Tsuioku no Fiancé

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Licht (リヒト)
CV: 櫻井真人

Reminiscent Fiancé

You are the princess of a kingdom and whose fiance, whom you had exchanged vows of love with, suddenly died. In order to support the country, you married the younger brother of your beloved, Licht…

Unable to sever your feelings for your late fiance, you and Licht approached the ceremony to consummate the marriage.

You were able to physically connect, but the distance between your hearts only grows further apart—…

Big thank you to anonymous for the commission! R18 warning. This is an old one, but I remember it having a big impact on me because the story was interesting.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Celebration Party ***

*audience applauding*

Licht: Thank you all for gathering here to attend my marriage ceremony. I would like to give my polite thanks but, unfortunately, I don’t like formality. I thought I’d end things with a simple message.

L: In any case, allow me to introduce my wife to everyone. *to heroine; low voice* Come. Closer. *grabs heroine*

L: With her as queen, I am sure the country will have even more hope. I am also grateful from the depths of my heart for being able to become the husband of such a wonderful woman. Today is a free and easy gathering. Everyone, please enjoy yourselves greatly. That is all.

*audience applauds*

L: *low voice* Hey, how long do you intend to have that depressed look on your face? Get some resolve to act a little bit like my wife. Or if you don’t feel as if this is real yet, then should we go around this entire day with our arms linked? You’ll be able to feel it then, won’t you? Come on.


L: Ggh, what do you mean by shaking your head? Are you really prepared to be the queen after this in the future?

L: Hurry up and switch over your head. Who cares about our emotions in this moment. At any rate, our first priority is putting the people at ease.

L: Che, I don’t know if you still have lingering feelings for my brother, but don’t think you can serve as the queen with those half-hearted feelings. *walking away*

L: (Why is it that, even at this scene of celebration, we couldn’t even smile at each other? Feelings of frustration irritated me even more. You were originally the fiancée of Klaus, my older brother. It’s said that arranged marriages are pitiable, but the two truly loved each other. Yes, as someone who was situated close to them, I knew that best. The death of my brother, who should have become the king of this country, was just three months ago.)

L: (Upon the death of my brother, who was to become king next term, the mind of my father—the king—withered. Naturally, he began to neglect the people and public order gradually began to fall into chaos. Everyone was in a panic, worried about the direction of this country, and so, as a minimal solution, they decided to put me, the younger brother of Klaus, in the king’s seat. Then, one month ago, the wife given to me who became king… was you.)

*** TRACK 2: Far Distance ***

*doors opens and closes*

L: Finally, those annoying ceremonies are over. I don’t know why there’s all these bothersome procedures just for becoming a married couple though.

L: Engagement ceremony, marriage ceremony, celebration of the marriage into the family, visiting the ancestral graves… Haha, it feels like everything can be wrapped up in two things.

L: Huh?

L: Ah, there’s no problem in this being heard. The monitor outside are long used to my personality.

L: More importantly, why don’t you remove that gown now? We have to consummate the marriage, so clothes will only get in the way.

L: *slowly comes over* You should understand that this night is the most important out of all the other ceremonies. In order for this country to continue on, we need a child between us, the king and queen. How long do you plan on remaining stiff? We’re going to the bed now. *pulls heroine*

L: *pushes heroine down* Haha, still, to think there’d be a day where we would share a night together like this. Life is always filled with unknowns.

L: Come on, look this way.

L: … Ggh! Why did you turn your head away? Enough, you’re already my wife, right!?


L: Ha ha, what’s with those teary eyes? Do you hate doing something like this with anyone other than my brother that much?

L: Even if that’s the case, I’m going to continue. I am the king of a country and you are my wife. We can’t suspend this ceremony because of our feelings. Your resistance doesn’t matter.

L: No, actually that might be good. I was just thinking it’d be irritating having to create a mood. If you’re going to react like this, then I don’t have to force myself to be kind. Even the monitor outside won’t come in to stop us if I’m just a little bit violent.

L: Too bad, right? *kisses*

L: Mm? Oh? You like it when your ears are kissed? Even though you say no, when I lick this place… heh, it looks like your body loses strength.

L: Here, give me your other ear. *kisses*

L: Ah, you have pretty skin. At some point in time, you matured too, huh. These swells on your chest… weren’t here in the past. *kisses*

L: Haha, scared? Your body is shaking. I don’t think it’s an attitude to have for your husband though. Nngh… haha, this place is undeniably hard. You’re a dirty girl. Mn…


L: Hey, spread your legs open more.

L: What do you mean what? I’m obviously going to go down on you to get you wet. From that appearance of yours, no matter how much I touch you, you’re going to be dry for a while.

L: More. Tch, nothing’s going to change even if you’re embarrassed. Gngh… *gives oral*

L: There’s a strangely sweet smell. Like this, I won’t dislike tasting you as much. Nrgh…

L: Haha, this place is swollen. Nngh… mm…

L: You’re a bit wet with this. I’m going to put my finger in, so relax.

L: Hngh… seems to be a tight hole. Heh, what’s this? You’re properly wet deep inside. Did it feel that good being tasted?

L: But it’s not so bad when I touch you inside like this too, right? Tell me if it hurts. I can give you some consideration at least.

