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Ray (レイ)
CV: 彩和矢

Hero Confinement ~ The Heroine was Felled by an Incubus ~

“The reason I confined you? Naturally, it’s for us to lie together, Miss Hero.”

The person who appeared in front of you when you woke up in an unfamiliar mansion called himself “Ray”, the incubus who was the right hand of the demon lord.

His purpose was to obtain power after copulating with you, the hero, and when he was refused he began to touch you, stating “I shall draw out the real you.” In contrast to his teasing and obscene words, his comfortable touch brought out pleasure.

Drowning in pleasure, before you knew it, you even forgot your status as a hero and began to anticipate sleeping with Ray…

“You simply haven’t noticed this yourself, but you feel even more pleasure when you are tormented…”
“As a reward, I shall offer up what you desire.”

You can no longer escape from the incubus who has thorough knowledge of everything about you…

Thank you to AquaBenten for the commission! R18 warning. You can grab this on ENG DLsite or JP DLsite. Gods, I love this doujin circle and recommend people check out their other works too. On another note, I decided to go with their anniversary image because the cover art is too much naked girl and I didn’t want to surprise anyone clicking into my site (“Ili, you say this as if a half-naked man is okay…” SHHH).

Note1: One of the DL bonuses, Track 10, takes place after Track 3 and so I’ve moved the order around. Please keep that in mind!

*** TRACK 1: I Shall Make You Drown in Pleasure ***

*chains jangling; footsteps; door creaks open*

Ray: Oh my, are you already awake?

R: You weren’t waking up, so I was about to wonder what to do. Ever since you were brought to this mansion, and even when your body was cleaned, you were unconscious.

R: Please be at ease, I did not look at your body. Only female servants cleansed your body and I also did not dress you in that nightwear.

R: Incidentally… you haven’t said a single word up to now. Is there still a lingering effect from the magic?

R: Ah, you can speak properly. I’m relieved.

R: It’s dangerous to sit up all of a sudden like that. Please, take your time to sit on the edge of the bed.

R: Do you not remember me?

R: Allow me to answer your questions one by one. First is who I am. Perhaps you will know when you see these wings.

R: Yes, as you say, I am a demon. I serve as the right hand of the demon lord and my name is Ray. Yes, I don’t mind if you call me Ray.


R: Now then, allow me to explain everything in order. To be honest, I’ve had my eye on you for a long time now. I waited for you to awaken as a hero.

R: Yes, of course. I had you come to my mansion precisely because you are a hero.

R: Yes, as you say, I suppose I cannot say I had you come to my mansion. I kidnapped you from your journey to subjugate the demon lord, but do you not remember when I appeared before you?

R: I see. It appears my magic was too strong when I captured you and your memories have become unclear.

R: In regard to your companions, I had them return to the village. Or, to be more precise, they are not in a state to continue their journey anymore; I requested my subordinates not to be rough but it didn’t seem to have gone that way. I sincerely apologize. I have confined you here for a certain purpose, Miss Hero. Henceforth, you will be sojourning in my mansion, so please relax.

R: I apologize, but I cannot remove those fetters. It will be a problem if you escape, you see. This is also something to seal your powers.

R: As for the reason I brought you here… naturally, it is to have intercourse between a man and woman.

R: I mean it literally. That you and I will have sexual intercourse.


R: Do you not know? When demons touch and have intercourse with human women, they are able to obtain even more magic. In particular, you are a hero and so I will be endowed with even greater strength than having intercourse with an ordinary woman.

R: Furthermore, I descend from a bloodline of incubi and so I need to have relations with women more than what is normal. By having intercourse with you, a hero, I can also obtain massive amounts of power all at once. To me, it is quite convenient.

R: Regardless of your will, I shall use you. Moreover, I don’t dislike a confident woman like you.

R: Ah, no, to be exact—I should state that I enjoy making women like you capitulate. Heh.

R: Yes, it will be boring if you fall easily into my hand, so… I look forward to this, Miss Hero.

R: Now then, to get down to business… *kisses* Haha, I see. You’re not entirely inexperienced, but it appears you aren’t accustomed either. That wasn’t significant enough to need magic, but just a brush of a kiss has made you redden to this extent.

R: You won’t be able to amuse me with this.


R: Stubborn, I see. It’s going to be exciting watching you fall. Let’s take it slow, with all the time in the world. *kisses*

R: Come now, open your mouth. *kisses*

R: Wrap your tongue around mine more. *kisses*

R: Ngh! Oh dear, you tried to bite my tongue just now, didn’t you? Hehe, what an adorable resistance. However, plotting such things against someone like me is useless. Demons excel at reading the hearts of humans and so I can tell what you’re thinking quite clearly.

R: It’s nice when you glare at me like this too. Hehe. Now then, why don’t we continue? *kisses*

R: We’ve… only begun, you see. I shall slowly develop you. *kisses* Come over here more. Please be at ease, I am simply aggressing on a place you will feel pleasure. For example… here? *kisses ear* Is it to your liking? It feels nice, no? *kisses ear; blows air*


R: I see you are holding your voice back. Very well, please do go ahead and endure. *kisses* Hehe.

R: You have delightful reactions. It’s not bad at all. *kisses* Do you enjoy it when your ears are ravished?

R: Haha, then shall I test the ear on this side? *kisses ear*

R: Here, I will make you feel even better. *kisses*

R: Have you noticed? You… have a very lovely expression. *kisses* Your lips are moist too. Such an erotic face you have.

R: If you struggle like that, those fetters will injure your skin. Moreover, if you struggle too much then I will need handcuffs. You have slender wrists, so I can pin them down with one hand… but your waist is quite thin as well. Despite being a hero, you are a woman in the end.

R: I am only touching you above your clothing still. You’re very sensitive, aren’t you? What will happen if I were to touch your breasts…?


R: Heh, as I’ve said, I am merely touching you. Well, with this sort of thin fabric, there’s not much difference from touching you directly, is there? “Hurry up and do what you want to do”… is quite boorish.

R: I forgot to mention this, but it is not enough to simply have sexual intercourse. The more pleasure you feel the stronger the magic I can obtain. Therefore, it is of interest for me to grant you pleasure as well. I shall make you drown in pleasure. *kisses*

R: Now then, why don’t we remove what is in our way. If you don’t wish for me to be rough, then please be obedient. Despite being a here, there is no way a human like you can overcome my strength.

R: Heh, you’ve become docile at last. Now… I cannot see your body clearly if you try to cover it though? If you won’t move these hands, then I will have to restrain your hands. If both of your arms are tied behind your back, then you won’t be able to hide your breasts.


R: In addition, why don’t I bind this leg over here too? Like this, you won’t be able to close both legs.

R: Hehe, what a nice view.

R: … Don’t look? When you say that with such an expression, it tempts my sadism. Heh. I sincerely apologize, but I am also a male… so when you are in such a provocative state in front of me, my eyes end up being drawn to you.

R: However, I won’t simply just look at you. *kisses*

R: I believe I requested for you not to struggle? *kisses*

R: A sweet voice is spilling out. Does it feel pleasurable? I see. You’re quite stubborn, aren’t you? In that case, why don’t I assail this tip some more? *kisses*

R: How is it? *kisses* Will you be all right if I stop? *kisses* The tip of your breast has hardened.

R: If you aren’t aware of this yourself, then I’ll teach you. Look, when I pinch the tip it becomes even harder. *kisses*

R: Is it nice when I rub it with my finger? It’s different from when a human male touches you, no?


R: Demons—or more like me, appear to have longer fingers. If I touch you below with these fingers, I wonder what exactly will happen?

R: Oh dear, you are already wet, aren’t you?

R: Am I mistaken? However, I can hear this noise from you.

R: Hehe, take a look at this finger. You act as if you dislike this, but you’re actually aroused.

R: Oh my, there are tears in your eyes, hehe. I understand your feelings. You, as a hero, are being touched by me, a demon, and you’re mortified at feeling pleasure, no? But even still, your body feels as if it is about to drown in pleasure. You must feel complicated, don’t you? *kisses* It’s alright, you know? If you give in and abandon your body to pleasure… all will be well.

R: Open your mouth slightly and hold this finger in there. Yes, moisten it with your saliva.


R: Come now, wrap your tongue around it more. Wet it amply. I don’t wish to hurt you down there, after all.

R: Now then, please enjoy my finger. *fingers heroine* If it’s this wet, then it seems like it can easily slip inside, hm?

R: No…? It’s going inside naturally though. I’m not doing anything.

