Rouge et Noir VR ~ Prologue of Ryo Makabe ~

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Makabe Ryo (真壁 亮)
CV: 河村眞人

Rouge et Noir VR ~ Prologue of Ryo Makabe ~

The day before you and Makabe were to take overlapping vacations after a long time, the two of you arrested a drug addict. After returning home from the Port and Harbor’s Ministry of Welfare, you spent an intimate couple’s time together but the situation changed after a single phone call the next morning. Due to the information suddenly brought about on the appearance of a drug trafficker, you and Makabe gave up on your holiday and began to investigate—

Thank you to an anonymous for the commission! This is an all ages CD this time, so no warning. No idea where it’s set time-line wise except after both of Makabe’s other CDs.

  • Under the Gun
  • Check in the Dark
  • (Arlen VR)
  • Double Down
  • (Jacks or Better)
  • Eye in the Sky
  • Pure Bluff
  • Second Barrel
  • Implied Odds
  • Maximum Bet
  • (No More Bet)
  • All In
  • Show Down
  • (Makabe VR)

Note1: Like Arlen’s prologue CD, the titles here don’t seem to be connected to poker.

*** TRACK 1: Trigger ***

*heroine walking*

Makabe: *through radio* You can hear me, right?

M: *radio crackle* Target confirmed on the fourth floor.

M: *radio crackle* Directly on your right after you get off the elevator. He’s inside a declining Phillipine pub. Can you come up?

M: *radio crackle* Roger, then keep—*someone runs on his end* Tch, I got noticed? He’s escaping through the emergency stairs. I’m counting on you to stop him!

*heroine runs; opens door*

*culprit runs down stairs; takes out knife*

*heroine dodges; disarms knife; fights culprit*

M: *runs onto scene* Haa… hah…! You…! *attacks culprit* Haha, I hit you a bit too hard. Too bad, but only I have the privilege to pin this girl down.

M: *to heroine* Sorry, I was late. *pulls heroine up* Are you hurt?

M: Heh, I missed my chance to say he might have been hiding a knife, but it looks like that was an unnecessary concern.

M: Hm? Ah, he’s unconscious. I didn’t hold back, so it’s only natural.


M: Hey, anyone would get pissed off if the woman they loved was pressed underneath another man.

M: Haha, I’m half-joking and half-serious. Well, there’s no risk of him running now, so the result’s good, right?

M: Now then… *pulls handcuffs* 3:30 PM. Ootsuki Kouhei, you are arrested on charges of violating the Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Act.

Narration: Rouge et Noir. VR Edition. Prologue of Ryo Makabe. Ootsuki

*** TRACK 2: No Overtime ***

M: The above-mentioned are the particulars of the arrest of Ootsuki. *sets documents down*

M: I have already completed the report.

M: There shouldn’t be any deficiencies. The procedures with all the various related parties has also been concluded. If there are no problems, please give your stamp of affirmation.

M: Thank you very much.

M: By the way, Chief Suou, are those documents over there processed already? In that case, I’ll send them out along with this report.

M: No, it’s along the way. *grabs extra documents* Now then, excuse me.

M: *whispers to heroine* Let’s go.

*door opens and closes*

M: What time is it now?

M: Heh, excellent. Once it hits six, go and wait at our usual place. I’ll leave in about ten minutes.

M: Just for the record, don’t relax until the very last moment. It’s been a long time since we both managed to get the same day off tomorrow, so I worked like crazy to finish everything and get off at a regular time.

M: In our boss’ case, at times like this, he’ll ask everyone out to drinks. If you get caught, all of our hard work will have come to nothing.

M: Great. Now, I’m going to send these off.

M: Do it well, partner. I’ll see you later. *rubs heroine’s head*

M: Heh.

*** TRACK 3: Eight in the Evening ***

*heroine chopping in kitchen*

M: What a miraculous  view. This might even be the first time… that we’re both in this room at 8:00 PM the day before our holiday.

