Nante Suteki na Happy End ~ Satou Haruomi ~

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Satou Haruomi (佐藤 春臣)
CV: 久喜大

What a Wonderful Happy End ~ Satou Haruomi ~

The heroine works hard diligently every day, despite working for a company that exploits its employees.

Today, she tried to leave the bed to go to work again but was stopped by her lover, Haruomi.

He whispered to her, as she tried to go out, “There’s no need to go outside, is there?” and pressed her down into the bed, refusing to let go.

His insistence was as if he was confining the heroine…

Thank you to Kylie for the commission! R18 warning. It starts off a bit unsettling, but everything is revealed sweetly (?) in the last track LOL.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: I dont want to stay in this house ***

Haruomi: Ngh… *yawns*

H: Up already? It’s still early in the morning, so sleep some more.

H: What’re you saying? What time do you think it is right now?

H: *grabs heroine* Woah there, are you trying to go out? I won’t let you go. Here, come over. Right now, there’s no reason for you to get up this early at all. So, sleep restfully.

H: Urgh, jeez, don’t struggle like that. You want to sleep more too, don’t you? Right?

H: … Jeez, you aren’t honest at all. Your job right now is to be my huggable pillow. *squeezes heroine*

H: Let’s sleep like this. Good night then.

H: Ngh, I told you not to wriggle around.

H: If you’re that full of energy, then how about doing some exercise with me until you’re tired enough to sleep? Haha, nope, don’t resist.

H: Don’t talk anymore. *kisses*


H: Heh, whenever we kiss, you immediately go limp.

H: You don’t have to say things like wanting to go outside anymore. *kisses* Mm…

H: Haha, your sleepy face when you just wake up and your dazed face after we kiss is all so cute. I don’t want to be rough when you’re tired, but I feel like I’m going to lose control. *kisses*

H: Mm? I can’t understand a thing you’re saying. Enough already, stop resisting and just accept me like a good girl. *kisses* This is a punishment for the bad girl who won’t listen to my orders. Come on, open your mouth. Give me more of you. *kisses* Nngh…

H: This look that turns me on without any of your awareness is irresistible too. *kisses* Spread your legs.

H: Haha, you refuse with your mouth but you’re actually aroused.


H: See? You don’t want to close your legs at all, right? Who’s the girl who doesn’t want to resist?

H: You’re a bit wet. I’ll gently stroke your entrance like this… and make you more wet. *kisses* Ngh…

H: No, I won’t let you go yet. Next is your clitoris and its hood, which I’ll softly trace. Mm… *kisses*

H: Your juices are spilling out. *kisses* Should I make it soft inside? I’m going to put my finger in, OK? Nngh, it’s so hot.

H: Hey, don’t hide your face. I won’t be able to see your sexy face like that. Do you plan on taking away my fun? I love seeing you feel pleasure under my hands. So, don’t be embarrassed and be sure to show me your face.

H: Mm, just like I thought. Your face, your voice… they’re all so cute. *kisses*


H: You’re swallowing my finger so hard. When I think about putting myself in this tight hole… crap, I’m so turned on. *kisses* Nngh… hah…!

H: It should be OK for me to put it in now. I think you’re pretty relaxed down here.

H: Haha, it certainly is a bit late to ask that now. But you weren’t on board with having sex, so I thought maybe you didn’t want me in you in the end.

H: What if you refused…? Uh, well… if you didn’t want to then I think I’d jerk myself off alone. I don’t want to force you, after all. Gngh, it’s probably cooler if I said I’d stop here. But I’m a bit too aroused to endure without jerking off.

H: I see! Thank you so much for going along with me. Then, lie face down. This position should lessen the strain on your body.

H: Haa… your butt is smooth and squishy… it’s so soft. The line of your spine… when I slide my finger up it you always get aroused and your shoulders shake. Haha, this reaction also turns me on. I want to see you react more. *kisses ear*


H: Heh, you act like you don’t like this, but you actually love it, don’t you? Oh, I see! You really love it, so you’re complaining because you want me to do it to the other side. I’m sorry for not noticing. Just as you wish, I’ll taste this side too. *kisses ear*

H: Haha, hey, do you want me to do it more?

H: Ngh! To think you’d actually beg…! You want me that much? It’s like your earlier resistance of not wanting to have sex was a lie, haha. Alright, I’ll put it in. Wait a moment, I’ll put on a condom.

H: It’s on. Now, I can make a mess inside you as much as I want. Here, spread your legs wider. Yes, you’re such a good girl. Now then, I’m putting it in. Gngh… ah…!