R: Yes, can you tell yourself? It’s gone deep inside.

R: It’s tight inside you, isn’t it? You’re squeezing my finger tightly. Is that… how good it feels?

R: I’ll touch you here again with my tongue. *kisses*

R: If I swallow the tip of your breast in my mouth… *kisses* you clench harder around my finger, you know? *kisses*

R: Haha… you enjoy it when I voice these things out, don’t you?

R: You haven’t noticed this yourself?

R: Oh dear, you’re someone who doesn’t even know themselves. I’m now going to enjoy drawing out the real you.


R: Yes, the real you obtains pleasure… by being ravished forcefully, no?

R: It’s fine to remain like that for now. In time, I shall show you your honest self. *kisses*

R: … Mm, it’s alright, please let me hear more of that adorable voice. *kisses* You’re starting to squeeze harder down here. Are you… about to reach completion? I don’t mind if you climax whenever you wish.

R: Haa… hah… *kisses*

R: Does this feel nice? *kisses*

R: Go ahead, please come.

R: Did that feel good? A small amount of power also flowed into me through your body.

R: Yes, let’s leave it at this for now.

R: What are you misunderstanding? I mean that we are concluding for the day. I haven’t been satisfied whatsoever, thus there is no way I am returning you. From now on, I’ll be consorting with you every day so please be prepared. *kisses*

*** TRACK 2: Satisfy Me As Well ***

*footsteps; door creaks open*

R: Good morning, did you sleep well last evening?

R: Hehe, ignoring me, are you? Your mood appears bad this morning. However, I have also learned something of which I disapprove of. You appear to have refused today’s meal as well.

R: I see. I suppose it is expected of a hero to be so cautious. But nothing has been mixed into your meals. For my purpose, it will be a problem if you are not healthy, so please be obedient and eat your meals.

R: … You don’t wish to? Well, I can read your thoughts. If I obtain power, it will be disadvantageous for humans. So, you are fasting and trying to sacrifice yourself, aren’t you?

R: I appear to have struck the mark. However, if that is your intention, then I have my own thoughts. As long as you continue to refuse meals, then I will visit your village personally and deal with it appropriately.

R: Yes, I am a demon, after all. Please call me that however many times you want.


R: Are we agreed? If you have any consideration for your village, then please be sure to eat your next meal.

R: That’s a good response.

R: Haha, I am also happy when you are healthy.

R: Yes, I am naturally aware that it is not for my sake. However, what we will be doing now is for me, no? *kisses*

R: I apologize, but I will not be stopping at just this. Today, you will be satisfying me as well. Please don’t struggle, I am merely bringing you to the bed.

R: Do you wish for your hands to be restrained like yesterday?

R: In that case, please be docile. I’ll be removing your undergarments now.

R: Heh, what a nice view.

R: Come now, don’t conceal yourself and show me.

R: I’m surprised that even my hands aren’t enough to fit around your breasts. *kisses*


R: In addition, they’re extremely soft, aren’t they? However, as soon as I caress them, their tips begin to harden, you know? Hehe. *kisses* Does it feel good? *kisses*

R: You won’t become honest, I see. In that case, why don’t we give you more stimulation? Such as using this crop whip…

R: Yes, well, it can be used in various ways. Of course, if you desire, I can strike you with it. However, first, let us try gently stroking you with it.

R: … Haa, your voice is starting to slip out. Does it feel nice?

R: I see. Then, why don’t we stroke the tip of your breasts with this?

R: Hehe, what an adorable voice. I’ll pet you more… so will you let me hear it?

R: You say no, but these have become harder compared to earlier. When the tips of your breasts are assailed… it’s unbearable, isn’t it? You truly are stubborn. Very well, there’s merit in tormenting you. *kisses*


R: How is it?

R: Then, if it is not enough, allow me to increase the stimulation. You don’t have to be frightened, it will be alright. This whip’s purpose is not to bring pain. *taps then strikes*

R: Hehe, how does the whip feel?

R: Rather than pain, the pleasure was stronger, no? This whip is an incubus tool that has been handed down in my lineage; every strike pulls out your hidden pleasure. Show me your true self.

R: You simply haven’t noticed this yourself, but you feel even more pleasure when you are tormented… *strikes* The mark of the whip are set off by your pale skin. This mark will disappear immediately, so please be at ease. *strikes*

R: Go ahead and turn around. *strikes*

R: Your back is beautiful as well. I was almost charmed in spite of myself. *strikes* Hehe, how is it? Can you tell you are becoming more sensitive after each strike?

R: You’re asking why I’m smiling? Because it’s enjoyable when I look at you.

R: Hehe, if I am a degenerate, then what does that make you as someone enjoying themselves from this? *strikes* Someone more degenerate than me? You seem to be in so much pleasure you can’t even make a sound. *strikes*

R: Haah… very good. It’s my turn soon.


R: Can you raise your body for a moment?

R: I mentioned that you would be satisfying me today as well, didn’t I? *removes clothes*

R: Why are you panicking so much?

R: You’re asking what I’m doing? I thought I would have you satisfy me with your mouth. You must have tasted a man’s length before, yes? It’s not fair to be the only one feeling pleasure, you know?

R: Hehe, I will be pleased to take that as a compliment. It can’t fit in your mouth? I sincerely apologize, I may be on the larger side since I am from a lineage of incubi. You likely haven’t experienced this size, so I believe you will feel a pleasure you have never felt before. Therefore, would you use your mouth and make it larger?

R: Won’t you taste it? Come now…

R: I see, so you will refuse. I thought you would at first, hehe, but are you not gradually becoming interested? You are feeling a carnality that even you yourself are unaware of.

R: You’re wondering why? The whip from earlier pulled out your pleasure and my magic is arousing your senses. From the appearance of things, sooner or later you will start to look for me yourself but right now it’s a bit slow… so you will be wearing this.


R: For the time being, I will have you blindfolded. Can you imagine, instead of me, your lover or—if you do not have one—the person you have feelings for and pleasure them with your mouth? Open your mouth and make my length erect yourself. *heroine gives blowjob*

R: Haa… it’s a little slow; however, it isn’t bad. Please continue like that.

R: Ngh… when I think about looking down at a hero like this, I get an irresistible feeling. My sadism gets excited. Can you use your tongue more? You don’t know how? Use your tongue on the tip, mgh, yes. Please try licking the bottom with your tongue too.

R: Haha, you’re quite good. Continue like that. Your tongue is very soft and feels extremely comfortable.

R: You’re sucking on me quite desperately, to the extent where I wouldn’t believe you had been against it earlier. Oh dear, why did you pull your mouth away? Come now, do it again.

R: You’re saying no with your mouth, but you won’t turn your head away. If you can’t do it yourself, then I can help you. Open your mouth. I will be placing my hands on your head.


R: Good, move up and down. Can you use your tongue along with this too? Haah…

R: Haha… are you curious as to whether or not I’m feeling pleasure? Please don’t worry, it feels good. Hehe, I could feel that you wanted to know. But, at this rate, it’s too slow-going… so please excuse me for a while.

R: I apologize but can you take me deeper into your throat? It doesn’t hurt, yes? Ngh… hah…

R: Purse your lips and suck harder. Hagh… I’m sorry, but this won’t do. May I use my hips? Mgh, good. Haa… hah…

R: Haha, am I that hateful? Hah… haa…

R: When your emotions rise, even if they are negative emotions, the power increases, hm. I can feel that streaming into me. Ngh, this is good. Keep sucking like that. Haah… hagh…


R: Shall I remove your blindfold now?

R: You… Haha, so you can make that expression too. Are you not aware? The corner of your eyes are red and the area around your mouth is covered in saliva. It’s… extremely erotic. It’s a bit difficult not to look. I’m also a male, so I want to look at this.

R: I’m going to move again. Ngh… hah…

R: You’re doing extremely good. Haah… I’m about to reach completion soon.

R: Ggh, is it alright if I release in your mouth? Mgh… I apologize, but I’m already… hah… ah…

R: Ngh, I’m coming. Kgh! *he orgasms* Haah… haa…


R: Oh dear, you spat it out. It’s gotten on your chest, you know? Hehe. I sincerely apologize, was the amount too much?

R: Come now, don’t be so angry. It must feel unpleasant to be dirty, so I am simply wiping it off. Is there a reason to be so flustered? I’ve already seen you naked, so there’s no need to be embarrassed.

R: Hehe, I see. You’re flustered because you didn’t want this to be known, did you? When did you become this wet?