L: Ngh, do you think you can take in one more?


L: Hurts…? Guess I’ll have to go back to that. Nngh… *gives oral; fingering heroine*

L: It’s a bit slippier with this, right? Mngh… ah…

L: Haha, listen to that noise. I can’t believe a girl as well-mannered as you normally are would make these noises. It’s pretty hilarious.

L: I think this is good enough.

L: Come on, move your hand too. Touch this place. Hurry up.

L: Gngh… hah… you can do it harder. Ngh… mm…!

L: It’s tantalizingly slow… That’s good enough. I’m putting it in.

L: Huh? Wait for what? You’re not planning on saying no to just this when we’re at this point, right? Hah… we can’t abandon the ceremony in the middle, right? Hurry up and resolve yourself.


L: *looks away* If you aren’t against this, then even I’d be more…

L: … Nevermind. Come on, hurry up and hold up your legs.

L: Ggh! Mgh…! Tight…!

L: If it hurts, then distract yourself somehow. I couldn’t care less if you’re concentrating on this or not anymore. Nngh… gngh…! *thrusting*

L: Haha, you’re finally making some noise. Ngh, moan louder to the point where the monitor can hear you. Haa… hagh…!

L: … Idiot. I won’t kiss you. If I did it to you right now, it’d just be in vain, right? *kisses ear; thrusting* Mgh… hah…!

L: Haha, there’s no need to draw this out. Nrgh, I’m going to let it out. Ggh… hah… hagh…! *he orgasms*

L: Haa… hah…

L: *turns away* There’s going to be a ceremonial meal in the morning, right? Hurry up and sleep.

L: *gets up to leave* I’m going to report that the ceremony is done. See you. Tch.

*** TRACK 3: A New Side ***

L: Huh? Oh, you were here in the inner palace? You’re embroidering, I see.

L: Oh well. Sorry, but I’m going to use your desk. *drops papers; sits down*

L: As you can see, it’s a mountain of papers. I thought about dealing with these in my office, but my desk’s a mess and it felt like they’d get mixed up with other documents. I’m borrowing this room.

L: In this country, the inner palace isn’t forbidden to men and I’ll be doing work like this from time to time, so keep a desk open.

L: Hah… still, it’s going to be back breaking to sign all of these. *starts writing* Hm…

L: Mm? What is it? Don’t mind me and keep going with your embroidery.

L: Hah? You didn’t even know I was left-handed? How long have we known each other?

L: Haa… you really weren’t watching me at all, huh. *throws pen down*


L: It seems like you don’t know anything about me at all, despite being my wife. I know a rough amount about you though. Your hobbies are embroidering. Your favorite foods are pumpkin soup and, when you were small, you had no talent in music. You’re not very particular about your dresses, but you only wear pale colors. Am I wrong?

L: It’s natural to look into this much towards the  woman I’m going to take as wife. Just in case I’m ever asked by my people, it’ll be annoying for them to think we have a bad relationship if I don’t answer.

L: In exchange, you don’t know anything about me. I can see you don’t even want to know. How long are you planning on keeping this sense of distance? *stands up; grabs heroine*

L: You’re my wife. Learn more about me. We’re going out. *pulls heroine*

L: I can deal with my documents whenever later, but street vendors will close in the evening. I’m prioritizing that first.

L: Oh, before that… Change out of that dress.

*** TRACK 4: At the Market ***

L: What? You don’t like wearing merchant clothes? Next time, you can wear aristocrat clothing or townspeople clothing. I don’t care either way.

L: Really? Well, your facial features are plain so those clothes may look unexpectedly good on you.

L: Yeah, it could be called a compliment or not a compliment.

L: Heh, it feels like it’s been a while since I saw that miffed look. When we were young, I used to tease you a lot. I think I haven’t seen that look since then…

L: More importantly, pull your hat down lower. People around us will notice.

L: Hm? What?

L: Ah, yeah, I disguise myself a lot. If I go out in royal clothing, it’s annoying for people to take concern and greet me or deliberately open up a path. Plus, I can hear the voices of the people and their lives easier like this.

L: Haha, I have to do that. It seems like the people are in fear of me. If I talked to them normally, there’s no way I would hear their honest opinions. So, I slip in among the merchants like this and listen to them talk. Merchants have chances to interact with aristocrats and townspeople, so it’s easiest to hear from them, don’t you think?

L: Of course, no matter what the people say, I don’t plan on demolishing my political order. But a country exists because of its people, so I can’t just do things as I please, right?


L: Heh, whatever you think appears on your face immediately. Is it surprising for me to say that kind of thing?

L: Well, yeah. That’s as much as I can do as the king of a country.

L: *quiet* I need the people to trust me as much as they did my older brother.

L: Anyway, come on, let’s go buy something. First… ah, let’s buy that.

L: *to merchant* Give me two of those. Ah, no, one of them can be a small size. That one in the back there. Thanks.

L: *to heroine* Krapfen. Eat it.

L: Mm… as sweet as usual. Heh, it’s covered in sugar.

L: Ah, this was one of the pastries that was given to me when I was young to the point where I got sick of it. At the beginning, I ate these out of preference but I gradually grew tired and, at the end, hated them. Remember this, I don’t really like this pastry.

L: Omnom… it might be delicious to you though.

