Dear Vocalist Wired ~ Re-o-do ~

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Re-o-do (レオード)
CV: Masuda Toshiki (増田 俊樹)

Dear Vocalist Wired ~ Re-o-do ~

The Vocalists Sing ♥ In the Last Live of Their Fates

There are six vocalists registered as bands at “Climax Records”, a music production company.

The six sold their CDs reasonably well and avoided being dismissed. However, President Panda couldn’t be satisfied with that alone. One day, President Panda gave an even further ultimatum.

For preparations of a flashy live, the six vocalists must satisfy their colleagues at the company, the audience, and contribute to sales up to the day of the live.

“Y’all, and the new member, must contribute up to the day of the live, meow. Or else you’ll really, really be disbanded, meow.”

Talented, but carrying various problems, these men and their survival, hinging on this last live, starts now!!

Huge thanks to Lux for the commission that has brought me back to this series. Erm, we totally skipped the rest of the boys in Riot, but coincidentally the last place I stopped was after Re-o-do’s Riot CD, so we technically have an uninterrupted story for him!

Note1: His band is called Lumiere and his fans are “minettes” which is French for kittens.

First two tracks are songs, then I’ve included the special voices on the site, and then it moves into the actual drama CD section.


その整合しきれぬ迷いに 流されて
Let this uncoordinated hesitation be washed away
いま、涙が溢れるぐらいの 悔しさで
Right now, with this frustration at the point of spilling tears

握りしめろ iNiTiaTiVeを
Grab hold of the iNiTiaTiVe

Full of lies
いつも 雨に打たれていた 違う 未来なら making noises
If it’s a wrong future, constantly being rained on, making noises
人と 比較されてばかり 誰に 頭、下げてる?
To someone who’s only ever compared to others, would I lower my head?

如何ようにでも 試せばいい 一度きりのジブン
I should just try it, in whatever way. This one-chance me
思い残すな 絶対的な 自信など
with an absolute confidence that has no regrets

もう、掲げなくても進めばいい その先へ
Even if I can’t hold it up, I should just continue on towards the end
ただ、揺るぎない眼差しの中 締め付ける
Only, inside this unwavering gaze. I tighten my hold,
「愛」と言える感情をつかみ 抱き寄せて
grabbing this emotion called “Love”, bringing it close
さあ、感じたまま 叫んだなら——
Come on, if I shout with these feelings—

執(と)ればいいさ iNiTiaTiVeを
I’ll command this iNiTiaTiVe

It’s always like this
僕は 諦めようとして 君が くれたものを壊す
Like I’m giving up, I break the things you give me
ナイフ 圧迫する心臓を 止めて 向き合うんだ
Using a knife to stop this pressuring heart, I confront everything

隠しつづけて 逃げつづけた 世界なら full with lies
I continue to hide, I continued to run. If this world is full with lies,
予想外すら 楽しもうか? ふたりでね
even if it’s unexpected, why don’t we enjoy it? Together

その整合しきれぬ迷いに 流されて
Let this uncoordinated hesitation be washed away
いま、涙が溢れるぐらいの 悔しさで
Right now, with this frustration at the point of spilling tears
「夢」を描いてみればいいんだ ありのまま
I should just draw my “dreams” as they are
さあ、振り返らずに 叫んだなら——
Come on, without turning back, if I just shout—

握りしめろ iNiTiaTiVeを
Grab hold of the iNiTiaTiVe

Hold onto your heart everybody
Just bring it on don’t give it up
Hold onto your heart everybody
Just bring it on

もう、掲げなくても進めばいい その先へ
Even if I can’t hold it up, I should just continue on towards the end
ただ、揺るぎない眼差しの中 締め付ける
Only, inside this unwavering gaze. I tighten my hold,
「愛」と言える感情をつかみ 抱き寄せて
grabbing this emotion called “Love”, bringing it close
さあ、感じたまま 叫んだなら——
Come on, if I shout with these feelings—

その整合しきれぬ迷いに 流されて
Let this uncoordinated hesitation be washed away
いま、涙が溢れるぐらいの 悔しさで
Right now, with this frustration at the point of spilling tears
「夢」を描いてみればいいんだ ありのまま
I should just draw my “dreams” as they are
さあ、振り返らずに 叫んだなら——
Come on, without turning back, if I just shout—

