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Elgar (エルガー)
CV: 久喜大

Fairy Love Tale ~ Bluebeard and His Bride ~

Once upon a time, in a land that produced exceptional tea, a splendid mansion and new lord arrived.

This lord, who ended and drove away the previous lord that only did horrible things, was adored by the majority of the people in the land.

However, this lord had a little secret.

His large and sturdy body, which could be seen from very far distances, was always covered in a deep hood; his face was the only thing that was never shown.

“It’s said the new lord’s beard is blue and he must surely be embarrassed and doesn’t want it to be shown.”
“Elegant and mysterious, this gentleman is vastly different from the previous lord.”

Rumors such as these were whispered throughout the land and today was another calm day where nothing would happen.

Except for a certain house…

And thus, this little secret became a secret between two people only.

Big thanks to Tuo-san for the commission! R18 warning and bestiality (if you thought knotting was HM you might not want to know what a lion has…). It’s also available on JP DLsite.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: The Lord’s Messenger ***

*chopping in kitchen; door knocks*

???: *through door* Hello, this is a message from my lord, Elgar.

*heroine opens door*

???: Pardon my rudeness for wearing this hood, miss. I have an oral message from the lord. Is your father available?

*heroine guides him in*

???: I apologize for the abruptness, but it is Lord Elgar’s fervent hope… to request your daughter as his bride.

???: Yes, he has heard of this. That a marriage proposal may be raised between your daughter and a young man in the village. However, the lord is requesting the marriage in spite of that.

???: I will speak with the young man on the other side. If he hears that it is Lord Elgar’s wish, then he should comply with it. In addition, I would like to ask for your daughter’s opinion—

???: Uh! To say “Go ahead, go ahead”… Sir…

???: *to heroine* Your father has spoken, but what are your thoughts? About being wedded to Lord Elgar.

???: …! I see. Nothing is more important than your consent. I am certain the lord will rejoice… *quiet* although your position may make it so you have no choice but to nod.

*church bell rings*

*** TRACK 2: Bluebeard ***

*carriage stops; door opens*

???: We’ve been waiting. Your hand, please. *helps heroine down*

???: This dress suits you very well. I apologize for being so forward. Thank you for your pardon. Now then, I’ll escort you to the mansion. His lordship, Elgar, is waiting.

*door opens and closes; scene skips*

???: There are no servants in this mansion anymore. Lord Elgar does everything by himself and deliberately does not use people. The previous lord would forcibly bring villagers here and work them to the bone.

???: Eh? Uh…

???: It’s true there’s not a single servant around. That I am not included in this number when I serve as a messenger is because… ngh… I… am Lord Elgar.


Elgar: I apologize for my deception. I also apologize for coming at you sideways through having your marriage decided by your parents. I knew your will would be ignored if the lord wished for you to be his bride, but I couldn’t hand you over to another man.

E: I was happy you consented… and I place myself in your care henceforth.

E: Thank you!

E: … Oh, I see! I’ve always been alone until now and so I had no problems without servants, but you’re here and so I will make arrangements if they’re needed.

E: Really? If you don’t need them, then things will remain as they are just like this. It’s small, but I made a banquet to celebrate this day. I’ll show you to the room where we’ll take our meals. Please come over here.

*scene skip*

E: Um, did I make too much?

E: I see! So long as you’re pleased. Please eat without reservation.

E: ……

E: Really? It’s delicious? I’m so glad. *quiet* It was worth simmering these a week ago.

E: Uh, ah… my hood? I don’t wear this to disguise myself as a messenger… I’m sorry, but there are circumstances as to why I can’t show my face.


E: I am called “Bluebeard” by the people, right? However, that is not because my beard is blue… Originally, this land is known for its particular tea, Bluebeard, and so that was how I ended up being called Bluebeard. But it seems everyone has forgotten that.

E: Well… if it was just a reason such as having a blue beard, then I would have removed this hood a long time ago. I have a reason beyond that…

E: May I stay like this?

E: I’m sorry… and thank you.

E: Now, please eat more!

E: Ah, that meat dish was made with a recipe from my hometown. It’s roasted deer meat, stuffed with herbs and grated apples. Delicious, right? It’s tasty? That’s good. *he eats*

E: Mm, it tastes delicious.