M: Right? It’s so rare that tomorrow’s weather might snow.

M: By the way, is it alright?

M: Dinner. We could have had it outside.

M: Haha, true. If we want to relax, then eating at home is better than being outside.

M: Is there something I can help with? *heroine shakes head*

M: Really?

M: Then I’ll take you at your word… *opens fridge; grabs beer* and drink one first. *heroine nods and chops*

M: *opens can* Cheers to a hard day’s work.

*Makabe drinks and watches heroine cook*


M: *sets down drink; holds heroine* ……

M: No? I just wanted to be like this. Don’t mind me. *heroine continues cooking*

M: ……

M: Heh. It looks tasty.

M: Oh no, what you’re making looks delicious but… what I want to taste isn’t that. *kisses ear* Heh, it’s this. Heheh, just a little bit. *kisses*

M: Mm? That’s right. I just felt like it after seeing your back as you stood in the kitchen… *kisses* Seeing you move around here and there strangely turned me on. *kisses*

M: Haah… this side too. *kisses ear*


M: Haha, your hands stopped. Not going to make it?

M: I’m not in the way. I’m taste testing. That’s important, right? *kisses* Heh…

M: Aah, I’m pretty hungry now. At this rate, I should first… *gropes heroine* snatch a bite of the main dish. *whispers* Can I eat you? *heroine shakes head*

M: Haha! When you tell me no, it just makes me want to eat you more though. *moves hand; heroine slaps* Ow!

M: … Haha! Are you angry? Alright, alright.

M: *steps away* If I make you any angrier, then it feels like everything will get pushed to later.

*heroine nods; Makabe finishes drink, crushes can, tosses can*

M: Then I’ll be good and take a shower.

M: I’m looking forward to dinner. Haha.

*Makabe leaves; heroine resumes cooking*

*** TRACK 4: After Dinner ***

*heroine showers, uses towel, exits shower*

M: Ah, you’re done?

M: *flips through pages* This? This was something you left behind a while back. My eyes landed on it, so I just started randomly reading.

M: In this season, no matter what magazine you look at, the majority of them feature traveling, huh.

M: Haha, we’re limited to nearby places where we can return within the day, right? At most, the places we can go to sleep over at are love hotels.

M: *heroine tries to hit him* Woah! As if I’d let you!

M: Heh, I’m just stating facts. But well, hypothetically, if we could go somewhere… where would you like to go?

M: Ooh, hot springs are nice. If possible, I’d like to relax at a quiet place for two to three days there.

M: Yeah, it wouldn’t be bad for the both of us to wear yukatas and relax at some hot springs.


M: Haha, we’re not “like” one. We’re a normal couple when we’re not at work. This isn’t a two-hour long drama and I’ll pass on encountering an incident at my destination spot.

M: … Hm?

M: Heh, what? You’re acting pretty cute today.

M: No, I didn’t say no. Here, come closer.

M: … Hm? *inhales* You used my shampoo.

M: Oh, the one you usually use was empty? Heh, today is fine but don’t do this on normal days.

M: This shampoo’s scent surprisingly lingers long. If both of our hair smells the same then, no matter what we say, the guys at the SCID will realize our relationship.

M: Hehe, it’s a good thing tomorrow’s our day off.

M: *rubs heroine’s head* Hey, your hair’s still wet.

M: Haah… sit over here. I’ll dry it.

M: Listen to me. Sit down. *pulls heroine down; dries her hair*


M: If you don’t dry it properly, you’ll catch a cold.

M: No? I’m not treating you like a kid.

M: It’ll be a problem for me. There are things you can’t do when you catch a cold. Various things. Hehe, I’m very glad you understand.

M: Hm?

M: Really? If you think I’m good at taking care of people, it’s because I have a little sister.

M: She’s a cheeky one, you know? Although she loses out to you when you were a rookie.