現れるよ New Days
New days will appear

握りしめろ iNiTiaTiVeを
Grab hold of the iNiTiaTiVe


Don’t make me blue
Don’t make me blue
Your pain
You make me suffer
You make me suffer
I’m just tricked all around

都合 悪く ブツかれば
If I meet with something that doesn’t go my way
すぐに 逃げる StrayCat
I run away immediately [like a] StrayCat
甘く 遺してる 爪痕
Smoothly leaving behind scratches

疑惑 だらけ 冷めていく
Full of distrust, I act coldly

Cry 涙、枯れて——
Cry, the tears dry up—

Loneliness that becomes covered with complaints
蹴り続けた ヒールの プライド
I continued to kick it, with heels of pride
ネチ ネチしてるEGOIST?
An insistent, persistent EGOIST?
後ろ髪に 縋る(すがる)思い出
I cling onto memories with painful reluctance

キミは キミで 許せない
You can’t forgive, just like you would
ボクは ボクで 許せない?
I can’t forgive, just like I would?
つまり 風前の灯(ともしび)
Meaning, it’s a precarious situation

ふたり 愛が、愛じゃない
Both of our love isn’t love

Dry 砂上の楼閣——
It’s a dry house built on sand—

that’s been held immobile
時が殺す 過去の ふたりを
I’ll kill time. I’m a jealous,
wanting to be jealous, of the past us EGOIST?
背中越しに 煤けた未来
Past my back is a stained future

Don’t make me blue
Don’t make me blue
Your pain
You make me suffer
You make me suffer
I’m just tricked all around

“Where are you right now?”
“It is my business though, isn’t it?”
“I don’t think the way you’re talking is good.”
“I said I was sorry, so come back.”
“I apologized, didn’t I!? Why do you have to talk like that?”
“Ah, I see, then I’m done.”
“If that’s what you mean then…”
“I’ll never call you again.”

Why 喉元には 憎しみが溢れ
Why is hatred spilling in my throat
I can’t say it’s love
Love このままじゃさ——
If love is just like this then—

Loneliness that becomes covered with complaints
蹴り続けた ヒールの プライド
I continued to kick it, with heels of pride
ネチ ネチしてるEGOIST?
An insistent, persistent EGOIST?
後ろ髪に 縋る(すがる)思い出
I cling onto memories with painful reluctance

What if I burn it in the sky?


Merci. Minettes.

Everyone’s support has given us strength again. Did you hear the panda’s talk?

It looks like our survival is still going to go on and, this time, a true live is waiting for us.

I’m going to make new songs with members of Lumiere again and I’m looking forward to my minettes listening to them. I’m obviously going to do my best. It’s a given. Let’s meet at the live for sure.


Re-o-do: Bonsoir, minettes. Thanks for always listening to Lumiere Radio. I’m Re-o-do, the vocalist. I’ll be hosting for tonight.

R: First, as usual, I’ll read out some mail. Let’s see… “Lumiere Name: Peach Color”. Thank you. “Is there something you want to do this summer? Please tell us”. Good one. For several years, I’ve been busy every summer with new songs and I don’t think I’ve done any summer-like things. What I mean by summer-like things is stuff like eating watermelons or watching fireworks. I think I’ll probably be busy this year too, but I want to do those if it’s possible.

R: Now then, next mail. “Lumiere Name: Strawberry Shortcake”. Thank you for the letter. “I’ve seen you go out drinking often with members of Lumiere on your SNS. Is everyone close?” It’s all the same members since we formed so, rather than being good friends, it’s more like I’m stuck with them. I go out to drinks, but it’s more correct to say I’m dragged along.

R: Next mail. “Lumiere Name: Charismatic Minette Ego”… It’s that person again? Hey, give me another letter.

R: Hah? There’s none? That’s not possible, right? Because just earlier there were so many—

R: Tch, dammit. What’s with today’s staff? Are they the panda’s minions?

R: Shut up! I just have to read it, right? Hah… “Leo-sama, what do you sleep in? Pajamas? Sweats? Or naked? Kyaa, how exciting for minettes.”