E: Hm? My hometown is a very, very distant country in the west. I was born as a knight of the country and had swordsmanship drilled into me since I was young. It was a country with frequent wars. Some time after I entered the Knight Order, I found out that I was sick of fighting. So then, I started traveling and I haven’t returned since. It’s been decades…

E: Yes, and then I came to this land… It was around the time when the previous lord stole Bluebeard, which sold at high prices to other countries, and other crops from the people and monopolized all the earnings.

E: I was nothing but a traveler, but I couldn’t overlook that tyranny. So, I launched an attack on my own and drove out the lord, but… haha, never would I have imagined I would end up taking the lord’s seat.

E: I’m relieved to hear you say that. I did various things, hoping it could make the people’s lives easier even by a little bit but… I’ve always had doubts… as to whether or not I’m suitable as a lord. I also try not to leave the lord’s mansion.

E: R-really…? Everyone thinks that? Mysterious, humble… and that the easily embarrassed lord is the best…

E: I see. So, that was why you weren’t uneasy at the fact of wedding me. Then… I feel a little lighter knowing that.

E: … Now, eat more. There’s dessert after the meal too. It’s a baked sweet made out of Bluebeard though—*fade out*

*** TRACK 3: Secrets ***


E: I ended up delaying showing your room until this time.

E: It’s here. *opens door*

E: There are adjoining rooms and a bathroom, so please use them however you wish. I asked you to come with nothing but yourself, so dresses and everyday necessities have been prepared. Let me know if there is anything you are lacking.

E: Do you like it?

E: I’m glad then.

E: Yes, all of these are flowers I grew in the garden. I happened to hear that you liked flowers, so I attempted to decorate your room with them.

E: Why did I make you my bride…? That’s because… on the first day I came to these lands, I saw everyone harvesting in the tea fields in front of the inn. I had drank Bluebeard in another country and liked it, so I came to visit this land. I was deeply interested in the harvesting and watched the entire process.

E: You were there. Your earnest efforts, while taking care of your younger brothers, was burned into my heart.

E: *hugs heroine* ……

E: Is this alright?

E: … Aah…

[02:14] *Elgar draws in for a kiss; heroine suddenly pushes him*

E: *steps back* Ah!

E: Ggh… I apologize for shocking you.

E: Yes… as you can see, I’m a human beast. A lion man. My homeland… is also a country with lion men. However, once you leave the area where various human beasts live, there aren’t many outside. They are nothing but beings to be feared.

E: … That is why I didn’t take off my hood.

E: The moment when I confessed to you, pretending to be a messenger, I should have disclosed this. I could have never hidden this forever as a married couple, yet… I didn’t want to terrify you.

E: Ah! Really!?

E: You’re just surprised…?

E: I see! Those words alone are more than enough.

E: You must be tired today. Please rest easy.

E: *turns to leave* No. These are your rooms. It’s not the lord and lady’s room. My bedroom is elsewhere, so do not worry about me and sleep.

E: *opens door* Good night. *leaves; closes door*

*** TRACK 4: Two Hellos ***

*birds chirping; heroine rushes to dress*

E: *knocks on door* Are you awake?

*heroine opens door*

E: Hm? Why are you in a rush?

E: Preparations for breakfast?

E: That’s already done though. *presents a tray* Eat it slowly in your room. Now then, excuse me. *turns to leave; gets stopped*

E: …? No, I haven’t had breakfast yet…

E: Together…? Are you alright with that!? Then let’s eat in the garden. It’s a nice day today. Ah, I’ll carry the tray. *takes it back*

*scene skip; eating*

E: Did you sleep well last night?

E: Soundly, I see. The day’s exhaustion must have caught up to you.

E: Don’t concern yourself with that. I don’t mind if you sleep however long you want. I can prepare breakfast for two alone. So long as you’re here, I’d like you to take it easy. I startled you last night and I wondered if you were frightened and couldn’t sleep or if you were having nightmares. At any rate, I was worried and so, what matters most, is that you slept soundly. *drinks tea*


E: Aah, delicious. Bluebeard’s first flush truly is the best.

E: Why are you apologizing? I’m the one who startled you, so I’m the one at fault, no?

E: You’re a kind one.

E: Haha, don’t be modest. *drinks tea*

E: Now then, I think it’s time to clean up. *stands up; tidies plates* You can return to your room and relax. You can also bask in the sun here. Use any place in the mansion as you like—

E: … I told you I can do this alone, didn’t I? Well, I do have to get you to take care of your own necessities but, for things involving the both of us, I can—

E: You don’t need to be reserved. Think of yourself as a guest and enjoy yourself. Alright?