M: You aren’t aware of that? Back then, you were pretty cheeky. “I won’t fall behind my seniors, I can do this alone, I’ll do my best” was written all over your face.

M: Haha, at least, that’s how it looked in my eyes.

M: Now you’re embarrassed?

M: It’s nostalgic, isn’t it? Rookie. Haha, hey, don’t move.

M: Don’t tell me that it tickles. Gngh! You did that on purpose, didn’t you? In that case…

M: *low* I’ll really make it tickle. Take this! Heheheh! You really are weak at your sides. And here too, right? Haha.


M: … Hey, just now, that was an oddly sexy sound.

M: Oh? Then let me test it out again.

M: Hahah! See, look, you liar. Ah, that reminds me of a saying… *whispers* that ticklish spots are erogenous zones. Did I hit the mark?

M: Oh! Haha, hey, don’t struggle. Ngh!

M: I told you not to struggle, didn’t I? If you aren’t a good girl… mgh!

M: … See? This’ll happen.

M: ……

M: Haha, you suddenly went quiet.

M: Your eyes are damp. You look like you want to say something.

M: Haha, sure. Here. *kisses*

M: … What? You’re displeased with a kiss on the cheek?

M: You’re a selfish one. *kisses*

M: Is this wrong too? Then, where do you want it? Try telling me.


M: *whispers* I can’t hear you.

M: Heh, got it. *kisses*

M: … Haha, you’re so greedy. *kisses*

M: Ngh… haah… open your mouth. *kisses*

M: Haa… haha, your breaths are quick. Do you… want to go to bed?

M: Haha, I’ll take you there. *carries heroine*

*** TRACK 5: Morning Call ***

*morning birds*

M: … Zzz…

M: Hey… where do you think you’re going? *pulls heroine*

M: … Yeah, I was up. Around the time you were looking at my sleeping face. You were staring pretty hard. Were you going to ambush me right in the early morning?

M: Haha, that’s a shame. *kisses*

M: Yeah, good morning. *kisses*

M: … We still have time, right? If you’d like, we could spend the entire day like this. *kisses*


M: Haha, trying to run?

M: Oh! Soft… *gets hit* ah! Hahaha, let me do this in bed at least. *kisses*

*phone vibrates*

M: … Hm?

M: This timing… I can only have a bad feeling. *grabs phone* Aah, I knew it. It’s our boss. Of course it’s him, since he’s calling on our day off. Haah…

M: *answers phone* It’s Makabe. Ootsuki did? When? Tch, understood. We’ll arrest them as soon as we make confirmation. *ends call*

M: Haa…

M: It’s this pattern again. *gets up to get dressed*

M: It seems like Ootsuki, who we arrested yesterday, confessed to information about a dealer. Conscientiously, our boss personally sent an email over. *uses computer*


M: Hah… rushing through the arrest of Ootsuki in order to get off on time backfired completely. We should have just continued on with our holiday.

M: Haha, well, I suppose we can’t do that either. *closes computer* We’re leaving after you get dressed. Now that it’s like this, it’s best we end this as soon as possible.

*scene skip; car driving*

M: The dealer’s name is Kudou. It’s probably an alias. Their height is roughly 165 centimeters and they’re a small and slender male. His voice has a characteristic of being muffled as if he always has a cold. Other characteristics and his real face are unknown.

M: At Ootsuki’s deals, he always wore a hat low over his eyes and had a mask and sunglasses. He also seemed to wear gloves. During past deals, besides interacting with Ootsuki, the security cameras around the deal site also caught what seems to be Kudou’s figure.

M: Footage that the boss sent over with this is on my laptop, right? *heroine nods, uses laptop*

M: Yeah, it’s next-to-impossible trying to find him after he concealed himself that much. However, this Kudou man irregularly deals to Ootsuki downtown in the N district, but he told Ootsuki to come to a shop called Gravity if he wanted routine dealings.