R: *crumbles paper* Hey, don’t fuck around. Are you making fun of Lumiere and minettes? I won’t let that go unpunished. What the hell… I’m going to complain right now! *shoots up* Uh… right, I’m in the middle of a broadcast. Sorry for making it hard to listen to. I’ll do it properly. *sits down*

R: Next is a song, right? The first song for tonight is Ambitious Night by us, Lumiere. Please listen.


*phone rings*

R: *through phone* Hello? It’s Lumiere’s vocalist, Re-o-do. Sorry for the abrupt call. You must be surprised, right? Right now, because of the panda’s demands, I’m doing sudden calls to the audience. I was told to give a call to a number of minettes through drawing lots. Uh… hello? Are you listening? Haha, I’m glad then. You were silent the entire time so I thought the call got cut off. I’m counting on your future support of Lumiere. After all, you got chosen as a representative of my minettes. Oh, time’s up. Sorry for it being short, but it was precious. I don’t get many chances to call my minettes directly. Let’s meet at the next live, I’ll be waiting for you. Now then, thank you for following us. *phone call ends*


R: Haah… well, I’ll run for a bit at the end before heading home. It’s been a while since I’ve been at the gym. *turns on treadmill*

R: … Hm? Is the pace a bit fast? *beeping*

R: Eh? What is this? The buttons are… Hah!? Wait, why!? Shit, if I get serious here then it won’t be a… *beeping; running faster*

R: Ggh, ah! It’s too much! Crap! AAAAAH! *falls off*

R: Kgh, hey, what the hell was that!?

R: Oh, Kohou, why are you here?

R: Shut up, I thought about training on my own, so leave me alone.

R: Ggh, I don’t want to train together! I refuse! It’s more than enough for me to do it alone! Shit, let me go!

R: Huh!? It was the panda’s orders? Oh, I know, the treadmill’s weirdness was your work, wasn’t it!? Stop it, don’t screw around! If I become macho like you, that’ll be a problem in and of itself! Let me go! LET ME GO!!


R: Right now, I’m going to read out a PR document. Incidentally, this was written by Brave Child’s Joshua, a new addition to our survival. I’m going to read it out then. Let’s see… “Hard worker, cat lover”… Heh, it’s surprisingly put together. Hm? What is this? There’s something written on the back.

R: “He’s two-faced”… HUH!? T-two-faced!? I’m not like that. There are others who are two-faced like Momochi… or Momochi…!


R: Minettes, thank you for your continuing support. Every time I receive replies or fan letters, I feel like I really am supported by everyone. I’ll have to return everyone’s feelings too… of course, on the stage of the live. Come for sure. I’ll be waiting for you. *kisses*


R: Yeah, I’m going to the lockers for a quick second. Can you go on ahead? *opens and closes door*

R: Ggh! Key!? Where is the key… ah, here! *opens locker* What do I do? It’ll be terrible if I don’t have it! AH! I really… don’t have my charger. It’s over. Everything is over. Why is it just today that I forgot it!? Kgh, the battery on my phone is already dead. Seriously, what am I going to do? I didn’t reply to her sticker yet! *another locker creaks open*

R: Huh?… It’s open…? If I remember correctly, this one… belongs to A… *gulps*

R: I’m just going to check it. If he has one, I’ll just be borrowing it. It’s not like I’m stealing anything. Besides, it’s his fault for leaving his locker wide open…

R: *junks collapses* WAH! Filthy! No, now’s not the time for that. Um, if he has one it’ll be in his bag, right? His bag… uwah… Gah, what the hell is this!? Just how much snacks did he stock!? An avalanche of deliciousness, Limited Edition Hokkaido Mega White Chocolates? Expiry date… 2017, April 30…! It’s long past that. These things should be thrown out! Charger… charger… charger…! Ah, here!

R: *more junk noises* This cord is unmistakable. I’m saved! Phew… I can recharge my phone with this. Thank you, A’. I have to hurry! *runs off*

*** TRACK 3: More than xxx. ***

R: —that’s the case, so next week we’ll be moving into full-blown practice. Ambitious Night was our best, there’s no mistake about that. But, just because of that, we can’t be satisfied.