E: Do you want to wash dishes that badly? Hrm… let’s clean up together then. Is that alright?

E: Haha, good grief. Ah, I’ll carry these to the washing room. Follow me.

[04:08] *scene skip; washing dishes*

E: Once you’re done rinsing the dishes, can you wipe them off with the dish cloth here and then store them in the shelf there? It really is fast when we both do it.

E: Huh…? My day?

E: Let’s see, after I wake, take a hot bath, and prepare myself, I have breakfast and then clean up. Then, if the weather is nice, I do the laundry. Once that’s over, I deal with work as a lord in the study. I read over things like written requests that were delivered in the morning and decide whether or not to actualize them. Then I have lunch and clean up.

E: Once it’s the afternoon, I clean the mansion and tend to the garden. When the sun sets, I have dinner and then clean up. Then I read in the study, take a hot bath, and sleep. Ah, I know! If you insist on helping, then help me with lordship work instead of household chores. I want suggestions from the perspective of the people.

E: Thank you. Everyone will be able to live better with this.

E: No, there’s still much to do. The effects of the previous lord’s tyranny still remain even now. There are roads and bridges that need to be serviced and there are remains of a landslide that have been untouched. Where should I get hands… Should I employ workers from other cities and fix everything all at once?


E: I see! During seasons when the people are free from their field work, I should get them to repair things? Fortunately, there’s nothing that’s urgent, huh. Before sending jobs off to other cities, something such as sending them to people inside the land first and that it’s better to have stable earning jobs through the various seasons is something I hadn’t thought about. I only thought that people would have wanted to relax in the winter.

E: Thank you. This is the advice I wanted!

E: Uh… no, your advice alone is enough. I didn’t wed you to work you to the bone. So, let’s set aside household chores.

E: … In that case, how about doing only the things you like to do and want to do?

E: Haha. Why do you look happy? Do you like doing household chores?

E: Haha, good gracious. Getting tired when you’re taking it easy… Just don’t strain yourself too hard, alright?

E: Ah! When I take a closer look, isn’t your face red!? *leans in* Rest right now. You must have a fever, right!? Oh, I know, I’ll make tamagozake. Tamagozake is a drink passed down in a distant country to the east for the purposes of warming up your body—ah, before that, I’ll bring you to your room. *picks up heroine*

E: You don’t have a fever…? You’re healthy? Then why is your face growing redder and redder?

E: You don’t know!? Well, if you feel fine then that’s good but… O-oh! I’m s-sorry, I suddenly picked you up! *sets heroine down* I got your clothes wet… Can you change? Most of the dishes are washed…

E: No, that’s not allowed. What are you going to do if you catch a cold?

E: Once you get changed, come to my study. I’d like to confirm the written petitions I mentioned earlier together. *heroine nods and leaves*

*** TRACK 5: One Goodbye ***


E: It’s been two months since you wedded over. This consulate has become sparkling clean.

E: No, especially when it comes to cleaning, there were a lot of places were I wasn’t thorough enough on my own. These hands can’t do dextrous jobs after all… and I have to limit my strength. The window you’re polishing right now is a good example; this thin but beautiful workmanship of glass is something I cannot polish. Even if I think about not using any strength, I’m certain I would accidentally break it.

E: This consulate has various valuable articles it inherited over the years. One day, I want to make a preservation hall somewhere in this land so that everyone can look and touch them whenever.

E: Yes, once all the establishments for daily necessities have been settled, then we can start giving it form. Something that will please everyone.

E: What’s wrong? Your face is red again… *glass shatters*

E: Ah! Are you okay!? *runs over* Show me.

E: Your finger was stabbed by a fragment and there’s blood…! *sucks* Ngh…! *spits out glass; licks*


E: Haa… there’s no shard anymore. After we disinfect it—ah! S-sorry…! *rears back* I just…! Uh… my fangs might have pressed against you. It hurt, right?

E: Ggh… perhaps because I’m a beastman, but my first thought upon seeing blood is to lick to heal it. Normally, one should disinfect it and then treat it!

E: These hands can’t do any sort of careful work. I could only…!

E: … Really?

E: To be happy that I tried to heal you… *hugs heroine* Ggh!