L: … Oh? There’s marmalade in here. I see! There’s a bit of bitterness with this and I can manage to eat it then. Mm… mm…

L: Haha, not bad. Uh… what are you laughing at? Ggh! Ah, well, yeah… it’s not like I hate them. Uh, but I’m not saying I like them either. In the first place, I’m a guy so who’d eat sweet things by choice?


L: S-shut up! When I was a kid I wasn’t a man yet, so it was alright! Come on, let’s go to the next place. Hurry up and finish eating!

L: You seem strangely in a good mood. Is it that tasty? If that’s not it, then why do you look so happy?

L: Hmph, what sort of new side did you see with something as small as this? Right now, that was just the tip of the iceberg, right?

L: But… well, if you learned one thing about me, then that’s not a bad thing. We’re married after all. Now then, what shop should we go to next?

L: Hm? What’s wrong? You suddenly stopped.

L: Aah, a flower shop? Ooh, those are pretty bouquets. That reminds me, you’ve loved flowers since you were young—*people talking*

Townsperson A: —how are things going to go. I can’t help but worry.

Townsperson B: Seriously. Us, hunters, can’t oppose the king either.

Townsperson A: Oh right, did you hear about the talk with Licht?

L: …?

Townsperson A: Licht seems to be making a plan to develop the forests surrounding the country. Just why is he doing that?

Townsperson B: The hell? That person isn’t thinking about the people at all.

Townsperson A: Think about it. Without the forest, that means we won’t be able to hunt, right? Crazy how he’s taking away our fun.


L: … They’re saying whatever they like again, huh.

L: It’s something that always happens. I’m used to this extent, so don’t care about it.

L: The documents I was trying to deal with earlier are about this matter. The talks are proceeding, but I haven’t gotten all the people on board yet. At this rate, it’ll be a while in the future until this plan can proceed normally.

Townsperson B: In the first place, what’s he planning to build in the area that’s going to be developed?

Townsperson A: He’s not planning on building a large mansion for himself, right?

Townsperson B: Don’t joke around. Either way, he’s gonna build a place for our country’s villagers, right? Meanwhile, where are we supposed to go for our work?

Townsperson A: Licht’s no good. Honestly, he just thinks about worthless things.

*heroine storms over; Licht grabs her*

L: Wait! It’s alright. Just forget about it.

L: Still, heh, worthless things, huh. Those guys haven’t thought about the future of their country at all.


L: I decided on developing that area for the country, naturally. If we log the woods, then hunting will certainly become difficult. However, we need to slowly clear the land now. That’s connected to protecting the future of the children right now. Do you understand?

L: It’s likely that, in the future, the country’s population is going to exponentially increase. If that happens, fields will be needed for us to be self-sufficient. If I don’t make agricultural land right now, then everyone’s going to suffer later. That’s why I’m going to clear the forest. It’s all for the people.

L: No, I don’t plan on explaining in detail. It’s easy to say that it’s something everyone decided on. But later, when someone tries to raise a banner of revolt, it’ll definitely develop into the lords fighting each other, saying “You said this” “No I didn’t”. When that happens, it’ll be unavoidable for villagers to get involved.

L: So, at times like these, it’s better for me, as the king, to be the target of everyone’s ire. That’s the best way to protect the people.

L: Haha, it’s alright if I become the bad guy. That’s the role of the king. This is my way of doing things.

Townsperson B: Still, I really don’t understand the point of what Licht is doing.

Townsperson A: Yeah, if this was Prince Klaus, then he’d do it much better.

L: Ngh! No, it’s nothing.

Townsperson B: Oh, that reminds me, I was thinking about giving my daughter some flowers. See you later.

L: This is bad. If the two of us are discovered, it’ll be a problem. Come over here. *pulls heroine* Listen to me, hide your face. It’ll be enough if we put some distance between us and that hunter.

L: Oh, I know, I’ll take you to a nice place from here.

*** TRACK 5: As the King ***

L: We’re here. This tower isn’t being used now. Go and look out the window. You’ll be able to get a sweeping view of the country.

L: It’s a nice place, right? I love it here.

L: Yeah, whenever I was troubled when I was young I’d climb up this tower alone and look down at the country. The breeze is nice and it’s perfect for thinking about things alone.

L: Haha, even I have troubles. After I became king, most of it has to do with politics though.

L: I believe that what I’m doing is right. But, when things like earlier are said, I sometimes don’t know anymore. I wonder if I should walk closer to the people like my brother. I plan on doing anything it takes to protect the country. That’s the duty given to me. Even if I wasn’t originally supposed to be king, I want to carry out this duty.

L: Ahem, it’s not like I’m strong. I love this country where I was born and raised. That’s why I’m prepared to accept any sort of slander if this country can continue on. That’s all there is to it.

L: What?

L: I’m like Klaus on that point…? Ggh! Heh, are you relieved? That you’re able to find a similarity between me and my brother.


L: Ah, I see now. I was wondering about your soft expression since earlier. You’ve been superimposing my brother on top of me, huh. I see… If you think my brother and I are similar, then you’ll be a little interested.

L: … What the hell. Even when we’re together like this, you only think about my brother in the end!

L: *pins heroine* Shut up! Do you love my brother that much? But, you see, my brother’s dead already! How long do you plan on chasing after him!?

