Moto Host, Imekura de Hataraku

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Maito (マイト)
CV: 一条ひらめ

Former Host Works at an Image Club

Host clubs are worlds where the desires of men and women jumble together. I, Maito, finally got the No. 1 position there…

… Or I was on the verge of getting it when a woman ran off without paying the bill. According to my seniors, I made too many unreasonable sales.

But it was too late to tell me now. Thanks to this, the woman’s drinking bill was put all on me. Carrying this enormous debt, I started working at the image club, Naughty Boy. I don’t really understand what male image clubs are, but they’re the same as a host in just needing to please women.

The turn-around story of me, Maito, begins…

Thank you to an anonymous for the commission! R18 warning and anal. You can get this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite. Shh, ignore my double standards when I didn’t show the cover art for Muikame, but in my defense this one is colorful, unobtrusive, and has no shiny liquids LOL.

By the way, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much through a drama CD. Even though I normally don’t like guys on the receiving end, this whole plot was cracking me up so hard. Poor Maito, because he definitely sees himself as the dominant one but…

Note1: An image club is a type of sex club where the workers wear exaggerated costumes for the setting and the desire of the customer.

*** TRACK 1: Pre-Playtime ***

Maito: My name is Maito. I’m a host. No… I was a host. I just broke into the market, but my sales were smoothly increasing. I could see myself ranking No. 1 for the first time… but the moment I thought that a woman ran off without paying her drinking bill.

M: According to my seniors, my sales were too pushy and I pushed them to excess. But it’s too late being told that now. Thanks to that, I’m covered in debts. I lost my prestige as a host and, as my sales kept decreasing, I…

*phone rings*

???: Maito-kun, it’s your turn.

M: Okay, understood.

???: Good luck on your debut.

*Maito hangs up phone*

M: In order to repay my debt, I started working at a subsidiary sex entertainment shop. The place is the image club, Naughty Boy. I don’t really get the difference between an image club and a normal sex service shop but, well, it’s the same as a host in just needing to please women. Make them come, make them come, and make them come. After I return my debt, I’ll just return to start over again as a host. Heh, now then, I’ll just muddle through this.

*** TRACK 2: Welcome to Naughty Boy ***

M: Thank you for coming—er, I mean, welcome, director. Thank you for selecting me. I am Maito, a rookie actor. This evening, I will let you do whatever you want to me and together we’ll shine brightly on the stage.

M: *quiet* So embarrassing… what’s with this greeting?

M: A-ah, you—I mean, director, you’re my first customer. Er, I mean, you’re my first director.

M: *quiet* And what’s with this shop’s rules?

M: Ahem, well, please be lenient with me. *sits down beside heroine* Heh, although I have no intentions of being like that. Hey, since we’re here already, want to do it?

M: Hm? Oh, you’re right, it’s the pre-playtime right now. It’s a time for us to discuss what sort of image play you want. The price is cheaper than normal. However… if you wish for it, then we can do away with that. Right now, and during the actual play, and the after play too… I can make your ears, nipples, and pussy dripping wet—ngh. *heroine pushes and gives him something*

M: Huh? What’s this?

M: Huh, no, seriously, what is this?

M: Costume!? For play? No, but this extremely thin-looking… wh-what is this? Are these Japanese clothes?


M: Huh? They’re the clothes of a poor farm village in the past? Uh? You’re the one creating the image?

M: You brought this here deliberately?

M: I-I see… that’s amazing… No, that’s amazing in another way, but what’s with this…? Am I supposed to wear it?

M: … Well, alright. You have a strange fetish. Does this mean, for the time being, we’re going to be doing farm village play? *quiet* Shit, I don’t get what that means.

M: W-well, I’ll wear this later. After all, right now I’m going to make you cum until you’ve gone limp, so at that time—*heroine gives him papers* ngh, huh? What is it now? Even if you give me a bundle of papers… More importantly, you’re way too particular about toys.

M: *looks at papers* Eh…? Wait, don’t tell me, this isn’t a prop… but a script!? A script? A script!? Wait, is that what an image club is…!? They have scripts? Seriously? Um… let’s see, the synopsis…

M: Long ago, in past Japan, there was a village with a water shortage and their bad harvests continued… Hey, how do you read this? Ah, they fell into a famine. Realizing it would be bad if this continued, the village, who praised—huh, worshipped the Spirit of Water—God of Water? Ah, okay—the village, who worshipped the God of Water, offered up a sacrifice to this god.


M: Uh… I see. So, that sacrifice is you? I’m the God of Water and I eat you up, the sacrifice, against your will. It’s that kind of story, huh. It’s very particular… Let’s see, the continuation…

M: So, the one chosen as a sacrifice was the most purehearted man in the village.

M: … Hm? Eh? That means the sacrifice… is me?

M: Ggh, what the hell!? Huh, I’m the sacrifice!? Eh, seriously? What happens next then!?

M: The man, who went towards the cave of the Water God, timidly took out a dildo and masturbated—no, wait, why!? The Water God is actually a goddess? And there’s a legend that she’s attracted to men? I-I see… no, but masturbating in a cave…

M: And then, triggered by the man masturbating, the Water Goddess appeared before the man and had sensual sex with him. O-oh… this is your and my—uh, no, the director and my play, right? Sensually… is there any of that here?

M: Let’s see… that young man had a lover in the village but he became captivated by the Water Goddess’ beautiful appearance. Uh, do you have a beautiful appearance? The young man, who moved his hips in a trance, reached his climax together with the Water Goddess and brought about a blessing of rain to the village.

M: Wow… there’s even lines. Uhm… hm… I see.

M: Uh… please wait a moment, director. *runs out of room*

*scene skip*

???: Yes, this is the manager.

M: Hey, manager, an outrageous customer came. Can I cancel over here?

???: Huh, how outrageous?

M: There’s some sort of Water Goddess and stuff and she even brought a costume and the script is crazy thick and the assignments are also wild…

???: Ooh? She’s a very exacting director, huh. That’s nice.

M: HUH!? No, no, no, it’s crazy, isn’t it!? No matter how you look at it, this is too much. I have to remember lines and it’s just absurd…

???: Look, it’s our job at Naughty Boy to provide that director her carnal play.

M: B-but… isn’t the meaning of Naughty Boy a man who plays around? Isn’t this the side that’s being played around with!?

???: Ah, it does have that meaning but it also has the meaning of “No” being “Mu” and then the “Ti” being “Cha”, so it has a “Mucha” wordplay in there. You called that script earlier outrageous? It’s perfect for the shop then! So, work hard.

M: No, wait, manager! Manager!

M: … Seriously? *hangs up*

M: *to heroine* Huh? Ugh, not you too. Don’t say that you look forward to working with me…

Note2: I hate doing notes in the middle of a translation, but this is a complicated pun that should be explained here. So, in this case, naughty is spelt ノーティー (no-ti-). The manager is taking the literal meaning of the English word “No” and equating that to the kanji 無 (mu; nothing, a negation) and saying the ティ (ti) looks like チャ (cha). So, when combined together, the two words make 無チャ (mucha), its common forms being 無茶 or ムチャ, meaning “unreasonable or outrageous” LOL.

*** TRACK 3: Blessing of Rain for the Village: Pre-Playtime ***

M: Haa… looks like I have no choice but to do it.

M: Then, let’s have our discussion. Um… I just have to read from here?

M: … Ahem, ahem…

M: “Do I really just have to self-pleasure in this cave? Uh, I’m scared so can I even get hard? But I have no choice! Hm…”

M: Huh? Do it over again!? Why?

M: I wasn’t putting any emotion into it… *growls* You…! Don’t be unreasonable! What the heck are the emotions!? I can’t enter this role!

M: Don’t bring up the shop name, why are you trying to stir me up?

M: Hey now, this—huh? Why did I come here? That’s… well, it’s to repay my debt… Oh, you meant this youth? Uh, the village is suffering from a famine, so he’s here to pray for rain from the Water Goddess, right? In other words… the fate of the village is on me?


M: Oh… on my masturbation… Hm… I see.

M: IT’S UNREASONABLE. Listen closely, the fate of the village does not lie on my masturbation.

M: … Oh, it’s because it’s unreasonable that there’s a sense of duty. Plus, I got on board for the ecstasy of masturbating outdoors… *quiet* No, no, that’s outrageous. How is there an ecstasy in masturbating outdoors… no there isn’t…

M: Huh? Oh, it’s outdoors sex… I see. Well, I sort of understand then.

