: Haa… like I taught you the other day, be sure to take it to the back of your throat. Yes, ngh, deep into your throat… ah… yes, like that. You can do it when you put your mind to it, no? Haah… hah…

A: Yes, move your tongue regularly… mgh… like that. It feels pleasurable… hah…

A: You’ve grown quite a lot since our first night together. You listened to what I said properly and have become obedient. Haah… haa… hahah, it makes me pleased that you seem to have learned that as long as you are meek you will receive kindness. Mn… yes, more…

A: Aah, keep going… In truth, I’d like you to use your hand as well, but they’re tied behind your back so I suppose there’s nothing to be done about that. Moreover, if it’s you, then just by doing your best with your mouth you—mngh, you can make me climax, yes?

A: Haah… use your throat and tongue as hard as you can. Mm… haa…


A: You’ve improved so much. It was worth teaching you before. I am truly pleased. Ungh… ah…! I’m going to… come. I’m going to release it on top of your tongue and you cannot swallow it yet, haah… you understand, yes? Ngh… hah…! I’m coming…! *he orgasms*

A: Hagh… haa…

A: Now, open your mouth.

A: Then, while amply tasting what is in your mouth, drink it little by little. You can do it, can’t you? Yesterday, you spat it out halfway through but if you do the same today… I will strike your bottom again.

A: You can do it when try, see? You’ve become quite well-behaved.

A: Now then, I shall give you a reward. Come, tell me what you desire.


A: You want your blindfold to be removed? I cannot do that.

A: I thought to have it on you for this entire day. Without your sight, all your other senses have become amplified, no? Is that not interesting?

A: Moreover, you yourself feel pleasure from that, no? Unable to move your body and even your sight is gone… It arouses sadistic feelings, does it not? I know the truth. That you are a deviant who derives pleasure from humiliation and becomes aroused.

A: Hehe, it’s useless to deny it. Even now, this place is that wet.

A: Come now, I haven’t even touched you today and yet you’re this soaked. Your arms are bound, your sight obstructed, and you were forced to swallow me… You feel pleasure from me taunting you with words like these, no? Heheh.

A: … How about accepting your masochism already? If you honestly admit that you love to be tormented then… I’ll push you down into an even greater state of ecstasy. Don’t you wish to fall to a place where you can no longer climb out?


A: If you do not speak then… why don’t I leave you alone like this?

A: Everything shall be postponed until you become honest.

A: Heheh, I am going to head out for a short while. Oh, yes, I shall also light this incense that you so love. Hehehe! Now then, excuse me. *leaves*

*scene skip; shoji screen opens*

A: I have returned… Oh my, your blindfold has slipped. Your hair is in such disarray, it looks like you’ve been persevering. It’s extremely pleasing to see your futile struggles, haha. Well, it doesn’t seem as if you removed the binding on your arms.

A: You’re making such seductive eyes at me. Those eyes which desire pleasure… are adorable.

A: However, there are things which cannot be conveyed without words. Now, what do you desire? This time, you will tell me, yes?


A: You wish for me to touch you…? Yes, of course.

A: You wish for me to stroke your head gently like this, yes?

A: No…? I didn’t hear anything but to touch you though? You didn’t tell me where. If there is some place you wish me to touch, then you need to clearly point out where or else I won’t understand.

A: … If you don’t say, you will only remain in pain. Now, tell me clearly. Where and how do you want it?

A: Hehehe! Yes, well done. Then, I shall touch you. Nngh… *fingering heroine*

A: Aah, does it feel that good? Your eyes are rolling back, hehe. I’ll make you feel better and better… Here, at this place which has hardened… I’ll play around with it too.

A: Mm, oh dear, you’re bending your back. It feels that pleasurable? Gngh… you must be overjoyed, haha. You probably can’t even hear my voice anymore. You can’t think of anything else but pleasure. You are a prisoner of pleasure, hehe. That’s a lovely expression. *kisses*


A: Now, keep going until you can no longer return. Heheh. Hehehe!

A: Haa… hah…

A: *stops* Yes, of course… is what I wish to say, but it’s not good to spoil you too much either. It’s about time for you to provide compensation for the pleasure you were given.

A: Yes, that is precisely what I mean. Vow to abandon everything and become mine alone. Now, say it… Once you do, you will become the happiest person in the world.

A: … Good girl. It really is best when you are obedient. Now then, I shall put this in. *disrobes; thrusts in*

A: Gngh! It’s hot…! This is how long you waited for me, yes? Haha, I wanted to be joined to you too… haah… Then, I’ll move now. Ungh… hagh… you’re squeezing so hard just from this slight movement… ngh!

A: Mrgh… you like this spot, yes? Haa… hah… each time I strike this spot, you writhe your hips around. Watching you sends shivers down my spine, haa… hah…


A: You climaxed just now, haha! It felt good when you clenched down tightly, so… climax more! Ngh… gngh…!

A: Entertain me…! Mgh… ugh…!

A: Haa… hagh…!