R: The people who come to CR Rock Fes are not just the minettes, who always support Lumiere, but also the audience for other bands. If we do the same thing we did last time, then I know we won’t be able to satisfy everyone in the venue. We need to surpass our best work.

R: First, we need a new song. We absolutely can’t cut corners. Naturally, I’ll also give it my all. I’ll show everyone that Lumiere is the best. *members start leaving*

R: Hm? What?

R: Let’s leave that for later. My schedule’s packed today. If I don’t leave now, I won’t be able to make them in time.

R: I’ll be making a new song starting next week so, either way, we’ll be seeing each other every day, right? I’ll listen to you then. See ya. *leaves*

*scene skip; phone rings*

R: *through phone* Ah, hello? It’s me.

R: *through phone* Uh-uh, I’m not done at all. Just now, I finished vocal training and I’m heading back to the company, but after that there’s an interview for a magazine so I’ll have to head out right away again.

R: *through phone* My schedule’s been jammed since the morning, so I suddenly wanted to hear your voice. I called you, thinking it’d be okay when I’m heading to my next place.


R: *through phone* Are you OK to talk right now? It sounds pretty noisy over there. Are you possibly outside?

R: *through phone* Eh? You’re in Shibuya? What for? Until when?

R: *through phone* Until ten o’clock? Seriously!? It’ll probably be around then when I’m done work, so… could we meet for a bit? We could get dinner or something.

R: *through phone* Awesome! Tell me if you have someplace you want to go then. Anywhere’s fine.

R: *through phone* Eh? My recommendation? Guess I have to give one… I can’t refuse your requests, right? I’ll think as hard as I can about a place that’ll make you happy. Look forward to it. Once you’re done your business, let’s meet at Hachiko Square. Hrm, yeah, can you stand in front of the police box? I’ll go there the moment I’m done.

R: *through phone* Mm, I’ll see you later then. I love you. *kisses; hangs up*

*scene skip; restaurant*

R: Oh? It looks much better than its photos. There’s private rooms and they’re sofa seats.

R: Right? I was curious about this place after seeing it in a magazine. It’s stylish… and I thought you’d like this sort of place. I’m happy as long as you like it.

R: *sits down* Uwah, damn, this sofa is super soft. *pats* Come on, hurry up and sit.

R: Eh? Why are you sitting over there? Your seat is beside me, right? *pats*

R: Nope, sitting across from me is too far. Isn’t it OK? I chose a private room for this. Hey, come on, come over. I want you beside me. I don’t like it if you aren’t closer. *tugs heroine*


R: Eheh, caught you.

R: Hey, can you give it to me now? Mm… *waits for kiss*

R: Haha, I’m talking about my reward. Because I properly answered your request. You like this restaurant, right?

R: Then give it to me. Come on. Mm… *heroine pecks him* Thank you.

R: Hey, what are you going to order? Let’s get drinks first… is what I thought, but hold on a moment. I want to stay like this a bit longer. *hugs heroine* Nngh…

R: Because I worked super hard today, you know? I’ll be doing photos tomorrow and the day after that too. Mm, I should have days off this weekend but tomorrow and the day after that became work.

R: Haha, I say this but I’m the one who put it into my schedule. I’ll finally be working on my new song starting next week, so I want to concentrate on that. I’ve tried to match my schedule with the members as much as possible so I can discuss things with them right away. That’s why I’m finishing up various things this week.


R: I told you in our last call about how our performance for the festival has been arranged, right? When we appear, I want as much of the audience as I can get to think Lumiere is the best. For that, I need to create the best new song. I have to work hard.

R: I think we can do it. Right now, Lumiere isn’t at its limits. When I was making a song last time, I reworked it based on my members’ opinions, right? We were cooped up in the studio for days and we talked a crazy lot. There were times when we got heated and got into fights… but, thanks to that, we made something we never had before. I’ve been with everyone casually for many years, but I realized this was what making a song everyone could accept was like… and that was the first time I thought that.

R: So, this time, I’ll make a song from the start like that. We might argue like we did last time, but I’ll make a song while talking to every one of my members. I’m sure it’ll be an amazing song. I’ll definitely get the audience that comes to the Fes to say “Isn’t Lumiere wicked sick?”.