M: … Alright, I’ll try this.

M: *muttering* Sense of duty. Fate of the village. Masturbation. Ahem, ahem.

M: “Do I really just have to self-pleasure in this cave? Uh… I’m scared… can I even get hard? But I have no choice, right!? Ngh…”

M: Huh? I passed? G-great then. So? After this, I just go along with my own arousal and masturbate. Oh, everything after this is ad lib… uh, while doing the actual scene… *quiet* So embarrassing. It’s harder to be watched while masturbating than it is to have sex. By the way, what are you going to do when I’m doing this?

M: Uwah, you’re just going to stare and enjoy… so embarrassing. Fine, I’ll do my best…


M: Then? After this, the two of us have sex… Oh, this page? Got it. Let’s see…

M: It’s the scene where I’m captivated by you—er, the Water Goddess, huh. Okay, let’s go.

M: “W-Water Goddess… y-you really exist. You’re b-beautiful… No, no, I have a lover in the village. R-right, I’ll kiss you. Yes, this is to pray for water… to pray for water…” *kisses; heroine pushes him* Ah!

M: Eh? I have to do it again?

M: There’s some awkwardness in there…? WELL, YEAH, OF COURSE! No matter how you put it, there’s a Water Goddess… a Water Goddess! I’ve never seen such a god! It’s unreasonable to ask me not to be awkward, right!?

M: Besides, you say that but you’re looking awkward and embarrassed too, aren’t you!?

M: Huh? It’s because I’m embarrassed? No, if we have to say something, then I feel like I’m embarrassed because you’re embarrassed! Huh? What now?

M: Y-you have something serious to say? What…?

M: Image clubs are something made together…? Don’t talk like we’re behind-the-scenes. It doesn’t matter. Well, but, I guess so… We can’t get into role if we don’t trust each other. Come to think of it, I got embarrassed when I had to do calls as a host.

M: The world is made by getting into the roles… and then the room will become dreamlike…? You have a point.

M: Got it. I’ll get into the role.

M: … Right, then I’m an unsophisticated young villager and you’re a fair and beautiful Water Goddess who loves men. Like this, right? Ready? Be sure not to get embarrassed.

M: Yeah! I won’t get embarrassed. I can do this… alright, let’s go!

M: Alright, you’re looking psyched. I sort of feel fired up too. Okay, okay, okay! Looking forward to working with you. Now that this is decided, I’ll go and change and you can prepare the setting. See you later, Water Goddess.

*** TRACK 4: Blessing of Rain for the Village ***

*water dripping; rocks shifting*

M: Water Goddess…? Water Goddess…? Um… there’s no response… but this is the place to worship the Water Goddess, right?

M: Do I really just have to self-pleasure in this cave? I’m scared… can I even get hard…? But I have no choice.

M: In that case, Water Goddess, p-please watch over my self-pleasure… and then bring down a blessing of rain for the village, please!

M: I’m… going to slowly touch myself above my clothes first. Nngh…

M: Aah… ah…

M: Even rubbing myself when I’m still soft like this… feels a little nice… mm… I like this moment, ah…!

M: Mm… mm! I’m surprised I can get turned on while touching myself outside but… somehow when I think that the Water Goddess is watching… ngh! It feels good… Or am I a pervert? Nngh… ah…!


M: I’m getting aroused. In a blink, my penis has gotten hard… ah… ngh…

M: Water Goddess, I can’t hold on any longer. Is it bad if I come early? But… please forgive my weakness. I’m going to remove my clothes.

M: Haa… hah… it’s standing straight up. How long has it been since I was so turned on? Aah… ah… I’m going to stroke myself now. Water Goddess, please watch me. Ungh… ah…!

M: It feels good… Water Goddess, are you watching properly? Look, my dick is so hard… ah…! Feels good, ngh…!

M: My nipples feel good too, mgh… I like squeezing and pulling on my nipples, hah… ah…

M: Is… is my voice reaching you? Ngh… ah… is it properly reaching the Water Goddess? The voice of a pervert self-pleasuring… ah…! I can’t stop, mgh… Water Goddess, ah… please make it rain. I’m also gonna let it out, ah… ah…!


M: I’m stroking myself faster too, mrgh… agh… It feels so good. My nipples too, hah… they’re so hard. I’m this aroused, ah… ah… I’m coming… I’m coming! Water Goddess, is it okay… is it okay to make it rain here? It’ll wash away my seed though… I’m coming… I’m gonna come… I’m coming, I’m coming… ah… I’m coming! *he orgasms*

M: Haa… hagh…

M: That… felt good… ah…

M: So, what happened in the end? Even though I self-pleasured here, there’s no sign of rain at all…

M: Huh? Someone’s… here?

M: Ah, can it be…!? W-Water Goddess!? O-oh… you’re really here. You’re so divine… you’re so beautiful!

M: Y-yes! I represent the village and I came to pray for rain from the Water Goddess. I heard that if you watched someone self-pleasure you would make it rain…


M: … It’s not enough? No way…

M: Eh? B-but… I can’t do that! Something like… s-sexual intercourse. T-that’s because… I have a… lover in the village. But when I look at the Water Goddess’ eyes… ah… I can’t resist. Yes, I’m going to kiss you. Yes, this is to pray for rain… pray for rain… for the village. *kisses*

M: Haa… your lips are soft. Ngh… mm…

M: I can’t get enough. Nrgh… mgh…!

M: Water Goddess, ungh, I can’t stop. Mm…! I don’t want to stop. Nngh… mm…!

M: Water Goddess, any more of this and I’ll… ngh…! *kisses; heroine pushes him*

M: Gngh! Haah… hah… Water Goddess, w-what are you planning to do after pushing me down? Eh? T-this is… that’s… Even though I just came, of course it’ll stand back up. I didn’t think the Water Goddess would be this gorgeous and I got completely excited after the kisses just now.

M: Ngh, but no… I can’t do this. I have a lover in the village. So, this sort of thing… ah… Water Goddess…! *kisses*


M: These kisses feel so good… ngh…

M: My penis is touching the Water Goddess’ hole… ah… mgh…

M: It feels so good, ah…!

M: Wow, you’re soaking… hah… Did you want me so bad that a Water Goddess, no, a god became wet? Haah… haa… but still I… ngh…! *kisses*

M: I can’t take it anymore, ah… I want… I want to put it in, please. Haa… hah… please let me put it in. I belong to the Water Goddess, so I want you, Water Goddess. Aah! Hah!

M: It feels good… ah… I came… Forgive me… hah… ah…! *thrusting*

M: Nrgh, hah, it feels good. It’s so hot inside you, Water Goddess. It’s wet and nice, haa… hagh…!

M: I’m… doing it with a god… mgh! Yes, I’m… I’m yours forever, Water Goddess. I love you… I love you…! Feels so good… ngh… ah! I’ll make the lewd Water Goddess feel good with my erect penis, ah… ungh…!

M: So good, ngh. Water Goddess, you look like you’re feeling a lot of pleasure too, haa… hah… Water Goddess, when I take a closer look, you’re beautiful but you’re also not just that… you’re adorable. Your eyes are dazed from my member… haha, seeing that rapture makes a man not want to lose his dignity at just lying here, ngh!


M: Haha, pushing down a god… But I’ll thrust like this and make you feel good, Water Goddess. Aah… ah…!

M: Water Goddess, does it feel good? Mm… when I grind my erect member against you, it feels good inside you, doesn’t it? Nngh, ah…!

M: Haa… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*

M: Feels good, ngh… mm! Water Goddess, you too? I’m so happy, mm…! Haa… hah…!

M: It’s been a long time since I had such good se—intercourse, ah… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*

M: Gngh… hah… hagh…! Of course, I’m already yours, Water Goddess! Mgh… hah…! I’ll keep making love to you with my member, so… so… come. Come because of me…! Come on…! Ngh… ah… hah…!