R: There’s lewd threads of liquid, you know? You were merely licking my length, but to be aroused to this state… Your body is quite honest, isn’t it? I’ll give you more pleasure.

R: I mentioned that this whip can be used in many ways, didn’t I? I’m going to put the handle inside you.

R: How is it? The feeling of it entering you. It went in easily, you know?


R: Isn’t it about time for you to be honest?

R: It feels good, doesn’t it? That you’re this wet is all the proof we need. Heh… Miss Hero, you are quite stubborn indeed. Very well, I’ll drown you in a pleasure so great it robs you of your reason. This whip is an incubus tool after all, so if I use it then exposing your hidden desires will be simple.

R: No matter how you deny it, your desire is being conveyed.

R: Go ahead, I don’t mind if you express your pleasure openly. Please let me hear more obscene noises.

R: Very nice, your sweet voice is slipping out. It’s a charming voice. Will you really be alright if I stop? I can tell you’re experiencing a pleasure you’ve never experienced before. Shall I take away even more of your reason? I’ll use my tongue, instead of the whip. *gives oral*


R: Hehe, does it feel good when I taste you with my tongue? Your erotic juices are flowing out.

R: You’re still resisting. Then, I’ll stiffen my tongue and enter it deeply. Nngh…

R: Haha, is this your first time? Incubi specialize in giving pleasure, so they’re born with those characteristics. For example, my tongue—when compared to human males—is quite long. Thus… it must feel irresistible when I explore deep inside you, yes?

R: Oh dear, your true feelings have finally leaked out. Just now… you said it feels good.

R: But this place has become even wetter, you know? You can hear this noise too, can’t you?

R: Hehe, if you still won’t accept it then I’ll ravish you on both fronts. I’ll taste you with my tongue along with inserting the whip from earlier. *gives oral; thrusting*


R: Good, lose yourself to the pleasure just like that. Mmn…

R: As someone with the status of being a hero, you’re being ravished by a demon like me and moaning in pleasure, heh… It’s such an obscene matter, no?

R: Just feel the pleasure honestly.

R: Hehe, reach your peak whenever you want. I’ll quicken everything to make you come easier.

R: Now, abandon your reason… *heroine orgasms*

R: It appears you came with great pleasure. Your eyes are blank and your mouth is slack and open. When I see such a sensual expression, I feel tempted. *kisses* Do you want me?

R: If you don’t deny it, then I will take that as agreement, you know?


R: Hehe, your rejection is quite weak. Moreover, I believe I mentioned I excel at reading the hearts of humans. In other words, do you understand it is useless to lie to me? Your feelings have thoroughly been conveyed to me.

R: Then why did I ask you…? Naturally, it’s because I wish to hear it from your mouth, the person I made succumb.

R: Yes, from a human’s perspective it must feel like a terrible amusement. However, demons are like this by nature. *dresses himself*

R: Are you curious as to where I am going?

R: Work. I have a mission the demon lord has assigned to me, so I will be away from the mansion for a while. I sincerely apologize for abandoning you when you’re in the throes of passion, but could you wait for a time?

R: But you… want me, don’t you? If you don’t think about escaping and take your meals properly, then… I’ll give you ample rewards. Either way, there is this fetter so I don’t believe you can escape. Please be a good girl. *kisses*

R: Now then, I will see you later.

*** TRACK 3: Honey Overflows Inside You Too ***

*knocks on door; door creaks open*

R: I have returned home. Were you about to rest?

R: It seems you won’t welcome me home. Even though I appear like this, I finished my mission promptly and returned for your sake, you know?

R: Oh dear, I thought you had become docile this morning but it seems you have returned back to the way you were before. Was it that lonely to be left behind?

R: Oh my, where did the adorable you from this morning go? But I heard from the servants that you were a good girl today.

R: You were… waiting for my reward, no?

R: Ah, I see. You were thinking about your village. However, I don’t think it’s just that. The pounding of your heart is telling me this. Furthermore, the corner of your eyes are red and your face is filled with expectation.

R: Is that true?

R: You really… don’t want my reward? You should know the answer without asking. It’s what you desire after all. Or… do you want to hear it from my mouth?

R: Hehe, you’re an easy one to understand. *kisses*


R: I merely kissed your ear and your body is trembling this much… You’re sensitive, aren’t you? *kisses*

R: Like I thought, it seems like your ears are sensitive. Shall I do this to your other ear? Don’t be shy… *kisses*

R: … That’s a nice response. *kisses*

R: You’re showing an aroused expression, but are you saying it only tickles? *kisses* Hehe. You really are simple to understand. I feel as if it’s about time for you to be honest, but… alright, in that case, I will really have you show your true self tonight. I’m going to remove these.

R: Is it alright for me to stop? I thought you would be the one unable to wait though. *kisses* Nngh…

R: Haha, just like that, it’s hard. Your voice is adorable. It makes me want to hear more. *kisses*

R: You appear to like it when I roll this around with my tongue.

R: It’s arousing, isn’t it? I can feel it too. It becomes even harder when I play with it with my finger. Mm? What’s wrong?


R: What you’re feeling isn’t strange, it’s pleasure. *kisses*

R: Kisses feel good too, don’t they? *kisses*

R: Shall I… do it more? It’s alright to be honest. *kisses*

R: Please stretch out your tongue more. *kisses* Mngh…

R: Hehe, that slack look of pleasure is lovely, you know? Was it to your liking? What’s wrong with kisses? Have we not already done them? Moreover, right now, you’re feeling pleasure too…

R: You’re the one who said you felt pleasure when kissing, you know? If you won’t be honest no matter what, then shall I help you along? *steps away to light something*

R: You don’t have to be frightened. It’s something to let you expose your true self. This is an aroma that incubi use. It smells nice, doesn’t it? You’ll gradually feel comfortable.

R: Now then, I’m going to touch your chest again. Hehe, the tips of your breasts are immediately hard. When you get embarrassed like that, it makes me want to say it more.


R: Now, will you suck on my finger?

R: Wrap your tongue around it more and moisten it.

R: That’s good enough. I’m going to touch your peaks with this finger now.

R: How does the sensation of a wet finger feel?

R: Do you like it when I knead it lightly? Or… would you rather I flick it?

R: Either one is no good? But, conversely, your hips are moving quite sensually. What if I do this? What will happen?

R: You won’t say, I see. That’s fine for now. In time, I will hear your answer.

R: Your breathing is ragged, isn’t it? It seems like the aroma is starting to take effect. If I don’t touch your lower half soon, it will be painful, no? I’m going to remove your underwear.

R: Heh, look at this… For you to be this wet shows that it’s more effective than I imagined—is what I wish to say, but it’s because you’re lascivious, no?

R: It’s unusual for someone to be this wet. You’re about to come already? I haven’t done anything but touch the outside just a little bit. Shall I give your reward now?

R: Don’t you wish for my fingers to be in you?


R: What’s the matter? Are you satisfied with me simply touching you like this?

R: If you don’t speak, then we’ll remain like this. However, don’t worry, I can give you pleasure even without inserting my fingers into you.

R: But this place of yours can’t forget the feeling of my fingers, can it? Or… would you rather have the whip? You’re this wet and it’s twitching… It’s extremely erotic, you know?

R: I can give you my fingers or the whip, whatever you desire. Or… do you want something else?

R: You really wanted it this morning, didn’t you?

R: Is that so? Then, your reward will be put off until later.

R: What is it?

R: In that case… I’ll make you come with my fingers, yes?

R: Hehe, you’re completely soaked. I’ll spread this all over your wanton hole… and it’ll feel even better than before, yes? I don’t mind if you climax whenever. Haah…


R: How does it feel? Does it feel pleasurable?

R: Hehe, I’m glad then. Just feel pleasure like that. *kisses*

R: Kissing you makes me feel good too. *kisses*

R: Are you about to come? Hah… haa… go ahead. *kisses*

R: The noise is quite loud, no? Hehe, are you going to come?

R: I apologize, you needed just a bit more but I suddenly stopped… however, are you certain you don’t want your reward? This place can’t endure it anymore, no?

R: Mm, it’s contracting so much it’d be pitiful to leave it like this. If you want me, then please say so honestly. So long as you just say the one word, “want”, then I’ll give you what you desire. Alright?

R: Hehe, well said. *removes clothes*


R: Your reward… ngh… haah… haa…

R: I sincerely apologize, I entered without pausing. Did it hurt?