A: Mm? What’s the matter? You have such lustful eyes. I’m giving you this much already, so what do you want this time? Haa… ungh… you’re a greedy one, aren’t you? I don’t dislike that though. *kisses; thrusting*

A: Nrgh… ah…! You become so tight when we kiss, ngh…! Do you like it that much… when your mouth above and your mouth below are blocked? Ngh… mm…! Haha, you’ve become quite indecent. Ungh… hah…!

A: You’re just climaxing over and over again now… aha…! You’ve had a terrible expression since earlier, you know? Ngh… hah… like that of a beast. A lascivious beast… which cannot be thought of as human. Hngh… agh…! For you to feel pleasure when being told that, ngh…! Good grief… haah… haa…!

A: I feel as if I’m about to orgasm, hah, and it’s your fault for squeezing this hard. Ungh… hagh…!

A: Now, where do you want me to release? Haa… hah… say it with your own lewd mouth. Ggh… hah…!


A: It’s not “inside”… nrgh… but “Please come inside”, yes? Haa… hah…!

A: Come now, beg properly. Haa… hagh…!

A: Haha! Good girls are given rewards. I’ll fill you up completely today as well and impregnate you. Ngh… hah…!

A: I’m releasing…! Ngh! Grgh… accept it! Ungh… ah… I’m coming…! *he orgasms*

A: Haa… hah… that was… extremely pleasurable. You must be exhausted now. Very well, I shall forgive you for today. *removes binds*

A: … You’re stretching out your hand. Is there something you want? Could it be that you want to be pampered?

A: You’re a hopeless child, hehe. Very well. Until you fall asleep, I will let you borrow my lap as a pillow. Now, go to sleep… and once you wake… let’s do enjoyable things again.

*** 300 DL Reward: Overly Sweet Punishment ***

*Amane walking in woods*

A: Oh my, what are you doing? *heroine runs*

A: Haa… good gracious, to try and escape again. It’s a nice thing to be energetic and bold, but it seems she needs to learn her place.

*scene skip*

A: You’re there, yes? Come out.

A: Good grief…

A: *gritted teeth* Does it hurt? Yes, I’m making it painful so it must hurt. Good grief, I’m speechless.

A: Come now, we’re returning. Our evening meal has gone cold.

A: No…?

A: … I have come to think I was mistaken in my training of you. For you to have been raised indecently to escape with the goal of being punished and wishing to be treated cruelly…

A: Even now, you have a hopeful look in your eyes. Today, I am uninterested and so I shall not punish you.

A: Come now, let us return already.

A: Ggh… our evening meal today is lightly seasoned food. The meals you make tend to be strong in flavor, and so I believed it would be nice to have simple foods such as vegetables and edible plants from time to time. Well, I’m sure you will show an unsatisfied expression…

A: Ah, I thought of something good. After you take your bath, I will punish you like you wished.

[02:50] *scene skip*

A: I’m going to come in. *opens shoji screen* You have a very expectant expression. Moreover, I believe I asked you to put on clothes. Why are you naked?

A: Hm. Good gracious, you’re a hopeless child. Here, lie down on your back.

A: Good, now… ngh…!

A: Come now, look up and open your mouth. You’re a good girl and so you can do this, no?

A: Good. You truly are a good girl. *kisses* It’s adorable.

A: Your breasts seem to have grown a bit larger. It’s likely because I touch you every day. Mm… *kisses*

A: Look… your nipples are already like this… Haa… is something the matter? Are you dissatisfied with something?

A: Yes, this is your punishment. *kisses* A special one.

A: Haah… you’re already hard. I shall touch you even gentler. Nn…


A: Occasionally, you want me to torture you and so you escape, wishing to be tormented. You’re seeking pain and stimulation, yes?

A: If I give a punishment to someone who is pleased by that, then it cannot be called a punishment. More importantly, I derive no enjoyment.

A: You see… I find it terribly amusing to do what you don’t want. Right now, you wish for me to be cruel… and so, I will be extremely gentle to you, to a point I’ve never been before.

A: Mm… like a merciful and benevolent god… I’ll be gentle and sweet, in a way you do not wish… yes?

A: Aah, that displeased expression is nice. I love that look of yours.

A: Oh dear, you still don’t understand? I’m more… much more… cruel than you’ve ever imagined. After all, I’m an evil god, hehe.


A: Ah, it’s insufficient, isn’t it? I can tell just from that look.

A: Yes, I don’t mind. Nn… you clenched.

A: Mm, haha… It’s not that I’m teasing you, but listening to what you say is also an annoyance. However… seeing that I have said I will be sweet to you, I shall listen to your words.

A: Here, how is it? It feels much better than earlier, no? Haa… hah…

A: What is it? I won’t understand if you simply stare at me. I don’t have any psychic abilities.

A: … Am I not doing so already? I’m being this fervent, but you’re still saying it’s not enough? But if I move any more fiercely than this, you might break. I stated this earlier, did I not? That I would treat you with tender loving care today. Thus… I won’t be any more intense than this.