E: I…

E: No… in the end, someone like me…

E: Once again, I suddenly just grabbed you. I apologize time and time again for my actions.

E: Come, I’ll disinfect it in the other room. I’ll clean up the rest here too. You’re forbidden from doing any housework until your wound heals. Alright?

E: Don’t look so apologetic. To say you’re alright after something like this… At any rate, you’re forbidden. Now, come here. *walking*

[04:40] *scene skip; nighttime; Elgar writing*

E: … This is good enough. I apologize for keeping you here late tonight. I didn’t think I would get several urgent petitions in the evening. Moreover, the majority of them are requesting mediation for lovers’ quarrels. Well, if it’s gotten to the point where they need a visit then it must be a serious problem, so it’s natural for them to be urgent.

E: Haha, in the end, this land also has a lot of lovers’ quarrels, hm. The world is the same wherever.

E: Me? I haven’t had a lovers’ quarrel before. When I was in the Knight Order in my hometown, women would come to me even when I was silent. After I started traveling, I’ve solely been a mediator. I did this so that I wouldn’t scare anyone…

E: Uh, are you angry!? I simply answered your question. Why?

E: If it’s nothing, that’s good then…

E: You must be tired. Go to your room and rest already. Although the injury on your finger has completely healed, you snuck out from under my watch and did various housework, didn’t you?

E: I’ve always told you that you don’t need to worry about me. You’ve really done good work. You cook together with me, you clean, you do laundry, and you tend to the gardens. I’ve been able to relax. Especially when it comes to my duties as a lord.


E: In the end, that there are things which I cannot respond to as an outsider or are hard to understand is something I’ve really took to heart. If I didn’t have your advice, I don’t know if I could have continued to be a lord who would satisfy everyone. By nature, this land should be governed by someone who was raised here, huh.

E: Of course, this is something I’ve always thought. That I am nothing more than a temporary lord for everyone to tide over with until the next… until an outstanding person among the people can take this seat.

E: And yet… I wedded you. I feel apologetic for that. When the time comes, I will liberate you for certain. Then you can marry… the man you love, a human man.

E: Huh? You want to stay here forever? Uh…

E: You’re determined to be the lord, I see. You’ll make this land better with your own hands. Haha, you’re being modest again. Since long ago, I’ve thought you had the talent to be a lord. Someone like me, who hides things, is not suitable to be a lord. Even you must find it hard to continue hiding me whenever you return home to visit your parents, right?

E: And yet…

E: Nevermind. At any rate, it’s the right time then. I’ll go back to traveling and you will take custody of this land as the lord.

E: You’re trying to stop me. That makes me happy. But we can’t be together forever.


E: I thought it would be more than enough to just have you at my side. However… I… I might not be able to be satisfied with just that anymore.

E: Thank you for granting this selfish request of mine for this short time.

E: … Now, go back to your room and rest. I’ll walk you there. *door opens and closes*

*scene skip; birds chirping; heroine runs around mansion, finds note, runs out*

*scene skip; horse neighing*

E: Hm? Huh!? You…!

E: You can even ride a horse? Furthermore, such a large horse…! Wait, now isn’t the time to be impressed.

E: … You must have read the note I left behind in the study, right?

E: Then why did you come after me? You even borrowed a horse.

E: I told you the reason last night. That it was time for me to resign. Therefore, the seat of the lord is yours…! Owing to you, the people trust me. If you show them the documents that say how I appoint you as the next lord, then everyone will accept it.


E: I apologize for going on my journey without giving a proper goodbye. But if I didn’t do this… then I would feel too reluctant.

E: Ggh, no, allow me to express my gratitude again. Thank you for everything up to now. I was truly happy. The memories of living those peaceful days… are something I won’t forget for a lifetime.

E: Please take care of yourself. Now then, goodbye. *turns to leave; heroine grabs him* Ggh!

E: Why are you holding me back like this!?

E: Do you not want to be the lord? If that’s the case, then appoint a different person. I can’t… stay beside you any longer.

E: Because… I love you from the depths of my heart! *hugs heroine* Ngh!

E: I don’t want to hurt you!

E: You don’t understand! Just how much I…

E: Can you hear it? My heartbeat… That it’s pounding this fast.


E: Being beside you was my happiness. My heart was warm. The times we were together… I wanted to treasure you and cherish you. But at the same time… I wanted you unbearably. I wanted to make love to you, taste your entire body, and… make your entire being belong to me.