R: Hehe, it doesn’t sound like that’s the case. Gngh, you’re squeezing down quite tightly here. Are you in the middle of climaxing? This… makes it hard to move, ngh… so we’ll stay like this for a while. *kisses* Haah… haa…

R: Have you come back down?

R: Still, not all of it went in. But you’ll grow accustomed in time, so don’t worry. Ngh.

R: Yes, you might be scared right now but… sooner or later, you won’t be satisfied unless it’s with me. Nevertheless, mgh, being joined like this truly is the best. I can feel your power circulating through my body, ngh, and it feels good. Like this… gngh, it feels like I’ll be the one addicted.


R: Ggh! Why… did you clench down like that? If you don’t loosen, I won’t be able to enter to my base. I’ll move slowly, so… relax. Calm down and breathe.

R: … Like this, there won’t be anything we can do about this tantalizing feeling. Listen, calm down and breathe in the aroma.

R: The heat in your body rose up all at once, didn’t it? Your juices have released from inside you and, with this, I think I can enter deeply… ngh… hagh… Good, I can feel your pleasure swelling. This aroma is helping release your desires, so go ahead, don’t think about anything, and just feel your emotions as they are.

R: Very good. Please entrust your body to that sensation. I’m also going to move now. *thrusting*

R: Haah… it looks like you’ve become good at obtaining pleasure. Mgh… haha, does it feel nice? Hngh… hah… *kisses; thrusting*

R: Ngh! Hah… good. Haha, yes, of course. I feel pleasure too when I have sex with you. Gngh, but for what reason are you clenching down this hard?

R: Don’t tell me you… feel happy that I am experiencing pleasure?


R: Hehe, I see. It’s the aroma’s effect making you be this honest, isn’t it? Or… do you like the feeling of my length?

R: Mgh… haah… are you about to come? Hngh… hah…

R: Ggh! Hagh… haah… you came, didn’t you? You’re convulsing down here. *thrusting*

R: I deeply apologize, seeing that you’re exhausted, I haven’t reached mine yet… Haah… however, it’s soon so please don’t worry. Ngh… hah…

R: Mrgh, I’m about to… soon… I’m going to speed up again.

R: I’m sorry, it’ll be soon… Haah… hagh…! Ngh… I’m about to… hah… I’m going to come… Haah… haa…! Gngh! *he orgasms*

R: Haagh… hah… haa…

R: To think sleeping with a hero would be this amazing… Oh dear, why did you sprawl down?

R: What are you saying? I don’t intend to let you sleep tonight. It feels good being inside you, so I don’t feel like leaving you yet. You’re going to accompany me this evening… until I am satisfied. *kisses*

*** TRACK 10: Continuation After the End of Track 3 ***

*thrusting; kisses*

R: … Why are you asking to rest? Please move yourself as well.

R: We merely had intercourse a few times, so for you to be that worn out… it’s quite pathetic, isn’t it, Miss Hero?

R: Yes, this is the fourth time without pulling out—no, the fifth time, isn’t it? Hehe. I sincerely apologize, but there’s no sign of my length calming down. Because of my entanglement with you, a hero, I am brimming with so much power that my recovery happens over and over.

R: Haah… haa… this is what incubi are. Please grow accustomed to this. *kisses* Haah… haa…

R: Ngh? Miss Hero…? Hah… the appeal is lost if you remain unconscious like this. I’ll lower the speed a little. *slow thrusting* In exchange, please be sure to feel me inside of you. Ungh…

R: Hehe, this sound appears to be reaching your ears as well. Because I have already poured myself into you a number of times, it’s mixed with yours and making such an obscene sound.


R: Ah, it’s in your best interests not to think about running from me. If you try to run… I’ll have to punish you. If I go any harder than this, there’s a possibility you might break. It’s not my desire to break you like that. Gngh… hah… *kisses; thrusting*

R: Is this to your liking? You’re starting to clench down on me again. *kisses ear*

R: This is a sign that you’re aroused by this, hm. In that case, I’ll do it to the other side too. *kisses ear*

R: Is it pleasurable to be touched by my tongue? Heh. *kisses*

R: Haah… ah, that face full of bashfulness is irresistible. I feel tingles across my skin. Show me more… of that adorably disheveled expression as you have sex with an incubus. *kisses*

R: It seems like I can increase my speed again soon. Can you spread your legs wider?


R: No, even more. I’ll help, so spread them wider.

R: Hehe, the place where we’re connected is completely exposed before my eyes. Ngh, come now, please don’t shut your legs. I’m going to sink deeper into your body… ah…

R: How is it? You can feel me deep inside you, can’t you? Mgh… your walls are moving, trying to accept me. Ngh… ah…

R: Haha, when we’re joined this deeply the power flowing from you into me is also in a different league. Haah… hah…

R: I deeply apologize, but I’m going to quicken the pace again. Hngh… grgh… hah…! *thrusting*

R: Yes, even for an incubus such as me, this is more than enough stimulation. For a human like you, I wonder how much it is? Haa… hah… I can’t stop my hips against this irresistible stimulation. Haah…

R: But if you were to indulge in pleasure together with me, then the power I can obtain will be even greater so… I’ll need to have you feel pleasure too. Hah… haa… it’s not impossible. I’ll grind against you deeply…

R: Hehe… you should feel something here. Hah… hngh… You’re letting out noises different from before. Moreover, I can feel your power rising too. Hah… that’s not a no… right? *kisses; thrusting*


R: Nrgh, are you about to come again? *kisses* Go ahead, I don’t mind if you come first. Haah… haa… I’ll pleasure your sensitive spot. Hrgh… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*

R: Soon, right? Yes, when I feel you down here… I can tell. Haah… hah… ngh!

R: Yes, please reach completion first. Mgh… haah… *kisses; thrusting*

R: Haa… haah… gngh! *kisses*

R: … Hehe, how many times have you climaxed tonight? Heh, but I’m about to as well… *thrusting* Nrgh… hah…

R: Even though you just came… haha, I apologize. Haah… but I did say this, didn’t I? That I’ll have you accompany me until I’m satisfied. Hehe, in addition, the feeling of being in you right after your orgasm is irresistible. Ungh… hah…!

R: I’m about to… soon… Haah… hagh…!

R: Look this way. *kisses; thrusting*


R: I’m coming… Hngh… I’m… coming…! *he orgasms* Ah… haah… haa…!

R: Haa… hah…

R: Haha, Miss Hero, your power is amazing, isn’t it? *kisses*

R: For you to copulate countless times with an incubus and climax countless times all night long… Miss Hero, you’re quite adorable. *kisses*

*** TRACK 4: Do I… Taste Delicious? ***

R: Shall I touch you more down here, where you’re wet?

R: Hehe, did you think I would be satisfied with this? It’s not enough at all. You can tell that I’m still hard, yes?

R: You made it hard with your mouth, so I’ll need you to take responsibility to the very end.

R: … Hah… I think I’ll block that noisy mouth of yours. Here. *kisses*

R: Hehe, we merely moved our mouths together and now your eyes are dazed and you instantly have a nice expression. *kisses* You’re lovely, Miss Hero. I’ll make you feel even better. *kisses*

R: Come now, please don’t close your legs. Spread them more. *kisses* It appears you’re sensitive after having just climaxed. You’re reacting in rhythm with my tongue. Because you’ve become sensitive, you’re able to feel even more pleasure. *kisses*


R: Does this spot feel good? I’ll taste it more. *kisses*

R: Hehe, it’s in quite a state. Mm…

R: … Stop? Why, when you’re this aroused? Heh, you say it feels so good you feel like you’ll lose your mind. Do you think I will stop after hearing that? *kisses* Ngh…

R: It’s natural to lose your mind when you’re ravished by an incubus such as me. Furthermore, I am also a male. When you make that sort of expression, I want to do this even more.

R: Go ahead, lose your mind. Mngh… hah…

R: Become more disheveled, haah…

R: I’m going to go harder. *gives oral*

R: Yes, show it to me alone. Your loss of control. Heh… do you like it when I suck on you too?


R: You’re in so much pleasure your hips are rising, I see. If you really were against this, I would stop… but that’s not what I’m feeling. So, I shall continue.

R: Please feel me more.

R: … No more? What do you mean?

R: Yes, I know… exactly what you’re seeking. However, not yet. *continues oral*

R: If you don’t beg more cutely, then I won’t feel like it.