A: Mm? This spot feels good for you, I see. I’ll caress this place a lot then, so please feel pleasure.


A: It’s frustrating…? Heheh, that is such a lovely expression. Haa… hah…

A: Your heart may find it insufficient, but your body is being pleasured right at its sensitive spots and so it seems it’s beginning to be satisfied. Your vagina is starting to convulse. Haah… hah…

A: Come now…  you can climax. Please climax while feeling as if you have not been satisfied.

A: Mm! Haha, you came well. Good girl, good girl.

A: Now then, let’s conclude the day here. You felt good, did you not?

A: Yes, I didn’t strip in order to make love to you. From time to time, sleeping together with our bare skin pressed against each other is nice, no? Now… let us retire for the night.

A: … You’re a hundred years too early to try and manipulate me. Reflect on that.

A: Hehe. Once you’ve reflected on yourself, then I’ll ravish you senselessly as a reward.

A: Hm, that face of yours which shows everything is a little… Hah, oh well. Now, good night… my beloved.

*** 500 DL Reward: Drunken Frenzy ***

A: Oh my, is something the matter?

A: I am presently writing something. If you have a matter, then please leave it for later—ngh! Mmph! *heroine kisses him*

A: Hold on—ngh… hah… You smell… you smell of sake—mmph!

A: Hah… haa… release me!

A: *steps back* Gngh! You reek of alcohol. Now, what did you drink?

A: Ah, did you drink a peach-colored sake? One that smells of roses. That was something received from a spirit and I left it in order to increase the strength of its alcohol. Haah…

A: I see. In that case, right now you are a malicious drunkard.

A: I have no interest in entertaining a drunkard. Return to your bedroom immediately and go to sleep. Once you wake, you should come out of your stupor as well.

A: Yes, yes, come here. *strokes heroine’s head* The way you want to be indulged when drunk… Ngh, come now, I told you that I was writing something—mngh! *heroine kisses him*

A: Wait—! Ngh… mm…


A: Ah, I was mistaken. You’re not the type who wants to be spoiled when drunk… You’re the type who becomes excessively sexual. In other words, a lewd—nrgh! Mm!

A: Haa… hah…! The smell of alcohol is strong, ngh, even I feel as if I am going to become intoxicated.

A: Nngh… ah… is this not a bit rushed? Do you… haah… want me that ardently? You have truly become an indecent woman.

A: Aah… mgh… haa…

A: It feels nice… You’ve become quite good at it, haven’t you? Haah… I’m expressing my honest admiration. Nngh… look, it’s gone hard. Will you make me climax with your hand? Or… with your mouth? Mmgh, I don’t mind either one. Do as you please.

A: Hey, wait—ah! *heroine sits on him* Nrgh! Agh!

A: It was so sudden I was shocked. Haa… hah… there is no need to be so hurried—agh… ungh!

A: Could I ask you not to move all of a sudden? Mgh! Haa… hah… I’ll praise you for becoming better at using your waist, but to not listen to your master’s orders is not something good… ngh! Haa… hah…!


A: Moaning like that… on top of a man… and moving your hips like a beast, ngh…! Does it feel that pleasurable? Aah…!

A: Haa… hagh… a girl who replies back honestly like that… isn’t worth tormenting. Ngh… mm…!

A: Ngh… hah…!

A: Certainly, it’s not worth tormenting you at all, but seeing your entranced and dazed face from below… isn’t, ngh… such a bad thing. Haa… hagh…!

A: What is it…? Bringing your face so close to mine.

A: … Mmph! *heroine kisses him*

A: “Look at me more”…? How bold of you to say such obscene words…

A: Very well. This look of yours, delighted by having me in you like a bitch in heat… will be seen firmly by me. Ngh… mgh! Haa… hah…!


A: You climaxed just now, didn’t you? Nrgh… you’re trembling and contracting down here. Haa… hagh…!

A: I also feel as if you’re tighter than usual, mgh… so I’m going to release already… ah!

A: Haa… haah…! I didn’t think I’d ever see you with such a smile during this act. It’s usually a mess of pleasure and tears, mgh, and not something to look at. Ungh… hah… but this might not be so bad once in a while. Aah… once in a while only though.

A: Ggh, soon, I really want to release…! Mgh… haa… hagh…!

A: I only said I wish to release, ngh… but if you clench down so hard… mgh! Yes, I know… haah… you want me to release inside you, yes? Haa… hagh…!

A: Haah… haa… that is a cute request. Nngh… yes, of course, I’ll do as you wish and release it fully at your deepest spot. Gngh… hah…!

A: Aah… ah… I’m… coming! Nrgh! Mgh! *he orgasms*

A: … Hah… haah… that felt good. From time to time, it’s nice to have you do this. I have learned one thing though.

A: Hm? No, it can’t be…

A: Haa… she’s completely asleep. Hah… good grief. Today, I learned many things. Your drunken behavior is extremely terrible and… that side of you is also adorable.

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