M: It’s a club in the C district. Normally, it opens at late times but every second and third Thursday in a month they’ll open at 6 PM. Kudou always appears on these days and leaves at a relatively early time.

M: Yes, the day Kudou will appear in the shop… is today.

M: The main drug used is MDMA and, considering the place is a club, it’s a sure winner there. Anyway, that being the case, we’ll start our preliminary investigation at Gravity.

*scene skip; walking*

M: Not surprisingly, it’s still closed.

M: The entrance faces the street and there’s only one staircase nearby. There’s no rear entrance for employees…

M: What do you think?

M: Yeah, for having covered his identity with a mask and hat, he’s pretty ignorant. That was the case in his deals with Ootsuki at the N district, where there’s a lot of foot traffic, but with the structure of this shop there’s only one escape path. As a dealer, Kudou is below a third-rate one and is just fodder.

M: This might actually be a easy job.

M: Alright, let’s go.

M: You can see that shop directed at 20 somethings, right? It’s not that suits aren’t allowed, but they’re conspicuous in a bad way. It’ll be safer to randomly pick out some club-like clothes. Either way, we have time until the evening.

*** TRACK 6: Gravity ***

*club noises*

M: *radio crackle* Can you hear me?

M: *radio crackle* Although, with this much noise, we don’t have to worry about anyone hearing this conversation, if we aren’t careful we’ll even miss each other’s voices.

M: *radio crackle* You know the plan, right? I’ll go around the floor, looking for our target, Kudou. You’re going to take up a position at the bar counter and act as a woman waiting for someone to pick them up.

M: *radio crackle* What? Unhappy?

M: *radio crackle* You saw it when we came in, didn’t you? The ratio of men in this club is 8:1 so, if a woman is going to be alone, it’ll be unusual. Plus, no matter how you look at yourself right now, you’re a good-looking woman so don’t worry.

M: *radio crackle* I guarantee it. Be more confident.

M: *radio crackle* Haha, now then, let’s start, partner. First, go sit at the bar counter.

M: *radio crackle* Your drink… oh, that’s right, ask for a Sex on the Beach.

M: *radio crackle* Heheh! Is it hard to order?

M: *radio crackle* Yeah, you can’t order anything else. Most men will ask you this first, “What are you drinking?”. If it’s that cocktail, then men with other intentions will understand it’s your appeal for them to hit on you, and this will be your grip on them. Later, after you get as much information as you need, you can reject them absolutely and loudly.


M: *radio crackle* It’s not cruel! It’s work. We’re working. Quick now, call out to the bartender. Don’t stutter. Order it smoothly like a woman used to playing around.

M: *radio crackle* Hehe, well done. You passed the first hurdle.

M: *radio crackle* Oh, by the way, that cocktail does have vodka in it. The alcohol content isn’t too high, but it’s sweet so take care. If you drink too much, it’ll hit you all at once. *man comes over to heroine*

M: *radio crackle* Speak of the devil… a customer has come. Deal with him.

M: *radio crackle* Haha! See, I told you. Just like a script, right?

M: *radio crackle* Nice seduction. Keep going like that. I’ll also make a circuit.

*scene skip*

M: *radio crackle* You look exhausted.

M: *radio crackle* Well, in this one hour, you’ve been constantly dealing with people hitting on you, so I suppose that’d be the case. So? Any valuable information?

M: *radio crackle* No harvest, huh.

M: *radio crackle* On my end, I’ve seen a lot of men whose stature matches that of Kudou, but we don’t know his real face so narrowing it down right now is close to impossible. Now then, what should we do…


M: *radio crackle* The next time you’re hit on, try gambling and say that you came to this shop, hearing you could meet Kudou. *man comes over to heroine*

M: *radio crackle* Oh, unsurprisingly, you hooked a new one.

M: *radio crackle* Haa… no use? Before we came in, I said it’d be an easy job but it doesn’t look—huh? Hey, that man’s companion just now said “Kudou-chan”, didn’t he?