R: Haha, well said. Your embarrassment is charming. Heh, but today I feel like putting it off… so please endure for a while longer. *continues oral*

R: Does it feel good? But please don’t come yet. When you stare at me with those entreating eyes, you only stir up my sadism, you know? You’re a hero and yet you wish to be oppressed by a demon such as me. You’re twitching down here miserably.

R: Don’t worry, in time, I will make you come with my member buried deep inside you. Heh, but please bear this until then.

R: Now, I’m going to put my tongue inside. Ngh…


R: How does my tongue feel? Is it not unbearable when I stiffen it and explore you? Hehe, you seem to be feeling pleasure…

R: … Yes? What is it?

R: Haha. I understand. *kisses*

R: I wanted to taste you more, but if you beg so adorably then I have to grant it, no? In that case… *inserts himself* Ngh… hah…

R: It feels good… doesn’t it? Haah…

R: Haha, you’re cute. Either way, I was thinking of heightening your pleasure to its limits so that it would feel good when we joined, but… haah… I feel as if I’m about to drown in pleasure as well. I apologize but I’m going to move now. Ggh… hah… haa… *thrusting*

R: It feel as if you remember my shape completely down here. Ngh, you’ve constricted down to the shape of my length. Haah… haa…


R: I’m going… to thrust deeper now. Gngh… hagh… haa…! Good…

R: Yes, I’m striking you deeply, aren’t I? Does it hurt?

R: … Yes, I was thinking of wanting to kiss you too. *kisses; thrusting*

R: Can you wrap your tongue around mine more? Mm…

R: Me too. Your soft tongue feels extremely nice. Haa… haah…!

R: You’re squeezing quite hard. Is it possible to relax a little? Gngh…! It feels like you’re going to come hard deep inside…

R: Haah… it doesn’t look like you have the leisure to do that. Haa… hah!

R: Yes, as promised, I’m going to make you come deep inside.

R: … Hah? What did you say just now?

R: You’re curious… haah… as to whether or not I’m going to come? Haa… ah, don’t tell me… you want to come together with me?


R: Hehe, which one is it? Haa… haah…

R: I wouldn’t have imagined you would request such a thing. Very well, I’m close too so please endure for a while longer. Haa… hagh… ngh!

R: Ngh… it’s good…

R: There are tears in the corner of your eyes. *kisses; thrusting* Does it hurt?

R: It feels good…? I’m relieved when I hear that. Haa… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*

R: Gngh, I apologize, I’m about to… ngh… haah… haa…!

R: It doesn’t… look like you can hold on. Hagh… but I can’t stop anymore. Haa…! Hagh! *thrusting*

R: I’m coming. Yes, together. Let’s come together. Ngh… haa… hah!

R: We can kiss. *kisses; thrusting*


R: Ggh, I’m… coming…! Kgh! *he orgasms; heroine orgasms*

R: Haagh… haa… hah…

R: … Are you alright?

R: Haha… it seems you’re doing better than I thought. I’m going to pull out. Ngh…

R: Incidentally, I let out everything in you. I sincerely apologize.

R: I suppose you’re right. After coming this far, an apology is unnecessary.

R: Look this way. *kisses* You’re truly adorable. *kisses*

R: Ah, that reminds me, why don’t I remove this fetter now.

R: You don’t plan on running from me anymore, right?

R: Heh, you don’t have to think deeply on that right now. *kisses*

*** TRACK 5: It Appears You Remember My Shape ***

R: Is that spot nice?

R: You won’t enter?

R: Yes, this is my room. Please, come in without reserve.

*heroine enters; door closes*

R: I thought it would be nice to change the mood by changing locations.

R: You don’t need to have such cruel thoughts now. If I said I wished to touch you in a different place… would you be satisfied then?

R: That expression of not being as dissatisfied as you’re trying to show is cute, you know? *kisses*

R: I wasn’t entirely jesting though.

R: Now then, why don’t you do things yourself today? I’ll sit here and watch you.

R: That’s true, hm. First, trying removing your clothes yourself.

R: … You don’t want to? Even though you personally said you wanted me the other day…

R: You seem to misunderstand. That aroma releases your own desires… so the one who said they wanted me was yourself. If you understand, then reveal your body in front of me.


R: Haha, good. When I look at you again like this, you have a beautiful body, don’t you?

R: Are you embarrassed? How does it feel exposing yourself to a demon such as me… Miss Hero?

R: That face, filled with shyness, is extremely seductive. Can you take off your undergarments as well?

R: … Too much already? If you want me to tear them off, then I can certainly help.

R: Good. Lower your hands to your sides, so that I can see you clearly.

R: Hehe, ample breasts and a slender waist. If I wrap my hands around your breasts, they press softly against my hands. If I engulf and suck on those tips, then they become hard and your body trembles and jerks. If I stretch my hand to the area between your legs, then it’ll be indecently damp and the sight of you shivering in pleasure is charming.

R: Oh dear, your skin is starting to flush red. Did you remember what I always do to you?

R: If you can’t endure it anymore, I won’t mind if you touch yourself.


R: I’ll be watching from here, so please go ahead and do whatever you want. See, the peaks of your breasts are already reacting. Why don’t you try touching there?

R: Yes, that’s right. Rub them, pinch them. I don’t mind if you let out your voice.

R: That’s not true, is it? I can see that you feel pleasure. Please show me how you look disheveled.

R: You’re rubbing your thighs together. Is something the matter?

R: Try touching your lower half as well.

R: It’s nothing…? Indeed? In that case, stretch out your hand. Yes, touch that spot between your legs.

R: Hehe, are you already wet? I can hear the sound even from where I am. It seems you feel even more pleasure from being watched. I’ll continue watching like this, so please continue.

R: Haha… can you tell me where you’re touching with those wet fingers?

R: Embarrassed, Miss Hero?

R: You’re moving your fingers quite quickly. I can hear the sound of your wetness distinctly from here.


R: Even if you tell me not to listen… I hear it. For being embarrassed, you can’t seem to stop playing with yourself?

R: What is that place like now? Is it twitching?

R: Hehe, it looks like your fingers are going to slip in…

R: Yes, I’m satisfied just watching your present state. Or… are you going to put me in the mood?

R: I won’t mind if you do whatever you wish to do. You know what to do, yes?

R: Kneel down here. *removes clothes*

R: What are you being shy about? You’ve seen it many times already now, haven’t you? First, try touching it with your hand.

R: Yes, like that. It’s gradually getting harder, isn’t it? Ngh…

R: Move your hand up and down like that. Mmgh… hah…


R: Yes, it’s not bad.

R: … Hah? Do you wish to lick it?

R: Nrgh… mm… you’ve become skilled, haven’t you? Hngh, that’s true, after you’ve done it this many times, you would grow used to it. Ngh… hah…

R: It might not be too bad for you to take the lead occasionally. Gngh… hah… swallow me deeper. Haah… haa…

R: You’re able to swallow me this deeply now? Good. Ngh… hagh… hah…

R: Oh my… your hips are swaying, aren’t they?

R: Are you aroused while tasting me?

R: I apologize, but my hand can’t reach you. Touch yourself instead.

R: It seems like you’re wetter than before. To think you’re aroused while sucking on a man’s length… What a lewd girl.


R: It’s not a bad thing. I’ll guide you to ample amounts of pleasure afterward, but play with yourself for now.

R: Hehe, if the villagers who had shown you out as a hero were to see you indulging in pleasure like this, I wonder what they would think?

R: Haa… haah…

R: Haha, you’re amazing, aren’t you? To swallow me that much… Am I delicious?

R: I want to hear it from your mouth. Am I… delicious?

R: Ah, I apologize… I felt a thrill through me at your words, so I suddenly got larger. Haagh… the hero is sucking on my length and said it tasted good… It’s quite irresistible, no? And? What are you planning on doing next after getting me to be like this?

R: It can’t be that you’ll be satisfied after sucking on me, right?

R: Do you wish to continue? If you want something to happen afterward, then say it with your own mouth.


R: Very well. I’ll give you what you desire. Come, we’ll move to the bed.

R: Haha. *heroine gets on bed; kisses* Wrap your tongue around mine. Ngh… mm…

R: First… I’ll lead you to pleasure with my tongue.

R: Come now, spread your legs wider.

R: Heh, it’s damp. Now, now, please don’t shut your legs. Place your hand here. Spread yourself open so I can see you clearly.

R: Even though you say you can’t do it, you’ve spread yourself open to show me, haven’t you? Heheh… what a pretty color. *gives oral* Furthermore, it’s a carnal and sweet flavor.

