Pampered by the Escape BOSS ~ Chapter 1 ~

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Chapter 1 ~ First Game Pt.1 ~

Gu Yian, female, eighteen years old, just started first year of university, and looked to be a normal female student.

Except she had a secret.

She was actually a transmigrator.

In the eighteen years she had transmigrated to this world, she realized there was an oddity in this world.

It existed in many inexplicable things.

Gu Yian personally experienced two cases.

The first case was when she finished high school and the classmates in her class discussed going on a graduation trip together. The destination was set in a certain mountain that was rumored to have an immortal god.

Originally, Gu Yian was also one of those who was supposed to go but, as chance would have it, she caught a cold because she stayed up late to watch dramas and forgot to turn off her air conditioner. She was admitted into the hospital for an IV drip and was absent for this trip.

Several days later, Gu Yian saw a report on her classmates’ deaths in the news. Their cause of death was unknown and the villagers said they offended the mountain god and so the mountain god punished them.

Out of the entire class, the only one left alive was Gu Yian.

The second case was when Gu Yian’s university roommate was bored and wanted to play Spirit Pen. ¹

After going through the mountain god incident, Gu Yian firmly stopped her roommate from playing with these dangerous things.

Because her attitude was too unyielding several roommates didn’t play that day but, a few days later, they went behind Gu Yian’s back and played a round in the room next door.

One week later, in these two female dormitory rooms, only Gu Yian was still alive.

After experiencing these two cases, especially the latter, Gu Yian was even more convinced that this world had an oddity.

These two odd incidents brought a large impact to Gu Yian’s life.

Everyone around her saw her as a jinx and no one dared to get within two meters of her.

Gu Yian didn’t think this was a bad thing.

First, all her previous suitors who were like sticky candy could be considered all gone.

Plus, probably because they were afraid of catching her bad luck, no one dared to mess with her and her scholarship and awards smoothly reached her.

The other unexpected joy was that no one dared to touch the seat she occupied when she went to the library.

Gu Yian thought that her university life was pretty good.

Then something surprising happened midway.

One day, when Gu Yian went to the library to browse videos on the wireless internet as usual, her vision suddenly went dark.

When Gu Yian opened her eyes again, she discovered she had arrived in a pure white space.

A row of black letters floated in the air.


It seemed to confirm that Gu Yian already saw these words.

Then the black letters turned into wisps of black mist and twisted into two new lines.



Gu Yian looked around the pure white space she was in and moved her body, finding out that the sensations her body should have were still there.

She realized this “God” definitely wasn’t an ordinary being.

In the air, the content of the letters changed again.



Kindness was a crime?

What did this mean?

Gu Yian was stunned and then noticed that the white space she was in seemed to be torn apart.

In the next second, she appeared in a small alley covered in moss.

She changed worlds.

There were also several strangers who appeared at the same time as Gu Yian.

Gu Yian and these strangers stood in a semicircle.

It happened to be broad daylight in this world.

As a result, everyone saw the line of words floating in the air.


The black letters dispersed like smoke and left no trace.

Everyone present was silent.

After a few seconds, a calm-looking man broke the silence saying, “Looking at your expressions, there’s several new players, right? You haven’t played God’s Game before.”

Gu Yian nodded her head and was the first to respond, “I’m a new player.”

The man who asked specially looked over at Gu Yian. “I thought you were an old player. Your mental state is pretty good.”

He finished complimenting Gu Yian, looked over at the others, and then said, “My last name’s Zhang. You can call me Brother Zhang or Uncle Zhang. I’ll give a simple talk about the game’s rules, so that you all won’t be confused.”

“First, I’ll explain the origin of the game to everyone. This game is an opportunity to live once given to us people, who are about to die, from God. If we hadn’t entered this game then we would have died soon to some sort of accident or illness. But we entered the game and every time we complete a game we obtain a period of time to live.”

Gu Yian listened to the explanation of the old player, Brother Zhang, while sweeping her eyes over the people present.

There were six people altogether, including her; three men and three women.

Apart from Brother Zhang, the single old player, the rest were new players. Their expressions were mostly panicked and confused.

Brother Zhang said, “To speak about the game’s rules, actually there are no rules. What we’re playing is a low level game and the default clearance condition is to survive for seven days in this world. I’ve heard that in high level games player missions become varied, but the corresponding lifespan reward also increases.”

Brother Zhang paused and then said solemnly, “This is God’s Game and God is always watching us. It’s best we please them in the game. If God becomes pleased, watching us, then our next game will also be a low level one. Do you understand what I mean?”

One of the men nodded. “I understand. God is in a good mood and gave us life for free.”

Brother Zhang smiled. “That’s right. It’s just that we haven’t found a good way to please God up to now, and we don’t know sort of performance God wants to see from us to be pleased. So, we should try to help each other out as much as possible and show qualities of friendship. God is merciful, so shouldn’t we be merciful as well?”

Gu Yian raised her eyebrows and declined to comment on Brother Zhang’s words.