L: Che, enough. I’ll make you forget about him even if it’s by force.

L: Tell me, just how my brother touched you. If I touch you the same way, then your memories will disappear, right? *struggles; kisses*

L: If I mark you like this, then will you understand you’re my wife!? Tell me! *kisses* Grgh!

L: Suck my finger. Now.

L: Suck it more properly! Is it wet? In that case, lift up one of your legs. NOW!

L: Ah, was my brother much gentler? How did you look at my brother during those times? Ggh! *touches heroine*

L: !!! *steps away*

L: … S-sorry. I didn’t mean to make you cry…

L: No, you’re crying. I’m really… sorry.

L: Let’s go back. I still have work to do.

*** TRACK 6: True Feelings ***

*door knocks*

L: I’m coming in.

*door opens and closes*

L: Were you about to go to bed?

L: I see. I’d like to talk to you before that though. Can I?

L: *sits in chair* Um… I’m sorry about earlier.

L: No, you don’t have to apologize. I… wasn’t being considerate of you. You lost your fiancé who you’ve always been together with. It’s natural for you to remember him. To be honest… I’m the same. Inwardly, I’ve continued to chase after my late brother’s shadow.

L: When my brother died, I was sad but on the other side… I was a little happy.

L: Hey, do you know why?

L: I’ve… in the past, I’ve always… loved you, my brother’s fiancée.

L: Heh, yeah, I’m sure you didn’t notice at all. You’ve never looked at anyone else except for my brother. You took no notice of me beside him, right? No matter how much I wanted it, you never smiled truly at me.

L: But even still, I watched you. Your hobbies and favorite food… I didn’t look into them. I remembered these naturally while my eyes followed after you.


L: Several years ago, you gave my brother a ring, right? A ring with the motif of a sun. You and my brother were pretty happy.

L: I looked on enviously at the two of you in the shadows. I couldn’t help but desperately want the ring you picked out for my brother while thinking about him. Well, a sun motif doesn’t suit me though, huh.

L: My brother always cherished that ring… even up to point just before he died. Anyway, since a long time ago, I also knew you and had a complex towards my superior brother. My brother was liked by everyone. He was someone who could be kind to everyone without discrimination, right? There’s no way people weren’t happy about him being the next king.

L: I looked up to that brother but, at the same time… hated him. That’s why, when my brother was gone and I was able to have you as my wife, I was happy in the depths of my heart.

L: Haha… I’m a terrible man, right?!

L: My cold attitude and horrible treatment towards you… was also nothing more than childish jealousy. I… was envious of my brother. I’ve always… always… been unbearably jealous of my brother who had everything!

L: I’m well aware of the ugliness of these feelings!

L: Why can’t I even wish for the happiness of the woman I love, huh.

L: I really am… an unsuitable man for you.

L: Ah, right, here. I bought it at the street stall. I don’t know if it’s the flower bouquet you wanted or not and you might not be happy at the fact that I’m giving you it but… can you accept it as an apology for this afternoon?

L: If you don’t want it… then you can toss it away.

L: *gets up* Sorry for intruding when you were about to sleep.

L: *turns away* I just wanted to give that to you by all means.

L: … See you. Good night. *door opens*

*** TRACK 7: Stepping Closer ***

*heroine runs over, grabs Licht*

L: Ggh!? What’s wrong? Why did you suddenly jump at me?

L: N-no, it’s okay. You loved my brother, right? It’s natural for you not to notice my feelings.

L: Besides, even up to now, I’ve never been honest with you. I’m sorry for all the mental trouble I’ve caused. I should have treated you differently as your husband.

L: No! It’s all my fault.

L: Hey, can I ask you something? Why did you come after me? I came here with the intention of showing you how disappointing I am. So, to be honest, this situation of being hugged by you is hard for me to comprehend.

L: You want to step closer to me…?

L: Gngh… you’re saying you want to learn more about me, right? *turns around; hugs heroine* Me too. I want you to know more about me. How I’ve spent the days up to now. What I feel for you. The things I like and the things I hate. What sort of king I want to be. How I really wanted to make love to you. Everything.


L: …! Sorry, I went too far. We need to take more time, right? *releases heroine*

L: You were going to sleep, right? I’m going to go rest too.

L: Oh, I know! How about we go somewhere tomorrow. I can make some time. There’s state affairs, but I can at least accompany you for some shopping—wah! *heroine grabs him* Hey, what’s wrong?

L: … Don’t look at me with those misty eyes. I’ll start hoping for something.

L: !? It’s okay… to kiss you? If I kiss you, then I’m certain I won’t be able to stop. Is that still okay?

L: Haha, I see. Got it.

L: Thank you for trying to accept me. I’ll be gentle. So… please let me touch you. *kisses*

L: Come over here. *pushes heroine onto bed; kisses* Nngh… mm…

L: You aren’t used to these sorts of kisses? You don’t have to force yourself to forget. Just… feel me.


L: Haha, that’s right.

L: Nrgh… hah… I love you.