M: I’m going to shoot out so much inside you, ngh! Aah… feels so good, hah… hagh…! I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming…! Water Goddess, you come too…! Haa… hagh…! *he orgasms*

M: It’s releasing, ah… inside you, Water Goddess… I’m pouring so much into you. Aah, it’s still releasing. It feels too good, agh… hah…

M: Water Goddess, haha… I love you. *kisses*

M: I’m yours forever with this, Water Goddess. *kisses; rains* Huh? Ah… rain…

*** TRACK 5: Blessing of Rain for the Village: After Playtime ***

*raining BGM*

M: Phew… *gets up; turns off BGM*

M: No, WHAT IS THIS!? That wasn’t rain! Also, when I came here, I was wondering what you were going to use these excessively tall speakers for, but to think they were used for sound effects. It ruined the real feeling and I had just entered the world…!

M: Ggh… anyway, you worked hard. You probably know, but now this is the after playtime where you can give your impressions, evaluation, or criticisms. *quiet* No, wait, why is there an evaluation meeting?

M: Anyway… *grabs cans* Here, tea.

M: So? How was it?

M: Oh, I did well for it being my first time? I have talent? I see.

M: You’re strict. I don’t want this talent. But, well, I actually surprised myself by being able to pull off this ridicu—distinctive script. I generally don’t shoot off twice…

M: Eh? Me? What can I even say!? It was extremely hard! To say nothing of the lines, why did I have to end sentences with “bei” or “besa”. It wasn’t just kiss, but the polite form of the word. Also, it wasn’t masturbation but self-pleasure. I felt like I was going to get them wrong! Each time that happened, I was thrown for a loop! I probably messed up once.


M: Huh? Oh, yeah, I nearly said sex when I was saying intercourse. You were listening closely, huh.

M: Wait, were you actually pretty calm? I wasn’t the only one feeling good, right…?

M: Hm, oh, that’s good then…

M: Shut up, I’m not happy being complimented about this.

M: Huh? I looked like I enjoyed myself? Me? Hey now, there’s no way I could enjoy myself in such a ridiculous setting, right? I totally didn’t get it. Jeez, I’m thirsty… I’m going to drink some tea too. *grabs can*

M: Eh? Did I say earlier that I felt good…? Uh… well… um… yeah, I guess. No, to be honest, I felt good. It really has been a while since I had enjoyable sex, so I nearly forgot I was in the middle of a play too.

M: Oh, yeah, I often had sex when I was a host but… hm… uh, I guess I can say this… At that time, it just felt like work. Whenever I drank so much I felt like I couldn’t get it up, I’d force myself to take medicine to get hard. Because of that, there were no feelings involved and I didn’t get any pleasure either.


M: But today, uh, I honestly felt good.

M: No, you’re wrong, there’s no way I awakened to scripted play. Are you dumb? Somehow, uh, it felt like being liberated or something, I don’t know.

M: Anyway, it’s boring to hear about me, right? Sorry. But you’re the first person I’ve talked to about these things.

M: Hm? Uh, well, yeah. Hearing people talk is part of a host’s job. I listen to them talk, then get them fired up and make sales one after another, and that was my style. So, I rarely talked about myself. But, anyway, as a host I wouldn’t talk about those lame things, right?

M: Still, I guess I’m talking because it’s after everything we did… haha. It was so ridiculous, I’m completely relaxed now.

M: Oh, tell me about yourself too. Can I go over there? *sits beside heroine*

M: So? Why’d you arrange this sort of setting? Don’t tell me you have a sea god fetish or something.

M: Uh, haha, normal sex is embarrassing…? I suppose a man and a woman facing each other naked and having sex with a serious face is… well, thinking about it calmly, it could be embarrassing. Haha! I never thought about that.

M: But you’re saying you still have a libido? But I don’t think you have to prepare this sort of setting because of that. You’re interesting.


M: Hm? Yeah, what is it?

M: Eh… my nipples? Uh, that’s… well… when I’m doing it alone I do… play with my nipples. Got a problem? It feels good when I touch them.

M: In the script, you wrote to masturbate in whatever way feels good, right? That’s… erm, I don’t need to say this. Nrgh… so embarrassing.

M: Anyway, how was it? Did you have fun, director?

M: I see. I’m glad.

M: Huh? Again…? Oh, that’s right. Of course… I REFUSE! There’s no way I want to do this again! I’m telling you in advance, it felt good and looking back at myself and how it started makes me feel a bit frustrated, but the feeling of “what the hell is this” is larger than everything else!

M: It was only for today and now you’re banned from coming here. Banned! I’m going to tell the manager to drive you away the next time you come!

M: Huh!? There’s three rounds here? As if I care! I’m discontinuing this after just the first sales. I’m aborting! Please take responsibility, director, and switch to someone else.

M: Jeez… well, that means you enjoyed this, right? I see. Well… that’s… thanks. Anyway, thanks for your hard work—oh, that’s right, uh… this is embarrassing too.

M: Ahem. The leading actor for today was me, Maito. I will await your next guidance, director.

M: … Don’t come again, OK?

*** TRACK 6: You Must Not Shoplift: Pre-Playtime ***

M: Welcome, director. Thank you for selecting me. I am the actor, Mai… to…

M: Uh… well then, please have a nice day.

M: Gngh! Let me go! Of course, I want to go back! Why did you come back again!?

M: Well, uh, you have the right to come… but… wait a second…

*runs off to phone*

???: Hello, this is the manager.

M: *gritted teeth* Hey, manager, I told you, didn’t I? That this customer was harsh and she’s NG.

???: She’s not a customer, but a director, remember, Maito-kun?

M: That’s so fussy! Anyway, putting that aside, at this rate I’m really going to lose my mind—*heroine opens bag* wah… look, I’m right! She’s pulling out a ton of stuff from her bag! There’s going to be another setting and script—AH, IT’S HERE! THE SCRIPT IS HERE! Uwah, I’m going to have to memorize lines again with this!

???: Maito-kun, you sound like you’re enjoying yourself.

M: No, what are you hearing to say that!? That’s not true. I’m going to have to do unreasonable—

???: Now, now, Maito-kun… listen closely.

M: U-uh, what is it? You’re so serious.

???: We are…

M: Huh?

???: Naughty Boy!

M: THAT’S SO ANNOYING! *hangs up* Uh… I hung up out of anger… Dammit, that manager bastard…


M: Umm…

M: Hello, I’m the actor, Maito. This evening, I will let you do whatever you want to me and together we’ll shine brightly on the stage.

M: *quiet* I don’t want to shine.

M: In the first place, what’s with that? There’s a vibrator and a handcuff. Aren’t these all adult goods? You don’t have to deliberately prepare these yourself. We have those here too.

M: Just in case…? Don’t bring them from your place just in case.

M: Ugh, give me the script. Let’s see, let’s see… today’s script is…

M: The manager of an adult shop and a shoplifter. Hmm… uh, wait a second. I’m asking just to make sure, but the adult shop manager is…? Me. Wait, me!? Oh, thank god… thank god. Because it’s you, I thought it’d possibly be the other way around. Right, right, so you’re the shoplifting female customer.

M: Then…? *flips page* Um, the adult shop manager catches you, the shoplifter. Haha, what, isn’t this easy to understand? So you can write this stuff when you put your mind to it too. Haha, you must like toys, huh. Leave it to me, I’ll make you feel so good…

M: *flips page* So then, the things the female customer shoplifted was something for men to use to stimulate their anus, an Enemagra.


M: Huh? Huh…?

M: … The manager laughed at the girl, as if he was ridiculing her. He told her this was called an Enemagra and primarily used by men. “Now then, I’ll show you how to use it”… Like this, the manager gave a demonstration of the Enemagra…? Eh?

M: No, why… WHY IS IT LIKE THIS!? Why am I the one who has to demonstrate the Enemagra in the course of these events!?

M: Have I ever used an Enemagra…? You…

M: *quiet* I have. I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE! Aah, this is too embarrassing. I’ve never told anyone before.

M: Huh? Well, when I was a host, a senior gave it to me as a gag gift. He told me being a host will build up stress, so I can use this to relieve it. I didn’t have any intention of testing it but… after I came home blind drunk one day… it suddenly entered my eyes… and then at the time, I had a moment of thinking it sort of felt good… then I got scared and stopped immediately.

M: You’re asking why…? Because of things… I’m not going to say them.

M: But… ugh… an Enemagra, huh. Uwah, my heart’s racing… well, I’ll manage somehow.


M: Then…? *flips page* Later, I orgasm in the course of this… uh, can I even orgasm? Oh well. So, what about you?

M: Eh… you’re just watching me masturbate? S-seriously…? That’s too embarrassing.