H: Hey… can you tell that I’m inside you? Mgh, I can feel you wrapped around me too and it makes me happy. Let’s stay like this for a while until you’re used to me being inside you. Nngh… *kisses*


H: Haha, how does it feel right now to have both your legs pinned between mine and to have me covering you on top? Can you feel with your body how you can’t run from me?

H: I see… heh. So long as you understand. That you should be good and stay in this house… OK?

H: Haha, good girl. *kisses*

H: Mm? You feel like I became larger inside you? Haha, when I think about having you all to myself I get excited. Your heart and this hole, it’s all mine. *kisses* Haha, I got larger again. Can you tell?

H: Because you feel so damn good. I can’t help it, right? It’s your fault for having such a sexy body. Haa… hah… I’m twitching inside you to the point where I can barely stay still anymore. Is it alright for me to move now?

H: Gngh, your plea… That’s not fair! Nrgh… hah…! *thrusting*


H: You’re wrapped all around me down here. Feels good… Ngh, being able to have sex with you like this in the morning is the best. Mgh… hah…!

H: I have a day off today so I’m thinking it’d be nice to keep making love to you like this, but… what about you?

H: Jeez, you’re so cold. You’re not honest at all. In truth, you want to stay with me forever, right? Nrgh…

H: Me? Of course, I always want to be with you. Because I love you. Haah… hah… so I don’t want you to break. Be good and stay beside me so that doesn’t happen, OK? Promise. *kisses*

H: It’s good if you understand. Now, ngh… after I’ve told you how precious you are to me… I’m going to speed up a little. Let’s just concentrate on feeling good, OK? Ngh… mm…! *thrusting*


H: Does this position, mgh, feel so good that you have to clench the sheets like that? Me too… hagh… I feel really good. Haa… hah…!

H: Hey, if I grab your wrists and pin them down like this… you’re even more trapped under me and can’t run, right? Nngh… haa… *quiet* if I really did that, then I could relax… Mm, that’s what I wish for from the bottom of my heart. So, please… don’t run. Not from this pleasure… or me… haa… hah…!

H: Gagh, ah…! You’re squeezing down harder than usual in this position. Mrgh… if I don’t pay attention I’m going to come right away. Hngh… hagh…! But I don’t want to be the only one to come. I want to come together with you… ngh…!

H: Haa… hah…!

H: Huh? You’re coming? You’re going to come? Haha, come then. Me too… I’m at my limit. It feels so good, I’m going to melt. Hagh… *kisses; thrusting*

H: Nrgh, haa… I’m coming…! I’m… coming…! Hey, let’s come together. Haa… hah…! *he orgasms*

H: Haah… hah…

H: It’s been a while since we had sex, so I feel like I came a lot. It felt really good. Thank you. *kisses*

H: Wait, huh? You’re not asleep yet? Your eyes are misty. Haha, it’s alright, don’t push yourself. Rather, I want you to sleep for a while. Once you’re awake, let me hold you again, OK? Until then, sweet dreams. *kisses*

*** TRACK 2: How long do you plan on living like this? ***

H: Ah, good morning, you’re up. You could have slept more.

H: Well, I suppose it’s alright now that it’s this time.

H: *comes over* Your complexion is much better compared to yesterday. Looks like you slept well.

H: Well then, let’s have breakfast. It’s all done.

H: Haha, why are you surprised? I told you when I brought you here, didn’t I? That you don’t have to do anything. You just need to stay in my house and rest leisurely.

H: Are you that curious about how long we’re going to keep living like this?

H: Hmm… maybe until you stop asking about it? *flat voice* Until then, I plan to keep on going like this.

H: Haha, naturally, I’m not unhappy about this life at all. So long as you’re beside me and smiling with energy that’s enough. Hey, so come on… smile.


H: … You still can’t smile well? S-sorry, did I make you conscious of it?

H: I asked for it, but if it’s hard then you don’t have to force yourself to smile. Once you’re used to this life, then I’m sure you’ll smile again. I believe that.

H: So, now then, what should we do today? Do you want to watch the movie you said you were interested in before?

H: *whispers* Or, like this morning, should we have sex on the bed for the whole day? I don’t mind that at all. In fact, I’d like to do that.

H: Haha, kidding. In truth, as long as I’m spending time with you, anything is good.

H: Mm, these are my true feelings. What we need most right now isn’t sex. *kisses* Let’s face each other properly with our hearts and connect.

H: Ah, that reminds me, I heard the unexpected twist at the end of the movie is amazing! I was curious so I looked over some reviews… Haha, don’t worry, I won’t say anything to you. You don’t like being spoiled—*fade out*

*** TRACK 3: Melty Ice Cream ***

H: Ah, welcome back. How was the bath?