R: You’re embarrassed at this point in time, heh. This is our relationship, isn’t it? I’ll be tasting you more. Nngh… mmgh…


R: How is it? It’s different from the feeling of touching yourself, no?

R: Hehe, you’ve become quite honest. Continue showing me this appearance of yours. Mn…

R: I lap and I lap, but it keeps flowing out, doesn’t it? Your wetness gleams.

R: Haha, you truly are sensual. Ngh… haah…

R: Staring at me like that… is this view to your liking?

R: Heh, do you wish to see where you’re being tasted?

R: … Don’t avert your eyes and watch, just like that. Mmgh… nrgh…

R: Already? There’s more to come after this, you know? I’ll go quicker. Hngh…

R: Ngh, I won’t let you run. I’ll hold down your hips.

R: Hehe, this place is swollen red and contracting. Are you about to come?


R: Please don’t come yet. Nngh… mm…

R: I’d like to take you to your peak like this, but I also want to feel you now. Please lie face down.

R: I’m going to put it in from behind. Nrgh… haa… hah…

R: … I’m going to go a little deeper, alright? Mrgh…

R: Haha… it’s amazing inside you. There’s a moist and soft feeling, yet you’re squeezing me hard and won’t let go. Is this… what you wanted?

R: It’s good to be honest. *kisses* Your power is pouring in from the place we’re connected, you know? I’m going to move now. Nngh… hah… *thrusting*

R: Yes, we might be very compatible for it to feel this good. Please feel more pleasure.

R: If I obtain a greater amount of power from you in your pleasure, then I can make you feel even better. Hngh… ah… *kisses; thrusting*

R: You like it when I do this to your ears, right? I’ll put my tongue deep inside. Nngh… mgh…!

R: Haha, I’ll do it to your other ear too.

R: Your adorable voice is spilling out. Mrgh… hah… can you raise your body a little?


R: Hehe, have you noticed? The mirror in front of you is reflecting everything. Come now, don’t avert your eyes and look… ngh… at the sight of you being dominated by me.

R: You’re being thrust into from behind, your breasts are being gripped, and you’re aroused with such an unbecoming face… It’s quite obscene, isn’t it?

R: Oh dear, you’re clenching down harder than you were before. Does it feel good? I’m going to thrust harder. Haah… haa…

R: Where do you want me to strike? Ngh… here? It seems like you prefer it deep. Haha… please look at the mirror. Come now, don’t turn your head away. You’re about to reach your completion, aren’t you? Hagh… haa…

R: Go ahead, please come. *kisses; thrusting*

R: Yes, show me your cute appearance. Haa… haah…!

R: Gngh! Hagh… hah…!

R: It’s convulsing and trembling down here… ngh, it feels too good. Haah… haa…

R: Are you alright? Was that too intense?

R: You’re done already? I can stay inside you longer, can’t I?

R: No…? Is it because you’ll start to feel pleasure again?

R: … I’m not done yet. If you want, I can have sex with you any number of times.

R: In that case, why don’t we continue then. First, we’ll prepare you again. I won’t let you run. I haven’t come yet, so please keep me company. Naturally, I’ll make you come again too. *kisses*

*** TRACK 6: In the End, I am Better Suited to Being the Aggressor ***

*door knocks*

R: *through door* Yes? It’s open.

*heroine enters*

R: Oh dear, it’s you? It’s unusual for you to come to my office. Even after I removed your fetters and gave you freedom, you’ve never come here. So, what are you here all of a sudden for?

R: … Huh? Oh, yes, I’m in the middle of work. Is something wrong with that?

R: Yes, it’s been busy. There are endless things to do as the demon lord’s right hand. I’m not done for the day yet. But why are you asking about that?

R: Because I haven’t gone to your room…? Ah… you mean that. *approaches heroine*

*heroine tries to leave; he closes door and cages her*

R: Hold right there. After thinking about suddenly visiting me, where are you planning on running to now?

R: You’re feeling lonely after I haven’t visited you for these several days, no?

R: In that case, why was there a need to come here? It’s strange for a hero to be interested in a demon’s work, you know?

R: Then, why did you come here?


R: Heh, it’s as I thought. It seems I’ve made you wait for a quite a while. To think you’ve been looking forward to having sex with me that much.

R: There’s no need to hide it at this point. *kisses*

R: I’m only touching your ears, you know? It doesn’t tickle… it feels good, no? *kisses*

R: Yes, I’m in the middle of work. However, it’s not bad to take a breather and have sex with you. You also came here expecting that, didn’t you? *kisses*

R: If you’re going to assert that, then why don’t we test you? Please come here.

R: Please sit down on the sofa here.

R: I’m simply doing what you desire. That’s right, first… *kisses*

R: It’s charming when your cheeks turn red. Shall I do more? *kisses* Open your mouth. *kisses*

R: Haha, for you to wrap your tongue around mine like that… Did you want to kiss me that much? *kisses* It’s been a while and your soft lips and tongue feel nice.


R: Your heart is pounding very loudly. I’m going to remove this.

R: It’s also been a while since I felt your skin. *kisses* You’re always smooth whenever I touch you. Heh, your shy appearance is also lovely. I’m going to taste you here.

R: Hehe, what a nice voice. Haah…

R: You’re letting out some enchanting breaths. Does it feel good?

R: Has it been so long that even the slightest stimulation arouses you? Very good. Please entrust your body to me like that. *kisses* Nngh… hah…

R: I’m going to touch your legs as well. Your thighs are soft and slide nicely against my hand. Is it vexing when you’re touched like this? You’re rubbing both legs together. Do you want me to touch you deeper?

R: Please be honest. Come on…

R: Hehe, I can tell you’re wet even above your underwear. I’m going to slide my hand in from your legs and touch you directly, alright? I won’t wait. You yourself can’t endure any longer, no? You’re making such obscene wet noises after all.

R: This spot feels good, yes? I’m going to touch you more, so please remove your underwear.


R: Hehe, good girl. Can you spread yourself open so I can see things clearly?

R: You’re aggressive today, aren’t you? I can see it. How it’s wet and glistening between your legs. Even though you’re telling me not to look, you’re the one spreading yourself open. In truth, isn’t it that you can’t help but want to be seen by me?

R: But just being watched won’t satisfy you, will it? I’m going to touch you directly.

R: Heh, amazing. To be overflowing… were you waiting eagerly for this that much?

R: I sincerely apologize then. In the future, shall I touch you every day again?

R: Hehe, you’re incredibly cute when you’re honest. *kisses* Nngh… hah…

R: Is it enough to just touch you?

R: More… what?

R: Haha, more… of this? I never imagined I would hear those words from your mouth. Very well, I’ll touch you more. *kisses*

R: I’ll be rolling this around in my mouth. Mm… hngh… Heh, but you love it when I ravish you in two spots at once, no? You’re sensitive in both places.


R: I’m going to put my finger deep inside. I believe you feel pleasure from here, yes? Look, I’ll stroke you more from inside.

R: That’s a nice expression. *kisses*

R: Mm, does it feel good? Yes, of course, let’s kiss. *kisses*

R: … What is it?

R: You want me to sit down on the sofa? I don’t mind but… what do you plan on doing after having me sit—ngh…? Where are you touching? You truly are aggressive today. Go ahead, touch me as you please. I won’t mind. Then, to make it easier for you to touch me directly, allow me to strip as well. *removes clothes*

R: Yes, it seems I also became aroused after you showed yourself to me. Will you touch me? Ngh, your hand is hot. Haah… haa…


R: Your movements are better than usual. Hah… the degree of strength you’re using is irresistible too. I mentioned that you could do it as you please, didn’t I? There’s no need to ask me, haha. Moreover, don’t you do this all the time? Please, go ahead and use your mouth.

R: Hagh… haa… mgh!

R: You’ve become extremely skilled, haven’t you? The way you use your tongue is carnal and pleasurable. You remember all my sensitive spots too. It feels good. Mngh… for you to look happy, seeing me in pleasure… you truly are lovable. *kisses*

R: Ngh… ah… haah…

R: Still, to personally place your body between my legs and bury your face happily there… If your companions were to see this, they would be quite surprised, wouldn’t they?

R: Hehe, as usual, when I stir up your embarrassment you end up feeling pleasure, don’t you? Compared to when you first came to my mansion, you’re seductive beyond all else now, Miss Hero. It’s not because of me. I simply liberated what has dwelled in you from the start.