M: Hey, I said this earlier, but when I used an Enemagra I got scared and stopped right away, so I’m not really confident I can orgasm. I’ll do my best in the manager role, but…

M: Hm? Well, if you say we can just let things go from there I guess that’s alright. Got it, I’ll do my best then.

M: In that case… First… *walks to speakers* we should set the BGM for the adult shop. This…? No, this one? Which one do you like?

M: Mm, got it. Then we’ll leave it on this one. So, after you’ve been caught shoplifting, the course is that you’re to come to the office, so this place is the office, OK? Next is the table… Mm, I guess here is good.

M: I’m going to prepare on my side then.

M: What do you mean what…? Preparing my ass. Ggh… yeah, I’ll see you later. Haah… I look forward to working with you, director.

*** TRACK 7: You Must Not Shoplift ***

*BGM Diviners – Stockholm Lights*

M: Miss, may I have your time?

M: No, you know what I’m talking about without me saying it, right? Your bag is filled with my shop’s stuff.

M: Nope, I saw it clearly. Or do you want to look at the security cameras together? No, you can’t just apologize.

M: Alright, alright. For now, why don’t you come to the office? *BGM stops*

M: Now then, bring out what you took. It’s no use even if you apologize. I could call the police right now.

M: … Ooh, you sure grabbed them.

M: No, you really grabbed a lot… No matter how you look at it, you’re too bold.

M: Vibrators, rotors, lotion… Hey, what were you going to do with these? Were you going to use them?

M: It’s not unusual to see women coming into an adult shop these days, but to shoplift this much…

M: Oh? You haven’t used them before? So, you wanted to try some but buying them was embarrassing?

M: So that’s why you grabbed an Enemagra. E-ne-ma-gra. You really grabbed it without knowing about it. *taps product* This one. It’s called an Enemagra; it’s inserted into the anus of a man to be used to stimulate the prostate gland. Only men have prostate glands.


M: There are also women who buy this, wanting anal stimulation, but it’s better for those people to buy another type.

M: *starts removing clothes* Hm? What do you mean what am I doing? I’m taking off my clothes. You don’t seem to have any knowledge on Enemagras, so I thought I could show you. I have to teach an ignorant thief, don’t I? Now then, first the lotion…

M: Like this, you cover the Enemagra amply in it. Then… heh…

M: So that you can also see it clearly, I’ll get on the table. Look, this plump part goes into my anus. Hey, hey, police? You don’t seem to understand your own position. You shoplifted. A thief and me holding an Enemagra, naked. If you call the police now, who do you think will be in trouble?

M: Me? You think it’ll be me?

M: … Hm, maybe.

M: Well… well, your eyes have been nailed to the Enemagra since earlier. You’ve been staring at it hard with hot and bothered eyes. You want to see it, don’t you? My demonstration of the Enemagra. Take a good look.


M: *deep breathing* Ngh… look… gngh…

M: Aah… ah… ow…

M: See? Take a good look. There’s an… E-Enemagra in my ass, right? In this situation, you’re to look for a good position on your prostrate. Aah… here, I think? Oh, shit… mgh… ah, feels good…! Ngh!

M: Gugh… ngh… h-huh? Oh, y-yeah, I’m hard. Just from stimulating my prostate, ngh… I get an uncommon pleasure. The s-stimulation is amazing, ah… ngh…!

M: E-eh? Y-yeah, later, you just move the Enemagra in this situation and, through stimulating your p-prostate, you can reach your orgasm. Haa… hagh…

M: But, w-wait, could you wait a moment…? Hm? What? *heroine uses Enemagra*

M: A-ah, wait…! Don’t move it right now! Ngh… mgh! A-ah, ah… ah…!

M: Th-this is amazing… ungh… so good… ah… ah…!

M: My h-hips are jerking… ah… w-wait, no, stop moving it…! S-stop… ah…!

M: It f-feels good, but… ungh… gah… S-shit, what is this… hah… feels good, but… t-this is scary… s… sto… don’t rotate it… gngh…!


M: This… this… I’m gonna cum… wait, stop… stop… I’m gonna cum…! Gngh… I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming…! Ah! Agh! Aah…! My hips are twitching, ah…! Nrgh! Mgh!

M: Haa… hah… my hips are still moving, gugh… ah…

M: Fuck off—no, I mean… uh…

M: Haah… hagh… haa… this is the way to use an Enemagra. Do you understand now? So, don’t shoplift this sort of thing—ngh! Gngh… ah…!

M: Don’t… don’t lick my nipples, ah… Hey, for a shoplifter to do whatever they want to me… I won’t let you…! Aah! Ah… ah! Your tongue is moving so nicely… gugh… I’m not happy at all! Aah… ngh… ah, right there… feels good…!

M: I’m… sensitive… ah… Ah! Gngh! Mgh! Don’t… don’t touch my dick! If you touch me right now, hah… haah… hagh… I’m gonna cum right away. Hngh, ah… b-because I’m sensitive… ngh… mm…

M: Earlier… I didn’t e-ejaculate so… ngh… it’s completely swollen, haa… hah… I do want to release, ngh… ah… hah… My nipples and dick feel good, ah…!


M: S-shut up, my eyes aren’t teary… haah… ah…!

M: So good… ah…? AH! GNGH! HAGH! M-moving the Enemagra, hah… Feels so good, mgh… if you’re touching me in so many places, ah… hah… I’m gonna go mad… My hips won’t stop, ngh, I’m cumming… I’m… ngh… I want to cum, my mind’s all blank, ah… I can’t think of anything… hah…

M: No more, no more… I can’t, I can’t… I’m cumming… cumming… I’m cumming, I’m cumming… ah… I’m cumming! Gngh! Aah! Ah… ah… it’s releasing… my sperm… is coming out… ah…

M: Aah… ah… it’s still shooting out… ngh… This feels way too good, ah…

M: Nngh… ah… Gugh, stop… stop! Don’t touch me… I’m still… still… sensitive… haa… hah…

M: Huh? Y-yeah… I’ll forget the price of the goods, just go home. Haa… hah… t-thank you for your understanding.

*** TRACK 8: You Must Not Shoplift: After Playtime ***

M: I don’t care.

M: I don’t know you.

M: … What? I’m face down because I’m tired and sleepy. That’s all. It’s not like I’m sulking.

M: I-I’m not embarrassed either! *quiet* No, actually… I’m embarrassed.

M: OF COURSE I’D BE EMBARRASSED! What the heck… what the heck was that!? It shocked me! It felt good, but… it was scary… *sniffling* My mind went completely white and even though I told you to stop you kept moving it mercilessly.

M: I’M NOT CRYING! Stupid! Idiot! Plus, somehow… I feel like a new door has opened… What are you going to do if I get obsessed with this!? Don’t say you’re going to ask for me again…! Is that even a way to take responsibility!?

M: Not like that—ah, when I say take responsibility I mean that… that… I don’t mean the other way, um…

M: Anyway, don’t ever grind the Enemagra however you please! Ggh, ah… jeez… well, if you understand then that’s good.

M: Ugh… I lose my mind whenever you’re around.

M: N-no, well… I said it earlier, but… it felt good. The Enemagra, of course, but… when you… when you licked my nipples it wasn’t bad… It felt nice.

M: What? It was my first time. Got a problem? I experienced two firsts this time!


M: Huh? Yeah, it was my first time experiencing my nipples being licked. Ugh, it felt better than I could have imagined…

M: Wait, it wasn’t in the script so I was surprised when you suddenly licked my nipples.

M: Ah, oh yeah, did I play with my nipples when we were doing that ridiculous play before…?

M: But, just because of that, going after my nipples all of a sudden is too mean.

M: Huh? Hey now, as a host, I can’t tell people to lick my nipples when I’m having sex with them. If someone goes down on a host then that’s the end. I don’t mean nipples when I say going down! Ggh, you’re so annoying! Jeez.

M: Uh, but, well… before I knew it myself, I felt like I was steadily losing myself. I told myself things like “because I’m a host…” and I feel like I suppressed a lot of things. It’s been a while since I felt like I freed myself.

M: No, wait, no… hold on a minute, forget what I said just now. This atmosphere makes it feel like you did something good, but that’s wrong. That’s completely mistaken, OK, don’t put on a proud expression!

M: The anal itself was really scary! *quiet* Well, it did feel pleasurable though…

M: Haah… but, well, it’s that… A pleasure you can’t control yourself is scary, huh. Come to think of it for me, when a pleasurable spot keeps being stimulated… I somehow feel… maybe I was just scared of that only… and so that might have been why I ran from it.