L: !? That’s the first time I’ve heard such a beautiful sound from you. Yes, this is how I’ve wanted to see you. Mmgh! *kisses*

L: Haha, this place is already hard. Nn… haha! You’re letting yourself honestly feel good today, huh. Cute. I want to hear that voice more. Mngh… haa…

L: Huh? Ah, you like it when I lick your navel too? Mm…

L: Haha, looks like you enjoyed that. You’re like this already… Were you always this sensitive? Nngh… mngh…

L: Oh, I know, lie face down. I want to see your back.


L: What a pretty back. Lift up your hair. *inhales* Aah, I remember now. I’ve always been looking at your back… Your back when you run towards my brother. I’ve always wanted to embrace that back and trace your pure white nape… ngh… I dreamt that so many, many times. *kisses*

L: It doesn’t matter where your heart lies. I… love you.

L: Nngh… hah…

L: You have a mole here. Haha, did you know? I see. I know something about you that even you don’t know, huh. Haha, why am I this happy just from finding a single mole?

L: Hey, raise your hips up just like that, like you’re getting on your knees.

L: Ah, you’re already this wet? Hngh, it’s dripping down my hand. Haha, it doesn’t look like I have to lick my finger to get it wet. I’m going to put in a finger, alright?

L: You were so tight before, but now it’s pretty loose. This means… you’re actually feeling pleasure, right? Gngh… hah…


L: Haha, you sound like you’re enjoying yourself. Nngh… *gives oral*

L: When I hear that voice of yours, I end up not being able to control myself. Haah… can you turn around onto your back again? *kisses; removes clothes* Mngh…!

L: Touch me too. Gngh… hah…!

L: That’s right. Nrgh… hah… *kisses*

L: That’s more than enough. I can’t take it anymore. Please let me put it in.

L: *kisses* Relax your body. Gngh…! Hah… haa…

L: Don’t squeeze down so hard. I already have no control tonight…! I’m going to move. If it’s too slow, grab my arms. Nngh… mm…!

L: Haha, we’re both wet and there’s an erotic smell. Nrgh… mgh…! *kisses; thrusting*


L: Your body’s flushing a bit red. That’s sexy.

L: … In my head, I’ve always dreamed about a day of making love to you like this. Up to now, I was being deliberately mean and couldn’t be gentle but… *kisses* from now on, I can finally love you as much as I want. Nngh… ah…

L: Gngh, you called my name, didn’t you? That’s right. I’ve always wished for you to call my name from your heart. Mrgh… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*

L: Haah… haa… I can’t… I want to let it out…! Hah… can I? Ngh… mrgh…!

L: Oh, then I’m going to speed up, alright? Grgh… ngh…!

L: I love you… I won’t let you go anymore! Ngh… hagh… haa… I’m coming…! *he orgasms*

L: Haa… hah…

L: *kisses* Haha, we’re both soaked in sweat. Earlier, you were really cute. No, not just earlier, even now… you look cuter than you’ve ever looked. I wonder why.

L: Hey… I won’t force you to forget about my brother. But… I’ll be happy if you can look at me a bit more after this.

L: Haha, thank you. *kisses*

*** TRACK 8: Towards the Future… ***

L: The breeze is nice today. Is this the first time we’ve come to the castle’s rooftop together?

L: Haha, right? Before, it’d be impossible to imagine the two of us spending time together like this. The clearing of the forest is progressing and the country looks larger than before, huh.

L: Hm? Yeah, that’s right. Since I became king, the country slowly seems to be becoming well-ordered. It’s harder for conflicts to happen. It’s probably related to how the people fear me, but well that’s one form of it. No matter how much I become hated, if everyone can live safely and happily then that’s what’s important.

L: I can’t be a king who is loved by everyone like my brother. But I believe I can protect the country in my own way. It’s enough for the people who know the real me… to be few in number.

L: For example, like you?


L: *heroine hugs him* Huh? What’s wrong? Coming onto me like this.

L: You’ve changed. No, maybe the one who changed was me. Either way, right now with the distance between us closer… I find that precious from the bottom of my heart. *kisses*

L: I’m sure during this time with us living together there’ll be a day where you love me from your heart. I’ll wait and look forward to that day. So, I’ll stop being jealous of my brother. Right now, you’re by my side and that’s enough.

L: Hm? What—mmph! *heroine kisses him* You… what was that for all of a sudden!?

L: Idiot, don’t turn red when you’re the one who did it. Plus, that sort of kiss isn’t enough for me. You… already know that much, right? *kisses*

L: I love you. So… please stay beside me forever after too.

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: In the Light ***

L: (Since we exchanged our feelings, three years had already passed. The child who would be the next king was born and we experienced blissful days. On one of those days…)

*door opens and closes*

L: Huh? You’re still awake? I thought you’d be long asleep by now. *sits down*

L: Haha, you were being sincere and waiting for me? What a cute thing to do. But, this is perfect, I have something I want to talk to you about.

L: No, it’s nothing serious. I was just thinking, once again, that it takes a lot to watch over children. Even now, it takes a long time to lull that kid to sleep. When I’m reading picture books, he tells me to read it better. Just when I think he’s dozing off, he says he wants to pee.

L: Hah… you can’t deal with children by ordinary means, huh. For me, uniting the country is far easier. This is what you do every morning and afternoon too, right? It’s amazing.

L: Are you serious? Women are so strong.

L: Anyway, I wanted to express my admiration to you and how you raise our child every day. You really put up with a lot.