R: You can look forward to it lots too, OK? It’s a promise. *kisses*

R: Oh… Haha, that face is super cute. It makes me want to do it more. I might not be able to stop.

R: Hey, you kiss me too. Give me more rewards.


R: Haha, what? I got one but it was just one. It’s not enough at all. You gotta give me more… because I’m going to have to work super hard after this, you know? We won’t be able to see each other again when I start making the song.

R: Right? So… let’s do a lot right now while we can? Come on. Hurry. *heroine kisses him*

R: … Awesome. Haa… I feel like I won’t be able to think of anything but you. I love you. I really really like you. I love you so much it hurts. Mm… *phone interrupts kiss*

R: Hah… that reminds me, I didn’t turn off my phone. It’s fine, let’s ignore it.

R: I said it’s fine. Don’t turn away, look at me.

R: … Hm… hah, alright, I’ll answer it. Seriously, they’re persistent. Who is it? *grabs phone* I knew it was him. Mhm, a member. Oh. They hung up. I’m going to turn off my phone while I can…

R: It’s fine if I don’t call back. It’ll be a long conversation if I talk to him. He’s probably drunk and just calling random people. What’s it called, looking for someone to talk to? He’s always been like that, like hanging out after practice or calling in the middle of the night without a point. Well, in a way, I guess he’s sociable? He might be suited to being the leader.


R: Haha, well, that I even joined Lumiere is because he kept bugging me.

R: Haa… jeez, we had a nice atmosphere going too. But we got interrupted thanks to that guy. He really can’t read the atmosphere. Next time I see him, I’m definitely complaining. I guess we should order some drinks now. If we keep going like this, the employees are going to think we’re strange.

R: What do you want to drink? Pop?

R: I think I’ll do the same as you then. I drove here from the company, so I won’t be able to drink alcohol. Let’s see… ah, here. Which one do you want? Choose the one you like.

R: Hey… is it alright for you to stay out late tonight? I thought it’d be enough to just see your face… but after seeing you, in the end, I want to be with you for as long as possible, even if it’s just a little bit longer. I’ll be sure to send you home.

R: Really!? Think about what you want to do after this then. I’ll take you anywhere. I’m fine with anything so long as I’m with you. If you can’t think of anything, then it’s fine to leave it to me again. In exchange, I’ll want a proper reward after, hehe.

[12:22] *scene skip*

R: Haah… we’re at your place already. We got here in no time.

R: … You aren’t getting off? Haha, if you don’t hurry and go… I might say I’ve changed my mind and won’t return you home. *removes seatbelt*

R: Hey, the next time we see each other, you have to sleep over at my place, OK? I’ll do my best to make that time. I’ll work hard and finish making my song and all the other work. *heroine removes seatbelt* Once you get inside, let me know, alright? But it’s late, so just send a sticker.

R: Then… good night. *kisses; heroine leaves*

R: Hm… Oh, that reminds me, my phone. I should turn it on when I have time right now. Alright, I should get going. *puts on seatbelt; phone rings*

R: Oh? I wonder what’s wrong. Did she forget something? *looks at phone*

R: Haa, what the heck, it’s him again? He’s so persistent today. Gods.

R: *answers phone* Hello? What was it earlier? I said I’d listen to you later, right? Yet—

R: … What do you mean?

R: The company? Now? Why do I have to go there?

R: Everyone too?

R: … Got it. I’ll head there right now. *phone call ends*

R: ……

R: What does he mean by a serious conversation? *drives away*

[15:00] *scene skip*

R: What…? You’re saying you’re quitting Lumiere then?

R: When did you start thinking about this?

R: … Why are you silent? What about the new song? What about the Fes!? Didn’t everyone say they were going to work hard? Weren’t we going to prove that Lumiere is the best!? *grabs member* ANSWER ME! *other members grab him* LET ME GO! Lumiere was made by him, right!? What are you guys doing being calm when he’s suddenly saying this!? Does Lumiere mean that little to you guys!?

R: Don’t fucking kid with me. FUCK OFF! *runs out*

*** TRACK 4: LUMIERE ***

R: …… Hah.

R: Oh… ah, sorry, I was thinking and didn’t notice you at all.

