Dear Vocalist Wired ~ Joshua ~

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Joshua (ヨシュア)
CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga (島崎 信長)

Dear Vocalist Wired ~ Joshua ~

The Vocalists Sing ♥ In the Last Live of Their Fates

There are six vocalists registered as bands at “Climax Records”, a music production company.

The six sold their CDs reasonably well and avoided being dismissed. However, President Panda couldn’t be satisfied with that alone. One day, President Panda gave an even further ultimatum.

For preparations of a flashy live, the six vocalists must satisfy their colleagues at the company, the audience, and contribute to sales up to the day of the live.

“Y’all, and the new member, must contribute up to the day of the live, meow. Or else you’ll really, really be disbanded, meow.”

Talented, but carrying various problems, these men and their survival, hinging on this last live, starts now!!

Another thank you to Lux for the second commission of this series. Joshua is the new member that enters during Wired (and replaces Ciel, which I’m totally not salty about…)! WARNING: Self-harm depiction.

Note1: His band is called Brave Child (shortened into Burecha in Japanese) and his fans are his “devils”. He actually peppers English and katakana throughout his speech so, while I’ll do my best to convey his speech in plain text, please keep that in mind.

First two tracks are songs, then I’ve included the special voices on the site, and then it moves into the actual drama CD section.

Artist Night

夜に染められてく メリメリと齧られて
Colored in shades of the night, bitten into and splintering
形状維持は無理だ なにを考えているのか
Holding onto a shape is impossible. What are you thinking about?
It can’t be measured

約束違反だらけの日々 何気ない無神経な意図
Days full of broken promises, nonchalantly insensitive intentions
素直に受け止めるなら くしゃみが、とまらない運命
If I accept this obediently, the sneezes and an unstoppable destiny

背骨にはしる 疑惑のなにか
Something like doubt runs down my spine
Even just a whisper is enough

Tell me

裏切りのアイシテル 誰に 描こうとしてる?
This “I love you” betrayal, who are you trying to draw?
掴んでる 掌は ボクに戻らないもの
Gripped in my palm is something that won’t return to me

それなりの アイシテル 今は 伝えないけどさ
I won’t tell you “I love you” in my own way right now, but
ためらえば もてあまし 筆を握りしめている
if I hesitate I won’t know what to do, gripping onto this brush
It’s a pure black canvas

A curt attitude is returned to an unnatural lump
It’s an everyday occurrence and nothing continues to be said

Only ever begging for things that aren’t there (you, standing on tiptoes)
You seem eager to throw out everything in front of you though

I cross out everything

悲しげな微笑みを ワザと描こうとしてる?
Are you drawing a sad smile on purpose?
戻れない毎日を キミに捧げたけれど
I offered to you days that won’t return though

理解不能な 未来予想図
It’s an incomprehensible drawing, predicting the future
キミという謎 ボクは飲みこまれていく
I’m swallowing down this puzzle called you
deep to the bottom

裏切りのアイシテル 誰に 描こうとしてる?
This “I love you” betrayal, who are you trying to draw?
Gripped in my palm is something that won’t return to me!

白は黒 黒は白で もうなにも、わからないよ
White is black, black is white, I don’t understand anything anymore
颯爽と歩き 神様すらも あざむく 類まれなLady
You’re an incomparable Lady, walking coolly, able to trick even God

It’s a pure black canvas

You’re an artist

Stay With Me

Just being pulled along the rails is routine for me
なぜか ひどく 歯ぎしりしているんだよ
For some reason, I grind my teeth terribly

型に嵌めた 人生を 意外と、望んでたり
Pigeonholed into a shape, I’m wishing for a life much to my surprise
リスク 回避ばかりじゃ乾いちゃう
I’ll dry up if I only ever avoid risk

太陽に目を背け 地面を向いてばかりじゃ
If I only ever turn my eyes away from the sun and look at the ground
キミの声 聞こえなくなるんだ
I won’t be able to hear your voice

酸いも甘いも、すべて 恙無くこなすんじゃない
Sour things, sweet things, aren’t I doing everything completely well?
風に乗り 踊ろうか?
Why don’t we ride the wind and dance?