E: But if I did that, then I might break you with these fangs and claws. While I can still hold myself back, I…!

E: !? Even still, you’re alright with that…?

E: Don’t tell me, you also…

E: Ah…! *hugs heroine*

E: I’m so happy. *kisses*


E: My whiskers didn’t prick you, did they? And my fangs?

E: I’m glad. *kisses*

E: Grr, I won’t hold back anymore. *hugs heroine* I’m going to make you my bride. In the truest sense of the word. Ah… *kisses*

E: Let’s return to the mansion. That horse can carry the both of us, right? Haha, you were confident in bringing me back and borrowed a large horse, didn’t you? That’s just like you, not making a mistake. *kisses*

*** TRACK 6: Bluebeard and His Bride ***

*doors open and close*

E: *kisses* Nrgh…

E: It’s the first time you’ve been shown into my bedroom, isn’t it?

E: Because right after showing you in… I knew I would want to ravish you senselessly. Haah… like this.

E: You aren’t scared of my body, are you?

E: Handsome…? That’s… You’re the one who’s beyond gorgeous. *kisses*

E: Does it feel good? Ah, I’m glad.

E: I can’t caress you with these hands. I can only use my tongue. So… ngh… feel me more.


E: Will you touch me? Gngh! Haa… hah… *kisses*

E: Can you tell? That it’s different from a human male. The genitals of a lion man, nrgh, is like an umbrella and the tip has spines. This is going to go into you.

E: … Are you really agreeable to that? Ah…! *kisses*

E: Mmgh…

E: So that it’s easier for you to accept me, I’ll also lick you down here. Spread your legs. *gives oral*


E: Aah, from inside of you… juices are…! Ngh! Mm…!

E: Feel more pleasure. Grgh…

E: That’s right, nrgh… Just like that, grab onto my ears, my whiskers, or even my mane. Mrgh… ngh! *heroine orgasms*

E: Haah… haa…

E: How adorable you are. *kisses*

E: … I can’t endure any longer. Nngh… *inserts himself* It must hurt, but forgive me. Right now, you’ll become mine. Mgh!


E: It doesn’t… hurt, does it?

E: You’re crying…! *kisses*

E: For these to be happy tears… Ah, to say it feels good even though it hurts… gngh! *thrusting*

E: If you say such cute things, then I won’t be able to stop anymore. Grgh… haah… until you’re pregnant with my child… ngh! Grgh! *kisses; thrusting*

E: Haa… hagh… go ahead, come again. I’m already… coming! Ngh! Mgh! *he orgasms; thrusting*


E: You’re filled inside with my seed. Ggh… mm…! *kisses; thrusting*

E: No, I told you I can’t stop anymore, didn’t I? A lion’s mating can go for several tens of times throughout the day without resting. Hngh… beastmen don’t go that far, but… ngh… I won’t stop until I release more inside you. Hrgh… mgh…!

E: Hah… haah… Come now, climax again. I’m going to let it out too, ngh, so let’s go together. Nrgh… hah…! *he orgasms*

E: *kisses; thrusting* Mmgh…


E: Your juices mixed with my seed, ngh, are flowing out from inside you… mgh! Haa… hagh…!

E: I love you. I… ngh… love you more than anyone else. That’s why, ungh, I thought it would be enough to just have you at my side as my bride. Ngh… hah…! To be able to make love to my beloved… to have your smooth skin buried against the fur of my arms… to be able to feel you desperately clinging onto me… ngh! Hagh…! *kisses; he orgasms*

E: Haa… hah… *kisses*

E: You’re losing your mind…? No, even then I won’t stop. Gngh… hah… *thrusting*

E: I’ll make you come more. Hagh… I’ll make someone as gutsy and clever as you lose their mind, ngh. Show me more… the sight of your disheveled hair and moaning self. Nrgh! Hgh!


E: What to do… Should I really stop? If you say you’re at your limits already… *stops*

E: I won’t understand if you just shake your head. If you want more, then say so clearly… with “I want more”.

E: Aah! *kisses; thrusting*

E: Grgh, ngh… if you want this, then I’ll give you however much you want. Mrgh… hagh…!