R: Mm, a little. I rushed through my schedule and had some time, so I came early. It’s impressive you realized it was me, haha. That’s strange, I disguised myself super hard today too. We’re able to see each other with all this time, so I didn’t want anyone to interrupt us.

R: Haha, I see. Yeah, you’re right… haa… Oh, hey, your hairstyle today is super cute. Did you do it yourself?

R: You really put a lot of effort into it, huh. This feels like a date. We should go somewhere then, right? Is there anything you want to see?

R: Yeah, I’m a bit thirsty too. Why don’t we go to a cafe? Where should we go… Hold on, I’ll think of a place right now. There’s lots of shops I’ve wanted to visit with you…

R: … Huh? Haha, that’s weird, there should be a lot but… somehow, nothing’s coming to mind. Uh…


R: Erm, hey, can we go to my place today? You even got dressed up too, I’m sorry. Somehow, I’m really not myself right now.

R: Stuff like where you’d like to go or what I can do to make you happy… none of those are coming to mind like they usually do. No matter what I do, I keep thinking of useless things. My head’s crammed.

R: Can we go back to the company first then? I drove today too.

*scene skip*

R: Sorry, I thought there were drinks but when I opened the fridge there was nothing. We should have stopped at a convenience store and got something, huh.

R: Oh. *sits down*

R: Haah…

R: … No, that’s not it. Rather than the new song, it’s more like there was a problem before that.

R: It could be that… Lumiere is over.

R: There was a member who said he was going to leave Lumiere. It’s the guy who called when I was with you the other day. The bassist and leader. He said that, a while back, another company made an offer to him. According to him, he planned on the previous song to be his last one with Lumiere.


R: When we made the previous song, he said he really put everything he had into it. At that time… I also worked hard to the point where I thought I couldn’t do anything more. But, for me, that song was still the start and it wasn’t the goal. Listening to that completed song, I was glad to have come this far with everyone and Lumiere and no matter how high the hurdles were in the future I thought we would be able to overcome them.

R: … I thought everyone else felt the same. And yet…

R: I thought we were able to talk to each other with our true feelings. We must have been doing everything with the same feelings. At least, that’s what I thought. But now… I don’t know what he’s thinking about at all. Not just him… even everyone else.

R: The Lumiere I believed in and the Lumiere inside everyone… might be different.

R: Yeah… I might be overthinking it. I know, but I can’t stop. I quickly start to think about useless things like him wanting to quit… might be because of me or something. I’ve dropped down to the point where I’m trying to consider their feelings, huh. Even if I were to stand on a stage with them right now, I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to sing like I’ve been doing up to now. My best song… to sing that… I need to believe one hundred percent in my members.


R: It’s because I believed everyone felt the same… that this was what we, Lumiere, were trying to say… that I was able to sing with confidence. Ever since the day I had my first session with them… it’s always been like this.

R: It’s important. For me, Lumiere… is super important. I think I’ve changed because of Lumiere. That I’m able to sing with confidence is also because of them. If Lumiere didn’t exist… then I’m sure a lot of things would be different. Maybe I wouldn’t have even met you. Lumiere not being around… I can’t imagine that, even now.

R: … Eh?

R: Uh…

R: You’re right…

R: Alright. I’ll try telling them everything I feel. If I don’t express my true feelings, then nothing will get resolved. What you say is right. No matter how much we argue, I’ll get them to understand in the end. Because the Lumiere I believe in… is that kind of band.

R: Somehow, thanks to you I’ve got my energy back. Seriously… thank you. *hugs heroine*


R: Thinking that Lumiere might be over… I lost a lot of confidence. I thought I might go back to the person I was before joining Lumiere. But… that’s wrong, right? Because right now I have you. I’ll do my best. I have to protect Lumiere no matter what.

R: Didn’t I promise you? That you could look forward to the new song and the festival. It’s impossible for me to break my promises to you… I’ll never let that happen.

R: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to stop him. I’ll stand on the Fes stage with these members. I’ll believe in everyone and sing the greatest song. I can definitely do this. Because, as long as you’re here, I can work super hard. Be sure to watch over me… from the place closest to me.