ウソをつくほどに 涙が溢れてくる そうさ
Yeah, to the point of lying and spilling tears
[I long for an] identity

A world where I can be alone
Is that happiness? I tried thinking about this

One day, I’d like to tell you, “Stay with me”

あちらこちらも迷惑で どこもかしこも困惑で
Everywhere is annoying, everywhere is confusing
I hate the future reflected in the glass pane

It’s not like I want a “self” that can smile happily
If I were to draw my face in my notebook then

I’m crying right now too

星空に手をかざし 降り注ぐ光、閉ざし
I use my hand, shading my eyes from the starry sky, blocking out the downpouring light
ボクの夢 見失いかけてる
I’m losing sight of my dreams
Will my parents look after me?
That’s not important
月を越え たどりつく
I’ll go past the moon, reaching [my place]

ウソをつくほどに 涙が溢れてくる そうさ
Yeah, to the point of lying and spilling tears
[I long for an] identity

A world where someone loves someone else
Is that wonderful? I try to believe in that

We’re living beings who throw our prides against each other
Every day is just filled with miserable things

But still, it’s not something that can be tossed away
Being “one” of one hundred and twenty million people, right?

ウソをつくほどに 涙が溢れてくる そうさ
Yeah, to the point of lying and spilling tears
[I long for an] identity

A world where I can be alone
Is that happiness? I tried thinking about this

One day, I’d like to tell you, “Stay with me”


He~llo, pleasure to meet everyone! I’m Brave Child’s vocalist, Joshua ♪

Because of the president’s OD (outrageous demands), I’m participating in the survival competition!

… Uh, to be honest, the moment I heard I could lose my job I wondered about what I was gonna do, but it looks like I can do a live too so it’s pretty interesting! That’s how things are, so I’ll be doing my best with the 5 others. Please support us.

It’s been a while since I was active in Japan, so I’m super looking forward to that, along with everything! I’m gonna make everyone into my devils, even the audience who doesn’t really know about us right now, so watch out ♪

Let’s enjoy our new survival!


Joshua: Brave Child’s Joshua is now live, seeing everyone on Brave Child radio. I’m going to deliver everyone the best broadcast today too, so get pumped, yeah? My devils… I’m not going to let you sleep tonight either.

J: Now, let’s start with some mail. Let’s see… “Brave Child Name: Baby Devil” thanks! “What should we call Joshua-kun?” Meaning, you want to know a nickname? Hmm… everyone at the company mostly calls me Joshua, but I want my devils to call me whatever they want. That’ll make me happy too and it makes me really giddy when I hear my name shouted at lives. Everyone, be sure to yell my name lots, yeah?

J: Now then, next letter… “Brave Child Name: Always a Devil” thank you! “What do you do on holidays?” Hrmm, I’ll go out somewhere if I’m invited but I generally chill at home and, if it’s the day after a live, I sleep until noon, haha. Other than that, I like look at travel magazines. If there’s any place that looks good, then I’ll go there the next time I’m on break. But I’m busy, so it’s impossible to go far.

J: Now, the last one… “Brave Child Name: Kanami Devil” thanks! “Please tell us who you’re close with at Climax Records”. Haha, I’m naturally friends with everyone since we’re coworkers in the same company and we’re all artists. Among them… I get along pretty well with A-tan. See, it’s interesting talking about anything with A-tan, right? Haha, just the other day, when we bumped into each other at the company we started to compare the french fries at all the Shibuya fast food stores—

J: —oh, it’s time already? I see, too bad. I’ll have to continue the story next time. Then, please listen to this song, Brave Child’s new song, Artist Night. Now, devils, my song’s gonna drive you all crazy.


*phone rings*

J: *through phone* Hello? Nice to meet you. This is Brave Child’s vocalist, Joshua. Ah, sorry, did I surprise you? Do you know about the project to surprise call our supporting audience? I’m calling you today because of that. Haha, that’s right, congratulations on being selected and thank you for always supporting Brave Child. I don’t really get a chance to speak to my devils, so I’m happy I get to say thanks through the phone. Oh, I had something I wanted to ask my devils. Can I ask you?