L: Still, children grow in a blink. Just when I felt like he was born a short time ago, he can somewhat move around and talk with words. Lately, he hasn’t been listening to what I say. Ah, that reminds me, isn’t he being spoiled a bit too much by the ministers? He got candy from them earlier, you know? His teeth are going to get cavities like that.

L: Hey, what are you laughing about? Teeth are important. It’s not a laughing matter.

L: Ggh, no, that’s… isn’t that just your imagination? If you say that, then you certainly have a motherly look. Right now, you’re completely different from when you were younger and after you gave birth.

L: Yeah, you’re really gentle when you’re dealing with him. It makes me just a little bit jealous.

L: This isn’t something to laugh about either?!

L: Hmph. He’s a kid, but he’s also a man, right? I know I’m being childish, but I won’t hand you, you know? Even if it’s to my own child.

L: Quit that. If you’re a little happy about that, then it makes me a bit embarrassed.


L: Ah, but that reaction of yours hasn’t changed even after becoming a mother.

L: I must have been drawn to that smile of yours since a long time ago.

L: I said I was always chasing after your back in the past, but now we’re beside each other like this. This definitely isn’t a dream, right? Come closer. I want to feel your warmth.

L: … When we’re like this, I feel at peace. *inhales; kisses*

L: Haha, your face is red. It’s funny how open you are with your emotions. It sort of makes me want to do this more.

L: I’ve been busy with my duties lately, but today I’m going to have my fill of you. Nn… *kisses*

*crashing noises*

L: Gngh! What was that noise? Aah, the pile of toys collapsed. Haha, we crammed too many there.

L: It’s about time we put those toys away to somewhere, huh. Should we set aside a room in the castle just for these?

L: No, there’s no need to dispose of them. We have to keep them all.


L: You’re asking why? Our next child might like one of them.

L: Haha, what’s with that face? Is it surprising for me to say this? Dummy. There’s no way I’d be satisfied with just one child. Heh. *kisses*

L: The saying that a wife loses her womanly charms when she births a child is a lie, huh. For me, you’re even sexier than usual now. Haha. Mngh… hah…

L: Don’t hide yourself. Either way, I know every inch of you thoroughly already. Isn’t it a bit late now? Nrgh… mm…

L: Ah, these are already hard. Haha. Nngh… mgh…

L: Your moans are so seductive. You want it here too, don’t you? Haah…

L: Your body is flushed. Nrgh… mngh…

L: It’s cute when you react sensitively like that. Come on, let me hear your voice. Nngh… mm…


L: Haha, juices are flowing out already. Relax your body, I’m going to put my finger in. Nnrgh… I’m going to move them now. It feels good when I stroke you deep inside here, right?

L: Hagh… haa… *kisses; fingering heroine*

L: Haha, too slow? Is a finger not enough for you? If you want more, then why don’t you try to come onto me once in a while? If you do that, then I’ll put it in. You also want to feel good sooner, right?

L: If you’re fine with things now, then I don’t mind though. So, what are you going to do? Mmph! *heroine kisses him*

L: Gngh, hey, that’s all?

L: I see. Then, I guess we’ll end things he—mmph! Haha, nope, not enough. Try doing what I always do to you. Nngh… mm…

L: You can do it when you put your mind to it, see? Now, next is here. Haa… you want to continue… don’t you?

L: Hngh… agh… hah…

L: Don’t just rub it. Put your mouth around it like that. Ungh… ah…! Haa… hagh…!

L: You didn’t like this at the beginning, huh. But now you’re this naughty in front of me. Haa… hah… you’re my dearest wife. I can’t help but love you so much. Ngh… hah…!


L: Gngh, that’s good enough. Let go with your mouth.

L: Haah… haa… I want to put it in now. Can you lie down?

L: If I hurt you, tell me. Nrgh… hagh…!

L: Haha, did you want me that much? You’re sopping wet down here. Mgh… hah…!

L: Haha, your hips are moving.

L: Haah… it’s frustrating when I tease you, right? But I don’t plan on speeding up yet. If you don’t like that, then do you want to try being on top?

L: Here, straddle me. Try hitting the spot that feels good yourself.

L: If you don’t want this, then we’ll stop here.

L: Mrgh… ngh! Haa… this view is nice. I can take a good look at your pleasure. Haa… nrgh…

L: Haha, what is it? Did you get turned on by my words just now? You became a little tighter. Hngh… ah…

L: Bend your knees and bring your face down. Nn… mm… *kisses*


L: Here, try going faster. You’re about to come soon too, right? I’ll thrust up. So, make louder noises.

L: Haa… hagh… ngh…!

L: Nrgh… hah… I’m coming! *he orgasms*

L: Haah… hah… *kisses*

L: You really lost yourself. How was it? It’s nice to be on top once in a while, right?

L: Well, that’s too bad. I enjoyed seeing you lose control.

L: Don’t pout like that. It’s not bad seeing you all embarrassed, but if you show it to me too much… then I’ll want to make love to you again. Haha.

L: That being said, I don’t plan on pushing you too hard. You have to wake up early tomorrow and take care of the child, right? I’ll give up for today. In truth, I’d like to make love to you throughout the night though. That’s how much I’m in love with you.