R: I don’t mind if you show yourself more and more and become bolder in front of me. Yes, go ahead. Do what you want to do. You can’t be satisfied, just tasting my length, right? Please come onto my lap.


R: Are you shy? We’re pressed against each other much more than usual, so your soft breasts are pressing against my chest. Furthermore… haah… look, you can tell that your damp hole is pressing against me, yes? Hah…

R: It’s wet and burning hot. How licentious.

R: You’re moving your hips, you know? Does it feel good rubbing against me like that?

R: Hehe, it seems you can’t stop. I’ll place my hands on your hips and help you, so… let’s feel even more pleasure together. Hngh… your wetness is rapidly flowing out of your depths. It’s such a loud sound, isn’t it? Haah… haa…

R: You’re disheveled and your eyes are dazed. *kisses*

R: It’s hotter in your mouth than usual… *kisses* Mgh… haah…

R: You can’t come yet.

R: You can’t endure it? But… are you happy to end this without me entering you? If you want me, then why not try putting it in yourself? I’ll support you with my hands, so line it up and lower your waist slowly.

R: Nngh… I’m sinking slowly into you. Haah… can you tell that I’m in you? Haha, you like it when I’m deep inside you, don’t you?


R: I’m not wrong, no? Come now, I’ll thrust up from below. Nrgh… hah… Is it to your liking? Thrusting up from below is different from usual, no?

R: Haa… hah…! You’re making more noise than usual, haha. Move as well to make yourself feel good. Hagh… haa…!

R: It’s not bad looking up at you either, hm. I can see your face, slack with pleasure, clearly. I also feel good. *kisses; thrusting*

R: Hagh… haah…! This isn’t bad but… *changes position* in the end, I am better suited to being the aggressor. Mrgh… hah… it’s more arousing to look at your pleasured face from above. I’m going to move like this. Ngh… hagh…!

R: Does it feel good? Haa… hah…!

R: My entire length is buried inside you. Can you tell? Nngh… mrgh…!

R: Feels good… haah… haa… *kisses; thrusting*


R: You can’t hold on anymore? That’s not unreasonable. Go ahead then, please come. I’ll go harder. Haa… hagh…! Haha, this sopping wet sound is quite loud, aren’t they?

R: Yes, show me how adorable you look when you come. Hngh… haah… haa…! Ggh!

R: Haa… hagh…

R: You clenched hard on me just now. Haha, are you tired? You’re completely limp. *thrusting* Nngh… haa… I apologize since you just came, but I haven’t yet…

R: Hagh… ngh…! It should be alright if it’s you. Because you’re still convulsing, desiring me… It feels good. Haa… hah…!

R: Yes, you’re starting to feel pleasure again. I can feel you constricting down here. Nrgh… mn…!

R: Good… haah… haa…!

R: Does it feel good? Haha, she can’t hear me from how much pleasure she’s feeling, I see. Hehe, you’ve completely become my prisoner. Haa… hah…!

*** TRACK 7: Epilogue – You Belong to Me – ***

*birds chirping*

R: *kisses* Good morning. Why are you so flustered in the morning? Get used to this by now. We’ve slept together countless times now.

R: You can say you’re happy to see my face in the morning, you know?

R: But I suppose it’s not unreasonable for you not to get used to this. At the beginning, I kidnapped you to use you but… never would I have imagined I would form an emotional bond with a human, much less a hero, either. I love you. *kisses*

R: Haha, you’re truly adorable when you’re shy. *kisses*

R: If I can see this expression of yours in the morning, then I’ll say it any number of times, haha. I love you. *kisses*

R: …! Just now, you…

R: I’m happy to hear your feelings from you too. Come closer over here.

R: You’re warm, aren’t you? *inhales* When I hold you, I feel at peace.

R: You say your heart pounds when you’re pressed up against me though. In that case, I’ll make you relax. *kisses*


R: Haha, did that tickle? But you’ve relaxed, haven’t you? You’re quite simple, aren’t you?

R: I’m not ridiculing you. I simply think you’re lovable. Here, press closer to me.

R: Please get used to this slowly. *kisses*

R: Speaking of getting used to things, no matter how much time passes you never call me by name, have you? Ever since you came to my mansion, you haven’t called me anything but “you”. I told you at the beginning to call me “Ray”, didn’t I?

R: Come now, please say it.

R: Where are you looking? *kisses* Your nape is completely defenseless now. *kisses*

R: Ah, I’ve thought of something good. If you won’t call me by name, then I’ll leave a mark here. *kisses*

R: I’m not going to wait. *kisses* Come on, say it. *kisses*

R: … Yes, say it.

R: Haha, very nice. From now on, call me that, alright? *kisses*

R: Yes, that’s true, but you’re mine, aren’t you? I need to mark my possessions, so… *kisses*

R: A beautiful mark has been left. You’re mine, forever. *kisses*

*** TRACK 8: Another Ending – Dark Happy? End – ***

*cell opens*

R: It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Have you been well?

R: You were waiting for me? Heh. How sad. I apologize, but I’m quite busy.

R: Having sex with you, a hero who has lost herself to pleasure and lost her powers, has no meaning now, is there? Rather than meeting you down here in the dungeons, I have other things I must do.

R: Yes, I reached a break there and so I came to give you a reward.

R: What are you expecting with that expression, as if you’re about to salivate. Are you that happy to receive a reward from me?

R: However, before that, there is something I ought to tell you. Come here, sit, and listen.

R: Yesterday, the entire human world has been conquered and everyone is now under control of us demons. Owing to how copulation with you strengthened my powers, this matter progressed quickly. It’s because of you, Miss Hero. Thank you very much.

R: You appear to be at a loss, but it’s time for your reward. *kisses*


R: How is it? These kisses, which you haven’t had for a long time. *kisses*

R: I’ll touch your chest too. *kisses* Haha, while you were drowning in pleasure, your companions and the villagers were all subjugated, you know? Do you not feel guilt?

R: No, even these words don’t reach your ears, hm. Right now, there’s nothing in your head except for having sex with me. But, that’s alright. After all, today is a day for rewards. *kisses* Now, strip. You don’t need your undergarments anymore.

R: *kisses* Remember to tell me where you feel good.

R: Haha… here? *kisses*

R: Hah, you’re making some amazing sounds. Has it been so long your body has grown sensitive? *kisses* Just the slightest touch and you’re trembling. Nngh…


R: Come now, don’t avert your eyes. Please watch closely as I play with your breasts with the tip of my tongue. Mn…

R: You’re obediently staring, I see. Is there anywhere else? Is there any place you’d like me to ravish? I can touch you anywhere… wherever you’d like.

R: “There”…? Haha, despite being submerged in lust, you’re embarrassed to say it clearly. I’d love to hear it from your lips, but very well. You want me to touch you here, yes?

R: Haha, amazing. You’re too wet. You’ve been aching all this time, haven’t you? I can tell. How about I push in my fingers now? Haah… it went in deeply right away. Does it feel good?

R: Hehe… cute. *kisses*

R: Hah, where are you stretching your hand out to touch?

R: … Heh, then please touch me like that. I’ll move the fingers that are buried in you more. Nngh… *kisses*

R: You’re contracting inside and juices flow out, again and again. Gngh…


R: You want to taste me…? I suppose that was inevitable. *removes clothes*

R: Yes, go ahead. Mngh… haa…

R: You’re a hero and yet you’re pleased by a demon’s length and, moreover, taking it into your mouth personally… It seems as if you’ve lost your pride.

R: Do you… want to be joined with me that much?

R: Haha, yes, well, I have left you alone for quite some time. I wonder what your companions would think if they saw you now though. A traitor? Or would they despair? Heh, you continue to suck on me even when I say this. It seems being attacked with words has also become stimulation for you.

R: You’re licking me quite wantonly, aren’t you? While engulfing me deep into your throat, you’re licking the whole length with your tongue at the same time and stimulating the tip. Where did you learn this?

R: Because you want me to feel pleasure…?

R: Even without going out of your way to make me feel good, I will make you feel the greatest pleasure, you know? Because this is your reward.

R: It’s useless to long for the heart of a demon like me. Heheh… you’re not even listening, too engrossed with tasting me.

R: Haa… hah… can you take me in deeper? Ngh… ah… good.


R: Yes, if this much of it is in your mouth then it’ll naturally grow hard.

R: Come here and turn around. I’ll do it from behind, so straddle my lap.

R: Heh, it’s enough already. Come now.

R: You can tell, can’t you? That your damp hole is touching me. We’re both ready, so… I’ll put it in. Nrgh… hah…

R: It went in easily, didn’t it? If you’re this wet, then I can do it all at once… mgh!