J: *through phone* Haha, then tell me which one of Brave Child’s songs you like. Eh? All of them? Haha, thank you for saying such a nice thing. But you don’t have a favorite one out of those? Tell me in secret. I won’t tell anyone. It’ll just be a secret between the two of us. OK? Oh, sorry, I wanted to ask you a bunch more things but it looks like time’s up. I’ll be happy if I can get your reply at the next fan meeting. Keep on supporting Brave Child, yeah? I’ll be waiting at the live. See you then.


*opens and closes door*

J: Haah… I’m exhausted. Uwah, it’s already this late? Today’s recording went on long… *yawns* I guess I’ll drink some coffee to wake up.

J: Let’s see, according to my memory the coffee beans were over here… Hm? Huh!? Why is there a gun here? A shotgun? Is this President Panda’s hobby…? Feels dangerous. Oh well, getting involved seems troublesome so I’ll leave it alone. *pours beans; lights go out*

J: Huh? Power outage…? Hey now, how many lights are on this late at night? Haa… where was the breaker again?

J: … Huh!? What was that? I hear something in the hall… *pounding on door* Hie!? Huh, what, huh!? Why do I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere before? No way, don’t tell me there’s something like zombies outside, right? Ha ha ha, there’s no way, right?

J: Um, hold on, wait, are you serious!? Don’t joke around. What do I do!? Am I supposed to use this gun? Isn’t this becoming more and more like a game? Ah, it’s better if I carry it just in case though, right? Mhm! *grabs gun; door breaks open*



J: Huh!? What? Kohou!? Eh… what is this? What was all that?

J: HAH!? A PRANK!? I don’t get what you mean.

J: I don’t care if this is CR’s special segment! Aah, jeez, what the hell’s with this company? Besides, normally people wouldn’t play pranks on their artists, right?! Also, what’s with that makeup, you put way too much effort into this! It’s really gross, you know!? Are you listening to me!?


J: I don’t really get it, but Judah-kun made my PR document so I’ll be reading it out loud. Let’s see… “Probably trash”… is what he said. Mm, well, I somehow expected that but he really just wrote whatever. Moreover, this doesn’t count as publicity at all. Oh well, if I want him to get to know me, then it’ll be quickest to let him hear my songs. That being the case, everyone, please listen to Brave Child’s songs.


J: Here’s a message of love from me to my devils. So, please listen carefully. First, I’m sincerely grateful for everyone’s constant support for Brave Child. It’s because everyone listened to my songs and gave their impressions that I’m able to work harder, needing to make better songs. I’ll deliver a song that my devils will always want to listen to. I’ll be counting on your support in the future too!


*door opens and closes*

J: Ugh, it’s hot. It’s rough doing vocal training in this season. Water… *opens fridge* Huh? None. I bought some a while ago though… oh well, I guess. *closes fridge* I’ll just buy something along the way then. More important, I gotta change. *opens locker*

J: I sweated a bit, so I gotta change everything I’m wearing. I can’t possibly meet her while stinking. Showering… will waste my time, so I won’t do that. *gets changed*

J: Alright, done! *closes locker* I need to go quickly. Huh? *sniffs* This smell… ah, I knew it’d be from Momochi-kun’s locker. That reminds me, Momochi-kun always smells good. It’s probably cologne… but I wonder which one he’s using. I’ll take a peek while I close the door.

J: Oh, hmm, he’s using this brand. Heh, it’s okay if I borrow just a little bit, right? *sprays cologne* Here… and here… also here, I think? Huh? I think I might have used a bit too much? *sniffs* But, mm, it smells good. *closes locker*

J: Preparation done! Aah, I want to see her soon! *runs out; opens and closes door*

*** TRACK 3: Key to (My) Love ***

*audience cheering*

J: Thank you! I’m Brave Child’s Joshua. Thank you for coming to Brave Child’s live today! My devils, make the most noise! *audience screams* Haha, nice, but this isn’t it, right? You can show me your real power, right? *audience screams* I’ll make you all super hot tonight then. Keep up with me to the end, yeah?