E: Haa… hah… it’s coming again. You’re not allowed to come first! Gngh, come together with me…! Hngh! *he orgasms* Haah… hah…

E: … I love you. *kisses*


E: Yes, I won’t go anywhere anymore. I’ll stay with you forever. *kisses*

E: However, you’re going to be the lord. Raised in this land, you’ll make it so everyone can live here happily. You can do it.

E: Don’t worry, I’ll be with you, right? Have confidence in yourself. Alright?

E: That’s a good resolve. *kisses*

E: Mm? My hood? It would be better for me to continue hiding my face like I have up to now, no? You have your position so, as the lord’s husband, I don’t think there will be much of a problem if I hide my face.

E: You don’t have to sigh like that. If everyone knew you had a beastman as a husband, then it might become a difficult problem. It’s only natural.

E: Hm?! I’m mistaken?

E: Haha, if I reveal my face then all the girls in the land might fall for me…? Heh. *kisses*

E: So that’s why you want me to hide my face outside? Good grief… you’re quite the jealous one, aren’t you? Heh, don’t worry, I’ll be sure to hide my face and even if women were to come to me… the one I fell in love with is you alone. Who else would I yield to?

E: Ah, I see! So that’s why, last night, when I talked about my time at the Knight Order in the study you suddenly became upset. You grew jealous of my past? Haha, when did you fall for me?


E: Don’t be shy and say it clearly.

E: Good grief… *kisses* Ngh…! *thrusting*

E: I’m going… to make you confess again. Mgh… hah…!

E: Nngh, hah… I get equally as jealous. That’s why I stole you from the marriage talks between your parents. Until then, ngh, watching you harvest tea from afar… had been more than enough. Hngh… mm!

E: You’ve always been mine. Grgh…! I won’t let anyone get close to you. Ggh… mrgh…!

E: My home… my peaceful life… ah… is together with you, who gave me happiness… who needed me, forever in this land. Even if death parts us, ngh, we’ll be together in heaven… mgh… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*

*** TRACK 7: Happily Ever After ***

E: Aah, today’s weather is nice. *drinks tea* Bluebeard is delicious, the world’s best tea.

E: So? My lord, these are ideal conditions for an inspection. Where will you head today?

E: Haha, I am both your husband and an aide to the lord. If someone were to speak to me, I need to use the proper language or the lord will have no status, no? That’s why I’m fixing it right now. Despite being the previous lord, I cannot be the same as I am when we’re alone together like this.

E: So? What are you doing today?

E: Inspecting the repaired bridge and construction of the assembly hall, I see. Then, since breakfast is done, before we head out… *gets up; walks to heroine* Your hand please, my lord.

E: Before you start working, let’s make love here.

E: Don’t worry, it was the first time that was like a lion. The moment I entered you and to the very end, I released my seed countless of times and couldn’t stop until you lost consciousness and fell asleep. But lately I’ve been able to restrain myself. Well, because of that, I end up wanting you at all times of the day instead of at night.


E: Put your hand on the table. So that the hair you took care to do won’t become disordered… I’ll do it from behind.

E: Ngh, we’ve been making love ever since that night and yet… I end up wanting you at a moment’s notice. *inserts himself* Gngh… ah!

E: It really is good not to have servants. Because then we can desire each other alone like this whenever… mgh… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*

E: But, nrgh… I can’t be like that on inspection days. Outside of the mansion, hngh, I have to desperately hold myself back. Haa… hagh…! Just like before, when I didn’t know your body…

E: Haagh… hah… turn your head this way. *kisses; thrusting*


E: I love you…! Grgh… it’s because I have you beside me that I’m happy. Ngh… hah…!

E: Haa… hah… let’s become even happier. Alright? Nngh… mm…!

E: Are you going to come already? Hngh, ungh… then I’ll release. Yes, that’s right, we’re coming together. Grgh… hah…!

E: Hrgh… hah…! *he orgasms*

E: Hah… haa… I love you. *kisses*

E: Hey now, if you constrict like that down here… ngh… you’ll tempt me again and I won’t be able to stop. Gngh… I’ll continue the rest to the fullest after we return to the mansion, so endure this. *kisses*

*** HOBiGIRLS + AMAZON TOKUTEN: Your Husband’s Secret ***


E: Gngh… hah… hagh…!

E: It looks like you really are at your limits tonight. Grgh… hah… then, at the very end…! *kisses; thrusting*

E: Mrgh… grgh… I’ll release it all as deep as I can in you. Alright? Nrgh… hah…!