L: !! For you to say the same… Don’t say such cute things. *kisses*


L: Hey… are you happy right now?

L: I see.

L: No, it’s nothing. I just wanted to ask, so don’t mind me.

L: H-hey, why are you stroking my hair? I’m not a kid! It’s okay once in a while…? W-well, I won’t say you can’t…

L: … Mm? Haha, what is it? You look like you suddenly thought of something.

L: You want to take the family to that tower…?

L: Hahaha! Haha, sorry, I’m just a little surprised. Actually, I was thinking the same thing as you right now.

L: Yeah, he’s a child that will one day become king after me. That tower is a place full of our memories, ah, well, it’s hard to say they’re good memories but… its a place that connected us. I want him to see that view too. Then, in order to become king, I want him to learn many things and think about many things.

L: Let’s go to that tower together as a family. Haha. *kisses*

L: It’d be nice if that kid became loved by everyone.

L: Yeah, that’s right. He’s our child, so I’m sure we’ll raise him well.

L: Alright, everything’s decided. Next time I have a break, we’ll go out.

L: There are a bunch of other things I want to do together with you two. We’re a family now, so you want to make memories at a lot of places too, right?

L: From here on, I’ll continue to fulfill my duties as the king diligently and I’ll definitely make you two happy. So… now and in the future, stay with me. *kisses* I love you.

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: In the Darkness ***

Note: Splits from Track 6.

L: Ah, right, here. I bought it at the street stall. I don’t know if it’s the flower bouquet you wanted or not and you might not be happy at the fact that I’m giving you it but… can you accept it as an apology for this afternoon?

L: If you don’t want it… then you can toss it away.

L: *gets up* Sorry for intruding when you were about to sleep.

L: *turns away* I just wanted to give that to you by all means.

L: … See you. Good night. *leaves*

*scene skip; Licht digging*

L: Ggh! Ngh…! Hah…!

*Licht hits something wooden, clears dirt*

L: Haa… hah…

*Licht opens wooden thing*

L: There! *grabs something* Sorry… brother. *closes coffin*

*scene skip; door knocks and opens*

L: Sorry for arriving at this time. But I’m relieved you still seem to be awake.


L: Huh? Licht? Haha, no, perhaps you can’t see since it’s dark. You can tell from this voice and the way I talk, no? I’m… Klaus.

L: What’s wrong? You’re silent. You can’t believe that I’m here?

L: Then will you be able to tell with this? *comes to heroine* Here, please give me your hand. See? I won’t let you tell me you forgot the feeling and shape of this. This is the sun ring you gave me.

L: What do you mean why? Am I not simply wearing what you gave to me? What do you find strange?

L: Did I dig up the grave…? Hahaha! What are you saying? I didn’t die, so I wouldn’t be in a grave, no? Please don’t make such terrible jokes. We haven’t seen each other for a time because I was traveling in a distant country. You see?

L: *presses heroine down* More importantly, it’s been a long time since we saw each other. Shouldn’t you be a little more happy? *kisses*

L: *heroine pushes him* Ngh!

L: *watches heroine fumble* Wait. I don’t want any lights.

L: … Because I wish to make love to you now and you don’t want it to be bright either, no? So, please come back over here.

L: My princess, I’ve always wanted to do this. *kisses*


L: What’s the matter? You haven’t been yourself since earlier. You can hug me like you’ve always done in the past.

L: Ah… are you crying? Oh, it’s because you’re happy to see me, yes? Mm, that must be the case. If this room was lit up, then you would be smiling happily. There’s no doubt. *kisses*

L: How did you like it again? I’m sorry, it’s been a while and my memories are vague. But don’t worry… I’ll remember soon. *kisses*

L: Haha, did that tickle? Nngh… mm…

L: Your breasts are soft, aren’t they? Raise your back. I’ll remove your clothes.

L: *inhales* Aah, it smells of you. Did you know? To me, this scent is as sweet as honey and as sublime as flowers. When I’m surrounded by your scent like this, I feel so unbearably happy. Mm… ngh…

L: Ahah, you finally made a noise. What a beautiful voice. I want to hear more and more.


L: Can you spread your legs? I want to taste you here too. Don’t worry, it’s pitch dark so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Come now. Nngh… mm… *gives oral*

L: Now, now, don’t shut your legs. Please spread them wider… to the point where your hips will raise. Nrgh… hngh…

L: This place is swollen. Hey… if I do this… does it feel good when I lick it? Or… mm… do you like it better when I suck on it?

L: Haha, you’re so embarrassed you can’t answer? I’ll give you both then. That’s fine, right? Nn… mrgh…

L: Haha, you’re so adorable. Of course, you are normally but at times like these you’re especially cute. Because this appearance of yours is something only I know. Nngh… you’re quite wet. Is it alright if I insert a finger? If it hurts, please tell me.

L: Hah, I’m glad. It seemed to have slid in smoothly. Hngh, what a debauched noise. Is it because it’s at night that it echoes so loudly?


L: Listen to this closely. You’re this wet after being caressed by me. *kisses* Haah… haa…

L: Haha, you’re rapidly growing loose down here. When I watch you, even I feel good myself. Can you touch me here? Like how you always do. Gngh, ah…! Mm, go ahead. It feels extremely good. Mngh… hah…

L: Raise your head. *kisses* Hngh… ah…!