J: For my devils, Brave Child has a really important announcement. It’s been decided… that we’ll be participating in CR’s Rock Festival! *drum roll* Thank you!! No matter how big the stage, I’ll hold the best live for all my supporting devils. Now, it’s time to get started. My devils, are you prepared… to be loved by me? *audience screams* OK! Let’s love each other to death! *live starts*

*scene skip*

J: Found you~! *kisses*

J: What’s the big deal? You also wanted to see me, so you came all the way to the back of the stage, right? Hehe. Come on, let’s go.

J: To a place where we can be alone. Come on, over here! *tugs heroine*

[02:12] *scene skip; door opens and closes*

J: It’s cramped. Ah well. Oh, watch out, there’s a washlet button over there.

J: We’re finally alone together. *presses heroine against stall; kisses*

J: … It’s fine, isn’t it? I can’t help but want to do this with you after a live. Nope, I won’t stop. I’ll start holding myself back tomorrow. I need to make a new song for the Fes, so I’ll have to concentrate on work.

J: That’s why I want to kiss you right now. Or more like I can’t stop. I actually hate public displays outside, but I can’t stop myself. It’s all your fault, you know? You’ll take responsibility, right? *kisses*

J: You don’t have to care about my members. Just think about me right now.

J: Don’t worry, I closed the door and, as long as you don’t make noise, we won’t be discovered.

J: Eh? Oh, I know! Let’s do this then. Come sleep over at my place today. Then it’ll be okay, right?

J: Let’s do a lot of things… at my place.


J: Mm! Aah, but there’s a meeting after this. It’s a super long one too. Haah…

J: Huh? No, no, I can’t make my girlfriend wait outside for that long. What would I do if something happened?

J: Hold on a minute. *takes something out* Here, for you. It’s the spare key to my place. You can use it and wait inside.

J: Haha, I’m happy too. You can be with me more with this, right?

J: If you have a second of free time, then come and see me. I’ll love that.

*footsteps outside*

J: Hm?

J: Ah, seems like they’re looking for me. Haa… I want to be with you more than being in a meeting though.

J: I know. I’ll go there properly. *heroine opens door* Ah, wait!

J: *hugs heroine* Actually, no. Let’s stay here a bit more. I haven’t gotten enough of you at all. Be with me a little longer? I’ll love you lots, so… *kisses*

J: I was watching you the entire time today. You waved from the second floor, didn’t you?


J: There were so many people, yet I could find you immediately. My eyes kept going to you, haha, it was a bit of a problem.

J: At the next live, you have to wear uglier clothes for me. You’re so cute like this that the lyrics nearly flew out of my head. *kisses*

J: Your hair… smells good.

J: Mm? What’s wrong?

J: Ah, the injury on my arm? Haha, I dunno. It was like this by the time I noticed. I might have gotten caught on something.

J: I’m OK, I’m OK. It’s already healing and you can’t see it if I wear long sleeves. It doesn’t affect my live either, so don’t worry. More importantly, before I go back to everyone… let me kiss you more. *kisses*

*** TRACK 4: Lies Lay Ahead ***

*music playing*

J: Hm… alright! That was good. I wonder how I should do the arrangement. It’s best to make it unique, huh. *phone rings* Oh!

J: Haha! Even her stickers are cute. She’s telling me I don’t have to message her back… Looks like she’s being considerate. Good night. *kisses*

J: Haa… I want to see her soon. Actually, it’s been a week since I saw her and I might be close to my limit. But I gotta endure until I’m done making this song. Haha, after all, she told me to work hard through her sticker, so I have to be sure to do that.

J: Alright! For her sake too, I’m going to make the best song!

*scene skip; music playing and stopping*

J: ……

J: Ugh, wrong. Maybe I’ll lower the bass more a little? *music plays and stops*

J: Hrmm… it might not be a problem with the parts, but the entire thing is too ordinary. What day is it today? *checks phone*

J: I still got time. Okay, let’s do it again from the start.