M: Hah… what am I doing?

M: Ugh, I feel embarrassed.

M: Yeah, that’s true, I might have realized something thanks to you. Thank y—WAIT, THAT WAS CLOSE! I’m not thanking you! Shit, before I knew it, I really was going to thank you. That’s so scary! I”m telling you, why do you look as if you did something good, huh!? I’ve told you before, you’re honestly the worst customer, you know!?

M: Huh? You’re not the customer you’re the director…? SHUT UP! Jeez…

M: So? Did you have fun?

M: Hm, I see. Well, that’s good then.

M: … But, anyway, next time this sort of anal play is out of the question, OK? I’m counting on you.

M: Huh? Uh, well, when I say next time… ugh… Either way, you’ll come without me saying anything, right? The manager won’t listen when I say you’re NG, so… that’s what I m-mean. It doesn’t mean you should come again.

M: Hm? Huh? Uh… that ad lib earlier? I also thought I screwed up there. The shoplifting customer and the naked man holding an Enemagra… I feel like, conversely, I’d be the one totally arrested, huh.

M: Um, with the way things were unfolding, I said it thinking it’d go well. I knew it wasn’t in the script, but somehow I wanted to say it during the course of events… Hrm, yeah, that—WAIT, SHUT UP! Don’t make me reflect on it! You’re the one at fault for carrying this sort of script.

M: Nevermind, don’t ever come here again! Dumbass!

M: Gngh, dammit… ugh… The leading actor for today was me, Maito. I will await your next guidance…

M: Grrgh… don’t come.

*** TRACK 9: Save the World!! Pre-Playtime ***

*door opens*

M: Welcome, I am Maito—oh, it’s you.

M: Jeez, I should have expected you’d come again like all the other times. I knew it the moment I was chosen. “That troublesome girl is here again”, you know?

M: Actually, aren’t you coming here often? You’ve been hogging me.

M: Oh, this is your hobby, huh. Hmm…

M: By the way, about that… do you also give other people those outrageous scripts? Can they endure it? The only person who can put up with your unreasonable requests is probably m—o-oh… I’m really the only one? I see. Ooh? Hehe.

M: Well, yeah, that makes sense. If it was another person, then they’d probably have run away already. Be grateful to me.

M: Haha! So, what’s the script for today?

M: Hm? This is the costume? It’s pretty heavy. Cut me some slack and it better not be like last time with the track and field club manager and club member. You had me do the track and field practice part and the day after my muscles were really hurting—

M: Oh? W-what is this… It’s a really fantastical costume. Let’s see, let’s see, um…

M: *opens script* I’m the hero and you’re the sorcerer. We’re in the middle of fighting against our ultimate enemy over their conquest of the world. Hm, hm.

M: Then, that ultimate evil releases their ultimate beam… Eh? Oh, in the middle really means in the middle of combat? Woah, seriously? And it’s their ultimate beam, isn’t that bad?


M: However, the hero, um, I step in front to protect you, the sorcerer, and I deploy my hero shield. *quiet* Hm, the name hero shield sounds super lame.

M: But the enemy’s beam is mighty and the hero’s shield reaches its limits. Hey, hey, what’s going to happen next? *flips page*

M: Then, as if she resolved herself, the sorcerer gives a blow job to the hero.

M: Wait, why!? But that’s probably a stupid question to ask at this point…

M: Hrm, in this world, sexual actions are the same as replenishing magic. *quiet* No wait, the same? Well, alright…

M: However, this hero and sorcerer have never had sexual relations with each other even once during their journey. Although they’re both interested in each other, they were afraid of breaking their current relationship. Because of this, the hero is at a loss with the sorcerer’s blow job.

M: Uh, right, if you were given a blow job in the middle of a fight you would be bewildered even if it was a lover. *flips page*

M: But, thanks to this, his magic is replenished and the heroes, who defended themselves perfectly from the beam, could now counterattack and this time it was the sorcerer’s turn! Haha, I see! That’s exciting! As a guy, this really gets my blood pumping. Honestly, everyone wants to fight against an ultimate enemy once, right?

M: Hm, hm, I see. Uhm… hey, over here. *taps page* About this line, “I’ve become enlightened”, could I say “I’ve achieved it, enlightenment!” instead?

M: Oh, I was just thinking this way sounded cooler. Mhm! Oh, what are we going to do about the positions?

M: Let’s see, the enemy can be over here… and so we can fight over here? Mm, then we’ll receive the beam. Okay, so we’ll be having sex there first. Mhm, OK.

M: For the BGM then, we’ll use the speakers over here? Right, how about the BGM fading out at this time? Oh, it’s early? Okay, hm… then let’s do it when we receive the beam. Ah, okay, okay.

M: Then, hm, this goes on like that… and this will be worn—haha, wow, you changed already? Ooh? The sorcerer clothes are cute. I’m not interested in this sort of cosplay, but it does add a point to having sex, huh.

M: Oh, oops, I’m the hero, right? Alright, shall we begin? Looking forward to working with you, director.

*** TRACK 10: Save the World!! ***

*armor clanking*

M: It’s been a long journey… But we’ve finally cornered you, bastard boss!

M: Heh, who knows? On my side… I have her. Your weakness, the woman acknowledged as the strongest water magic user—what!? That’s quick! An energy gun!? Deploying hero shield! Grgh… RAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!

M: Gngh… I can’t believe that person. He targeted you all of a sudden. It would have been better if I didn’t say you were known as a water magic user. Kgh… grgh…! AGH!

M: Hah!? Stupid, it’s a matter of course for me to protect you. Gngh, you’re my…

M: No, in order to save the world, we need your power to defeat the boss. So, there’s no way… I can lose… right here… gngh…!

M: But I think my magic is going to cut out soon… haha… Sorry, I was never—ngh, hey… What are you, ungh…! Oh, supplying magic, huh. Our race can transform pleasure into magic. But still, ngh… it’s bold for you to suddenly give me a blow job, mgh… ah! Ggh!


M: Nrgh, it feels so good… hah… It’s been a long time since I had sexual relationships and I haven’t touched myself in a while either. Haa… hagh… feels good…

M: It feels like I can bounce the beam off with my upper body, but my lower half feels like it’s going to go limp… ugh… ah…!

M: H-hey… this might not be the time to say it, ah… ah…! But let me say this. I… like you… Haha, I’m glad to have come this far with you. Aah… ngh… don’t swirl your tongue around like that. Ngh, ah, no, that was a lie, keep doing it… hah… it feels good… I can take this as your feelings for me, right? This is… this is love… ah…!

M: So good! The pleasure won’t stop! The enemy’s attack won’t stop either!

M: Aah, I feel like I’m losing my mind and body… hah… hagh… I can’t, no more, I’m cumming… I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cum… ming…! Ggh…! Ngh!

M: Haah… hah…

M: Haha… I’ve achieved it, enlightenment. *sinks down* I can’t… stand any longer. I’ve used up everything. But, as the final point of the magic shield, I can deploy an absolute barrier. Haha, we’re protected against that guy’s beam with this. It’s your turn next.

M: Show it to me… the last spell!


M: Huh? Oh, I’m happy that you swallowed it.

M: Haa… hah… then, send out your last spell now. End it all! *spell gets cast*

M: Ggh, is it still not enough even if you use your spell? In that case, ngh…! *gives oral*

M: Mm, this time it’s my turn to pour magic into you. Hngh… mgh…

M: You’re beautiful here, nrgh… mm…

M: It’s my first time doing this, so I’m sorry if I don’t do well. Mmgh… ah…

M: But I’ll do my very best, so feel me and boost… your magic! Nngh… mm…!

M: I love you… I love you…! Nrgh… I’ll also give everything I have, so let’s fight together, ngh… mm…! Store up all the magic inside of you.

M: We’re going to live together after this, right? We’ll defeat the boss, mm, and live together in a peaceful world. So… ngh…! Haa… haha, this place is soaked. I can take it as your answer, right?


M: Haha, thanks. Then, we can’t let things end here, right?

M: Gngh, I’m going to put it in… hah…

M: Huh? Dummy, I’m good. I’m at my physical limits, but my feelings of wanting to be in you can keep me going. Bend forward a little. Bend over while shooting out your beam.