L: Haha… you’re a bad girl for suddenly using your nails. Aah, no, I told you to do that… didn’t I? Let go. I… want to be in you now.

L: *grabs heroine* No. Just now, you were about to get my name wrong again, weren’t you? I’m Klaus. Even if he’s my younger brother, don’t say the name of another man.

L: … That’s right, call out my name more. Come now. Say my name once more.

L: Yes, that’s good! Lie down slowly. Now. *kisses*


L: I’m inserting it. Nngh… ah…! Haha, it’s been a while since we’ve been joined like this.

L: Ngh… hah…! Where was it that you liked me striking? Tell me again. Nngh… deep over here? Hngh… hah…! *kisses; thrusting*

L: Does it feel good?

L: Hey… why are you crying again? Our heartfelt reunion is over now. Don’t tell me… you don’t like me anymore? Did you fall in love with someone… else?

L: Haha, if I’m wrong then don’t cry like that. A smile suits you much more. Hey, try saying you love me.

L: No! Together with my name.

L: … Mm, thank you. I love you too. More than anyone else. I love you.

L: I’m so relieved. Like I thought, you still love me. You always will love me… in the past, now, and in the future. Nngh! Hah… I’ll make you full of me. So, concentrate on me. Nn… hah… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*


L: You can make more noise. Don’t hold back. Feel me.

L: Hngh… hah… you’re clenching down hard. It’s as if you’re telling me not to go. Haha, I’m so happy. Haa… hagh…!

L: I can’t… I’m about to come… Feels good…! Hah… feel me to the very end, alright? Hngh… hagh…! *kisses; thrusting*

L: Ggh! *he orgasms; kisses*

L: Haah… haa…

L: Sorry… did I push you a little too hard? I see. I’m relieved then. Haha, it’s been a while since we met so I couldn’t hold back. That’s embarrassing.


L: Hey, I’ll come and see you every night. So, when it turns dark, be sure to blow out the candles… and wait for me. Alright? It’s a promise. *kisses*

*scene skip; heroine leaves room*

L: *walking; talking to subordinate* Deliver these documents to the aforementioned merchant by this afternoon. Be sure to return with their acknowledgment. Then, in the evening—

L: … We’ll continue talking later. If anything happens, come and inform me. *his subordinate leaves*

L: *to heroine* You have a really stupid look on your face. Don’t tell me you slept until this time?

L: Oh well, whatever. First, get some breakfast and then continue your embroidery. I’m going down to the village and advancing the development of the forest. See you later then.

L: Huh? Is there something else?

L: My hand…? Sure. *holds out hand* Here.

L: What? Have you started learning palm reading?

L: Ring…? Heh, I don’t like rings. I wouldn’t wear such annoying things.

L: Hey, is that all? I see. Then, I’m going to continue my talk with the minister. I’ll be back in the evening.

[17:36] *scene skip*

L: Haha… I’m an idiot. To think I can’t love you except in this way…

L: (You might have been wondering if you saw a dream or not yesterday. But that wasn’t a dream. Klaus was truly right beside you. Even if that wasn’t the real him, at least it was a man who could satisfy your heart more than me. Right?)

L: (I thought back to the locked drawer of a certain desk in my office. There should be a sun ring in there, even now. The ring… that you gave to my brother. When night falls, I will erase myself again and become Klaus, so that you can be happy even just a little… and so that I can love you with my honest feelings. I’m sure that now and forever in the future you won’t sleep with me as Licht. In the darkness, you can continue to call the name of your beloved, my brother. If there are people who will call me crazy, then they can go ahead and think that. No matter how much I’m punished, I swear to continue loving you like this. Because this is the only thing I can do… and the only way… to love you.)

4 thoughts on “Tsuioku no Fiancé

    Kborenai said:
    January 5, 2021 at 08:31

    Man, this was one of the CDs that got me into this whole R18 otome drama craze LOL. This stuck out particularly because the heroine didn’t really explicitly fall “in love” with Licht (right away) and since I was much younger then, I felt scandalized knowing the heroine had slept with the dead fiance Klaus before marriage LMFAO.

    As much as I like tsun-tsun Licht, he DID desecrate a grave to get a ring. My god. LOL.

      Ilinox responded:
      January 6, 2021 at 13:26

      Haha, I think it was the Shukan Soine series that got me into these, but I recall this being one of the ones I listened to early on when my comprehension wasn’t as good and all I remembered was him being tsun and, like you said, how they actually dealt with Klaus’ death which, for baby me at the time, I was like “wow, this is deep!” LOL.

      It’s interesting to go back to it with my comprehension now and having matured. He wasn’t as tsun as I remember and I really love the way he’s taking up the responsibility of the crown that he probably never really expected to get. Also, the whole accepting everyone’s hate if it’ll lead to a better future… cough Lelouch is that you cough.

    waterinegirl said:
    January 5, 2021 at 06:39

    The story is really good

    but my emotions during stella toukten…
    He wanted to be loved by heroine so much that he has to play as his dead brother at night

      Ilinox responded:
      January 6, 2021 at 13:24

      Right? Haha, this story has stuck with me all these years because of that tokuten.

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