[02:18] *scene skip; music playing*

J: Tch…

J: Gah! This isn’t good enough! I need to make it catchier. *musses hair* Ggh, why can’t I do this well? *phone rings*

J: … It’s the company. Tch! *throws phone*

J: Haah… the melody’s good. The problem’s the arrangement of the hook. It’s the most important point, so I have to make it more perfect. I can do this. I absolutely can. I can absolutely do this. I can absolutely do it! *music playing*

*scene skip; music playing then discordant*


J: Wrong, WRONG! Not this, it’s not this! Anyone could make this. It’s no good if it isn’t a song that only I can make. It has to be more like Brave Child and it has to be the best! Aah, I gotta make it. *crumbles paper; doorbell rings*

J: Tch, who is it…? GRGH! *kicks something*

[03:56] *scene skip; door opens*

J: Ah, sorry for answering the door so slow. I had my headphones on and didn’t hear anything.

J: What’s wrong all of a sudden? Did you say you were coming?

J: Oh, you sent me a message? Now that you mention it, I think my phone ran out of battery. I’m really sorry about that.

J: Eh? O-oh… a meal box? No way, you went out of your way to make one? For me?

J: Crap, I’m super happy.

J: You don’t have to worry, I’m OK. I’ve been sleeping properly and eating my meals.

J: Nope, these aren’t dark circles. It’s makeup. Don’t you know? It’s the current style for men’s makeup.

J: Ah… just kidding. Yeah… I haven’t been sleeping or eating.

J: Um, I might be in the middle of a struggle. But I’ll be okay. It’s, what do you call it, birth pangs? There hasn’t been something I can’t do yet.

J: You’re a big worrywart. Can I take that to mean this is how much you love me?

J: Haha, me too. I love you lots. Now, come in. My room’s a bit messy, so let’s eat over there. *heroine enters; door closes*

[06:14] *scene skip; music playing*

J: Wrong.

J: This too. Wrong.

J: This too…

J: This too. It’s all… WRONG!

J: These are all average. What the hell… I should be able to do better, right? *scribbles on paper*

J: I have to keep the hook in mind and make it hotter. The main melody too and before the hook. Then… *frantic scribbling*

J: Why… why… WHY ISN’T ANYTHING COMING!? *crumbles paper* Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!! AGH! *shatters something*

J: Haa… hah…!

J: It’s the same… as back then… It’s happening again. *phone rings*

J: Huh? *steps on something* Ggh! Ngh…

J: *phone ringing* Kgh… shut up… shut up, shut UP!! You’re just going to tell me I’m past the deadline, right? I ALREADY KNOW THAT! But I’m working on it. I’m doing it. I’M DOING THIS MUCH FOR BRAVE CHILD! Why, why, why won’t ANYONE UNDERSTAND!! Ggh, SHUT UP!! *smashes phone*

J: Just like I thought, I’m alone. My members, the staff… they don’t do anything but get in my way. It’s always and always the same no matter where I go. *smashes things* ARGH!


J: They don’t even know anything. I’m done… I’M DONE! Why did it become like this!? Ggh… GAGH! *breaks things; doorbell rings*

J: Haa… hah…

J: … Ah… *opens snap-off knife* I’m done… I don’t want this anymore. No one understands me. It hurts… *cuts self* Gngh! Kgh… *doorbell rings* Aah… haha… hahaha.

*POV switch; heroine hears shattering, takes out key, opens door, runs in and opens Joshua’s door*

J: H-huh?

J: You… why are you here?

J: Ggh! Don’t! What are you going to do if you get dirtied? Ah… *heroine hugs him*

J: Let me go… D-don’t touch me.

J: Why… It’s none of your business, right?

J: … You’re worried…?

J: A-ah… I’m sorry. I’m a huge idiot. I made you worry… and made you wait… I’m the worst.

J: I’m sorry. Don’t cry. I’m sorry, OK?

[11:22] *scene skip; heroine opens box*

J: Thank you for treating me… when it’s all my fault too.