M: *radio crackle* Is that how it is… Alright, after you turn those two down, we’re going to step out of the shop for a moment.

M: *radio crackle* What’s wrong?

M: *radio crackle* Ugh, they’re pushy. Got it. I’ll be there immediately.

M: *walks over* Yo, it’s been a while. *grabs heroine; whispers* Go along with me.

M: How long has it been? If you were coming, you could have given me a word. How cold.

M: Let’s talk over there for a bit.

M: *brings heroine away; quiet* We’re going to slip into the crowd on the floor and then get out of here.

[06:14] *scene skip*

M: Sorry about that, giving you an annoying role.

M: Yeah, you must have noticed by now too, right?

M: We made a fundamental mistake. Kudou isn’t a small and slender man, but a woman. Her characteristic voice that sounds like she caught a cold is probably a voice changer. You can get weird things like that in any sort of variety shop. It’s basically a toy, but it’s more than enough to change a woman’s voice.

M: It’s best if we organize our information. Kudou is a 160 something centimeters tall slender woman. She appears in Gravity when the shop opens at 6 PM every second and third Thursday only and she leaves at a relatively early time. She uses MDMA, which has a great affinity with clubs, but as a dealer she’s an amateur and below third-rate.

M: Now then, what sort of person do you think of after these points?

M: Yeah, a student. Either her parents are strict or she lives in a dormitory with a curfew. This is the reason she can only come when Gravity opens early. If we narrow it down to this, we should be able to do it.

M: The man who called out to you earlier said this, didn’t he? That he’ll tell you when Kudou comes, so let’s drink together until then. In other words, Kudou will be among the women who enter the club after this. If it’s a student who has no official licenses or anything, then the majority of them will use their student card to get through the age check to enter the club. We just need to mark the women who use their student cards.

M: Now that this is decided, let’s go back into the club.

*** TRACK 7: Targeting ***

M: The woman who entered just now showed a student card.

M: Mm. She came around 8:30 PM. Considering how she leaves early, then she must be in the club now. Including the woman just now, there are 5 candidates though.

M: Yeah, we’ll split in two again and—ah… No, there’s no need.

M: Look at the bar counter. The man who called out to you earlier is talking intimately to one of our candidates.

M: They went to dance.

M: Okay, we’ll target her. *heroine stops him* Ah! What’s wrong?

M: Don’t worry, just match the beat and move your body randomly and it’ll look close enough. *grabs heroine* Come on, follow me.

*Makabe and heroine on the dance floor*

M: … It’ll be best if we get as close as possible. We’ll stick close behind them at their 7 o’clock.

M: ……

M: Haha, hey now, if you’re standing upright it’ll stand out. Sway your body casually.

M: Hahah! You’re so awkward. I guess I have to help you out.

M: Come on, match me. Bend your legs a little and rotate your hips, like you’re seducing me.

M: Hehe, you’re good at it, aren’t you? Erotic movements.


M: Relax, far from standing out, it’s more like we blend in. Look around us.

M: See? Men and women get in the mood after they drink alcohol and dance so close to each other. The target is no exception. They’re even kissing passionately and getting quite enthusiastic.

M: Hehe… should we do the same? *heroine shakes head*

M: Haha, I’m kidding. More importantly, it’s definitely her. Just now, the man called her “Kudou”. We only need to pin down the transaction spot and then we’ll be able to catch them red-handed.

M: No, if our target is in that state, there’s an effortless way. We’re going to move ahead and set a net.

M: Hehe… you’ll understand if you come with me.

*scene skip; opens and closes door*

M: Yup, it’s a toilet.

*stall opens and closes*

M: Did you see that? Just now.


M: There are three stalls in this club’s washroom. Yet, back there, a couple came out of one stall. In other words…?

M: Haha, it’s as you guessed. The club’s toilets are used for a certain purpose by those who get excited after dancing. From their appearance, I’m certain Kudou and the guy will come here. Knowing the effects of MDMA, there’s no reason not to use it here. We’ll hide in a stall first and listen in on their conversation.