Brother Zhang looked at both ends of the alley and then said to everyone, “The first ten minutes of a game is a safe time given to the players. Nothing will happen in this time, so why don’t we all introduce ourselves and get familiar with names? We still have to live together for seven days, so we need to know each other’s names, right?”

Brother Zhang’s words sounded natural.

Gu Yian took the lead to answer him, “I’m called Little Gu. Everyone can call me as they see fit. Those older can call me Little Gu and those younger can call me Sister Gu. I’m fine with anything.”

Brother Zhang laughed, “Little Gu is straightforward.”

He looked at the others.

With Gu Yian taking the lead, the remaining others copied her example and only gave their last names. Fortunately, there were no repeats of their last names.

After everyone introduced themselves, the distance between everyone was also pulled closer.

Brother Zhang spoke, “It’s about time now. We should find a place to stay at first. Oh right, I remember that in my first game as a new player God gave a hint. Did you all get one?”

“I did. Kind—”

In that moment, a new player was about to say the hint.

Gu Yian quickly raised her voice to interrupt, “Don’t say it!”

The new player who was cut off startled and looked blankly at Gu Yian.

The other three new players faintly felt that things weren’t reassuring and their eyes darted between Gu Yian and Brother Zhang.

Brother Zhang had a baffled expression and said, “I’m just asking. Everyone’s mission is the same and having the hint will make it easier to survive.”

Gu Yian took a step back, distancing herself from Brother Zhang.

She asked, “Why didn’t you ask at the start then?”

Brother Zhang helplessly said, “Didn’t I just think of it now?”

He seemed to come to a realization and asked Gu Yian, stunned, “You aren’t suspecting me of harboring evil intentions, are you? What would an old player like me scheme against new players like you all for?”

The other four players sensed the stiffness in the air, but it wasn’t easy for them to speak in this moment either.

Because this game concerned their life and what if Brother Zhang really was scheming against them?

Gu Yian smiled and said two words.

“Please God.”

These are the words she saw in the pure white space.

Please God, praise God, and God would bestow on you immortality.

She only believed the words in that white space.

Since that place didn’t give the contents of the mission then the mission was possibly concealed in those words somewhere.

Brother Zhang’s expression changed slightly, but he immediately covered it up and said, “This is God’s Game, so our objective is naturally to please God. Where’s the problem here?”

Gu Yian nodded. “You’re right. The objective of the game is to please God. So, we only have one mission and that is to please God.”

Gu Yian looked at the other four player’s blank faces and smiled, saying, “We’re five new players and only Brother Zhang is an old player. He stood out and said a whole bunch of things and, because he is an old player, we can only trust that what he says is all true; about low level games, high level games, living for seven days, and the first ten minutes being safe. Please be aware, we’re already inside the game.”

Brother Zhang had a helpless look and said, “Keep speaking. I’ll watch your show.”

Gu Yian didn’t care about his slight ridicule, “Do you still remember those words? Shh! God is watching you. God is always watching us. From the perspective of a deity, seeing an old player use words to wrap five new players around his fingers, just how funny would that be? How much that would please them.”

Brother Zhang sighed and said, “Alright. Whatever you want to think. Young people like you love to think too much. I’ve been there too and I know new players in the first game are confused and uneasy. Whether everyone wants to believe me or not is up to yourselves. I won’t force you all to trust me.”

He turned slightly, looking like he was going to leave. “I’m going to find a place to live now. We need to have some place to stay in this world at least. Those who want to come with me can come.”

The four new players looked at Gu Yian. She was young and beautiful, looking extremely delicate, and didn’t seem especially reliable.

They all looked again at the calm old player, Brother Zhang.

One man made the first choice. He scratched his head and sheepishly looked at Gu Yian, saying, “Little Gu, um, your reasoning is a bit strange. Our mission is just to please God and there’s no clear purpose. Brother Zhang is pretty sincere, so I think we should still trust an old player’s lead.”

The remaining two female players heard their companion’s words and their expressions weren’t hesitant anymore. They walked towards Brother Zhang.

The last remaining man looked at Brother Zhang and the others then looked at Gu Yian again.

He asked, “Then, Little Gu, how do you think we should end our game?”

Gu Yian replied, “God is most merciful and we just need to please them. Then the game will end.”

This man and Gu Yian were strangers, so she couldn’t tell him her speculation in details. She guessed that, as long as they were in this world, they would meet with some things and as long as they dealt with those things then the God watching them would be happy and they could clear the game.

The male player heard this and was dumbfounded. In the end, he chose to follow Brother Zhang.

Gu Yian watched those five people leave the small alley. She also didn’t hesitate and turned around, planning to walk out of the other end of the little alley.

The old player chose to leave, so if she stayed in the same spot then sooner or later something would happen.

Gu Yian abruptly stopped.

There was a line of black letters floating in the air in front of her at this moment.


This God… was probably a godly nutcase.

¹ Spirit Pen is my ugly translation of 笔仙, which is a ghost summoning game similar to using the Ouija board.

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