J: Mm… That reminds me, how did you come in here earlier?

J: Ah, haha… the key. It might have been better if I didn’t give you it.

J: *heroine sprays disinfectant* OW! Hold on, aren’t you putting on too much disinfectant? It really stings…

J: I’m sorry. I told a bad joke, like saying it’d have been better if I didn’t give you the keys. I really don’t think that. I want you to always have it. If you returned them now, then that’d make me really depressed instead.

J: Mm. *heroine bandages him*

J: Thank you. *heroine closes box*

J: You’re asking when…? Before I knew it, I was doing it. It was the same back when I was in LA.

J: Yeah, but that being said I’m not always doing it. When I’m troubled over a song and it’s not going well, then I can’t suppress my emotions… and this happens sometimes. That’s what the injury you found after the live a while ago was too.

J: Just like how I’m called a genius by everyone around me, I’m rarely troubled over songs. I can make the best song immediately. But sometimes it doesn’t go well and I end up not knowing what my own songs are.

J: Once I cut myself… it somehow became a habit.


J: My band in LA broke up right away, but that was a good thing. Even if it’s for the sake of music, if there was someone who hurt themselves then the members would get worried too. After that… I decided on not doing it again.

J: In the end, even after returning to Japan, nothing changed. I thought I’d never do it again… but earlier I lost control of myself.

J: I can’t discuss this with anyone. When I think about you leaving a hopeless boyfriend like me… I get terrified.

J: Because no one will understand this, right? I’ll be told that, if I’m going to do this then I should quit music. So… I’ve always hid it.

J: I’m so lame, huh. Everyone around me says I’m a complete charismatic genius and even I think I have talent but… in reality, I’m like this. I get pissed when things don’t go my way, I break things, and I even do this. I guess… I’m the worst, huh.


J: No, I’m the worst. Because I’m using the excuse that it’s for the sake of my song and I’m making you worry.

J: If… you were to tell me to stop music… I… I can stop doing music.

J: Why… are you holding my hand?

J: Eh? You don’t want me to stop?

J: Haha… you’re… that kind of girl, huh. Why are you this kind? You really understand me. *hugs heroine* Like you said, I love music. I don’t have anything but this, so even if I break my deadline and lose my job… I still wouldn’t be able to stop for the rest of my life. In that case… I’ll work on this to the very end. For you too.

J: I’m sorry. *kisses*

*** TRACK 5: To Overcome The Pain ***

*crowd noises*

J: Ah! Over here, over here!

J: Nope, I just arrived too. I reserved a nearby studio, so let’s go there together.

J: I finished mixing the new song just now and I want you to be the first to listen to it.

*scene skip; Artist Night plays*

J: —done.

J: Really!? I’m super happy to hear you say that! I completed this song thanks to you. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to make a good song like this alone. I’m really sorry for before. Also… thank you. *kisses*

J: Haha, what are you getting shy for? Look this way. I want to see your face more.

J: Hm? Oh, this?

J: It left a bit of a scar.

J: Nah, it doesn’t hurt.

J: Haha, that tickles. Touching me like that… is playing mean. *grabs heroine*

J: You’re too cute, so… I’m gonna have to get you back. *kisses*


J: Your face and voice and kindness… and shyness… and all the parts I like… I love them all. Plus, when I’m with you, I’m at peace. I’m pretty sure I’m never gonna tell anyone about hurting myself except for you.

J: Hey, can I… ask for one thing?

J: You might not want to remember it, but if I’m ever like that again… can I call for you? Of course, I plan on doing my best so I won’t be like that though.

J: Really!? Ah… I’m so happy.

J: Then… it’s a promise. *leans for a kiss; gets stopped*

J: … I did it knowing you’d be embarrassed. But not kissing you is impossible.

J: I’m not bullying you. Come on. Be quiet. *kisses*

J: Haha! *hugs heroine* I’m absolutely never gonna let you go. I love you.