E: It’s coming…! Ggh, yes… like that… it’s releasing…! Feels good…! Gngh! Hagh… haa…! *he orgasms*

E: Haah… haa… it looks like I released too much. Are you alright? You…

E: She fell asleep? Haha, good grief… I overdid it. *kisses*


E: I’m sorry for getting ahead of myself. Please rest easy. *pulls out* Nngh…

E: Haha, what a cute sleeping face.

E: Gngh… dammit, to think I’m still hard. Mgh… I guess I have to do this. *masturbates* Ngh… hah…

E: Nrgh, I’m sorry for doing something like this beside you when you’re sleeping. But if I go to another room, ngh, and you were to wake you’d feel abandoned. Haa… hah… that’s an excuse, isn’t it? I just want to look at you sleeping while… mgh, enjoying as much happiness as I can in relieving myself.

E: All the while remembering how you accept this violent member, which is different from a human, ngh… your voice carrying pleasure… your skin… your face… the movements of being inside you… ngh!


E: I could never have imagined that after wedding you… mgh… I would be able to make love to you, gngh, like this… and to lose myself in your carnal voice… Or that you would accept a beastman like me, ungh…

E: That day, when I fell in love with you harvesting tea, I couldn’t even call out to you. Mgh, but even still I thought about whether or not I could do something for you. I beat the previous terrible lord until he couldn’t stand and drove him out of the land, grgh…!

E: Even after I became the lord, watching your liveliness from afar was my only enjoyment. I thought I could only wish secretly for your happiness, hngh… hah… Back then, I didn’t want to taint your sacredness, ngh…

E: But when it became night, I couldn’t help but imagine you underneath me in bed. Hagh… I couldn’t bear it and proposed marriage. After you married into the consulate, I… gngh… fell in love with you more… hah…!

E: You weren’t afraid even after learning my true identity. Far from that, you did housework and cooking with me… ngh… You’re so incomparably dear. Haa… hah… it took all I had to suppress the bestial male instincts in me, gngh…!


E: Every evening, I only had this time to calm myself in this room. Haah… haa… I didn’t want to break that comfortable life of ours, because it brought me more than enough happiness. But no matter how many times I told myself this, my instincts… nrgh… would roar with desire for you every night.

E: Hagh… hah…! If I had noticed your feelings earlier, mgh, and didn’t try to leave on a journey alone… then you wouldn’t have had to be sad. Gngh… grgh…!

E: I love you…! Ggh… hah…! Ngh! *heroine turns around* You… were awake?! Or did you wake just now because of me!?

E: Ah…! You closed your eyes just to relax…? Then, the whole time I was touching myself…?

E: Ugh, I don’t know what to say… For you to have seen everything!

E: Ggh, even if you say that… it’s disgusting, isn’t it? Right beside you, I was…! Even if you tell me you don’t mind…


E: You’re asking me to forgive you…? Wait, does that mean you also…!? You… also did this?

E: You imagined sleeping with me and, before we had our physical relationship, you… um…

E: I-I see. You didn’t touch yourself.

E: I would have been happy if that was the case, but because I wouldn’t lay a hand on you at all… you became sexually frustrated then?

E: Haha, you’re bright red. *kisses* Oh well, whatever the case was… because I was able to see you even more adorably embarrassed than when I do various things to you. *kisses*

E: … Will you let me make love to you one more time?

E: Mm. *inserts himself* Nngh! Ggh…! *thrusting; kisses*


E: Next time, show me. How you look when you’re thinking about me and comforting yourself… ngh… hah…!

E: Haha, you don’t want to? Because it’s embarrassing? Mrgh… gngh…

E: I see. Hrgh… hah… *kisses; thrusting*

E: Haa… hah… if you have that much time, you’d rather be thrust into by me, wouldn’t you? Grgh… ngh…!

E: Aah, you’re so lovely. I understand, I won’t pester you about it anymore. Gngh, and whenever I want to relieve myself, I’ll just openly kiss you… ngh… and enter you like I am now. Nrgh… mgh…!


E: Hgh, I’m going to let it out… hah… I love you…! Gngh! You’re…! Ngh! *he orgasms*

E: … Ah, I can’t stop again. *thrusting; kisses* Grgh… mm…!

E: This time, until you really do fall asleep, I’ll keep thrusting into you like this… and make you come. Hrgh… ngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

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