M: Haa… hah, yeah, that’s right. Haha, it looks like the beam is coming straight from your waist. I’m going… to add my power in too. Nngh! Aah… ah…!

M: Feels good… hagh… ngh… I’m going… going to move, yeah? Haa… haha…! It feels so good being in you. It’s irresistible. You feel like an incessant onslaught on me, moreso than any enemy we’ve fought up to now. Hngh… mm…! *thrusting*

M: Haha, you too? Hehe, that’s right, you’re the only one I can’t beat… and the only one who can beat you is me. But, ngh, that boss has no eyes… hah… ah…!


M: Mmgh, it feels like the enemy is squeezing out their last drop of power too. Gngh, mm…!

M: Idiot, don’t give up. You can still keep going. I’m with you, right? Hngh… ah… hah…! I’ll make it so that you can’t think of anything else. *kisses ear; thrusting*

M: Haa… mm… don’t worry. If it’s you, there’s nothing to worry about. Mm… ngh…!

M: Gngh… ah… kgh…! I feel like I’m going to come… ungh…! You… too? Haa… mm…!

M: Haha, then let’s crush the boss. Me too, I’ll also piston you harder. Take my energy and throw it at him. Hngh, mgh, ah…! Ngh!

M: I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming…! Mmgh, I’m letting it out! I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming…! *explosion BGM; he orgasms*

M: Hagh… haah… haa…

M: We… won?

M: Haha… we won… we won!


M: We both have no strength, huh.

M: … I can’t get up. Haha… that was a lot of power, haha. Your magic swelled up too much. Did it feel that good?

M: I see, I’m glad then.

M: Hm? Ah. Look around us. The boss is disappearing and the world, which was shrouded in darkness, is now clearing. Haha, how many years has it been since I saw flowers?

M: Peace has come to the world… I guess. But, to be honest, I couldn’t care less.

M: You see, what I’m happiest the most about is becoming one with you.

M: Haha, ah… I feel a bit tired. Exhausted magic… well, there’s that, but it might simply be releasing twice. Haha, hey, next time let’s do it on a soft bed, yeah?

M: And then… let’s go on a journey. Not a journey to save the world… but on a trip, as lovers.

M: Yeah. I love you. *kisses*

M: I was finally able to kiss you.

M: If we had both been more honest, then all our enemies up to now might have been easier, huh. Haha, hey, I love you so much. So, once more… *kisses*

*** TRACK 11: Save the World!! After Playtime ***

M: Phew… well, we saved the world…

M: I’m going to shut off the BGM. *BGM stops*

M: Aah, that was pretty fun. There was a sense of accomplishment. *opens cans* Here, tea.

M: Can I also lie down? Thanks.

M: *drinks* Still, I’ve been trained by you, director. I can’t believe I ejaculated while fending off a beam. You know, it was pretty hard for me to ejaculate when I was a host.

M: Oh, but… maybe there was a sense of identity? I want to save the world, I want to give you pleasure… when I thought about loving the person I’ve been traveling with all this time, I naturally got hard. It’s a bit strange, but it felt good.

M: A-ah, I mean, when I say “love” I meant the role. Like, the hero and sorcerer had a long journey without any emotion between them and here it finally exploded. It had a sort of happiness and sadness to it.

M: Yes, yes! This development is passionate, isn’t it? In fact, I want a prequel of these two now.


M: Uh… ah, how about this? The hero, me, was bewitched by a succubus and now I’m in a hypnotic state. The succubus wants to take the hero’s virginity. Then, the sorcerer, you, is desperately trying to do something about that. There, the succubus says this to the sorcerer, “I won’t take his life, it’ll just be sex. It’s none of your business, right? Instead, the hero’s magic will increase, so it’s not a bad deal for you two.” That’s when the sorcerer realizes her feelings for the hero… or something like that.

M: Urk, that’s true… then the succubus tells you to do it instead. U-uh, it’s your job as the director to figure out the rest of the details there, right? I leave it to you! Alright, this is going to be your homework until next time. Hahaha.

M: Also, it’s happy to hear it back. No, I’m not talking about defeating the boss. What you said gave me a sort of sense of satisfaction… Haha, I’m grinning right now, aren’t I?

M: Well, you say it during sex too but… things like, “we need to do our mission” or “I won’t let you go”, gave me a lot of thoughts. It’s not good when I think about that now though, huh. Things were desperate at the time.

M: Now, I can get hard at such stupid things and get happy about the things you say. Haha, it’s hilarious. Aah… dammit. I feel like, before I knew it, I started dancing on the palm of your hand, but oh well.

M: Yeah, let’s have fun next time too, director. I will await your next guidance, haha.

*** TRACK 12: A Host’s Service: Pre-Playtime ***

M: Yo, Maito-kun has arrived.

M: Hm? No worries, I was one hundred percent confident it was you.

M: Huh? You want me to do it over again? Jeez, director, you have such minute requests. Okay, okay.

M: Ahem. Welcome, director. Thank you for selecting me. I am Maito, the actor. This evening, I will let you do whatever you want to me… and together we’ll shine brightly on the stage.

M: Are you happy with this?

M: I feel like it’s been a while since I said that. What’s wrong?

M: Oh, well, I can’t refuse you if you want to hear it. At this point, it’d be rude to ask for your reasons.

M: So? What are we going to do today?

M: Oh? A host?

M: Hmm, if it’s a host, then I can’t be any more skilled for it. Leave the preparations to me.

M: Let’s see, we’ll have the BGM as this… hm… ah, just in case, should I borrow a bottle? We won’t have any expensive alcohol in it, but there’ll be some sort of bottle prop.


M: Eh? Well, I’m doing it with you—director. I can’t show you something poor, right? I’ve got to give this all I have in my own way. That being the case, please give me the script. *flips page* It’s you, so I feel like it won’t have anything to do with being a host—

M: —huh… there’s nothing written here. Hey, I think there’s been a printing problem. I’ll copy yours—eh? This is it…? But… oh, you’re right, there is something written on it but… all ad libs?

M: Hey, hey, what’s wrong, director? Occupation: Host, all ad lib. This isn’t like you, director. Ah, I get it. You’re going to do unreasonable things during our play, aren’t you? The director’s a bully, after all. Hehe, but as a former host I need to accept this challenge. Leave it to me.

M: Anyway, I just have to give you service as a normal host, right?

M: Roger that. I look forward to working with you today as well, director. Let’s have fun together.

*** TRACK 13: A Host’s Service ***

*BGM Olly Walker – Sorry (I Had To Leave)*

M: Welcome to the club, Naughty.

M: I’m Maito. Pleasure to meet you.

M: Is this your first time in a place like this?

M: Hmm, you look calm right now, but when you entered you looked around nervously. Of course I saw that. It’s the first time I’ve seen you, after all, and so it’s natural for me to want to escort you, right?

M: Haha, this is a place for you to have fun. You don’t have to act so stiff. Come on, relax. How about we borrow some alcoholic power?

M: Mm, then let’s rely on this one. *pours drink*

M: Mhm. I’ll have one too. *pours drink*

M: Thank you. Now then, cheers to you for finding the courage to come here. *drinks*

M: So? Why’d you come here? Did you get caught by another host?

M: To make memories…? Oh? Why this?

M: Ah, you’re going to move because of your workplace. Uh… is that… um… for real?


M: O-oh… *drinks*

M: Oh… I see.

M: … Where are you moving to?

M: That’s… that’s far, isn’t it? I see. So that’s why you want to make memories. But… on that note, are you happy making memories at a place like this? Uh, is it a feeling of wanting to drink until you forget everything? Or—

M: … You came to see someone important to you? You…

M: Hey, um…! Actually, I also—

M: H-huh? No, this isn’t my job as a host, I mean me, my personal feelings—

M: Ngh, why can’t I say it? There isn’t a host who’d confess in their first meeting, but…!

M: … Okay. I get it. I’ll keep you company. Sorry, I’m a host, right?

M: *exhales; pours drink; drinks* … So? The person who came to a host club to make memories… what do you want to drink? Since you’re here, although this isn’t bad… *shakes drink*

M: That’s right, let’s see, why not this pink one, since it’s better to be flashy and have fun, no?


M: I knew you’d agree. There’s no help today, so I’ll be the only one doing the call. In exchange, I’ll be getting your help too. Yeah, it’s easy, don’t worry. I’ll be saying lines and you just need to reply, “Me”. Simple, right?