H: I’m happy then!

H: In-ci-den-tally, I have something for you right out of the bath. What do you think it is? See, it’s…

H: Ta-dah! Ice cream! Haha, it’s a good one too.

H: Eating ice cream right after a bath is luxurious, right?

H: What’s the harm? You said you didn’t have an appetite today too and didn’t eat much, right?

H: Ah, you don’t need to apologize! Just… I thought this would be easy to eat.

H: Haha, thank god. Here, for you. It’s your favorite flavor. Let’s sit over there and eat.

H: *eating* Mm! It’s delicious. Hm? You want to sample mine? Sure. Here, open your mouth.

H: How is it? Mine is pretty good too, right?

H: Hm? You’re going to let me taste yours now? Haha, then… I’ll take a bite.

H: Mm! Yours is really tasty too.


H: … Makes me want more. *kisses*

H: The ice cream in your mouth tastes even sweeter and more delicious. *kisses*

H: What’s wrong? Your eyes are misty. Do you want more ice cream?

H: Then… this time you can have mine. Open your mouth.

H: Delicious? Haha, it’s because you’re eating it with such a happy expression that I end up wanting… to eat the ice cream in your mouth again. *kisses*

H: Ngh, so sweet… and melty. *kisses*

H: Ah… there’s no more ice cream. Next… I want to eat… something sweeter.

H: Haha, you understand, right? My switch got flipped. You?

H: Then, let’s go to the bed.

*** TRACK 4: Sugar ***

H: Ggh, haha! Wait, haha, it tickles! Hahaha! Hey, are you deliberately pretending to not know how to take my clothes off?

H: Hah… are you getting back at me for this morning? Too bad then. I won’t let you turn the tables. *kisses*

H: Your nipples are hard like they want to be touched. If I pinch both of them at the same time, I wonder what’ll happen?

H: Heh, what a nice reaction. When I gently rub this spot… haha, you look like you’re in pleasure. You get like this just from your breasts, huh.

H: Uh-uh, it’s not strange at all. It’s super cute. So cute… I want to lock you up and make you mine alone. *kisses*

H: Haha, sorry, sorry, I’m neglecting your other nipple, aren’t I? I’ll pamper this side a lot too… ngh…

H: Huh? I’m happy you feel good, but I’m worried about you lasting to the end like this. Looks like I’ll have to limit this a little. Haha, it’s OK for me not to hold back?


H: In that case, I think I’ll have you show me how you are down here without any reserve.

H: Wow, look at these strings. You couldn’t hold back this much? Did you get wet when we were kissing?

H: Haha, it’s not bad at all. Feel me more. I’ll caress your clitoris in the way you love most. Alright? *gives oral*

H: Licking you like this… ngh… or sucking on you like this… which one do you like the most? You’re not allowed to say you won’t answer because you’re embarrassed. As punishment, I’m going to bite you. Mmn…

H: Haha, oh what, you like this the most? Then I’ll nip you while tasting you, OK? Nngh…


H: Mm? You’re going to come soon, right? I can tell because this place is closing and opening. Nrgh, go ahead, come as hard as you want.

H: Mngh! Haa… hah…

H: You came, didn’t you? You’re so cute when you go limp. When I see you like that… I can’t restrain myself anymore. Look, grab a hold of this.

H: Ngh! That light hold, gngh, is even more lewd in contrast. Hngh… hah…

H: I’m going to go crazy before I put myself in you like this, so can I do it now? Mn… then, I’ll put on a condom, OK?

H: Sorry to keep you waiting. Now then—eh, you want to be on top? You don’t have to force yourself—uh, woah!

H: Hah… haha! No, I was just thinking it’d be fun to see how long you can keep your composure. I’m not making fun of you. Come on, I’ll watch you closely so try putting it in.

H: Ngh, yes, slowly… lower your hips. Good job. Ungh… hah… It looks like it took a lot just for you to put it in but it’s still early, you know? I’ll support your hips, so move however you like. Mmgh… haah…


H: Don’t be shy, you just need to move in a way that makes you feel good. Nrgh, don’t worry, I feel really good.

H: Haah… haa…

H: Haha, this position is nice too. I can see your embarrassed look clearly and it turns me on. Nrgh… hah…

H: Huh? Deep… right here? Heh, then… right here, if I thrust up from below, how is it? Mgh, look, it’s here, right? Feels good when it’s deep? Haha, you can’t move your hips anymore? Who was it who boldly said earlier that they’d be on top?