*** TRACK 5: Do our best!!! ***

*phone rings*

R: *through phone* Hello? It’s me. I had a long discussion with my members. I’ll tell you the details in person. Can you come to the company at seven?

R: *through phone* I’ll be waiting. See you. *hangs up phone*

*scene skip*

R: *through door* Shut up. How many times do I have to tell you? I’m done! Leave if that’s what you want! *slams door open and closes*

R: Haa… Oh! *runs to heroine*

R: Eh, you’re here already? Were you… waiting?

R: Phew. Come with me for a second. The room across is empty.

*scene skip; door opens and closes*

R: Sit wherever. Is there anything you want to drink?

R: Huh? My members…?

R: Oh… did you hear me yelling earlier?

R: Phone…? O-oh, that was… I said that because the others were around. There’s a fireworks display somewhere today, right? When I called you earlier, my members happened to be talking about it and they were insisting everyone go together. I had no choice but to deliberately call you in front of them and tell them I couldn’t go because I had plans. But they knew right away it was you.


R: Those guys love making fun of me about you and said crazy things like bringing you along with everyone. I told them absolutely not.

R: Hah… in other words, it’s the usual Lumiere stuff.

R: Mm, the talk about him leaving is gone now. We’ll be continuing on from here with the current members.

R: Seriously… I’m so glad.

R: Everyone had a passionate discussion. After I told him that Lumiere needed him and I didn’t want him to quit no matter what… heh, what do you think he said?

R: He said he changed his mind about quitting in the end. What the hell… especially when he was the one who said he wanted to quit. So ridiculous, right?

R: You see, that guy… felt the same thing. Even though he said it was going to be his last song and he started the process alone, when Ambitious Night was completed, he said he really did think Lumiere is the best. He said he was conflicted over a long time about whether or not he’d really regret quitting Lumiere, no matter how good the other company’s offer was.

R: It’s like you said. I’m glad I was able to properly talk to him. What I thought about Lumiere wasn’t wrong. Even when we say the things we want to say, argue, and clash with everything we have, we’ll come to an understanding at the end. It’s the same when making a song. That’s how Lumiere does things.


R: We’re cutting our schedule closer than we planned, so we’ll really have to work hard on our new song. We talked about it a bit earlier… but it’ll definitely be an amazing song. Everyone’s so full of enthusiasm it’s scary, haha. I feel like we’re totally going to argue because of that though.

R: … I want you to be able to listen to it soon, Lumiere’s best song in history. Of course at the live.

*distant boom*

R: Ah, it looks like the fireworks are starting. I wonder if we can see it from here too. *opens window*

R: It’s distant, but we can see it. Come over here.

R: Look over there. I’m sure it’ll happen again… Ah!

R: Mm, it’s pretty, isn’t it? I’ll be sure to bring you closer to look at them the next time there’s a fireworks show. So, for now… let’s postpone the fireworks like this.

R: Haha! Duh, I covered your eyes on purpose so you can’t see them. I’d rather look at how cute you are than the fireworks though? Like this… *kisses*

R: Yeah, that reaction exactly… it’s so cute. I love it so much. I want to see it more. So… I’ll do it to this side now. *blows against ear*

R: Crap, that was so good. You’re so cute I want to kiss you crazily. Hey, I’m going to take away my hand so let’s go over there? We happen to be alone together, so let’s relax on the sofa over there…


R: *tugs heroine*… was what I thought, but nevermind. I can’t wait anymore. I’m at my limit. *kisses*

R: I want to do it more. I’m taking away my hand now. *kisses*

R: Was it hard to breathe? But right now I can’t think about that… nothing’s coming to mind except how much I love you. I’ve been enduring it all this time, so letting me have tonight is OK, right? Let me have you all to myself.

R: Haha, it’s not good even if you make that face. I don’t feel like letting you say no. *hugs heroine* I’m not going to let you go tonight at all. I called you here with that in mind from the start. I seriously think I can do anything as long as you’re here. Just talking to you gives me energy.

R: I’m serious.

R: But, in the end, just talking isn’t enough. It’s not enough unless I hug you like this… kiss you crazily like this… and tell you I love you. Because that’s my way of doing things. Stay with me… I’m nothing without you.