M: Haah… yeah, I’m not enthusiastic about this either. How come I have to listen to another couple’s love affair with my own girl? But this is also work. Give it up. *heroine nods*

M: Perfectly, the middle stall is empty. Let’s go in. *opens and closes stall*

M: … It’s pretty tight with the two of us in here.

M: Haha, people who’d do things like this here probably don’t care about being heard. Rather, don’t you think they’d get turned on about being heard?

M: Who knows, I don’t have that hobby so I can’t understand the minds of those strange people.


M: I… *grabs heroine; whispers* like to monopolize the voice of the woman I love. I don’t want anyone else hearing her.

M: Haha, well, saying that here doesn’t sound charming or romantic, huh.

*door opens and closes*

M: *quiet* Oh!

M: … Look, exactly like I said. Yeah, it’s Kudou and the guy from earlier.

*stall opens and closes*

M: ……

M: They’re pretty passionate. If possible, I’d like to end things before they get in the middle of it.

M: Ah! Yeah, they pulled something out.

M: *grabs heroine* Ggh, wait, it’s too early! It might not be drugs but a condom package or something. Just a little more… wait for something decisive.

M: Just now… they said ecstasy, right? *heroine nods* It’s slang for MDMA.

M: They’re making a deal now using other jargon. Jeez, they’re pretty shrewd even in a situation like this. Oh well, let’s get them.

M: No, if we knock and they flush the evidence down the toilet it’ll be troublesome. We’re going to bulldoze our way through. Good?

M: Three… two… one…!

*Makabe kicks stall open*

M: Both of you, don’t move!

M: Kudou, yes? Can I have you tell me in detail what you have in your hands?

M: This is the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare Narcotics Control Division.

*** TRACK 8: To Be Continued ***

*Makabe and heroine walking*

M: Just when I thought we were finally free of those clothes… I got too ahead of myself, huh.

M: Her beginning was being invited by a friend and getting her hands on some and then, before she knew it, she became a dealer herself. It’s the quintessential pattern of kids who just got out of university and getting dragged down into drugs. In addition, most of them think of it as a part-time job and aren’t conscious of this being a crime.

M: The Kudou who we caught this time also just wanted extra money to play around and didn’t reflect much on herself, right?

M: There are people who insist on how drugs are victimless crimes, but if there are dealers selling drugs there’ll be new misuses and the money entangled with drugs will become a source of funds for a criminal organization. In the end, they don’t even realize they’ve become a cog of an enormous vicious cycle.

M: It only takes a second for people who should have been walking on a just and brightly lit path to plunge down into the darkness of the underworld. Even if it looks like a distant world, the entrance is actually lying around here and there in a daily life.


M: Because I know this, there are times where I feel frustrated…

M: Yeah, you’re right. It’s our job, as narcotics officers, to reduce the number of people who fall down there, even if it’s just one person.

M: Haha. You’re energetic.

M: Yeah, it’s a good look. *rubs heroine’s head* I’ll be relying on you in the future too, partner. Haha.

*opens door*

M: We’re done for the eve—Hm? *closes door*

M: Yeah, there’s no one around. Did they all go out? The boss didn’t send a message in particular—*checks phone* Ah, nevermind, he sent an email two hours ago.

M: Looks like there’s an emergency in the E district. Seeing that the boss is out too, it must be a pretty large crime. Looks like the boss is a busy person too, dealing with this and that.

M: Well then, we’ll just—… Hm? Another message came in…

M: … That asshole boss. Tch.

M: Haah… partner, I have unfortunate news.

M: There’s a meeting for the entire Narcotics Control Division tomorrow and he told us to put together today’s report.

M: Yeah, working on a holiday and doing overtime. It’s the definition of a full course. Hah… jeez, it feels like it’s going to be a long day.

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