M: Now then, let me do a call for the person who chose the pink drink.

M: “Here, here, the main star of today is—*whispers* me, yup. The person who’s always the cutest is—*whispers* me, yup. Pink suits—*whispers* me. The very best and most invincible is—*heroine replies*. Maito and—*heroine replies*. Maito and—*heroine replies*. Maito and—*heroine replies*. Maito and—*heroine replies*. Alright, thank you very much. Now, down that pink drink.” *pours drink*

M: Stop. You can’t drink yet.

M: No, I’m not bullying you as a host. I’m saying… you weren’t into it.

M: When I was doing the call, you looked like your mind was elsewhere. I can tell that much. How many times do you think I’ve performed enthusiastically with you—with the director?

M: By getting into the world, you can create a story. Right? Then it becomes an enjoyable time for the both of us. You’re the one who said this. It’s what you and I have been doing all this time.


M: Haha, that’s right. You aren’t into it today, huh. Is that… because you don’t want to leave me… or something?

M: Hey, look over here. Come on.

M: I’m going to say it clearly, alright? I like you.

M: Mm, I really like you. At the beginning, to be honest, I was really against everything. But, at some point, I started looking forward to when you’d come. After it was over, and you went home, I’d feel sad. I’d be excited, wondering what the next script was…

M: I discovered a lot of things after meeting you. I don’t want things to end like this with you moving and just saying goodbye.

M: I’m going to say it again. I love you.

M: … And you? Tell me your feelings… when you came to me the day before moving.

M: Haha, I see. I’m happy. So we both share the same feelings.

M: Huh? Don’t turn your head away. Aah, that reminds me, you mentioned it before, didn’t you? That it was embarrassing… when a man and woman sleep with each other seriously. But, you know… I was extremely embarrassed the first time we played together.

M: But I overcame that and read unfamiliar lines emotionally… and then I felt extremely good. That happened countless times and I gradually grew to love you. I think, after you get over the ridiculousness and embarrassment, there’s something that feels really good waiting for you.


M: No, that’s what you showed me. So, right now… I’m serious about accepting me. Come on, close your eyes. *kisses*

M: Haha, you’re bright red. Huh? Me too? That’s because I’m embarrassed too.

M: Everything before now is in the past. I never really showed this either. I do find it hard to believe I could be so embarrassed over a kiss, but… how about it? It feels good, right? You still can’t tell? Then close your eyes again. *kisses*

M: Haha, what’s wrong? Jeez, you’re so cute. So it feels good then… my kisses. Mm, let’s do it more then. *kisses*

M: Hey, there’s a more enjoyable way, you know? Stick out your tongue… and open your mouth. Heh, just like that. *kisses*


M: Here, wrap your tongue around mine. Mm… *kisses*

M: It feels good with tongue, right? Mhm. *kisses*

M: Then, say you like me. Yeah, say you love me. Is it still embarrassing? I can say it though. I love you. I… love you. Haha. *kisses*

M: Because kisses feel so good. Nngh… I’m getting turned on. Mm… hngh…

M: Hey, what about you? Come on, tell me. *kisses*

M: Haha!

M: Good job in saying it. *kisses ear*

M: I also like you. I really like you.

M: Then, look at me properly again. Say it once more? Haha, well done. *kisses*

M: I love you. I love you. Nrgh… I love you too.

M: Haa… hah… I love you.

M: Haha, it’s such a nice thing, isn’t it? To be told you’re loved and to say you love someone. Mm…

M: It’s my first time kissing someone with these feelings too. Nngh…


M: Yes, wrap your tongue around mine. Mmgh…

M: Haah… hah… haha, you look so dazed. Did it feel good? I see, I see. I’m glad then. Me too, I really liked it.

M: It’s because it’s with you. It’s because I love you.

M: Haha, today might be the most embarrassing play for you and me. Mhm. It’s really clear that you’re embarrassed. But, you see…

M: Mm? Nope, I’m taking off your clothes. After all, your nipples are hard and they look like they want me to play with them. Mm… ngh… *kisses*

M: Haha, you jerked. Do your nipples feel good?

M: Haha, this place feels things cutely too. So cute. So damn cute. Your hips are moving. Nn…

M: Hey, be sure to tell me it feels good. Mm…

M: Haha. I see, so it feels good. Then, I’ll do it to you more. Nngh… mm…

M: Haa… haha, adorable. This might be my first time seeing you with that look. Even though we did so many dirty things… ngh… I want to see you look like that more, so I’m going to do it to this side too. Mn…


M: I’m going to touch you down here too. Nngh… ah… haha, you’re soaking.

M: Mm, I’m glad.

M: Hey, this place is really honest, you know? You should also be more… ngh… honest, you know? *kisses ear*

M: … I love you. Mmgh…

M: Nngh, haha…

M: Ah, here? Does this spot feel good? Come on, if it feels good, say so. Make sure to tell me. Then you’ll feel even more pleasure. Mm… I see. I’ll make this place super wet then.

M: Hm? Haha, thank you. Mm, I love you. I love you too. *kisses ear*

M: Show me even more embarrassing sides. Show me how you look when you’re drowning in pleasure. Nngh…


M: Mgh, haha, your breathing is heavy. Do you want to come? Sure, say it more then. Say that you love me. Mm… ngh… *kisses; fingering*

M: I’ll make you come then. Mmgh…

M: You can come now. Come on. I love you too. Come on now. Nn… hngh…

M: Haa… hah…

M: Haha, you came. *kisses*

M: Here, come closer to me. Yeah, mm… You’re so cute. *phone rings* Hm? Oh. What is it? Yes? *goes to answer phone*

???: Maito-kun, thanks for your hard work. Time’s up now. I leave the rest to you.

M: Eh? That much time hasn’t passed yet, has it?

???: Oh, you’re right. Today is certainly shorter than usual.

M: *turns to heroine* Why? Usually, it’s more… Ah, you planned on just seeing my face for the last day? I see. *to phone* Um, manager.

???: Hm?

M: Make it longer.

???: Got it!

*** TRACK 14: Prolonged Battle ***

M: So, that’s how it’s going to be. I don’t want my time with you to be cut off like that.

M: That’s because I’m a pushy host. But… I thought this was what you wished for too. Well? Hey now, if you don’t say things clearly… Nevermind, it’s fine. I can tell just by looking at your face. Haha. *kisses*

M: Ah, no, you don’t have to move. You just came, after all. I’m just going to love your body on my own. Mmngh… and all you need to do is take it in. *kisses*

M: Haha, you’ve become sensitive. Nngh, don’t worry, I’ll take it slow.


M: Hey, touch me too. Ungh, dummy, what I want you to touch isn’t my nipples. Ah, wait, mgh… haha, stop… it. I’m weak there, ah… ngh…!

M: I feel like I’ve been exposed to so many new things because of you, ngh… but to have my nipples feel this good, ah… mgh!

M: T-this isn’t right. Wait, wait! Haa… hah… what I want you to touch… erm, what I want you to touch… No, saying it now makes me sound like a pervert. Um, I want you to touch this place… look, you know… it’s hard… right?

M: Huh? NO! It’s not because you touched my nipples. It’s because I love you, jeez. I got hard because I was touched by the person I like!

M: Uh, well, the possibility of it getting harder because my nipples were touched is… well, I can’t say there’s none. I can’t win against the pleasure. Enough already, just touch me. Come on.


M: Ngh, wait, hold on a minute. Wait, I told you to touch me but I didn’t say to stroke it, mgh. Don’t stroke… don’t… stroke it… ah…!

M: I vaguely noticed this about you before, but… aren’t you a little too good at touching me? What the heck? Ngh, ah…! Seriously, once a while… let’s do it together. I want to be joined to you.

M: Ggh, hah… haah… Jeez, in the first place, you’ve seen it stroked way too much. Up to now, you’ve watched me do it so many times, right? You even had a clear view when I was doing anal. Thinking back, that was so embarrassing.

M: That reminds me, I haven’t… looked at you closely here, huh.

M: Hm, we’ve done it many times now but I never had the leisure to look in the middle of our plays. A certain director is so sensitive about her requests that it took all I had to just do it.

M: But today seems to be all ad lib, so… I’m going to take my time and look to my heart’s content. Nope, I’m looking. Spread your legs.

M: Nope, wider. Come on, show me your embarrassment too. You can do it now at this point, right?