R: Were you surprised by how sudden that was? But you’re constricting down here as if it’s pleased. Yes, I can tell you feel good… since your hips are moving. Move on your own for a while like that. *heroine bounces up and down*

R: Your hips are moving sensually, aren’t they? You want me to watch everything, don’t you? I can clearly see where I enter and exit out of you.

R: I’ll give you more pleasure, so sit up. That’s right, lean back against me.


R: Does it feel good to have your breasts touched from behind? I’ll play with these hard nubs too. Haah… haa… *kisses; heroine moving*

R: Nngh, it feels pleasurable inside you. Even without emotions, both of us can feel this good so what need is there to long for more? Even without love, it’s easy to obtain pleasure for the both of us. In the future, I’ll have sex with you when I feel like it as well. Hah… haa…

R: For you to be pleased after being told this… you seem to have fallen in all respects. Hagh… hngh…

R: I’m about to come already… haa… You too, right? Gngh… hah…!

R: Yes, go ahead. I don’t mind… if you come first. Haah… haa…!

R: Hahaha… I apologize for continuing after you came, but I’m close too… hah… haa…! *thrusting; kisses*

R: I’m coming. Gngh… hah…! *he orgasms*

R: Haa… hah…

R: You’re drowning in so much pleasure your awareness is clouded… The person here is no longer a hero, but a female who has given in to pleasure, hm. *kisses*

R: … Oh dear, did I leave a mark? Haha, well, that’s alright, isn’t it? You’ll be confined in this dungeon from here on as well. You’re mine forever, after all. *kisses*

*** TRACK 9: Special Story – Eternal End – ***

*footsteps; door opens*

R: What are you doing!? *approaches heroine*

R: When you’re grabbing something from a high place, I told you to ask me or the servants, didn’t I? Come now, jump down to me. I’ll be sure to catch you.

R: *catches heroine* Are you alright? Good grief, you were probably thinking it was hard to ask this of me, no?

R: Do I come off as an undependable man who won’t listen to your requests?

R: Please call me when you need me. *kisses* You’re not alone in this body now.

R: Yes, please do. *kisses*

R: Please, come here to this sofa.

R: Don’t sit so far away and come closer to let me hold you.

R: Haha, this is nice. How are you feeling?

R: It’s good that you’re energetic. But if something happens it’ll be too late, so let me know if there is anything that bothers you.


R: Still… *inhales* you smell calming. Haha, before, you used to say you couldn’t calm down when I held you, but now you’ve changed quite a bit, haven’t you? That just shows how long we’ve spent together.

R: Are you embarrassed? That side of you never changes though.

R: But there are other changes too, aren’t there? I never would have imagined you would be pregnant with my child.

R: … Let’s stay like this for a while longer.

R: What is it? Are you concerned because it’s a child between a human and demon?

R: There certainly hasn’t been a precedent before. I also can’t predict what will happen… *kisses* but I’m with you. There’s nothing to worry about. Just spend your days with a peaceful heart.

R: In addition, the conflict between humans and demons, which has bothered you, is showing signs of settling down so you also don’t need to worry about that. Later, I just have to persuade the demon lord. Please leave it to me.


R: Haha, that smile is lovely. *kisses* There’s also one more thing… In the event of the conflict between humans and demons become resolved, why don’t we become family?

R: Will you… give me your answer?

R: Haha, that’s true. I won’t allow any answer apart from yes. *kisses*

R: You’re always so dear. *kisses*

R: I’m going to kiss you more. *kisses*

R: What sort of expression are you making?

R: It’s even more wicked if you’re not aware of it. Your eyes are damp, your cheeks flushed red, and your lips are parted defenselessly… You’re making an expression which I can only find as seductive. Yes, that may not have been your intention but I’m a man, you see. When I see the woman I love making this look… I end up aching. Good grief, when I can only hold you right now…

R: It looks like you need to be punished. But for you it’s probably a sweet reward, instead of a punishment. Haha. Please be prepared. *kisses*

*** TRACK 11: Irodori Kazuya Cast Comment 1 ***

Kazuya: Hello everyone, thank you so much for purchasing Hero Confinement. I am the voice actor for Ray, Irodori Kazuya. Haha, or more like the Irodori Kazuya who wanted to do that.

K: Anyway, thank you so much for purchasing this. Once again, I am the voice actor for Ray, Irodori Kazuya. So, this is the cast comment and I’m here to talk about my impressions. These impressions will be given while using the dummy head microphone, so I’d love to talk about the things I can talk about. Thank you for your time.

K: Let’s see, this is extremely about me but this is really my first time using the dummy head microphone. Right now, can everyone feel my distance? I think you can feel where I am right now, so it’s really different from a normal microphone and so it’s amazing that I can, how do I put it, feel the distance between everyone and me. Using this, it was really easy even for me to imagine where Ray and the hero—the female hero—the heroine. I put a lot of emotions into acting and it was a fun recording.

K: But, um, in addition to this being the first of a series, this is also my first time recording for this sort of situation CD, so—haha, I’m sneakily moving around as I’m talking right now—um, what I personally found most difficult, because I haven’t done this before, was… coming. Uh, “coming” made me think things like “H-how do I—huh? Right now? O-oh, ah, huh?”. That was extremely difficult for me, the fact that I had to get all excited and then “come” was hard. It left an impression on me. On that note, because there really is a large number of orgasms, behind the scenes I put in so much effort I’d finish them, staggering, so I’d really love it if people listened to that.

K: Also, when I was acting as Ray, that Ray-kun—Ray-san… I think? Haha—is a sadist. I don’t really have experience acting as a sadist, so… whether I was aggressive enough or the way I was being aggressive—whether it was good—was something I worried about. I’d be really happy if everyone enjoyed it.

K: What I really liked in the work… is probably the part where he gave hickeys—where he left marks. It’s a sign of how he really loves her and, although he did add that “it’s because you’re my possession” that really, how do I put it, moved me or like “Ah, this is Ray’s form of love. He really is possessive!” came to mind. I put in a lot of effort there and acted it out, so I also think that’s a part I’d love everyone to listen to.

K: Um, this was honestly my first work but I’d be happy if everyone enjoyed themselves. Now then, I hope we can meet again somewhere. This was Ray’s voice actor, Irodori Kazuya. Thank you very much. Bye bye.

*** TRACK 12: Irodori Kazuya Cast Comment 2 ***

K: This is the voice actor for Ray in Hero Confinement, Irodori Kazuya. Um, this is a thank you comment and, truly, thank you so much. Because my debut work was listened to by so many people and there were a lot of downloads, this time I’m giving a thank you—if it can be called that—comment or through my comments. I felt like there were things I could say, so I wanted to take some time to talk.

K: First, honestly, I’m really thankful for all the downloads. Um, I was extremely nervous. Really, I was nervous when recording and, as you would expect, because this was my first work I’m really grateful that something so important could reach others and I could come back to record for bonuses. It’s all thanks to everyone. I really want to thank everyone who purchased this from the bottom of my heart.

K: Um, Ray… hm… is seriously an incubus, haha. But it’d be nice if this incubus role that I gave a lot of thought on is able to resonate with people. I’m really thankful for everyone who treated this first work of mine well. I’d be really happy if I could get another chance to thank everyone again like this. So, on that note, please continue to love Hero Confinement, Ray, the heroine and everyone by all means. Thank you all very much. This was Irodori Kazuya, bye bye.

2 thoughts on “Yuusha Kankin ~ Inma ni Otosareta Onna Yuusha ~

    IzBrazil said:
    February 2, 2021 at 14:22

    Okay… First time commenting on your blog (I met it through the BWS and Diabolik Lovers routes reviews and now here I am, commenting on one of my fav translations of yours…

    Can I just say that Ray is so sexy and charming? He’s the sadist kind of boy that I like (but not in a DL way lol), I’d totally surrender to him because his behaviour is so bewitiching somehow.

    Love your blog, I also study japanese and your translations notes always bring interesting curiosities. Thank you very much

      Ilinox responded:
      February 2, 2021 at 23:19

      Aw, hello hello and thank you for commenting! I totally agree about Ray being sexy and charming LOL I really like the way he uses so much polite talk yet he’s a total seducer ;D. I try to keep my TL notes to a minimum but there are just some things that inevitably get lost in translation and I feel like I need to bring attention to it, so I’m glad you find those interesting to read! Good luck on your studies too!

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