H: Haha, you can’t put any strength into your body? Come down onto me then. I’ll hold you. Nn… hah… this position is also nice when we can be pressed right up against each other. I can feel your entire body.


H: Let’s continue? Mgh… hah…! *thrusting*

H: Does it feel good when I thrust into you deeply? Ngh, haha, most of those aren’t words at all. Gngh, but I can tell you’re feeling really good. Mrgh! Hagh… haa…!

H: Haha, you’re completely senseless. Feels so good you can’t tell what’s going on anymore, huh. So cute. *kisses neck; thrusting* Hey, I’ll thrust against all the places you love so, ngh, forget all the painful and dislikable things. Just fill your head with things that feel good. Haah… haa…! *kisses neck; thrusting*

H: Haha, what’s wrong? You want to kiss? Sure. Look this way. *kisses; thrusting*

H: Haa… hah… I love you. I love you so much. I adore you. Nrgh… hagh…! Wait…! Don’t squeeze so hard down here… I won’t be able to hold onto my control. Gngh… hah…!

H: I can’t go on anymore, ngh… I’m coming too! Hngh, let’s come together. While we’re kissing this time. *kisses; thrusting* Ngh… mm…! *he orgasms* Haah… haa…


H: Are you OK? Haah… your body doesn’t hurt anywhere, does it?

H: Then… it doesn’t hurt when I do this… does it?

H: Because this situation is the same as locking you up, isn’t it?

H: … Yeah, I’m aware of it. I know that I’m overprotective. But if I don’t do this then you’ll go outside! *kisses*

H: I’m sorry. You might not like living like this, but can you stay with me for a while longer? Once you get back your smile, then… we’ll talk again about this, OK? Until then, please… don’t hate me.

H: … Ah! *holds heroine* I also love you! *kisses*

H: Oh, that reminds me, what do you want for breakfast tomorrow? I’ll make anything that you like.

H: Huh? Isn’t that a bit hard…? You’re bullying me, aren’t you? Heh, but alright I won’t give up. If it’ll make you full of spirit, then I’ll do my best with all that I have. *fade out*

*** TRACK 5: The Final Day ***

H: Haa… it took a week to get here, but you’re finally eating a lot of breakfast. It looks like your health has gone back to normal. I’m so… deeply moved! I’m really glad.

H: It’s not an exaggeration! Do you remember what you were like a week ago!? Because you were working around the clock for that company, you were staggering around and wouldn’t eat anything. Your mind and body were in tatters.

H: In particular, your mental state wasn’t good. You were just like a brainwashed person, repeating that you had to go to work.

H: … I’ve thought many times that I shouldn’t have beared with it and I should have stopped you sooner.

H: Mm… I was bearing it.

H: It really hurt to see you suffering under that company. But I wanted to respect your feelings of wishing to work hard, so I swallowed back my words countless of times… and watched over you silently. The result… was that.

H: When I received the call that you suddenly collapsed at work, my vision went dark. After I rushed over to the hospital, my heart hurt even more. Because… in that situation, you still repeated that you could work hard! The doctor said it was close to neurosis!


H: The moment I heard those words, I couldn’t stay silent any longer. I desperately convinced you that you should resign… but your obsession wouldn’t disappear easily.

H: That’s why I had you recuperate at my place until you became healthy again. I wanted you to rest your mind and body and regain your spirit. But even then, at the start, you still tried to go to work, right? Even though you quit, you were trying to go to work. When you got up before dawn, I was really shocked.

H: I pretty much forced you to sleep, to eat, and was desperate to get you to rest. Jeez, you always work yourself too hard from the get go.

H: That being said, you’re able to recognize it now, right? I can tell from your face.

H: Haha, thank god, Haruomi-kun is relieved with this too!

H: Jeez, this isn’t something to laugh at—… ah! *comes over* Right now, you laughed! You laughed, right!?

H: Ah… you can finally smile naturally. You haven’t laughed since a long time ago, so I was really worried. *hugs heroine* The energetic you from the past is really back.

H: Uh-uh, you don’t have to worry about me. I did all of these things without consulting you because I wanted to see your smile again.


H: Hey, what do you want to do now? You’re back to being completely healthy. I won’t restrict your actions either. If you want to work, then I think you can look for your next job. However, if you try to work too hard again then I’m going to stop you right away, OK?

H: Haha… um, also… there’s another choice, uh… You can… marry me and it’s not a bad idea to become a housewife?

H: … No, I’m not forcing myself at all. If I can be with a smiling you, then that’s the greatest happiness for me. So, I want to respect your feelings for whatever will let you keep that smile. I want you to choose of your own will so that you can welcome your most wonderful happy end.

H: Now, what do you want to do?

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