M: Yeah, hold both your legs.


M: Haha, you’re wet. It even dripped down to your butt, so this area is drenched.

M: Is it embarrassing? Well, alright, but if you tense that much then your butthole clenches and unclenches and it’s even more erotic. Haha, I got completely bullied by you, so it’s great to see you embarrassed like this. It turns me on. Haha, you’re cute like this too.

M: But, since I’m here, I want to see another more sexy place clenching, so… mm… *gives oral*

M: I’m going to lick this place lots. Nngh…

M: Your sexy juices are coming out again. Mmgh… nrgh…

M: It’s overflowing…

M: Haha, does it feel good? Mm, hehe. Hey, do you know why it feels good?

M: Hm? Yeah, because this place is an erogenous zone—wrong! Erm, well, you’re not wrong that it’s an erogenous spot, but it’s because I love you. I’m putting my emotions into this. It’s special.


M: Eh? Hey now, I’m going to sulk. I’m being serious here.

M: Yeah, that’s right. Huh? Uh. The pleasure changes because there’s love, doesn’t it? Erm, am I wrong? No, wait, but… when you were touching me earlier, that was probably the best I felt up to now. I got happy thinking about how it was the hand of the person I love and…

M: Hey, don’t act shy. Somehow, that makes me feel embarrassed.

M: A-anyway, it’s because I love you! Plus, it also feels good because you love me. It’s definitely like that. Got it?

M: Grgh, come on… *gives oral*

M: But, in reality, I feel like you’re giving me the best response you’ve ever given me up to now? Haha. Mngh…

M: Haa… here, I’ll touch your clit too. Nngh…

M: Haha, so it feels good. Feel me more. I want to see you in pleasure. Mm…


M: Now then… Hey, can I do it? Sex between a man and a woman saying they love each other with a straight face… or that’s what I was thinking, but you don’t have a serious face. It’s slack with pleasure. Haha, cute. *kisses*

M: I want to feel the same inside you though…

M: Mm, I’m going to put it in… ngh…! Kgh, ah…

M: Ungh, it feels so good. Haha, ah… shit. Ngh… mm…

M: Hey, that reminds me, there’s something I’ve always thought but never said. It feels extremely good being inside you. Mhm, ah… ngh… haha, I don’t know if it simply feels good because we’re compatible, but… ah… it’s so good, mgh! *thrusting*

M: Haha, on the other hand, what about you? Me, down here.

M: Eh? W-well, I mean… my d-dick being in y-you… and how it feels in your p-pussy. Ggh… s-shut up! For some reason, now that we’re lovers, saying the word dick or whatever is embarrassing. You don’t have to notice those things. Besides, mgh, why am I the one embarrassed when you made me say it? Normally, isn’t it the opposite?

M: Aah, so good… S-so? How is it? Mmgh…! Haha, I’m glad then. *kisses; thrusting*


M: Haha, you really love it. Ungh, hah… then I’ll have to make you feel even better. Ngh… hah… here!

M: Gngh… ah…

M: Haha, you’re super cute… when you’re honestly just feeling me and not playing a role. Mm? I feel good? Haha, here then, come on, feel me more and make some noise. Ngh, ah! Haa… hah…!

M: H-hey now, why are you making me cry out? Haa… hagh… s-stop touching my nipples, i-idiot… haa… hah…!

M: Kgh, right now, isn’t it time for me to be the top? Ngh, mm… ah…!

M: H-huh? You want me to be honest too…? B-but… mgh… haa… hagh…! W-what? If you tell me you love me, I… ngh… Jeez, it feels good. I’m happy when you touch my nipples. Seriously, ah…! It feels really good, ngh… hah…! Yes!


M: Eh? T-then, pinch it a little… and tug it… ah…! Yes, like that… ah! Mgh, gngh…

M: Shit, this feels way too good… hah… mgh… Play with them more, hah… hagh…!

M: Feels good… haah… I’m just going to tell you though, it’s not like I’m a masochist who gets happy when his nipples are played with. Ggh… it’s because I love you and you’re the one touching them that it feels good, nrgh…

M: Huh? From the beginning… I felt good from my nipples? Haa… *quiet* was that the case? Then… then, I’m… sensitive there! It’s not because you’re good or anything. Don’t get arrogant. Jeez, what am I even saying, hah… It feels so good, shit, I can’t think of anything. Mgh… hah…

M: I love you. I love you…! Ngh… mm…! Look, I’m honest, so you’re gonna be honest too, right? Where does it feel good? Gngh, come on…! Here…? Haha, yeah, I feel good too.

M: Haa… hagh… feels good… ngh…!

M: Haha, ah, when you pinch them like that… crap, I’m gonna come… haah… haa…

M: Let’s come together. I want to feel you closer. Ngh… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*

M: Nngh… hah… I’m coming, I’m coming…! Let’s go, I’m coming, I’m coming… I’m coming…! Gngh! *he orgasms*

M: Haah… hagh… that felt good, haha. It really feels good coming while saying we love each other. *kisses*

M: Haha, I love you so much. Haha, thank you.

*** TRACK 15: After Playtime ***

M: Haa… that felt good. *grabs cans*

M: You worked hard. Here. *opens can* Tea. I’ll drink one too. *opens can; drinks*

M: Mm? What’s wrong? You’re squirming around without drinking.

M: … I say this but I know already. I can tell. You’re embarrassed… right? You did it. Serious sex.

M: How was it?

M: Mm, haha. Me too.

M: Hey… cheers. *drinks*

M: Haah… now that things are like this, this cheap canned tea tastes better than any alcohol I’ve had. Erm… it’s okay to call us lovers, right?

M: Mm, I’m glad.

M: Oh, no, no, me too. Please take care of me in the future…

M: Haha, but you’re going to move tomorrow, huh. Hey, by the way, where are you going to live?

M: Hm, hm. Oh, I see. In that case… I guess I’ll look for a job in that area too.


M: Hm? Erm, because you wouldn’t like it, right? If I continued working here after we’re dating.

M: Thanks to all your bookings, I returned my debt a long time ago. I was wondering about what to do.

M: But… um… doing it with you was fun so I couldn’t quit, that’s all.

M: That being said, I also felt like being a host at this point was wrong… Well, I had a lot to think about.

M: Also, uh… I’d rather be at your side, so being separated when we finally got together… Erm, either way, don’t you want to be together on the weekends?

M: Huh? D-don’t tell me I’m being… clingy? Uh, it all depends on you and you don’t have to be considerate of me at all, OK? Erm…

M: O-oh, I see. Mm. Haha… I haven’t dated someone seriously before, so I’m not very good at these things… like distance.

M: Well, I’ll decide on things from here on after discussing it with you. Mhm.

M: Aah, but today’s also the last day to have sex with you here, huh. When I first came here, I even thought I’d get out immediately and go back to being a host again.

M: Now… this is a bit of a special place. Hm?

M: Hey, hey, that’s not possible. From now on, we’re going to do what we both want and have fun sex. I noticed you, changed this much, and fell in love with you is because I met with that ridiculous play.

M: Besides… well, now that it’s like this… I’m a bit sad too when there’s no script. Haha, yeah. Then, those discussions will happen at our next pre-playtime. Haha, I look forward to working with you in the future too, director.

5 thoughts on “Moto Host, Imekura de Hataraku

    Oak said:
    November 27, 2020 at 21:28

    So funny! I love his reactions to the script. He’s really adorable. >__<

      Ilinox responded:
      November 28, 2020 at 00:16

      I feel like his reaction is ours and any sane person’s reaction upon reading hilarious porn scripts. This reminds me of the terrible meme ones going around like “Hey, do you need a lifeguard here?” and the guy is just in a bathtub and being really confused LOL. Or the lemon trees or whatever.

        Oak said:
        November 28, 2020 at 04:50

        My favorite part of the story is during the pre-script of the 2nd scenario (the one with the shopkeeper and shoplifter). You can just feel the rollercoaster of emotions from him from being annoyed that he might have to bottom again to being overjoyed that he can finally top to being mortified that he celebrated too early. His reactions are very real which makes this whole thing 10X funnier.

    It me said:
    November 27, 2020 at 04:38


      Ilinox responded:
      November 28, 2020 at 00:15

      NGL submissive men aren’t my type of thing, but Maito is such a hilarious switch and the whole premise was just wild and funny that I enjoyed going through it!

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