*** TRACK 6: Cast Free Talk ***

Nobunaga: I’m the voice actor, Shimazaki Nobunaga, for Brave Child’s vocalist, Joshua, under the Climax Records branch. We were just recording and now it’s done. Oof, how was it? I actually don’t think Joshua’s a bad kid. How do I put it, you end up wanting to protect him and support him, right? For the time being, I think of him as a good kid so if everyone else likes him that’d be nice.

N: On that note, let’s do the talk for this track now. “Please tell us what your favorite lines were in here.” That’s… from an actor’s perspective, it’s the mental part like when he became unstable and started going “AHH” it was fun, haha, but story-wise then it’d have to be “I like you” or “I love you”. I guess the way he directly expresses his affection and, in addition, the way his girlfriend accepts it upfront? I really liked that part, yup.

N: “Please tell us your favorite scene.” This is also that time when his mental state became unstable. It was really fun, haha, but after that when his girlfriend, um, witnessed the scene. Her reaction to that after was way too wonderful. How do I say it, um, normally Joshua is cool when he’s doing his live or working and he seems to be a man who takes the lead. So, becoming weak like that and, even more, exposing his inside self that he doesn’t want seen, but then being able to have it all accepted…? Then, in the middle of his confusion, being told in a whisper “It’s OK, it’ll be alright, I also love you” and wrapped in that… Like, woah, what a mature girlfriend you have.


J: But, well, the topic after this is “If you had to praise one part of Joshua, what would it be?” and I want to bring that up, so it’d be his devotion. Joshua’s devotion and earnest feelings for his girlfriend. They both love each other extremely and support each other. Well, he’s supported more from his girlfriend but I think they’d be a nice couple to become. I felt warm and so their conversation there was one of my favorites, yup.

J: Okay, so now about Joshua’s good point. Well, I said it earlier. It’d be his devotion. Seriously, he’s super devoted. I guess he’s always loved his girlfriend and, how do I put it, the way he does a 180 in front of his girlfriend and changes his attitude is, well, there but the change of his attitude in and of itself… ah, normally, he’s a capable kid and can do things reliably but when he’s in front of his girlfriend he loves her too much and, how do I say this… he becomes really soft, haha, and suddenly becomes cute. It’s like even his weak sides and ugly sides get seen and, somehow, that part of him that loves his girlfriend so much makes me, uh, think it’s a pretty wonderful part of him.

J: Next is “If you were Joshua’s friend, then what would you say to him when he’s depressed? Please tell us”… The result of me talking to Joshua would be… Um, you see, I always think this but, uh… first, I just realized this is a dummy head mic at this point, haha, um, I suddenly remembered I was talking without being at an angle but, anyway, putting that aside… I think what I’d whisper to him is… “As long as you’re yourself and your girlfriend is herself you’ll be yourself and, you see, now’s not the time for me to stand out. I’ve entrusted everything to you.” Yup, I think Joshua will feel cheered up by this.


J: “Lastly, please give one last message to the listeners of this CD.” Um, sorry, we especially made this a dummy head mic free talk, but I got too engrossed in talking and spoke the entire time from the front, didn’t I? I’m trying to make up for that now and doing my best! But it’s too late, right? Haha. But, well, this time I participated as a new member of Climax Record and I heard the content of this series is really loved by everyone, so participating as a new member gave me some pressure. But I read the script, tried it out myself, and gave my depiction and Joshua is a really great kid, so I got confident that there’d be people out there who would love him and I wanted to send him out.

J: Um, who cares about Shimazaki Nobunaga, but please love Joshua! I’m counting on you! Okay, that being said, this was Shimazaki Nobunaga, the voice actor for Joshua. Thank you very much.

2 thoughts on “Dear Vocalist Wired ~ Joshua ~

    cat51704 said:
    March 30, 2021 at 15:38

    Thank you for translating and I was wondering if you
    Are still translating dear vocalist?

      Ilinox responded:
      March 31, 2021 at 12:08

      You’re welcome! I’m afraid I’m just doing pure commissions nowadays and whatever free time I have goes into translating Pampered and other projects… I don’t think I’ve translated a drama CD for fun in ages, haha.

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