R: Really? Great. Then… let’s stay here together for the rest of the night. I don’t want to waste even a second. I want to feel you against me until the morning. I can’t think of anything but you tonight so… will you do the same?

R: Damn… I’m the happiest I’ve ever been right now. I love you. I really really like you, seriously. I love you so much. *kisses*

*** TRACK 6: Cast Free Talk ***

Masuda: Under the Climax Records branch, Lumeire’s vocalist, Re-o-do. I’m the voice actor, Masuda Toshiki. The recording finished, so this is the free talk. Nice to meet you. There’s a lot of questions this time around too, so I’ll be responding to them.

M: “This is Dear Vocalist’s third season, please give us your impression of recording for Re-o-do this time” is the question. Well, I made sure to show his strength of spirit and like Re-o-do’s true feelings underneath his outward appearance. There’s a lot of these, like his professional side, his extreme sweetness to his girlfriend—I mean there was sweetness in the first and second season, but slowly and gradually his expression of love got deeper and I think he’s able to express it in more ways.

M: In this volume though, along with his expression of love, there’s dialogue with Lumiere’s member… uh all members of Lumiere, and there’s actually quite a bit of that. In that sense, there were more chances to act out, how do I say it, his cool mode, professionalism, or when Re-o-do is working. So, I think you’re able to really discover that what Re-o-do finds important isn’t just his girlfriend and that’s what this volume became.

M: “In this third volume, what scene in the drama CD did you like best?” Naturally, like the times before, all the various kiss scenes and lovey-dovey scenes. But also, in the end, like I said earlier about the conversation between Lumiere members. Like you would expect, he’s obviously alive when he’s together with his girlfriend but, along with that, he lives as Lumiere’s vocalist. For him, there’s the stage and that passion that you can see as part of his front. Ah, he tries to look good but there are also a lot of scenes where you can feel that he’s carrying a large amount of emotions he can’t hide. His scenes with his girlfriend are like that, of course, but this volume really had scenes with Lumiere and everyone in there.


M: “If you had to praise one part of Re-o-do, what would it be?” It’d have to be his strictness towards himself. Mm, as people go on living, there are a lot of things we search for and want… you can look for it in others or look for it in yourself, but to be able to straightforwardly go for it is pretty difficult for someone in society, right? There’s a lot of people out there in a lot of different positions but, among this, Re-o-do is someone who, even if he might lose something, he’ll do it thinking it’s for his minettes and everyone. If it’ll make something good with his members, he won’t hesitate to argue either. He has this sort of conviction and this stoicism is really enviable and I think a good quality.

M: “Re-o-do replaced the company’s president, the panda. Please tell us the trick to getting along with this new boss.” Right, there’s nothing you can do but work hard. There might be merits and demerits to the company, but once you get past those then it’ll be okay. For Lumiere, they’ve increased all their activities and, see, I think there’ll be ties of obligation but if you do well… really well… then isn’t it alright? Right, please work hard.

M: “Lastly, please give one last message to the listeners of this CD.” Well, Dear Vocalist has become a long series and I think there’s people who have been supporting from the start as well as those who started supporting in the middle. I think you’ll all be able to see more and more various developments and various works and, how do I put it, I think you’ll see a lot of different trends. Of course, I’d like it if everyone loved Re-o-do in the Dear Vocalist series, but there are others so please love everyone without distinction. This was the voice actor for Re-o-do, Masuda Toshiki. Thank you very much!

2 thoughts on “Dear Vocalist Wired ~ Re-o-do ~

    Bashiek A. said:
    December 3, 2020 at 20:11

    Hello. A huge thanks to you and Lux-san for sharing this with us. I love this series too! The songs are really great!

    Here’s hoping Ciel will return in the latest installment!

    I hope you get to spend this time with your friends and loved ones. Wishing you “Season’s Greetings” from my corner of the world!

      Ilinox responded:
      December 8, 2020 at 10:14

      Ciel hasn’t returned in like 2 seasons now so I’ve given up hope LOL. But also, after going through two of the Wired volumes, I’m starting to think they wrote themselves in a corner because he was such a perfect corner and so they didn’t have anywhere else to take him.

      Thank you! I hope you and those important to you remain safe and have a great season and end of the year too!

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